Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 3, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1946
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, August 3, 1946 «ck Younq sfci? Melcfoft dropped me off at the Elm Tree Grocer^ ' . | THEY FIX80 YOUR CAR —IHt ft\£N FROM THE GARAGE. ONE OF THEM WAS , ATAU MAN \ WITH A DROOPY EYELID. : _/ inhere I'd Isft my car. 1 told hor I'd report te her soon TO CONSERVE BREAD, 1 1 j PUT BLOTTERS ON THE X, TOP AND BOTTOM OF MY ,. JSTEAO ON£ HOME FROM THE BANK TODAY . HAVE WE A CLEAN BLOTTER? <9u9t a little girl with pigtails-- and ali , she did was save my life. OH, !P ONLY I HADN'T V A PAKANOIftC \ SORRY, BUT TOLD THE OFFICE TO \ ftLW&YS H\S I WE CANNOT I WAS HOWE SICK ft VERY GOOD / CONTINUE IMBED WTH MU,v\Ps! / EXPLANATION/ TO ANNOV CAU 'E>A UP AGWN JV ~s/ THE INNOCENT LE-TMETftLK! / ~7r\ VICTIMS OF MOUR PLEASE! A /' \ DELUSIONS! 15 SCURRYING emeu.TO WHILE i SOMEWHERE HIGH IN THE MOUNTAINS: NWKEE WILL BE ; IN OUST THE RIGHT WOOD FINM. f\CT IN OUR LITTLE PLAN YO RELIEVE HUA OF $36,000.' By Galbraith THAT'S NOT IT'S SCOKCHY , SMITH.'*&#.') ti iV" THE SWELL Joss TO GO ;"^A ( A MINUTE , BOYS, FORGOT SOME - THISJG ! "My girl friend said I should take the bus with the driwr_with the long eyelashes." "This is official notice thai we have ^iveri up the idea of raising children by psychology, so don't get caught ^.'G. L. again!"-' '" 7 ~ Freckles and His Friends By Blosser -A-Fwe JOB \yirn THAT DOUGHNUT.! You KNOW.THAT By Hershberger , i^w tyiix • r\ • r »*»*-• ^.•^-'u' *i''in iri.-Ai L^wLj^-'niNwit /\_^w p«.p ^ WY T • i n^* i ' FOR MRS. KANE .' I'M PROUD OF YOU FOR ) OLD SAYIN&, CAD NG- .A HEART AS Bl& AS YOUR HEAD / r 7 -«*UKE FATHER, — •• '• < 5 I Ik'F c;r>M"/ «^—^ /^C>' ; ;V . f /. err,-,), r-^v_ *•__ OMM^B WELL ---ER.--- \ OKAY, POP AND To NJOMSENSE. EM SENTIMEMT. 1 PROVE I'M A BUSINESS- I GUSSS I / ^AAN TOO, I'LL TAKE . • ' TMAT OFFER..' INFLUENCED BY / TO UP SENTIMENT |_/ THE AMTE; " j?ik'.'. ' I:','- v-af ;> : / 5URE, I'M G-.A3 T'3E BAC< !\ \\OO! 3-T Xl'M SCA^dD O v(^ w*'^-( WHY Tn ' AXVIE:5 C.-AW? ARE VGETT^OANV s-oo\\ nfA VfeX SCARED OF YOJ3 OWN SHADOW? S Te.ESE DAYS' _5'S /' VVcLL, VViAT'S iT A Si.AUGHTESrO-'SS / ALL A3O.JT ? )N 320A9 D.\Y_.G^T.-/ C'MOM, STOP ' E A5.E SE.XG \ iV ALLOWANCE? B-f 3A3"liY, 003, IT'S V,'JS.O=^ -3 GO .^ HlVES!\S )" T-- \ASJ' GlVs / /' AT N.GHT-- \ . SVHOCEY// TrEY JJST^Y--- A.N'T SEEM XO M03E .'/ I/ ' .,/ R, ^946 BY N£A SEHVCf. IHC'. "Mow about clinnginy your clog's-did, madam?" Popeye Thimble Theater TPOM'T WORRY/I'M JUST A POtSON- x ivy / /N< / \ ( POCTOE." — r HELLO, popeye,) > -THEVS A YOU SENT FOR A^i EPIDEMIC OP ME — WHO'S SOT 1 A^ELA POISON IVV?? 77r-7 " M *± FAKMER, AKE POPEYE, I'LL < SHOT TKt TO BUY SUCH ft CftU '. THERE AMY POISON TELL ycu WHAT IZZAT DOCTOR I ALL ?? ii IVY VINES AJ?0(JND r HERE ??/SIREE;; OKAY WHAT ?? HERBS THAT YiVSTERIOUS BCHTLE ' A3AIN— BOBBINS AWD POCKING -THEY'RE COliJURLD UP tiYj THE WlTOl|-:'5 Wlllf.H HAV!: ' BtWITCHCU Tilt "jU J By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople Out Our Way THAT WAS A PRETTY PUNCH / RI6HT OhJ HIS 5CHU02ZLE/ DOM'T NOTICE THOSS THIMGS-- SOME OF NAY FRIENDS COME 1M AMP PLAY WITH GREAT LUCl^Y THAT CAESAR, -?X CORM WA^ / HOOT/ SURELV Vi COOKIE / \ MOS& VJA<=, // GTRAKiGLCR \ RftCTDREO BY f'AtGHT/X HE MUST LIK:E THAT cos ISTRAMEL- IMG FASTER THAM A CHAT'S % TYPEWRITER BEAST'S j /"MftSHED / /HE SAYlM", jW AT / -^. T / ( YOU a \ W "TK V 5'(QOlTT|i iR^ . / C*- </sV^- r t V-iuRG/ \ /^ (CHOt.\?f!) '^l 1 ( YOU a < ^- y "TK V "^''(QUITTING) HOPE / \ SMEULER/ / C^OVO'S \ ' \ Tllv\H / / ..V PROFILE \ /LIKE A. } '..~, lOKW'fJ ^—0,^ ' SM'TMftRREoi ( POTATO// URG^ — <—^.S . \\ W.oM **«'• \<*r ^* •> \ -\ A *C*A c ^'i utntR. ai.-.i ijLji ur \/ Saiur 1 -ADI DO'^'l WAKSl / / TnE5= riEhJ-' --'«;; -• .. ^ '^^L^EAR CAM E/XT v^' ALN\OCT Social atid Persona i 0 •• m. and 4 p. m. HOPE STAR, .HOPE, ARKANSAS I Phone; «, Social Calendar Mondny, August 5. Circle, No. 1 of (he W S C S n ,! p iu '''•;' Mo , tllotl isi Church wiii " ' £ 'Monday afternoon a! 6 o'clock at FJII p ar k for a picnic. All mem- ben! are ur«eil | 0 attend. Cifclo No. -I of the W.S.O.S. of >>'• /Mi-el. Methodist church will m.'pt Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock " M I', 011 )? <lf £' ir> - Rn| t )h Routon oti North Pine Street. The UV-ilyiaii Guild of ihc Fivt j\U'lhodi:-t church will meet at tho (•lunch al 7:lid Monday evening for a trcasuro hunt. All 'members' are SUNDAY • MONDAY « TUESDAY • BIG 6 forest" EDMUND LOWE BRENDA JOYCE STARTS SUNDAY rr\ Jeturn of rr • HENRY FONDA • GENETIERNEY urged to attend. Cirr.le No. 1 ot the Women's conn- cl ',i°. f !Jl^, Flr ? 1 Chilian church will meet Monday afternoon at 3:30 at the home ot Mrs. George Dodds on highway (37. Circle No. 2 of the Women's council of the First Christian church will meet ot 3:30 Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs H C. Whttworth, 318 South Elm. st! The Asrocintional Y. W, A. Mouse Party will be held Monday night nt the First Baptist church, beginning nt ft:30. Each member of the local Y.W.A. Is asked to bring her osrn bed roll. Missionary speakers will b,c Miss (-Catherine Jordan, and Mr. Tennet Lavender. Aaron- Mullins Marriage Announced. Mr. and Mrs. hi. Aaron of Hope Route 2, announces the marriape of their daughter, Zeltnn, to WH- ton W. Mullins, son of Mr. and Mrs Hoy Mullins also of Hope Route 2. The impressive single ring ceremony was read by Kevorenrt William P. Hardegree, pastor of the First Christian- church in the church parlors at nine o'clock Friday evening, August 2. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Allen and Mrs. 1£ Aaron were the only attendants. The bride was becomingly attired in- a pastel blue crepe with black accessories and- her flowers were a corsage of white gardenias. Mrs. Mullins is a graduate of Hope High School and is at present employed at Hope Star. The groom also attended Hope High School and has recently been discharged from the Navy after serving 19 months in the- Pacific theater The couple will be al borne at 201 South Washington street. Miss Jean Rogers Honorec at Shower. • Miss Joan Rogers, bride elect of Jack Butler was named honored at a delightful bridal shower at the home' of Miss Virginia Keith, 81G West 7lh street Thursday evening with Miss Violet Ross as co-hostess. The hostesses served a delightful salad, plate with drinks to the following; Mrs. Hayes Munn, Mrs. Bob Levins, Miss Sue Porter, Mrs Charles Pricks. Mrs. J. E. Lew- tor, Mrs. Dorotha Faye Caudle, Miss Jeanetto Rosenbaum, Miss Mary Andres, Miss Earfene White Mrs. Carl Polk, Mrs. Jack Hervey, Mrs. Irviii Baker, Miss Agnes Parks, Miss Betty Andres, Miss Lottie Edwards, Mrs. Ernest Rogers and the honoree. Miss Maggie Gunter Honoree at Shower. Miss -Maggie Gunter of Atlanta, Texas bride elect of Mr. Kermit Hulchins, also of Atlanta, was honoree at a miscelaneous shower at theJiome of Mrs.. J. A. Gunter on r riday evening. Attractive arrangements of summer flowers were used through out the home where about 20 guests enjoyed numerous games and contests. The bride elect received many lovely gifts. The hostess assisted by Mrs Frank King. Mrs. Edward Schooley and Mrs. Homer Beyerley served a delightful ice course. Coming 'and Going Mrs. J. C. Yount, and daughters Bilhe Jo and Ollie left today for San Francisco, California where they will sail for Hawaii to join Chief Petty Officer J. C. Yount in residence. Mir? Martha Ann Sutloh ha* returned to her homo in Blpvinn aftef a vacatiovi visit with her aunt, ivlro. Ida Foster here . MM. L. A. Arnett will leave September 1 for, Lanofiia New Hampshire for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Leo LaBfancho, Jr. Hospital Noteo Friends of Mr. Floyd Gilbert will regret to learn that he Is a patient at Julia Chester hospital. Births Mr. and Mrs. II. K. McHarg of Chevy Chase, Maryland announce the arrival of a daughter, Kathryn Cravens, born Wednesday. July 24, Mrs. Mcllarg wjll be remembered as the former Miss Sarah Ann Holland of this city. Ruling By Hall Taken to State Supreme Court Little Rock, Aug. I—Iff}— Attorney Tilghman Dixon. acting on behalf of himself, asked the Arkansas Supreme Court today to rule on the authority of Secretary of State C. G. Hall to extend the time for filing of petitions for initialed amendments to be voted o'n in 'the November election. Hall recently .granted 30 days additional time to file the required number of .signatures for constitutional amendments proposing a community property law, a four- year term for elected officials and other measures allowing communities to increase their indebted- nes sthrough millnge taxes for libraries and municipal ment purposes. Dixon's motion asks the improve- high court to enjoin the secretary of state from accepting any petitions which were not filed in complete form by the deadline, uly 3. In extending the deadline Hall acted under an attorney general's ruling. SHORT SUMMER Enterprise, Ore., Aug. 3 —(/P)— Fishing in Prospect Lake in the mountains here is a little slow this season. Anglers returning from the laice say two feet of ice still covers it—and snow is due at the end of the month. DOROTHY DIX Spendthrift Children The grcnf American romance ,„ the "rag to Mehes" story of the poor boy, who, through his brains and brawn and thrift, raises himself from a lowly position in the woiId to a seat admist the mighty. It is a fine, brave tale, and a true one, for among those who have made our country great and powerful and a leader among the nations, aret thousands upon thousands <j| men who laid tho basin of their fortune by pinching pennies, and got Iheir education in the University of Hard Knocks. Indeed,' in this land of opportunity, hertofore the secret of success has been, for a 'boy to rnako up him mind what he wanted; and to have the guts to go oufs'aml Ket it. For if there was not a '-baton in every soldier's knapsack, a's the French used to say, there whs in every boy's head the dreams, no matter how -poor and- humble lie was, of the fortune he would make the high political office he would hold, • the brigde he would build. And many a man is today president of the bank ho used to sweep out; or governor of the state in which he was born, and sees the trains thundering over the bridge he built. LIFE EVER THE SAME The fundamentals ofrlifc do not change. The chances "of success, or failure, are Hie sarile as they have always been. The.door of opportunity can still be crashed by thliost: with the strength to do it; but when I see he way in which indulgent parents aer ..bringing up their children, I wonder if our national theme song will not soon be changed from "rags to riches" to from "riches to rags," : ; For we are rearing-, a generation of spendthrifts aiifl pleasure- seekers who have nd. conception of thrift, no idea of the value ot money, and who except to strat their careers at the top dt the ladder instea dot' working 'up from the bottom. Not long ago a group of mothers wer discussing the demands that their teen-age children make upon -uaughl&i By R. Louise Emery Copyright, 1946, NEA SERVICE. INC. FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS. • Dr. JAMES W. BRANCH, M. D. announces the association of Dr. ELBERT H. WILKES, M. D. General Medicine and Surgery \ Telephone 330 <12G S. Main Hope, Arkansas . THE STORY: Cecily's wedding is over at last. But never will I forget the cruel thing I did to her. And Delia. Cecily's mother, will never forgive me. I have adored Cecily since she was a baby—kept on adoring her even after I married Robert and my daughter Comma was born. Long ago, too I know that Delia was raising Cecily to be an insufferable snob, und that she was jealous of my ®- love for her. When Cecily was ten and _ . — •• ^-^-*-'ij w us Lirn UIIU Cormna eight, I had a chance to undo some of the harm Delia had done. Cecily stayed with us for six weeks while her parents were away. It was necessary to transfer her to public school and I saw to 'A, thul sn ° met children from the Playground. Both Val, Robert's Playground protege, and Stevie Ralston, rich Mrs. Ralslon's son, nad a crush on her and she actually seemed to prefer Val. Delia's return put a stop to this, however When Cecily was in high school, 1 objected to her joining a snobbish soroity, but Delia said all the girls from the hill beloived —and she wasn't going to have them snub Cecily _ . 'XII Cormna graduated from grammar school and entered hi<< school two years behind C ecily she stormed into the kitchen that first afternoon and slammed her she can'l shrill drove like crazy from junior col lege every afternoon to get back to high school in time to meet Cecily for sodas at Down's Hang- Out. Corinna knew because she had a job for two hours every day after school behind the .soda foun- prestige with her classmates. She lain. It gave' her a great deal ol was nn authority on the betwcon- sehpol-and-home lives of all thc- juniors and seniors. She knew before any one else that Slevie was on his eai because Cecily and Val had the leads in the school play. The school paper helped matters along svith a silly comment in the gossip column that if the school board had permitted kissing in the love scenes Cecil yand Val could reallj •have put their hearts into it . Corinna read the item aloud to me gleefully that evening. "And now Stevie and Cecily aren't going together any more!" Corinna climaxed her «!-»-:• "Somebody handed him a and he was tidbit. - _ papei burned that hj purse into a chair. "That snippy old burst out. "Mama, I just STAND Cecily any more!" I hi;ard my voice go For Your Medicine Cabinet CAN BE FOUND HERE We have a large supply of First Aid Needs in our drug store. In case of home accidents, you always need a full supply of remedies and bandages. Come in lorlciy and let us re-stock your Medicine Cabinet. We've Got It. We've WARD & SON The Leading Got It Phone 62 Druggist Finley Ward Frank Ward ,,/; ,»*-"*" tnj vuiuc: ^u bill 111 Corinna, don't ever let me hear you say thai again — as IOIIK as you live." Corinna bcjjan to cry. "I want to love her, but how can you love any one that a«jUs so hateful to your friends? Cecily knows Mercedes is my best friend but she wouldn't even speak to her today—she just looked her over and then she whispered something to the girl she was with and they both Jooked at Mercedes und gig- The familiar sinking sensation that came so often with mention ol Cecily's name hit me in the diaphragm again. "Did Cecily speak to you' 1 " ''Huh! Did she!" said Corinna. bhe knows belter than to try Unit funny stuff on me." "What would you do if she did?" . 'Well, I wouldn't speak to her. either," Corinna said. "What makes you think she would care?" "She'd care, all "right," said Corinna. "I'm the only friend she'd ever stayed all night with She doesn't want to lose me!" I mused over her answers and mby pie burned. I couldn't see how badly for a few seconds because of the tears in my eyes Although Delia seemed to want mo around more frequently these days when she still had cause to worry over Throne, 1 saw less of Cecily than ever. She was engrossed with thte social functions ol her soroity and wtih the boys who swarmed after her. Delia ' dragged me from shop to shop "Wait until Stevie Ralston sees her in this!" was Delia's theme song. "One of these days we'll crack that big house of 'Myrtle's • yet, the snub!" j I am sure that if Myrtle Halston j had known the mapor role she played in Delia's life she would have thrown her doors wide out of pity, but Myrtle was busy with civic and social affairs; slie had never been attracted to Di-lla and could conceive of no reason why Delia should desire her freindship I doubt if she ever gave Delia a thought, but Delia would have ! had been campaigning against her. taken her oath that Myrtle Halslon "All those- hill w'omen lollmv her lead like a bunch of sheep," Uell sneered. "They won't have anything to do wlili me because she won't. 1 guess she knows thai she can't run me around the way she does them!" It was a scource of great satis- laclion—the pictuie she entertained ot Mrs. Halston's stjuirmin" under her resolute stand. It would have been funny except for the elfect that fixation was haviii" on Cecily's life. Corinna brought home high school gossip. Stevie Ralston started right in on Cecily on the front steps at school. So she threw his frat pin at him " "His frat pin" 1 cried. "They've been engaged term." nil "And Delia hasn't known it?" "Maybe she docs now," Corinna said, "but I was the only one Cecily told until they had the fight. Cecily's awfully ornery. Mama. She had no business hanging arondn with Val when she was engaged to Stevie." "She didn't have any business benig engaged to Stevie i nlhe first place," I said. "And you had no business keeping it from me!" "I promised not to tell," Corinna defended. I longed to shako her. "She's in the doghouse with Val, too," Corinna added with relish. "For making up to him while she was wearing Slavic's pin inside her dress. I guess he's mad at her for taking it in the first place. She was crying her eyes out. I guess it'll do her good." (To Be Continued) REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop thorn. "Mary," said one, is only lf>. but she has to have a new formal for pvt-ry party, or else she cries herself into hysterics," "My Johnny, whose voice hasn't even other night for $7 to send flowers settled down, asked his father the to one girl and $8 to send flowers to another girl," said another wo- . , sairl another wo- friend of mine gave n party for a lot of bobby-sckers and pipsqueakeTs, and when they man. "Hecnntlv," man, gone and her husband figured out that the orchids that thes little girls had on would have i.osl, nt least, $lf)0 in any florist shop." None of these father and mothers in moderate .circumstance, who wore rich. They were jus I people had to make sacrifices to support their families, and why they sub- milted to this extortion from their children is one of the mysteries of ot this crackpot age. Their excuse is, of course, that all Ihe kids do if, whic his all the more reason for pulling a stop to it. For tho most besotted mother and father in ten world must still have enough sanity left to know Ihiit they arc doing their children the gieatcst disservice Dial is possible to inflicl upon them in biinging them up with tastes thai they will never bo able to gratify and habits thai Ihey cannot break. H is Ihc girls who have never worn anything but pink chiffon who divorce the husbands who can only give them bungalow aporns. It is boys who have champagne ap- pelilies and cold water incomes who sleal ears and end up in penitentiaries. '•Thrift is the mother of virtue, and if parents would enforce il on their children, it would no more than any other one thing to slop juvenile delinquency. Try it, mothers and. fathers, and give your children a chance lo make de ambition ccnl, self-respecling, men and women. (Bell Syndicate, Inc.) UPPER BERTH Rockford, 111.. Aug. 2 — (/P)—A 40 year-old man taking a nap on ; narrow catwalk atop a 05-foot sill in the downtown district apparent ly forgot to hang up Ihc "do no disturb" sign. Workmen noliced him napping climbed a vertical ladder, am then called the fire departmcn when they couldn't persuade him to find some other place lo sleep Firemen fastened a rope arounc the man's waist and lowered him lo the ground. He identified him self and walked away, leaving the firemen somewhat mystified. TWO BITES Loncoln. 111.. Aug. 3—(/P)—Fisher man Audlcy C. Hawkins had « bile bul didn't know il until he bitten. Hawkins disgustedly reeled in a pair of old trousers and gave then a scornful kick. In return ,he go a slight stab in the leg. A 10-inch catfish was inside the pants Just Received Shipment R. C. A. VICTOR Both Battery and Electric ARCHER MOTOR CO. Phone 838 Hope, Ark. is for DIVIDENDS on your fire insurance 1 . We can give you complete protection, and save you at least 2(K; on your insurance cost. Your life insurance pays dividends, why not your fire insurance? Fosfrer-EHis MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal Reserve 108 East 2nd Phone 221 DINE HERE FOR THE BEST IN FOODS We Specialize In: • Steaks • Chicken • Sea Foods Open From 11 a. m. to 11 p. m. CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY ROSE'S SNACK SHOP Phone 621 409 East Third Civilian Life Tougher Than Army Dear "Smoe" In your last letter 1 received fi-om you, you sounded as if you were having a rough time in civilian life. "Well, pal, I'm going to let you in on something new my Uncle came out with a while back. Me has a plan so that any man honorably discharged from the service since 12 May 1045; can re-enlist in a grnde commensurate with nis military training, but not to exceed the grade he held nt. the time of his discharge. Here's a little idea on how it works: If a man was discharged in the grade of T/Sgl. and held an MOS (Mill- Uiry Occupational Specialty) as 965 'Automotive Repairman), and has 30 months or nxorc prior active service, lie sari re-enlist in the grade of T/Sgl.. If he only has 30 lo 3G months prior active service, he c;in re-enlist in the grade of S/Sgt. It works down the line so as an ex- service man can get all the benefits he is entitled to. It sure is a good deal and I think every Ex-GI should look into il right away. If you would like any further information on it, iust drop into your • nearest recruiting station and bring along your form 100 with your original discharge. They will be glad to give you all the information you desire. . jPage Three Wi'JI, Pal, I'm running, a littl^ overtime. We are all going on a picnic today, so I'm going to close now. I don't want to miss the bus. Write soon. Your Buddie "KILROY'' A BAftfi tAUE Albuquerque, N. M., Aug. .1—(VP)— A bear weighing more than 200 pounds was in a trap which IMV Young had set as a government trapper. Because he wasn't a stock-killing bear, the law required Mts. Young lo free him. but it Wasn't as easy as it rounds. She edged her truck near the trapped animal. The Bruin scrambled under the vehicle,' ,-;nubb!hg himself to the rear a:de with the trap chain. Ginfierly, Mrs. Young tied him with a tope, then cautiously sprang the trap, and—from a distance — loosened the rope. The bear went up the nearest tree, hastily. The terrace is an age-old device to combat soil erosion. To the Voters of Hempstead County I am deeply grateful for the splendid vote given me in Tuesday's primary election. Sincerely J.W. (Son) JONES This ad paid for by J. W. (Son) Jones ATTENTION COTTON FARMERS We will hove 200 Drums Calcium Arsenate about August 5th. See us while the ; supply Lasts MID SOUTH COTTON GROWERS ASSN, Phone 905 A. E. Slusser rr Judge Dexfer Bush's "Plain Statement Is Not So Plain In Thursday's issue of the Hope Star there appeared a political advertisement titled "JUDGE DEXTER BUSH'S PLAIN STATEMENT AS TO THE LIQUOR QUESTION." In a desperate effort to gain the sympathy of the Drys of Hempstead County he went so far as to accuse his opponent of casting the deciding vote which legalized liquor in 1935. This is a deliberate misstatement. You are correct, Judge Bush,, when you said in your ad that prohibition is not an issue in our race. The real issue is that prohibitionists as well as all other citizens are going to say by their ballot on August 13 which one of the two of us will make the fairest and most impartial judge. Yes, your decision in the Hempstead County local option case has been severely criticized. Lyle Brown had an official part to play in that case and suppose we list briefly the true facts: FIRST, the citizens of Hempstead County filed petitions with the County Judge asking for a local option election. LYLE BROWN, as legal advisor to the County Court, examined those petitions and declared them sufficient to call an election. SECOND, the liquor dealers appealed to JUDGE BUSH'S COURT and JUDGE BUSH ruled that LYLE BROWN was WRONG. ' THIRD, JUDGE BUSH'S decision was appealed to the Supreme Court and there is was ruled that DEXTER BUSH was WRONG and LYLE BROWN was RIGHT. Therefore the election was called. That is the record, Judge Bush, which the Drys are comparing and which will guide them in their voting. • • • • I would suggest to you, Judge Bush, that before you discuss any moral issue in this campaign that you brush the dust off your Bible and turn to St. John and read the admonition in Chapter 8: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." LYLE BROWN ... This ad paid for by L.vle Brown

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