Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 30, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1946
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS rf»J<- : |< Youna r $arcia Melcrdft listened gravely to rny j story about the Still Murder Case. HOT AW ESPECIALLY GOOD PICTURE, MOW THAT I'VE SEEN THE ORIGINAL. BUT IT WAS YOU, ALL RIGHT. NOW, TWIU6HT, WE'tL 'AIP ON THESE COVERAU5. REMEMBER, WE ARE MECHANICS, COMG 10 FIX FtlNT'5 CAR.,, AND WE'U REAUY FtX IT. mELCROFT AND A M LOLLIPOP (lrOR YOU ) NOW, MI5S Mt-lCROFT, HERE'S WHAT f WANT TO KNOW, WHV DID STIU CARRY THAT NEWSPAPER PICTURE OF YOU IN MIS POCKET ? ICED TEA FOR THE IADY. MAKE MIHf. LEMONADE. SERVE IT AT THE TABlE OVER THERE. AND A BABY-SI2ED LOLLIPOP FOR EACH ? OF THE PUPPIES JUST WHIXT DID WADDV MENN ABOUT WE BEIKG HERE FOR GOOD? WE'VE HAD NO TIME TO INVESTIGATE VOUR CASE VET, BUT VOUR WR.WAPOV TELL5 US YOU ARE A RANCHER, AND NOT THE TYCOON " FRIEND?! THAT LVING SCOUNDREL! THW FEE3U3-WINPED SNN4C- IM THE GRP.SS IS BEHIND THIS \NHOIE OUTRAGE! I VOUR ACTIONS vesTERDfW HiVRDLW INDICNTF: It. HOWEVER, WE'LL KNOW THE MOIE TRUTH VERY SOON-MEAN WHILE, WE MUSI" H010 VOUX FOUR WNUTES (XFTERTEN.. TIME FOR BUT WHILE VOU'RE PUTTERIt-15 (\ROUNP TO LEPiRH THE TRUTH, I'LL L05E THE LF\ND W OUT HERB TO BUV! 'W SORRY.' NOW TELL US WHV VOUR pftUSHTER PiNP (AR.TU&BS SET THE PHONE PIBP.SB, CR.5CHIZV Side Glances By Galbraith EST MAIDENS TraJemark Rjii.|»rtJ U. S. P»',-nt I'M NOT SIGNING- ANY MORE YOU WON'T STIR UP MUTINY TT/yS TIM? ' COOK, TENP THE MOTOR ANP ' HANC7S ABOARP THERE ARE SEA MONSTERS COPR. 1946 BT NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RIC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ~~ 7- 3O "Well, she's already married a blonde, a redhead and a brunette!" ."I'll be glad when you. get-out of the stock market !iml •tlie-ball tetiiu ends the season—then nuiybe you two can start eiiiovinu brezi'kfast. atiain!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser Ficnnv Business By Hershberger TH'ATS FRECK'S SIGNAL, BUCK- PULL THE . USHT SWITCH.' WHY DID YOU BRING- We WANNA ME WERE, FRECKLES? / SHOW You , I CAN'T SEE" A THING-// SOMETHING / J^ r-i i CPC IK- T I'LL SEE IF 1 CAN FIND THE LIGHT SWITCH, MRS, KANE/ HENRY- DO YOU THINK YOU COULD PUT SOME WATER IN MY CAR - PLEASE ? 6'osH,jvtRS. EANE,TMIS SURE IG A NICE ptAce YOU HAVE HERE/ WELL, I SUPPOSE \ NVAIT'LL WE'VE NO USE GETTING YOUB. LITTLE FEET J BE ','. WET WHEN I'M WEARING ITS TIME TO SET \ HAD A TALK MY X-Z DETECTOR ) WITH K!NG BUSV. HUNTIM& / GUZ--NO USE FOI2. THE O£E , J RUNNING. VOUB. DOC WANT5.' ' /BATTERY •"XS'e'vc been on vacation quite a while and may have a little trouble jjeltin" lo the front door!" COPB. 1946 BY NE,> SERVICE. INC. T. M. k5j. U. S. PAT Thimbie Theater P'RAPS WILL BE AAORE £11 CHEERFUL AKOUN 1 HERE NOW If y VER- RK3HT, WEE'PBS"—'GO V TELL OSCAK AN 1 OLIVE I SAID SOU FOPEYE, I TOLD • ONE; WAV TO CURE MELANKONKUS IS TO THINK ABOUT SOMEBOPy BESIDES YA'SELP , Ut'S \MPWO\)\US '. TH' HiO6.PiTf-.\_ I OlOM'T THIMK FOR. ft VJWYT \ OON'TCW, I'tA 6ROVOK) LIP ? PR illflKI-SCFEATlfiFS SYNDICATE In* VV'RHi RIMITS hFSFR \ T-TiLfliteSI' / T. M. KEG. U. S. PAT. OFF.h I Our Boarding House With Major Hoople By J, R, Williams Out Our Way : HA, HA/ I'LL TIP-JOE ,^ 0/fiC 4/VP 6/Vf //fi<? // .V * OLE "STRAGGLER 3£S % W/'SCUSE ME, COME TO PAN A FP.lBKDLV V4 M\STAH CALL-*- HE'S TH' CHAMP )^ HOOTS/ RASSLER 0' M.N TRIBE /^f EV£RV BEAR OF YOU FELLERS Y?( LOOK ALI\<E PRACTICE VMITW <<->,A TO (V\6 T_ HIM THROW V HM ?OME DAYS, BUT y / FE6LIM NOT WHEM HE'S TOU&H/ J /OR ,. t 5ERIOOS/ 6OIM6 TO BREAK \ UP THE GAMS OF BAG ' PlMCHER-S IM THIS IF I HAVE TO PUT CACTUS IMTHEM.' WHY DONJ'T YOU LOOK IM BAGS, MOT PlMCH 'EM--MUTILATING GROCERIES/ : WOMAW YOUR AGE PULLING A KIP TRICK LIKE THAT--PUTTIN 1 A RUBBER CLOTHES SPRINKLER IM A BAG O' FRUIT.' _\V« •" e / HEARD ". HEK •( ' JLL_J Kt 9 US Pol OB 7-30 ^T^l. 1 'LL PICK UP B05WELL'5 PAL.niGGt, / i4 ! | CIRCUS L \ iROi'Ei JAIL RiCHT ADfMt IRYl^G V 1£W AK>D Y WtLL, WRECK ^Y SHOW \ I'DA-tJOr^E GLOOS" M6ANJ9, WHO AR6 THESE BUMS Wrl MOTHERS <&gT GRAY Tuosday,_July 30, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Number of Words Up to If, . . JO to 20 lo 2f> lo 30 to :!. r ) to 40 tn 4, r . to . r >0 . Hates Ads Must Be In Office One Three Six One nays Days Month Day Before Publication D;i> .-in .00 . .75 .no 1.20 1.50 I.HO 2.10 2.40 2.70 :t.oo 1.00 2.00 2.5(1 :uio a. no 4.00 4.50 fi.OO 7.50 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 :t.6o riiiio . HIT for Continuous Insertiun.s Only All Wnnt Ads Cash in'Advance Not I alien Over the Phone . 10.50 12.00 13.50 10.00 For Sale BABY CHICKS, IF WE DON'T have them we will order them for you. Feeders Supply Co. ' 17-lm CORN. CORN CHOPS, wrrK/vr] hen scratch, plenty growing and laying mash. Feeders Supply Co. 17-lm WHITE ROCK FRYERS. JUMA , Hoark at old C.C.C. ciimp, Hope. Rt. 1. 27-lii J7 MONTH OLD JERSEY BULL, 1 mile iiorlh of Columbus rond and i/i mile cast off Washington Rl. 1 road. JUiy Surlcs. 27-31 -100 ACRES OF IIARDw6oD~Tllvr. ber on Bois D' Arc Creek near Spring Hill. R. W. Wylie. Emmet Ark. 27-Bl CODE PANEL TRUCK, 1942 MO~del. For sale or trade.on house and lot or passenger c«r. See > owner at '100 South Ferguson St. CIIlFFEliOBE.' 'GOOD CONDI-' ? lion, two mirrors, lots of drawer • space., Phone 27SI-W. , 2!)-Hi <3OOD ; USED 'WHITE ENAMEL wood range with warming closet and extra large reservoir, $50. Mrs.Howiird Collier, Shov- or Springs.—29-31 BABY BUGGY LTKE~NEW. USED fishing rod and leel. Phone GH-J. oll-ot C11E A P 1937 CHEVROLET SEDAN^ good rubber. Iwo blocks nov'.h of Alex Purlle's on Ada Street. C. L. Barnes. 30-01 ONE 0 EYE WOOD~l{ANGiaT~IN good condition. See Kldreugc Foimby. Patmos, Ark. 3G-UI For Rent THREE ROOMS FURNISHED for light housekeeping, Near Sehooley's store. Phone 38-F-ll. Mrs. .1. E. Schooley. 17-tt TO COUPLE. THREE ROOM FUR. nishod cottage. See Mrs. J. B. Ellen at Buswcll's store or phone 2-F-2 after G p.m. 27-31 THREE ROOM AND BATH A. paiimenl. Modern in everyw:iv. 1002 East Third St. Phone Srf8-J. " Mrs. David Davis. 2i).3t Lost LADIES BLUE AND RED BILL- fold conlaining two $20 bills. Lost in town Saturday morning. Reward for return lo Hope Star or to Mrs. J. T. Vines, Emmet, Rt 1. 29-31 Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system installed by us. W. S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Real Estate for Sale 33 ACRE FARM, 2 ; .-> MILES FROM City limits, one dwelling, one tenant house, two large barns, all fenced find cross fenced, electricity. A bargain. See Floyd Porlerfield, 85 ACRES, ONE DWELLING, ONE tenant house, 2!i acres Creek bottom, balance good up land, one mile from City limits. A real bargain. Floyd Porlerfield. NICE SIX ROOM HOUSE, FURN- ished, 414 N. Ilervey. Can give possession. See Floyd Porterfield 24-Ot Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. NEW FOUR-ROOM HOUSE • ON large lot. Bargain, cash or lerms. Apply 1011 W. 7th. 2G-GI WE ARE STILL IN THE REAL Estate business. Selling when the prices are within reason. Laying off when they are not. Our knowledge of true values is proven by our satisfied customers over a long- period of time. C. B. Tyler, liscensed real estate broker. II!) Cotton Row. 27-31 Wonted to Buy GIRLS' 24 INCH BICYCLE. MUST be reasonable. Phono 741-W 24-Ct Mattress Renovating FOR THE- BEST IN GUARAN- leed work call Cobb's Matttrcss . Co. at 712 W. 4th. We call for and deliver. Phone 229-J. 21-lm Help Wanted PIANO SALESMAN, APPLY IN person nl Crabbe Bros. Pijino Co. 108 South Elm. . 24-Gt Notice LESPEDEZA, JOHNSON GRASS, clover hay. Cut on shares. You lake 2/3. I take one third, or you cut il for lOc a bale. Foy Hani- nions, Telephone 34-.J-12. 20-61 Wanted to Rent FURNISHED HOUSE OR APART- ment, Permammt. Cull M. R Shook al Cook's While Star Laundry. 3u (it Southwest Grid Tickets to Be Scarce Dallas; July 30— (IP) —They're already standing in line for tickets lo Sojlhwcsl Conference football games with Ihe season Iwo monlhs •away. Member schools report the greatest demand in history. The advance sale at the University of Texas is OSO per cent—repeat, 050 per cent—more than last year. Business Manager Ed Olle says 100,000 people want to see Texas and Texas A. and M. play al Auslin Thanksgiving Day. At least three sell-outs loom in Dallas. The only seats lefl for the Texas-Oklahoma game Ocl. 12 are behind Ihe goal posls al Ihe Colton Bowl. Us capacity is 47,000. Tne Southern Methodist-Oklahoma A. and M. game at Ihe bowl Ocl .1 is causing those in the business office at S. M. U. lo worry over whether they can come close to meeting the ticket demand. Southern Methodist already is sure of a capacity crowd i'or the S. M. U.-Texas A. and M. game at Ownby stadium here Nov. 0. Texas A. and M .has mailed applications to approximately 10 OUO former students and will fill the orders Sept. 1. Howard Grubbs, business .manager of Texas Christian Athletics, says he lias the heaviest demand in history. Rice has already sold 10,000 season tickets—an all-lime record. Baylor doesn'l open its sale until Aug. 26 but advance reservations indicate the largest attendance in the university's history. Alhlelic Business Manager Glen Rose of Arkansas said indications were that tickets for the university's games soon would be as scarce as bacon. Capacity of Rax- orback stadium—12,;500—is due to be severely taxed. Austrian-born V i c k i Ban m writes her novels in German, and then has them translastcd. PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texorkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkona, U. S. A. Painting Your Car Is Our Business PAINT JOB $55 Let us give your car one of our super paint jobs. Finest quality paint, any color. Metal work extra. Visit us for estimate on body or metal work. Work done by experts. Ray Turner William Kennedy HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO is "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 New York, July 30 — 1 was having a beer with Jimmy Petrillo one night lately, and, after some light, insulting banter, Little Caesar said, "Loolt, ore you open to a proposition?" "Do you mean what I think you mean?' 'I answered hopefully. "No," Mr. P. said, "nothing like tbat." "H is a clean proposition," lie said. "If I get to be president of these glorious United States of A., and il looks like it is going to be me or John L. Lewis, can J count on you for secretary 'of labor?" "For $l!i,000 a year, iess income taxes?" I said, "and flop in some piano crate on the anacostia flat like the bonus crowd did that time, and bum old no-account potatoes around the wholesale market and limp old carrots and a hunk of horse here and there and cook it over sticks and twigs in pot outdoors in the rain like a jungle-bum and I have to sneak into the gents at the Willard or vhe Mayflower with my tackle in my pocket to shave the face and pick up bulls around the Union station except I probably gel invited to some high- tone society debauches and maybe 1 can scrounge a handful of gaspers and sneak a half a chicken into the flask pocket and I suppose you will want me lo get up the regular ten percent of the gross for the campaign funds and day after day nothing but messing around with Bridges and Cm-ran and old Dan Tobin and the Communists printing cartoons with me in a plug hat and dollar signs all over my vest and bums picketing the office and you pick me a secretary who cleans the wasle-baskel every night and takes the trash over \o some union headquarters and they run taps on my phone and anyway, how am I going to take care of iny loved ones and what about my insurance and, even if 1 do make some good decision like saying you bums in tlie union racket have got to recognize i'ree competition so a good man doesn't have to work for Ihe same pay they give a tramp, why they will go hollering io their president and you will tell them not lo pay no mind lo Ihe secretary of labor so I put in lour years writing doodles on a pad and 1 have to keep the trap shut lo show 1 am loyal lo our great, beloved leader, that's you." "That certainly is me." Mr. Po- Irillo agreed, "tike that time in Chicago, the boys of my local they wouldn't let me resign as president when I got elected the national president by our wonderful iree, democratic process, and they insist on keeping me at $20,000 a year on top of my national salary and expenses and a :>iew car every year and Ihe chauffeur, loo, and then give me a house and I am so surprised I lean against ihe scenery in our little hall and cry with emotion and then by luck il turns out we happen to have a couple of half-barrels of good draft boor on hand and dill pickles and ham and Swiss on rye and I realize I can't let them down so I accept to be tneir 'aeloved leader until—" . "Don't interrupt me," I said, "because 1 am weighing your proposition pro and con and 1 am thinking about poor litlle Jimmy Byrnes and he don't lell us row old he is bill I will sland on my head .i'or every hour he is under GG or G7 years old and all but six years tor the last 27 years he has been working for peanuts and Ihen his fiiend, Mr. Big, gives him a sofl touch on the Supreme Court i'or $20,000,minus taxes, but lhal only lasls about sixteen months and his old pal persuades him lo resign and Ihen it is economic stabilization and war mobilization and a lol of raps and headaches no matter what he does i'or peanuts again and now we load him onto planes and flap him all over Ihe world in lousy fealher and muzzle makes a bum of him because Hoosevell thoughl he was so dam smart and shot off his face at Yalta and all those places so here is a poor guy that ought to be turned oul lo pasture on a pension around $25,000 a year mid all lie gels is abuse and I will bel if you paid $5 lo fris khim you would lose money aflcr all his years." "No union." Mr. P. said. "Congress, loo. No union." "Shut up. please," I said, "and Congress Ihe same way and we paid dumb sweepers $80 a week during the war and a congressman's lake-home isn't more thani twice thai bul you don'l have to get elected sweeper or stand the expense of u primary and keep a home in your district and another in D. C. and always paying their own expenses back home for funerals and $5 a smash for flowers and tickets for raffles and dances every week and it used to be a part-lime job three monlhs a year but now il is absolutely full time and abuse from every one and Ihen you take u federal judge and a lot of them are strictly high- class lawyers worth up to $100,000 a year and we pay them about $1150 a week, net, while a lot of ambulance chasers that ihey ain't fit to even carry (heir law-books why Ihey knock down from $5,000 to $300.000 a crack as easy as breaking sticks and so you'want me to surve my beloved country men for 15,000 less taxes and a Cards, Dodgers Open Crucial Series Tonight By CARL LUNQUIST New York, July 30 —(UP) — What radio .spellbinder Dizzy Dean "no doublediy" will describe us the "fifth crooshical series of the year" opens tonight between the Cards and Dodgers and once again it is the same ..... story — Brooklyn is in first place and SI. Louis is trying to get there. The Dodgers primed themselves for the occasion yesterday by get- ling some rare long-distance hitting lick in a 7 to 3 victory over Cincinnati. Without a homenm since July 21 they got twn. one from Dixie Walker and a three- run inside-the-nark blast by Pete Rieser to hand Bucky Wallers his first defeat after six straight victories. Hank Behrman saved th» victory for Starter Hal Gregg with four innings of scoreless relief pitching. Homers defeated the Cards' at Boston, Johnny Benzley serving up two fat pitches .in the second inning which Tommy Holmes and Garden Gillenwater blasted for the tallies that produced a 2 to 1 victory. Morton Cooper, showing fine control against his ex-teammates, pitched six hit ball, struck out seven and walked one batter. George Kurowski ruined his shutout with a ninth'inning homer. The Cubs edged the Giants, 5 to 4, at New York in li innings when Ken irinkle wild-pitched and Don Johnson scored from third. He had walked and gone to second on a sacrifice, and to third on a long fly. The bus got an earlier run on a passed ball by Ernie Lombard! Trinkle's wild pitch first was scored as ,a Lombard! passed ball, but the decision was reversed after the game. Washington tooK a five, game hold on fourth place by Winning a double header at Cleveland, :> to 1 on Buddy Lewis' 10th inning homer, and 8 to 4 with a lusty seven-run uiird inning rally. Relief Pitcher Walt Masterson gained the first game victory with only two innings of work. Hank Edwards and Bob Lemon wasted second game homers i'or Cleveland. Earl Caldwell pitched four scoreless relief innings then delivered a game winning single in the 12th as the White Sox defeated the Yankees, 4 to 3, at Chicago. Bob Kennedy had doubled preceding Caldwell's hit. Kennedy also hit a home run and Luke Appling made two doubles and two singles. Freddie Hutchinson gained his- seventh victory at Detroit, holding the Athletics to seven hits in a •! to 1 decision, the 15th lor the Tigers in IS games against Philadelphia this season. Court Docket July 29, 1946 City Docket ' G. B. Lamb, drunken drivin?. Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Otha Wrayford, assaulting an officer. Plea of guilty, fine $50.00. Otha Wrayford, resisting arrest, Plea *uilty, fined $50.00 G. B. Lamb, resisting arrest. Feu-roiled $5.00 cash bond. G. B. Lamb, driving car with 4 in front seat. Forfeited $5.00 cash oond. E. J. Montgomery, running a reel lignt. Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. Clyde Pardue, no driver's license. Forfeiled $5.00 cash bond. Jessie Pallon, operating a car with no brakes. Forfeiled $5.00 cash bond. Clyde Pardue, speeding. Forfeil- ed $a.uu cash bond. Arthur H. Giles, speeding. Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. G. B. Lamb, speeding. Forfeiled $5.00 cash bond. The following forfeited a $10.00 cash bond on a charge of Disturbing Peace: K-ay Turner, Henry McLemore, Z. L. Lambert, Wyatl Crosby, Inez McLemore, Richard Trotter, Pele C'levenger. Henry McLemore, disturbing peace, Forfeited $20.00 cash bond. James H. Burke, hazardous driving. Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Jessie Pa lion, hazardous driving. Forfeiled $10.00 cash bond. M'he following entered a plea of guilty to a charge of Drunkenness, and were assessed a penally of $10.00 fine each: M. C. Taylor, J. W. Harris, William Wrayiord, Olha VVrayl'ord. The following forfeited a $10.00 cash bond on a charge of Drunkenness: Wyatl Crosby, Truman Downs, Jiminie Fields, Richard T roller, Geo. E. Hayden. Cliff Richardjon, hay Turner, Woodrow Downs. State Docket Milton Eason, possession of in- lox, liquor for purpose uf tale This Curious World Page Five By William Ferguson .SOME SPECIES BE&IN THEIR LIVES AS MA££3... AND LATER. CHAN6E T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. "WHEN-SWEETHEARTS BREAKUP, THEY MAY BREAK DC\M,"Sj</J ETHEL J. WHITE, 7/ //it CAN BLOSSOAA AND FRUIT //V A WITHOUT- RAIN. CARNSVAL By Dick Turner lot of bum communists always calling me a i'ascisl—" "I do nol wish to hurry Ihe pitcher's delivery," Mr. Pelrillo said, "but the bartenders are pulling Iho stuff back in the racks and ihe sweeper just broke my leg with lhal broom, and I am afraid She- game might be called, so could you Jel me have your decision?" "I am afraid I will disappoint my great, beloved leader," 1 said, "bul owing to personal considerations and all (his and that why to hell with secretary of labor or senator and judge, too, with deep appreciation of your kind consideration." Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Soft-ball Games Postponed Because of Election Two Softball sarn.es scheduled at Fair park tonight (Tuesday) have been canceled due to the election, il was announced today. Wet grounds caused postponement of regular league play lasl night. o Club Owners Consider Pension Fund By JACK HAND New York, July 30 —(/P)— Base- jail moguls are mulling over player requests for a minimum wage, jension fund and extensive con- racl reforms today in one of ihe nosl revolutionary steps in modern diamond history. Asked by the magnates lo give hcjr views on Ihe conlroversial Mayer-owner problems that ordinarily are decided solely by the 'ranchise operators, the Athletes yesterday in two separate sessions drew up a teform program lo be presented lo the Ivlajors' policy committee next Monday. National League players, meet- ng in New York, were more specific, outlining a $5,500 minimum wage scale, a pension fund :'.nd a iO-day serverance pay stipulation as the most important recommen- dalions of a five-point platform. An eight-point American league program drawn up in Chicago was highlighled by a request i'or' fulfillment of player contracts lo the letter, and formation of a permanent 'grievance" committee as well as an undetermined minimum and pension fund. Each of the player meetings lasted four hours with the national delegates adjourning until Friday for further discussion after naming Dixie Walker of Brooklyn, Marly Marion of 31 .Louis and Billy Herman of Boslon to represent 'ihern. Johnny Murphy of New York, Joe Kuhel of Chicago and Mel Harder of Cleveland were the American representatives. After Ihe six players meel with presidenls Ford Frick of the National and Will Harridgc of the American and uieir respective committees next Monday, the Majors will hear the committee's recommendations in a special 'ioint meeting to be held "sometime before Labor Day " vl'jye_seen worse times,"gentlemen! After all, you can't ^ paint, you can't decorate . . » 1""" SPORTS ROUNDUP -lfIwfclMkrtM,Jr, By SID FEDER Pinch-Hitting for Hugh Fullerton, Jr. New York, July SO —(/Pi—Louisiana slate is looking i'or big things from Jeff Adams, the freshman end from MessicK high in Memphis who can do the hundred in 9.8...has anyone pointed oul that Saturday's Arlington classic was run four seconds faster than either the Derby or the Dwyer, Assault's only other two -tries at a mile-and-a-quarlcM-'.'... May be lae clubfoot Comet isn't that quick ,\\ horse... 8- Headline: Players meet on contract problems. The time htio come, the players cry, To talk of many breaks, without license. Forfeited $50.00 cash bond. Geo. Newhall, traffic violation, (overload). Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Pearline Johnson, simple a'-.sauH Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Simon Witherspoon, conlribu'.ins to Juvenile deliciueney. Tried, found not Muilty. SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope. Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing f Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Of pay and hours for balls anc strikes And minimum two-inch steaks. And when a games goes If frames, (Just to end this on a rhyme) Let those magnates dig and p;ij us off Time-and-a-half for overtime. II is true a Washington Sena tors' "name" player already has okayed a Mexican conir;>"' foi nexl season?...Gardner Larned William and Mary's top tennis-er. had his feet so badly frozen while in Ihe army in Europe, lie barelj managed to persuade Ihe medicos not to amputate. Eddie Dyer will throw plenty o nothing but southpaws at the Dodg ers in the three-game Cards-Brooklyn set for the National League load starling .tonight. Yesterday's Stars By the Associated Press Pete Keiser, Dodgers—smashed a three-run inside-tlie-park homer lo pace Brooklyn lo a 7-3 triumph over Cincinnati. Buddy Lewis .Senators — belted four-bagger in tenth inning to enable Washington to nose out Cleveland, 2-1, in first game of doubleheader. Earl Caldwell, White Sox—held Yanks scoreless in relief role and balled in winning run in 12th in ning as White Sox won, 4-3. Mort Cooper, Braves — pitched the Boston Braves lo a six-hit, 2-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardi nals. way Branch Rickey put the grab on Jackie Robinson right here in the good old U. S. A ? ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply Doug piTPy Carl Bacon \*l S I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 Thought For Today In all Ihe hullaballoo about ilia Pasquulc brothers grubbing major league talent, has any owner Btopped to inquire just what that was the majors were doing coming up with players in places like Cuba •and Venezuela, where they have organized ball too, the last few years?,..And didn't the Negro National League holler about the NOTICE Tilt-Roy Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM f RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING RIDING HORSES Buggy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Suort HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES 2% miles put on Spring Hill road NOW OPEN Enjoy Swimming at the Swimming Pool ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service Harry Segnar, Sr, PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following ai candidates subject to th« action of -the Democratic primary elections this Sum- 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT^; JAMES H. PILKINTON .-"*'' J. W.'. (BILL) PATTON, JR. PAT ROBINSON '.••;* ' Circuit- Judge, LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN ' J. W. (SON) JONES ', CLAUDE H. BUTTON' For County Clerk ROBERT; C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELI/E- ONS^TEAD McCORKLE MK SYVELL A. BURKE . For County Judge ' FRED A. LUCK FRANK. RIDER " Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON REMOVED FREE ' ' • Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES- COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant * Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No'Ahs'wer Phone 3158-R — COMPLETE ClNE OF'.,-' OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 - • Hope, Ark. COMPLETE r RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere. -;•, ' One day service* in town — Bargains • In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Ha*el For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in . MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH P. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 7$

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