Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 9, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1946
Page 4
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/,^- •, f r r-rf. i| ?t ^, J* «•' fe I>OU THINK THE JUDGE SHOULD ASK LAW- 1 YERS TO SIGN HIS NOTE OR LEND HIM FINAN- vyClAL ASSISTANCE? fliyle 'Brown does not and the people do not! >>H -<n' It suspicion that these lawyers are "favorite sons" ol!the:'4u.dge;t Judge Bush does not object to such prac- J>,e,causejne has obtained such favors from certain ^tofdo*lawyers' who practice in his courts with a great .cfegree of.succ.ess, especially in damage suits. "'»•••, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GRAND JURIES? Dexter Bush does not! Grand been abolished-.!udge Bush just doesn't moqg, much to the pleasure of all law-vio- bfpj5v r fh'e Judge says Lyle Brown hasn't asked*him jbCrzeaUAGrantt..Juri'es.. In the first place Lyle Brown, as ^ggg^^jati^**^*^ . . . r- , / TKfosecufin'g"Attorney, placed a standing request for a 3£f-5rx"-i ^•iSSif^ i -ui £-Jhf x ™ J . ^\ ?<?* . * * I • ,1 i_l |7GrqrodJ.Liry,at least once a year in each county. In the '^•second place, the Judge should call Grand Juries regularly ;|as^proyided t by law, regardless of any request. I f he wanted 4vj':Q'written request he got one from the Texarkana Ga:»|5 'zette'-a few months ago but Miller County did not get a J^GrarfaVJury to help solve the murders! -*---•'-• : it .: t . • • • • • YOU BELIEVE THAT TRIAL JURY SERVICE SHOULD BE DIVIDED AMONG THOSE QUALIFIED ?,"+ !- - Lyle Brown does because this would do away wtih ,2^^.^ many "repeaters" 'on jury panels. Dexter 'Bush £'C~ansWers M this by saying the selection of juries is left to the M ' ^^-^ r |1yt:ornmissioners appointed by him at each term _ r ,_ ft'.'-'The 1 'great "majority of the Jury Commissioners I'a^gqpcT'ancI honest' men who cannot be swayed to put J " merlon the jury. And if Judge Bush would follow _ v ctice^oj; the,'Judges w,hp served before him, and le^cbmrnissloners-that^menTshould not be required 2 on-juries year-in*dnci yedr-buKthen we know they followthat suggestion.; If^he thinks they would > ({ignore hrs suggestion why does he'always s'uggest to them ^Ifiot to put/.women.. on jury panels?* k,v, ! 5p»S8 -*£» i- * t' « ' t />• f •<•;*_'» 4°.; i JPJ ™#5\ •** * f 1 ^ * f * 4 ' tif -* ' • • • •Mi'" ''* -J^ •>• * ( ! ' "»nbOvYOU BELIEVE IN CERTA'^NfY OF PUNISH- 5S 1 . Lyle Brown does. Dexter Bush is not so particular J *f"abb"utif/'The ffpllowing record in the last few years proves V.jf; IrV.'case number 5567, the jury returned a verdict u *of-"guilty^qhd -fixed the punishment at six years. Judge .;By sh never did sentence the man and he never served ' a^day in the penitentiary. In case number 5566, the jury 'returned a verdict of guilty and fixed the punishment at .five,years.. Judge Bush never did sentence this man. In s^e number 5709, the jury returned,a verdict of guilty rid Judge Bush never did sentence the man. These cases jr^ivea^Mucde^r, Manslaughter and Burglary of a home at'tiight'-—all'serious cases! ,^The juries ordered them sentencedbutU-udge Bus'hvignored'their order and gave the con9icfed men their ^freedom! Is punishment ever He order v o"f the jury is disobeyed by the ' This is hot the first ti'me in this campaign that these questions,have .been asked. They are questions which-toucKvitally on the merits of the two candidates* They are issues" in'this campaign. Judge Bush has not yet^answered them to the satisfaction of the people, His answers have been about as fruitless and hopeless as his* toucanvinee.the Drys that Judge Bush is a dry! ^ . ,. Judge Bush's four managers, Mr. Atkins, Looka- tkfo"6f Clark/ Denman of Nevada and Larey of Texarkana, are uneasy about this race! They sense the danger PS^W^^'RfSP' 6 are 9°' n 9 *° r ' 5e U P Q 9 a i nst the efforts of ^^^^^rijffSafrmdqhme to perpetuate their Judge in office 'twehtyrone years! The people are saying "He has " ^er'ejong enoMgh" and/ K ^f Ji£Peop1e' - Not the Politicians S«iA'fc^,.' (1 A- S . „ v* ' —. s ' ' ' - • - • I,/ WILL ELECT LYLE BROWN AS u. CIRCUIT JUDGE I paid for this ad—Lyle B.rown. -^*i-i- v r*"-'.' 1%* • -'A-*-'* - Cutie Pie Aids Safety in tf Isotope Plant ttldge, fenn., Aug. 9 — They opened up the Oak Kid (NEA) . r .. r .... Monsahtct-' Clinton Laboratory's atomic fjllo a' buhch of reporters down here Ihe other day, to show how they make Isotopes and all that. The reporters were herded Inlo a rnedfum-slzed, gray-painted, galvanized iron factory building with a tall, black-topped smoke- slack otit of which came non smoke. They climbed a flight of stairs to a kind of mezzanine «nd on this research level, the guides said, was Ihe working face of the pile. It was a concrete wall with a lot of small plugged-up openings. Each opening was about four inches square, surrounded wilh a black paint , frame. They were spaced without apparent rhyme or,reason, numbered from one to 0, with one'numbered GO.' The Owest was shin-high, the highest end-high. ^Dr. A. W. Erdman, a youngish, )londlsh, bespectacled man who vas in charge, said the pile Was no win operation, though it made no noise. But inside that pile was lot of graphile in which uranium fuel was undergoin gan in- um fuel was undergoing an in- hain reaction: What's Behind Barrier Behind that concrete barrier — he Wouldn't say how thick it was —large quantities, of deadly neurons, gamma and beta radiations were flying about at a terrific speed, creating a tremendous amount of heat which, had : to be •educed by water cooling, : and jombarding materials which r -had bceivput inside to be made'radid- activo. ' .'•"'.. i: ---. ; y :; '•:•'&' 'If you'd put a pinch of salt'or one of your gold teeth in there," Dr. Erdman said, "it Would com out radioactive." He didn't say wnat good they'd . .be that way They'd still taste, ?Ihe• same; b,u either or both Would'kill "'you''— dcfinilcly dead. Next, Dr..,Erdman , -said 'he would 1 slop the pile and 'lake a few samples of isotopes, In show how they handled 1 them at -safe distance. He picked up a tele jhone : to ;call his control i.-oom. 'Pile going down in 30 sec onds," he said. , .Over a loud speaker system, U warn' everybody in the factory came the repealed command Pile going down in 30 seconds.' "Check safely rods!" ordcre< Erdman. "Check safety rods,' came back Ihe amplified echo and a gong rang. , 'Check emergency' circuits," The order was repeated and a raucous auto horn blared. Then a swilch was .•'•Ihrow.n.' Bells rang, gongs ; sounded, biix- zers buzzed, horns, blew. Somewhere .behind lhat concrete barrier Ihcre was a whirr of machinery for a. few seconds. It did everything except play "Nearer My God to Thee." Then all was quiet: .-••', -.- .. ..-,,',- -, .: Over, Ihe loud speaker | ; system came, the words,, '-The pile, is down." Thai's all, there was to it. :'•• Alter the., pile .was down, young ;Dr. Erdman :and his staff gave a •dcmonstvation on how, they had lo handle : these....isotopes ,—al,,a. dis- 'laiice,' \yilh; long, handled --lorceps —and complete-respectr • ^ . ".""Vacuum Ward" .First.-, the shield blocks which arc four-inch cubes of lead, were taken from the openings, • or "stringer holes." Then a heavy wheeled,, dolly on a track was : «l'/>/) itn. H bore a "coffin," a lead box with walls six inches Ihick. Lead -slops Ihe radialions oiiu man.es the containers safe to handle, with care. A pull rod some ten feet long was stuck through the coffin and into Ihe pile, lo remove a con- lainer of 'radioactive material. For the ;removal Dr. Frank R. Stucky used • a "vacuum wand." It is a bent length of light metal tubing connected to a vacuum pump. Its suction lifted the vial of activated "material out of the coffin, ana at the safe end of the wand, the vial was carried to ihe container. No one would dare touch it by hand. f6rrt';the pile in this defriohstfft^ lOM Wfts'.aft ftlllrtUftutn tUlje SbBUt he site of a dill pickle, .inside,if Vas & small ditantUy'of & phos« shortis salt. Wh6h the Vialhad een -put In the pile It was per* gctly: Safe > to fiandle. But under nieleSr bombardment In the pile, his salt had absorbed radioac* iivity and would now give off adlailons, making it dangerous o handle, althoush useful in chemical and biological research, t was* n&w an Isotope, RUPTURE SHIELD EXPERT HERE H. M. SHEVNAN, widely known expert of Chicago, will personally be at the McCartney Hotel, Texar- <ana, Friday only, August 16, from 9 A. Mi to 4 P. M. Mr. Shevnan says: The Zoetic Shield • is a tremendous improve nent over all former methods, cf fecting Immediate results. It will not only hold the rupture perfectly no matter the slzd or location but it will increase the circulation. •erigthen the weakened parts, and »reby close the opening in ten iays on the average case, regardless of heavy lifting, straining or any position the body may assume. A nationally known scientific method. : No under straps or cumber- Some arrangements and absolutely no medicines or medical treatments. Mr. Shevnan will be glad to dem.; onstrate Without charge.'.)6509 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago 45 Large Incislonal hernia or rupture following surgical operation especially solicited. ACTS ON THE KIDNEYS To increase flow of urine and relieve irritation of the bladder from excess acidity in. the urine Are you (uttering unnecessary distress, backache, run-down feeling and discomfort from excess acidity In the urine? An. you disturbed nights by a frequent desim to pass water? Then you should know about that famous doctor's discovery —< DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT —that thousands say gives blessed relief. Swamp Root is a carefully blended combination of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, balsams. Dr. Kilmer's is not harsh or habit-forming in •ny way. Many »y its marvelous effect I* amazing. All druggists sell Swamp Root. PUBLIC NOTICE 16th Street from the High School to the Springhill Rood IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We hqve the names and car license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this date on all will be reported to the police gnd heqlth authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPERTY OWNERS Announcing the opening of C. B.RUSSEL'S GROCERY & MARKET 901 West Third St. , i • We will carry o complete line of . • Poultry • York Fresh Eggs, \ • Cured Harris ""'''.."."" ' Mr. Russell has been in the grocery business for the past twelve years and invites his many friends to visit him in his new location on West Third Street. A produce, truck will bring in fresh produce from the country daily. Country Butter 901 West Third Hope, Ark. Phone 1093 There's a Ford in Your Future .... Maybe Sooner?TharV You!Think ••<•••.-.- - • ' * . . . . . . . : . . •, . i i IN WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD 7'!:.. ' : . ' ' Answers to Questions Frequently Asked About the Delivery of New Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys Q: Gan't : you;giN[e;;m!e ;some idea when I can-get deliyery?.;- ,: v .- Ar We're qvvfully'sorry,' buf we can't, ana "• here's why. Jhe'iFord iMptor, Corppany can't tell us how many cars they'will l?e able to let 'us have in the near,^future;. -..-. .;. and until-we know how many cars, we can cottnt on getting, we just can't'forecast'fuf.ure deliveries. Frankly,'the-way things (ciok now it will probably be several months^ and.^rriaybe. even longer) before deliveries can be made on orders taken today. : -..: ; " .'-•/.,.','••.. -. .. , During past months, there has beer} an acute shortage of materials and parts to build new cars, due to work stoppages in major industries and plants the Ford Motor Company depends on for supplies. And it is still difficult to get'all the materials and parts needed, to step up production. So long as this uncertainty continues it will be difficult to make definite promises of future deliveries. On the other hand, every effort is being , made to-secure needed materials and parts in sufficient quantities to maintain full Ford production. And we are all hopeful that the present uncertain industrial conditions will be . adjusted. As soon as this can be done, Ford Motor Company can and will step up production :to full capacity . . . and then it will be possible to make delivery quicker than can be foreseen right now, Q: Why hasn't : the Ford Motor Company built more cars since the war? A: Ford was the first automobile manufactur-' ' er to get into production with a 1946 model car . . . and was months ahead of the rest of the industry. But circumstances that neither ' Ford Motor Company, its employees nor its Dealers could control have restricted the production of new cars to only a fraction of the number the company had planned to build. In the meantime, may-we suggest that.you bring your present car to us for service. We will give it expert care, at reasonable rates, to keep it serving you well .until your new Ford, Lincoln or Mercury can be delivered. ......... , . . ••/;,, f - QV'CatT T pi ace an or^er for a new car, eveh .though I don't have a" ,A: Yes, V/e'll be glad to take your order. ... . ..'-..•. •-,-.. ; Q: But if I had a good used car to •trade, wouldn't .that he.lp me get ;b new one sooner? I 1 )- .,..,:.. ••-.,; •:'..:....•...','•'• "A: -No, I'm sorry but if wouldn't. We are in the automobile business, and naturally, we are 'glad to get all the cars we can, both new ctnd used, to sell . ... but .we don't let that, control, ••' • delivery of new cars. Q: If I make a deposit on a new car, and later on decide I don't want it, can I get my money back? A: Absolutely; whenever you want it. Q: How will my, deposit on a ; new car be protected? v=y.v,,u ; ; ,:!*i A: All the deposits we take 5 ! oh new" cars are put into a special account abf^e^bpnk; ^unti.l. • delivery is made. V^e' don't 'usV ''customer^.' deposits in the ppe'fation of our bUsirieVs"".; 1 .; '/' : so your money is always right there'Tri 'the bank if you want it back. Q: Isn't there something I can do to get a new car now? I am willing to pay a premium if necessary. A: We do not accept bonuses over our regular, established retail prices. The new cars we get will be delivered to the people who .have placed orders with us on a first come- first serve basis. We want to thank you for-yoyr patience and derstandihg/in3thiK^i;f^ie^ltt|itj^tjg^|3c(0d £ assure you that we are'doing everything we n to give ypu .ledrly deljysm/ /•».•* « - f r, i \ e ! : ' 4 '. * ', i, t ..f >J S.J ; •; f, ,,J\:,i .._ to , can i* ft H'lflP.;i [v; i.?Q1 '-. -• '--• .'•••- • "' \ } Hope Auto Co 0 Your Ford Peeler for Over 38 Years 320 W, 2nd Street Phone 277,29$ ^ "' ' ^ -.—..... —- nl _inj_^_ SSIFIED A ' .nber of .ord 1 * [to 16 i20 V25 Ito 30 Ito 35 Ito .40 Ito 45 Ito IiO — Six One©D 1X? D .ays Month FOUR GALLON .00 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 1 ;9{ «1,» 1. 2.4 2.70 3.00 50 3.00 3.!iO 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 ^6.00 7.50 9,00 10.50 12.00 13.50 nates are for Continuous Insertions Only 15.00 Mil Want Ads Cash In Advance Taken Over the Phone For Sale CHICKS, IF WE DON'T s them wo will order them you. bltlf, CORN CHOPS, WHEAT,, scratch, plenty growing'and i ig mash. Feeders Supply Co. 17-lm HOME AND 36 ACRES OF nd, On road between Evening 3c and Spring Hill. 0 miles out lii Jilghway 29. Mr. Thomas S. Tanl. 3-Gt DEERE TRACTOR, MOD H and equipment. W. E. Rear- on c/o Ola Lloyd, DeAnn hlgh- . 5-Gt ACRES, so ACRES IN Try Creek botlom, 10 near Mcaskill, running water, good jrowth 'Of -younE' timber,-"<3'/j liles north of McCasklll. See or Vritc Edgar Keaton, McCaskill, 5-61 >UGTr LUMBER, '6 : MlLES EAST Df^Hopc on Highway 4. Phone 450. Waddle. 6 10 li'l-\ FORD fy.'apl .with r-adio and heater. lotCrf: in A-l condition. Good ' ' Sec R. N. Putman, 815 Main St. or phone 404-W aflef,- < :''! 6 p.m. 8-61 ; IflVE ROOM MODERHmLE pusc; plastered insidQ"^-- J iternjs. T. A. Bclcw, Ph, _.. POISON FOR WEEVIL lujwdrms. $10 per hundred wcighl packed in 50 pound bags. Monls Seed ..Store. ,-'••%'"^ .T-'O.-et RECORD PLAYE;R,- ..TABLE SIZE , heifer calf 4 weeks old. W, E, Bruner, 1020 East Third St, 9-3t Auction Sale 93 ACnfc FARlVi, ?.'/, MtLES FROM City limits, one dwelling, one lertftnt hoUse- two Iflfge barhs, All fenced'and cross fenced, electricity. A bargain 1 , s Floyd PorteN field, ' " I 85 ACRES, ONE DWELLING, ONfc tenant house, 28 acred Creek bottom, balahce good Up Iflnd. erne mile from City limits. A real bargain, "Floyd Porterfield. NfCE SIX ROOM HOUSE, 414 N. Hervoy. Can give possession, Floyd Porterfield. i 7-31 AUCTION SALE, SATURDAY, August loth at 1 p.m. 1% miles noilh of McCaskill on highway 24. Farm equipment and livestock, Wagon.-'Braclically hew. ill' rrfeles,* planter, 12 breaking prows, i'746dth scratcher, cross cut saw, pitch fork, fertilizer, cultivator, John Deere Go Devil, Garden Fo\ other farm .items. , i sUng spray and 7-31 Help Wanted TWO WAITRESSES. MUST HAVE .experience. Phone 973 or See Hugo Elkins at Hillurd's Cafe. '3-Ot Mattresf Renovating FOR THE BEST IN GUARA'N- teed work cnll Cobb's Matttrcss Co. at 712 W. 4th. We call for and deliver. Phone 229-J. 21-lm Lost MAN'S BROWN BILLFOLD CON< 'taining $55, idcnliflcation papers and pictures. Lost Sunday after noon on Lillle river, close lo Al Ion's Ferry. Reward for return to R. N. Pulman, 815,Soulh Main St., Hope, or-to the Hope Stai Office. 5-fi DC' Wanted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UNFUR nishcd apartment or furnished 01 unfurnished house. Permancn residence. References. Phone 00V. . • .„ .,. 8-3t FOSTER-ELLIS TWO FIVE-ROOM HOUSES ON West 13lh street, take both VYCSl JOUl HUUIH. IHKC DO $6500. Or will sell separately. FOUR-ROOM MOUSE ON FOS- ler Avenue, tiewly papered, floors refinlshed, price reduced for quick sale. Can be bought on GI loan, FIV&-ROOM 'HOU^E ON EAST 15th. House less than year old, hardwood floors,- floor furnace, modern throughout, Owner leaving town. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE ON IBOUTH Walker, newly painted, landscap cd, modern throughout. SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE ON EAST Division, reduced. good condition, price Fair :•' Enough •y Wellbrook Pegler Copyrlflhl, 1946 By King Featuf«t ftyhdlcate. YeuVe Got fo Know How For Rent ,^Vf OH.UNFURNISHED apartment. 1520 South Main St. Phone 648. 9-11 Real Estate for Sole iPJionc 482-J. 9-3t NEW KNEE HOLE DESK, OCCAS- \ ional chair. . All \v,ool 9 x 12 rug. '„ 8 foot Elcctrolux in perfect condition. Phone 484 or 926 after (i 9-31 p.m..Mrs. Newt Bundy. 1941 FOUR DpOR GI PLYMOUTH. Good-001101111011. Cheap. Mrs. Glen s, Patmos road. Palmos, Rl. 9-31 SIX ROOM HOUSE FOUR LOTS. 602 North Hervey, Recently decorated > on inside. $4,750. Floyd Pbrlerfleld. • , 5-6t FOR QUICK SALE, MY FA.RM, grocery and filing station, 5 miles out on highway 19 from Prcscolt. Thriving business, owner leaving stale for health. -Roy Ward, Prcs- cotl, Rt. 5. 9-61 DUPLEX APARTMENT, THREE rooms plus bath on each side, renting for $60 per month, good condition, Paying 13' percent interest on cost. APPROVED FOR ,GI LOAN THIS; 10-room duplex apartme'nt on. pavement three blocks from town —or can be bought for $2,000. cash, balance• in- five-years. SIX-ROOM HOUSE AT FIFTH and Greening, 75x150 .lot, $4,250. Owner leaving town.' FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FULTON street, newly painted, 100x150 lot. , j Price slashed for, quick sale. .. SEVERAL NICE '''RESIDENTIAL' lots, two on South Main, one 85x160 on North Washlnglon, others in various parts of lown. EVERAL COLORED HOUSES in Bells Quarters. Now Vacant. lpt;. v '.GoinB-.' i fasl.'V. 1 ;%• ;.'$ O> VETERANS: -J* FILE your '".application* With -us now, for purchase of homes in , Hope. We handle entire-procedure. SEE CHARLEY - BAKER FOR j.tho, farms listed below: ' THE McIVER FARM BETWEEN ,ncw Highway 67 and old Highway 67 west, of Hope. 600 acres of rich bottom land ,and upland. Two good five room houses. Three good tenant houses. Six barns. 200 acres in cultivation. 150 acres Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and ^APPLIANCES i//; We can guarantee im;; ;rriediate delivery high r class Butane„ Range wjth each system in-. : ;stdlled by us.i. ',.; •'•>. • t^/.S. Chance Company , Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Notice PLAIN AND< RANGY SEWING. ; 'Reasonable "prices...-Mrsv Esth'6r McLain, •-224 Ndrtli < Harriilfoh; Phone 1108-W. 6-81 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD * i •>'. I'-!—!' -•'(>,"'• \ • • • • '•'Try ' •' -.• . '•-• Hope Mattress Co; For better work at better .prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service* in town'— : ( Bargains . ,%' i( ,-> In Secondhand Furniture ' ALL WORK GUARANTEED i Phone 152 411 S. Ho*el "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner PIANOS . Just Received — A Large Shipment ; FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS ' •:•;" "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like ric*r •Sounds like new v ••;;;;!• ' • New guarantee "•.,•'-, '••:'. . •; - ; , jvJf you are interested in buying a piano call or write |ii : ; One of,pMr. l fept;fi§entati.ve i s.,wilj call on you. » ; CRABk?E;;tfROSv PIANO CO. ' u*: <•!,''! " •'» IJA i ^''» ' 'i'"i • •'». '** • II icxarkanQ's.Ortly Exclusive,Piano Co,' 515 Buchanan Avenue , ,', Texarkana, U. S. A. in merchantiblc timber and growing young timber. Remainder in pasture and meadow. Two over flowing wells. Fine water. Th roe , olh er' deep , wells . • All k f en c- ! ed Ivyith barbwLrC^and! 'partly Jen- cod 'with net wire. "Dipping vat for cattle. And. many other im proyements tob ..numerous * NeW York, Aug 8 — The history of the Garsson war babies begins 1 wilh testimony thai Henry Uar- sson, who calls himself Doctor, -Wrote a letter lo Ihe War Department on the stationery of the Segal Safe & Lock Co. The War Depart* ment seems to have Inferred lhat Garsson was prepared to pi'odUbe war materials at a plant owned by Ihe Segal company m Ihe,region of the torie Basin, in Brboklyni The War Department apparently' did not go inlo Henry Garssori's personal or corporate'background bul. gave him a leller. of- inlenl and advanced him $1,000,000, aflcr which he branched oul. G. Hall Rbosevell,' a brother of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, had been associated with the Segal company in some vague relationship,' A former high official of the Re- consiruclion corporation •-•.-• said, some lime ago, lhat Hall Robsevelt had exerted himself lo obtain a loan for a company, which 1 was undertaking war projecls in Alaska. II was his underslanding'lhal Hall Roosevelt expecled lo gbl' eilh- er a commission .on Ihe uah 'or a more or -less nominal job willi'lhe company. In conneclion wilh Ihe Segal company he apparcnlly^rep- resented himself as a salesman. 'Hall RooseveU was implicaled in Ihe promotion of the $200,000 loan by John Hartford, of the A. & P. grocery- chain, and the $25.000 loan by Charles Harwood, once a federal judge and later governor of the,'Virgin Islands, by appoinl- mcnl fromvF^ankiin- D. Roosevcll, lo*.; Elliott Roosevelt. John Kantor, an old-time promoler and "finder" of loans, .who had Ihe mis- forlune to get 20. months in prison as a'swindler, told of conversalions Wilh Hall .ijn Ihe course of the nc- goUations";with;Hartford. Judge, or Governor, Harwood, himself, said that^Hall buill- him up as a pros- pcct/and Iheh'gave him a rush'act to get'his $25,000. : Hartford w-as trimmed out of $196,000 and not only surrendered Elliott's notes for $4,000 bul gave back the collateral stock which then was Iransmilled by.President Rooscvell '-to Elliott's former wife, Ruth Googins Roosevelt Eidson, in settlement of Elliott's obligations in alimony, and child maint- •jnenCc. Harwood had no notes and, although he is a lawyer and'had been a judge and a successful money-maker, he never w-as qnile sure whether he received the stock as collateral for a loan or as an investment by purchase. At any rale, he stood off Jessq Jones when Jones: offered;'hirri; $5M, or 2 cenls on the dollar,"' and resisted another emissary sent to him by rue. TED . WILLIAMS IS <SOlfiJ0; SEE!? CMLY A OOU8L51 HOLD HIM TO LESS FOUI? QASES tob ..n fin*q. co ' ' .. . . cotton and 'Stock arrri 'that n&e'ds a 'first class farmer. ' ONE MILE SOUTHWEST OF THE new Barnsdall Oil. test w^ll. n.ear Bodcaw m Nevada' County -I havd two hundred acres with a t part of the minerals inducted 'and' 'all under oil and gas .lease. Worth the Money. Buy now and .you might ge.r'rich'. '"-' •'•>'•'•' '" •''•. JUST SOUTH /OF ! ,H6'PE. ON* THE Patmos road an' exccileht ' location for a'- nice country home' on 140 acres .of : land. Thercr is electricity arid gas, 'available and /the road is to ' be ' bla'cktopped. 'The farm will -more thah v pay for itself. 100,,apres in cultivationi Fine water' 'and pasture. Priced to sell. ; ' •",'•:.. ' -. '" •'••'••' AND A LARGE NUMBER OF other farms of all kinds of land in various parts of the county. Don't buy until you see them. :. ,7-3t the president and thus recouped his $25,'000 when;thefsjo'ck: recovered in* valued ',-.!. •••-» Harwood had been hearing from Hall Roosevelt that Elliott's radio network was a fine financial proposition and had expressed a wish •to:'buy some' slock; 'During Ihe build-up period, however, Hall put himoff..; Finally, -Hall let'him "in on this wonderful opportunity at a lime when his $'25,000 was needed lo meb'l, payrolls and other current expenses. ;Hall also tried to borrow $50,000 from • Hartford, ' for him- 'SClt :•-.-. ' : V -'- i. /. . '; A little investigation would have shown him, as the Treasury inquiry • revealed later, 'that this promising' property .was .gasping a I' .the lime, .bul, Harwood was hoping lhat his Old friend, : Presidenl Roosevelt, 'would give- hirrVa job on the federal, bench,. in ..some court within 'the conliriental • Uniled Slates. His earlier seat had been in Panama where he did not like the climate. The Ways and Means Commiltee of Ihe House of Rep- WARNING.... All Dogs not Licensed and Vaccinat- • onn v.vi-.tp--; '-i.^-.-.* •_ t :••'- • ".ii ed against Rabies will .?'A'jniftTV>f>'"-'."' -n'S'-'i- ."-••• •'»••.-• V!".H . . • • be Destroyed When Found Running at Large. Hope Police Department Stalled Peace Par ley Ready for Business Paris, Aug. 8 —(/P)— The Paris peace conference .stalled for nine days by a series of bitter controversies over rules of prefcedure, got down'to business today with the indication that treaty talks with five former enemy stales might begin within 48 hours. George Bidaulf, temporary president of the conference, summoned the delegates of the .21 participating nations into a plenary sessions at 4 p.m. (10 a.m. Eastern Standard lime) to receive Ihe proposals of procedure draflcd by Ihe rules committee. Speedy acceptance of the proposals was a foregone conclusion, since all members of the conference were present at the procedure debate and since Britain's compromise plan for voting Irealy recommendations was approved by more than a two-thirds majority; resentatives, Derni'crals, controlled carefully by : the avoided questioning Harwood during; Us investigation of the loans and explained that there was no point in calling him because il was concerned only wilh defaulted loans .on-which Ihe lenders had claimed lax deduclions. In fad, the committee relied entirely on the record of the testimony taken by the Treasury and proccled the Roos- evells, falher and son, as much as il was able, whereas a general inquiry honeslly pursued, would have hja me Only SaysDevine of Marriage Philadelphia, Aug. 8—(/P)— Father Divine, self-styled ; "God"- and ne- grb evangelist who assumed 'the mantle of immortality of 1932 as the leader .of a religious cult, married a beautiful, blonde 21-year-old white girl from Montreal last April 29 but he tells shrieking 'followers it';S "in name only." iThe marriage to Miss Edna Rose Ritchings in the Washington home of the Rev. Albert L. Shadd, negro Baptist minister, was revealed yesterday. Divine entertained mem- b>rs of his cult at a wedding ban- siiel here last 'night and fold "the chanting, shrieking guests that his late first wife' Mother Divine'had approved the marriage ^License records show that Divine gave his age .as 41, his status 'as widower, his address as Philadelphia. He told his followers his first wjfe 'and he were mairied "on June 6, 1882." ,' '•. !!l{Divihe insisted that he placed the Spirit of his first : wife—describee "'•" ''an aunt. Jeminan-like woman' , , -,.. the person of his second wife BijoT shouted that'the lew ma triage Hike the old one, was "in name only." "God is not married," he sermonized. .It's beautiful "Thank you, Father"; "It's'tiuc, screamed nis -followers, chanting and singing and clapping their hands. -, iDivihe, W.hose various properties are, known as "Heavens" and whose followers take such names as "Prodigal Son," "Three of Life," "Miss Charity," 'etc., said he was "not bjeireayed" over the death of his wife:' ', . ' ', • ;-The"new ' wife, -better known among followers of the cult in Montreal by her spiritual'name of "Sweet Angel" formerly worked in a costume jewelry establishment in the Canadian city. Friends said she left Montreal 'last April. The Standings East T xas:League, Herid'son Tyler Tcx'kana Pans , Greenville Sherman Jack'ville Lufkin American League Boston New York Detroit Wash'ton Cleveland St. 'Louis Chicago Phil'phia National League W L 60 42 G2 44 59 52 48 53 52 54 50 57 47 39 57 65 Pet .588 .585 .551 ;495 .491 452 .452 .375 W L Pet 75 31 .708 61 43 587 58 44 .569 , 52; 53.495 50 56 472 46 57 . .447 46 60 74 Stewart, Hefner Win; 2 Softball Games Tonight Last night at Fair bark Hefner- ash defeated Hope Light Co. 21 to in the first Softball contest and tcwarts downed Wylie Motor Co. 4 to 12. Tonight's games bring together he Whiz Kids and Moore's Maret in opener and L'on OH will angle with Cobb-Tooley , Political The Stflf is authorized t» Jmtiotmce<the following?*! candidate^ subject > W ahi action ,6f Ihe DelfftodritMf primary elections this Stiia* <• met! 4 > cloek. The boxscores: Hope Light Co. i Malone, c Hlddllng, If . . Revenga, 3b . Phillips, Ib Butler,, cf Newberry ( sS i Bell, 2b . Murphy, rf Chance,. p .... Hefner J. Cook, cf Harper, 2b W Cook, ss Ellen, c Slayton, 3b Russell, Jb Hefner, rf , .Tim Cook, p Bundy, If , Stewarts W. Taylor, Ib . Baker, 2b Miller, 3b Uiban, ss Light, If F Fenwick, c W W. Taylor, p Heed, rf T Fenwick, cf , Wyl\: JWcCorklc, ss Huddleslon, 2ta Delaney, It Dodson, "Ib Rogers, Pod, cf Reeves, c •Lcvcrelle, 3b Rogers, p' Franks, rf AB 2 3 2 3 3 ... 2' .2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 H 0 1 0 1 2 n o o i 20 8 5 Circuit Judge I.YLE BROW!? ' JDfiXTEK Btfltt^ Hcrnptteod Couhfy For County Clerk ROBERT d. ,5- * ^ *, VVO .,*- f J J* ir.wr^ w0untj,*f i ri th ** MfiCORKl EUI»K#QN :ORKLE SWELL A. BUHKB For County Judge FRED A, LUCK „, - FRANK RIDER *' 3 2 4 5 3 3 4 4 4 2 2 2 4 1 3 1 3 3 For Representative ~ Post 1 . * ,, . • GLEN , WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON 32 21 12 '5 5 0 ' 2' 41 4 ' 2'' 2 432 '4 4 ir 3 3 2 1 30 14 14 For Representative Post'2 TALBOT FEILD,'JR! County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON , 4 4 4 3 4 3 3 2 4 " 0 0 1 1 1 0 2 1 ADMIRAL , • < RADIOS. r« i ' Battery,,4 ^Phonograph h 1 -"'' Combination" J * ^ Bob Elmore Auto ..Supply * 31 1210 30. 434 .288 Muscle Maker LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs'and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. FOR— Local Flights and CHARTERED FLIGHTS al$o Flight Instructions APPLY AT THS HOP! MUNICIPAL AIRPORT produced interesting inlor (nation concerning Hall Roosevelt's activities supnlemenlary to the £acH thus far outlined in the Garssori case. Last Winter, after Harwood's loan had been exposecr and his refusal to co-operate to the extent of kicking back $24,000 toward the alimony fund which the president was arranging, for his ,son at the expense of trusting suckers, Harwood was fired from the Virgin slands job. Charles Ross, Presi- ient Truman's secretary, in a'ri- louncihg the appointment of Harwood's successor, said ha diaVt enow whether Harwood had re- iigned. He was just through. Hall Roosevelt was observed often at the Segal .company's prem- ses in Brooklyn, but appears never to have been an officer of the 'irm. He died in Sept. 1941. Garsson's approach to the War De- artment on the Segal letterhead t vas made in 1942, according to the estimony. Hall's obituary reported hat he had served as controller ol he City of Detroit for a time dur- ng the depression, and as chair- nan of an" unemployment buroa" formed by Mayor Murphy. He left an estate of $295,395 and as liabil- ties a tax deficiency of $20,000 and about $700 in debts to New York night clubs and hotels. John Kantor, who claimed to nave "found" a prospect willing lo lend additional money to Elliott stated he was called into ; room at the RooseveU hotel in New York and "persuaded" to sign E document releasing Hall and Ell ictt from all obligations, although lie felt that he was entitled to a subsantial amount in settlement o liis contract for employment anc his efforts in promoting the loan. On balmy days, the air al Muscle Beach, Calif., is filled with acrobats, contortionists, tumblers, etc,, such as movie stunt girl Evelynne Smith and Harold Zinkin, above. Muscle Beach, so named because of- its popularity with acrobats, offers a platform and other body building equipment for the benefit of ^ pests and. spectators, ' BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing » Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart t ANDERSON BROS, t Brooklyn St. Louis Chicago Boston * Cin'nati New [York •Phillphia Pit'buigh i Texas League, F, \jfoilh Dallas S Anton' , Tulsa *• Beaumont ,. Shrc'port Houston » Ok i Qil • W L 63 40 60 41 54 50 48 ''47" 43 46 51 52 Pet .612 ;594 .540 .495 .480 56 *456 57 . .430 38 60 ' 388 W L 78 42 70 48' 69 52 • 64' "II i 45 39 55 59 67 75 78 Pet' .650 593 .570 538 -.491 .432 .375 .333 Youth Is Buried by Landslide in Kansas Kansas, City, Kan. — (/P) — Jesse Blancarter, six-year-old boy was found dead laic Wednesday after 50 workmen struggled for two hours in an effort to reach him > >' The boy with three companions was playing on the face ol"a 60-foot bluff when an earth slide caught him His companions, yfbo escaped the slide, ran to -the nearbv Union Pacific shops 'for help The city street department sent all avail-1 able workmen and a bulldozer to the scene. Sv&VG s Je! , .NOTICE, ,.^ 1 Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind r Co.\ 1123 County Ave. ,'" '„ Texarkana, Arkansas ,' , \ WE • CLEAN 'EM - ,-^, ' ' • REPAIR 'EM 1' • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM" f • RE-CORD 'EM " • RE-TAPE 'EM r t f Manufacturers of New' v Cuitom- Made Metal Venetian Blind! ,, FREE ESTIMATE,'PICK-UP,*DELIVERY, INSTALLING. *3l ' ,'»<->.? p'*£& A, nation of peojplc is as strong s ttye soil that Suppoits them. Soilj'is sacicd—let's treat it as uch.' REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 . 216 S. Main Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1033 South Main St. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 rt ?r , Night phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. • . , is for DIVIDENDS on your fire insurance!; We can (jive you complete "<• , jM ^ protection, and save you at - j, • least 20% on your insurance '< ' < cost. Your life insurance ,'-, i ''pays dividends, , why "not ';,- t, your fire Insurance? ^M • f S f iL J;, ! ^ '\' i'"' I Foster-Ellis F;" MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY^ Non-Assessable Legal Reserve \' 108 East 2nd Phone 22\ *- a !' REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. Doug /^ITY Corl Bacon Wl I T Jones ELECTHIC CO* — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 Time to Pock Away , Your Winter Clothes i We Pick,Up and Deliver Moth Proof Bogs Plenty of Barking Space Cleaner MALL'S Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 CASH — * n 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your car, or olmotf eny« thinej of value. We'll lend you oil you need if we possibly con, regprdles* of where yo« live, The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually' gets you the cash, Ask for Mr. McLarty, g| Hope Ayto Co. ^^ J!

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