Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 6, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 6, 1946
Page 2
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\ '.-'" .-""' .'• Ai*?: "'- ' :> '' > ' 1rf '''''''* ' ' „.„-_ Steady, $1.25 ales 1,262. Low rhid- Infl 34.20. Good Receipts 3,713. lo \v83.81 *-* ciose off 41 34.09 — low 33.43 — close 3^44 off 40. Hope Star / .A it K A N S A S Out of Organization IfcSirSit uation Dehdrarrtls eh not ft peace<ro two coiihtHes. 'he main* tan's, YaW 'befen'at w'arisihce l§4 t.. .1, - • 1___ " ^- j r *-—j - Y afKSrrwort by STAR PUBtlSHlMO CO. C. I, P4lm«f. Preildont, Al«k. M. Waihbum, Secrfitofy-tfeasufor -;Ot-th«-Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street. . Hope Ark. ; Wa»tiburn,*WI»or «. fubllihef tnrered o* second class ntattef at }h* Pott.Office at Hope, Arkansas, unctof the Act br Morc^i 3," 1897. • . I»)—Means 'A's'socldted Press. EA)—M«ifii Newspaper EnterpHM \Subierlptlw" Rat«! (Alwavi jPavoblc ,ln . r _.,.,. , ,.jt (AlwOV*tPavoblP ,lr Advdndef: 6]} xity cofrier per vy^k 20e, per month * Sic. Mail ratesr-in Hemp iteod, Nevada,u Howard, •,Minor ond LoFayette cpuntiesr4 J *« 50 -?P e ' V 8 *"; elie where $8 50. 'Marnbw of The Ano«la»ei( PreU! The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the US* .for fepublicallon of all news dis- oatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and also tne loca lews DObllshed herein. A'dvertlilnt Inc.; Re'praswitotlv* — ' Terifl rhwikM . . ,.---^., r , , .,, . Jt«rlck<eulldino: Chlcodo, 400 Nof^h M ch (gdn Av«nu*; N«W YorX City, 294,Mddison Ave.j Detf6lf, Mich., 2842 V\. Granc 1 Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 314 Terminal B Orleans, 722 Union -St On the other hand Dr. All.Kuci .Resistance leader in Albania's war time underground, denies these al legations and says -the Greeks ar "waging a w^ r of netves" in el Hints Scandal in National Spending 'tCe*, 'tKfit , Atlg. () -J/P)— Selling In -t6day.s Atoclt .market It .never waS really op- >t*AsiVeufttl«i, as in »the preceding number of-iavorltes-mfth i tru $ a ' Milwaukee, ^AUg 6 >rhj>r N. Bradley, , J,veterans affairs, said ..... 'unless preventive 'acjtlon v ls ,.. . a national scandal mhy be Iti -the may be In the Making. 1<J millions in 'fedeVal fUhtU." In a speech delivered -before the 48th annual conVentioft or the Spah^ sh War Veteraps and .b.fondoast over a nationwide (CBS) netwofck, Sen. Bradley declared: has reached 'the point wh^e I "The veterans adrnWlstfatlpi must reconsider the' objectives -of its program. "Even without recent -reports on job-placement training, it -*s ap parent that something is -wrong Something is wrong When an on the job traine ecan:-collect- a\400 monthly Wage in addition to sub sistence—while a college 'studfett with wife .and child rnust.,'forf,ei his $90 a month to'take ; a;full-time ,, vtg ^,, r „ „...,_._ ..,.. job for family support. Something hoisted textile'ceilings. Supporte- is iwrong'when it .takes thr.ee i years • _•••>..*-. . . ..*» •to; learn '-to '• become a, slock ' ; clerk> in: one state and three months in another. Something si wrong .when: the beginning..wage of its-trainees; by an amount equal to their sub- fcj.- L$u(S 'LIVESTOCK ^^nl&^ahgersit^'-di^ ''^^^^^^S^ ^^il^S^Mi^'tft: 'blr^S S jS'SfelS S§ K^^5SMA ®er;,& 2 4l? n ^,17«^ NEW New - 'car s pfiees unchanged. aged to brenst the current tot !°Ttmtd bidding ftppeated in (the final hour nsd extreme jlpsses run* hlng to 2 or more points werd re* dUced In most cases at the close. "Dhihness" ,of the market brought variations of a pOiht P So * on Single sales for scattered .Issues Dealings texpahded on forenoon of« ' s and slowed ns pr,lces-stU- Transfers tor Jlhe Mil -proceedings were in the vicinity of 750,000 shares. ' , •, <• 'Lower were U. S. Steel. Chrys' ler. Goodrich, Montgomery Wa'-d, Peere, >Unlon Pacific, Santa Fd, tflram Walker, Electric Power-fc Light,, -Anaconda, Allied Chemical, J-.-S.G. Penney and U. S. .Gypsum. ; ' American -Woolen .common .and jp'referred, together with -Wyandotte wbrsted.i pushed upward following "hoisted,textile 'ceilings. Supportecl wdre Paramount Pictures,' 'U. -S.: Llhes, Great''Northern, Texas Co., Woblworth and- Union .Carbide." ' Railway,bonds slipped. -.-.. •o- * Scat tion ahd hedgirig developed a reactionary otrendMn lh«-cpttoh fit- .tures maKkel -today, •yhesel ing was inspired .partly .by, ( the vjtapt that some trade. quaHqrs re ards ttyeli' ,-ldeBS jpn, ,tl\e cotton. ejiop.. pall ing. ...,-__- .-^ The .Volume ,of tra • ! - '"- was nggov w>ek .over . ulb.O La cents 34.3 com r of 9, bales pnd 9,768,000 ,wlth O bales.. ernoon p to" 1.00 a bale lower. .Oc .35, Dec. ' 3,4.45, and Mch .34.25 F.iitUl;es closed. ,70 .cents 1 to $2.3 o :bale slower. : ,. ... , '. ...• Oct. 'high 34.70 ^- low -34.17 ,-^34;29 'off Ifi.' ' " Dec. thigh 34,81 -^- low- 34.29 — las 34 t 40 .off 19. .'.',.". Mch ,high .-34,00 — ow 34.0? — las 34.1S-20,of f!5 to 20. : May .liish'34,36 .— .low 3.80 — las %;3i8fiS 'ohf '•.•t3/A» .••'.. ' Jlysihigh.' 34.09 S^V' IpW 33.38 T- las ' 33.3' 80ff' 40. .' , . Oct. high 32.20..— 4o.^ 31.50. — . last . 31.54 off. 4fl;\';; • Middling, spot 85;07N, off 18 . '•" '" 1 ' ' ' ' " '* ' l **''"''*'> i '^"'/v*'' ifff'^^^^r^'^^^S; i -' ',," „' . - " . ,:- i! *.\ t'^kilmsj tfor^-loigSt ^rthVrn-fipiWsiwhlch ^S^ 8 V5f^olS' &W^^£^^^^^t^ 'Al^^ns demands vbe returned -by ,.A1-. a g ^ nc 'i es i,, .selling' on-the-job itrftlh^fA^. SPWS mainly 21. 7M 2.00, f^w ^ania.. He asserts -Greece has pro- -,'g. t 0 Business: X^X it .is^cajise^SSrV"* 21.50^ m stags lG.on.l7.Op, ...\. n J n ..«V. UnH^nn nlnal^ne. or rtn_ .. ° • .. •- .'* • • .»-_,-'•_ ^..-_. ^ i i_ L 1 .. "_..'_' 'QparS I U. DU-l^SiOU. ' . - r. -•. • • -. , vojked such .border clashes ".as ,ocr ciirr,ed. <-. ' •;[' This imbroglio between CSreece t and. Alba'riia/'.however, is Of *small these danger's ha ; ve become Gen. Bradley approved his o ik/vy that -we ; flt ,e : .4 , 8 0o: -.caivMVa'.SflO; oV ;J-^-< __ j_ _A_^_«H.. -«i..,.j..,' U^ .„. _tee.rs 24.00r some '.held iV!;;medium and good -sleer*. 16.'5Q- - " choice heifers 24:60;^- ' ''" A ! r-t through "the centuries have javpr- .state, lor a .ceiung. on me earnings n 'li h ' on -this class 1 eoo'd to choice ^.^^^ Balkans ^s a center,of or veterans ^ecelyjng^ovejramsgt- h^rfa^mS Sings 9 S Note These Features: .that ;gro>vrvu.p' tp.uch sp jT^ey .fit, .wear ond ihold -thei r r ;<lprjger itban ordinary ghpes. Rre- 'wear ,by scores of girls. B,uy skillfully fttted at Foster's. _ 1 _ T ._.,-.._ r are playing a game in subsistence and arranging>for,pay- Which .thfese two small,states .are ment .of subsistence to all^ull-time. chessmerf! In the background are 'students, whatever their extra;,em- two maior world powers — Russia ploymehC provided: monthly ..earn-', and'Britain"—"which are -eyeing ings do not exceed ceiling"';for .011- .ea'ch other closely, for the Soviet the-job •training'. . .' r ; regards the Balkans as its zone .of ' ' — influence, and England is b'ent on maintaining its domination ,of Gree.ce as a vital politico-military ,base' —the last rightist beachhead on >the Balkan peninsula. The situation is intricate, as befits the -Balkans Albania is. to', all: ^ntents an- appendage of Yugoslavia which is ruled by Marshal Tito. The marshal basks in the favor. Of Moscow and {he signs are :that upon <his shoulders rests the .task pf Safeguarding Greece. Red interests 'in •Yugoslavia has a large military force along the Gi,eek frontier. So. " ' ' itself a strong ,c' r *^g ct;ops of Greek ^Communists ; 'has • v "" c been established. ' ' ! : <The other side of the picture js this: 'The Greeks, I am told by T a -You'll find'Shoes fpr ,all >the'Family-at -FOSTER'S £ood Shoes are Fitted Correctly STER'S famous .to «lleve -pa(n, jiervous distress" and teak, cranky, 'dragged out' feel- )ngs, pf such days— when due to female functional monthly dlstur- banpeB. A\so fine stomachic tonic 1 SHOE STOW -. CorbinFojter Phone 1100 ,- .. fxpansiion Little Rock, Aug. 6 — (IP)'- The Arkansas Power and. Light ;Cpm-: heifers and mixed yedrlirigs -17.'5p 23»pO;- common -and .medium",.beef cows'9.5'0-13. : 00; odd head :'arbund 14jOO; icanners .and .cutters''' 8.009,50; :bee,,fbulls 14.00-25; '.sausage .bulls 12.00 ; 13.,75; v.ealers 1.00 'high- ,e'fV nhoice'-19.7t' medium and .good. 1'4;00-18.50; nominal range'.'.slniight-l eJV steers 11.50-27.00;': .slaughter heife.rs••/ 9.50-25.0: stocker and feeder steers 10.00-16.50. . '.Sheep, ..2,500; steady .on all classesjiicHoiee spring lambs uD4o 22;00 freely,%-good and choice 20.50-^ 22iOO. ;medium to good 16.50-20.00; cull to; common 12.00-13.00; some to .feeder .interests 13.50; best slaughter ewes 6.50 - culls down to 4.5^). .'...". o . • ,iNV;>V ,;v/J ivw** 1 .,•'«**!».; 1W -., v*l / ,, , •• ton -futlireif "closed Vbai-ely; ''stqidy, $1,65' to '2.30 'a". 1 bale ,low,6r.''' ' -j; Oct high 34,65 — low 34.09 — close 34.15 off 33 1 '' .;•-... u .i- ( | 'Dec High ; '34!7Cr-"lbw r . 5,4.23'—,.c'lcise; ".••-•S4.25-29 ,6ff .34. ;:' " ,Mch'hi'gh : :34.06N-^lPw;3'4.10 —Vclpjip pany plans a "dollar five;' to six? POULTR YAND .PRO.DUCE Chicago, Aug. 6 —(/P) —Butter,' ' ettled; receipts 030,186; j 90 .,,_,a-e B 67.5; 89 C 66: cars: ,89; : State PUbljcjlC,/j66; others "unchanged. Eggs, top! .today.;.;,.-"/ '• - v.ffirm, balance irregular; i;eceiDts Minnis. -told -the! .commission -of 6i764; (U. S. .exlras No .1 and 2^the plans w ile .testifying >oniaicpn-;M8-4L5; others" unch.anged. ' ' struotinn hedcet ; .beinB 'briBDared. ;'"T.ivo nm'iKrv cionHv vo/ MY Child! Better learn th« Truth, Mother! Recent' medical reports Tcvfal that nn nmazlnpr number, of .children (and grown-- ubfl.tpo)' may be "victims of -Pln-Worrris— often without BUBpecihlK wh^at is .-(vroiu:! And the»o pents, llvlnc and erowInK inside the liuman body, can cauae real,distreag. : Sb watch out for the warnlni? Bigna , - ood source, have from 60,000; -to ),000 troops .under arms, j arid rnany of these are' t m that .northern 1 area facing Yugoslavia and Albania And Britain is said to have some 30,000 to 40,000 troops in Greece • ' - - -r •; !i \One doesn't have to be the .-seventh son of the seventh son pf_;-a" prophet to iccognize that .this ituation, which' at -present •basical- y is a conflict of ideologies, is. also is explosive militarily as a block- juster. Should full-blown war cpme i )etween Gre.ece and the Alhanian- YjUgoslav Allies on 4he north; vnp man coUld tell how far the conflagration might rim. It- easily cOuld .mean another world conflict. -"! 'While both sides are eyeing each other across their gun-sights, each: The Communist- struction bedget ; .being ' prep.ared, f ' Live poultry: ' -' prep.a t Joft ' tnny .mei(n Pin-Worma—especially the ni;- ernVatinir rectal ItcV If you sunpect this ugly, infection, get JAVNE'S .-P-W right away, and: follow .the directions. i i .P-W is the name of the Pin-Worm tab- letn developed, by the laboratories of Dr. D. Jayrie *jk Son,, after years ot patient re- .Bearch. /The small, easy-to-take P-W tableta -net iii n'Bpeclnr'way to reniove'Pln-Worma. HOMEOWNERS ond . • HOME BUILDERS : Insl-CoHon InsUlotion Is the World^s .Finest Tfrpe of Attic lns.ulqf ion Avoildbilc Jto the Public •If-you can buy, or.anyone can-sell'you q\be.ttcr insulation, ,we will pay for it.and,hav.e it .installed,in your home .free. Insl-Cotton Insulation is tested !and certified .by.the Government. . , •-....'."• 400 degrees heat on one sicte only-'raised 'the temperature •3-5th of one degree on.the reversfi'Side-in a three-hour test. Fire, Vermin and Moisture Resistant Insl-Cotton is flame-proof ^nd'-fire^etar^hig-TCVqn when subjected to 1600 degrees ..F. flame from .a .blowtorch. Te.sleci ana certified by'a Federal inspector stationed .at .the •factory by the. US Department of AgricuHurc^ ansJ.-Cptton w Knot harbor v6rmin' orliouseliold pests, .\yill•flotft-.Jn water for days. ertotial Phew fti BetwMrt B a. m, , nd 4 p , m , al Calendar seryatlon Nursery School bectl h eld in notified. August 8 Sunday r Schoo i First Baptist church will sday evening at 7:30 at of Mrs. Leon Davis on annan street for lls.rcgu- ( thly business and social InslrCotlon .i ;'. . Exceeds • , Technical Requirements f.or Approved Insulation In FHA and PPMA specifications. Note Information in table (at right) .computeid from 'data In Heating .and Ventilation Engineers Guide (1944). -Every lot is inspected and .tested. Insl-Cotton is .a quality insulation—competitively priced. (Comparative Thickness of .Building 'M Aerials -Required:, to .Equal 1 Insulation Value of -1-ln. of '• < lnsLC6tton .Insulation. '/'"' v V' '" Tp equal l.Inch tWck, Material . Irisl.Co.tlon insulation 'San.<rarid gravel concrete.; 52 n. Stone • 52 : ln. Stucqo •, -....- , Limestone Concrete Slate*.Shingles Composition Shingles .Br.iok (low density) .Concrete (cinder) ,Plaste.rion metal lath ... .Woo.fi Shingles ; TJIe (typical hollow clay) .... -. -.. Yellow ;Plne , , ..... 4 in. •Source: iComputed from .Heating Ventilating, Atr-Conditioning.Guide, 1944. • : . 52 In. . .46 In: , 41 In. . 27 In. . 20 in. . .19,In. . 1.8 In. . -5 In. .4 In. We have a special .deal this .week on ilnsl-Cotton Insulation and Metal Weatherslripping-Make your home IS degrees coQler m hot weather—sav.e over 50,per cent of ;your fuel bill in wintei—Let the investment pay for .itself. I Rusty J.ones, l-PCfll Representative '. .* • ^l.. .- .4*' M «A« .H ' . . ,,, August 8 lope Business and Prof ess'-' /omen's club .will meet y evening nt V:30 at the inent station for its regular • " business and socinl meet- club will hold its nnnunl * u --'.fPnnnt sale and a picnic Supper wi 1 bo served. All members "^ urged to attend. i Ciij^rnan-Colller j Marriage Announced Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Carman of i V c , sc o lt announce the marriaBc of J « lclr _ daughter,' O'Dcll, to Hrirrcll ?' Au" 01 ' 1 s ? n °^ Ml '- and Mrs. i J. Aubrey Collier of this city. The tt ?}. a j rlagc was solemnized Sunday » v aftdrnoon, August-4, al the home of V y. 10 J? ffic 'al-'ng minister,' Rev. W. \ E .Thompson, in Prcscott. Mrs. j Jewell Burke of DcAnii was ma- 5 Iron of honor.and Mr. Erwin Baker of ty-po served as best man TW. bride was attired-In'« dress of pastel blue with brown accessories, nnd her flowers were a corsage -of pink rose buds. After n wedding trip to Hoi bprlngs and points in the Ox.arks the!couple will be fll home'at 915 West: Sixth street, Hope. i Vi W. A. House Party Monday Night J Thcv Young Women's Auxiliary qf First Baptist church was hosl- f s.:.lo Hope and Little River-Y.• ^Association'on Monday night, lurches represented were: Magnolia, Tcxarkana, Horatio and rfashvillc. : At 5:30 Monday afternoon the n.f.efetfriB was opened. Following registration the guests- were invited into, the dining room where four tables covered with white damask and' centered with arrangements of rosos and other Summer flowers had been arranged. A delightful supper was served by members of the Girls Auxiliary to 33 members and guests. The meal was prep«red. by the Women's Missionary union of the.church, Miss Wanda Ruggles as toastmls- Iress welcomed ihe visiting members and introduced the two special guests, Miss. Catherine Jordan and Miss Tennettc Lavender, Following, the suppeiv the meeting was ;hdj6urhedf'lp ;'thfl church auditorium Wh^reiMlfs'Bgtty Ruth Meaclor of TeXarkanfc! gaVg the de- Volionali 1 ' : '• ',.-.!I i;s J , The speakers for the evening were:.,MisstCatherine- Jordan, Mrs. Buck' and'Miss Tohnctte Lavcndar. ' FtJllrj\Vir1g"tlie'¥r6gram the mern- bers wore]invllea,to Ihe Educntldii- al building 1 fdf a .bunking party. •Mrs.''S'/'A.' Wh'itlow.presided ''at the breakfast arid, Introduced Miss' Lillian SlrJcldjxricrof.NHshvlllc who gave the devotional. Following the breakfast Miss Lavendar again spoke on her missionary work, Wlnbeiry-Rldllng- Marriage Announced Mrs. Nellie Phillips, 1011 West Sixlh slrect, announces the marriage of Miss Clara Winbcrry of Waldo, Ark., to Mr. Thurman Rid- llng of this city. The impressive single-ring -ceremony was read by Rev. D. O. Silvey at his home here Saturday evening al 8:30 o'clock. The couple had no altendants. The bride was becomingly attired in n white linen dress with brown accessories anc: her flowers were -a corsage of pink tube roses. ' : Mrs. Ridling, who is a graduate of Magnolia A. & M. college, at- Icndect Henderson- Slate Teachers college, Arkadclphia, -and for tjic past four'years has been a member, of the Spring Hill school facility, will be 'a member of Ihe Hope High school faculty this year, j Mr. Hidling is employed at Ihi SPG. .'.- - . -..-"; -|. • The couple will make their honfic at 1002 East Second street. ]' ' Circle No. 2 W.S.C.S. ' '' Met Monday Afterncun Circle No. 2 of the W. S. C. S. of First Methodist church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Leon Bundy with Mrs. s. O. Milam as associate hostess. Mrs. , B. W. Edwards presented the program on "How the Family Grows." She was assisted by Mrs. E. P. O'Neal and Mrs. Loon Bundy. During the-social, nour ihe hostess served iced watermelon to eight members and one guest. Cornlha and Miss Harriot-Story wstt arrive Wednesday In Texarkaha via plahe from Washington D..C,, fdf a Visit with her parent^ Mr. and Mrs. aarrett Stbry hferc. t , Mrs. J. B. Koonce will leave Tuesday night for Baltimore/ Md,, where she will be met by her adri, Captain T, B. Koonce, USN; frdm Baltimore they will go to Annab- oils, Md., where Mrs, Koonce will visit Captain KoortCc's family. Mr, and Mrs. Edwin Stewart and son, Eddie, left Sunday night for a three-Weeks;, vacation visit in New York arid other points in the 'East.-. •;•>,-"•'••.!'.•,> -•..,••' 7. :•.-•••. 'Mr. John 'Koonce 'has retlifricd IP his home in Tulsa, Oklfl., after a':visit with 'his'mbthcr, Mrs. J. B; Koonce,- l here- ; :','••: ' ••-. :Mr. Rock , . . spent 'the ! 'w;ec.k.end' visiting' -his pai'cnts,- Mr. 'an'd Mrs. is. M. Harbin! 'of ;Hopc.. ;'.'v" ''; .-'; • ' Mls^ Mary ; Francc6 Irvlh of Ozan Is the guest or her ..sister, Mrs. Mllam Green, and. Mr. Green, here.' . - ' Hospital Note* Friends of Mrs.;''A. O Bright will regret to learn, that she is a patient at Julia Chester hospital. Accessory|Before Crime I.Wo'hder hoy^ many husbands and wlVeS who fight their way through an Unhappy marriage to the dlydrce coUrt and how many S a'rstifg ,who are heart'br'okert over ftllhqUent children ever ftttid the bitter' truth IHfjt they arev access dry .before the 1 'crimes which they sbv-mu'ch deptorfii ...• ,-., ^ i ',; if vhny, for we ai*e all , ssiHB the buck : and lay- iri|('6ut' Sins.atisbrncone else's door. IM : man /Started it when he ed^ Eve 'for. getting us evicted t6m'<.bur':- happy home 'and- all of is.'sottl since have used<:the same OKT -alibi :Wheh' 'they, got 'lhto< trouble'.", A-.'&hfc wish' .wife ; holds , her -hus- b&n'd:' responsible for her" 'temper. And^o'U never sec a houseful' of cHildreft -who are a scandaUito ;thc neighborhood '.whose mother dbe^n't toff \vhat a- good-' mother she . has btdfryi- ••.,,, •.; '..',- • . 'jo.., .. . .;.' I.Nbnc of us-arc willing ; lo should- cr'i'o'uriown personal load'.'of rcspon- sibUfty.for'.ouriacts. We'./want J- lo shift''the burdfin"-'.to someone else's bflc'lc;<Yct-if :.wc: would realize that tye/'ptacUcally'.'forced others into wrongdoing arid :that we might well sh>r 'Iwith the 1 , little priest Hn Cable's " forgive''iyou and D t> ''|"' : .-^"''.:''-iv 'v. V : "^^vr •.''/v^pyr!ght,',1946, .' i Ky K. Louise. Emery, ;: r>: "" '•'" v ' klKA "^"^ *'<-"- ; . .when she. learns that Cpcily has .', rcUlrned'Stcvic'stralcrnity pin, "tha't she'Ts'^richdly.with Val. ; xiv Delia, sized up- Cecily's appear- which (will ' rielude -the\cpst s.tructing^a ~" "" '" '' slpn''line 'in wliich his company- is* seeking . t'rar>smis-; north Arkansas,' : '.for • * ' ermit. quire some . additional ^inancjhg. :$. jEarlier Minnis haditestified^hat because 'of repent" borrowing: "ati stock sales, thefcompahy h'ad ^abo't t! 6,300,000 cash :bn hand -with" -wfiijtih;. to undertake various .types' <}f con-; .struction, lincluding 'sidrt '' VSatisf action guaranteed or your money back. . c.ell in northern .Greece works day. a|id night to strengthen its ranks with the aim pf .gaining control \pf Do you suffe MONTHLY the -transmis?" •The : application-j-fOEy-authority/to cristruot the line i-Sfrom ; ^Nbrfork Dam -via the ?Bull \ShoaIs ; .dam 'site and :Harrispn to Ozark;;Beach, .Mo;,* was) taken under' aclvise.mient,-.:• : by.- the commission. There -.wa-s no pp- ppsition to ^the .proposal., *' "Ralph R. Pittman, ,A.P.. L';, chief engineer, .testified the .line and itwo : substatiQhs -m \would cost about $1,200,000. 'He' .said it vy.as necessary ;to have .the -line f.or",tw' ;reasons-r-tb ^better -serve'the Harri- 1 son area and -to exchange,'so-called' "ieconomy -power" : ;with -the Empire District Power Company- '.( at- Ozark Beach...-. -...„.,. . .; : Under questioning from Commission Chairman.,Charles' C. Wine, ; TJittman said that A.P.-. ; &L,., .had' no assurance it .woujjj'obtain, ppwer' .-from Bull Shoals and thpt the line, w.ould be useful whether it' a ever obtained the dam's power. He said the .company - h.a.d' ,a .tentative agreement to furnish ..contractors po.w.e,r. necessary -to .c.qhptruct ;the ;Biill'Shoals 'dam xarid;,,that if tlje appl.ica,t.ibn was:granted'it was con- templ.ate^l ito :have 'the-'..line',.in u.?e by. next Jan. 1. ' "•' - WALKER'S eorly days were harvd — the kind of try -tbe-spuls of boys, faut he was fired with an,d determination. graduated frprp Spring Kill High School Jo, 393$. N 'WALKER, by hqrg 1 work and sqcrifice, gtteng>d M^gnplia A- and M'. Cpllege, ,pnd the University pf _-„ ..^r^jnsas Sahppl pf Law /' GLiN-WAk'KER has served 4J^-y«ors (n W-orJd War No. 2 gradually climbed f^pm ^gck Private -to is .returned hpme t Dapple, +p begin again where the war nagae At neg^s- ary fpr him t<p leoye pf^f,- He U ambitigus gnp: gble to make the pepple pf hi§ Kpme gpunty g pppd rep- XJLEN WAtKf R IS TWI MAN WHO iARNiSTiY AND WANTS TO MM! YOU ftlFRiSINTATIVf ELECT GUN WALKER Enroute Washmgtbn . for by Kansas City, Jfas., A«8- 'resident -Truman .tpoH . Vashington today, accompanied y '"ederal .Jud^ge .'Jp.hn . Cflskie Collet,. who has 'agreed -to tafe oyer a key role in "the economic stabilization office. (The presidential pJ.a.Jue. the Sacred Cow," was' expected to 1 arrive in Washington at 7 ». -m. (EST), Cpllet, who on.ce before left; western Misgpu,ri 'federal district jeofih to serve as disector of the Office of .Econornic Stabilizatipn, las agreed to .serve .again .this time as an .assistant to Reconversion Director John R. Steelman under whom the stabilization office DOW functions. Truman, who was accompanied to the airport by -his wife ariti da.ughter, told reporters at 4he airport that details p.f Judge Collet's assignment would be .announced in Washington .by 'Steelman. ; TV P H U 8 8T R I K'eS If ^LY Rome, Aug. 6 .-H/P)^- A thousand persons have been stricken by .ty« ; phus at the shore resort of Dianp Marina near Genoa, the newspaper Tempo said today. Nine " haye died sp far in the epidemic. the Athens gpvernmept ly. Meantime the .%5«*lWlppl | * | W*^7rk^^*f^':™""" iPP^"™ 1 " 1 * .yltimate- rightist gpverome.nt now jn ppw^er is' busy preparing fpr the plebiscite ph September 1 to decide whether King Geprge shall .fcg recalled ^tp the thi-qn,e hg fled in April of 1941 w.hen -the Q,er,rn.§ns IPO* .pver. Thus goes the battle f«r control pf Greece whieji affords 90 invaluable base Jrpjm w.hich Britain can- reach t^e Djird^ieiJsg, the ft«ez Panal and other .&trate,gi.c points pf the Middle Eastby air and by sea. Indeed a Friend to the *• , * of Hempstead County :-' 1 '- • > paid $33,448.24 to for rents County equipment from January 1941 thru July 1946. " feyijt wo ny miles lti Jj Dutches to fl nd ^rp- He hfl$ ql<> built over SJocIc IPbnds for the farmers of Hempstead County. Has cooperated with the AAA program in order that the farmers could receive money that had been allocated to Hempstead County, and in addition fro%he regular allotment, much of thf money that bifen bIJoeated to other counties f0 IJris type of work. Rf^ELKI FRED tyfcK arid give him a chance to serve you with your county out of debt and under peace time conditions/ I hgve been Justice ,pf Peace for 35 yegr# and Jhe "County is in the best fingn.ci.gl condilipn It.hgs ey.er heen .jn. This s.«J P9id fp.r\by--C. M- lewis. LAST DAY "ENCHANTED FOREST" STARTS WEDNESDAY asgggjg^^aTS^ga^^ en /ft "TecA/tfcolorf . . ffttes Ot ffa.me5Pf(>yrei.»t. AAicxey Mouse & PLUTO fecAer in P/s/te</'s Tecfalccioi- Caj-tocn. iSQUATTER'S RIG-HTS* LAST DAY 'RETURN OF W AN K 'JAMES STARTS WEDNESDAY "DUFFY'S since and Was: assailed' by : .posiliVc lei;ror. -'.Where's V, •your sorority pin?" sllc demanded: VHa.ve yOu! given it to that jackanapes?" ' • "I don't know'who/you're; talking about,'? Cecily-flared. "I threw it away. I'didn't join'a- -sorority so that some drippy., senior could outline my love life ; for ; me. I'll do as I please!'! • ', •:. •'.'•' "Cecily Halliday. You 'threw v a"r way that expensive "pin!- Resigned from your sorority to go with that — that — "- •' "-••-, --'v -.'.•;'-"•:•'• .".'I "I didn't either! • Why V. "should those girls take it upon •themselves to give me. orders?^You.could buy and sell the .whole lot 'of . .thehi; Don't worry— the governing board will be around, to, coax -mc'-back".— you'll see — they like -driving my car and getting my' extra'. . date's: iVell, it won't do them any, good I I'll start my own sorority and I'll .ake half of • their best members with me!" . . -' . . - - , :.:..\. Delia stared fascinated ' ; at this product of her endeavors, furious and admiring by turns.'• • "At least I'm .relieved . iti wasn't 'or love of that creature Mavis has picked for you! The very idea of your even being friends .with him! people will think you're hard; up for boy friends -if you have to gp slumming to get one! Now you call Stcvie Ralston and tellhim yoU want his pin back!'.' •' "I certainly will not!" Delia was up against a will as' resolute -as lier own.: '.'I!J1 teach him,-who has to take orders. .I can have a dozen other frat pins!" ( .;..-'• j Delia 1 w^s nearly 'beside herself with frustration as ^ the Ralston louschold Mfceded further and ftm ther from ,hefvrange. - , ./ '• "Cecily Aalliday — '• . • ' . . But the telephone prevented•: her' intended outburst. Cecily answered; ncr small chin, stillJ.-squared , : fbr aatlle. She turned a ..triumphant- face toward Delia before she said into the mouthpiece, --"I fiuess that will teach you to use a little more self-control!" '<•• •.•• . .. Steve Ralston's parents. ' were shipping him off to ,.an•'. Ea'stern college that same afternoon, only allowing him one brief unsatisfactory telephone Conversation. • .• . . : "Poor kid!" .Robert commented at dinner. "If his mother were deliberately trying to defeat her pUr- pose she couldn't Have chosen . a surer way!" • "-,-'•• "Delia gave her very little alternative," I said. "No, but Delia is going to- win out sure as shooting now," Robert said. "Cecily will get over her huff ;3 few. days. Then watch!" ' !'Yes,iai)d .what about Val?" My voice had" grown strained. ...Robert shrugged..."! doubt that Cecily,could ever really be serious over a' boy of Val's station. Delia's work-started--too-early and it's been'., too thorough." i i|'J/Ccci}y (jviddntjy- DID give Val a' great deal 'of encouragement," -"I don'.t .doubt it,". Robert Hgrpc'd'.^'.'Ceclly : is~ an extrovert — slid' doesn't discourage attention—" "I think it's more than that! I think she honestly likes Val — she alwav> has —" "That may be, said Robert. "But he doesn't measure up to those false standards Delia has taught her to revere, and she's very apt to use Delia's yardstick in measuring a prospective husband," tnihgs up',with'ithc. biggest, national $.nd.-.they're^.'gbliig to .start-a "junior ' " " " ' ' ' """ " " ' Iwilh .. , _ cold, Will;, give her sdme com- penSaUon -forhaving her friend ships!.',circUrnscl'tbcd—'•'.• •-<• 'in i l i.'"The.re:'you'go. againv"^- Delia .Hqffed^ blit things-were:'going well fbr-'Kcr 'and'fshe made ho 'issue of itl 1 ). ''She and Stcvie 'have 'made up. H*.rW'rbte to her -f rom the East and of-:cDUfsc..shc.;rhisscs" himV- 1 SoV--'-' v ."CTCou rriban;'-they,'re still:>icnga'g- . . . _. , the- cloud : Siptl;Wn,'g: over- Delia's voice. ''I guess '.not ipfficially. Stevic's rnoth- ct; kcp.t r: ,th'c/pih,,. it 'seems, ..and an'y- hp>V, Cecily ; has, decided 'now she doesn't want*'to';.tie up to> any one boy-' -$• b,ut ,1 >think she'll'.- change •»««•> riiJnd.-V-r -Delia finished briskly. mfe foj. that man's sins." felling the Truth As dn example, take just the ord. inary,, everyday sins — lying, for instance, Don't we make liars of ail ab'out us? Telling the truth is ?p much simpler and easier and less strain on our Imaginations that we would prefer to be Truthful Janes if we could, but it just can't be done. We wouldn't have a friend in the World by the end of the first day if we even tried it. < By the time little Johnny gets out oMhe cradle he has learned to' He. about what: happened to tho dookle jar, And it doesn't ' ' newlytveds long to discover take one of the luxuries they arc never going to be able to indulge themselves in is telling aach other exactly : what they think. '.When a wife develops into a nagger and a shrew, her husband attribute* it to his guardian angel having been on a strike when he got mrirried, but oflener than not the husband made her one by not taking the trouble to know how to handle her or by, his neglect and faultfinding. And what starts husbands to roaming? Isn't it nearly always because they are fleeing from peevish, complaining wives who never give them a decent meal or try in any way to make their homes pleasant place to stay in? .•Just now the child problem is the headache of the world. So many children are doing; things that dis- gl-ace their decent, parents. So niiiny iboys and girls are running away from home. So many teenage boys and girls are marrying and getting divorces. The parents arc laying it on the war and' the times,-.but it is their own fault.. : -Sometimes it is because'the children had no homes, only a -house in. which they were supposed to slay while Father and Mother were out. enjoylrjg themselves or running "causes." Often it is because theii homes were nothing but jails ou of which they broke as soon as they could. Sally couldn't have her dates at home, so she had them a the drugstore, where she picked up boys she shouldn't have known anc lied about the places to which she went. And when a girl has to do that, her parents have thrown hei to the wolves. :''So, perhaps, we should all echo the little priest's prayer: "May God forgive you and me for that man's sins." And especially foi our children's ruined lives. ^Released by The Bell Syndicate ;::; . . - - - Inc.) • . . 38 Passengers Are Hurt in Wreck of Greyhound Bus Chicago, Aug. S — yp)— Four of 8 passengers who were injured ast night when a Greyhound bus skidded On a wet pavement and overturned on the beach of Lake Michigan remained in hospitals 'oday. The 34 other passengers were .reated for cuts and bruises and •eleased from two south side hos- jitais. All the passengers, im- jeriled by the threat of- -possible fire as gasoline 'drenched; the bus, were, resdued . by. .'poHcfirnen .arid .iremen,,., -,£,..... ... ,.,.... , : ;,/, .• • -..'.';' The bus .'-d r. i V, d^f -R&'l|)h . A. Rpdgers, 41,' of MaUrriee, ' V Q., : a.waHed. v ..a'r.ralgh"rner(t"7,-Iri'..-'>-salety spurt .on a. charge of -reckless ! driv» ing, to d police the busv.went out of -control as he- -approached ' ;a curve. He suffered minor injuries; ""•' ' ''' - • - '• •••••"• . - . . SpThey Soy; Without any question, the inflationary excess of demand over supply can not be eliminated in the remaining months of 1946,'i — Reconversion Director John R Steelman. It seems clear, however, that all supremacy and. its exploitation over Japan proper was the major factor which determined the timing of Japan's surrender and obviatec any need of invasion. — U. S Strategic Bombing Survey Report, The federal. government gives large amount of money to the professional education of; the pig farmer but not one cent to aid in the professional education of the teacher of children. — Dr'. Ralph McDonald, National 'Education Association -official'.-'' •<<"• >•>•''• >'•'•* ' - • -• The fear of the Lord Is'-ltPhM evil.:, pride, and arrpgancy,. an'd "tH< evil way, ,and .the. froward/=moulh do_ r hatei' — ; <Proverbs .8:jl3j!i.,ii I dp. : hate,,thc. proud ; mani-,!as ; i iate the engenderiflg ot hakespeare. And every man that strivelh io,r. he mastery is temperate irt all hlngs. I Corinthians 9:25. Temp'rale in every place - are. ^ Thence will applause* hfefioe will profit ' - " *. y A mosquilo does not lay .Cggs" until it has eaten »bldod( •" *• ' > & **• I*-* Mi '^ >*+> * * A •*** ^* J* * » LOOK AT YOUR CAR? HAVt It WASHED arid GREASED •;1 Phone 422 Todoy \ . Let us wash your eaf In ' -— oUh-AUTO LAUNDttVi W« w-wllKplck. u upf-wa*<l lt> - . grease It, and eleamjt Inside and out. Done by experienced and qualified, ' lubrication men. , Ask About Steam Cleaning • CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" , 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner • Phon* 442 PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Thousands change groana to grins Uaa ' 11 1 relleve Sl n; qnt 11 P , reeve Slawmfort Dosttoriea today. Follow label dlrectloM. «,L a11 ? 00 ^ dr "g stores everywhere— in Hope, at: Gibson Drug. Go On Sale THURSDAY MORN ING AT 10 " , i i 12Q Pair BOY'S rBIG MAC/7- y OVERALLS Sizes 6 to 16 ^ SU9 My hands wore clenched in my lap. "Don't say things like that." Vly words came in .jerks. "Cecily sn't like Delia. You know she's not. She loves Corinna —" "Sure, she loves me," Corinna piped up ."But she hasn't given me any rush for her sorority, has she?" Robert turned lo his daughter quickly, .''you know how we feel about 'sororities.' ' "I don't want to .loin one,' 'Corna said, '.'but,, if ; Cecily wasn't a big snob shc-fd-get me asked." "Have you^ been unhappy about it?' Robert asked.. "Yes,". Corinna said simply. The pointed leaves on the white wallpaper: seemed to rush at roe like daggers. I Stumbled from my chair. Robert hurried to me, concerned, but I ran frorn him, and slammed the door of Corinna's room between us. I crumpled onto the bed that had been Cecily's for such a short time so long ago and lay there writhing in my helplessness, remembering the afternoon when I had spanked Cecily for slapping Corinna. suffering because all ihe love 1 had poured out on her through the years had not made her proof against Delia's rnachi- ations. Whenever there was an emotional lo-do in her life, Delia always sent, for me and before the Week was over her familiar voice came back to me over the telephone. "Well, Cecily's realty cjoing it!" .-* *,/• > t. * 4 *- TW;«t t M &.HII "f t ,1 <• ' ^ , j—i, > «s ,<-»,«. », .... . «<2^. . , f A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO MY SUPPORTERS distinguishes every line of this striking suit and coat duet. So tenderly tailored from Kingsdale 100% VIRGIN WOOL—:Loorhed for Leeds alone by the American Woolen Co. i • •, .Sizes 12to 18. s $CQ.50 3 Pieces .37 Nationally advertised in Charm. Turn to page 88 in your August issue. Also see our window. Ghas. A. Haynes Co. • '.. 1!' {'. ; ' '-•'. Second at Main One week from today the voters ojF.thisJiudic.i9 1 Dis r * trict will say by their ballot whether or npt,wiet*rt?e4»P- change in the office of Circuit Judge. I am firrjal/*coh| vincecl that a large majority of the law-abiding citizens of the 8th Arkansas District feel the need of a "change r after these many, many years. •-..*».» However. I want to impress upon you that there is a- well-organized group who are opposing a changejgnd^ that is their privilege in this Democratic country. But in " order that my friends may fully realize'my needj.pr their * intensiv|;e|fc|-l|i|i*jng the comjng'.week I .'Want; to tell yoU;S9m|lfrlri||^bfut the strength of our oppttsitio'n. In Clark county my opponent's campaign- is being managed • by Mr.^ John Lookadoo, a successful damage suit lawyer and ah i able : politician. In Nevada county my -opponent's campaign manager is Mr. Bill Denman, another successful damage suit lawyer and a fair politician. In Hemp-~ stead county my opponent's interests is in the' hands' of Mr. Will Atkins, well known attorney and a veteran of many political battles. [Q Miller county, Mr, Bert Larey, who is considered a successful criminal lawyer, is foremost among the active campaigners for my opponent. These men are leaving no stone unturned in their effprts to re-elect Judge Bush for his Fifth Elective Term; This does not mean that all lawyers are against me. As a matter of fact the majority of the lawyers' are .fpr '•me. Only lasrweefk three-fourths of the lawyers of Hempstead county honored me With a written endorsement. No political machine was ever created in ^history that-cotjld not be -crushed by the mass of the people once they made' a decision so to do. And if you willhold the line an'd redouble your efforts [n the remain ing -days I have no fear byt what victory will be ours. This is your fight and mine. Let's put it over. v \ Gratefully yours," LYLE BROWN *>- 4- ?> i& ,fi% if-^-1 Pdid for by Lyle Btown, Vj-jsS'^

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