Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 22, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1894
Page 2
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i^^ 3Vr;"^."i?';'-.^ s * PART 10 NOW READY. HAVE YOUR PORTFOLIOS In elegant Cloth or Leather Bindings. The Journal has made arrangements with Longwell & Cummings, the book binders, to bind all the Dream City Portfolios distributed to Journal subscribers or any others which may have been procured elsewhere. The covers are of tasty and elegant design in Embossed Cloth or Russia Leathen and will be bound complete at prices varying from $1.20 to $2.35. Take your portfolios, as soon as complete, to Longwell & Cummings, 5th and Market Sts., who will fill the order at once. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Every person who has taken advantage of our offer of MflRIB BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO OP STflOB CELEBRITIES* »idmlt8 that not only have all our representations in repaid to its JntrlDSic merits been fully justified; not only haa every promise been kept, but the •vork EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATION. Th«j demand for H has amounted to i rush which it has kept us busy to supply, and although we knew that it »ould be popular, has surpassed our most sanguine hopes in regard to tt. It aerlts the popularity it has gained. It is unique among artistic; publications, reals a popular subject in a popular way, presents poi traits of ALL THE •iREAT LIGHTS OK THE STAGE in tho moat attractive manner known to • rt. and e»ch part comprises twenty handsome half-toco photographs, FIN- 'SHED IN TWO COLONS, these being tbe latest and best pictures of each -abject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. Don't fall to secure the back numbers and secure tbe forthcoming parts a they arrive. Two parts Issued each week. Part 9 now ready. CUT THI* OUT. CCT THIS OUT. APJUL23.1SD4. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Thra* of tbeie roaponi «id ten rant* Mount tb«current number of tbe Memorial War Book, If pr«tent«d at the Portfolio Department ot The JoumaU COT THIS OCT. 1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of dltwrfltt dates, and Ten Cent", i» good for one pan, containing twenty portraits, of ihe Marie Burrongli'g Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOUBNALi. WOE IN GREECE. Terrible Devastation Results from Earthquakes. j The City of Thebes Deitroyed—Great Damage in Other Localities— ' Many Lives Lost. i ,CCT»THII» ODT THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS8I1AKE.V. ATHENS, April 31.— A severe eurth- qualin was lelt throughout Greece at 7:BO o'cluek p. m. Much damage is reported to have been done. An official toleicrain says that the town of Thebca was totally destroyed. The inhabitant! are in a s;id condition, being almost entirely without fooil or shelter, and the ollicials request that tents and other requisites be sent to them. The shock was very violent at Atalanta (Talanda) and Chaluis. Many houses were thrown from their foundations and much damage was done. The towne of Vole and Larissa were also badly damaged. Reports from other parts of the country are that the eurth- qudke was everywhere felt and more or less damage done. Athens escaped without any damage. Thebes is on a height anciently occupied by the Cad- meian citadel. It is situated 26 miles from Livadia, and has ft population of about 8,000. Great Lou of Life Kaported. Later information shows that in some districts there has been great loss of. life in addition to destruction of property. The inhabitants everywhere have been alarmed by fresh shocks and it is feared that the worst has not yet happened, as the weather continues close and misty. The shocks injured the northern wing of the palace here in several places. A InrR-e stone fell out of the gate of Hadrian. But the Reneral damage to this city and Piraeus, the port of Athens, was slight, and there has been no loss ot life here. The villages around Atalanta have suffered terribly. Larymni, Proskina, Maleslna, Mazi, Polla and Mertinb are in ruins; serious damage has been done at Chal- cis and at s- veral villages on the island of Kuboea. runic at Tk*bM. At Thebes about fifty houses fell during one of the shocks. The city is in a state of panic and destitution. The terrified people have rushed in crowds away from Thebes, believing that the end of the world has come. Conflicting atorles are told as to the loss of life. The government is sending a warship to Thebes with 500 tents, a large number of surgeons, a detachment of engineers and supplies pf food for the destitute people: KILLED BY OFFICERS. A Prominent Cltlipn of M»rih»ll, 111., Shot Dead. TERRG HAUTE, Ind., April 21.— At Marshall, 111., Will Eaton, a young man of good family and nn irreproachable reputation, was shot and almost instantly killed by a posse of officers under most peculiar circumstances. Mrs. Brown, a wealthy widow, received a letter on Friday, demanding that SviOO bo placed in an envelope at a certain place near her residence at 8 o'clock or the houa« would be blown up. At the appointed hour the officers observed a, man take the envelope and walk off with it. Ue did not halt when warned aud was shot by the oflicers. Ue died alter stating that ho "must have been crazy" to write the letter. The town is wild with excitement over the shooting, most of the citizeon believing that the police killed the wrong man, despite the circumstantial evidence. The po- lieu expect to unearth other parties to the affair, ' KILLED IN A WRECK. .Mlclil£ftn Central Truln 1« Derailed Hint Two Tr»mp« Meet Death. VXSSAK, Mich., April 21. -A bad wreck occurred on the Bay City division of tho Michigan Central railroad at 4 o'clock Friday morning by which two men were killed and another fatally injured. The train consisted of thirteen cars and left Detroit at midnight. When half a mile from this town » flat-car next to the engine jumped the track and was followed by six other cars, all of which were badly smashed. Three tramps were riding on a fiat-car and fell under a heavily loaded merchandise car. Two of them Darned Brown and Dalabo were instantly killed. James Cook was taken out alive but will die. None of the trainmen were injured. Death of JCx-GOT. Throclcmorton. McKiNKKY, Tex., April 31.— Ex-Gov. James \Y. Throckmorton died here in his 70th year. Ue came to Texas from Tennessee before the war, wos a member of the convention that passed the ordinance of secession, but strongly opposed that measure. He was colonel in tho confederate army, and after the war was elected c-ovcr'nor, but was removed by Gen. Sheridan. Later he served four terms in aged 77, wM'atruck by a train here and kiUod. Hi» aged wife saw hi* danger and tried to run to him, but fell help- lens between the tracks. __ _____ Ulvon H Thirty- Year Term. WASHINGTON, April 21.— George Taylor, alias "Jack the Slasher." the mysterious colored criminal, who for more than six months past has created a veritable reiffn of terror in Washington by his entering houses and wantonly slashing of furniture ;md clothing, has been sentenced in the district criminal court to thirty years in the Albany penitentiary, the longest sentence ever given in the district courts for burglary, _ _ _ _ Life I'rtsonor Uncap-'" from » Train. PORTSMOUTH, 0,, April 2i.-Henry Bitter, en route to Brooklyn pemten- tiarv escaped from the train at boutn Portsmouth Thursday night, "Ho «as under life sentence for six tram robberies in Arkansas. There is no clew to his method of escapa couldn't S»ve Her Hu»b»nd. AKRON-., 0.. Aorjl 21.— John Mooro, KILLED BY A CAVE-IN. Workmen Near Canton, O. t Criwlied Death Under « M»H of Sliale. CANTON, 0., April 21.—In the clay bank of the Holloway brick company, several miles south of this city, two men met instant death Friday afternoon. They wero Thomas Powell, ol North Industry, and Otto Shoncroan, of Massillon, both single men. They wero working in the shale bank under a ledge whon a heavy mass hanging above them became loosened and fell, crushing both men beneath several tons of mud and shale. They were dug out by other workmen, but both men were dead, having been killed intantly. Kill for H New Ohio Cunttl. WASHINGTON, April 31.— Representative Van Voorhis (0.) has introduced a bill for a survey of a ship canal routes connecting Lake Erie and the Ohio river by way of the Ohio canal and Muskingum river. It is to have a»uHl- jient depth to transport the largest boats of the great lakes. SNOWSLIDE KILLS A FAMILY. F. 1£> Clark*. Wlf« and Two Children Cruihvd and Swept Into a River. BKNSIR'S FERRY, Idaho, April 21.—A fatal snowsllde occurred 40 miles north of here last Thursday night, killing JT. E. Clarke, his wife and two children. Clarke, who was a miner, resided with his family in a little cabin at the foot of tho mountains, close to the bank of the Kootenal river. Some time during the nig-btan immense slide of snow suddenly came sweeping down the mountain and crushed the cabin. Tho cabin, with its dead, was swept away on the river. None of the bodies has yet been found. Fatal Kallnay l>Uaiter. WrLLiAMSPOBT, Pa., April 21.—A spe. cial to the Timei gives particulars of a rear-end collision on the WilliainspovtA North Branch railroad near Pensdale at 6;30 o'clock a. m. An engine following a freight crashed into the caboose on the freight train, splitting the caboose open and killing Miss Miriam P. Welsh, daughter of Superintendent Welsh, of the Williamsport & North Branch railroad, and badly injuring Mrs. Bailey, a sister of Mr. Welsh, and Mr. Clenathen, all of whom were in tho caboose. Life tort In an Omaha Fire. OMAHA, Neb., April 21.—Lee's hotel was destroyed by fire at 4 a, m. J. E. Smith, of Columbus Junction, la., was burned to death and C. L. Moline, of Ceresco, Neb., jumped from a third- story window and broke his legs. All the other inmates of the hotel escaped. All Mult Cloie. COLUMBUS, S, C.. April 31.—Every liquor dispensary in South Carolina has received orders to close immediately as the result of the governor's acquies- enco in the supreme court decision that the law is unconstitutional. To Koslcn Mujr 4. WASHINGTON, April 21.—Representative Caldwell, of Ohio, elected mayor of Cincinnati, will present his resignation from congress so as to take effect May 4, at which time his term of mayor begins. 1,0ft t. The notices tacked to fences and tree- trunks in rural neighborhoods are sometimes amusing specimens of composition. The writer saw the following- tacked to a tree list summer. It was written in blue ink on a piece of brown wrapping-paper: "A stray marc horse, wich went away from the Premises of the undercined a week ago come a Friday, wich she had on a roap halter and a '.otter K on her hyp. Also she was blind in one nye with a white star on her fore bed the rest of her is a lite sorel excepting tale wich isblak. A liberal reward will be payed (or her return to Mr, a. j. K-— "Also Bftddell marks on her back,"— Youth's. Compan ion. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The maoy. who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to he.ilth of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced m the remedy. Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and'pleas- ant to the taste, tbe refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withithe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- nevg, Liver and Bowels without wenfc emng them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by.all drug- gista in*50c ««ffl bottles, but it» manufactured by the California Fig Byrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of tigs, •ndSo&g wH informed, ymrwiU mt accept any substitute rf oflew* BITS OF INFORMATION. Albert Effort was killed by the ox- plosion of an oil tank at Graf ton, Wis. Ferdinand Schnratz, a young man of Dubuque, la., committed suicide by hang-ing: He had been out of work for some time. It has been decided by the post office commission to recommend tho ap- pointmentof 160 additional letter carriers for Chicago. Mmc. Joniaux, under arrest at Antwerp for poisoning three of her relatives to secure their life insurance, is said to have confessed. Charles Schultz, a younjr farmer living near Rockford. 111., was thrown uutier a harrow by a runaway team aud fatally injured. Mayor Olinger, of Dnbuque, la., has decided to demand the resignation of tha entire police force of that city preparatory to reorganizin;,' it. Members of Frye's army of common wealers at Warrenhurst, 111., indulged in a general fight, in which several of them were stabbed and beaten. A company is being organized to build a bridge across the Mississippi from Eagle Point, la., to Wisconsin. Dubuque capitalists arc largely interested. Chicago railway stations are to be guarded to prevent the entrance of smallpox patients and to prevent persons having tho disease leaving tho city. At Glassboro, N. J., Hannah Chard celebrated her 105th birthday. Among tbe guests was one lady who will be 102 yeirs old this summer. Mrs. Chard's oldest daughter, aged 80, was also present. SEVENTEEN-YEAR LOCUSTS. Farmerf In Ullnoli mud In MUuoarl Are Plowing Tli«in Up. MOWEAQUA, III, April 21.—In turn ing tho soil in this vicinity the farmers have found large numbers of locusts of extraordinary size. This appear* to confirm the rapidly spreading- belief that the seventeen-year locusts will appear this year. SEDA.LIA. Mo., April 21.-J. A. Pollard, u farmer living south of Sedalia, brought to the city a. gallon jar full of live locusts. Fie says that the farmers iu the southern part of this county aro plowing up millions of Pharaoh'*pests, aud fears »ra entertained that their appearance so early in the spring will result in a devastation of the tender crops. CLEAN DP FOR SPUING. Tbe Board of Health I»ue» • Notice lo the Public. LoGAXSi'OKT, April 14, 1894. On September 20ib, 1893, tho common council passed tho following ordinance: An ordinance of tbe city of Logans^ port, Indiana, requlriog property owners to clean and disinfect, and abandon all privy vaults and cess pools west of Fifth street and between Eel and Wabash rivers, and connect name with sevrern, and provide penalties. Be it ordained by the common ooun. cil of the city of Logansport: Section 1. That tbe continuation of p.-ivy vaults and »cees pools in a 1 the territory lying west of Fifth fitreet and between" the Eel and Wabash rivers in said city be and is declared a nuisance In accordance with the abovo ordinance the board of health notifies all property owners within the above described district, that all privy vaults and cess pools are lo be cleaned at once, disinfected s-nd abandoned and suitable connections effected wiih the sewers lately constructed. By order of tbe health board. N. W. OADY, Secretary. Frozen-Then on Fire! Like tlie application of Ice to the small of your back, IB the sen«ailon produced bj tlie chill that precedes the fever o£ malaria. Then comes the roasting stage, when every vein throbs and Is scorching as If with liquid flre. Then you well nigh dissolve In exhausting porslratlon that leaves yo»ns limp at a wet dlnhrag. These alternating torments are not remediable permanently with quinine, which U, moreover a most damaging cumulative poison, Hosteller's Stomach Bitttn drives out the foe and repels Its farther attsclu. It»the leading medicinal safeguard against malaria all over the continents of North and Sonth America, Guatemala, the Isthmus of Panama, Mexico and Ac stnula. It regulates the liver, stomach. boweU and kidneys, enriches the blood, and promotes appetite, sleep and algestton. It Is not only a medicine, but an effective cordial welcome to the moat delicate palate.cEheomatlc tendency is counteracted by Stockholders Meeting- Notice is hereby given to the stockholders of the Citizens' Natural Gas Company, of Logansport, Ind., that there will be a meeting of said stock, holders, at the Council ^Chamber of said city, on Monday, tho 30th day of April, 1894, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies in the Board of Directors, and such other business aa shall come Defore the stockholders. By order of tho Board of Directors. JOHN GRAY, Pros't. C. W. GRAVES, Seo'y. Muilrc FoandaUoni Ditcovored. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished » big feat, namely: in discovering by actu»] measurements that there are some lady resident* who can wear shoe* twelve inches long. Tour blood needs regulating In •prlng. -Lafeld Cabinet Port" i» nature 1 * own blood purifier. Mild »nd mellow. Price, quarts, |I; pints. 60 cent*. For »le by W. H. Porter, pre- torlptlon drugKlit, 326 Market street, jd'gMMport, Ind. Profoundly Grateful Symptom* of Cancer Removed—Rheumatism Cured A Chicago Clergyman'* Faith In- Hood's Snrsaparilla. "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: " Dear Sirs: I am profoundly impressed wltlt the medical vlrtuei of Hood's SanaparlUa. I wa> threame* with cuewr, and dla- agroe&blt eruption! on my buck and other- places. The cancer wa» appearing on my lip. Providentially I obtained » bottle of Hood's Barsaparllla, and by the time It wa« gone, tli«- bad symptoms had newly disappeared. I h»T». uied four bottles, and I believe It has Saved Me From Premature Death. I am now almost 73 years of ago and I w»«k like • tiger. And I k>*w that Hood's Sir- «»parllla has had much to do with my vigor and strength. I recommended It to my wife, who- bad suffered so much with rheumatic troubles,. Hood's?* Cures u also with female- weakness. In two ye*r» ihehas used about three bottles of Hood's 8»r- •aparllla, and today, and for Uie last sir. months, she seems ilkc » new being. Wo are Hearty and Robust M the young people who live with us. W« do- want the afflicted to know what Hood's Sarsaparilla. has done for us, and I feel It a duty to tot. people know In this way of tho help obtained. -With erateful acknowledgement to C. I. Hood- SCo." REV. O. II. Po WEB, 2924 Hanover S&cet,., Chiwgo, Illinois. Get HOOD'S. Hood'* Pill* aro tte best after-dinner pill** asilst digestion, cure headache. 25c. per boi. Great Trlnmpb. Instant relief experienced and permanent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world — Otto'» Cure for lung and tbrout disease!. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lun^s with that terrible hacking rough wh.n Ben M fiber, 311 Fourth street, soie agunl, will furnlehi you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedj ? Its suceefcr in simply wonderful, us your druggist will leU. you. OLIO'S Cure is now sold in evary- town and village on this continent. Samples free. Large bottles SO cents. far Over Fifty- \mra Mm. Window's Soothing Syrup, f.a* Does need for over fifty years by mUliona of mothera for ihoir children while toetbing. with^perfect success. It Bootbos tho child, softens the gum*. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and ia the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little euffere? immediately. Sold by druggicts in every part of tho world. Twenty-five cents » bottle. Be sure and aek for •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" anfl tske no other kind. California Fruit Laxative is nature 1 * own true reffiedy. It combines ihe medicinal virtues of California Irulte and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution It is thorough unfl effective, and will afford a pei manen* oure for habitual constipation and th« many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels. For tale bv all druggists at 50 cents a>>«lc. Glad TI*I»B» The grand specific for the prevaiK Sng malady of the age, dyspepila, liver complaint, rheumatism, coitive- noss, general debility, etc., is Bacon'* Celery King for the nerves. Tbl« ?reat herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, ragulates the liver and •estores the system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free. Large packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. "Rortl ' Port Wine. "f+wrmm. *!***"* — —— If you are reduced in vitality or strength by illness or any other cauie, we recommend tbe use of thi* Old Port Wine, tbe very blood of the grape. A grand tonio for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wast- .ng disease. It create* strength; Improves the appetite; nature 1 * own •emedy, muol preferable to drug*; guaranteed absolutely pure and over We years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold Is not fit to use. Insist on having this standard brand, it co*»s no more, f 1 in quart bottles. Bo». tied by Boyal Wino Co., Chicago ?or sale by Johnston Bros. Karl 1 * Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, give* fre*hne»* and ol«arn**i o the complexion and c«r*« constipation; 85c., 60o. and $1 SoW by B ?.Kee*ltng

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