Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 7, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 7, 1946
Page 4
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40 Bv Chick Young KNOW NAMED MISTRAL IE SOMETHI IL, OR BEIN6 HERE'S MY StfclT? WHATfc THE MATTER WITH THE SNOOWNS At HUG6Et HIUTOKI6HT. BE A WORM SHORTAGE, TOO THERE! 1W NOT ONE TO FJRUT P6B.50H 1SIT BV ftND LET (\ 5COUHOREU TRIE0 TO/LIKE WM>PV HELP WvBl t^ND PERHNPS «<?<J66 ( THIS IS MH,*B6RNMW,..0Ne i p|s LOS LO.CO'5 fHi I, YES, I RETURNEC) HOME T BUT THIS (S TOO " PROMINENT CITI?^NS! UP'h i iv;g :tn _•;.. " dm I FfW A,NC> LEKRNEP CgHtAIN \ iGppDTOBE': TH^iT BveRVdp SUSPECT A GREW - y.-WWN SeEtoS PETER- IN3U5TICB H(M> BEEN t>iJNS!/ ! WlN6D TO BURV Me >.»!* M •" — By Golbraith Trademark R»tl*t*r«d U. •. f»tent Office ' ..LIKE A BATH/ gV6N BLACK CYN CAN COME CLEAN IN 7MT MUCH WATER... I THINK 'TVE, CAPTAIN OP 'THIS -mess BABIES TO KEEP YODTWOOUTOF .MISCHIEF." CANOE IS ENTITUEP TO SOME • - BUZZ , AND VOO CA.M BE MV SET READV —t-lE'S ' CA.LL. YOU <3O,IN' •! A5AIN- UNC'Ai •Jk r>v iv» m Jt^mv&r*' >* im£'l»M«r NEA SERVICC. INC. T. H. MC. U.«. P+T. Off., i >' his tcm a real bargain — it ivas only four' times as much as the same Jhing used to be!': Freckles and His Friends By Blosser By Hershberger nv Business UMDFRSTANO VOU'RE YES, i'AM--THINK YOU CAM ' LOOKING- FOP.. A SODA JERKER..' / QUALIFY ? x ^S-* _rX -_ ^ -gsg: YOUR CELLAR IS FLOODED WITH WATER-EH,MISSUS SCHULTZ? I'LL BE RIGHT OVEF2.' : JuSf TbRM ME LOOSE- OKAY, THE JOB is FOR. IMF SAKE OF ! BEMIMD THAT (SUN I TURRET, DOC, AND DOMT CALL ME*DOC" HAVE tOU-UOST /OKAY, SoV'TIME MOO'S HAD T'FIGHT JMcAM THERE'S VVANTA] THOUGHT THAT WOULD ' YOUR'MIN.O? / WHAT? SACK TP'THS ' TWENTIETH CENTURY-1 WANT -TO YOURSELF CARRIED SOME DINOSAUR- RIDING ROMEO? DOW'T YOU /I'VE BEEN A MUG LEADIN' A'.MOS K CHAP WITH A KNOW MOO'S I ' THROUGH 1 THAT CARRIED OFF / \ DINOSAUR.? AT WAR? A A LOT. OF /S ITS WOMEN* OQ.VIAN — BUT APT5E ALL THESE YEARS? 'rsupposed to shuffle card*, but it's better .at tying ;VAi " r_.— :_ !,„„,!„ I" — x--* • ' *C. " Thimble Theater ON A VOVAQE, SIR ?.? .WMARTHA MEAN.\ MIQHT - K)NT'L5AK ; A>ATER , WIMPV, AN OCEAN VOYAGE THAT MVSTEROUS BOTTLE AOAIN, A FATEFJJJ. " FLASK FLOATIrJQ IN A LIMPID LAQOON t Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoopla ven, AM' HERE'S A 1 SAVIM' 'PERFECT PLACE FER.VH' PER. SOME PRACTICE./ AM 1 IM TOWN J UtAS AMD THAT'S / ASSD OLD ?T| [7 ALL WE flND IT-' T- —^ — - &'/rvriosM76wKry 1 ^''/"'^'^TT^^-^ j t f a . ( . , ASSiFfED tiMfinn n» nt.* »..,^. .j.. °*" Ce Day BetoiA.J^ubllcatlot) Number of .Wdrd-j Up,to IS 10 I0i20. 21 to ,25 20 to'30 31 10,35 30 lo 40 41 o .45 to !iO ISflr .75 ,'.90 1.05 • " '1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 2,50 3.00 3.50 ,L iO.fiu 12,00 13.5t H*Tes a, On For Sole BA ?, Y Fu HICKS - IF WE DON'T have them we will otder them for you. Feeders Supply Co ,._.- : • 17-lm CORN, CORN CHOPS, WHEAT le ,!L scratcl ;' P lentfv growing and laying mash. Feeders Supply Co - i7-lm 8,000 iFEET OF NEW 4 INCH flooring. Call Moore Bros. Phone 707 - . 1-Ot CASE TRACTOR WITH ALL TWO row ,equipment. See B.' E. Green Rt. 1, Hope. ; I.QI MY HOME AND 3G ACRES OF land. On road between Evening Shade and Spring Hill. 0 miles >out on highway 20. Mr. Thomas -s; IlQllt - , 3-Ot JOHN DEERE TRACTOR, MOD<.JJ. el.H and equipment. W. E. Reardon ; c/o Ola Lloyd, DeAnn High: 5-ot 90 ACRES, 80 ACRES IN : MICK- o^y, Creek bottom, 10 near McCaskill, running' water, good growth of young timber, W> mi es north of McCaskill.: See oi- write Edgar Keaton, McCaskill, Ark. \ .!.;; . 150 AAA WHITE LEGHORN P.UL- lels, 2 pounds each. See Hoyt Archer, Highway 29, B "miles ; out from Hope. 5. 3t BABY BUGGY WITH PAD, CAN be seen at 219 South Laurel StJ _... '0-31 NEW HOME, 5 ROOMS AND bath. Built in garage, hardwood floors, all built-lns, modern throughout. Owner leaving town. Sell >for cost. Phone 113-J. 6-3t \ * Auction Sole 'SALfi, , August HOth at i.b.m. ftorth of McCasklll on highway 2f- Farm equipment and live stock, Wagon, practically hew Pair mules, planter, 2 breaking plows, >l -7-tooth scratcher, 'cross ctl s»w, Pitch fork, fertilizer, cultivator, John Deere Go rjevll 3 bush axes, 2 tohonplng o Garden Porks, DustiriTg spray other form Items. ' - ' ' : .' '." >'. A a •; ' i , •. f HdM $TAKr~HOPt, '•,'•'', - . ll -'V; /r< '""'*"'" 1<x ^>tV'u/^4.%^ll5 . . . ' . '.<—', -(• *vVf| 1 j » .. 'J* For Rent A* » u.- j Adulls furnished bedroom. 220 C- osl.Avc 7-U Real Ettote for Sale ftOOM MOUSE Recently Help Wonted TWO WAITRESSES, MUST HAVE experience. Phone 873 or "gee Hugo Elkins afHlllord's Cafe 5 __ 3-01 Mortress Renovating FOR' THE BEST IN GUAHAN- teed work can Cobb , s M « Co ;. at 712 W. 4th. We call for and deliver., Phone 229-J. 21-lm Lost MAN'S. BROWN BILLFOLD CON- ;talrting $55, lde.nlif;(cation papers '•fend •pTclures LosllSunday arteV. n6on on Little river, close to Al^en s^ Ferry; .Reward for return to R .N. .Putmon, 815 South Main St.i Hope, or to the <Hope Star Office. - > v. -;"• r,. ol BROWN BILLFOLD; " ear . Moore Bros. Market. Ration book. Return to Mrs; L ,C ^Martin iorllope 1 Star. 5.31' Lost Strayed or Stolen >ABLE AND .WHITE ; \FEMALE Collie pup, -7% -rhonths'old. Left Monday, from East : 13th St. Re- wa.rd for information and return. * 446. - ; ';,/; ... 2-0 COUNTRV ESTATE, half mile (torn city limits, 180 acres, well Improved, Pine seven loom far ck, 2 story, 2 baths hardwood floors, Venetian blinds floor furnace, lafge attic fan brood cr houses, large, ' 'ar, ., , Natural gas, five tenant houses, large green house. 1 t ly::p r.? ce i to ' llve -v lf lnler ; see Floyd Porterfleid. 0-31 -,,.-.--—f FARM, 2l/fc:MILES -PttOM City limits, one dwelling, one tenant house, two large barns, All fenced and cross fenced, elec' trlclly. A bargain. Floyd Porter- Held. i 85 ACRES, ONE DWELLING, ONE tenant house, 25 acres Creek bottom, balance good up land, one mile from City limits. A rea bargain. Floyd Porlerfleld. NICE SIX ROOM! HOUSE, 414' N iri enrV ,f y o" ; ' < Cn , n ,/ lve Possession; Floyd Porterficld. . . .7 Fair Enoii •y Weitbrookte Co Ktafl ,Mew York, Aug. 0—By n strange, subtle process, the American citizen, has bben placed ,in the position pfj, taxpayer to Britain, RuSsta, ,and,i many other cp'u,ntries, wages and savings « sUbj&ct partial Confiscation 'f6r the FOSTER-ELLIS TWO FIVE-ROOM HOUSES . ON West IS.th street, $0500. Or will .sell take separately. Token Up MARE MULE, WEIGH' about 750 wearing rope haltei i-••"..;• Downs, ; Stuckey place Rocky Mound •road. 5.3 Notice 1042 INTERNATIONAL CAB-OVER truck, new motor, wilh a 24 fool Fruehauf trailer. New tires on both. M. R. Bledsoe, Box 188, Nashville, Ark. Phone 16. 6-31 ROUGH LUMBER, 6~MILES EAST of Hopn on Highway 4. Phone 45D. C. B. Waddle. 6-6i PLAIN AND FANCY SEWING Reasonable prices. _ Mrs. Eslhe Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system installed by us. ; W. S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 T n~ ^""n^i"" , ,"^*V!'SCUI Unto th Lord: Thy .blessing is upon Th people. — Psalms ,3:8. The-Cross! ' There,, and there only, •(though, the deist ! rave. And .atheist, 'H,Earth bears . _ so'base a slave); There and-there only, is the '- saVe. ' to sa Cowpe . The • word .button comes from the j-rencn bouton, meaning some thing, to be .pushed out. YOURtCREDIT IS GOOD ."-. •' •';.>•".- "Try Hope Mattress Co. 'For better work at better prJces-iOld,,,beds made new and new beds made too — W« Call for and Deliver Anywhere . One day service, in town — • . » In Secondhand Furniture ALL WOPIK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. "Complete service-for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now'Open 24 ;Hours Dally 3rtf & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner PIANOS .. AJ Jl S l! eee '' ved — A Lor 9e Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" . • Looks like new »So»rt»di like new • New guarantee ; lf you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will, call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. -._ „ ' Tei «>rkanq's Only Exclusive Piano Co," 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U, S. A. WARNING.... ; : . - • . t •' , All Dogs not Licensed and Vaccinated against Rabies will be Destroyed When Found Running at Large* Hope Police Department FOURrROOM HOUSE ' ON FOS- ter;.;• Avenue, •< newly papered floors reflnished, price • redliced or ^, c t ui , ck sale - - Can - b e bought on GI loan. ' .' Hj' s WYB'RQPM..'.HOUSE, ,ON : EAST loth. Mouse less than year old hardwood floors, floor furnace! modern throughout.., Owner leaving town. :-• • 4/; ;.•.. -.. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE 'dN SOUTH Walker, newly painted, landscaped, imodern .throughout. ' SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE ON EAST "'vision, ,good condition, price I GCllJCGCl. ' DUPLEX APARTMENT, THREE rooms .plus bath on each side, renting for $00 per month, good •condition. 'Paying .13 percent interest on cost; APPROVED FOR GI LOAN THIS lu-room duplex apartment on pavement three blocks from town ~°u can be bought, for $2,000 cash, .balance in five years. SIX-ROOM HOUSE AT FIFTH and Greening, 75x150 lot, $4 250 Owner leaving town. FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FULTON street, newly painted, 100x150 lot Price slashed for quick sale. SEVERAL NICE RESIDENTIAL '° ts ,. two on South Main, one 85x160 on North Washington, others in various parts of town. SEVERAL COLORED HOUSES in Belts Quarters. Now vacant. Large lot. Going fast. NOTE TO--VETERANS: ' FILE your application with us no ipr purciiase of homes in Hope We handle entire procedure. SEE CHARLEY BAKER FO the farms listed below: THE McIVER FARM BETWEE new Highway. 67 and old Highwa 67 west of Hope. 600 acres of ric bottom land and upland. Tw good five'; room houses. Thre good tenant houses; Six barns 200 acres in cultivation. 150 acre in merchantible timber an growing young Umber. Remain aer in pasture and meadow Tw over flowing wells. Fine' watei J.hree other deep wells. All fenc •ed^with barbwire and partly fen ced w th net wire. Dipping vS lor cattle. And many other < im provemenls loo numerous i on. A fine colton and stoc thai needs a first class fai ONE MILE SOUTHWEST OF THE new .Barnsdall Oil test well nea Bodeaw in Nevada County I hav two hundred acres with a par of the minerals included and al under, oil and_ gas lease, Wort! oenetll of their people. The allowance that he may claim for."t'ho support of Mils own wife, dHtlcfflrV and:.'other dependents" is belo$itHo ! line>of poverty and admilleJBlyJi»is ! rtot "regadred "by Congress ).ls>Mae- quate for even the meailCJstAexiB-' lence. Beyond those ddaplilphV he citizen must Immeditilejy-ibe-i Jin to pay income taxe|?-;\VlilSh- hen arc subject to Ihe derrtfu1ds ; .6fi 'oreign nations, . ' fefeM! : He finds: he ;is 'buying i strangers beyond-the seaWw.-* lis own family is fed or cMrTb'a loused. ' On the other hand, e,«,,-,-,- M .w 8 ^ amounts which are ndvahffte'd-?^o other countries in the 4ttU&"*'6~ loans, bear, at most, only. %homi nal rate of interest, the effect'tie ing thai our nation exacts a harsl rate from our own people, while both S U F 0 Pl 50 site numbers "'in the debtor countries are ' .,'eiihei excused entirely or asked v to'.pay only token interest, and, if . the Citizen of, :say, Britain, "tlirougl his government, defaults his pay ments, it is not even oretendcd that : the creditors, meaning the Americans,, shall have an* means of_atlaching Ihe earnings' or properly of-those foreigners -in'• llidii own lands/ By contrast, \ if -.the American defaults' his. taxes, .«his government .may proceed to sell him out, particularly if he has died, and 'collect'the deficit and the six per cent tfrom the estate which he has tried to 'leave.: to carry on, after death, hfiTmbral obligation to his dependants, his wife, for instance. Except jn a few western states, the federal income tax rejects the propositfdn. that marriage is a material br-'econom- ic as well as a spiritual ••paVtrier- ship and holds.ithat a wife's' share Of the husband's ,earningS ;> is a gift, not a rshare. He may "give her, at present, $3,000 a year free °f taxes after aiv initialr'gifi - of ?4D,000, but, beyond that "'amount- must pay taxes,applicable,flff'part, to the cosl of,social and Political experiments outside the.' 1 ' Uiiilcd Slates. But he musl keep a record ot his gifls to his wife arid 'report them to Washington and should ie fail to do so,-'upon;..his death Ihese gifls will b.ef}-regarded as aarl o^t her inheritance*,arid will i taxed. II is ( hp habit of •those; who defend all this, to argue thot $40,- UUU is an enormous amount and .hat a wife who .has received $40,- ; 000 and, saf $15,000 in annual giftsi of $3,000 each, is rich..She, may. be ; rich by comparison \y\l\\ a widow, with no money at all or! $10 000 3Ut the income on -that .'$55,000, at three per cent, ' wbuP..ci be only, $1,650 a year,-subject," incidentally',to income tax, and subject, also, to the risks of [investment under a government which Was made investment precarious, Truej she might, and probably; w'ouljE -. try to guess her own life e'xpeclancy and draw on her principal'but that is a delicale; problem,.of .reckoning, • ,-. ' • 1 '^ i; \«rJ k "-ife '•' The old popular theory "iW-' the' purpose of taxation was that cit-' izens supported their government 1 in return for .services , IQ,,, tbem. ; Under Ihe Roosevelt government, propaganda changed 'this'- concept to Ihe extent that many-'citizens s All-Stars at Park Tonight An •all-star .softball game ween the tournament team , the .Money. Buy might get rich. , now and you FUST SOUTH OF HOPE ON THE Patmos road qn excellent loca lion for u nice country home 01 140 acres of land. There is elec tricity and gas available and the road is la be blacktopped. The ' P U y f Ol- It cultivation inn 100 acres ii l'f" belf, 1'ine water and pasture. Priced to sell. ND A LARGE NUMBER. OF other farms of all kinds of land in various parts of the county Don't buy until you see them _ 6-3 -- — -- --««.,_«., hero of Mexican ^dependence, was a full-blooded apotec Indian. LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. FOR— • Local Flights and CHARTERED FLIGHTS also Flight Instructions APPLY AT THE HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT ~ —--- — ••<« biibtb iiiuiijr lilt J £tCl Jo now believed the primary .and legitimate purpose was to sock the rich, and distribute their .accumulations. Wealth, of itself, was condemned as somehow pernicious and a menace to the poor-arid the government. ; Y e t, when- such wealth has been collected from -the estale of a rich man, it is spent for the. expenses of government, including, nowadays, the expenses of other governments and there- alter pays no taxes as it would in the possession of heirs. ,"• Among the novelties of'the iasl few.years is the proposal Ih'al persons who are unemployed'.by their own decision not to cross' picket lines are entitled to pay from the national and stale goveniinenls. Ihe slory about a minimum of $16 a week bul some unions seriously advocale a minimum of -$25 a week for 26 weeks in ono year, The Jossibilities and ramifications ol .his scheme are too many and com- Jlex lor discussion here lod'ay bul at once it will be seen that .private joiitical organizations, pay.lh'g no axes Ihemselves bul collecting enormous treasuries through''-taxes would call strikes lo scr$e Iheii ends and then would shift ihe burden of paying strike benefits, their own ancient responsibility to the public treasury. The taxnayers yould have no right lo examine he reasons for the strike and say ihiK strike is unjustified and will ipl pay unemployment benefits." Yet, m a family of four -workers inder one roof, made idl»,-by an rbilrary and unjustified smite the icome would be $100 a w^k- from he government, subject Kit o no axes, but payable by oilier fam- lies, not on slrike, whose -aggre- ate earnings were less. lhat the American cilizpn ever vould be called upon to pay taxes 0 support others who had .'deliber- tely chosen.to be idle or -were Tiacle idle by the; snap degree of 1 a communist • or underworld an , g l ' nlo .neer, certainly was no an oi ihe pure theory pf laxa- During Ihe strike'of th£ Unilod Utlo Workers against fGcnernl lotors, a politicalifiroup, including Urs. Eleanor Roosevelt, s 'issued amphlets soliciting contributions D -.u i'u '^ fund r ° r lhe strikers Mth lhe inviting suggestions that ucn gifts could be deducted from axable income as charitable do- ations This meant that "a ta.x- ayer living on a small income rom stock in General Motors, find- ig his investment jeopardized and is income reduced by the strike, eyertheless had lo contribute to id of the strikers. » ;: . The new war veterans are not Mig home .and have not had lime 1 the composure to study them * ,}hij bill for their "benefits" I the gifts of the United Stales o other nations eventually will ome to them. They are 'of that ge and they are so many .that s a ^ age group, they wflFbe re- ponsible when the collector omes. Probably'they will arrange be-•.v i.i'i.i4IICIIIIUHL iunm .and - Players is on the card for mis tonight nl Fair, park W : ' 8 J clock. Ficd Robertson will mah- Se the all-star boys. The game was called lo raise rnonoy lo send lhe local lads to the slnle tournament. Ballei'y for'the Jll-stars will be. Gough and 'haz* zard, while Ferguson and White, will carry ihe load for the tourna- nnnt taoys. : - • • >. , • With .two cosily trips to Hot Springs behind them ; the locals uflered another setback today vhen notice was received that a orfeit flwnfded Ihem last Sunday against Hot Springs Coca Cola had Jceii reversed. Apparently Joe K-nsmmger, Hoi Springs coadh who s supposed lo be directing district 'lay, would not stand hitched oh ecominendations he made in 41 elepnono call lo lhe slale .direclor which resulted in the forfeit,, de- Anyway,' the Hope boys- were notified by letter today that on recommendation of Mr. ; Ensmingcr lhe forfeit has been recalled and Ihey wiir h«ve lo journey lo -Hot bprings Sunday for a gome with lhe Coca Cpla bunch. • In 'Iasl nighl's piny Rephans «M°!' ed T,9, 6 to 4 dcc 'sion over lhe Whiz Kids while Moore's-, Market '"'.O.A'P 1? 'scores to Wylie'-s'-C.''' '.' SPOBTS ROUNDUP GoshcH, N. V., Hamblelonifin hiccups: You're safe in saying Earl Row of the Canadian jJouae of Com rnnns is the first member of Parliament /ever to drive a horse li a professional mce, He'll be steer Ing his own Van Riddell, who' *••* *&•«!** Aug. 8 -.(#)-/ count _ he was ' s hjppe ••-..-. lost a" race, in ' today' Hamblotonlon. . .chief reason ht entered the colt today is because. '-r%he bought Van Riddell from Hbrry Riddell, Rowc promisee the doctor on his deathbed th< ho.nse would start in the'Horrible toman if he could get him there. . What Happened to Molln, Benny?'' • ' Big mystery around here is what happened to Molln Hanover, the 1938 Hambleloman chflmp. . .aflei he won the corn-tassel whiz-bang that year, and then tied ihe three- year old trotters record of 1.59 iM for a mile, Molin was sold'to Mussolini, through an Italian Whiz Kids Kogors', 3b, GaiTott, Ib-' Reed, 2b Chesshir, .If Morton, c '. Gough, p ..-.. Beard, rf .LaGrone, ss Beasden, c Rephans Stanford, p Eason, Ib ........'. Poster; cf ... Bell, c, 3b ....'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. J. Hazzqrd, 3b, c L. Hazzard, 2b B. Hnzzzard, 2b ... G. Robertson, ss ... Schoolcy, If Gieenberg, rf Moores Grocery BeHan, ' If J'. Moore, ss ,. McClendon, Ib Hale, c -. i. ' ".'". L/ J, Miller, cf ... Landis,-, \rf Russell, • 2b •„...' R. Miller,, p ' D. MoorO n 2b - AB ..•2 A • . :r ,. 8 3 . 2" ,.. 3 .. 3 . 3 R 1 11 0 0 1 0 0 0, Giants Prove Downfall of Brooklyn . i ^ .r " i jt j -^>t*/.* ' « 26 .4 5 4 3 2 -2 3 0 2 2. 3 2 24 0 Sports Writer Jfi games 'Hh 52 isition in the to go, --Ja^i. je3£si&. _ iguif;;ptj$hant race but «-f--.»—.y^'bulH.) prove it bv the conlertdirfg<eCardinals and Dodgers When- the Brool« really needed to take one with a chance to stretch their lead to a full three garnes, last night, they couldn't pump off their rivals from Manhattan. Lefty Dave Koslo, touched for five hits in three innings, tightened up and held the Dodgers hitless the rest of the way in recording his 12th victory of the season, 5-2 ihe result reduced Brooklyn's Drst place margin to two games. The Cardinals were rained out of their game at Pittsburgh. Chicago pulled out of a throe- game losing spin to smother Cincinnati, 3-0, on Claude Passeau's four-hit pitching at Crosslcy field • The hustling Boston Braves proved they still can beat the Phillies, although, outhit by ,a 10 to' 5 margin, when they lushed over two runs in the 12lh inning to earn a Johnny Sain. 39 17.. 10 . McCorlde, ss' ,' Rogers, t 3b i ,.. godson, "Ib 1 Garietl; o „• ;.. Dclincy, p i , jstFrankti, if - • Wylie.i rf ;:..J Reaves, cf • 2 i 44 '. 3 27 .0 4 Yesterday's Stars By The. .Associated Press Tex Hughson, Red Sox —"L ed, Philadelphia 'io'. five hits in pitching Boston to 5-0 victory. .. Johnny Sain, Braves—Scattered 0 Philly hits over 12 frames and started winning- rally with single n -31 edge. Claude Passeau, Cubs — Blanked Cincinnati with four hits 3-0, snapping club's three-game losing streak. Taft Wright, White Sox —Paced lu-hit attack with two triples in 111 rout of-Cleveland. South Africa annually mines more gold than the United States Canada, and Australia. . J-l edge i'or BASEBALL RESULTS By The Associated Press ....National League New Yor k r ij Brooklyn 2. Boston 3; Philadelphia 1 Chicago 3, Cincinnati 0. St. Louis at PiUsblugh, rain ' American League Boston 5; Philadelphia 0. . New York at, Washington, rain. Southern Assopiation Mobilp.4-5; Atlanta 0-3. New Orleans 13: Birmingham 7. Little Rock 7; Nashville 5. Memphis 4; Chattanooga 1 - -o - uuuin, . ne was snipped to Italy and won 'a handful of r§cos there before the war .. .but since the big fireworks started, there B been no word of him. , Befiny shoult have tried riding him instead o one of those Italian automobiles' when ho tried to escape Irtsl year Head Man , The best "daddv" in (rotting is Volomlle. . .alf "three" of'"the"°to'p favorites today — Chestertown, Victory Song and Weslfield Girl- call him Pon. . in his racing davs, back in ' the mld-20's he was the only horse over to trot against older hoises and win a stake from them .he's such a hot sire now, his stud book for 1647 is already full, a year in advance of (he *«.., u jrtul JH breeding season. —" o — Reinstatement of Owens May Be Resented; , BV JOHN GRIFFIN i New York, Aug. 7 -(UP)'— The Brooklyn Dodgers hoped today that Baseball Commissioner 1 A * B Happy) Chandler would react favorable to Mickey Owen's -blended application for reinstatement to baseball, bill indications were' grovying that players of other'club / 3 would view iuch an action ' with 'esentment. . To Brooklyn, Owen's decision to ump back from the' Mexi'cari le'a- jue in an ,effort to return to the Jodgeis came at an 1 onnnriuno time. The Dodgers are'no P w "n- h ilT a bltter P enn ant fight, v- chol ° a two-game lead over » «T ."i 1 . 8 Ca , rds - bul are weak n the catching department. COLORED MACK'S PLACE All Weights Wednesday Time: 8:30 Adm. 75c MHkaf. Th<3 Staf Is the following elections thid s Circuit Judge vf'3 LYLE -BROWtf? ,^| 6EXTER BUskJ^ll Hempstead Caur Por County ROBERT C. For County Theasurei' ' MRS - SWELL A, For County J udge ' , FRED A. LUCK f' FRANK RIDER H ' For Representative ' ? F'OBt 1 ', '\ GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSOfl,y|| ,<*$ & ft. For Representative* , P6at 2 "j ^ '• r TAJLBOT FETLD, Nevada County ^'V^ for Sheriff, and Collector,,^ OTIS, LANGSTON * A * RADIOS Battery 1 *. 'Phonograph«.^. Co«W"«tObh " Bob; Elmore Auto I ,..,,r ,NOTICE,;"YV.,,, £ Tilt-Roy Venetian Blind''8£$ 1123 County Avev * } H*V 'WE"* • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'BM,'&J^i • ADJUST 'EMTt4 , ".RE-CORD 'EM A • RE-TAPE ^EM" Manufacturers.of New Cuktom^ Made Metal Venetian BlindsV FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-ljpfi; DELIVERY, INSTALL.'lNQ/''X extensions of the debt so as to pass most of it on to their children, but those who think that any present generation of elders will pay the bill are mistaken. We won't be here. .FOR—.Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS. • BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIQ,SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main - I Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant .Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) It No Answer Phone 3158-R COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. Doug /"»|TV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — Hou$e Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO. 108 Easr Division St. Mechanics: CARU JONES .FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop It's Plenty COOL . PINE GARDENS Hqlf Mile East of Hope GOOD FOOD STEAKS • CHICKEN Every THURSDAY Night Pance to Music of HUGH BERRY and* his Southernaires Closed—-Sunday Monday Tuesday is Ladies Night Ladies Admitted Free For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. 'is for DIVIDENDS •on your fiie insur«vicc* w We can. give you conipleteVw protection, and save you at •*<•« least 20% on your Insurance X, B cost. Your life insurance ^ • pays dividends, yvhy not * 'ft, your fire insurance? ^ .^-,'K r . wu*^3$ Foster-Ellis i MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCv! Non-Assessable Legal' ReserveJ 108 East 2nd Phone 221< J i Time to Pack Away ; Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver ' Put them in Moth Proof Bags^ • Plenty : pf .Parking Space ' Cleaners HALL'J Honors HUGH B. HALL, O^rier 208 N, Ferguson Phone 76 (AJH----'i 10 Minutes! ,x V i! Borrow monw fram wi on your cor, or almost any- no V* VO|MO ' ^1" lend W a " W« n ^d if wf possibly can, regardless of where yoy live, The more you want the better we like it. Ten njinutes u jet? yo« the cash, " Ask for Mr. McLgrty, at Hppe A«tQ £9,

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