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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 1

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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4 1, Distributed FREE In Parts of the City. all ARRIVAL OF BISMARCK. He la ri(n'el with Local Option, sail Iinrm for Haats Cram. All great men come to Oakland. There is something I in the! atmos- phere of this classical city which at tracts the philosopher, the scientist and the statesman alike.

Here is the home of the shining lights in the lit erary world. Here, like the ancient city of Greece, is the cradle of osophic lore, and here all great minds instinctively find "congenial spirits. Why, shonlrt not thei great Prussian statesman seek this modern Athens as a place to' rest his aged form and 'gather "around him his progy, 80 that when the time shall come, as come it must to all of ua sometime, when he shall be called to his great reward, he may gather his feet up in his bed and depart in peace to the land of his fathers, beyond the Mystic Styx, borne in peace by L'J-i1 hi NEW PARISIAN MILLINERY ANP FANCY Dry Goods Store! BLAKfc MOFVATtt BLOCK. -t --v -f Between' Ninth and Tenth streets. Kant Side of Broadway, Oakland.

CUNNINGHAM Begs to inform the Indies of Oakland and viciniiy.mai ine intends to open Unikery and Fancy Dry Goods Store At the above mentioned place, on or about i tne lotn uusu TTAVrXO JUST PUBCHASED A LARGE anil KinnlrAf PAKISTAN VTT.T.Tm? GOODS. Of the very latest styles, she solicits the nvvor of an inspection of the same by the ladies of Oakland before purchasing in the ciiy or elsewhere. OAKLAND BANK OF SAVINGS. Capital, 81,000,000 DtBKCTOBS P. B.

Wilcox. Walter Blair, T. B. Bigelow, O. Touchard, Michael Beese, Thomas Tolland, HnghWhittell, 8.

Aloen, Wm.A. Aldrich, A. w. Bowman, E. C.

Heaaionsi F. Delger, aw. Beid, Henry L. Davis, 1.. ueo.

FZNAKCa COMMITTXB P. S. T. B. Bigelow, Walter Blair 8.

WILCOX T. B. BIGELOW Vice President Cashier. F. W.

GILL Loans made and a general banking bnsi ness transacted in all its various blanches. Ssvings Deposits received from one dollar np. and dividends made thereon twice a year in January and Joly. No Eatraae Fee or Charge for Bank Book. The Stockholders are liable to the deposi tor in this institution to the amonnt of one million dollars, affording a antarantee of ab solute safety to depositors.

Oar own Exchange in gold or currency for sale on the Ninth National Bank, Xew York City. uaniornia Trust company, ssn are oar correspondent. 8. CROSLEY. JJEALEBUisU kinds of Coixxxtry Froduoel At the Old Stand of CBOSLKT A LEWIS, 1 Stalls 1 aad 3 City Market.

Twelfth Street Entrance, Butter. Egga and Cheese, Honey la th Comb, Strained Honey, Hams, Bacon, Lard, and all kinds of Fruit nd Vegetables. a. sxASDmo. vs.

sonatam. GLADDINQ, SURRYHNE JEAL ESTATE AGENTS. 966 Broadway, bet. Ninth and Tenth streets. Houses Rented and Rents Loans Negotiated.

San Francisco Office, 240 Montgomery jioom no. o. W. B. HARDY, BOOKSELLER and STATIONER, 059 BROADWAY, Between Ninth and Tenth Streets, SGHO BOO.XS At Wholesale and BeWll.

BILLIARD PARLOR, gHATTVCK'S Broadway, betwera NfTenlh and cigmn streets, OAKLAND. TENNES8Y t.LEHIOH, Proprietors, OAKLAND STABLES ELKVEVTH STREET, Between Franklin and Webster. JjhTEBT AND BALE STABLE. M. M.

TUTKHAM- Particulsr attention paH to Boanllng. Buy ing and Selling Horses, ST. CHARLES HOTEL, Korthesst Corner Broadway and Twelfth Street Oakland. rpHI3 HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLY FCBX- A labed. and is kept aa a first-ciass BOARD ABTD IADeiN6 HOUSE.

OAKLAND HEN" OF BUSINESS IP YOU WISH 1 Alameda Trade ADVERTISE 0 0 I. ihthV'M ALAMEDA ENCINaL; Terms Haderate. SabscripUon $3 per year. Address through mail or express, a F. K.

KKAUTH, H.B0WMA3I, JMPOBTEB AND DEALEB IX Family Medicines. Genuine Drugs, Fresh Herbs. Fore Wines sad Liquors, French sad English Parfmav trj. Combs and Brashes, Toilet Soaps and Powders in great variety, together with everything usually kept in a first-lass Irng Blare. tor Prsseriptlons flHad at all hours bj earaful and xperieneed hands.

No. SIS BROADWAY. Between Eighth and Ninth streets, Oakland. W. McEEHZIE, I TTNDEKTAKEB, Bighth street, bet.

Broadway sad Fraaklia streets, Oakland. FUKEBALS conducted In the best possible manner, and with PBOMFTintM ass sav patch. All nndertaking at reasonable rates, as I derote my whole attention to the bust. All kinds of COFFINS and CASKETS wooden or metalic. Also, all descriptions of Merino and Satin Bobes constantly on hand.

a-a- Hearse and Carriages for city and country. i A LIVE OYSTER HOUSE. OO TO THE Oakland Restaurant and Oyster Honse pOR the finest, fattest and jncfest Shrews- -I- bury Transplanted Oysters, Crabs Salads, Deviled Crabs, Welch Rarebits, Chops. Steaks, and everything in market served to order. No place can equal the Spnlar Oakland Restaurant and Oyster ouse.

471 Seventh street, Bartlett's Building, opposite Railroad Depot. V. F. TERRY, J. E.

BLKTHKN. PIONEER PlaninQ Mills, First Street, near cor. of Broadway, BLETHEX TEBBYr Props. Doors, Sash Blinds, Holdings, Frames, sad every description of on band and made to order. GNARINI'S FAMILY RESTAURANT Ice Cream Oyster Saloon iSaJTiata Bread way 4 Waihinjioa HAYLNQ taken the above popular stand.

I Invite the at- testlon of. the public and my old patrons. Private dining-room for Ladies, Oysters In every style. BROADWAY MAEKET. H.

FLNKEIJ)EY. JJEALEB VS. Beef. Mlittaa. Veal.

Pork. t. 706 Broadway, between Third and Fourth streets, Oakland. SAUSAGES AND BLOOD PUDDING A SPECIALTY. All orders promptly attended to, and de livered free of charge.

i UTJLLER'S OYSTER SALOON -AAU .1 Chop House, i SEVENTH 8TBEET, BET. BROADWAY AND WASHINGTON. Private rooms neatly furnished. Oysters served in every style; also, all kinds of Heats joked to oraer. Prices moderate.

The finest WINES, LIQUORS AND CIO ASS Constantly on hand, i 9 TO SHANNON, pROPRIETOR Or THE Belmont Livery Stable, (Hboat Diablo Stage Office.) I Broadway, between Fifth and Sixth streets Oakland. Carriages, buggies and saddle horses to let at aU hoars. Particular attention paid to transient horses. D. SMITH, PRACTICAL BOOT-MAKER T7 Seventh opposite Newlaad's Hotel, Oakland.

I JJOOTS AND 8H0ES NEATLY BF.PATB.KP wlatbl Patiia Pn it And guaranteed not to come off perfectly water proof. I i 1 WHERE TO GET GROCERIES -AT- PETER BAKER'S, 823 Below Sixth street, TAAKCT and Staple Ororerlea of all kinds st gan Francisco prices. Groceries da 'SVe continue the list of promotions to-day. Below we print those of the i Prescott Grammar School. FIRST OKADK A.

F. CBATKS, TIACHKB. Ed. L. Collins, Ed.

C. Chase, Jen nie Germain, Vf P. Stevens, John Neylan. seenxD oradi. William Morrison, Lrlit Garrison, G.W.j Snook, Fannie L.

Gibbons, Alice Long, William Shepman, George Collyer, Clarence Virginia Berry, Harry Germain, Ada Rogeri, Ida Dart, Jackson Saufley, William Wolfe, Lillian Rollins, W. B. Campbell, William Hoyt. THIRD Eniia Lehnig, Avery' Scoville. Georgjp Clongh, William King, Ehaa.

Garveyj Stella L. Austin, William Wittland, Edith King, Ed. O'Brien, Lincoln Davison, Clarence E. Wood, Emily) Davison, Mary E. "Clongh, James Hennessey, Carrie Hoyt, Charles Davison." FOURTH OB AUK MIWK MART L.

KIMBALL TKACHEB. Donald Chick, Alfred -Strong, Al fred fWoof, Fred. Snook, George Spencer, Charles Snook, David Lewis, Emil Von Adlung, Lydia Lehnig, Annie Prince, Katie Brehm, Dennis McNamara, Ella Huttleson, Fredj Schriber, Fred. Small, Jas. C.

Avers. Robert Lewis, Alec. Von Ad- lung Annie Batliff, George Smith, Annie Cordes, Emms Surryhne, Millie Kimball, Jennie Collins, Frank Gaunce, Eddie Brehm nn-jj OBADE miss K. SHKBMAX, 1.1 tkachkb. Addie Wittland, Florence Mon Itrosq, Caddie Williams, May Hoyt, Mary Kenny, Henry Garvey, Athearn Folger, Frank Wedgewood, George Yeager.

SIXTH GBAD1 MIH8 LOUISA BAFFLE I 1 MAN, TKACHKB. Abbie Chillson, lizzie Spencer, Lutie Brehm, Ethleburt Smith, Aimie McArthur, Emma Partensky, Annje oiewan, t. novi, xran ft 0 1 TIT i TJ1 Braun, Willie Davison, James Story, Boxy West, Emeal Fry, Fred Hough- tori Josie Kimball, Susie Lufkin, Harry Uartstone, Josie Bcnreiber, Willie Bosthwick, Stephen White, William White, Mary Pharo, Edward Perrin, Edward Hartnig, Dan C'Con-nell Charles Kester, Sarah Mos-kiman. Mamie Hennessey. Herman Karlston.

I 8KVKNTH OBAPK K. A. TKACHKB. Bettie Jones, Mary Kane, Annie White, Annie Hennings, Annie Shepman, Maggie Keating, Ollie Hawley, Mary King, Mary Pettit, Maggie Davison, Mary Goule, Mary O'Connor, Bessie Williams, Theresa Berat, Martha McLaughlin, Willa Bolton. Henrietta Wagner, Jim- mie- snook, itoDert uenmngs, Geo.

Stulv. Frank McArthur, Johnie Brant, Thaddeus Meade Lincoln Houghton, Freddie Yates, Frank Boussey, Tommie Garvey, George White, Charlie Chilsdh, Henry Olsen; Walter Young, Johnny Sullivan, Clemens Franke, Johnny Kenny, KIGHTH GRADE MISH WTOCH KSTXB, TKACHKB. Emma Goodwin, Ena Strong, Mey bell Jones, Jennie Lancaster, Jennie Lehing, Maybell Woof, Emma Dodge, Lizzie Bryan, Linda Anderson, Maria Bickard, Isadora Samp son, Loeisa Schreiber, Dora An 'derson, Sarah Gibbs, WiUie Smith, Emil Boussev. Georce Bock, Paul Brodt, Frank Mott, Dannen Tortin, Charlie Irish, Frank Surryhne, Dan iel Towns, Eddie Von Adlung, Robert Martin, Lincoln Nash, Harry Montrose, Joseph Perrin, George Wolfe, Jessie Grom, Bert Levi, Bernard Donnelly, Charley Stulz, Alfred Hughes, Michael Hennings. John EiteL John Anderson, Walter Yates, Ernest Meade, Leland Sullivan, Charlie Brennan.

KIGHTH OBAiK AMKLIA CLOCOH, TXACBKB. Matilda Ambrose, Mary Glennon Alice Eland, Mary O'Connell, An gusta. Lehing, Augusta' McGinnis, Frank" Bothwick, Eddie McLaugh lin, Arthur Henry, Mat hew King, 'A Nlarabir Caae of Inn, 'in 'the Police1 Court this morning William Owen, colored, was tried on charge of arson, being accused of setting fire to the barn belonging to Mr. Collins, on Jackson street near Third. The examination was long and tedious, and nt its close the Judge considerably perplexed tht evidence being not only very contradictory, but also that some "tall swearing" "was done on one side or both.

A Mr. Palmer swore that he had heard Owen threaten to do some violence there that he watched him from his garden on the night of the fire; that he saw him crouch down into the shadow of a tree; that he stood face to face with him for fif teen minutes, with the picket fence only between them, neither speaking word! Saw him immediately be fore the fire in the neighborhood of the barn; and after the fire had pro gressed, considerably, and several persons had arrived at the scene, he saw Owens there, and attempted to arrest him; that he ran off, and was overtaken by Mr. Dutre, and by both men brought back to the fire and from thence token by officer McKay to the station-house. On the other hand Owens' mother swore that William accompanied her to the tent meeting that night; returned at 11 o'clock; saw her, son retire, and denied4 the possibility I of his being able, to go out of the house 1 wimoui ner snowing it or neonng him, and that he did not leave the house until after i the fire bell rang. Mr.

Myles and Mr. Scrib-ner corroborated her statement as to the time of the negro leaving the house. Owens himself gave about the same story mother did. He swore positively that he did not leave his house that night; thatie did not setj the barn on fire. A number of other witnesses were examined The negro says when he came to the fire Palmer and Dutre arrested him.

I but denies running away. The pros-i- ecution, in submitting tne case, ad mitted that Owens was at home when the fire alarm was given, and the Judge had no doubt on this point, an dcould only wonder whether Mr. could have been mistaken as. to his seeing the negro at the time and place stated. The case being submitted without argument, Judge Jayne took the case under advise ment until to-morrow.

The case of James Murphy charged with attempt at illegal voting, was called at one o'clock. 8. BrWR Will sell all kinds of hardware as low as the lowest. Especially wire- cloth. An Alabama man advertises: "Pre pare at once to get one of my Pio torialHome I have the best umbrellas for buggies.

Also, another good thing, cucumber pumps. The best of all is the American cistern fil The people want my patent cof fee-pots these hard times. Select styles of gentlemen's silk hats, dress patterns, sewing machines, kerosene oil, non-explosive lamps, pianos, or gans, harness, jewelry, etc. Give me a call." He will be hard to please who cannot be suited at that estab lishment. W.

D. Fountain Has on hand ten pianos to rent from five to ten dollars per month An enterprising superintendent of one of our city Sunday schools was engaged last Sunday in chatechizing the scholars, varying the usual method by beginning at the end of the Cathecism. After asking what were the prerequisite for the Holy Com munion and Confirmation, and re ceiving very satisfactory replies, he asked: "And now. boys, tell me what must precede Baptism? Whereupon a lively urchin -shouted out. "a baby, air." Fact; followed by sensation and laughter.

Postponed. The lecture announced by Prof. Plummer for this evening is indefi nitely postponed on account of the Charon in his modern "Whitehall. Alas! -we cannot always hare things aaVwe wonld like, and bo when we think we are in possession of a price- gem, like riches, it takes unto itself wings and suddenly flies away, So with Count Bismarck. Scarcely I had the soles of his illustrious feet kissed oar hallowed sod, when, upon I calling for a glass of lager at the Oak-1 land Brewery Depot, he was notified oi tne result ot tne recent Option election and so hor-l rifled and chagrined was heat this state of affairs in the city of his adoption that he angrily turned on his heel, like the haughty Mingo Chief, shook off the dust of Oakland i from his feet, vowed he would never i again darken Joe Die ves'-door, and with measured tread wended his way towards the dominions of his former illustrious coadjntator and friend.

Spreckles. Previous to bis departure he expressed his intention of perma- i 1 nently locating in- Santa Cmz. He looked care-worn and sad. His face was the result of over-excitement, and his white mustache, with hair of corresponding color, was thickly coated with dust. He seemed dejected and sad.

He confidentially remarked to a friend that he seriously contemplated changing his name to that of Crossmark. Alas how art the mighty fallen, and their high places come to nought. H. E. Wilcox Sells Painted Wire Safe Cloth at Eight cents per Broadway square foot, '955 From some cause the assertion has been frequently made, and is received by the thoughtless, that the 4th of March never comes on Sunday; and was on that account selected as the day for inaugurating our Chief Mag istrates.

Next inauguration day will fall on Sunday, and as the terms of the President and Vice-President ex pire at twelve o'clock Saturday night, the Speaker of the House of Representatives will be President of the United States till the Presidentelect is sworn in Monday. This will be sthe third occurrence of this kind in the country Monroe commencing his second term Monday, March 5, 1821, and Zachary Taylor his term oh Monday, March 5, 1849. H. Brown -j Will sell all kinds of hardware as low as the lowest. Especially wire- cloth.

At the last grand ball atWyom ins. Miss was attired in a buff grosgrained buckskin dress, with army jacket overskirt, bottom looped up with buckskin strings cut bias. Hair dressed a la Red Cloud, in which was twined a few sprigs of sage brush, the whole secured behind in a bunch with a handsome pin made with a pine splinter and a buffalo's ear. Has on band ten pianos to rent Board, from $6 to $10 per Week. T.

M. Prop'r. ltvered free to all parts of the city illness of that gentleman. Willie Hennessey. '4.

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