Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 7, 1874 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1874
Page 2
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V Published everjTTjSa -ev Offiee 61 Strait wp sudrs., ... J)ECEltBEB 7, 1871 gerrw fcy-Csuwieara. 10 mbU per Week Cheap Advertisements. - i ' . -. . Such Advertisements a Lost, Found, Wanted, To-Let, For Sale, Club andSoeierj Notices, notex ceedlngslx lines. Inserted In the DAILY EVENING TRIBUNE at the rate of FIFTY CENTS per week. aduChurch Notices Inserted free; and should be handed In by 12 M. Saturday. Financial Quotations. Following are the, rates of gold and greenbacks tip to 2 p. x, to-day : GOLD LEGAL TEKDKES, bcying .89 . j - selling. tow iTbx tee kmototffXeics is an-nonoced aa going to the Sandwich. 1st ands irob&bhr '' to '.take ' short cut on the JCng, and hereafter ran the government ,himslf.r?,there Is no. end .to the demoraluaiiWcKeaied'by. the coming of His Mafesty onto .the-.shortsof. the great jepouuo . .-. . - ? - . A , -- ' ;Tpi'eaterpniag aews-gaiherar has Hosed ont the substance 'of Grant's mes sage lor. the.norniog papers, slse would hare appeared in full lit the Teib-cnav this eyeningi f"e are not ' given' to detilliJS In wwond-tend '. ntwf to any i dentlT sereca. And Ihe.mesiaae. will be found toWlUKjaglitfaCandfearefully. prepared state paper. .He j-ot firm as a rock & those questions this sensation press reported hejroqtd go back on. Ths jKty Council, will probably be called on to-night to concur inthe ac tion of the Board of Education, in the purchase of a site for s school-house, between, the High School and the Pres- cott, or 'West Oakland, School. Wisdom is shown in providing for the necessities of another year, at a time when it can be done nYost economically", and before the impos&ibilify oi obtaining school ac commodations shall drive away from our city the most desirable class of residents. namely , met or families;- -' f i Tbx meeting of the Library Directors on Friday evening, was suggestive of thing or' two aside from what was men tioned in the reports Those gentleme: who were so anxious so''getevew" on this paper , lor. some' piit criticism, not pertaining teth library could not have1 appeared tb' Worse advantage, than in their actietr of' Friday- sight. Any other occasion i the worl would ,hve 'spite against, tfee XatpyS'-fni there never was so' gtfcT optWrHirfty for ex TTraKdcVcftttitiaVl devil and Doctor Faust invented print ing by thetmwnfibl4ye8. Let thnu ertri ium TMTHfinaiieu earn tn ihm-i fils ifiths local roerftanrl note tot kl wrm- ':mt. tM.w.n'ov-4l,wa-l given them and what was not, In getting ths LibrtryoWn NUWa&ad here it is, besides enabling, those .same. parties 'to get an elephant off . their hands for a .M,w . Trirj iw-nt . --r,i -1" The Tbibuct's persistent advocacy of thejnovemnto aecidi th paper kaWbeeb i power jiereeways. "We advpeatft ' the-1 tSknftL howeTer,: from the standpoint? that it might grow into an Important adjunct of 4h public schools, and to, that end we propose to -s. hold the Directors and all concerned, for - the ground on which it stands is more adapted for an engine house, of which the eity is doubly in need.' - Ths spirited 'little Poet has nnbur- thened its uiliid on the subject of Presi dent GHinst'gsMbf thU SngUaS Ibnmxe. tt.-i iw-i-rf -T. -ti- re- riA ""r,Tv"-r,:r:r pnblio was informed thaf r ifora Moss, and J. Feat Hu J?-fi Carka Step- orns, and ail the, other ,Blue Jay in that immaculate Board of Becrehta could not mainUin"'lIiejT aelfVrant. "n not know morent the fitness or unfit- , . 7T . ., Zrl nT V. ,iae a.c"T much against his will by Jesuitical infla-8taff of .the University than their iellow ences. . -At the. eleventh hour he deter- oitizens eovt know "t Did they not say "that they tnow what llnntness and" in - competency : "arey' i And do they not V.U nv.mnv 1 . 3 what Agriculture is? i.And Is it not their duty as well as privelege .to know more than all the'Swintons. of the uses of language, so long' employed by them in the concealment of thoughts? D6es not the silly little Post know that only an adentin lansroaia could nroduce aSe- genta Beport npon a College which has never eiiKtedr -Treaaenu Le conte and Dtxrantrntterly failed t do what the fISSSfij ? h? lished. oy-a flourish of his pen; ! He can. make a College out of a "course," hailding, rooms " devoted " to Agricul ture or any other purpose under the sun, or underground. - He , asm . affiliate " whenever his creative genius fails, v And if he could do none of these things, so important far the absence" "of Colleges which are yet in the future, is he not ths menu oi uie uulcucm aim wtuowsr Do not the poor,' studentsi who have no HMtlfl undCT W wings? Let tne .Pts understand .that there is something more than language required in o exalted a.. patra said to Domhey, "du heart" ' Thksk is one feature of King Calioo's cominght t not beenvdaly l3ed by the intelligent editor. . Thetiote Mr. Tb&ery, isfMi of "IJew- comes,? iuuiiraiea oj nim8ea, ,,"genuy satjuizej'! thj toadyiam of ius-iroontry-merr' matter qtiite likf tb.'case in question. Une of ihose princely gentlemen from Her Majesty's possessions in India black as the ace of spades is seen to recline upon the bosoms, as it were, of England's daughters of quality. In short, they are represented as wild on the, subject, but as subjects of a monarchy, they were to some extent excusable. For some centuries, so to speak. we republicans have- held better people in slavery our own flesh and blood has been whipped and sold about like so much inanimate" merchandise, and notT withstanding the emancipation rrocla-1 mationand the amendments conferring suffrage, we turn up our noses in a large portion of the country, at the sight of 'color" in a citizen to the manner (ana manor) born. " But no sooner do we see a black and kinky headed personage' set foot Jm the made land below" Montgomery street, in the name of royalty, than all hands , are rushing to fall down and worship him. The daughters of our boasted Democracy would be only too clad to" '.'marry the nigger" in this case. The real subjects of his majesty if he have any; the natives of the islands, then, over which, this psendo king presides at the instance of, American and English . bayonets, . i or the sake . of. the friendship of a few monopolizing sugar planters, .spat upon the very ground he waiKea on iney xove mm inai macu. But it is of our devoted countrymen of whom we care to 'speak at present. We take special interest' in their welfare. We have reason to feel encouraged, in fact," when" on "second thought" "we see that the Democrats hate elected a black man to Congress, :We hope for the Qvil Fights bill, and were the King of Dahomey, with bloody hands, to land on our eastern shores, he would no doubt receive all the homage, with interest, that has been bestowed on Kalakaua From Maine to Texas, we can see the reconstructed Democrat rush down to the sea and with open arms receive the African monarch in all his polygamous plumage and gory paraphernalia. The way is now clear to the proper reception of his majesty of Dahomey. Let the powers that be extend him the usual invitation, and send a ' ship to bring him over - ' Lxt the management of Lvcenm Hall try the W plan in connection with a pood concert combination. This is I tbeonly way "high art" entertainment - . - . . i sncceeds in San Francisco at present, I andwe'havenorightto expects r ngntto expect-thepeo- T1a K. srWlrlarii te ffMrMniM IamI stirrTrii-f" I at a higher fignre. ; Some late concerts J . . uuu. u(Stuv. "" ... 1 in the metropolis fully demonstrated this I ft i?!. Tf another wnue we are aooni it. A eoncen at .nest, is a sort of 'disconnected 'affair, subject to being made a bor VjKtlLw CTerlasting encoi"6y Bud ' Tramtds1 "QS' vcmswtiftt trf j t5Ctf50tX i5ej5icCifli teMitlWiT st, dictionary,. tuntoug'!it .was a noveL" Tne theaters .in ' rlan Francisco are Vegnjariy filled, as it' were by operas' and plays, bat only ths greatest -drumming akuf the most popular price (pf ad: mission sncoeed in making a concert pay eP oncel a wwk; These ate things t to think oif t . . - , .. J tThk coal and wood dealers are desir ous of having an ' additional watchman oath-WebstT-Btreoi -Whsrlr rtd ing for an extra . man, so that the city I .i i v ii. .wg more Oan ferine. If this arrangement hours accordingly, it is probable the property of customers would be better protected, than when he is supposed to be on watch at all times. Tat San Francisco Post is to appear lZ??T"J UK VAIrVUBr VI VUU VUiUIUU BU IUt4UU tAlAO evening. A EIGVOnCAITT CHASGZ. ' Dec C Prince BiBmarck, in the course of his reply to Herr Wind- horst, in the Eeichstai said. 'I am in possession of conclusive evidence that the Ecumenical Council was cut short on ac I count of thB Franco-German War,' The I CouncirASte would nave been Terv dif- ferent had the' French been victorious. 1? bom yerT. uroe9 thfl Napoleon was dragged into the war vert I mined oh peace and kept his resolution 1 for half an, hour, but ultimately he was oy erpowetei by persons representing the I auvau NEW. TO-DAY. PROMENADE CONCERT -AT THE ACADEMY OF ZXTJSIO THURSDAY EYEN1 K3, D EC EM 8ER 10 y. tr, , , "- .7- A."v.t TIfVt3SF?IK1I1'"VT WILL . T, . JOHN H. BROWN, TiTio haS been afflicted with paralysis for over - inciunB bmpiuju. CnuailttM of AnaarnneaUi I cobxxlics fbaxcis, , hxxbt laxcaqj-ib. THOiLW H COLOR. j Tickets mar' i parchased at V ad do x A Morrison's Seventh street, between Broadway East OaUssd Barber Shop. NEW TO-DAY. r.Bt:0aQEft..??ftTr Offlee a4 SAJrareosn HIT Bre4tva Bet. JTwelfth and Thirteenth's." -V GREAT AUCTION SALE " OF- ' ' ' ' I will sell on the Grounds at BELLE VIEW NURSERY, ' - Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, on THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 10th, ,11th and 12th inst., All that large and fine collection of Trees, 8hrnba. Ae. contained in tbe Kurserr. The I material Is In splendid condition and this ii ' the right time to plant. Bale to commence each day at 10 a. m. Street cars pass the Nursery every 15 minute. . i U. NOL A JT, Proprietor. . MARK EZKKIEXS. Auctioneer. A O. H Attention ! rpHEBE WUX BE A SPECIAL MEETIXG J- of Division No. 1: Oakland, on WEDNES DAY even In R, December 9, 1874. All member ara reqaeated to attend, aa important bbsineu mil com Dexore toe meeting. i r." TB08. McOUIBIj, President. DR. NESTELL, (Of the Hadjcal Department, University, N.Y.) PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. SPECIAL .T3XATKBTT: ?C&: TBE- CATASBH, ASTHMA, FULUORABY COKSTJlfPTIOH, Etc, , , ; BY" THE INH&LATIONcf MEDICATED VAPORS - At the Dttural temperattirt of the air breathed. and the nse of Showering syringes. , THreEmen. accordance with the requirement oi disease, by ItItAu me air ecus, restores (aevrgaueemcomuij wuu the bcaliog powers of nature. My method of iL .Tu3w ."r - - ,1 it,. ftn.nl. nn.1AMMr.n -e4 41insM I with most prevateBt and ting of earthly maladies. Patients attended daiiv. from 9 a. m. tin 4 p. x. Invalids at a ilXlSeZ. I Communications by mail most be ad ores sett to D. D. T. KESTELL, M. D., 914 Tenth street, three' squares from Market I street station, bet. Oaetso and srosn streets. GLADDUIG.SURRYHHEtSsCO 056 Oroadway.Oakland. OFFEB FOB S AIX AT iVfiryrljiw PmCaslr Ci 1 1 i S J: J ' !n -cosiPEisrib ABOtrr- 100x133 TEST EACH. 8FLEI1DIDLY LOCATED ! OJTLY ten unnnTS' sde fsok cut eaili Son DnKlrh Mora a Crt W " aBsWW f iiwv wstw PA53 THE PEEMISES EVERT Fifteen Minutes; B 4 I GOING TO SAN FOIt- FRAX7CISCO HOLIDAY GOODS TAKE A LOOK AT THE . unn a atft ri pit i aiw crnnv srt -DISPLAYED AT 3! 9 COBKER OF : ' 12TH & BROADWAY. BROOKLYN HALL, JAMES M OFF ITT. ProD'r. Corner E..t lltla 8t.ad IStla Avee, I .-. ; ; aW 5 BROOKLYN. ' Lkinors and Cigars. Tbe saloon beinit near the kallroad Depot, is very convenient for patsengem. , . . - . F. KOLODZYs ' Llercliaiit Tailor. V No. IO 18 Broadway, Between 10th sod II tb streets. (East atde, C tST Cnstom work done In tbe latest style and at reasonable prices. ; , :, ; -. ; -, ' - watts Tract ADVERTISEMENTS. OLTJEY & G O.'S, 8 57 Broadway,, , -FOR" urC AT ALOGUE Sl -OF THE - GREAT GHIRARDELU -WHICH TAKES PLACE THURSDAY, DEC. 10, 1874 v it. , -'. -O' ?! -AT- 10 Montgomery Street, SAN FRANCISCO. OIIM W AUCTIONEERS.,. WOODWARD'S .. ' : . Real Estate AGENCY, No. 958 Broadway ! Desirable Property for i . m j 11 8116 111 all pOTTS OX XH6 StUtJm I o J Rni.Tc DESIRABLE PROPERTY . GO, TO j. ii. Rflnnrj's CITY CANDY STORE: 069 BROADWAY, ReotiTSd DakUy per Bacoa'a Miwisa. Lovers of good Osndies will find a great I riety from five of the most prominent makers I in San Francisco. MUST BE SOLD. !Holf-Aore Lots a .- WX70TT A DT V T rtP A f17T AjbOli BsaW WJiJ aMVSJ A AS TERMS, S400 EACH r n J Ona-thirdOaafc. Apply to SMITH c MATHER; , i 91 7 BROADWAY. OAKLAND. NICE HOLIDAY PRESENTS . , ' IX THE JEWELRY UNE I ; FOB 8 ALB AT 3 f ?. 0E3 ; mix tt an Xj Xi u t & 023 BROADWAY, I I I 4 S. AIT orders for Jewelry and Engraving promptly nuea. IWsHorse Strayed, 1 Away. I' BROWN MAKE "MKliUNUlXi Tt iWilbert t 'BcheUhaas strayed from their 'stable last evening. Any person knowing of the whereanonta wi snca an animal, wui De STJTT ABLY REWARDED , 'BJ Informing the sdvertisersi ' ' ' ' ' 1S Twelfth atiwet. HENRY. WEEKS. . . i BUCKSRIITH. CARRIAGE MAKER . And XValaxtoar, Cor. 6ta Avcatsie amd East 11th Street k'T?b'AwiLisfh. i ' -f fra The prowrtetot brings practical man and employing only eompeUnt worlcan, gtsmn tees ratistaction m mi cams; mnmniT UlxDlUil FOR . 1 CatataeiPnceW ADVERTISEMENTS. PhOtOSraoh Alhumo. Wrltlnxr nnelra. PnrKnllAo Ink. stands, Cold Pens, Diaries vames tiriu Hiuuuuvenues, loy books, rrayer BOOKS, Family Bibles," CemB oT Art, Elegant CaHeries, Books In Sets., Illustrated Works. Standard Poets. Books of nil Kinds, Etc., SOLD CHEAP! A . RO MA WHOLESALE & RETAIL BOOKSELLERS & STATIONERS, No. 1 1 Montgomery St., OAKLAND BERARD PATENT ! Il l- s 1 D CVIIBINO.nVIMERTC,' -A5D- GARDEN DECORATIONS 1 FURNISHED IN ANY COLOR , I MoTilded to Any SHajpe t IP. CHAPPEIXET Superintendent! EIGHTH STREET, Between Broadway and Franklin. 1058 Broadway ! LUTZ & BERG tttish to call the attention of 1 ; - . ths poblid to their beaatUol stock of .1 ' n r il-ll , Pictures & Looking Glasses SUITABLE FOR HOLIDAY ' PRESENTS All of their own manufacture and of the very i latest Uealjtna! l. i Fine Chromos, Steel Engrat jns ana moss ttouqueis . In areat -varietT eosatantlv n hani.t PI' Siva thesa a call kefoi Djuig across me oay PlymDton Roller Spates 82.58 r PER PAIR ! ; -Fo Sale by. GROSSO SON, Bet. lOth atmd litis Str4ta,(ICauSi4.) THE BEST AND PUREST GOODS ARE THE CHEAPEST I J AM NOW MANUFACTURING NEW Candies for the Holidays, To which especial attention Is called. Bernem. ber, there is nothing la toy maun fact nre of s poisonous or deleterious nature. Iook at the Prices. LtXP CANDIE3; 5 pounds forl...'..i. Hi W KTXED CANDIKS. twthea)tuvis...: JJfaB FRENCH CASDIE8, cold everywhere else at 75 cents. told hare !(. SO 1063 Broaflwiy; oetlltn ClUh sts. .west side. aa' J. OFFICE 934 Brostdwmjr, OAKXASD. . r .'1 S7t Dealirns. FIsas, Speciftcations, Xtetail Drawing a, Estimates and Buperi&tendenee. 8HAKESPEAE & WALTER, HOLESALE and Betail Dealers la IrTOOB AIJ D C0AX1 ELEVENTH STREET, Between ' BroatdVraiy asid FrmsifcUau Br Goods delivered free In Oakland and v einity. . . . . .... . EMCENE I. FULLER, ITUIL DBALEB IB . CIGARS, TOBACCO, ETC., Hinth St, near the PostfScsi. TiOXE BtT THE BESTRBANDSKEPT cmiaESEDnuJGEircsomcE h notice that he has opene" a Chinese IntelU. i oenoe offlee at Va nucthnst come of Sinth and WaahiMrton tabMi where good help eaa beobtaincd. AH FfiS, vi for 1875, Fancy Stationery. N & qo., r(LIck'. House Block.) TO F.1Y 0LDPAJR0H8. ONCE MORE OFFER' YOU MY VAL- " nable servlcea, if yon are so unfbrtnn-ate as to reqnfre them. 'With a mind ma-tared and enriched by studies of an atl-' varicet order, I can safely say that there lahardlT' a disease in the catalogue of ba man ilia that I cannot treat to a succesaful ; lssme. Ladies I am always ready to assist you. illy! past knowledge has been Increased by extensive experience. I km now .able to treat yon with the certainty . of success.-l;X.q ease peculiar to your del- IcaUiorganlam Is heyona my sure control. .My Female Monthly Medicines are su perior to any offered heretofore, and wll, be warranted to nave tne aesirea errect in - il eases.'"', , '. ' ' 'J't. "'J7:.''?r- Those of the public who need my ser vice, can. depend upon gentlemanly, honorable and scientific treatment at reason able rates. " ""'ilJt!,, :"'J' Peraons afflicted can.lf they prefer, con sult me by letter, detailing tbe symptoms of the1 CiseaSb or TBOTTBI.K, and 'receive medicines by Express with fall instruc tions. ; All letters mast be directed: J.H. Jkki.yx, MJ 128 Batter street, Sast Francisco, California. Core warranted tn all cases or' no pay required. Conulta- tlons, personally j or- by letter, gratis.. Send for book.;., vii : ! . . Comfortable apartments for patients at my infirmary (when desired) with experienced nurses. , , . Consultation Parlors 226 SUTTEH ST.,' adjoining the Young Men's Christian Association Building. . .' ' . ' . Office hours fro pa 9 a. sc. to 8 P. t. ; J. H. J0SSELY1T. IX D. CARL & Cp., . ite Agents, HOUSEBROKERS Broadway, Hext door to Union BankJ f-GT DesiraUo property foi?, Bale ixt ; all' . partv' of the City and Suburbs.1 Special Notice LADIES ; OF OAKLAIfl) ! CAVE YOUR r., COMBINCS, AND they can be Renovated In any. tylei at from 'atJ '.: to tl.BO,' and weighed when brought, by r mis; wharton ;.: Ladies' Hair Store, 474 Eighth Street, near Broadway, Oakland. E7De sure you get No. 474. r.ins. C. A. WARREN, 903 Wsbatex Street, one door from ;.,. corner of nighta, , , MILLINERY AHD DRESSMAKING rromptly attended ta. St. Partlcnlar attention paidtoaaakina boys sad children's clothes and underwear. Alt kinds of sewing solicited. A. U KXWSOM. ' - ; :,9. T. oown NEWSOM & CO WEN. Oontraeton 6c Sullders, ,,, ' Offlc 023 Broaidwaw. ' t , Orders left at the office of the Central land Company will be pmnptly attended to aad aat-isfactipa Kuaranteed. . sauOrderi solicited. W. B. HARDY, BOOKSELLER T and SXAUOaEB, 5 BBOADWAY. Betweea Sinth and Tenth Streets, . s c h o o iTTb O O X 8 - At Wbotosmto and BataU. ' A. C LAWRIE, . , SEARCHER OF RECORDS For AlamedaCoTAiity." ' x Office adjoining the Ha B of Bsoords. .! -v . EAST OAELASD. . , B A N K H E A Of fit S O N S, ;.J . sA.TJCTIOICJEKRSi. Office Broadway, bet. Fifth aad Sfccth Snsts.. GEKZBAL Llceased Awstioaeers for A la sued a eouaty. Boy or atU Secoadbaad ruraitujw, and do a General Oomxatedon basiaess. Crocks ery and Oissawara conaaamly on hand , MUSIC - rTJRITISlXED. REST PIaKISTS OB BAXDS TUBS-O ibed for frigate ParUea, etc at. , ; .. aie EfcETONTH ST. : ..a. teh vs S3 Cor the ftrst two soars, and - tl for each. a-ld'.tiai boni. . . , f M Est? , '-. .1;. : - i -s. 15

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