Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 21, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1894
Page 7
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R H. R. READY REUEF. The inosit oortaln ami Hftfo Puin Remedy in the world thut lawtautly gtope the most exoraciatiuc; pains. It Is truly the great CONQUEROR OP PAIN and has doue more Rood than liny known remedy. FOR STRAINS. BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN 1>" THE CHEST Oft SIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, ORA> T YOTHER EXTERNAL PAIN, a Jew application? rubbed on l>y the hand act like mu^ii; causing the paia to instantly stop. CUJlKa AND PREVENTS, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, Rheumatism, JicuriiliMu, ScImlOH, 1,umb»(ro, Sitflllnic «f Mi« Joints, I'uliiH hi Bark, (,'hi>it or I.lntlw. Ttie.-ipi'Hcatlon ofthfUKADY KF.LIKK to tno p«rt or purls whi-rt- dllllculiyor Diiln vxlxts will »llord eu»B uiul comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, i\ERVOUS.NESS, S L E K P L E S SNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHOEA, OOLIO, FLATULENCY, FAINTING KPELLS are relieved Instantly and quickly cured by takiiipr Internally a half to a teaspoonful of Ready Relief in half teaspoonful of water. MALARIA, CDllls and Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. There 18 not n remedial agent In tbe world tlmt will cnrp fijver and Acne and nil other Malarious, Billons, find other Fevera, aided by Kadw&j's eill«, so quickly ns Rndwny's Ready Belief. Price 50c per bottle. Sold by druggists. DADWAY'S AV PILLS, for the cur* of ill disorder* of tlif STO«ACH. LITER. BOWELS, KIDNEYS, RUDDER, SKBVOl'S II1SKASKN, IIKAII1C1IK. COXSTIPA- TlOff C08T1VKKK8S, INDICKST10S, DTSPLP- IA, BILIOUSNESS, FEVKll, INFLAMMATION OF TIIK II01VKI.S, 1'II.KS, «nd nil dcr»n»e- mimtt of the Internal Ylsrcra, 1'urelr touotible untilnhiK no mercnry, mlnernln or DELETE- I110US D11COS. Priw 25 uentt pot box. 8ol<l 67 Ml Droggtett. KADWA.Y ft CO , 3i WurTfin St., K, Y, sntfl nnd nsk for HADWAY'9. Catarrh AND COLD IN THE HEAD Tclicvcd Instantly bv ono application ol Birney's Catarrh Powder * RKV rim™ CI.AHKB, w«'y to H"" «'• Hov.B!a!iop ofCulumttiH, OHIO, wrliw ]t hm "7r°l b, rh. nn.«ly !» Help olli.™ win, .ro "*' ri "" M.F FKiinusns. Ciwiodlar. 0.3. A ppi-nUer s Stores, ' oSSS^iS 11 — ™.. rir ^ » i S -X -2 n -,» fillad Co rflli«T«. , VVLL SIZE ftottlo of powder nnU blower COnPLETB.pettpatd, Sold DTerjTTheroby Sold by B. F. KMBllng, J. L. Hanson and Ben Fluber, LoiBiiflport, Ind, A 6ENTS make 15.00 u day. Oreattvst A ntensll ever Inventwl. Retails 85c, 2 to 6 •old in every home. Sample, postage paid, me. yoBSHMt & MOMAKIM, Clnclnnnttl, a M EN to tnke orders In ever/ town and city; no dellverinK! Rood wages from start; pay weekly; no capital required; work je«r round. e-tHte age. GLEN BROS,, Rochester, N. T. M P OLLARD n. Brecfcenrldge celebrated breach of promise cane; Agents Wanted; book ready history of litigants; Utotrated: »«;«» will be sold; rsoswwTi/s I-KHJ, W. H. JERbusON to., Cincinnati!, 0. W ANI/ED-Snlesman; nalsry from ston, per- ronnent plnce. Brown Bros. Co., men, Chicago. 111. W >NTED—iKents to take orders by sample; w* will paj expense and sslery or allow liberal commission. Samples sent on application. Addrew, LOCK Box K128, New York Cltr. SALESMEN PAID WEEKLY. KSRMANANT P03ITIOK9IOHOODHEN, SPECIAL INDUCK- EENTS TO BEGINNERS. EXCLUSIVE TEK- BITORT GIVJSN IK DE8IRKD. Write at ono* 1'or terras to Ttte Hawks Nursery Co., Rocnesier, N. Y. ANTAL-MiDY new tiny Capmk* aromperior. |to Batam of Copaiba, CubeU. and Injection!. They cure in 48 h°°» tt° wltboot tayina IKE VIGILANT CUP. THE FAST YACHT'S OWNERS NOW HAVE IT. It In TwonLy-liiBlit InfliBh HlRli nnrt » Mnrvol of Artlxtlc WorMimnihlp—To Oimuiomm-uto tlll> Crout I iiti'i-cmtlmml Victory <>' 1KU3. II H It ANOSOMIC silver cup or vase presented by the America cup committee on tlioniglil. of March Jil to the Now York Yachi. elr.b has been fin-ui- '•• ally presented to the owner of the Vigilant, which so successfully defended the America cup against the Valkyrie. Those who have fjoe-n thn cup say that it is the most artistic and appropriate trophy ever ottered 1'or a yachtin;r event. The cup, which stands 21 inches high, on a 7-inch pedestal, was designed and made-by the Whiting Manufacturing company in New York city. Around the rim of the vase, which is lluted. are tiny silver shells, and half way down llm neck, in bus relief, is the seal of. the New York Yacht club, upon ils .face the club peu- TUB VIGILANT CUP. nant, with tho- fig-urcs "03." Two figures, one on each side of the bowl of the vase, nre used to illustrate tho recent contest . Valkyrie, wearing a winded helmet, is standing on the right, with her spear poised ready tof strike; the divided skirt, the foot gear, in fact all the details have been carried out with remarkable fidelity by the designer. On the left is seen the figure of a typical Indian squaw, meant to represent the Vigilant. She is clothed in male attire— a, suit of_ buckskin — and there is an expression of confidence upon her face and in her attitude that bespeaks victory for her in the contest. The inscription on tho body of the cup, tin; lower part of which is tastefully finished, reads: "To the owners of the Vifrilant., from the New York Yacht club, to commemorate the victory over tho Valkyrie in defense of the America Cup, __^ ____ DOUBT ABOUT THE RIDERS. Dinicultiun That Ue«ot the l'ro|>OH«il ICovlvnl of Stenplo-Chasliiir. A great difficulty that will bis encountered in the revival of steeple chasing at Coney Island w)ll bo the granting of licenses. Neither Mr. Vosburgh nor the stewards of the jockey club have seen anything of the work done by tho men who will apply P AINT cracks. often costs more t house for rcpaintinpr ihc. 1 ; -i: 1 . painted in the litvt place v.-itl: ready-mixed pni:H::, ihan i': to have pr'.iiuc;! ii. tv.-ico v. itii ly pure white icaci, ijrounu. ,' linseed oil. Strictly i'We I f r« ~. fat i.-.„ ^ w forms a pc;iT.:inc:-.V b^::c :". ing and r.cvcr i.•-.::. lo b" scraped off o.i r.c:orn:. •. or cradling. Ic ia r!«:::' and clean. To bo si~vv strictly pure vvhito I'-:ir', any of tnu follov.-:i:rj b,;--: "Anchor," "L!-o "Eckstein," "I--: "Kentucky," '"-'FOR COLORS.—N^tionr.l L'.:-.:'. White Lead Tintinj: Coiorr., a r to a jj-poiinfl kejr of J.I::H! .Tii'.i i paints. Saves time ami ruiiinvrnr similes, anil insures the li«.i j.^.in »iblc lo put on wood. Send us n postal r;ml ana fft paints und co.or-cnrd. I.-C.L; il v.-il! youagood inany iloll.irj. NATIONAL LEAD CO., Cincinnati Prr.nrh, Seventh and Freeman Avgiiut, for licenses to ride, except In a few in« stances at the Jerome Piirk jumping 1 events of ISni. No one knows -^ally bow t,heso riders lui.ve livod sine?, steeplo-olmsin},'wont out of fiislin> < ,,_how preciirious huvu boon tiioir lives, or wlictlier tliu.v Ir.ivc- follo\vfd th<; ad- vicu oi iin old man who, when ilyi'iJTi ciiutionod Ilia son to '-'imK-i! money; honestly, if you c:in, lint m:ikc it." Then tlicrc is ViU-nly to b. 1 inncli now malerisil brought out in tin; iu;itlei- of riders :m<l thsit will inci-'-:iM: tin: <li- lomin:!., lint thn now blond will not bu hulliciont to intnsi! life into (he nurins;-. The most notorious of tho old. line of jumpor rulers should bo bin-red be I ore Keandul t;iints the cross-eon nU-y vvents at Coney Island, and every new coninr should submit, lo a ri^id iiii|iiii-.v as to his antecedents and his past life. Tho uveran-e slci.'pleeliaso i-idor eau "thvow" a rciee with more dexterity thau a trottinff-hovse driver. CHIEF OF UMPIRES. The FanctloiiK of.tho Olllro «r«»U>il f<" Ilnri-y WrlKllt. While Harry Wi-ig-hfs duties as ohief of nmiiiros have not been ollioially 'le- lined by President Younc'. i'-i-s not unlikely that all eomplainls will lie tin-nod over to him lor investigation. He ivill visit ti;o city \vlu.-re tiie umpire against wliom the ehui'n'.-s have been made is workin;; 1 , "look him river" nr.ilact aecord'nifr to his judgment, I'mpires will know that no sna.p judgment will ho taken in tlieir eases, and elni) captains and managers will know that their interests arc safe in his hands. Club otUeials will K'reatly slren^tiu-n Mr. \Vri^ht's hands if, when they think they have reason fur complaint, they say nothing to the umpire of tho promised protest,, bur, inform Mr. \\riyht direet, anil let him watch the woi-l; of the umpire without the '.attor's knowledge. One-of tho little things that help tc make this umpire's i-xislcnee a biii'den is tho binlV ])i-otesl» Ihat some of the managers make. Many an umpire has boon raked over the coals by the head of a losing club solely for the purpose and with the hope of setting- the best of the deal in the next game. These protests would have no effect upon men with the moral stamina of Lynch, but they have had their effect in the past with umpires less generously endowed with backbone, 11' managers are .sincere in their expressed desire for improvement in the umpiring 1 and •wish to help 11 r. Wright in his work, they will see that there is DO more protesting to the umpire direct. SPORTING. There are now 132 horses clig-ible for the American Derby, to be run in Chicago June ~.'i for a purse oi' S:;, r ),000. Champion Corhett has posted his third stake payment of Sli.OllO for his proposed match with Jackson. Northwestern University's ball team defeated the .loliet club by a score of ]i; to D, tirillith's pitching was phenomenal Tuesday: Kaseball s rlrru '- s resulted: Hrowns 10, Williams!*; Indianapolis". Minneapolis 1: drand ISapids 11, l-'oi-t Waynes 0; Now Orleans 7, Mobiles -1. Ilnndspun, tho firs tof, Hanover's }fet to race defeated a Held of L-year-olds, including- the daughter of i?a Ivator and Miss Woodford, at Memphis. Thursday's baseball g-aiv.es resulted: Ill-ami Kapids ](J, i Port Waynes 7; I'ittsburfrs ID, Milwankoes .'); St, Louis 1, Kansas Citys 0; J-ouisvilles -1, Ue- troits, 8. Kitty Scott, at 12 to n, won the race for 2-year-olds at Memphis. Only one of the'five favorites ended first. I,eo Lake, a sou of Leonatus and lady of the Lake, won the Produce stake for 2-year-old colts at Memphis. Corhett now announces his willing-ness to h'g-ht I'eter Jackson in London provided a purse of sufficient si/.e is ottered. Lamplighter will not be a starter in the Brooklyn handicap,havinjf thrown out a splint. He has been heavily backed. Fifty-two entries have been received for the Suburban handicap of tho Coney Island club. Other stakes have filled well. Orinda and Zoulika, coupled at 30 to 1, ran first and second in the Minneola stakes at Memphis. La Belle, the odds-on favorite, was third. The Vlllftln'n Trailo Murk. "Here's ono more way of telling the villain of a melodrama as soon as he puts in his appearance," said Advance Lent Clark "Look at his feet If he wears patent leather shoes he s a villain No matter whore ho may be at the time, in Africa, Abia, or anywhere on the habitable globe, tho Bto"e villain of to-day must wear pat- entTleather shoes. It's his trade mark, just as the cigarette used to be. Arrangements are being maae lor a first-class bicycle track at Inlet park, Atlantic City. " com P lo ;fL a Se 5' cs of tournaments will beheld there during the summer. GIVES RELIEF IMMEDIATELY.— |t JS B Cure fOP all Diseases of the Heart, Kidneys, Liver and Blood. It has no rival and is found in every home, THE RACING SEASON. ITS DAWN BRINGS FORTH SOMl£ NEW MATERIAL. W. It. (illoin, lllii \Voll-JUiloivii OMSIIT anil Tnitimr, \Vrin-n Ahnut Klicer* <ir:i!iy mill IJomlno - -v^iHV THAT TIIK \ u ; is.'l is dawning.'-nr U holies (',!•<• nainrul- \"'.'•',' jyV-s I :i si.iuewliat, row:\'/ .,, h;!^ 1 !: "•'« vision - 1 ' ( ' t j'* 0-\ H''^ U cuteome will fill^ ^rT- 14 ' mi our o.\pi-ct:i- tions. So (itr :is tin; HKiin faetors in the sport are eone'.;rnod—Lhe horses— 'I believe firmly we shall not be disap good old horses to ]>l:iy a. prominent. part, for tin-re :nv no'.v i'ew u"P s uv ruees of any value to keep them in training, but ol' -l-year-ohis we have a g-ondly collection. U-islyi-.-u-. its.'i-yo.-ir-olil.-i, they were Ty poor hit, but in this I liardly coincide. I speak feelin^y, perhaps, but ^Ww^\ /; >.Ml {** i *.~* -V J certainly opine tliat Sir Walter, Ajax and Sport—only three of a do/en good ones—were fitting representatives of their a;?e in any year. The whole batch are reported as having wintered well, so that we should see some highly interesting racing among them, Proceeding to the three-year-olds, most people arc agreed that last year's showing of two-year-olds was above the average. Domino held a record second only to that of Tremont. Dob- j bins, despite a particularly hard : season of nearly thirty races, showed I of what sterling metal he was com- j posed when he ran his memorable dead j heat match race with Domino, at the i end of the season. j There was, too, anoLin-i' eoH, Sena- . tor Ouily, which must be spoken of as j a Virtually unknown quantity, since ! lie- never met Domi-iO, rind yet many) good judges maintain that lie was his ! peer, and the way Hi which he won all ot his races, beating fields of the-hlfrh- est class, certainly gives color W the assertion. With so large a number of colts showing well in the past season we may expect to see many improve into lirsVelass thrui-year-olds. and, as a result, some hotly contested stakes. What is true of the colts Can hardly bo said of the fillies; indeed the good ones of the year can be readily numbered | on the lingers of one hand. ; Why it is that iillies arc so few on tho turf in this country, as compared with other countries, it is hard to say. Possibly it may be that their owners find breeding a more profitable investment than racing them. Certainly the fact remains that high class fillies on, the turf are few, and those who can hold th-cir own at sex allowance with the colts are noticeable only by their absence, ; With regard to the newly formed Jockey club and their future, both owners" and " trainers are expecting > great things. j The formation of the board of con- J trol was essentially a step in the right j direction, and their influence for good has been felt much, though they were maligned. They were blamed for being autocratic, but it must be remem- : bered that they had an unruly pack f to govern, a pack made up of many good men, with a large admixture of would- be-if-you-didn't-watch-me bad men. To make the machinery of the turf run smoothly was no idle task, and they certainly deserve the thanks of the racing fraternity on their retirement The men now selected as members of the Jockey club are worthy, fair minded sportsmen, and it behooves all interested in the welfare of the turf to uphold their authority. I, for one, shall hope for some radical reforms under its regime. 1 entries close Sept. 1. All age stanc, first SIM, second SJ--Vthird S100, i fourth S7.">, fifth, S"i(). Entries close Oct. 1. ; AMATEUR EOXINC DON'T PAY 1 It Is I'rullMili- lll:ir. Ulf AlTillrN <if M" 1 j A. .A. I 1 . \V1I1 llf IllM-.iiiUnniMl. ' It is probable that tho annual bo.\- '.II^ 1 i.-!i;ilMpinu*,hi p llHVlirH!'^ of till 1 . Ainaioiir .\:hli:iic Ini.nl \vill be Jis- •riintiiiiu'd. nr ' iMiislVrreu lo some- other -ilythan NVw York. The net receipts -.if the l-:i-l nieelin;;- have not been in Adi' iniliiir tiies far. but ::n anlliorit.v • KI less I-IUMU-IH. l.lian ••]-';iLlier Hill" Tunis placrs them at. ^.'"n. JIns iniii;i-s a s,ii-r\' shoivin^ \vho:i consid- uM-ed ii: e.iiiiieelion ivilh the followiii;; Mriilili!' ol' 1!-«S: Hi-: nro'.lt . Mi-i'liny n: M:o-.-ll. ;'Xi; in-: . Mi-i-iiiiv »r Uri-i'iii'ii-r. n->'.'; in", proiu.. -.-'I .Mi-i-lii:T u: I 1 - 1 .)!: li'-l P"i 111.. MI i-lin^ i-l \r,K: H--I liroill ! Thr tri-;iMirv of the union is empt.y Itowvs soiKri.liiiix' less than irl.nnt i "Us dc'Mts," says llic Spirit, of th Tiiiu-s, "are yniwiuji' at the rate n about SI.ID a iiionlh." l!y its own confession tim union lias since ii.s or^ani •y.ai.iun ^-iveii i,l)cse aninia.l boxing championships because tlic.se meeting': were ils principal source of ineonie Ilsiit'.er iuabilitv to control tile spor' and iiilirriKil weaUnoses have conlri billed to the huniilia'.in^- rotrogrossioi and financial barrenness of these eom- ]iet.itions. The Nationai Associatioi ; of Amateur Oavsniei] thrives anil ii '. strong. Jts decrees are obe\'cd am • enforced. Tiie Amateur A'.hletii | I.'nior. is nnabie to enforce its decrees, and hence, its tolt.erincf condition si- far as dominion over one branch " .--•port is concerned. | YACHTING IN 1S94-. The C«!iitiTl)Oiiril Kiiiirlc»lp<iiit a 1'opulni j T.vjui for 'Ililn Sfuxnj. j This year Lawley. the yacht builder, J is making a specially in what he eaP.s 1 the "ccnterboard kiiiicUabonts." The\ are boa,ts of twenty-one feet water line and under, with »'Ood beam, mod crate draught, lend on the keel and ii the cental-board and with a handy jib and mainsail rif;'- Thev are hard to capsixo. are easily handled and promise to lill a place in O.N'I-: OK l.AWLKV'S KXOfKAIIOUTS. shallow waters wliicli the keel knockabouts eonld not take. Throe of them arc now under way for yachtsmen in Kuzzai-d's bay. They are IT feet waterline. LT, foot over all, T feet beam and 2 feet draught, with c-UO jiounds of lend on the keel and :.'OII in the centcrboard. Tliey have large, open cockpits, are lightly but strongly bnilt and carry ',iOO souarc feet of. sail. Jt M»ho» a Dlfforonco. JIanager Ward of the New York; has been somewhat harshy criticised for his determined opposition to the demands of Farrcll and Kusie, owing to the fact that when he was only a plain, ordinary player he was wont to stand out eacli year for a big advance. The fact that he generally succeeded in his "strike" is used against him. There does not seem to be much sense or justice in this complaint. He is now a manager, liberally paid to look after the club's interest It makes a heap of difference which side of the fence a person is on. A man of property is never an anarchist and a landlord deprecates the "no- rent" movement.—Snorting Lif«. A Now M»ii8Kero»J. A new manageress has come to^ the front in the person of Miss Olga Neth- ersole, and a few weeks ngo she entered into possession of the Court theater, London, and produced "The KENNEL NOTES. Pious Pembroke, the well-known greyhound, is dead. The newly elected active officers of the Gordon Setter club of America are: James B. Blossom, president; J. R. Ou(?hton, vice-president;. L. A. Van Zandt, secretary and treasurer. The United State* Field Trial olub has decided to hold its next field trials at Bicknell, Ind., beffinninjr Monday, Nov 5. Prize* are announced at follows- Derby stake, f^rst 9200, second $150. third »100, fourth 875, fifth »50; OI.OA NKTHEKSOI.E. Transgressor." a new piece by a new author—T^r. A, W. Gattie. Though Jlr. Gattie is an unknown author, he has shown he has some good in him. Jt would be cruel to find too much fault with the play. It may be crude in parts, but it is pathetic, and, what is more, it is a new idea, unconventionally worked out, Bug- Holliday of Cincinnati is declared to be the most tireless player in the world. H OOD'S AND ONLY Hood 1 * Sarsaparilla Is the medicine for you. Becautt it is the best blrrlpurifier. HOOP'8 "A* ft!3 a» thehil]s"and never excelled. " Tried- rind proven ' : ' isihevcrdici; of millions.. Simmon;-: Liver I'o<". Y) lator is Better^- 1VC-' and Kidne;- medicine t v. •• v/tich y c u, can pin you/ faith for .-. cure. A. mild l;i:-.r^ live, & E <}'• purely vegetable, act* n ~ diro.Cil-a oif the Live:and Kidneys. TryiU Sold by ail Liquid, or in Powder>o be taken dry or made into a tea,. The Klriff a' r-!>'«r Slfrilctnf*. " J Tifvvo i-sciI y(mrSiiu nions I,ivcrKpf;r.* Xtorand CHII <-uii>>. i i« j :n-iot;sl^- K^y II is Lhi>- Rinf: of all liver !i:cii:ciin-s. J oon^MiT It ;'u Aecili'Uivrlivsi In iiM'lf.—UEU, W. JAGS- 'Kf, Tncomu, Vv'a::hi:)j;t«ii. FACKAGE-B* rn red ou w "Than Pills . vor u ta^eu ai i :r jru:ir:iL:tuc. }•'":• : SHILOII'S POJ . i.- • ,,'ai; ; ; .-' c'j ...;<;it .oJ:\, "crarj :•• i-i'U^pi-'^ on tv '; ;.-•: or OiOG T .. ''Sft Kor s&l« by B. K.'Ke«\slliiK. ELY'S QATAR IK CREAM BALM| Is quickly Absorbed. Cleanses the finsal Psssages Mlays Pain and inilammstion. Seals the s<->pe Protects tne tfembranerrorri Additional Cole Restores the sgrises of Taste and_SrneI!. IT'WILL CURE. A r.ink-;t> Is ap;>llfsl lino ' nostril and l» .-t > tiff'-wiW' 1 . Pr'w r>} f'l 1 " ar nrnKKtsts or by mai! BI.Y BHOTHKItf. '"'• wmrw St. .New York. indapa ------ well Manof Me:* NDAPQ 1HI CnK.'.T WNDOO REMEDY ' $0ot'-- _ yrltton ruftrniiioo to cure or ;«i7..«»W.fKi»4..»o»V -•---• Itind OP- ?c'\v|Vl irni'l it by m«ll upon receipt^ ,i*.^,.JiXvO:-l'rt>I»-i IMeti*, III., •r»«r«»««U». OLD by --' Flshtr, Wholesale DraRuisi, JIT Fonrtu S(., ooie ARI-DI (or «!e of INDAPO t- tOGANSPOK; •iNU. STEEL PENS Nos. 303-404-I7O-«O4, /Iwrf other stylus to suit all ttaiatt. THE MOST ^EEFECT OF PENS; . . IN EUIQANT —*. Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars,, WITHOUT CHANOE. MOUNTAIN ROUTE, TEXAS i PACIFIC »«D SOUTHERN PACIFIC RY'S. Pullman Tourist Sleeping Car, St. Loalt 16 Lot Angeles, daify, via thit lint, POPULAHLY TtRHltD TMt — SOUTHERN VIA THl »»0»I LINt. *HO «T ALL IKNMTANT O

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