Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 8, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1946
Page 3
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f. •' —t *-*.!.* ' " 5W33 ^*'^w*« s *^S^^^^HIH"pl«|^BM>BB .•^vf«»^^^^i«»»i.(! n i^fc^^»^^^ M ^ti. w tet,> lu<- i^ig^; v , . aw< , ' ' ''.I 1 *,')!, I »^V~A uf~^it *..i. *v~ * tJJ \ u 6\Vfd |n outbreak of 4h Diana MaHtte to dfc u to so. * sewe* am I N«w Treatment G«t$ Real Results '- * • - -*——-—«—~w *-*^r n«v «w C01DS£^ fetation the tormenting rettal ** '- —— ea«a they have not •w ««=««( way to deal -with it Urn liuide the Iwraan body. . l !! 4 , !l ** n "U" 1 * tosaiW*. S «Ut-ln««dlent in P-W, t«l)Irt« de*elobid In tha tD., J«jme 4Som • P-W tablets act . n-otm*, «yottfil{*eet«Tto.1Vo«M in yoo* J* i . e i lf ji2h.'' r ?Pr <Jra»B««t tor «. *.-ilATI«'J -P.W- ifrht away. dlre<iUoit3. Satfcrf action . i3. a ^>f ^our money back. . • yi's r «a»J to remmfctf! P-Wfor Pin-Worma t . . Hope Star ftMnr *<'HI»* IM») fmt CMldltdatid January II, S12-1H S6utK Hope Ar Alt*. M. W«hbtrtn. Editor & Publish** Paul H. J«n«», Managing Edtor Ctorgt W. Hoimef, MSch. Supt. J«»J M. Davlj, Advertising Manager Emma 6. Thomot, oj second dais mattef at the Post Offie« dt Hoc* Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Astoclated Press. am Newspaper Enterprise Aiioeiatioft. Subserlptlnn Rnte.i: (Always Payable In Advance); By city carrier per week. 20c, per, month 85c. Mail rotes—in Hemp- t>eoid, Nevada, Howard, Miller and .oFoyette counties, $4.50 per yea'; else- vhere $8.50. Member »f the Atioetatatt Prtttt the Associated Press is exclusively entitled to he use for republlcatton of all news d!«patches Credited to It of not otherwise redlted In this paper and also the local ews published herein. Netlonel Advcrtlslnt Represenlally* — Atkanuu • Dallfei. Ine.; Memphis Tenn., terick Buildino; Chicogo, 400 Norh Mlch- gan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison •^Ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 VN, Grand dlvd,; Oklahoma City. 314 Terminal Bldg.' New Orleans. 722 Unfob St tOOK AT YOUR CAR? HAVE IT. SHED and GREASED Itfand'out. Done by ex"' ' ' qualified Ask About Steam Cleaning ifCITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS IEFNER NASH co. $ffi86*&fSS', ?'f'= ~ College Plan Offered by , U. S. Army Club. EtvenlHtf»Shade 1 ,: The Evehlng Shade tfame Cem ottstraUoh Club had Its vettular ttdpe Army Recruiting Station Dear "Smoe" ' It sure is hot here. I received your letter Hits mdrnlng and as usual I'm ansWerifcg you and giving you Ihe latesl dope on Ihis new regular army. v y "it about - rg — fcWM* .Ji.,j vw u-iiv uiie WHO qualifies, absolutely free. All yen vive to do is enlist in. the new £;£* f . ^S?/' an £ •HJh^'feoveriHi menti start, you off-on'WjuJVoad to" success. If you happen to get married '.'Smoe", y*o can" collect« a check each month -for ,the '<sum of s90 and if you stay single, you collect a check for the sum of v $05 a month for the full length of your college career provided by the army. Here's the vay It works: For an 18 month enlistment, you are entitled Jo Wo (2) full college years, for n Wo (2) year enlistment you ai"S entitled to three (3) full college years, for a three (3) year enlistment you are entitled to four (4) uu college years. Not bad, is it? vhen you see the gang, oass on the mo. They may be interested. Well pal, I think it's about time or chow, so I'm going to sign off and in the meantime I'll see if I :an get some more news about his new regular army. Write soon Your buddie, "Kilroy" ... * M {*w4iv«* Ai«cac wci c uu UVuuJ W-esent, Had a •UMuUd sutpet an Icf cold leitHihade. Thenahe recre Atlon lender, Mfs,.J6» Martin wit the help of Miss Weitbtook direci ed several games. Those recelvin prives were Mrs. Jewell Shields Mr. Jewel Shields ahd Mr. Elme Belts. Little Miss Pat Belts sahj two number. Little fiVe^year olo Martha Ann Elam taia-the storj ? f * h e three little pigs, gome wen boat riding. The next regular meeting wil be at the home, of- Mrs. Elme Belts,the first Thursday in Sept ember. K —o- D- -j c T- Rigid Sea, Air Blockade Clamped on Palestine London, Aug. 7 — (UP)— Great iritain appeared tonight to have clamped a rigid sen and air block- de on the Palestine coast to cH- ert the' mounting stream of Jewsh immigrants from the Holy and. Two ships jammed with refu- ees, the Yagour and the Rafa, /ere overdue at Haifa. They were elieved to have been intercepted y the British and taken to Cyprus. .....•.: BY GOOD EAR it'* the tire you've' l>ee¥" waiting for. So' stropg , . , so long wearing 'l get more tire miles than you ( got before. So easy riding ..." t and so free rolling it actually cuts r gas bill. Ii you want more; ue per dollar . , . more safety ... I more mile s-^er tire — Go Goodyear,{ '' . p«4r»ar Rayon Cor<} (only $ iize» 6,50 and up until ate . PI-.TJX Plus Tax 600x16 Goody*or DaLuxa Tubes ore better built air retalneri —stronger than ordinary rubber they afford long $^% .£5 lasting service and j' greater safety ... p)us . 600x16 CQODYIAR AIRWHEiLS Heavier beads-—heavier tregd» —' ra'yon construp.tion plies than mp^{ tires-—make these , the best buy for. extra service on ' ***^.' H«h* t,,,,.!,. -'"•':••P'"*Tf x "•—f 650x16 .40 HAMM TIRE & 215 S. Gruesome Plan to Collect ,*», Skulls Told Nuernberg, Germany, Aug. 8— Iff) — Letters exposing a gruesome German plan to collect skulls and skeletons of all races for an anatomical institute at Strasbourg were ""££ today at the war crimes trial. The International Military Trlbu- ..al was hearing a defense witness bearded Wolfran Sievers, a high SEi officer, but he would not acknowledge the letters. Maj. F. Flynn ones 'of the British prosecution staff produced a letter he said Sievers had written to a Dr. Brandt saying: "We have nearly a complete collection of skulls of all races and peoples at our disposal. Of the Jewish race, however, only a few specimens are available. The war in me East now presents us with an opportunity to overcome this deficiency. By procuring the skulls of Jewish Bolshevic commissars who represent the prototype of a repulsive but characteristic human we have a chance to obtain a palpable scientific document." -The plan was for the German a f. m y . to turn over to field police all living Jewish-Russian commis- ars captured. The Jews were to be given special attention until the arrival of a "special delegate." Photographs, anthropoligical measurements and birth date were to be taken. Orders Heirens to Submit to Examination . Chicago, Aug. 8— <#)— A psychiatric examination of William Heirens t wa Sj ordered by the Criminal Court today -when. 'the .^confessed killer of two women -and. "a -'little girl was-: .arraigned' on. ' -the third murder charge, against him. After the - appomlrnehl of -two alienists, arraignment , on the charge of murdering Mrs. Joseph . osep pfs^ 43-year-old, t widow, -on \June ; 1945, w and,"0rt two* 'other' murder charges was continued to Sept 4 the 17-year-old defendant entered no; plea to the Ross charge. ->Al a previous court appearance he ordered no plea lo- charges of murdering Suzanne' Degnan; 0; and Miss FrancesvBrown^gg'aiformer w ? ve ,-. He : bas signed statements detailing row. he slew ' all three ! Chief;, Justice Harold". Gf 'Ward Courts-appointed Dr. •William Haines of:'lhe Cook County:^ (Chicago) Behavoir Clinic ^ind Dr. Harry -Hoffman', 'court spsy- chialrisl, , to v examine- the ''ybtihg possessor of 'the dual .personality who .said he rabbed to obtain sexual gratification. , : . . Resignation of Officeholders Asked by Vets Athens, Tenn., Aug. 7 — (#>)—The McMinn county posts of the American legion and the veterans of foreign wars have demanded the resignation of all municipal and county office holders who held jobs under the recently overthrown (Political organization here. . The veterans last night appointed a committee to meet with civic groups to consider replacements", for a city and county oi'ficias. •'• .. -• The Chamber of Commerce earlier had turned down as "unworthy 01 action", .a: request by Mayor Paul Walker that it name three replacements for aldermen who Walker said would be forced to resign. The chamber said 'il wouldn't consider anylhing less than a blanket resignation. PUBLIC NOTICE 16th Street from the High School to the Springhill Road IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We have. the.names and car license .numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, caps, ;rubbish along this street. From this date on all will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPiRTY OWNERS , i , : < # Elks Endorse' Recruiting Program > A resolution freedved unanimous endorsement of the delegates of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks recently at their 82nd national convention at the Waldorf- Astoria Hotel In New York, acciord- ing 16 Cpl. R. 0. Hylo. of th« Hope Army Rccruitlrig Station. This action was taken following aft appeal for Elk support in (he,current Avmy enlistment wrograrn hHnrte by Major Gerieral. Hat-old N. Gilbert Asslstan^The Adi'itatn Genernl tor Military Personnel Procurement, In a talk before 3,000 members of the Order:. i , , In the traditional spirit of-America,-our country Is engaged in an intensive cnmpaistn to recruit a Peace Army of Volunteers. , The War .Department, mindful of the many services rendered by the Order of Elks in war, now solicits Us aid In the restoration of ponce , The dplofadft' potato beetle nnd the potato leaf hopper toge-lher do more than 25,000,OOO In damage to crops. ' •; strips of fly t>ap*>r Polished floors should be dusted wrapped nround the legs ot kitch- \vlth nn -unolled mop every dny, eri furnlluie pi-event anls from Edges should be waxed twice .n ** * MOM STA*, HdPI, ARKANSAS Ail< P eriona I *h«M fti ftttwtf A I«, m , *ftd 4 p. «, Cravens' Lead Over Whsttaker Stand^at.401 Little Rock — (/p) — R 0 p. Fad j o Cravens! lead over his fellow townsman; Lee WhiUnker/of Fort ' V "••«'- V4M f>* '-POIVllUl ujsmci,:, siqoa at :401 today ;w llh 2vn , • ,^ S Counted unofficially except in 17 precincts.. , • _ A. correeTBd total showed 278 pre- cnidls in' t»fc district. The returns f romi261 -pr-ecincts gave- • • • '•-• •• •• Cravens 7,032 , . . ,. Whittake>' 0,031. •'• ' ' l!:! • The missing precincts "inclii'dcci seven in-bc.ott and'three in Loj£aii which Cravens'carried, and seven n Pike county where Whittaker fan ahead. ' A GOOD FIRST TERM RECORD ; DESERVES A SECOND ELECT ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE County Treasurer August 13th Paid for by Mrs* Isabella Onstcacl.McCorkle Calendar ^hiJMday, August 8 .The Hope Business and Profess- lohftl Women's club will meet Stt^W 1 ? 8 a , 1 7! ?° « l «" j^sBorifnenl station for its rcgulai' business and social meet- 'vill hold its annual snle and a picnic Friday, August 9 AjF, 1 ! 0 T?"". 6 .? 0 ?^?' 8 Department «{'.*«« ' F i lr f l Mel hoaist church will be fentertained with a wcincr roast frtiP?. kes Sl ?J', in , gs on FHday evcn- J Mi Cf >rs will leave the church at & Si i? nd i lrn nsp'Jrtatlon will be furn shed for all members planning °^ dl i? ndl Cnnperones will be Mi\ M,r B n s i' u 810 ^? 1 , 1 Bader, Mr. and JJ'^Dolphus Whittcn, Jr. and Mrs. M...M. McCloughan. Mr.f. and Mrs. Roy Anderson Entertain Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Henry POAI'T Bime : ^ He's just as tired of saying "no" as youareof asking for soap. Don't blam'e the government or . the soap manufacturers, either. Until we get enough industrial fats to make all the soaps and other peacetime prod- uctsivwe need, there's only one thing to do,.! Every drop of used fat you^ave is urgently neected; Every pound of used'ijfats helps make about 1 ' two pounds of the soaps you need. You use soap every day. . . so save used fats every day. Get ,4/ for every pound, firm's $o&p KJEP TfcJRNINP IN USED FATS TO t\f)fP MAKE MORE SOAP AIM'S August Specials Shop at Rephan's for Summer merchandise for ail the family as well as new.Fall Merchandise that is arriving daily. • i Ladiss and Childrens You'll find-Oxfords, Dress Shoes and Sandals in this ,. ttl , ; large group, at f Close Out Prices. Mens Shorts Real values. Now only. BOYS Polo, Sport Regular values to $2.00 • To Close out only ... MENS, LADIES 5iS''"^ ; '-'.^''^ ^to close out Mehs Wash Pants . . Cooh Summer -Pants Mens Sport Shirts -.Lopg'sleeve'sport shirts in shantung, • ; poplin ana 1 , chambray. 1 .' ' . !( ," . \ ladies Purses • Values to 4.95 LENGTHS A large selection of these dress lengths to, choose from. Solid and patterns. All colors. to 1.69V tin! MENS Dress, Work Sox Real buys for only 15 MENS White Pajamas Batiste and Nainsook with elastic,'wa 1st band.. Only 4.95 Odds and Ends One Big Table You'll find many values on this table. Each item 25c REPHAN S *The Friendly Store" a "d Mrs. Roy Anderson en- -talncd with a "Gct-To-Gether" on Tuesday evening at the Hope SP™^. Club for A e pleasure of Mr.: and Mrs. James R. Henry of BACKACHE,. LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN j' £ ' Of Tired Kidney. If bRckxeheand leg paliis are mnklmryon inlsf rnhlc,don't juit complain and do nothing •bout them. Nature mnybewarnlne you that your kidneys nc«d attention. i ThckldncynnreNnturo'sclilcf waybf Inking excess acids nnd poisonous waste out of the : blood. They help most people pass about 3 iplnts a day. :,. , If the 16 miles of kidney tubes and filters don twork well, poisonous wastemattcrntays In the blood. These poisons may start nagging . backaches, rheumatic pains,leg pains, Inss of rep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, pnfflness underthe cyca, headaches nnd dizil- iicis, t requontor scanty passages with smart- *ljf"naburnlngsometlmcsshowBthcrelssome. tMng wrong with your kidneys or bladder. •Ton t wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'i *•''•._• stimulant diuretic, used successfully " " over 40 years. Doan's give d will help the 15 miles of Dallas. The guests enjoyed games and pleasant conversation until a late hour. Delightful refreshments were served. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Harold Johnson of Houston, Texas are the guests of Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Coffman, Miss Marie' Purkins and Miss Nannotle Williams are spending this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Duval Purkins in Warren. r Mr. and Mrs. D. Crawford 1 'and daughter, Miss Kitty Crawford dof Houston, Texas are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John U Wilson. ; Miss Ruth pllen Boswell leaves today for a vacation visit with friends in Little Rock. Mrs. S. L, Churchwell has returned from a two weeks vacation visit with relatives and friends in Nashville and other Tennessee points. Births Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hartsficld announce the arrival of a son, James Richard, born Sunday, August 4 at the Muscogce, Oklahoma General hospital. Mrs. Hartsfield will be remembered as Miss Linda Cobb. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Williams announce the arrival of a so nborn Thursday, August 8 at Julia Chester hospital. Mrs. Williams is the former Miss Vesta Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Levering announce the arrival of a daughter, Cynthia Ross, born Monday, August 5 at Hunlington Memorial Hospital, Pasadena, California. Mrs. Levering will be remembered as the former Miss Helen Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Wood Nash ari- nounfc the arrival of a daughter, On a Josephine born Wednesday, July 31 at Josephine hospital. Hospital Notes Friends of Miss Dorothy Fayc Caudle will regret to learn that she underwent an operation at Jose- Dr. JAMES W. BRANCH, M. D. announces the association of Dr. ELBERT H.'WILKES, M. D. General Medicine and Surgery •• ' Telephone 385 126 8. Main Hope, Arkansas Not So Tough The big, bold, bearded pirate, Jack Hillman, turned sissy when. l-year--old Gary Purdin climbed into his arms and started pulling his whiskers. It occurred during Monterey, Calif., Centennial flag-raising ceremonies when celebrants wore costumes of west coast's .pioneer days. Pcmtomine Artist to AppearHere Starting Sunday:on the stage of the New Theatre, that master of pantominc, Peter Paul "will 'appear in person presenting .his: lunusual and sensational "OFF THE RECORD.''.^ riot of laughs featuring outstanding music. Peter Paul, a world; famous artist and star of :Brbadway, stage and television, brings i to theatre goers of Hope a\ presentation that has provided amusement all over the world. Mr. Paul has just returned to civilian life after completion of four years service with Uncle Sam's Navy. While in the Navy Mr. Paul was stationed in Memphis, Tennessee at the Millington Navy Base, where he was featured artist with Clyde -McCoy's/ Sugar Blues Orchestra and' appeared in many outstanding stage ,• presentations with this fine aggregation. It was his stellar work in these shows that brought him to the attention of the Navy High Command which transferred him to the South Pacific, were at the direction of Admiral Nimits he toured the entire field of operations providing entertainment for his mates. Imemdiale- ly after leaving the Service Paul appeared in television broadcasts in New York and worked in leading night-clubs in that city before coming South to present his "OFF THE RECORD" to audiences of the Malco Theatre Circuit. Like Jimmy Savo and other pan- tominc artists, Peter Paul in "OFF THE RECO,RD" concentrates on laughs, and his performances are acclaimed as .the tops on record. Manager Rcmmel Young of the New Theatre has announced that his • screen attraction to 'be pro-, scntcd with "OFF THE RECORD' is "Tars and Spars," starring Ja not Blair. This Is the holiday time bf the year when everybody gels' a va^ callon except Mom. Falher's em« ployer gives him his two weeks off. Tht kids are let but 6f school. The adolescents go to camps. Everyone relaxes.and takes at easy, for it is generally recognized that all ,work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and that even a short rest and a little change sends us back lo our jobs refreshed and full of pep and 'energy. The only exception lo Ihis rule is Mojlher, who is popularly believed lo bo so conslrucled that she never tires or gels fed up on domeslicily and who is so devol- ed lo her home and family that she simply would die of heartbreak if she were separated from Ihem for even-a few days. Nalurally no one would be guilty of this inhuman cruelly, so while Dad goes fishing and Ihe youngslers amuse themselves in their own ways, Mom keeps on doing her daily stint on the Ireadmill. Occarionally a husband, happening by chance lo give Friend W^e a second glance, observes lhal she is looking a lillle peaked--, and. lhat her lemper is sei on a hair Irigger. It occurs lo him lhal possibly she needs a change. So he packs ' her phinc hospital on Thursday morning. She is reported as doing nicely. "LIKE WALKING ON A BATH TOWEL" PICTURE OF SOX CUT OPEN TO SHOW INSIDE CUSHION " A NEW UNDERSTANDING IN FOOT COMFORT Do reduce body fatigue — The air pockets Do eliminate shoe chafing — Because pi cushion against shock and absorb sweat,. *he friction - reducing full • cushion ? protected sole, toe, and heel, DO provide fit for all size feet - Each 1 DQ weaf Jonger _ ^ a ^ of tfae — size (9'/2 to 14) is knu-to-fit foot and. fabric used to construct the cushiotx-pro- shoe measurements, tected sole, toe, and heel, BUY YOUR SOX SIZE ACCORDING TO SHOE SIZE SHOE SIZE 5-51/i 6-6M 1-lVt 8-8'/2 9-9'/ 2 " 10-10'/ 2 ll-ll/j' 12-12^2 SOX SIZE 9J4 10 10/2 11 Ul/2 12 .13 14 Davis Sox Exclusive at Owen's Owen's Depi. Store Stores at Hope «jnd Prescott 113 East Second Phone 781 DOROTHY/DIX Mom on Vacation ©— and the children off to some farmhouse where they take paying guests or perhaps he buys a country place and he thinks how grateful his wife should be to him for his consideration in giving her a nice Vacation. well, iof course, and Rest Cure He means -.- ...„,..,„ , i , his wife has to pretend to like it, but if the average wife's vacation is Intended as a rest cure, a pleasure or a treat, it is 'the most: Ironic' thing in the world. For if she is unfortunate enough to be cursed with a seaside bungalow or a mountain cottage, she runs-a free hotel for all of her deadbeat relatives and friends, who descend upon her like the wolf on the fold; No relaxing for her. She has to be up and doing with her own hands, in a region where servants are as scarce as hen's teeth, and where there are no corner groceries or delicatessen shops to help out in an emergency. And if anybody thinks that to travel with a baby and with two or IMt*n« 1 I M-ln nl* 1 1 .1 __ u _il I __ .( ___ i _ it Is s6motttlng left over frdth the tortures of the Inquisition. But. all the same, Mom nfifeds a vacation worse than anybody else in the family, and it is coming to her. Husbands jihould have enough gumption to see that it is not omy their duty to their wives lo provide 1 them with one, but It is also the best insurance they can take out against having to live With a fretful, hervous woman and pay a lot of doctors' bills when Maria comes home with nervous prostration from her Summer orgy. Most husbands will say that it can't be done, that when a mother has little children, she has lo slay with them and take care of them. So she does, in the;main, but she could turn out a lot better job if she could .have a real vacation instead ora phony one. For mothers ahd- children get oh each other's nerves and need to be separated, three one's little children clinging" skirts, who are bored _ _„, iruw tAl^i k/WJ, t\J \,\J death and don't know what to do with themselves at a summer hotel, is any fun, they should try it. So far as the mother is concerned, By R. Louise Emery OfMyw NEA SERVICE, INC. THE STORY: Cecily has organized her own sorority. She has 'no Compunction, ; about "dinging" — blackballing — girls ,she doesn't like. :..-•• XVI I asked unbelievingly,, "Cecily, you don't mean that you'd actually' ding another girl — hurt her perhaps for life —" . '.&,. , "She had no business w^niing lo join, Cecily returned, pouring my tea. 'It'wouldn't be a kindness-to let her come in — sh6v''hasn.'C enough money to keep up with the rest of us and her father is nothing but a garbage collector." "He contracts for the Salvaging of waste producls. He'll make more money as time goes on; — its a new iproject for Him. And what difference does it make, anyhow? His daughter is pretty and sweet." • Cecily giggled. "Aunt Mavis : — you're quaint." "What do the other girls' fathers do?" I pcrsisled. . . . "They're in businesses their families can be proud of," Delia chimed in. "I suppose playground work ranks with Garbage collecting?" I queried. "Salvaging kids who aren t as lucky as Cecily and Ella May and Janinc. Is that why Corinna hasn't, been, acceptable to your sorority, Cecily?" Cecily went scarlet, but Delfa stirred her tea, unembarrassed. I don t see where you have any kick coming ' .You've had your chances,.lo.. amount to something. It ;isn't7rCecilys fault if you like having Corinna hobnobbing with the scum of the earth.' ' We went on drinking our tea. Cecily was still uncomfortable. I saw, but Delia seemed pleased. Shei thought she had setlled my hash tor not letting Corinna take the largesse she had offered. 'And sitting there,looking from one' to the other of them, seeing their smugness, their utter incapacity for compassion except within the limits of their own charmed circle I knew,.inescapably; what: I would' one 'day • do! ;to: b'rcak'ihat stiff. necked pride of Cecily's. Knowing this, I could afford even to feel sorry for them. Cecily followed me into her room when I went back to hang the skirts in her closet. "Aunt Mavis,", she said, I wanted to put Corinna's name up .— but I knew she'd never come in without Mercedes —" I paused with the skirts still over my arm. "Cecily," I said. ."Mercedes _is worth all the Ella Mays and Janmes in the world put together and some day you're going to have lo see it. You can spare yourself a great deal in the future if you'll starl now lo look for some'thioe else' olher lhan money or -social position in people." • "I Ihink Ihey'rc both"'terribly mportant, Aunt Mavis." The implacable opinion of the very young "So does a mole think the universe is entirely dark," I said. But perhaps you consider his ignorance commendable?" "It does all right for the mole," .ccily answered flippantly My answer was hard. "It isn't coins to do for you," and then I despised myself for allowing her .o see how unsteady my lips were "It doesn't matter to me that YOU haven't any money," she •ried to make 'amends. •',-.,, I felt thai inevitable'moment •ushmg upon us now.and 4hc weapon I held was poised to.strike and shaller all the strength of Delia's widen one. I stepped away from Cecily dizily, trying to push the imc far from me. wanting to spare ner — and myself — as long as I could. I nearly spoke then but the yeaiti leld me silent. I went down the nil blindly, seething with Ihe pent up words. Corinna had dinner waiting for me and Robert look off •ny oxfords and rubbed my aching feel a little before he slipped my scuffs over them. There was such love and peace in this house of ours, my hearl cried, why was Ihe peace never enough for me? I could nol sleep lhal night. At ast I made a pretense of not wishing to disturb Robert and slipped away from him to the bed that had been Cecily's. The next three years were momentous ones for the entire world and our lives did not escape the demands of war.First there was conscription and then came Pearl Harbor. Stevie Ralston came home from the East lo stay until he should be drafted; the romance was on again more ardently than ever. This time Myrtle Ralston offered no opposition, facing it squarely that there was no use in being too concerned about Stevie's mature years. His young ones might be all he would ever have; if he wanted Cecily now he was free to marry her. Delia was all for it — Cecily a Ralston but with Steve away ap pealed to her ^s an ideal, arrange Cecily, of course, would re mam at home with Delia. I waited' tensely for announcement of their engagement, but it did not come. Val had wanted to volunteer but Robert persuaded him to:wait. He was majoring.in chemistry in. junior college and his professors said' that he was a wizard. Robert fell that another two . years of lab work, if he were fortunate enough to escape the draft, -would make him much more valuable to his country. "But Slcvie is aiming for the Aiv Force," I told Robert.; "Val could make it easily. He wants Cecily and he can't possibly compete wiui Steve as things are." "I doubt, that Cecily would be good for Val." "He'd be good • for HER," I said. "And besides —" I broke off. And besides if she married Val she would be away from Della's influence. I could be with her often, teach- her all the things Della had neglected. Married to Steve she would be almost as inaccessible to me as she was now. . (To Be Continued) HotfsewIveS gei sd tired 6f own cooking they can't ftat it. Wives get so weary &f rftonoton? they quarrel wilh their husbands' just for the kick of it. M every husband Would give his 1 wife a vacallbn every Summer, if he would gel some reliable woman lo come and take charge of his CoolR I ALTO LAST TIMES THURSDAY "Our Hearts Growing Up' Friday - Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE "Colorado Serenade" Filmed in Beautiful Color! LAST TIMES THURSDAY "Duffy's Tavern" Friday - Saturday - U&HTS, DOUBLE FEATURE "Rock River Renegade" SUN-MON-TUES • ON STAGE PETER PAUL "Mpster of Pontomine" "Off The Record" Men, Women Over 40 Doirt Be Weak, Old Feel Peppy, Years Younger ' 0 Tablets to feel penny, yenra vo comolna vitamin ^cilclum" v ^ vuufwh At all drug stores everywhere—in Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drugs. home and thMitti weeks and let hi* wife g& off «16h« lo some WaecriHe '-—^—• shtS *6uld eoltie back, in looks, '- health ahd. — scarcely WoUld WlOW hef, Tfy it, husbitids.,. , " (Released by The dell • IMC.) NOTICE ',,* LISTEN VOTERS!! 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