Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 21, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1894
Page 6
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There was a young wife in GOOD HOPE, always used SANTA CLAU5SOAB he once lost her head, Put her washing to bed, her Cherub hung out" on the rope. IT WAS WHITE AND CLEAN -ALL THE SAME. THERE IS NO EQUAL TO for it, - S/1NTA i and insist on having it. ^ ^\ A Q 1 j It is the best soap made for every household use, and once introduced it is always recognized as a friend of the family. SOLD EVERYWHERE. IF THEY WEEK FREE. AMBITIONS OF THREE CELEBRITIES. STAGE i:na« CoghlHii Would Like to Illdo Pout HorHOH nnd Cllinli llllln—Miiy Irwin Would I'lftj llamlnt—JlHrUi Jun»i>n IVould Entertain Lonnljr Uaclielori,. Mado nrtl* 1 N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., Chicago.} »»»»vn t i1«niM «Xr»uu»XX''i n i'uii~ijT'iiiTO«,yn.i,i r m . J $5 oo The Hub's "Head to Foot" BOY'S OUTFIT f«r The Greatest Offer of the Century! A FULL SUIT OF CLOTHES, Ages 5 to 15 years—every thread all wool— double breasted coat—pants made with double knees—double seats—taped seams (will outwear 2 pairs of the usual kind)—A Stanley Cap, made like illustration—rto match the suit —and A Pair of Shoes of solid leather, first-class, strong and neat—the entire outfit for $5.00. <3 Sent on receipt of price, or C. O. D,. with privilege of examination to any part of ' Oe United States if $1.00 deposit ia sent with order. If not satisfactory we agree to ; *&md the purchase price. Samples of cloth FREE. Clothier., Hatt«r», Kitrn- CHICAGO, ILL. l.her. and Shoer* state mud ar»ck.OH B««. ., TAUE FAVOR- itcs who liiivo been before the public for several seasons prtst and have been identified with its successes are supposed to have no piiTt.icuhu 1 interest beyond the art upon whose altar they had immolated themselves. Rose Coghlan said she had not readied the goal of her ambition. She had accomplished much,' hud been applauded for more thun she had ac- l-omplished, and yet felt that there ivero worlds still to conquer, and as she was in that line she proposed to exert herself for further conquests. "My position bcforo the public," she said, "is entirely and clearly delincd in THE HUB, The Best Shoe* fntfcc Least M W. L, DOUGLAS $3 SHOE FOR 6ENTLEHEH 80, 84 and 83.5O Dress Shoo. 83.5O Police Shoe, 3 Soles. 82.60, 82 for Worklngmen, 82 and 81.70 for Boys. LADIES AND MISSES, 83, 82.50 82, $1.75 CACTION.-U any doalai oifrm yoa W. I.. Doufrlat oo* ak A reduced price, >r itayi ho hAH tli»m wlttv oul Ibo nniiio Btnmped " i« buttutn, put hipa down n> a fr»ad, W. L DOUGLAS Shoes are stylish, easy fitting, and give belt mti*fc".tlon"at the prices advertised than any other make. Try one pair and be cow •rinct;d. 'The stnmping of >V. L. Douglas* name and price on the bottom, which ipiAranlces their vnluc, saves thousands of dollars annually to those who wear them. Ibeilers -who push the enle of W. L, Douglas Shoes gain customers, which helps to the eales on their full line of goods. Tlioy can aDord to Hell at a le»i profit J. B. WINTERS. BEFORE. AFTEK. I have taken the agency for the HERO SHEEP PROTECTOR, and;have ^Tr.ll stock of the goods In sight. These protectors are guaranteed to.'give '.protection to the sheep as against dogs. We have received our Seeds for the reason of 1894, ana have them ready to sup- wly our customers on demand. We handle nothing but LANDRETH'S SEEDS and as all of our old stock has been burnt, our customers may rest assured that they will get fresh, clean goods. We have a full variety of Gar den and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and ^Sporting Goods. In fact we have everything $hat goes with a horse and carriage. Don 1 forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY. Qeo. Harrison. HOSE COOIILAX. a personal sense, and my ambition for professional eminence is acknowledged. I am ambitious for further .eminence, and hope to bo remembered by posterity as an artist But—shall I confess it?—art is not all Do you know what would give me the greatest personal gratification? Dashing across the country on the back of a horse which few could handle and a less number ride, leaping fences and ditches; to drive and walk, to clamber up steep hillsides. These are things that would give me real pleasure, give me genuine comfort, and they are incidents of life that I look forward to and am ambitious to attain. "The stage is an appreciative taskmaster, though a very hard one; yet it rewards as can no other profession to which women turn their attention. "What profession could a women undertake that would compensate aa the stage does some of our actresses who fill the positions of leading ladies'? What profession could guarantee an income of S100 a week nine months of the year? and yet there are but very few women known.as leading ladies whogct so little. The income a woman derives from her work upon the stage, if she bo of careful habits, makes her independently rich in a very short time. Yet some day you will call upon me, in a quiet, unfrequented nook away from the crowd, the footlight fascinations, where this truer, if not as well defined ambition of iniue will have full sway, and with line and rod, give you such a day's sport as my mind pictures, that will give you an insight into a woman's ambition that is not in evidence in tho actress." In a recent talk with the writer, Mario Jansen said: "My position in comedy and the way I have been received by the public ought to satisfy the ambition of any actress and probably would me, but I am of mi independent nature, ;md my life-long ambition has been to be free and untrammeled, just as I love todis- card the habiliments of my sex and assume those of the sterner. 1 love to appear as a boy without the cumbersome stays that are a part of afeuiinino wardrobe. I simply speak of this as indicative of my desire for freedom. Aside from my professional ambition, I hope that some time when managers have ceased to find me remunerative property, for I suppose such a time will come—it comes to all of us—I will have an establishment ol my own, where I can entertain men of bright mind; men to whose conversation it is bliss that arc supposed to be a part of a matrimonial condition, and I do not look forward to such a condition either as a personal gratification or a stopping-stone to any position that is not possible for me in a slate of single existence. 1 do not mean to say by this tliat I would never marry—many well- meaning people have married time and again—as there might be conditions or circumstances that would induce me | to give up the freedom 1 love so much j fora matrimonial condition, but I have ' no desire for it and only look forward | to prominence in my chosen profession and at tho end of my usefulness, in a I professional sense, I am ambitious to i live surrounded by my friends," I To those who have had their risibles j cxeitiiil by the elrorts of May Irwin it I would seem to be almost impossible thill she would willingly permit the j frost-bite of tragedy to nip in the bud ' her almost irresistible remedy, yet such is a fact, for when she was asked to state what her honest and particular ambition was she quickly replied with the one word, "Hamlet" "Now, don't lauR-h, please, as you will surely Hpsot my .serious thought concentrated upon a very serious subject "Women have played Hamlet before now. Anna Dickinson was given some praise for her public performance, <ind while she might tho more nearly look ] the preconceived notions of the melancholy Dane, yet her mind could not be more earnest nor her taste more firmly fixed than mine in a desire to enact the role time is essentially, almost arbitrarily, masculine. It wns that feeling that sent me from Tony Pas-' tor to Augustin Duly, and I was about as well fitted to undertake the work allotted me by the 'Governor' (Angustin Duly) as I would be for the position of the first executive o£ the land, yet having undertaken tho 'legit* I stuck to it for fonr3-ears most bravely in spite of the fact that other managers (javo me no rest from their importunities to return to the vaudeville stage and others besieging me with offers of farce-comedy engagements. To bo or not to be, that is the question; Whether 'tis tetter in the mind to suffer The narrow eonllnes of the "legit," and ambition dwarfed. Or accept the ducats, palace cars, awl big type With which to spell my name, And thus, let my spirits SOB? In unhonored fun' "Torn by these conflicts I struggled for almost four seasons with Mr. Daly in an honest endeavor to become perfectly legitimate, and the harder I worked for the artistic the more uncontrollable my desire became to introduce lines for 'business,' which I knew would take the audience. During; my last season I could not help but introduce a speech. 16 took all right, and when I made my exit I was met by Mr. Daly, who said to me: ater. <Sae bad to wait tor some time before she got her opportunity, but last her chance came, Her lirst part was that of Phyllis Lee, the advcntur- MISS TVREK. es.-i in "The Charity Rail." In the s:nne piece, she subsequently played a comedy part, Hess, her versatility being thus put to the test. She acted tin; latter role for ten months. Her versatility was again shown in "Merry Cot.ham," In which she played a child of is, and in "The Grey Mare," in which she again appeared in a comedy character. Miss Tyrec's next part was Lucille in "The Wife." Then, in New York, she pla.ycd the little milliner in "The Guardsman," and, commencing last autumn, Mabel, the American girl, in "An American Duchess," the French maid in "Our Country Cousins," and Sweet Lavender in Mr. Pinero's play ot that name. Finally, in the same author's delightful comedy, "The Amazons," she made an artistic and popular success as the Lady Thomasin, familiarly known as •'Lord Tommy." § BOTHERS* FRIEND" CKiin BIRTH EASY. Colvln, La, Dot.-. 2.18$6.—My wife used ttOTHEB'S PKIKKD before :»cr third confinement, «nd f.y* nho -would not bo K-rthout It for biJi'lrertu of dollars. SOCK lOIiiS. tSent by express on nxciri of ].-iic», il.ro per hot B. Book " To Mothers " mr ifcd i.ceT ' BRADFIllLO flCaULfl.TQR CO., fo" •*« BY»LLDMW»IW<\ For sale byb^n FACIAL BLEMISHES I win remove, Freckle* lmplM. ilolli nat n<-«», Wrinkle* ».nd all other skin blcmishea. The prom Skin fooda»d Tissue Builder, will main you Beautiful. Send 10 cent* and this ad, for a box of skin food and face powder. Free. Froe. Free. MRS. NETTIE HARRISON America's liCBUty Doctor, 26 Geary stroci, Sun Franclnco. Cal. SOI Elm St. Cincinnati, Ohio. Superfluous Hair permanently rcmored. CURB THE DIAMOND. A N'inv nnd Complete Tr,t;iiTn*;ut, confiding of Sl'Pi'OSITOlUKS, Ciii>suli>f »f Olmrount nnd two linsnsof Oiju:m>m.. A iK'ver-ffllMni; <:ure for Piles of t-viTj- nnicru <tn,1 'pL™oe. It m.-ikfH na opornUOD with lh,' knife- or injpciioiisof cnrljolic ncM, which tiro painful und pi'idoni u jM'rniimmjt euro, nnd (iflen roultiui,' iu dentil, unnecessary. Why endu r « this terrible difteaae? W* Kuarante* O boxet to cure any catto. iou ouiy pny for btmoCt* rwlvoil. $1 u box, G for $5. Sent by mull. Guiir.-mk'Os Issued by our iiKentH. byJarjar.eie UiOKr"nt UVKR nnd. STOMACH) VIOLATOR nnd UI.O01J ruitll'lEU. SmnM, D.I..I r.ml plraiMint to tAki>, oFiHielully aduptod for ckltciren'e um*. 60 JDow* .. CUABANTEES i»suod only by V. H. PORTKli, Dra&lst, W -ansnort, tod. Market St., la- HltllfcllA roR TITnlR MX Till. RRUN S t *' u * ln J K '«> -llrocUr to lh« UIIHn W Tom Lovett has been given one more chance for League life by the Boston club. Henri Gastright wants a raise of salary from Boston. Although ordered to report April 2, he is still "thinking about it." Catcher Platt, formerly of the Port- lands, has decided not to play this season. He is employed by an electric lino in New Haven. In the last two years John Clarkson has had no luck pitching against the Bostons. In '02 ho won no games, and in '93 only one. — Sporting Life. The Southern girls aro just as great baseball enthusiasts as the men, and they turn out in large numbers in every city of .the circuit, , rtqoirci no cbtng* of diet or D&USOOUI, mercurial or poiioagu DMd- iciDoito bo Ukeo intcnMllj. VIM* uwd AS A PREVENTIVE by cltbnr lex It ti Impossible to conlrmfll any vcn«TMl dlM*M ; hut fa lh« C*M rf w-itli OonOrrhcE* »nd Gleet, wa fti*r**« tcaaeurtb rrioabjrro $ 1 JMT boat, or • botM W.H- PO«TKa, Dru«gl3t,a36 «a«et St., gansport, Ind, Lo WAYNE'S OINTM Vtthoit uy InMrul ,m»dit(M, ««•«•»• u. Itch, ill , M DM <M.< l, BUN, *«,H»»t»I Awaitingloup Regular Goods, which now coming in, we bought some jgoods to piece out. These iatter will taaow be offered at Sacrifice Prices until closed out. Wf\LKER & RfVUOH 420 Broadway. JIAHIK .TAXSE.V. Was that speech in your lines? 1 I said: 'No; but it went well, didn't it?' I favored him with :i larg-e, joyous smile and wondered whether he would increase my salary or ffive mo a better position in the company. Ilo replied in sepulchral tones: 'You will remain content with tho lines of -the author, Miss Irwin, if you please.' This did discourage me, in very fact, and I concluded that it was useless to continue, and at the end of that, season resigned, with no settled intentions regarding my future employment, with no ambition other than tho impossible one of becoming a man that I might be accepted as Hamlet." I ^-1 U_>.LA«J I_OSY MflnnODD ••W0I UlCIIIIIVVIi nnd nightly emlHlont, •trophy, eta. »uroly currd by ISWAPO. the BWM Hindoo Remedy. WlUmltMcuruMUMn. Soldbj FRSC FROM FUSEL OIL, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR AMD ARTIFICIAL COLORING MATTER. Prof. John it X. iiiirty, ;inaiy(.ieai , siys of iiiis "' OKI " \Yiiiskc: m<»(U4.'iiiiil MISS A Dark-Eyxd TYREE. Vlr- MAY IBWIN. a pleasure to listen; who entertain you without an effort at entertaining—in fact, I would love to be a perfect Peg Woffington. Next to my house I would have another fitted for bachelors, BO that when my friends came their quarters would be ready for them and their stay miffht be an hour, a day or a week, ai it suited their tastes and llklnfrs. You me, there la a trait of Bohemlanism in my composition and it is my ambition when my allotment of labor is finished to preside orarsuoh an establishment. I may not b» and n«yer vw anxiou* for tho pme* and Daughter of Sannj glDln on the State. It is not often that so conspicuous a hit as that made by Miss Tvree in "The Amazons" is the good fortune of a young actress. Sucli successes are generally secured, not after u short period of probation, but after long years of practice. Miss Tyree has been on the stag-e only three years, but, from the first, she has had a comparatively smooth path. As her name implies, she is of Scotch descent. She was born in Virginia and all her early associations were those of the home life and peaco of tho south. Circumstances rendering it necessary that she should earn'her own living, she came north with a view to adopting the theatrical profession in preference to becoming a governess. Her confidence in herself has already been rewarded. Encouraged by the praise of friends, who witnessed her in the balcony scene from "Borneo and Juliet," at a performance given In Washington, she resolved to study for the stag*, and, with this end in view, took lessons in tfie rudiments of acting. While thus studying, she attracted the attention of Daniel Frohman, who engaged her to understudy » member of his .took eompanj at the Lyceum the- This wli-skcy l::is been wurmly cil- :urM,'d liv ;i hir^c ninnhor of PiiyMciiin- • ho iiiivo tiM«d it in ihoir practice. Tin- "R. Cummins & Co. Ok! I'Voeess Sour M;i«jli Whiskey " jV -old by all rqiutablo rutnil druggists. ' It is put up in buttles bearing our lithographic label. PRICE, PES ftUART, SI.25. A. Kiefer & Co., Indianapolis, Wholesale Druggists, :iml Solu Distributors, R. CnniiDiis & Co., Distillers. LORETTC, KFNTLICKY. AnaRrecabloLii.tativcani! XEliVE TONIC. Sold by T)rui?(ri«trtor sc-ni by moil. 23c.,GOo.. •nd $1.00 per package. Samples freo. VA lUf\ The Favorite TCOTE WWB11 A. W U. W for the Toetli and Breath, Ho. 'or Sole t>j B, R. KMIUOR. FOR CTS. In Po$(npp. wo Kill Mend A Knmplr Envelope, of ollber WHITE, FLESH or BRIISEITE — ot»— P OZZONI'S OWDER. Ton have seen it advertised for m«ny years, but have you ever tried it?—If not,—you do not "know what an Ideal Complexion Powder la. POZZONI'S bonldo» bclnic nn ncknowlodgeij N»n«Oor, bnaruunyrcfrcalilriKUBOi. Itproronuobaf- toj!,«un-tjurn. wind-tan.l<y»wn» perspiration. 0(0.; InfncUtlanmoiitdeHcatoaiidaeilniMe prolcofon to tbo faco during botMatter. It I. Sold Ererrwkero, For Diunplo. toarem I. A. POZZONI CO. St. Loul«, Me MENTION THIS PAPER. QUAKER CATARRH CURE l!dflft™tfrenn»ll mhcr temsdlcv I« not » jnulT. po»der, pliw, uporor wldv, but > peculiar combination u( medicinal IccnM willi > soothing ollr l«s«. It l« tot ,1,1; .b»lnu .m for CiTlKRII. 1. .pplicd directly to lut of AltOK -*iO> a •wabofcollon, where i tis Immediately absorbed nnd quickly effcrts* cur*, la licnclidil iiction ll felt»t<i»ce. II cieanm the nM»l puun>. Ali«yi lnnu«M«- tlnn, lloto 'he Sores, Rework Tulc inO Smell. KclltniC.U l> 1*4 U«M(I•••> to Uib. Drircliu, or by mill. QUAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. ST. PAUL. MINN. For sale in Logans-port by BKH FISHKR, Druggist LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. " SPANISH KEHVK GRAINS" the wonderful r«medrt*HH with « written purnntee to cure «ll nervoui diicuf* «uch u W*ck !!••> orr. Louof Bnun Power,Lott Manhood, Nightly Emuiion», Evil DrMM L«ck of Confidrace, NervomneM, Lmsitudc, all dr«in« and hmot ol thn GenemtivfOrgmm in either «x cauKd by OT-CT eMrtJon, errori, or actmnvie of tobacco, opium or itimutana which » Infirmity, Cootumption and loMnity, Sent by mail in Put upconveniHittoJiliyi ddro AddnW lor •!• to ItvftMport *y 9m DnkffM 4 vi-

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