Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 21, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1894
Page 5
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STYLISH HATS. THE COUNCIL CONTRACTS. THE CITATO OWJi ITS OWN ELEC- TJI1C LIGHT PLANT. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A GOOD SELECTION GO MB NOW WHEN OUR STOCK S3 FULL. SEE OUR NEW MOCHO STIFF. THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. ^$s COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Sp ring Suit. S Tucker & Z? THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Come to us make them $2O to $60. Young, we from PEOPLE'S PARTV CITY TICKET. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. APRIL 21. Mayor, M. M. (iOKDON. Treasurer, liKORGE I". SCHAKFK. Clerk, CHARLES BUHRMESTF.lt, Water WorkHf Trustee, KD. CLARY. Councllnwn, 1st. Wfird-MILO (ilBSON 'IA Ward— C, L. DILLEY, ad Wnrd-JOHN A. MUKPITY, 4th Wnrd-CHARLES T. BELL, 5th Ward-C. S, GREEN, DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. After fourteen jears of nclcn tlllc study of Noso, Lung, Liver, und all Diseases of H Chronic Ntiture I Hdoptfd my present form of treatment, nnd II»TO co nducted a snccesstnl practice In thfuibofi) clMfl ot cniws. I conllHll; Invite you or >onr friends, W anllctwl with uny Chronic Disease, to consult me and my method of treatment mid Its remits, onice hours: 10 to 12n. m.: 2 to 4, 7 to 8 D. m. Residence utofllce. All calls promptly attended CLIMAX BAKING .^—g=^! , _ POWDER IS ON TOP BECAUSE N ,vr p Good |No other Is so Cheap Costa less than Half land pleases much better | than the over-priced and evar-"*ndorsed" kinds. Judge for yourself. | In Cans. At your Grocer's THE MYSTERY THICKENS. K WIIH Not Albert Jtld«u-lv After AII Wlio Wu» I'oiiinl Vend—tltdstoy'* Father Hnyn Tlmt It In Nor. Albert. C. M. Gottscball, who testified in tho coroners inquest that tho man who woe found doad alont: tho railroad east of Anoka Tuesday, had told him a short, time previous to tho finding- of the body thut his name was Albert Ridgoly, and that hia home was in While county, was probably mistaken in his impression that the body was that of tho man who had talked with him and with whom he divided his lunch on that day. The young woman who waits table at a Broadway restaurant who testified that she had known Bldgely well and that the body was that of Kidgely, was aleo probably mistaken In her impression concerning the identity of the body. Yesterday morning Henry Rldgely, father of Albert, arrived in the city in response to Coroner Busjahn's call for him and upon viewing the body unhesitatingly declared that it was not Albert and that settled tho matter. The elder Kidgely was considerably worried at the thought that It was his son who was lying at the morgue and his feelings were greatly relieved to Snd that a mistake had been made. He said that Albert had left home tome days ago to loo IE for work and that he did not know where he was. It is not unlikely that Rldgely passed along the track the same day on which the body waa found, and that he had had a talk with Gottsohall, and thus the latter mistook the body /or that of tho man with whom be talked. The mystury surrounding the identity of the deceased ia thus made all the deeper. How he came In possession of tho Insurance receipt of H. J. Dunham is still a mjHtory, »od who he was and where he came from is all a deeper my story, From the fact that the printers' utenails and some type were found on him and that bo further had very shapely and well-koot hands —a printers bund—the 9rst Irapres slon that ho WHS a printer out of employment and compelled to seek from town to town for work, remains, That be had no Union card, if he were a printer, might be accounted for upon the suposltlon that he had lost that valuable posseselon. Re»ult or tho UulibvratlouN MINI Even - lutl-A. Contract loitered Into \Vltll Ihu MtnnUird Kilrelrlc Llcht <'<»n- 1>iiiiv <>< I'liiiii^o-Mne of tl>« rmix II In Fuvor of It—I»r. I»o\vt>II 1'nvorn tlin Project, lint Oliji'ctM <i> (h« KJC- IitiucllTiirCut |.h» 1'r.Hciit Tin:o Tho City Counci'. mot ia :tL'journcd session last night to consider tho prop osltlon of tho Standard Electric Lipht Company of Chicago. The proposition and specifications woro read and adopted and a contract was entered into. Five democrats and four republicans voted/or it and one republican, Dr. Powell, voted against it. Dr. Powell stated that ho favored the project but thought it inadvisable at the present )' time. Ho fnvoged economy always und he .favored expenditure when it was necessary, and whan the cash was on hand to make it. Ho objected to goinfj- in debt. Ho called attention to tho fnct that this wns a democratic council, and that the party would be hold responsible as loii£ aa it waa in power. Tho othor members thought that true economy laid on tbe side of a city plant and so voted, The motion to enter into n contract on the turms proposed by tho Standard Electric hitfbtCo., of Chicago, was carried by a vote of 9 to 1 against, and the city will own its own electric light plant. The proposed arrangement provides that tho $10,000 raised by levy made last year shall bojipplied on machinery and^jjj)BW*5; that water power shall be used and that lots below tho water power on the race shall be sold to further meet expenditures; that the Forest mill shall bo sold or supplied with steam power and rented; that tho city shall pay $80 per year for each light instead of $100 as at present and In three years shall own the plant complete; that incandescent lights shall be furnished private consumers and that tho receipts therefrom shall pay operating expenses; that when the plant haa paid out the city shall own the plant, tho city to get its lights free, the operating expenses to be paid by tho revenues derived from tho anlo of incandescent lights. The council estimates that this will create no city debt, require tho issuing of no bonds and at tho end of three years the city will save $10,000 per year by tho arrangement. The proceedings wore as follows: THE COUNCIL I'KOCKEDINGS. The Council met last evening in ad. journed peFsion, present, Mayor Eoad and all Couucilmen. The meeting was to consider the contracting for an electric ligh.t plant, and the report of tbo Special Electric Light Committee made Wednesday evening was called up and discussed. Mr. Dolan moved that the report and specifications be read and adopted, and thla provoked some discussion. Dr. Powell objected to ' the enterprise at the present time though declaring himself in favor of it. Charles S. Knight of the Fort Wayno company owning the present plant asked the courtesy of tho council and made a few remarks opposing the project. The reading of the specifications consumed considerable time and at tho conclusion by a vote of nine to one, Powell voting nay, the contract was approved. The Council then adjourned and the Mayor and Clerk affixed their signatures to the document which gives to Logansport its own electric light plant. OTTO KRAU LAST YEA', $1500 NOW $7 50. MiN'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS $7.50 Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. All Wooi Fabrics, Correct Styles and A!! Sizes. We are determined iliat free wool will not catch us Happing. This Is Men's Clothing Opportunity. Orders by mail, with cash in advance only, carefully filled. L\ST Y-:\R, 515.00 N3-VS7.50. Open Saturday evenings 10 o'clock. until None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. OTTO KRAU 'OF COURSE.' THE ELKS MINSTRELS. The Annual ItariitCork IMn)>lar ol'ihe Logaimporl J-'.JUn I'roves a Great Succor*. The unprecedented sale of seats last Tuesday for the Elks' mlnlstrels was a sure indication Of tho favor tho public was pleased to bestow upon the popular annual effort in the burnt cork way of the Logansport Lodge B. P. 0. Elks, and through slush and rain tho crowds pourod into the opera/ house last night until before tho curtain was raised on tho striking Oriental first part the house was paokf>d from pit to dome, extra seats had been lilled and standing room was in actual demand, while many departed upon finding- it impossible to secure scats. The success of the first effort of the Klku last yeur gave the people full assurance that they would be amused and entertained and they were anxious to again see an exhibition of the ability of homo talent in the minstrel way. Tho boys are to ba congratulated upon the very decided success of tbdir entertain. ment. So well received was it in fact that it was decided to repeat tho performance, and on Monday night tho Elks will again appear before the people of Logansport in all the glory of burnt cork and minstrel toggery. The grand oriental operatic Oat part presented as striking a first part scene as was ever presented in minstrelsy here. The company in Turkish or nothing impossible." Next in the olio was the appearance of Moore, Walter, McKeever and Ward In a pleasing song and danca, entitled, The Wedding of the Lily and the Hose. The next was an artistic number rendered possible by tho kind permission of the F. M. Williams Stock company, which has been here this week, and Introduced a child actress of wonderful ability, Little Edna Reming, who in her sweet singing and graceful dancing completely captivated the audience. Mr. Atwater C. Barnott followed with pleasing 1 songs to guitar accompaniment- John Hayes and Fran* Barns then come on in n funny duo specialty which started the fun going and were followed by Walter Moore, whoso comic songs :ontinued tho hilarity. The next number introduced Al March, an Indian club juggler of unusual skill, who was followed by a funny character sketch by Bert Walter and Clarence McKeover, whose Ireland vs Germany led up to tho lu dicrous finale by the campany which gave a mirth provokiri representation of fun on the Midway which sent the audience away In an exceedingly good humor. The boys are again congratulated upon the euo cess of their second annual performance. The Ill££cHt Claim In Town. Yesterday afternoon tho big pane of plate glass was safely put in place in the front of the new Crawford habit was ranged in tho familiar semi- ! block. This the largest glass in town. 1 J. P. Webster had YOUR NAME D! PRDiT. We still have a good assortment of spring wraps Call and get prices at the Trade Palace, lt«n» of m PenonaJ Character Con- centime LoKKimporter* and Their Friend* Mrs. Lou Reynolds of Rochester and Mrs. Emmett Shanks of Hunting-ton are the guests of Miss Ellen Comin- g-oro of eaat Market street, Among the out of town Elks who witnessed the minstrels last ni^ht were Jack Page of Terro, Haute; Jaa. Dobbins of Richmond: J. D. G-ibbs rf Indianapolis; Chas. C. Pierce of St. Louis; Fred Van Orman of Lafayatte; Gco. A. Poague of Flora. Marion visitors In the city last evening to attend the Elks' minstrels were T. B. Hutchinson, L. W. Plagsterth, L. A. Reeves, C. M. HawklnB. J- S. Coatg, D B "S.weotzor, F.'F. Fuloher, Thoa. Mahaffy, 0. A, Spraguo, Goo. A, H. Shldeler, O. H. Barrow. Among the visiting Elks In the city last night were Foster Broneon. Rye Collins,'Earl Davis, .LaRue Carter, Ed Sweeney, Bony Brown, Walter Wllfon, .Frank BrulT, Homer Sailors, Ward Sumption, Edward Cole and wife, W. C. Cunningham, Cha8. Trueblood, Homer P. Sallori and Roll* Cooper, of Kokomo. circle backed by a pyramid of non-par ticlpaltng Elks made a peculiarly effeC' tlve scene. Thos. W. Nichols was the Grand Pasha of this oriental court, and ho was ably supported by his court jesters. On the bones end were Walter Moore, Clarence McKeever, and Wood Hart, while on tho lambo end wore John E. Hayes, Austin D. Fansler and Stuart F razee, all doing well their part. The grand Introductory overture by the orchestra Introduced Fred Schweiring in a very creditable baton drill. The vocal eilorts of the Ellis were excellent. The several numbers wore sung in good voice and were enthusiastically received by the audience. The singing numbers were: Biillnd Wfl Wore Sweethearts, Nell nndl Mr. OHM Wind. CumlcSoiiK Slandlngcn tlie Corner Mr. WiiltcrMooru. Tenor Solo O, Promise Mo Mr. .Tulin TiiCKnrt. Comic Sonft Who Picked tho Lock Mr. John Hiiyes. Balled Swei't llarle Mr. A. C. BiiiQdt, Comic Song...-. When the Chickens Homeward Fly Mr, CiarTcP McKetwer. Ballad TlmtOld Sweeilieart of Mine Me. Bert Walter. Comic Sonn Bran \O\T LllUeCoon Mr. A, D. Vanslpr. Baritone Solo (Di>scrlptivoi Tliocblp I Love Mr. 0,K. Michael Is, These were interspersed with the traditional minstiel funnv bmineis between Interlocutor and end men and the jokes Hew fast and thlc.k. Strangely enough, an uaueual thing for minstrels, tho jokes were invariably good, many of them being positively new and the audience caught on in the true spirit of the thing. The second part was opened by Frank Burns In stnglog and dancing •peolaltles who was rapidly followed by Wood Hart in a ludicrous burleique "Feets (?) in the air formerly and ICT years held the palm as the owner of tho biggest glats in town in bis jewelry store but relenqulsb.es now to Mr. Crawford whose big glass IB 13Gxl48 inches. For Male or Tradn. Will trade or sell a fine farm of 100 acre* half mile from Union City, valued at $6,000. Will trade for property in Logansport. Call on or address J. T. Cockburn. room 3, Spry building. The funeral of Miss Emma King will be held at the residence of Dr. J. L. Taylor thla morning at 9 o'clock. A short service will be conducted by Eev. Wones. The remains will be taken to Battle Ground for Interment. Tricx Ajrnln to Nntndr. A few days ago Hio Journal con., tamed an account of vhe questionable acts of Eugenia I-ar.g, formerly of tbla city, cow Mrs. Cohen of Cincinnati who in the role of a deml-mondala under the name of Kiuie Edgar, robbed a man in a houi-e of ill repute at Cincinnati getting $80C from him. Eugenia made a bluff at suicide to escape trial. The suicide rocket ia not a new thing to her. Once before she tried the same thing at Chicago. The Cincinnati ^Enquirer, speaking of the affair says: Last Sunday, according to gossip among the neighbor*, the made a bluff at ending her life by taking a large dose of what afterward proved to he nothing but powdered chalk, but what at the time wn? thought to be morphine. Dr. A. L. McCornv.ck was summoned, and he found that the woman had worked herself into a dangerous convulsive strain. He roon satisfied himself that she hr.d noi taken poison, and Mrs. Cohen quieted down to her normal condition. however, she asked the doctor la certify that she was not physically able to appear in court, which ho refused to do. He told her she would be well enough to attend the trial.and after prescribing for her nervousness he left. The neighbors of Mrs. Cohen say that she made another au tempt to end her life on Monday, but the woman's mother, Mrs. Gua Lang, would neither affirm nor deny this. 11 IK Cooil. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used the better it is liked. We know of no other remedy that always gives satisfaction. It is good when you first catch co!<3. It is good when your cough is seated and your .ungs are sore. It is good in any kind of a cough. We have sold twenty-five dozen of it and every bottle has given satisfaction.—8led man & Friedman druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 50 :ent bottles for sale by B, F. Keesling 1 , Druggist. _ Geo. Henkee who has for some time seen foreman of the job room of the duncie News, is visiting his forraei home here. Dr. Holloway's olliee in the Progress block, corner 4tb acd Market streets. | For Fine Spring Suits • in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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