Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 5, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1946
Page 5
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' ' it*' v ff. t '"''V^*^^ VT ! '^ >',,Vfl> 1 ' <A'', vi(^*i' A '''« «• ' ' ^ *•*>> *** . > * i • \ /- •"• •''v' c ^ T, ; ^ ,.,,' „£,:,•; ;' V" > !- 'i* ' .^ . , ', . ^ ' ., . JJpto-15 16 to 20 21 to 25 20 to 30 31 to 35 30 to 40 41 to 45 40 to '50 V >"'- 1 '*'*^ s "'•••*< M * 1 i»uV "< > s ' By Chick Young fifdwl Arid h* cim* out on irt festtft en explosives, lf'l CANT UNDERSTAND J I HAV£ NO (APF€tlTE\ TONIGHT. VMOH mut) ANb MARCIA MElCKWf s T6 STW, HERE.; WHO ROT, VJH\LE ' IS NOW'.BUT ft Otp W.4KE6 \S j TO SKIP OUT F^ST RIPE-FOfe PICKING...AND 7'Mt>tdMJ6 THE THE 5T&6E \S VOUfts!\A RBST TO , * 'tV, CAR6LAND WASHWIUPAUSfi to WONPEft. WHAT OF FICIM.5 AS A OCMENTEO MODEST MAIDENS ' Trnl«mi4b B*»!.t»r«d 0. a Ftlint Offlc. ByGolbraith YOU WON'T NEEP NO BANPAGES TIME/ SCCRCHV SMITH. ;» WHILE you'e CUT THERE NEPTUNE, F6TCH THAT EQUIPMENT.... WE A Y* ;^^ ' DOMAA.D, DEAR, COM6 I WAS OML.V A STUPFBO OVVL, POB CHRIST\\A.S/A STOPPED ' PISH FOB -VAUBNTINE'S-. ' He's always talking about himself—says I'm. the most_beautiful_girl he's everjmt!" j. Freckles and His Friends By Blosser By Hersliberger unnv Business E Bur, PADDY, EVEN THE? PAPER MENTIONED THE NICE THING- LARD DID / m™ CONVINCED •U.JHE KIDS ARE BEING PRAISED SHADV- SID6 FOR HELPIN& MRS KANE,/,', IBUT IN SOME .; -! QUARTERS, STILL UMHEPA1XIED ' r»:-^.f:^K'/«w BI2ZV DEPAPTMENt AND HEgE;ISONE OF HIS MOST" ENTHUSIASTIC , v CRITICS.. ' FUN P AR}< / AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED , SHALL i so OUT AND COME IN AGAIN, AND GIVE YOU A CHANCE To CHANSe THE SUBJECT? J /?v < X V,", ' ft f.%. '' ,: i i- AMD KEEPS vou our TCX> LATE AT NISHT / IT'S MOO THW'S FA.CING EVTINCTION.' I TELL'YOU EXTEKNIINATED .?• ] WEI2E . Al >OU MEAN MOO'S -J BUT. NOT AVIT.H THEM TWO AT V.AC? WITH \ JASPEee.;.THEY\'E KINS-WUtt AGMN. 7' ALBEADy SEEN OttKlNS TUNK? A V/lPED QUT.' DON'T KNOS-.'... MV Xff BUT WE'VE SEEN THEIR SUBJECTS. THACT HAVE 1 LEKDEK." A BIS.HAORY TANSUED \VITH THIS FOE \ GUy.RIDINa A'BLACK CAN'T TA\_K...I NEVEES<SW.m. DINOSAUR.' MAN N-/HO COOLD JigvenVfiot a chance with Wilbur i Thimble Theater AHOV, OLIVE, ARE VA WELL NOW?? ''THE AietANKOWKUS IS WORSE/ \) NOT STAND SEEIN' HEC SOJ By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople t Our Way WILL YOU HELP MS FIWO A WITCH ? :Sl FIRST GOTTA NELLIE HORSE/ WE MAY HAVE A LITTLE 1 TROUBLE WITH HER-SHE DOESN'T LIKE WITCHES/ ^ORaJASOKi/ OUR FOOO STOCKPILE 3DST TRIED TO FIMD A SNACX ~^^ DSTECKED OF CRACKERS AND CHEESE jOI OUTSIDE CUPBOARD H/XS "^S J SI^^OOZE eOLJ(viDER.TMftM MOTHER HUB8/\SD J"^ > PAID TJUCK, BUT PF ASPECT / _rS / ANSIMfttS OB MlfcTAH HOOTS ' OUR SRUB HOPES I D0hi v T V/^K6l^ ,)P ANf KOTCrt 'DID YOU THE)5E;W0005 ARE BEWITCHED . IT'S SILUV TO PUT T ALL THE GOING MARRY/ WHEN I HAFTA HBL.P WITH-' W VDU'LL GO TO PtLlrJ' TH' BOX FULL, , OF A PEA ON A < \ PLATE Tlt-U I HAFTA >' I A5 THE ELEPHANTS ft F%AJ? CPOL OFF/BESIDES, IT ALMOST TIME FOS THE NIGHT SHOW.--THEY'LL FORSAKE ' A r ^;^^^^ ; 0.., ; r,,.'. _ -.:- • ,;.. ( • CLASSIFIED ,^r nuB musi JDv Ifl OEuCv Dftf T jl^fOtf 1 !! l^tlfotftftAtlAM* "•'•nDOt 1 Qi Ortfr Tiii'iifi*' Ql4^ t*\Af* fV j& ' *' $$k If, °W W^S ' *tol Es&ftr f*t Sdl* wren 4.50 e.oo T.fitf , 0,00 '10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 'nllVL " li!>u . 3 - 00 -- 5 -°0' 1 Rbte-s are for Co-,itlrti(ou^""» Insertions Otily. * Not W^ d A SfJL 11 ?^^" 06 , |jNot in Ken OveY Ufe Ph6ne ' for ial< e BABY CHICKS,- IP. W0..DON'T have them we will order them for you, .Feeders 'Supply, n Go. . ,<•" v'- - .'• -' v : 17-lm' CORN, CORN CHOPS, ..WMUAT. hen scratch,... plenty, grb'wink arid lay Ing mash. Feeders Suppfy Co. '. - '•.:•:•••-'• ::-.'• 17-lm QJEAP 1937.CHEV.ROLET SEDAN, good ntbber, tWd bloCkfi' hdrth;of Alek' Purtle's on Ada Street. C; L. Barnes, i , ' 30-Ot ONE 0 EYE-.WOOD RANGEi IN • good condition.- See -Eldredge Formby, Patmos : . Ark.'V ' 30K5t GOOD GAS -RANGE, HEATElfSf girlS bicycle, garden tools, iron bed .and mnllress. 1101 W. 7th, •'.'" "-. 2-3t 8,000 FEET OF NEW 4 INCH flooring. Call Moore- Br6s." Pltone CASE TRACTOR WITHi ALL TWO row equipmeTit. See B7E. Green Rt. 1, Hope. _ 1-flt " ORGAN ; AND FEW HOUSEHOLD things. Can be'seen at llirPark Drive. Hope, Ark. •• • 2-3t MY KENTUCKY BRED'SADDLE marc Oct. 1st, red s'orfell with' star, weight 1100 l.bs. Natural ..saddlbr, perfectly gentle'. I" have -*two fine colts, also. Torn J. Wardlow. 2-3t 1935 TERROPLANE, GOOD CON- dition. Good tires. Jiri^ Cato, Hope, Rt. i: ;2-3t' «" rdOf LOfs, ,NC . .^t.;,^ ftst . 0 ft DA QtlU m*vr* ALWIII,!!!^ C«OU Ull hl^h'way ,4, about two blocks off hlWhWay 67.« House' numbers in frotlt Of cfi'ch lot, ^yHl be lots of .bullding,dbri§ otit there soon. See Hlteffl aiH j)hbne' AlberT BosweU af 984, Hope, Ark, 31-01 NlOffi SIX ROOM HOME, 414 NoHh Harvey,' good repair nnd furtilshed throughout, will sell with or. without .furniture. Let me sHow it'ta ydtr anytime'. Can glVd possession. Floyd Portdrfield'. . -,,: " -: ; v ••..'••• ,.". . 2.31 MY! BEADT1FUL: LITTLE NEW ' house for- couple". Floor . coverings,; shades' automatic, hot .wa^ teTj plenty of shade, Never-'need a^fan. Turn' lefl at etid 1 of South' Main; 3rd house. S. B. lock. _. ..• . ,40 ACRE. FARM, CHEAP. MUST i b^ sbld at' piice. .Nirtfe miles from Hope on highway 4, two miles ' Hiirrodd. Eohm soil'. i . . 2ff acres in.quHiVaUon,,12 In limb^i*. Fenced,' 5. room" box house, barn, everlasting sprirtg', arid frXilt lfees.."Mrs. B. E. H'e'nry. ... .- ,-. .. . ... . SIX ROOM' HOUSE .FOUR LOTS. ,.,,.002 .North"; HeYvey, Recently: decorated on inside. $4,750. Floyd Porterfield. . , '. 5-6t Help Wonted PIANO.. SALESMAN, APPLY IN peVsori at Crobbe-Bros. Piano Co. •'. 108' South Elm; ; 7-24-lf AN ;EXPERIENCEt> COOKJ $10 , per Week. Apply : ih person; 506 • .North; Washington'. •. • 2-3t SEVERA'ti _EXPERIENCEb WAIT- resses; Apply =,M'6nday at Din'- rriond Cafe.: ,, • 3-3t New YcM, Aug. 4«-f finally got atdund .to an Interview witii ChnMes O. Bolle, the chnirrrian of the AThericart veterans' Coitimlt' tee, Inc., Gilbert Hai'rlson, the' vice-chairman, dnd Edward Mc«- Hnlej the national flfeld serceldry. The i'esults shduld Ihte'rest not only veterans, shopping around for sbmdthing to join, but othef cilii zfins ; and particularly editors Who mhy have M.'e'dvr.d'- rurnors'' that this Is a Communist front. I 'Twp- ! ,V/Ara$HtesSEs-:'- Must; HAVE ; experience. Ph'one 973- or. See Hugo;; Elkiiis inV Hill'ard's Cafe: ONE USED SEWING in good condition. C. W. Yan'cey, Singer Distributor, 513 South Walnut St. Phone 578'W.- 3-3t : MY HOME, AND 36 , ACRES OF land. :On road..between Evening Shade and Spring Hill. 0 .miles out Oon highway 29. Mr; Thomas S; Fant. 3-Gt JOHN. DEERE TRACTOR. MOD- el H ; and equipment. W. E. Reardon c/o Ola Lloyd, DeAnri Highway. 5-et 1937 PLYMOUTH COUPE' AND 1940 Ford; 2 door sedan; Phone' 242. 5-lt 90 ACRES, 80; ACRES IN- HICK- i ory Creek bottom, 10 near Mc" Cuskill, running water, good growth' of. young 1 'timber;'- 3%' hiles north of McCaskill. See or J write Edgar iKeaton,, ,McCaskill, ' Ark. :, ,- ',' .5-61 150 AAA^WHITE LEGHORN PUL- •lels.i 2 •.pounds- each. See Hoyt Archer, Highway 29, 8 miles out from Hope. . 5-3t Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We ddn guarantee irh- . mediate delivery high class , Butane Range with- each system installed by us. W.S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas ; { 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Notice LESPEDEZA, JOHNSO» GR'ASS"," clover hay. Cut-on shares. You take-2/3: I.ffck'e'one-tKird, or you cut 'it for'.lpc.-a bale. F.oy. Harii-. mons, Telephone. 34-J-12. 30-6t Wanted to Rent FURNISHED HOUSE OR- AP^RT- rnent. Permanent. Call M. H. Shook .at- Coblt's White Star Laundry'. •' .' • • 30 61 COUPLE WITH FIVE MONTHS old babyr" desires 2 or 3 room unfurnished aj>artmeriti Mrs. J R. Johnson", Phone' 1112-W, 2-31 Strayed or Stolen SABLE . -AND; WHITE FEMALE Collie : pup, ,71/s months old. Left Monday icom .East 13th St.- Re: wa'rd for'information and return. Phone.,446; '.{.;•• 2-6t MatfressRenovating FOR THE,rBEST~ IN" GUARAN- teed work;, coll• Cobb's.; Matttress Co. af 712 W. 4th.: ,We ; ca u. for arid deliver. Phone'229-J: -21-lrh Lost MAN'S BROWN/BILLFOLD CON- tainin"^ $55; identification papers and picturfes. Lost Sunday afternoon on Little river,- close to Allen's Ferry. Reward for return to R. N: Putman, 8J5 South Main St.", Hope, or to 'the Hope Star Office. : ":• • 5-6t BROWN'BILLFOBD, SATURDAY hear : Moore' Bros. Market, Ration bbokj Retiirn 1 to Mrs; L. C. Marthv ot Hope Star. 5-3t Token Up BAY MARE MULE, WEIGHT about 750- wearing rope halter J.-.-W; Dpwns.V Stuckey place - Rocky. Mound-'road; 5-3t COOL CUSTOMERS Miles 'City, Mont., Aug. 2 — UP)— A local .night club, owner and a ranch hand • glanced' under a Julie- box, and'departed hurriedly in dif>; ferent directions. ' . The cowboy . returned with a rope, lassoed' a rattlesnake and pulled the' v lariet. taut while the proprietor severed the reptile's head with a hoe. Calm patrons continued sipping tall, cool' ones', • don't believe '.thath except 'to the extent that the AVC and the Communists have some .common ob- je'ctives,- such as> the severance of relations with Spain and economic '"sanctions' against', her. In the diplomatic and' ideological gulloh, tHis means a ( boyco'll. But they do admit ,they have b.plo, trouble in their .happy midst and they don't 'bar. Comrnuriisl's, although believers ; in fh's'eisrn' and Nazism, of ^cotirse,- are, devils. ; • Bolte said there was no way to keep; Commiinists out and .that, lie Would defend th'eir' civil liberties,' meaning the. right to. preach' their stuffj short of inciting- violence. When a fellow tellg 1 me that I aU Ways wonder why he won't also de-; •fend; a Nazi's right ,lo'- preach Obsession. And I .mean hatred, too, .because the commies preach class ihatrfed and it is no more fun to be shipped j 'lo Siberia "or 'mdssa'cred in wgrams' because you believe in {Capitalism, as happened in " Rus- |sia, than to languish in Bucheri- •wald or die in ; a gas : chamber be- caus^e -you; are a Jew.- AIL of this I am against, but.it seems .to. me that they ..discriminate": They 'said you'have to. be very, very careful tjecause if .yoO '^.ca'll a": R'e'd a Red, he will call you a' Redbailer and accuse 'you' 01 using Peglei- tacticsi Then' they said— this .was a fairly general conversation in Bolte's of : iicer^th'ey said' that',' iti ' I'he'lr" code, civil liberties, cease to .be . a protection .wh'eh a persoh' incites violence. I leave' you to unravel that one because' all pur proscriptions against Communists are - based on the fact that- th'ey aid'yocate the destruction of our :governmeht by force; About'-' the first" point' I brouglit up was- th"fe little biogi-aiih'y of- Ken Pettus, who was' elected a 1 member of their' national planning com niittee, publisiied- in their official paper! The' biography didn't say a Word about 'his trouble with General MacArthur when, as managing :editor" of the Stars arid Stripes irt Tokio; he' Was accused' of need- lirig "Corrirrtuhlst thought 1 into his paper and: removed,' but- it- did ,say' he was now employed as a news ' editor 1 'by the Nationa" Brbadcasting- Company in Ch'ica gb; I 1 cle'an ' t'or'got. to asfe why they said nothing; about tKe ; T<ikib affair-; but tbid them I had'- inquired 'at ; 'NBG and '.had been told that 'Pe'tlus certainly -.was' not .'editing - ; neWs ; for them and : .hadn l t since' he joined- the army. McHale spoke up arid , said, those .biographies were basd on material "nanded in by the guys, themselves.' I recalled a half page ad on the back of the July 1 number of the XVC, bulletin which lead "ftVC needs 1,000,000 members,' arid a picture of Helen Hayes, handing over, her check "opening- ••'a*'- drive to cbllect ^1,000,000," and' askec Boltd for a' list of those who- had contributed thus- far. These -gifts incidentally,^ are tax-deductible' so all of us; eventually,' are nicked He said' nothing doing because rich people didn't like to- have such do nations publicize'd'. Then he said; o: course, any member could demanc the list and get it and 1 that seemed to make, the secrecy look silly. We all know that there are veterans around who • would 1 join up just to leairi who is backing such p'ropo sitions as immediate resumption of food rlioning here to permi famine relief in other larids; loans of our taxes to "war damaged Al lifed countries,' including Russia and bad blood again with Spain be'cause Franco is a dictator bu Stalin isn't. Then I pulled out a list and asked him if it was authentic. He took a look" at it and said it mus have been filched out of their owi office, because .it. was in their own typing and 'it certainly was correct. I couldn't give him any help on that because I don't know how it .fell .into the hands of the man Who gave it to me: . This list contained such . Holly wood names as Edward G. Robin son, Dudley Nicols and Mathe Fox, of Universal, and reported bi| bites from' the Albert- Lasker foun dation, $2,000; Smith, who wrote a book and a play about Ne alte'lHe _._. Just boftife'tJiei, ampcrtcd the field,buttnot enougl. o'. halt' play. 'H'QVeverj! the.v.-Sp.a" ehm' etjhtenddd'iiriwa'^'and t'efus'ed- b ; plny' when • Hope' tobK'- the fi?ld. V call to the ; state 1 ' nWnkger' rdsfllt?, d' iri d forfeit. All'MWrts-S/of^tKc ocal' boysi-tb. 'either 'pWV' Or- bomb' o hdro aiid'play this! wpdk'failed; Vfter a long drive to Hot Springs He Hope boys wore determined o play or else. So riot Springs lectcd to forfeit. .." • ;• This gave the,locals' two games! avirtg Won from the 'Ai'my.-Navy, Wspltal cr'ew 0-0 last Friday.^They', eturn to Hot Springs SuridayytAug- st 18, for another game' bUff;re- ardless Of the outcome wilt ; :'pl|y> n the stale meet ' ^wSV TOnight at Fair Park':->£|efner ( fash is .' scheduled to play,. Stew.-. rts: and"Lion OH'-wlll meetJ'Hope jight Go. providing threatening am does not bring a ; pQatpone- nent. !' . .• ' ,.'..' ft Chifoi&a PIANOS • Juit Received— A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" . :.,:'-. • Looks like new •Sounds like new •New guarantee • If you areMnferested in-buylhgVa piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you; CRAB BE BROS. PIANO CO. "TexarkanVs Only Exclusive Pidno Go;" 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkqna, U. S. A. Painting Your Car Is Our Business NT JOB Let us give your car o^e of our super paint jobs. Finest quality paint, any color. Metal work extra. Visit us for . estimate on body or metal work. Work done by experts. Ray Turner William Kennedy HEFER OUR MOHQ IS "SATISFIIO CWOMIRS" 314: E. 3rd. ..... lyron Hefner . Phone 442 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—O14' beds' made new and new beds made too — We Call fop and Deliver Anywhere • One day service? in town— Bargains' In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S, Hotel Local Flights and CHARTERED FLIGHTS also Flight Instructions APPtY AT THE HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Hope Softball Team Wins by a Forfeit : oftl e l stard T a.y<itH niajxSpl < rfTgs7We¥'lh r G" "" ' - 'S &«>,team4a4l8a, tb ,1 (I. 11 1 i-i o .1 «/ij< iff iii Soiitlrern! Byj .The "A'ssoclated" Press The ^Memphis Chicks climbed ack into^the ' Southern'. Ajsjocia'- ipn's, third- slot;,yesterday bj*" 1 win 1 ningr a'^doubleKeader from '"('Little Rock, 9 to, 3 aridi 2 to 1. . Nashville's Vols dropped into ourth place by losing both g"amfes of a .twin bill to the second place Chattanooga; Lookouts. The .Look outs 1 won the first game in ten hnings, 11-.to 10, arid the second, V- to 0.. Harrell Toenes and Jdck rtcKinney were the winning pitch ers.; . • . ix Elsewhere around the ciicuit, the Mobile Bears overpowered >> the New Orleans Pels, 3 to 5 anfl 1 to I, while, the league-leading Allan a Crackers swept their four, game series with Birmingham by k oWin ling both ends of a doubleheadei, 6 to 3 and , '6' to 5. : "* \ , Al Memphis, Ihe Traveler^ Sid ney Peterson pitched a three-hit- ,er in the seven-inning second j'ame, but dropped the decision' to yiemphis' Johnny Ripple, who al owed five safeties. Little Rock'; Russ Messerly was wild in the opener; He hit three Chick bats men, nicking Lindsey Deal Uvice arid sending. HubJFreeman to th'c nospital with a head injury, Junior .Wooten . sdorbd : the win nirig: runs-for .Chiattanob.ga in both games, and the sjecoiid run in the nightcap-, on. a 'squeese play with Angel Fleitas'laying down the bunt The; Lookouts made 24 hits in .the opener, but had to win on an eh'or when Roy Marion threw a r ball away at third to let Wooten in with the big run. Although he allowed 13 hits' Pa McCHotin hurled the;Bears to the first game decision. The BeaVs col lected : only 11, but- timely hunch ing earned them the game !j?;ranl< Laga. led the Bears to the seconc triumph', a ; four-hit shutout , Atlanta's big righthander. Bil Ayers,, marked up his 19th vie");pij py holdirig the Barons to :?ive" hits in the first game. Earl McGowan allowed only seven blows for- his 17th victory in the nightcap. .' ' Tonight's Games: Atlanta- at Mobile "' Birmingham at New Orleans Nashville at Little Rock (Only games scheduled). PURRING- MOTOR Carrolltqn, 111., Aug. 3— (fP)— An anguished' howl arose from be neath Ihe hood of Vernon John's automobile when he stepped bn the starter, A cat had crawled into the cai engine for a nap during the nigh and was bein gwhirled around ii the fan as The motor revolved. Pussy, who was extricated'by a mechaniCj suffered only minoi bruises.' ; groes called 'Strange Frijl&^ $4 UOO; Frances L. Brddy, Uip.OOO Marshall Field, $2,000; the'l-Fieli Foundation, $500, and Marshal Field, Jr., his kid, $500. They said Marshall Field and the Field Foun dation, both were Marshall Field III, the little man who isn't thbre and explained that his son is.-caller junior because, after the numbter run up- to III, they start down again. A' pretentious' and piS^bus m'es'g of nonsense if you ask'> i me, .Bolte said Frances BrodfeiWas the 1 daughter of Al Laske'r, wBd- 4 has been standing in the pose praeiQer statesman arid "liberal" BJIilan- thropist lliese last few yeaMwribt iorgetling, however, to takBo.-ex- cellent' care of Al Lasuer, tScvvise and otherwise, first; f;S'"' The list added up to $425397,50. Well, Mr. Bolte certainlSfflK did want to now how this list got out but I couldnHV'heJp him because I don't know, myself. He tolc}- rr>e they have recently, granted a,-imibn shop to the ppjte'd office and p'ro- lessiorial workers of Ihe i CIOA'ahd T i trf/^i>'rvi or! V\J v^-» 41->n4- 4-V. I» .«.__ l- l k ' ' V ARKANSAS This Curious World By William Ferguson CAN OUTRUN A IN A HUNDRSD- VARD DASH. NO MATTER HOW/MANYVARIETIE! OF BRILLIANF BLOSSOMS 6R0W SIDE BYSIDE,THEY ALWAYS 7-|| , COPR> 19 '"' BY NE * SERVICE, mo. ;,> 'ANSWER: 'Ydu'd be fumbling a ground ball, in baseball. ~ i By Dick Turner 'I hope 3ou->c notice ya been parkin' illegally all clis time by a fireplug!" Attendance in Major Leagues Hit New Records 6y JOE REICHLER Assoclatecf Prsss Sfibrts Wr-ltdf The major league's allendatfce igUres 1 soared to 12,788,000 today— icarly two million more than last 'Car's record total — following a plendld Sunday turnout featured 5y Cleveland's standard-shalleting 5,959 crowd of which 74,592 paid The throng Which filled Cleve- find's municipal stadium for a lllmpse of its pitching Idol, blaring 3obby Feller, almost witnessed a ragedy when the speedi^all king vas forced to leave the field in the eventh inning of the first game qf a scheduled double header with the ^ow.Yoik Yankees when he pulled a back muscle. Feller's injury later vas described as not seiious arid he Tribe expected him to take his regular turn next Thursday Fellers' abrupt retirement spoiled a thrilling scoreless duel Vith the Yankees' Fldyd (Bill) Sevens With Feller out of the way, the Yankees went on to win 2-0, getting the Winning markers in the ninth inning off Bob Lemon The second garhe was halted by ram in 'he top of the second inning. Another fihe crowd of 49.125 saw he American League leading 'Red Sox knock Detroit's Hal Newhouser rorri the hil^ for the third time this Season and plaster mm vvith his" fotuth defeat 'against 70 victories as the Sox trimmed^ .the Tigers 9-4 The viciory left the Red Sox 12 games in front of the' 1 Yankees Brooklyn increased its Natinrial League lead ove-r the second place Sli :Iiouis Cardinals to two ful ?ames by winning a close 5-4 game "rom the Cincinnati Reds in 14 innings. The Cards lost a half game to the Dodgers when they could do no better than gain an even splil with the Philadelphia Phillies The Redbirds won the opener 7^0 behind he two-hit shutout pitching ol MUrry Dickson, but Hbwie Pollel went .'down to his sixth defeat in ;he nightcap when Jim Taboi found him for a 12th inning homer which pave the' Phils the game 3-2 Schoolboy Rowe,- Phils seconc game staiter, suffered a groin m- juiy chasing a ground ball m the ninth and was forced to leave the game Coming from behind in each game the Boston Braves twice de fealed the Chicago Cubs, 0-5 and 64 tp move past the Reds into fourth place. The twin victory was ma'rred by the accidents to Shortstop Dick Cul lei who was hit in the face by a pitched ball in the, seventh ,innmg of Ihe spt-onrt fame and was car riedjoff the field. With Mike Budhick 'and Monte Kennedy allowing the Pirates only one run, a homer by Frank Gus tine the N ( ew York Giants swep both ends of a doubleheader frorr Pittsburgh '4-0 and 10-1, Th,e White Sox also got splendi pitching from Lefthanders E_ Smith and Frank Papish to beat the Washington Senators twice 3-1 and 1-0.' Relief Pitcher Tom Ferrick re- reived credit for both victories as the St Louis Biowns beat the Philadelphia Athletics twice C-5 and 7-4. The 1 Si&t h authtorfietf M n the lollBwing t3~> ' to tb« dcratte Candidates sub Action of tfle pttffifcf ? elections this SU% , A\ ,'» CHARLES W, HACIiETT ' JAMES t. 3. W, (BIEiL) PATTON, PAT<JEIOB1NSON' / ' " Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER tiUSH State Senator, 9th Dlst/' ? ? $%*g i "it EMORY A. THtbMPSOrf W >* ^'£®, DR. F. C. CROW ' \ JAMES'P. HULSEY Henipstead County F6f Sheriff & Collector, TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES : £"%fc$ CL'AUDE H. For CountyTcierfT '« i~ .^j* ROBERT, C. T For,County Treasurer^*«• llilS. ISABBLLE .ONSTjf -. McCORKDE*** 4 SYVEIitA'A^Bt^^^^J .-, ^ ftl FRED » ^ «* FRANK Post-1 » i/W GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON, { For Post 2 TALBOTFEJLD, JR? Nevada County "' "^r^ * 1, <„ , $ \i -u -.f^J^^,^ Fop Sheriff and Collector"*"^ t OTIS LANGSTON f, Little Rock,, Aug" 5 ?; Purchasing., Agent^EarlO^,, man, 62, who was^a 1 Bnar,n,, and drug store operator.,* Defpre'bis appointment to the^stat&job'in, ci died here -yesterdayS&Hei * lived in Jonesboro and T« Survivors include his wife, Brothers and three sisters. S»"''v51l FREE WEDDING • - v Jeiome, Idaho, Aug 3—(/P)—The Nortliside Rodeo Association todiv offered a ffee wedding to the Je- iome county couple who will volunteer to be married wlnle astride merry-goround horses at ia 'wild west shbw here. A ring and wedding cake are included in the offer. By SID FEDE R (Plnch-hltti.ng for Hugh FiiHerton, Jr.) New York, Aug. 5 —(/P)— Just so there'll be no argument Inter, a recheck of the records shows Rube Waddell's 1904 strikeout record is 347. Not the 343 the book lists; So Bobby Feller, with 246, has 101 'to go. Assault and Honeymoon will tangle finally in the American derby at Wushingtpn Park this month. V Can He Croon Too ? Sam Sriq'ad/never poses for pictures witlX his hat off. The reason? Well?' we'.re not tolling, ' but Jimmy Dpinarest calls- Sam "Old Bald Dome". When Sam had to pose at the St. Andrew's presentation after' winning the British Open, he showed up with hi" "lid" still on. "This," he explained to the puzzled dignitaries, "is the only thing Bing Crosby and I have in common." Cleaning the Cuff Lippy Durocher, in the Dodger house organ, says he wouldn't bench" Eddie Stanky even if he had both Horhsby and Frisch in their prime. That Brooklyn air gels -you sooner or later'. Eh, Lip? The Stanford golf team which ..._... ,,,.„. •-"-*« **4J W*l*l^_, ., ^,..«. WM . HXf. IHat Lewis M'efrjll.j' ts.ip'resident, was known'.by, ariqthe ^,name whe\ii he came.fleve ij-pm ffibnada. -\ ' I had 'tpy-smile wleVv*J . asked Bolte what'h'e thought &K'ihe American Veterans qf Woi!id.f;war II, known as Amvets, -andShe said they were not rivals'-at.'"all.•• I had m my pocket a ptjotostat of a, 'letter from an observer a{ the Amvets convention in Cleveland last October which warned 1 Hhe AVC that "this group is .-going places' and said: "It is time that you, in New York, get busy, raise at least 100,000 bucks, throw self- interest to the winds, send organizers with money into every Community to pick out the liberal' "element to get them organized; "This is the time to be afraid,! to irem- blei that we cannot" get Hie, common man into the AV<? ' Amvets will get him sure, the NMU (National- !„, Union which follpws the sar< .as the TWU and the UOPW hell with politics. Get" every v in the country. Fergpdsakesspmelhlffg: 1 • • * ••— camp east on its.-', own to the NCAA tourney, hasn't received any reimbursement from the school, even though it . won the title. Ensign Hanover, unbeaten throe year old, and Blue Again, vinner.qf the Santa Anita grand iace, are top candidates :Cor the 525,000 National' Pacing .derby at Roosevelt raceway on Long Island 'n September. ' Keep Moving—You're a Target From an. Oklahoma U. football publicity-handout: .the Sooners' lootball. schedule isn't really a schedule;, it's a tight wire. It be. _ins against army; still powered jy Glenn Davis and Doc Blanch <ird, and closes against Oklahoma A.M., which only :has Bob Fenimore. —0-R Doc and Glenn and Fenimore Will make the • Sooners' smiles much littler. And what they'll do to Okla-U. Should have happened lo A. Hitler. . REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS ond CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Piione 983-W (Phone Collect) ijf No Answer ,Phbne 3158,-R '.''• CQMP.LEf'E LINE, OF OFFICE SUPPLIES PRINT! N<? Gentry Printing Go Phone' 241 Hope, Ark. Doug /"'ITY Carl Bacon. V^l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — Home Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair* Phone 784 BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing. Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. J ADMIRAL • RADIOS «p|| Battery & ' Phonograph* * B'^ Corfjblna'tion" ' f t Bob Elmore ,Auto Supply NOTICE" Tilt-Roy Venetji.gn' v B,!ii,n;d|<io. 1123 County Aye. <*' Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM i • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM *' • RE-TAPE 'EM" Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP,* V , DELIVERY, INSTALLING f ' It's Plenty COOL DINE AT PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope GOOD FOOD STEAKS * CHICKEN Eyery THURSDAY Night Dance to Music of HUGH PERRY , . and his Soufhcrnaires Closed— Sunday Monday Tuesday is Ladies Night Ladies Admitted Free Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes s Phone 76 : We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • -Plenty of Pprking Space Cleaners HAIL'S Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 v,« C ASH • ' n 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your cor, or e|mp?t „„,, thing of value, We'll lend yoy oil yoy need if wo possibly can, regardless of where you Hy?, The IW£ -~ ; you want the bener we like it, Ten minutes usually gets yoy the cosh; Ask for Mr, MUflitfr ft Ho*f Auto. Co» , v " •K.'T ,£*S"t t jr«j& **$$ , r k>y 1 ^ <** Ui ' *i8 - ' »*• :

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