Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 6, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 5
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l^^^^^^^^t^ff^s\*ff^5»rfs^vw^-'' * '^ftVr^^^^^fmif^ V'V$|I13S5 rrv?\Mw%*%i Y V1 >:-.' > :: '^-£^-'S^^^^^^I^^H^ v ''' V^ : ii^!:&J%lf:,i : y^-- ;,V3$ i-lMft 1 ^; 'J »,"wq &Mo1 S. ''0 2i;to 28 tio < 31 -to !?')o 41 (to 48 .to 8V Chick Young IU , ME] ' «n* MOVIES ««M«UMiMtetfU JUST A60Ut tH6'N|lit4r liml-6l*tf KNOW, f WANT to BO SOMB .P^^^tv^^feTHiJ ••^LMHTBp. TO W66T VOU V 1 SHOUttJ'VB7 ABOUT A NSW W A QRBAit DEAL ABDUt VOU t By GalbroSth MODEST MAIDENS ,Tr»iltm»tk Rtfliurni, U, a PtUnt OHIc* VOU'VE AYERASEP' i. ANP TILL VOU CUEAkUP .WE'VE^a; SOTTA PlGHT TOE SEA ANP WEATHER'/ AFTER WE GET , TWAT. ISASTY PISR3SITION, WEfeK FOR TWO . YOU'LL ArgfP BATHING-/ ___ TVVITT, W6'LL .PlNP TIME WE^S,MRvT!\Vm/ VOU'RE HAVING : BOOTH-IN THIS BENEFIT, ... _ ._ --/rvi— Arc you sureyou.can supportmeth£imyl-'ve '•W 1/«/7/'/*MC^/l*«y»x/ *.r»3V- ' •"""-' ~ : ™ number at^ this'resort, but I don't in love—I'm working like a dog this summer ^lTtT \to save.enough, for a- s motorcycle!" .J'V "S ? 3 .V Freckles and His Friends By Blosser iennv Business S!?*;f,-'.-:,-;^;:-"vs::.';r^--:.::,iX(: 60LLY, 5UT YOUR FATHER ).;AT TIMES; ' SURE- LIKES To TAKE .-/LARD, POT- SHOTS. AT ME-/ -Joe SKLONKISH ' SAYS YOU'RE''Af-VOlD'l!" COUPOM, AMD TOO-LAZY. IF AMY OF MY FRIENDS ASK FOR ME.TEU. THEM L HAVE SUNK Tb A NEW LEVEL ^MP GOT A JOB; OF. HEARTBREAK. FORCED TO DO DESPERATE'/ SrtJ^jterffKiJf.tXi•;»,;•'i•.''-' O*U.>-'^'-.'.'C-'cQyi| 194fi BY NEASIRVICI INClT; MrMG.'U.-'S.'^AT. OfV 1 ''' 1 imble Theater ^Si?^f •• £**•£ ^ife^^fi^i^^^ttl *IS^M*M;^^W» t-.TWc; 'l 1 ^' 'TO 'VOW. t. 1, £i.-> U. k &&.&,** TO OU6WTF\» Soo, V\OO,HOO, oooo i WHERE' DID' LEAVE YOUR HORSE 15,THKT JASON) VllTH THKT L.Uiy\9eRl^{X A8OT •? MOTHBALLS f A«D 1 VlQ^'t fRf' •', ' PERSUAPE YOt" WA>JT YOU FOR A STAR." 1HAT3 WHY OFFEND Y THAI YOU GO. EAST f. '• <T" ^W* _ -___-«i „ ^ • Aite *^fl~ Enough By Weitbrook Pe«lcr . ui C»6yriftM, 1040 iy Klna Feature* 8yndlc«t«. ***"*''»*-*»*»T^*jff*«a^^ ... ,.^,iff -fCTf jffi'iif'ffiy^mjrMfr^^ •' i '-'~ "for you. Fee.der'8 Supply- ^Ca * _. 17-lm <f>RN, CORN CHOPS, WHEAT 'hen scratch, .plenty ;|ro, laying m ? sh. Eeederf ; Si ' p. : ' 8,000 FE,ET..OF -NE.W ^V 'l Moore fpro^. hjone ' ' "• \r-ot CASE TRACTOR -.W.ITH•'A&L "TWO row nnMin^x-u,,'see',B; ..Ei'Green ONE USEt) • SE.W,ING. MACHINE «n good condition. ,C.:W. .Yancey, Singer Distributor, • -tfls:^ SoSlh' WaFnut St. .Phone 578-W,'; 3-31 MY HOME AND .36 ACRES'(DP 1 land. On road between .Evenln." ""'•J and 3pHng Hill., 6 miles out ,- highway 29. Mr. Thomas S. F.ant. , .. . . •».«. JOHN DEERE TRACTOR. MODi el H and equiRrnent. <w".-' E. Rear-! don c/o Ola Wpyd, ,D.eArin .high- vv/n v .•*":•'•: .• «.«. 90 ACRES, so A^RES IN HICK- ory Creek bottom, 1 '10 near Me-, t-askill, ijunning:, Ayate.r,. -good, growth of, ypung - (imfcer, ' 3M> m.iles north of McCaskill. See' or' write Edgar Keatpn, McCaskill, _ ^AA WHITE .LEG^QRN'PUL- le.ts, 2 pounds .each.'-See Hoyt 1 Archer, Highway 29, 8 miles .out from Hope. ' 5-31 BABY BUGGY WITH iPAD, ,CAN be seen at -219 'South Laiirel St. ; •"•".".'•...'" - ; 'e-3f .Wont Of fea^h^ot.'WlU'be Jots of Wllflinj flone'Wt thaelooh. Se^e 'them and jJhone AlbeM B6s\veU at 984, Hope, Ark. }n'\ 3J-61 SIX ^OO|rf'4fOOSE *FO0R LOTS 802, North Hervey. ^Recently dec"- Pbrtcrffeld, , ' ' 5.51 3fiAUT('lJiplj jGOUN.'i'RY ESTATE i;.half-mile ifr.prn city limits, 180 •.. :.ac.te8,': viell ; improved, Fine seven . .room ibfclcki 2'story, 2 baths, ..•Jjar.dvjtab.tl •flppcs/ .Venetian blinds, 'Hopr^furrf^ce,. larg'e • attic Ian, ^•t'h'^e, J,bt-oodeF; (houses, large ,pond;-Ten 6ore x ;pe.cfln .pi-.cKaid, kWater, <ll*!0}if. tNalural.gas, ifive •b?ti?$'$&&a'f-'f^&'Br&ti&ouae l \A •Jpyelyf; ; plface '-to ,<Uv,e. jif \iritei 1 Holp Wonted TWO WAITRESSES., IVtUST-HA'VE experience. .Phone ,973 or See •, Hugo ^Ikins t al ..HIHnrd's Cafe'. 'X : •'•'• •'••• .'•:• ••••.' •••' : '":, -'3-Ot vating FOR THE BEST IN GUARA-Ng )d ^°_ r . k _ ;<:?»' Cobb's Mattress' ".an'^'-i . j . (ione;22p-.J.'' 21-lin fo-ft, A-HKANSA-S PEOLER J , Klnfl Features Syndicate n6. ew York, AUg 6 — The reason I have paid so much attention to the American Veterans' Commit- t,ee, a new outfit operating out of a New York headquarters, is that I think It hag enjoyed an unfair advantage In slanted inews coverage by writers who are intellectually dishonest and sling the terms "Hbetal" and "progressive" into their pieces to promote measuies W.htch are dangerous or, anyway, Unwise. ,. ,Let us fo.rget about Communism.; The Communists are-now pals with 1 the Peroii government olV'Argen-! tlna, just as they w.e.re w,ith Hit-' l.e,r when It suited their" purpose so! to be. The AV,C ur.ges.,'Continued opposition to the.-•Argentine government" .fas a "potential threat to world peace' 'so heYe it disagrees w.ith Moscow. I recognize fits righ to [take their positlprl, but I say ,i is bad manhers and dangerous bus jr^ess for us to "oppose".'the gov ernment of :any ,other:''coutttry. : If we do that, We have no right -io cpmplam. against the' interence 6 n ^'"j~Tt r","'," j - vtu unus ,. nuvc the world Communists in our- in- fj£? ed u 11 J > ? ttles n and H S V- - iour teijn^L affairs. Possibly all veterans' w(nile ine ..Chicago Bruins.-ha'^e; won wartti'tbvsubscribe ito-ithat: but 'if "' no an d-uropped •.-seven;V."v>g,h .the not;* those .who don't* shotild know ^ 5 ^', However, -both tlr%.Cards thati.this is,:bne of the' things that 5,",? Cubs . hn . v - c 'h.ad plojf^dim- the• AVC stands -fon t", -.:••.> * ' ^\V. Winning : from ;tlleTs¥cond r'THe.yPunB fellows ihhl T mnt :.nt division,,clubs. . •:s-* : ' :,/«?&/< Wins Over Phils, Braves Keep Bums in Race 6y RALPH RODEN gf' /Use-elated Pcess SpoHs.Wrltcr Brooklyn 1 ? abllitv to defeat fHo Boston Braves hnd the hEhllndel' phia Phillies With almoit* monotonous regularity continues and Managet Leo Durocher " Ras the, knack of yanking a " /faltering rnoiirjdsman at the tight llme> ,i 4l h 1 P 1 Samoa undei" their-bell, the Brooks enjoy a 2 1-2 game mrii- gin pvei the second place SI Loills -ardinah in the National League aut only 33 complete games have peen tinned in by the Dodger huil- mg ctew 20 of them victoiles In 08 Dodger contests, Durocher employed'201,hur]ers in bagging 30 Victories • and losing ,&; .Little PORTS ROUNDDP By SID Goshcn, the .last FEDER N V. Aug, 0— About man around .good . . lime track to find out that the Ham- bletoniaii /avoiite, Chestertown, would bp driven by Tom Berry tp- morrow was Harry Whitney, who's only trained the colt since he's boon a little shnwr. Whitney "- T «WHJ1H,O «UU JIJ Vic Lombardi leads hurlers in turning games, with 11. MAN'S JBR.OWN :fi.i.pLi;ofeD, CON ',t<Mnlng>$55, .idejnlification papers and pictures. JLost Suncjay after •noorfon.iLittle -river, .close to Al- -.len'.s rRsiiry. iResyyard 'for return ; to ^'. : N,. iP.Mtman,\81S South Main St.,' -Hope, ,o> -to .the Hope Stai .Office.'.;' ..:'•" :'.v . •> ; : 5 . 6t NEW HOME; * 5 -ROOMS' ' AND path. Built in garage, hardwood floors, air-built-ins, - modern throughout. 'Owner leaving town. -for cost. Phone 113-J. '.6-3t 'INTERNATIONAL CAB-OVER truck, now motor, with a 24 foot Fruehauf trailer. New tires on both. M. R. B.ledsoe, Box 188, Nashville, Ark. Phone 1C. -6-31 Arkansas Approved SYSTEMS and We can guarantee im-' mediate delivery high clqss Butane iRartge .with each system installed by us. W. S. Cha nee Company Tcxarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 •BROWN-'BIfcLFO'tiD, SATURDAY , near .Mbor.e Bros. .^, t .., : Martin or .Hope Star. Market. Ra :Mrs. L. ,C 5-3t Lost, Strayed or Stolen .SABiE AND WHITE FEMALE Collie pup, 7% months old. Left ,M.onday,,frorn East 13th St. Reward for information and return. .Pjipne ,440. ; . .. . .g Taken Up BAY : ,MA«E MULE, :WEIGHT about 750 wearing rope 'halter. -i' 'W:- flowns,' Stuckey -place, Rocky Mound road. 5.31 Notice PLAIN • AND' iFAlslCY iSEWING. .Reaspnable prices. Mrs. Esther McLain, 224 Nor.th. Hamilton. Phone 1108-W. .; ^ $ .Salvation: bejdhgeth ' unto : 'the Lord: Thy blessing is upon Thy people; — Psalms 3:8, The Cross!' .'.'. ' • There, arid there only (though the deist rave, And t atheist,;irEarth bears i s^q base a .slave); Thiere and .ttjere .only, is the ,.power"/tp.isa.ve. ' " .'."-.-'. '•••[•''-. . ' •'•*'••* '.-.' . ' Cowper "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION .-. 'Now Qpen 24 Hours Dally , ;3rd ;l f Laural Phone'303 Howqrd Lamb, Owner PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" , • Looks like new •Sounds like new • New guarantee - : ' . If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives wil.lcgll on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. WARNING.., All Dogs nbt censed and VqccinaK ed against Rabies will be Destroyed ^h|n % Found Running at Large. Hope Police Department , -..^. young .fellows that I met •!) headquarters, Charles Bolte, • Gi Harrison and Edward McHale are dr "nr,t; .aiid full pf, ideas and bust •twHh , energy.u'Bu'i.ldih.g lu'p 'the IT - is a -job :;and'-I might-say a competitive .game with -their;, ,the principal competitor among the new outits being the American Veterans of World W,ar» II -o- Amvets. The AVC are'.:iow 'irymg to .raise a million dollars to spenc on_ organizing but I doubt ,th'at they Will get air that and 'I think' tHeii .publicity is out of proportion to their strength- inasmuch as -they have only 60,000 members to date, notwithstanding the clamor. : .J^ e t,}J?. P.ick some items out of tfye AVC's platform. They say' the last vestiges ; of fascism should be destroyed in Germany, and Japan ,p-'}d that. tlj.ey ,shouy be "deindus- trialized," one of those jargon'jaw- breakers that fill the air these days. , Well, I am sorry, but it is inconsistent to holler for reedom of conscience and belief and then say we have got to eradicate- the political beliefs of others because we disagree with thenvand I say that tie harsher-the methods we use the greater the .resistance .will be in. the subjects. Then, too,"-I detect. :; m their :pwn program -proposals which seem to me to be ascist, such as the one providing 25 a week for 26 weeks'-for anyone who is out of a job because he refuses to cross a picket line. Nobody is entitled to six months a year..off at the expense of people •who keep on-working and paying .tax.es, .but even if you do -agree mat people who are actually out of work for no fault of thei,r own de- se f ve ,a dole are you-going to in" if .e s alUhe unioneersitp pull .strikes -hand and throw millions onto the relief rolls? ,Any Communist .-or , thu Yor underworld ; g, such as Joe ;,Fay in New rk, can call a strike at will and send pickets to a plant whose presence would make a couple of .thousand workers eligible for S25 'a week. In no lime, the Communists cpuld tie us in knots. Mussolini was a great fellow among the Italian workmen,' whatever you may near to the contrary, because he told them he was their pal and ineir papa .and anybody who can give $25 a week to X millions of Americans who want to go to the ball-games ..or take little side-jobs while they are "unemployed" can build up a powerful following with he public's •'money, : ns long as it asts. I don't know whether .these kids even know that there is no real legal definition of a strike t They may not know that any bum controlling a little local can P" } a strike to ingratiate himself with his members by getting them P25 a week for loafing, He doesn't ' h .aY. e . , trike. He just strikes nes , e , y o " n g amateur , any, reason for a and then politicians ..-. IJ f i .° , ","!«l.»=Ui PUHUUlilll.S would start shoveling out money to the unemployed." VPeindustrialize" Germany? the ,™^ -„,. tnat proposal^ ^ jurpose ,;of •was , , , , > a ck. -was to eliminate a highly sfHc.ient and productive competitor of Britain and France in "industrial" production. It got so that even Italy and Japan were "industrial" and Russia was coming along but the Germans were the YOUR CREPIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service. & town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture AM, WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 41 IS, Hotel FOR— Local Flights and CHARTERED FLIGHTS also , Flight Instructions APPLY AT THi HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT . thdfoDoctgbr in Complete . •',*.: •- have thumped ''t)ie Pjiils ten in a .row and hay'e -taken .he Bi'aves .12 .times agaift$t ;'only three defeats. ffhe''\sixth plate Ndw Yprk Giants have -won s'tS-'out of 11 cam.es from the Brooks. The Dodgers have won 11 out of 17 from .the tail-end Pittsburgh PJrates.and ten out;of 17 from the . Cicinnati. Reds •The St. Louis Red . . . Birds 'have division ....clubs-. ;The Dqdgers pulled game out of ,the, fire last'.'nipht as they-v.trimmed the aravelj;," 7 ^4 "ffo'ie a total ; paid atteridan.ee of 41,0,45,- the largest :at >BVaves. field .in , more than 13 years. ^ . r/ Trailing -3-1 in the "fourth; •-. the Dodgers surged ahead in -the- fifth by scoring five runs on a "three-run npmer .by Pee Wee Reese and a two-run - circuit clout by;'^ -, -Dixie ' ' , . . ;", - I . Rookie- Southnaw Joel 'Hatten started for the Dodgers but lasted less ,than 'three innings. Hajili. Behrman and Ralph Branca 755 finished up, ..allowing .only o^ie .rdrtr-Br'anca receiged credit ,for the wtfv'< " : Mort Cooper began for ..'Boston but .blew up in the fifth. -.'•'- : . J; •• In an- exhibition ' con'test' ; at New York, the Giants dropped a '3-2 de- .cision-tp 4he -Yanks and lost 'the services of Johnny Mize, the senior .loop's top home run hitter , for two to three weeks. Mize suffered a fractured right hand when struck by a pitched ball by Joe, .Page in the first inning, ' Germany to . -.-•" •"•• '-.,_ / •' 1-Ierford, Germany, Aug R ~(K>)-^. Waving fields of wheat and rye indicate th.at Germany will 'havS a fair,:harycsl this yenr, »bi.it British experts say that import of thousands of tons of Joodfell will t - , , T " w *.,-* be needed to keep -the pijolae alive next winter, arid spring. J''" '•'< .;The.industrial British zorie, even m normal times .with' bumper crops never was able, to'supply all its food requirements. And this year the crop will fall short of its potential capacity even .though, the farmlands appear to • the casual observer to be producing food in abundance. . "The lack of fertilizers '15'show- ing in all the grain crops', for it — — —.. »,, 4n,L»w raiKiviit , , vv IJJl| llTj figured the rolt would be steered by Many Fil?, Patrick who nand led him at Old Orchaid, Me., last Week. , . Bqt Fit?, trains lor E. J, Baker, the St. Charles, ..111., oilman, who owns the Hambleton- ian's second choice,' •WcslfiekUGiri: Hl.flh Finance in Hay-Burners The collection of gasps that went P here yestosdny sounded like a '--0 lire getting a flat. . . The occasion was when Walter E Smith, lie Los Angeles man who looks a ittlp like Clark Gable and deals jn Hollywood numbers, gave Bill Dls f -'A And Dat-A • ', Greeny/old Gals Softball outfit "ill C 6 cl a 1- h U r s t, Long •fslnntl which alrtiady nas knocked' off one men's te'am 10-0, has booked a game for tomorrow night with the Kings Point Mer"chant Marine Academy, now lead /Grid 'Champion Golf Tournament >eptember 7-B r While Plains, N. Y., Aug. 6- v « v — Herman Barron, recent winner of American open, and Lloyd Man- firum, Texan who won the U. S. Open championship today agreed '- compete with Sammy Snead o£ I -Springs, Va., Bnlish Open er,;foi the world's golf chain- Pionship at George S May's Tam' O Shantei couse in Chicago, 'Sept, 7-,o. ( j'A.fourth golfer, said May, will be th> victoi iri 'the P.G.A. Hourna-l mbnt at Poitland, Ore., Aug. 19- At). •The world's championship will be a $10,000 wmncr-taKe-all everlt of 36 holes, 18 on each Say. In the event ot a tie a play-otf will be held on Monday. Sept. 9 has been impossible to give nil the exhausted soil ,half Us needs of potash, phosphorous and, above all, nitrogen, ' one British agricultural expei t leporled. "i-'Jelds of wheat and rye at first glance appear as leasonable crops. But when examined closely they show many neads undei an in.cn .long and grains themselves are small and light." .He said a shoitage of harvesting materials will make itself felt, that reaping machines aie old and worn, and that the number of carts and noises, is insufficient. The early polatp ciop is rated as good" and is being harvested two WCCKS sooner than usur 1 The irUit crop aljo is described as good and, sugar -.beets have itro.wh well.. The corn . cr.qp; hardest, -hit by heavy rains, is expected to be GO to 70 percent-, of norma! : .Officials, estimate.'JJiat.rtfoV '.per- ent of 14sif : 'y.ear'.s-iiriJlt ,crop-..went into the l:)ack market. This'year the roads and railways from fruit Cane a 40,000 check to buy ChcSt- crtown. . . -That's the mbit "cabbage" ever paid for a three year old trotter and the highest price for any trotter in 20 years. .After the Hambletonian, Smith is Jgur- |ng on Funning Cheslerlovi In Stakes at Lexington, Ky,, Illinois State Fair.arid the 60,000 trot at Hollywood next Aprili ' '.'• ing its own league The Gals claim their flipper, Louise Saner, who'has whiffed 00 in winning fl for 9 this seaspn, is the hottest hurler this side of the Mississippi. o Lookouts Gain on Idle Loop Leaders By The Associated Press Heavy hitting behind good pitching'.enabled the Chattanooga Look- outs'to .defeat.Memphis 15 to 2 last night and gain over .the Atlanta Crackers, leaders »i the Southern Association pennant fight, who were: idle, Brandy tossed four-hit ballot the third-place Chicks while his' mates slammed three t Memohis mounds- men ' for 13 hits Two doubles by Catcher Gieek Gedrge' a.c# counted for five luns. <J *,* The Lookouts knocked Homer: Spragins from'the b'ox in ttye first? .when they shoved across eight markers; The fourth-place 'Nashville Vols lost to the Cellaj-ite Travelers at Little Bock, 4 to 3, and *' New Orleans squeezed bv the ftiirming- ham sraB otno,in7j6 ham Barons, 7 to ,6, m a loosely played 13-innmg game. Atlanta was rained out at Mobile , Three singles ai\d a double that produced two runs m the eighth turned the tide for Little Rock. In the ninth, Nashville got two men on with none out, but a snappy double-play ended the rally. Tonight's games- Atlanta • .at .Mobile Birmingham at New Orleans Chattanooga at Memphis Nashvillp at Little Rock. Today's Games m growing areas are being guarded P By The Associated Press American League Cleveland at .Chicago 7:30 p Detroit at St. Louis 7:30 p m Philadelphia at Boston 1 p. m. New.,York at Washington 7:30 p. m. .. ; r. tNstiftnar League Bradklyn at New York 6:45 p. m. T^ston at Philadelphia 6:4 5p. "m Chicago at Cincinnati 7:30 p. m — a ulerd precaution in part -'to that has contrib- .false rumoijs 1 ,-in best of Ihe.lot. So now .we would -,. .... _ . ,. 'deinatistrial- them so as to take a'ieading competitor permanently out of ihe play and make clods of Hhe Germans foremer. We can look'to our own south, for an earlier;.-• expert- nent in-that, and we caii look to some of the loudest exponents of that program in -Germany for some of the most .mournful lamen- .ations over the stupidity 'of the lorth and the prolonged economic and social "backwardness" of the southern states. Now th.ey are Naming -northern Industrialists for that but regardless ot where, the juilt may lie, the condition,, itself s what they deplore and yet they advocate the same condition jn Germany. I see no peace , down lat road. .,;.,. Then AVC says, in its summary, that it "backed universal -lowering of immigration barriers to "all dis- Dlaced persons." I don't find that n anj resolution but that is; what the summary says and drawing a Jlam meaning fronV^i: plain anguaire I suppose they w/jiild invite all D.P.'s in Europe i;to rush over here. Any veteran who be- ieves in that should join the AVC, I told you yesterday that they want to sever relations with Spain and propose a boycott to .force .•ranco out and restore the "government in exile." That probably would mean civil war again in more dead and renewed hatred of Spain and a few hundred thousand the United States by a people^-who might be beginning to Jiks us Here they agree with the'' Com- nuiusts but that may be -only a emporary agreement because Stal- n may shake hands-with Franco to norrow and make monkeys of us i we should adopt any such- atti- ude. The young men thought I did nem.wron? recently in reporting hat they had adopted a slippeiiy resolution purporting • to reieclJIa sonus for veterans but • acUrany hreatening to demand aj'bpnus»a ittle later. The resolution^hatvl nought was adopted really was ejected but I think the fa'ujt was >t least as much theirs as- mine because it was slugged j'adden- tan to platform" in their -Uulletin. .he he.ad said, "defeated ^ bonus proposal" and I construed the word 'defeated" as a verb whereas they meant it as an adjective. Anyway, I readily promised io nake it clear that the resolution was not adopted. They came on with a J'us,h in a great flurry of propaganda'but hey have only one organizer in he field now and, from now on. believe, they will have to sell heir program strictly ' 'on its merits which., is all right With hern, I am sure, b.ecau$a»-'ihey /ant intelligent and criticsal-jnem- lers. Other intelligent an&CHJUca'l veterans, naturally, will want »._ u ... ^.MI^ tu .mini; iuuiuita i^jjl Hamburg that the entire cro'p is beirig flown to England daily;,. The Colorado beetle ,has^ .appeared on. potato plants, but has been held largely in check', by sprayjng and. by plant-to-planl inspections ! by school children. , ' Germans practice crop- rotation, but the demand for food is so great that they do not leave exhausted soil barren, for recuperation. Food, some of: it poor in quality, is growing in symetrical plots throughout every farm. "We cannot tench -these^people' anything about farming," said a British military government official, who himself operates a farm at home. "We can' only "supervise operations to see that the" i'ood is directed into the proper channels/' • ' " •<.'•"'• --i. Harvesting of hay and alfalfa is one. of the chief agricultural'tasks at present. Men, women and children can be seen working in <he fields from dawn until dusk; which does not fall until'about 10:30 p.m. — O— -, : Whether or not we like it, the' raot remains that.practically all of the countries of the world are' looking either- to Washington' or Moscow. — Rep. James Wadswor'lh j (R) of New York. • Cnicagq. a t p. m. 1 " St. Louis a t p. m. •o Cincinnjjy 7:30 Pittsburgh 6:30 Hardwoods are so plentiful in Nigeria, Africa, that mahogany planks are used .in boardwalks i and to'cover mudhbles ' Hefner, Lion Winners in Softball Play I* PWiWK? 's Jewelry .team forfeited ...r Nash .l^st night after failing 46 put 'the required -number of moas6tr the, field at Fair- park,' J|J "» ^hibitioh Hefnef" edged out Stewart's »B J to -7. . In "the second c6nt6sl Lion Pit defeaied 'Hope Light comjiany 7 to 0 ih a Well-played game. Tonight at the. park the Whiz K 'ds wU play Rephan'a at 7:30 and Wylie takes on Moore's Maik- of. . , Last night's box scoi-ef ' ' 'Lion Oil , AB R H Tolleson, 3b 50 Wright, p 5 Hammons, Ib 3 Ross, 2b Muiphy, ss Cumbie, c Stuart, cf 4 Leverettc, rf Brunei-, K 1 2 42 50 3 1 0 1 0 0 11 10 400 ,400 Hope Light Co. Messer, c Malone, ss Phillips, Ib A Malone, 3b • Butler, rf Bell, 2b Mitchell, If 32 0 5 Yesterday's Stars /'I • •'/By The' Associated ' Press ' •>Pee Wee' Reese, Dcidgers—clou- teo: three run hbmer to»aid Brook^i in ^ownirig ^Boston/ 7-4. t o '—^- i • v^hf T" 081 populous possession °. f J 9 r ?? 1 . Britain after -India is Wpst Afriqa, with 20' million inhabitants. iLAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years .Experience I specialize in Repairs and Shaipening M. £. JBRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. Just Received Shipment R. C. A. VICTOR Both Battery and Electric ARCHER MOTOR CO. Phone 838 . FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE o PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS. • BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing .Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating iPhone 269 Hope. Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and .Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant ;Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) ' If No Answer Phone 3158-R COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co, Phone 241 . Hppe, Doug /"<ITY Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: \ CARL .JONES Complete Repair Shop Body and Fender Shop Complete Paint Shop It's Plenty '-ts^afe. i^HB 1 ** •• - mi DINE AT PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope GOOD FOOD STEAKS • CHiCKiN Every THURSDAY Night Dance to Music of HUGH BERRY and hi.s Soiithernair^s Closed—-Sunday Monday Twosd.qy is Uidies Night Ladies Admitted Free For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J e Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING, BARWICK'S Electric Service 114'E. Third St. Hope, Ark. Political Announcements jriie Star is -tmthorfeed,i»f **\*1 ahhOUne&'-the follfltWttf fOf^St *'! mer '- County Clefk F'or County Treasurer', MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE ^5. SWELL A. BURKE * <•"<"' For County -Judg r "^ A.«LUCK . FR A^ K RIDER For .Representative " GLEN .WALKER" J .ARTHUR tC.' ANDERSON For-Sheriff .and Collector-' <• ' Combination „ ,,, Bob Elmore ^Auto Supply Tilt-Roy Venetian BlindsCo.- -1123 County Avef ' l Texarkana, Arkah^as 1 ' WE • CLEAN 'EM »» ' • REPAIR 'EW* • ••PAINT *El«r* • ADJUST 'EM . .• .RE.CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM~ Manufacturers of 'New Cu^lom- Made,Metal Venetian, Blinds - FREE ESTIMATE.'PICK-UP. D E LIV E RY, is, for » ; '»*'*T* <&• on your fire insurance! We can give you complete '•£ protection, and save you at^r, least 20% on your insurance*-».-V cost. Your life insurance . ^ , pays dividends, why not >' your fire insurance? FosterrEilis if MUTUAL INSURANCE AGE^CY,^, Non-Assessable Legal Reserve -& 108 East 2nd . .. Phone, 221 ,,„„ +n — ., ^^,v ^P Time to Pack Away: Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 f V fl We Pick Up and Deliver Put them ih -,, Moth Proof Bags *„; 'frt$^'* • Plenty of Parking Spacey 1 ^; • »»i*.. , -*&/»•* HUGH B, HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 r » V»" %" • 1, ? A '4! '•" Jl'44 ^r tg »' l ' |31 2H '^»»V m ."^-. a CASH • in 10 Minutes! from us en yoyr ear, or elousist <?ny. thing of value, We'll lend you qll you need if we Possibly ?gn, regardless of where you live, The more. ' "" you wqnt the better we like it Ten minutes usually gets yoM the cash, ' Ask for Mr, Mclgrly, j W*' 1 r»* >»" "S i' V j -^ f — -*i tm i -V^"^ ->*/^ •*<4 j- ' r*v y iW I )f|). t, •'*> Mill Si t UHjii 11 * " 1 v J)l ~ V'%**' i .r^j' l< »iV* ^n ^ ' fi" . t - • -- ^Pfe^^i^^^wfe^ri^ -—' --•- —

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