Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 10, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1946
Page 3
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^^Tl}>^5;_/ ¥ f- ;"-•' ••"X*" /'^f^ "V" ' 4 " ~" " r , '' ' . v "'*'" ^ ^* / ./ - ' V""Y* H^", * '- "V >'''•*'''" -"'^VV^YS'L ' ^ ?">" "•'• " "'* " •'„' " >Jlt<1 >/ ''... - ' * "J^"', ,. ^ " *""' ^«\i..*. .awA.' A'A ^ .&ftj' .,,. >•. X * ^-x 3 v -i*. * ^ * ,** t T^.k' ' ^ ~ ' & i , ^ * <• £. * * v ' .* , V**,.^;^^ . _ j * < ? v Xi 1 ^*'fepV^^1 l&< ' -oC-^ *>-1 •"'MJ-to^' ' a Bunt the 'GU6cTrfeI ague j*e> "r**,* ^Bfe flight JiljiStiiictions APflYATTHE ;i : HOPE iMUNICIPAL AIRPORT s „. Y *n by bns pofa't "fas _ j, 'Still lays d&Wn a pe'rfec bunt. J Nd\V l playing for the semi-pro BxishwickS( the former Chicagi White-So* third baseman came uf with^hls yoVmger brother, Al. on third base. Tony pushed a bun down the Jlrat-base line to score At from third. The fun gave the Bushwteks an 8«7 win over- Philadelphia Stars of the National League. Winter cover crops nrbtect • th«s soil. . Green mamire crops imjirbve the land. YOUR CREDIT IS GbOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too -•• We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Otie day service ,"n town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hotel X 4l ope Kiwanis to Send Men to Convention fhe Kiwanis Club of Mope, Arkansas will be represented at ,the 1948 convention of the Missouri- Kansas- Arkansas 'Kiwariis district 16 be;'held August 15 •!& 17, at St. Louis, Club • Pregidetil Clifford Franks announced vtodfly. v., .S e if8ftes : to the v meeting; which Will feature an address by Oeorge H. Lowe, prominent Ogden, 'Utah,, attorney, and a member" of .the board,o.f trustees olKi\V,ariis Inter- nation, will include Charles T'arpley Herbert Burns, W. A. Mudgett and K. Q. Hamilton. ... Lowe, it Was learned, will' at tend a Chicago meeting of the boaid of trustees of Kiwanis International and .then' proceed to bt. Louis tor the district convention. Election of officers and presentation of the 1047 objectives of Kiwanis International will be highlights of the convention, Franks said. Upwards of 1GO clubs in the district are expected to send delegates to the'annual meeting. George W: Kirk, Sikeston, Mo., governor of the Missouri-Kansas- m-kansas Kiwanis district, Will pre- S(«r sf Hop* C«lU6ll<lat«<) fitit ii»j ....a u., ^i. \ C. t. Palmer, President , • M. Wflihhuin,. Seeretary-Tredsurdf I s<juth Waiinrt n $1rt«t,y'' i s.rj I t Alox. H. Wqshfcum. Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jtnts, Mondgtno Editor Geoi^e'Wi. Hosier, Mask'- Sliptv, '' •>«" «r b .?»ivM'«rti*l%> Morttdar -( ^ Cosnleri ' £ , «.-fh8ma^ Coshleri Entered id class matter at' thi "* FORMAL OPENING, SUNDAY, AUGUST 11 DIAMOND CAFE SUNDAY MENU r- i ! ' ; Hw SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN BAKED CHICKEN & DRESSING RQAST BEEF "Snowfloke Potatoes Fresh Field Peas Sliced Tomatpes Choice of: Pie or Ice Cream Hot Corn Bread Hot Rolls Coffee Tea Milk 50c DIAMOND CAFE Frank Drake, Manager , (APK»M«dhs -Associated ffett. •!, . (NE/^J—Means Newspaper Enterprise . Association. . ; ^ , SubjcrlpHon ftM«ir7tA!*ay!i' PdyobW ' In Advance): By dity "ctfrner W week 20C' per month BSc. 'Mflll rates^-ln Hamti' s'eoct. Novoda. Howard, Miller and LoFayette counties, ; $4.SO per yoar; elsewhere SS.EO. ... . Member of The Astoetafcd Pross: The Associated Press is exclusively enMUdd to the use foi"republics!Ion of oil'news dl»patches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper .and,also the local lews published herein. . . , National Advertising - Representative — Arkansas Dallies. Inc.; Memphis 'Tenn., iterlck' Building; Chicago, 400 Nbrh Mich- ipan Avenue; New YorK City, 292 Madison Aye.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahorna Clfy, f 314 Terminil Bldg.; Mew Orleans. 722 Unfor. St: • side at the various sessions, In this connection, Harold. D; Duffy president of the Kiwanis Club ot St. Louis, announced that plans had ue.en completed lor a fashion show for visiting Indies* and the gover- lor's dinner and-ball;! a. , Lowe has been in therforefront of Kiwanis ^administration for several years.,,.He s al$o .is.a member- of the board of; the .National.Safety Council, .president of-the^Ut-ah Safe-. ly Council, vice-president .of the Jtah Bar association, .and—president of the Ogden Baseball Club. Highflier* Warned Not to Grit Teeth AP Newsfeatures , .. ' .New York—It and when you take a high altitude airplane ride,r. re- nember not to grit your teeth. That's the advice of a symposium of AAF dental officers whose conclusions are reported in ; the Journal of the'American Dental Association. • , • '" • They found that nervous and muscle tension during flight 'was often associated with excessive bit-'' ing or grinding of the teeth, dhd this extra force was likely to 'fits- lodge tooth fillings, Gritting the teeth at ground/level isn't apt to have such results; because, ordinarily you get, a; pauvtie- tore any liarm can be done. .'Preoccupation with other things during flight makes 'a pel-son overlook [the pain and do a lot more ' severe grinding. '' • ' '. ••' • - _ Black Market Is Object of British .Colonial War ' AP -Sewsfentures Hoilgi Kong— This British colonial government, admitting its whole prlce-eqmrpl organization has been Whdertnihed,. has: declared War on 'n shuge, black market ring Which has b.oen using gangster tactics in getting hold of imports of vital Commoditle'Si "•;; 'j > Warning that it- 'intends t&klhg titlon against -those iwho J pevmit the slocks •ton-each -block- jriarket sources.- the«'Eovernmait , said, it iir6y,;take over. :the entire 'distrlbu- tioni.of •essential ,commddltles.,n > 'IThe^blaqkii marketeers ' employ spies to watch withdrawals, from bpikl. -The' gang, leaders then visit the importer* or ••wholesalers' and demand supplies —s-omeUrnds the . shipment for .which they pay ' • ' ' • • - -i- 1 : •• Safufday, August 10, — " i •».«".» •« •'• • ii..~.—.i- i. —.' ""''^'f Often, threatened, -the importers or wholesalers prefer not to report the ineidehst. < The-rgnngstors distribute goods (b street.-^iawkers who add a Small percentage of profit. The government feels it is Useless to deal with the hawkers who on a big schlf* because for each hawker arrested' another, two take his place. Captain Is Charged for Theft of Jewels Mi Nash ' c l enTian y. AUK. n-wi X r , A A' lny antounced to- Ca P lnin Kathleen B. had been charecd will '- conspiracy a-y' Without leave in ho " thcft Jast win" trom „ ,; * -"- mt: fll'St iO 1 °d TPi° e "°. f cicel '. s arrested. Du'hiht., tho^-Wc's hus- u—-. -;-.&' <&«Vty66m "fof "MrsT'Sti AUE 17 scnfedWed to Start abou mile's. Congo river and Its IHbu * '' i e > nnVigftble for H,00 PUBLIC NOTICE Uth Street from the High School' to the Springhill Rood IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. ; We have the names and .car .licence numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this date on all will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also, we .reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. • PROPERTY OWNERS 1 y^-v^'-* "' * ' ' Elecf ^ FRANKR ; The People's Candidate Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Hatters" HUGH B. HALL, Owner N. Ferguson Phone 76 LAWNMOWBRS Repaired and Sharpened, 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and • Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phdne 1107-J So. Main St. "Complete service for y6ur car" MAGNOLIA 303 SIRVIC6 STATION Now 6peti 64 Hours Dally .3rd A Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb/ Owner HOFf STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS cnona I Phon» W4 4 p. m. ^Social Calendar LOOK AT YOUR C Aft? HAVi If and GREASED Phone 422 Today Let us wash your car In our AUTO LAUNDRY. We will pick It up, wash It, grease It, and clean It'In- side and out. Done by experienced and qualified ' lubrication men. Ask About Steam Cleaning • CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS HEFNER NASH GO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phono 442 R NIN G M H D B Dogs not Licensed and Vaccinot- ed against Rabies will be Destroyed When Found Running ct Large. Police Department NTY JUDGE e J ection t° m V Second Term as Representative Post No. ArkSQS ' ' WI , sh f ° ex-press, my regrets for not being able ' r u the County should At the beginning 'f' $ 4 L '- a much larger cash balance than it says it now has opponent's first terrp in January, 1941 the Countv IV* Go to the Polls Next Tuesday and Elect FRANK RIDER The People's Candidate COUNTY JUDGE —This ad paid for by Frank Rider ""* mOTe u apab J e of ser ^"9 you than when I asked k f ow ™ re ° bout the duties that are required to make a fi e <- th ' S Coun1 'y°"d our great State. I tried diligently ^^"T' every gmup ' and ^^ business or ° pini ° n as '° the bi ' ls *at will fcof A Q$ y ° U . kn ° w ^ een br °"ded as a member of the G. 1.0 by the Christian Bo^d?rta • ohH f ' tl0n thQt W ^' b V n9 our Corkers and industries to a c oser under- uurraw products and natural resources which will give our people more and better •f!- ''!'• C. Candidate fp r 5occmd-T*rm' < ai Representative Post No, 1 of Hempstead County , August 12 E W.M.U. of the First Baptist thurch will meet Monday nftcrnoon 11 four o'clock nt the Educational building for Its regular monthly MUsion progrnm. Mrs. John Tur- llcr of Circle 2 will lead the study 6n "The Orient". A full attendance is Urged. Wednesday, August 14 Dr, and Mrs. L, M, Lllc have issued invitations for a dance at the Hope Country Club on Wednesday evening beginning at 3:30 for the pleasure of Miss Alice Lile, Comma and Going Miss Sophia Williams left Friday for a week-end visit with her sister DOROTHY D!X 'it: Good Husband Material Hear Over KTHS - Monday 12:15 p.m. KCMC - Monday 7:15 p.m. you fo mv Repres entdt « for mv RIALTO Now - SATURDAY "Dark Alibi" "Colorado Serenade" Sunday - Monday - Tuesday LANA TURNER JOHN GARFIELD N in "The Postman Always Rings Twice" Sunday Features: 1:00 - 3:01 - 5:02 - 7:03 - 9:04 A group of girls ask me by what signs and tokens they can tell whether a man is good husband mat' erial or not. Well, daughters, picking but a .husband is always a chancy undertaking that may backfire on you, for most men suffer a sea change after marriage and no wife knows until she has tried liv« ing with 41 husband whether she has gotlcn a household angel or a domestic deVll, Sllll an all, there arc certain precautions that a girl does well lo bear In mind w hen she goes, husband-hunting. For instance, she should concentrate on finding out what sort of disposition he has, for that is what she has to live with day in artd day out. It isn't enough for a man's manners and morals to be above reproach. Many a pillar of the church is a lousy husband. So don't marry any man until you find out whether he is going to be .easy to get along with and make marriage a picnic inslcad of a pur- galory. | One Who Laughs Then pay more attention to a man's funnybonc ,than you do to his having a Grecian nose. Domestic life is full of ups and downs and what you want is a husband who can laugh off the little misadventures of marriage instead of "lising rows over them. Also take note before marriage of a man's appetite. If he is a dyspeptic, if he is a food faddist, if he is strong for diets and plain living, go slow abou' Ihc wedding bells. Stomach ulcers have wrecked more marriages than sirens ever have. Don't marry Mama-s darling un less'you are hunting for trouble You never will have a whole hus band. The most you will get is a small part of his interest and affcc lion. Mother will have all the res and the most you can hope to b be will be a humble slave trying lo pinch-hit for Mama and never sue ceeding in giving satisfaction. Don't marry a callow boy. The boy who marries in his teens i just as likely to lose his taste fo his wife as. he did for gooey ice cream sodas. Pick out an adult man for a husband who knows what h wants in a wife and sticks to hi bargain. Don't marry a man to reform him. Marry one who doesn't nee reforming. No woman ever ha been surgeon enough to put a stii backoone inlo a spineless man o lo galvanize a lazy one inlo bein a go-getter. Miss Marie Antonette William in Little Hock. H € Ul 3 Paid for by Arthur C. Anderson S aA^i^<gt»> i' ROMANTIC MUSICAL REVUE! IK1 1:10-3:13-5:16-7:19 and 9:22 Don't marry for mofiey, but don t marry any man who Hasn't proved at he can support a family. All .e love talk about living 6n bread nd cheese and kisses 'is hooey and young couples who,try it soon elete the kissing part of the menu. '' Don't marry a man whose tastes nd habits don't jibe with yours. Whether married couples coo like ui-tlcdoves or fight like cats and ogs depends altogether on whether icy like to do the same things or ot. For whether we think a thing s right or wrong depends Upon hether it is our dish. A possessive man Who thinks ev- rything he has is superior, just ecaUse it is his, and brags about is car and his dog and his gun a a good bet as a husband because Is wife will fall into the same cale- ory and he will boast of her per- cctions. Generally speaking, tyou won't go tut wrong when you choose a jolly, ood-natured able-bodied man for husband and, above all, a hun- :ry man who likes to cat and who nakes it worth-while for a wife o get up a good dinner. For, as a ule, such men are amiable, good providers and easy to housebreak. So there you are, girls, In marriage there is no sure thing. You go nto it at your own risk. Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) By R, Louise Emery OfMlm • £oDvrlahf. 1946. , INC Cadet Nurse Margaret Brow has returned to Little Rock afte a visit with Miss Nellie Jean Bailey here. Search Continues for Pair Who Kidnapped Officer Little Rock,. Aug. 10 —(/I 5 )—State police and other officers intensified their search today for the armed pair who kidnapped state policeman Add Schugg yesterday near Pine Bluff, handcuffed him ( o his patrol car, and fled with 84. The patrolman was en route to Little Rock when he stopped the men for questioning because they 'did not look right," he said. Schugg said - he arrested the driver because he had no driver's license, ordered one ;of the men into the patrol car and the' other to drive back to Little Rock, ahead of him. . The kidnappers' car, a 1940 coupe bearing a Texas license, became overheated near Wrightsville and" they pulled to the' side of the highway and stopped.; '• Schugg later was released by a Negro who approached the area. Supt. Jack Porter of the state police immediately ordered a statewide block in an effort to appre- icnd the pair. , THE STORY: Cecily has promised Val not to become engaged before she's 21. Val is on the verge of making a discovery in chemistry when he suddenly enlists in the Air Corps. XVIII We saw Val at Christmas when he came home on leave unexpectedly. The uniform became him. He looked fit but not particularly happy, He and Mercedes spent his three evenings in town at our house,-but Corinna reported that he and Cecily had come into Down's twice while she was on shift there. He said nothing about Cecily, however, and I was 1 too afraid of the subject to bring it up. He returned again in the spring, and this time he called on Cecily at her home, choosing by a fortunate chance an hour when Delia had accompanied Thorne to the doctor's. Cecily knew belter than to en lertain him long in 'Delia's house. It was a rainy day but mild, and she suggested that they take a walk. She also knew better than to suggest to Val that they drive In the car Delia had given her. Cecily wore her plaid raincoat with a cocky little red hat- designed to protect the spilled gold of her hair from disturbance by the elements. Everything in Cecily's world was designed to protect her from anything cle mental —anything perhaps bu Val, tall, broad-shouldered and serious, shortening his steps to daring brief, contentec at her from beneath his hers, glances yisor. Delia was home when Cecily came back alone, wind-blown anc fresh as the freesias she wore pinned to her lapel with a cheap little pin that wes the insignia in miniature of Val's outfit. Dell was too 1 perturbed over Thonv for once to notice it and Cecil; took it off before she . could ge around to commenting. It was a long time before sh learned of Val's visit, althoug I heard of it at once throug Cormna, and I learned too, tha Cecily had renewed her promis not to be engaged to any one unt her twcntwy-first birthday. Sh was twenty that Summer, bu thanks to Delia's solicitude, sh seemed much younger, alway busy with the endless social a fairs of her sorority, while Corinn enrolled as nurse's aide. Me cedes had to work after schoo •and on Saturday, but she an Cqrinna signed up as junior host sses at- 1 the TJSO. Cecily Would have liked the SO work, but Delia Would not ear of it. "Let those nobodys get their rms around her! I should say ot!" I was just as glad. Every polen- al suitor was a rival for Val nd every man who saw Cecily /as a potential suitor. Val and Steve were to be gr-adu- ted with the same class; I count- d the days off anxiously. I knew lat their homecoming , would mean a showdown, but it seemed me that Val had a reasonable hance against Steve at 1st. The talesmen were calling such states f mind wishful thinking. , . What Val's chances might have een 1 Was never to learn. The ;raduatio nwas scheduled for Oc- ober and Val washed out. Mercedes brought the news to us in a cryptic airmail letter rom Val. "I can explain it better when I iec you," he had written. "And 'm sorry but you'll have to gel your wings from a handsomer ;uy." I had a horrible sense of disas- er. If he had ever had a chance with Cecily this finished it; he would be broken to buck private while Steve strutted in officer's links. I hoped that Delia would nol '.sir the news but that kinc ;ravels fast and when she callec on the telephone there was nc mistaking her jubilation. She said surprisingly little abou it, however, beyond the antici paled comment that blood tells in the long run. They, by way o setting a precedent, she invitee Robert, Corinna and me to dlnnei the next night. My first impuls was to refuse nastily as a matter of principle but curiosity won out I knew she had some ulterio motive behind the invitation. "Long dresses," she, said laconi cally before she hung up. j I think I knew then what th deal was going to be and ii Robert's very silence I read th same knowledge but Corinna hai no inkling of what was coming. She declared, at first' that sh wouldn't go, but I turned ,paren after the first argument and sh finally consented. I helped her t select a new dress —a vastly be coming one, all black sheer an heavy white lace. Quite .suddenl I saw my child possessed oWiou physical charms. Her hair now was ash blonde add her skin onJy lightly touched by the sun. She had a Slender voluptuousness to match Cecily's. I was amazed at the pretty modeling of arms and shoulders and throat above the strapless bodice large satisfaction to see the effect of that first formal. It gave me a she had on Delia When we came in. In Steve's honor Delia had en- geneered a party with top ranking members of his and Cecily's Greek societies as guests > But except for Cecily there wasn't a girl present with Corinna "figure or omplexlon or hair. It gave Delia bad turn, And it gave me a turn to find /it. and Mrs. Ralston present With teve. That accounted for Delia's xcilment and nervousness-" the R-alstons had been forced to come o her at last. This 'Was the ulmination of years of endeaVor. iVe, the Wynnes, were the only nes who knew what that meant o Delia. That was Why We had een invited. She wanted an audience present who could appreciate, c6Up ( To Spa Airline I* Granted 90-Day Permit .- Little Rock, Aug. 9 «-(*) -*, Springs Airways, a thfee;m partnership, Was granted ,8 90-da temporary permit by , Ihfe • PUb Service Commission tofoy, ate four roundtfipS daily Hot Springs and Little carry mail, pasefigefs, ' ;ffel and express. > The partners ar6 John Stover and Van H. Lyell. The commission also aUlhori two-states, telephone ' comparty;', Tex-Arkansas to issue 650, worth of two and three-foUrlHStjfe d cent first mortgage bonds an , use the proceeds for improving .ill properties ,in TexarkSnli an 6Uf£! Texas cities. ' THE TOWN COUNCIL of OZAN Endorses FRED LUCK for COUNTY JUDGE • Courteous, •Capable • Considerate , • Reliable • Responsible A Vote for Luck is ., A Vote for Better Roads and County Government THIS AD PAID FOR BY W. T. Hill O. R. Green L. J. Robins J. I. Smead Autrey Smead H. C. Murphy C. D. Ball' Mr. S. B. .Doyle and son, Earl of Shroveport, Louisiana will be the weekend guests of Mrs. Leon Bundy and Mr. Jack Bundy here. Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Bailey and little daughter, Janice have gone to Booncvillc for a visit with Mr. Leon Bundy before leaving for Colorado Springs, Colo., for a visit with friends and will visit Mr. and Mrs. Briant Bundy and little son, Mike in Denver, Colorado. ' Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Burroughs have as guests, Doctor and Mrs. W. W. Adams and sons, Will and Brent of Kansas City, Kansas. Mrs. Leon Bundy and Mr. JacK Bundy have as guests Mr. Scott Phillips of New Orleans. Mr. Phillips is a former Hops resident. Mr. and Mrs. W .A. Jean have as guest, Mr, Jean's nephew, Mr. W. H. Jean and Mrs. Jean i.id daughters, Norma Lee and Lora Nell of Loraine, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hatcher have as guests Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hatcher of Belhavcn, Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rider let Wednesday night for Memphis where Mr. Rider underwent a ma jor operation on Friday at the Baptist Memorial hospital. Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and, APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system installed by us. W.S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Dr. JAMES W. BRANCH, M'. D. announces the association of Dr. ELBERT H. WILKES, M. D. General Medicine and Surgery Telephone 385 426 8, Main Hope, Arkansas Some FACTS About GLEN WALKER From His NEIGHBORS Who KNOW Him Best For Accuracy and Purity Let Us Fill Your PRESCRIPTION In all the years we've been established, every prescriptipn we've filled has unfailingly met the physician's specifications, and have been promptly delivered to the patient! • We Have Registered Pharmacists * Finest Quality Ingredients We've WARD & SON The Leading Got It Phone 62 Druggist FinlcyWord Frank Ward GLEN WALKER is asking .for his First public office. GLEN WALKER is a self-made, self-educated native of Hempstead County, who has the character, education and ability.to make us all a good Representative. GLEN WALKER speaks the language and understands the needs of us'common people, and will remain one of us. GLEN WALKER is QUALIFIED To represent the Farms- because he was born on a farm, grew up working on a farm, and is a past-president of Spring Hill 4-H.CIub, Hempstead County 4-H Clubs and Hempstead County 4-H Club Council. To represent the Schools- because he went to schools of Hempstead . County, and because .he later worked his way at Magnolia A. & M. College ! and the University of Arkansas School of Law .He married a school teacher, and has a real interest in building our schools. To represent our Small Businesscs-because of his extensive business experience as Claims and Litigation Officer in the Legal Branch while in the U. S. Army. To represent our Servicemen- because of 4 1 / 2 years service from. Private to Captain. To represent us All-because he earnestly and sincorely wants \6 make his people a good Representative, SHARE OUR OPPORTUNITY FOR PUE NATIONS OF THE WORLDS-LETS SHAR EOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLIC SERVICE AMONG OUR MEN HERE AT HOME Help to Elect YOUR REPRESENTATIVE — This ad paid for by Dewey E. Ray, Clyde QuiJJin and Lai'syette Sinclair

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