The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on July 15, 1961 · Page 20
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 20

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1961
Page 20
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Dorothy Kilgallen Call Wasn't Joke- Just a 'Big Break' (Editors note: Dorothy kil- jrallen is Jn vacation, Her guest columnist today Is th» newest "male Cinderella" in show business—singer Enzo Stuarti.) NEVW^ORK—Enzo, Stuarti • writes: '* . Almost every performer can look back on his 'career to one particular moment and opportunity met to give him his big break. Shirley McLaine, for example, was an unknown understudy when she replaced, ailing Carol Hariey in "Pajama Game." Producer Hal. Roach just happened to have' picked that nigKt to see the show, and was so impressed. with her talent that he signed her to a Hollywood contract. "Break* Makes Star "Fiorello's" Tom Bosley, a terrific actor, spent more ~ than 10 years playing minor role's until Lady Luck intervened. Bosley's striking resemblance to the late Mayor LaGuardia gave him his first real opportunity to display his talents and become a star. For me, luck and opportunity came on Saturday, May 27. , .'. It started in the rhprnirjg.- I was at home, car, trying to repair a.hood latch.' I Had to"-leave-'for a r 'singing date in one of the Catskill M o.u n t a i n s hotels, but, icoiddn't get started until' I- had made the adjustment'on the car. The phone rang/and I heard my wife suddenly, call out, "Enz,' it's!your agent. He says you're going on at the Plaza tonight." 13-Year "Dream' After a. quick mop-up I iinally got to the telephone and heard Higgins say, "Enzo, Neal Lang, the general manager of the Plaza, wants you. to perform -there to- nigh'r;-'-' . "\V"hat's the gag, Joe?" I asked; "I don't have much time. I've got to get the car fixed so I can get started to the Catskills." It's no gag. Katyna Ranieri, the Italian singer who's headlining in the Persian Room, is ill, and you're filling in for her tonight" It may sound corny, but I was stunned. Just like that. It-was only after I got to the Plaza and spoke to Mr. Lang that.I discovered how luck suddenly decided to embrace me. When Miss Ranieri became -'HI,'- Mr. Lang called my., agent, and asked if he could suggest someone to replace her for the night. "I know the Persian Room has always featured girl singers, but would you take a chance : on a boy this time?" Joe Higgins asked. "His'name is : Enzo Stuarti." Half-Hour Decision . "Not only don't I know him,-but I can't even pronounce his n a m e," was Lang's retort. However, Joe . filled him in on my back-, .ground, .mentioning that I had played the smart Drake Hotel in -Chicago only last' .-February... This casual .re" mark seemed to" ring' a' bell. Mr. Lang said he would /make a ^'decision .in a half- Vh'o_uf.;•;:•;;:.'•":.;';.•.- '_..••-.•_ That.e~v.enmg,'aftera quick rehearsal with Ted Straeter • and. the Joaridi I in the ' Persian Room and heard the announcement .made .that 'Miss .Ranieri was 'unable .to perform and that Enzo Stu- arti would sing instead. The crowd was .anything-but ec- :static. I heard .murmurs, of -."Who?" thr qu g Ivd u t'ihe room, . and very nearly walked out of the'hotel in .panic.... .;;•••'• . • ' . • I didn't; .though. I \Vent on,', sang my heart out and fbiirid' to my delight that I was be-. : ing accepted by a most grac-' ious audience. The'rest is a wonderful page in my'life. * .o. Curtains «:M * 9:15 ' Cw>l«J by ' 9. to. Last F.oture 10 p.m. K.fri9.ratiwi * "Carry On" gang has mad* fun of hotpilal'.'itaffi; th. army; d»nt»H,. . . and now SH WHAT THSY DO TO THS POLICE OFFICERS! • . me. ACHIEVEMENT OFTHEYEAR Carrq on Constable •-Carrie* on write* "CARRY ON NU(B£" 1 -Vfeftoffl (idwy. at Sr«t.) /•*'?• • DA 2-5725 • - •• AueAoth'l Ramp "GENEV1EV1E" 7:00 uml 10 p.m.—"TKONMMOIT" at 1:30 p.m. '"A wild rid. ; into o weHd af uproartoui fantasy!" - .. ' —Sat. Review of Lit. "A superior cwicMtioM »f wfr and force!" —T7m« ON OUR SUMMER FUN FESTIVAL-TWO MORE OF YOUR TYPE OF COMEDY ?®l?Ko« AIIYt IIBSlt ZII-E15-7JH DOOfS OPEN 11:« a.m. 5c till 2, rhc« 11.00. CfciW. TV "Wild In Country" 17:45, 3:10, 5:35, 1:05, 10:30 OKN 7 p.m. SHOW AT DUSK Adulfs 11.00, ChiWrM «££ "WtM In CMintry" 1:35 and Midnit.. 'Hons X<m>' lk« CMyl LIBERTY PARK for FAMILY FUN (AND CONCERT Sun. Nit., 4 lo C p.m. TAIENT SHOW TIM., Ttorft., Fri. I p.m. SQUAn CANCiNO W«d. Mix, I p.m. PM§ JAOVIf M«fk MlM, 1:9 p.m. ifueen kvntiful Op. 1 p.m. 'PEPP Starring CANT1NFIAS Dan bailey—Shirley Gutst Stan Sinatra, Cwhy, Cheva)t«r The SeJt Lake Tribune, SfttvnUy, July 15, 1961 L*sll« Caron ... On sonte days her hairdo just flops. Leslie Capers, Hairdo, Too HOLLYWOOD — Leslie Caron "liberated" herself from the French Conservatory ol Ballet when she was 14 years old because she refused to conform' to the school's hair style regulations. 1'his special lorm of Caron emancipation, is in full effect today, as she .stars in "Fanny" coming : to the Centre Theatre, In the tills role, Leslie plays, a girl .of the waterfront, and some days her hair is in a long loose bob and some days it is stacked In a. chignon and some days it just flops in the breeze. COOL... f «ST TIMI At BtOULAk It inter CREAM O' WEBER "Parent Trap" Contest Coupons available at grocers or theatres! COOL Park HUE AFMr S tw>r of TWatr. : ^3£%'? m : n "*s s^^Tiwaa?* **h.^si SM.,y MC «,: i^^t^sisji*.^ WAIT DISNEY'S HAPPY SU9DIER HIT! ,«rB«v ff All. at loth Tfwofrti . . . And W«lt Cartoon F< 'Donald T. Wheel Sw 0 5 tjn k ' V WORtD FREMrailK OWN DR. JOHN D- JENXING'S ,__^ . - ENXING' The Face of Jesus With Dr. MerriU G»ge Sculplunr U. to Present 'Evening in Denmark' "An Evening in Denmark," presented by the Arne Nielsen family, will provide lively summer fare Saturday at 8:15 p.m. in Music Hall 200, University of Utah. Around the showing of the prize-winning color fihn trip through Denmark, _ "Horse on Holiday," Dr. Niel' sen will narrate the informal program of dance, song, and story of Danish culture. Inga Nielsen, recording artist for Columbia, and her JIL n/a t* an 7 / / // omforta b i e • OPEN 1 P.M. DAILY • Hi.wt o* I, 3:45, *:30, »:15 7Sc Till 1. Th« JI.OC ChiWr«n 29< Any Tim* Pa* Fra. Aft.r ., K*mp Parting C*nl*r NOW! Starring CANTINFLAS SHIRLEY JONES *DAN DAILEY Ptp« sinjt with ling ... h*1ps Kim pick a ring! *—«i tobhy b*hs • *««g! MURRAY Op«i Neon - 4*61 S. Stat. - AM N.v«r a Parking Worry ... in Murrey 2 COLO* TKFATS • JIMM1I «ODG«S TH« imu OF KINGDOM COME "All Hands on Deck" Barbara Ed«n • BwMy Hacfcct 3:05, J:75, 7:4}, 10:04, "On. J.ckl" 1;ZO, 4:05, 4:M, f ; ». BIGGEST, BROADEST. FUNNIEST EVER! Technicolor 7*t Till J, Tk«i \\. CV Uc ) Com. lariy Adulrt $1. Ck. ISc Pteylwi4 Op.* HtgMt * p.m. I<HM Ywr father will appear as soloists, as well as accompanying the folk dancing members of the family group. Tickets are availabli at the University of Utah Extension. Division, 325 S. State, and may be obtained at the Music Hall after 6 p.m. on Saturday. 75c Till 2. T»«n 51.00 Ch. 3Sc SOUK Mam kcmJ*** *u* There wifl be a special "FRIGHT BREAK" boring the showing of WHOam Castle's 'Homicidal" All those too timid to take the climax will be welcomed to the COWARD'S CORNER! No cm* NvMI j, «« »at«d Hurt-m laif frightful mfnuttil Pleojo not iKow titntt YOUTH EXCITEMENT... LOViS OF A BOY NAMED was more than a boy. a motion picture you will not easily forget 'ACTION DRAMA CO-HIT ~ "THE TERROR OF THE TONGS" • LYRIC FEATURE TIMES • n "Homktdol" 1:30,4:30, 7:»0,10:30 • Redwood Fcatwr* Timci • "HOMICIDAl" «:» .iU, 11:30 THEY GREW INTO GIAtMTS AT RIO BRAVO I JOMN WAVME-DEAN MARTtN mew NHSON Opw, 12:15 p.m. AiMti $1 Till I p.m. Thm $1.21. ChM. Z5t RICHY "MYCHO Tm* t-K IM W. No. Tempt. Of. 7 p.m. tn C*!*r "TARZAN THI CtNT' 1 Sr*n 3500 SOUTH 4800 WEST Open 7:00 - Adulfs 75c Till 7:30, Then $1. Starts at Dusk ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••^^^^^•^•^^••••••^^B ADyLTS^ONLY_- No one under 16 admitted unless with an adult • MMARIOTI &.!%••.?• MonroeiClift ^ i ivnin Mil Plws Color Co-F*«tur« Bridgitfo Bcrdof in "A Woman Like Sotan' NOW! POO«S OftN J2 NOON—$1 Till 2, THEN (Starring VINCENT PRICE „ *F«E SWIMMING** WITH EVKY SHOW TICttT Open fr«m 1-4:30 p.m. * 7-» p.m. 530,009 « nt-AdJ* Are /or Everybody NOW PLAYING EXCLUSIVELY AT THE TECHNICOCCM* PLUS COLOR CO-KIT! • ILIZAUTH "TAYIO» • ROCK HUDSON • JAMIS MAN ONE COMPLETE SHOW NIGHTir STARTING AT 1:30 F.M. STARRING GARY COOPER WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU SEE 1NE NAKEB EDCE FROM THE BEGINNING! HOWEVER, A FLASHING RED LIGHT WILL MEAN THAT NO ONE- ABSOLUtELY NO ONE-WILL BE SEATED THE_LASTM3_MINUTES. LYRIC & HYLAND Open 11:45 »;» STATE t. "$W$ Of »*CHtL CADf" ». "Tm MMOI poft Mtorr LPWf" USTMT_^i^i^ 41* SOUTH »TM WIST TWO coio» HIM "OMAWW "GORGO" M Tww>_ 11 • V VI ft ^••••PA^ WP^BIBA*^ T p^pwm mnnri —AM5.2Ml-Adorti Sl.OO Op«n 7 p.m.—Stwrti at Dvsk ONE OF THE ALl-TlME GREAT ENTERTAINMENTS! FI |Ks^Ss!S" BBS1BW ' B "' ^""^"^mrflii T WSRW CANTINFLAS & 35 '.™.r Cinemascope & COLOR PLUS!CARTOON FESTIVAL itarrlng Donald DUCK * Woody WOOOMCKI Tom A Jwry * Mr. Mo*** and "A SPORT IS ftORN"

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