Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 1, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1946
Page 7
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Pag* Six H'p'.M' STAJt PE, ARKANSAS Thursday, Aimiicf Chick Young RECKON THAT BtONO YOUNG fELLER THAT CAME IN HERE TO USE MY PHONE HAD CAR TROUBLE AND CALLED A GARAGE. THOSE ME/'.HANICS GOT HERE - THAT DOES IT, TWILIGHT. A NICE UTTIE BOMB WIRED TO HIS IGNITION. Atl FLINT MAS TO DO IS PUT HIS FOOT I WANT YOU TO FIND MY REAL FATHER-- STIIL II ||[ NOW, fe'NT THIS BETTER "I ^— TUAtO Dl ICUIMC AMD - /-- WILL YOU ( LIFT HIS FEET ^- UP LADY? EARLY FOR A CHANGE SO YOU WON'T HAVE THAT MAD DASH FC9 YOUR BUS ' THAN PUSHING AND HURPYING ? ON THE STARTER ftND HE'LL BE BLOWN KINGDOM COME. WELL. THf SHERIFF FtJOV, BURNTFORK VERIFIED MR. VMMW3 STORY HE SWS VOU DID ESCAPE FROV\ WR.TUBBS VJHEN-HE BRINGING VOU HERE! OH, M SOUL! HAS THE WHOJ.S WORIP GONE DAUGHTER f\ND 50*- W-LPM AR5 DRW ING IN THE MOUNTMN5. HAYIMG A GOOD TINE 1 . I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO REftCH 'E,S\l Bur rtfvNOT INSANE! BUT I CAN PRO'JK IT" I'LL \ \T WILL DO VOU NO SHOW NOU DA j.p. Nscntet I GOOD, NV--GES..&NPw 3UST CALL W'KEE INOU5rR!E!T.../OHW ftNNOV THE/A, BUT THEY'LL JPBHTlfy WE'. ./I'LL Put IN THECML.lNfHE WE SET TO MEET ONE WHO THOUGHT SO HltASELF < Side Gfances By Galbraith MODEST .MAIDENS. Tr»d«m»rk Rtiltltrol V. S. Pkltnt Office rr-rw 1 ™- IF.THAT HAPPENS AGAIN TWITC VOU WON'T BE CATCHING- BREATH,..YOU'LL BE CATCHING LEAP* -TCM-TCM/ WHAT MAFFENEP NO PAME'S GONNA STAMP OVER ME NO MORE.... SMUGGLE OUT A. BALL.EH? , if N.W.olurcl "I left the rooin—they~said they uvre going COPR. 19W BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. "So Ihis is Dorothy! Surely not the little flid who wrote •+ i • j f t ;'me.she'd probably be an old maid by the timc.Jhe.war, i *° Ktct " te P ai '' s ^. '•> was over 'and the bovs came home!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser _ ?«nnv Business By Hershberger nnn HENRY-PLEASE BRING MY BOWLING BALL OVER TO THE CLUB^THANKS, SON ! IF you DONT WANT TO DRIVE HAND THE WHEEL &ACK. To ME / HAVEN'T ME TlOMED TMIS BEFOKE, FRECKLES, BUT I THINK YOU A WONDERFUL THIMG.' ili/'lltP^W^I $ffite<£a '/.-.«', i>«US'«^ . yv/^_.G-.G G ; o IT'5 FUNNY WE HAVEN'T ON ANY MOOV1ANS...TH Ai-VAVS SOME OF 'EM i- 11 •» ri'tib^i^ i v>Vi/I* 1C MOOV1ANS...THEEE'S SOME OF 'EM —'•» •»•!/ ' 1 ^*'^'»ir-\i'(o,,. iriC ALWAYS SOME OF 'EM CIRCULATINS THEQUGH » THIS V.ILJNGLE/ * 11 I ; I '' ,' ! ' ' 11 ' ' 11 ' COPR. (9-W BY NEA SEAVICC. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF ^si^?g8^ ^W^kW^-: ''Certainly I know it's the wrong side for your heart, but U's where you carry your pocketbook, isn't il?" I. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEC Thimble Theater COPW. 1)46 UV.HK \.CERVICE. IMC. T. M. RLG. U. t> PAT. OtF.y OVA I V*^\All SEEK YAS, BUT HOW ? LUCKY i AST OB- ME!! OH. !> SWEE'PEA Vi HELP ME OUT OSCAR, WIMPY AM' OLIVE HAVE GOT MELAMXONKUS 'AT LEAVES ME 'N' VOU TO CHEER 'EAA UP!! POPEVS, / I WE KIM DO IT" SO-0-0- ^ SAP /.' imvs^igg&m OVR. ms BV'NEA SFHVICE. INC. i M. REG, u ?I5J""BV'NEASFHVICE.INC.1. M. REG. U. ^K^^S^^SjS^t^^^aK.-'^t^LL ^ : ; : — ._ fM GOODME55 GRACIOUS/ BOTH OF YOU STAY WHERE ^/M/'^i^cK. :'•' VOU ARE TILL t PUT (—7 • ^;"-''=[f Jt*^'^'-'''!"-' » I O!^ W- , ~-f ' I'LL STAY, LADY • ) ')^W^f. <.Kif.£tf*f ^ ^ „.... / BUT I'M NOT 50 SURIi / 'f^C WM&V* \ • / V,\T^±^X ABOUT THE BEAST/V' ^ 'M@^. Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople /I SEEM TO HAVE \ /OH, THAMKS ] /YES, SPECIALLY \ N; / HAD ALL THE ) AWFILLY-- (FEE. CARRY IM 1 'ENA \ LUCK TODAY, </ 'SPECIALLY BUT I'LL DIVIDE \ PER. CARRY|W , ._._ , UP-HERE'S TWO I 'EM RI&HT / US—WHY HE'5 / FOP2. VOU AMD / TO MY >A SO KIMD 1 BLIEVE ) „.., . I'LL 61VE HIM \ DOOR. VV T HE'D TAKE 'EM ' TWO WHEW WE h PER ME/ OET TO H\6> BO FAR. PAST HI OWN) HOUSE FER. LETTING VOU A IT'LL FILL SO ^/TKE SEATS V:^ MIGVAT E ^c,y-^. gurr C'/ ME>CT WINSTEP M TAkE A . W VMHEMTHE TOO LOK^G \\ OLD f«« V ^f TO SPl M PICTURE FOR ; >'LESS you v^AtoTj) RETELLS IT fosTER\TV/ ^ (, BARBECUED y-^ V VJW GRAMP AVAIS ni WHISKERS • / A^ V > OPERA FLOURISHES/ QUICK:, CMAP ThtlS ASTOLJMDlNiG THE APVERTIS-lMG MAMA&ER. ,,J/,?^,V',"»"« 1, 1946 Johnson is Named Labor ^Assistant HOPE STAR; HOP&, ARKANSAS r!,m.T i ' -l'PS. I'll Unman announced today hn >• iiPPomtniK Kt-on .k.hnso,,. fo, . •' Kov.-n.or (if Konluc-Ky ns uiHk.rsi..cri.lnr.v of i a b or *' " n DVPside en aso , 0 i | ,. conference- .,, is nnminV ,". llllll ''" c '''"-' lu '--y of .ilalc GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT DANCE to Music of HUGH BERRY and his Southernaires ADM. 1.25 per Person Dancing from 8:30 'til 1 of Secretary of Labor Schwollon- Ijacli when lit 1 n.ssumcfl office .July 1, 1045, wns to reorgani/e Ihe tlc- parlment, crenlini! additional assistant socrolarysiiip.s mid setting up nn ndministrnlivp post us undersecretary. The reorganization legislation was signed Inst spring and -.hrce assistant soerctaries were named almost Immediately. Johnson became governor Ken- lucky when A. 13. (Happy Chandler went to Hie United Stale.-) Senate in 1931). Johnson had Peon Jieu- tenanl governor under Governor Chandler. Johnson served from 1940 to 1343, then joined the Jie.vnolds Metal Co., as assistant io ihe 'Drusidcnl and last year became, the company's vice president. Johnson was a lluuleniint with the HMlh Infantry. :)!l!h Division in World War ]. He is a Kraduatu of the University of Kentucky. For three years lie edited the Law- rencobiirg, Ky., News, and lias been asuoclated with the Richmond Daily Kegislcr since l!)2r). Concerning Clayton, Mr. Truman said his duties in his' new title will lie Hie same as those he has been discharging as tts.sisla'nl .secretary (if state. The creation of the second position of under.seerclary in the Stale Department .is in recognition of the vastly Increased work of the department in the economic :"ieid. Tulsa Men Ready to Collect Trash If Workers Strike Tulsa; Okla., Aug. 1 —(/!>)—Rome 700 young business men stood ready today lo roll up their sleeves and take on Ihe job of collecting the city's giirbaK* 1 in event of a threatened strike of municpal employee*. Charles Kothe, president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, wrote Mayor Lee Trice the organization wa:; "ready, willing and able to manually collect the garbage of this city, on shifts, so long as the health emergency exists." The offer came as a showdown nea,ix-d on a demand that t'•-••' mu- mcipal government recognize the General Drivers, Warehousemen and Helpers TJriion (AFLi a collective bargaining agent for .street and garbage department workers. Mayor Lee Price took the stand in the week-long controversy lhat the city cannot legally bargain with the union. Gordon L. Shryock, union secretary-treasurer, said he had been empowered to call a strike at any time if collective bargaining rights were denied. Sweeping From the Arkansas Statehouse By SAM G. HARRIS Little Rock, Aug, 1 — (fT>)~ Governor Laney and JCchicnlion Commissioner Knlph B. Jones nrc emphatic in llieir statements that es- Inblishmcnt of u "Gl-Unlvcrsity" lor stiiciont overflow from established colleges should be undcr- la'">'\ only us ;i "last resort." "Tim history of these things is thill, once established it almost is impossible to keep them . from being permanent," snid Lanoy. "Once ;i school gets its roots in the ground it is hard to uproot it," said Jones. They agree that the state has enough colleges numerically and it is more desirable to operate on a makeshift basis while facilities ill established schools are being expanded than to set a new scnool which might become permanent. The military department still is awaiting orders to activate the Arkansas National Guard but the department knows what the guard will contain and js busy selecting sites for company and battery units. A branch of the Ang, 154111 Fighter Squadron, may be activated before state headquarters staff in established unless orders are received soon .Orders 'or die liVlth have been here for more than a month and officer selection is under way. Suggestions thai 1ho University of Arkansas Law School be removed here to relieve housing congestion at Fayetlevillc brought to light the fact that maximum -anticipated enrollment in the law school this /all will be 12f>. Registration for the university as a whole—4000 plus. Governor Laney and his advisers have been "putting off" until after the election action on several items which have accumulated in the last three months. These include: 1. Changes, including perhaps a major one or two, in the "official" family; 2. Appointment of a committee to prepare recommendations for changes in the election law?—specifically regarding separate state and federal primaries; _3. Completion of die .Highway advisory committee's reports on how to meet the road problem, and, 4. Work on the administration's 1947 legislative program which includes— (A) Proposed salary increases in many departments; (B> Enlargement of operating and salary allowances in the resources and development commission; (C) Enlargement of the Slate Police Department; D Expansion of Facilities at various state institutions. —o- Doughboys Are Expected to Repeat Little Rock, Aug. 1 — (/P)— Both of the teams expected to wade through to Sunday's finals arc on tonight's card oneiiing the 1940 stale American Legion junior baseball tournament at Travelers Field. Title-favored Little Rock, seeking its third championship in a row, will lake on Jonesboro's Hurricane after -the Fort Smith Victors, who are looked to as ihe Doughboys 'principal obstacle, tangle with North Little Rock. Most observers today were predicting Unit the smooth Doughboys, under the direction of the cagey Bernie McCay, would repeat as champs and represent, Arkansas in the regional tournament at New Orleans, but they agreed-ins-- there was a good chance Fort Smith would Lipset the applecart. _ The lil'th tourney entry, Hot Springs, will not swing into aclion until tomorrow, when'it will meet the winner of the Little Rock- Jonesboro fracas. Both Little Rock and Forf Smith have impressive -.season records but fans arc bound to pick them as Ihe most Jikely lo succeed anyway because lliey have monopo- "•• -«..u^v; ^ liv.ed Arkansas' junior br.seball I ll£ >w to inspect them. down through the years. .Little " Rock copped the crown :'or four straight years beginning in 1937. Fort Smith took up the race in 1940 and sacked up three in a row, and since it lias been all Little Rock again. A team will remain Jn ihe running until it has been beaten twice, meaning (hat a double-header may be necessary to decide ihe crown Sunday. The playing schedule: Toniqht (1) Fort Smith vs. North Little Rock 6:45 p. m.i (2 Jonesboro vs. Little Rock Page Seven fl:4f> p. m.) Friday , <3) Hot Springs vs. winner game No. 2 1:30 p. m.) (4 Loser game No. 1 vs loser game No, 3 (0:45 p. 'mj 5) Winner game No. 1 vs winner game No. 3(0:45 p. m. ; Saturday (Times Indefinite) C Winner game No. 4 vs. loser game No. 2 <7i Winner game No. C vs. loser game No. 5 Sunday Finals — Winner game No. fi vs. winner game No. 7 (2 p. in.) o Subs Listed as Missing Following A-Bomb Test Aboard USS Ml. McKinley, Aug. 1—I/I')—Task Force One accounted today for three submarines missing since the underwater discharge of the atom bomb — they arc at the bottom of Bikini lagoon. •But whether the Pilotfish. Apo- gon and Skipjack will eventually foe listed as "sunk" will have to wait until the hulks can be inspected. That inspection may be long de- luyecr. The floor of the laaoon is strewn with radioactive particles of fissionable material. The technical question involved is whether the underwater bomb blast merely opened the ballast tanks of the submarines and lowered them from their submerged positions or crushed the hulls and sank them as the surface targets were sunk. Vice Adm, W. H. P. Blondy. commander of the task force, said an attempt would be made to inspect and raise the submarines if possible. He added that radioactivity will be a continuing'problem. The admiral reported that no additional ships are in any immediate danger of sinking. He hopes men will be able to get aboard all surface targets tomor- Barge Line Blamed for Tragic River Accident Carulhersville, Mo., Aug. 1 — (/P)—-A coroner's jury today placed blame for the ferry-barge train collision in the Mississippi river near here Sunday night in which eleven persons perished, on the Ziglcr barge line and recommend- a watranl be issued for Earl \\o\, of the barge, sum- eu a warrant De issued lor William Rogers, pilot of the Coroner Jack Kelly who moned the jury, this morning^ palled four witnesses, three of them passengers on the ferry and the ferry pilot. o——— Sixteenth century Spaniards were first to explore what is Maryland. Thanks to my many, many Friends, who helped and voted for me last Tuesday. Now I ask all of you in Hempstead County, for your support and Co-operation in enforcing all of the laws for all of the people, with your support".I can make you a good Sheriff. Thanks again, CLAUDE H. SUTTON This ad paid for by Claude IT. Sutton QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS W'ooil engraving by H. McCormick bused ujion Ibe original oil ^uintiug TODAY! TOMORROW! and ALWAYS! Means fine Tobacco! To ihe Voters of Hempsiead County If you want your county to advance along with the other Southwestern counties of Arkansas in the Livestock and Agricultural Industries and in every honorable enterprise to the best interest to all concerned IT IS YOUR DUTY TO GO TO THE POLLS ON AUGUST 13, AND CAST YOUR VOTE AND RE-ELECT FRED LUCK For County Judge REASONS: k Fred • Luck was one °^ the ^ irst citizens °^ Hempstead County to do more than his part in fostering and sponsoring the Livestock Industries in this section. Luck Luck ^ as 9' ven us tne ver V ^ the existing conditions. road progress possible under is a Christian gentleman with high ideals, a worker in his church and ever ready to help his community in making it a better place to live. has never failed to do everything that he has been called upon to do for his county that was economical, sound and possible. is cooperative with all organizations in working for the advancement and betterment of his country and community. Fred Luck ' ias P urcnase ^ equipment and materials from as many local firms as possible where prices and quality were in keeping with others, and has always employed veterans that were qualified for the job. Fred Luck is a VETERAN of World War 1, a member of the Amer***• ^ icon Legion, a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and is entitled to the support of all loyal progressive ex- servicemen in this county. Fred Luck is not a man that has someone to te " nim what to do and Let us not swap horses in the middle of the stream. Keep Fred Luck in the County Judges Office and Watch Our County Grow in the essential things that makes an outstanding county. (This ad is published by men ol this county who are interested in the progress of Livestock and Agricultural Industries.) Paid for by Ed Thrash

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