Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1946
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, PE, ARKANSAS FrirJny, July JU'.T SAT POWN.\ORK."l By Chick Young WASN'T THf BOSS. HWlGIIT. SOMETHING'S UP'/ fllll MY Nxon Ci:' t'.M..OHilR'^ 0>II OF TOWN i AHt'A JUST ;,AVV Hf.K. ft Tlty.V.BAI'S THEN I'lESl VW.?> 1HM 'WIIISPCR \VHfN ) I VVAC- IM Tllf liEFtARi. ... , ' ''Oft'.f.eOD> WAIITIU iO SEE ME IN THE .r j'* SOlARlUM.WHO I *•• COULD THAT '•'*-- WtlM H KIIOW VtC'N'V IIUl.l HIM. COIl'I 1HIHI-, MY UAR1III6 MAI> n ir HE Kt;rw i \\t\\~ ovtR- J AMD HIM I IMP IRIJOTO Ht'i JUST ;,AVV HF.H. * lli RNP, INTERS A- ; ii.w:. or- WOW, IT WAS HOT AT THE OFFICE TODAY' 1 GUESS IT WONT HURT ANVTHING IF 1 TAKE MV _J /( COAT OFP CCI.IRSE. t\\"-.\ row ti DrnvfRiNO A PAIR of imo.'i!'., p.ur- - U was too busy with my cwr; thoughts 1C) loolt in tile- rear view mirrrn. Thai kind of thinking conies high. »._..,/-; ~& ^• t m&: «»3wf . ! aMj .--»Jl^^J^•l»:....7^^l^„l^iiiI.J{!^^ B ?JJ < y^/^•.l rt VJil VOU SEEM TO BE Tite ONLV /WELL, OOC, IT ML") !*• 'S KNOWN /5Tf\RtEO VE/*KS ; sw HE "x THINKS H|J'£ AHOTHeR j NWAEO 3.P. KVK.EE, PERSON?. V/HO 7 . ypReSU 'CNV OF NN O'iVIOUSCASE V,OT'31HW. ^-^ .-„ -**?'\ WOU51 <IE5J f.\NC GITS f£$Mji!L M VX FUffilOUS \MHEH WE ''S^Sli \ vKPWT BEuewe HiiV\, r W By Galbraith :*l-;: : ' wm??^ /'.' ••••:.; r-x : \'^'~^ mWff^ ^\^3^ : h * I I \ ' *— ' i-.'W... '''• / . - Vi / S7SH fOU <"-HV \UL5S SCOU J?RSLt VDU " SNOW ONW TCO WELL Wt'Ar IT \B '.'. IP I FONT ME-C- YOU ... I'LL hC'LL VOL), S.7ORCHN SA ~ ' ^ ^ \ // i i /' • -O •• =^-t^ v / ! ««,\rr,-3 s**~"?-W-. THEEE, PIDN'T —/ I TELL.. SO3EL.E A,\\V\V! \VHLr-N -I'OOKS A.R GONEJ'LU STILL. 4 '"-. ^ r TSffif&S? \ \ f i—^.i—-* a^^^-v \y • LIKE I PO.THEY'P "/ traded ;ny husband -to ihe Cubs for these two and a handsome bit of cash." ^^ rt& "Mollior Hubhnrd must liavc been ;> dumb cluck! Why didn't she buy (lie butcher a bottle 61' Scotch for his Freckles and His Friends By Blosser ?«snny Business By Hershberger SORRY, FOLKS, Bur )Do WE THIS STREET IS CLOSED / TO DRIVE" -- YOU'LL HAVE TO PRIVE- / FAST DOWN MARLE" STREtT' /Pi- WELL, ITS THERE NOW/ j Now TMATS WHAT I CALL A PERFECT ' SHAMS' — PERFECf, THAT IS ' ' SALTCOMS TSCH \T \\=~TC- lust placing safe with ynur viiido\v—Slinky's a heavy ^ Thimble Theater \ V \ /*• -*i' "a- i }-M AMSS Oyt, THE RUINED RHXTHM OP YOUR l SUSfOSE 'AT L. SHE WILL \ NEVER AG'IN // __.-pr-^t-' '^ , V -..', Av; / ''7i. :J^'&V'V^"B / .- ^"sV^j^ .fc S-^^ia ,M-~, XiN-%ys--' fe /V"/; ; WE SEE A SEA WITH A SOBBING BOTTLE IT ISN'T LINIMENT tf Out Our Way By J. R. Williams YEP/ HE'5 A I - AA KM!G!-!T WORKER/ r:E,l-lilL:/ THAI VVU7- A JOXC Our Boarding House With Major Hoople -THEY DOM'T LAST LONG, WORK'IN' PER KING CORIJY/ !-IE GIVES HIS KMIffHTS ORFUL YOU11G FELLER, IF I WUZ VOU y I'D RIDE AWAY FROM HERE A3 FAST AS MY 1-1055 COULD CARRY ME/ -</ ANf ...OMMtK.', _/n, THEV'RB ] THEM MEW SHOTS \ FROM THEM WILL. LUCKY THAT TH' DOC IS eiVIM' I BE GEOAMS. IM \ DOPE WASM'T ME.' WMV, SIX / DISGUISE--THEY'VE \DlSCOVERED MOMTH5 AGO I / WAITED VEAES PER / VEA52.S AGO-- COULDM'T PULL \ THE OL' MAM TO \ THERE'D BE A\Y WORD, MR. '/OUR. < KO\M DO VOL) 01ATROL /OUK. E OF , ELK ArJD OTHEO. VJILD CCEATUCE.-5 7' THE UNTMOTIC EVo T" I'VE U6SD "THAT -, METHOD o)C r/J5H/ .L Ju<iT CALL we "MOOT". ^t UP TOO KOO\\ , ^PACE i '\v.') THEIR: LINGO-^i KIM ''••/ TALVi 1DAMY C(3\TT£K < ;.| •—-EVENiTME WOL\/E-i .'•\ DROP itviTO Vl'i\T/-*-Yi?LJ TO / ADOPT ANi - I ORPHIMT . \ WILDCAT :' UP MV SOY.-MOW LOOK.! COLLAPSE SO THEY 1 A LOT MORE COULD STEP UP A JC"-, AHEAD OF C TVE OiJTOiOTA^CE'DLADt SP:£L£R, &'jT I'VE CO! TriE RE.D-HSADE " CA^i RTDER HOLP \ / "i'C.2 f»7 K;-SOvW 'w'*m^ -^5. : o .Friday, -July 26, 1046 on. A.I ,f m HO-PE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS , °" 1CC DQy Before 'Publlcatton ' Not Tflken "THP THE ^ '" Conii ™°™ Insertions Only YOU T ^LL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" BABY CHICKS, hnvc Ihrin we For Sale or Trade _ • > i w vv I'" 1 you. Feeders IF will WE DON'T 3 order them i Supply Co. 17-1m ROOM HOUSE, 2 i/a luiiu. t-ilv water. J. f, CORN, CORN CHOPS, WHEAT hen scratch, plenty growing and laying mash. Feeders Supply Co 17-lm PIGS, TOP BRED A . Coffre. Poland or Sulton Livestocl' 15)41 FORD TON"" AND HALF iriiclf. Motor overhauled. 1(1,000 miles. In A-l condition. Can be seen at Frank Walters Garage Raymond Ross. ya-Gt am p,. Ueardon, Rl. 3. Hope. c/u O 2 3-Gt mile door W on Spring to Melrosc 25-,'il H LIBBER .... H. Uryani, 2'-. Hill road, next church. QUICKLY n R 0W~N~FAT~iwo D K Island friers at Siillon, HI. 2 Mrs. J. W. Hoclrcll. 25-lit MY FU RN IT UH E-- EVEPYT! 11 NO porch fimiitiiri' anJ nil. SO") Soiuh Walnut St. 1'ho'ic KM!) ;!«.;<! mile out on old G7 Fulton road. ACRES I/anib, 1 highway on 24-lit Real Estate for Sale WE HAVE THREE NICE HOMES and two farms for :;ale that are worth invi.'sligating. See Flovd Porterficld. 20-01 Wanted 03 ACRE FARM, 2>,i. MILES FROM City limits, one dwelling, one tenant house, two large barns, all fenced and cross lenccd, electricity. A bargain. See Floyd Porterfield. Of) ACRES, ONE DWELLING, ONE tenant house, 213 acres Creek bottom, balance good up land, one mile from City limits. A rc.nl bargain. Floyd Porterfield. NICE SIX ROOM HOUSE, FURN- islicd, 414 N. Hcrvey. Can give possession. See Floyd Porterfield 24-Gt MY EQUITY FOR SALE.'TROOM IIOLIKH and bath, fill by 150 lol Located .310 East 15th St. F. j" Hartsfield, Phone 33, r >-\V. 24-31 Fair Enough By Westbrook Peglor Copyright, 1948 By King Features Syndicate. For First Time By William Ferguson Praise Giants Now oYrU, July 2G — Joe Fay and .Tomes Wove, the union gangsters whoso convictions anci prison sentences have been upheld by the New York court of appeals, are two of the lowest crooks in the entire Hogucs Gallery of the American Federation of Labor, but lei no prior faceless chump of that drooling mass whom Henry Wallace so pa-. -- -- > tronizingly calls the "common, National League today, man" delude himself with a belief True, tho Dodgers whipped thai this is a final clean-up. It does rM ' i " "••'•- ' ' ' complete a round-up of one particular passel of rogues who robbed By JOE R.EICHLER Associated Press Sports Writer For HIP first limp in the memory of Die Tnodern day baseball fan. followers of (he Brooklyn Dodgers today actually were singing the praises of the New York CUants. For if it hadn't been for those same Giants, the Dodgers might not be perched at Ihe top of the Wanted to Buy TO KENT OR BUY. GOOD USED typewriter. Phone lili-F-l. 25.;u Maffres.? Renovating FOR Till:: BEST IN GUARAN~- tced work call Cobb's Mattlrcss Co. at 712 W. <!».!>. We call for •and deliver. Phono 220-J 21-1 rn For Rent THREE ROOMS FURNISHED lor light, housekeeping, Near Schooley's store. Phone 38-F-ll Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 17-ti GOOD MODEL A Clifford Russell or FORD, call 790. SEE 2:j-6t GIRLS' 24 INCH BICYCLE. MUST be reasonable. Phone 741-W 24-Gt TRUNK Phone IN GOOD 1040. CONDITION. Lost TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS 1103 Foster Avenue. Phone 059-,! APARTMENT FOR RENT. 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" 5>.5.. 3l Atom Conferees Want Civilians to Control Board Washington, July 213 —(/I 3 )— Senate and House conferees agreed today that the proposed atomic energy control commission should be composed exclusively of civilians. They agreed also xhat the director of the division of military application should be a member of the armed forces. • The agrec'ineiits, announced by Senator McMahon (D-Conni, head of the Senate conferees working with a House group io adjust dif- Icrences over atomic energy legislation, represented a compromise. The House had insisted ihat at least one, and not more than two, members of the commission should be members of the armed forces. The Senate had insisted that all be civilians. 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Byron Hefner Phone 442 -. — raj-ni's . and slugged Anii'rican workmen, including educated engineers from I ho bi(j loch schools, and graded from the government through crooked contractors, ns rotten as themselves. But ilie. parent rarkels are still as foul as over before and other thieves are .still at lui'tst and in action. Fay and Hove got from eight and one-half to fifteen years each in Now York county, thanks to Frank J-Iognn, the district attorney, and a staff of lawyers and investigators working with the enthusiasm of a varsity team, but no thanks whatever to William _reen, 1he president of xhc American Federation ut Labor, its executive council or anyone else in the higher councils of the bund. Hove, moreover, owes from ten l.o twenty years in prison for robbing his own local of the hodcar- riers' and common laborers' union in Westchester count v, thanks ii this case, to Elbert T. Gallagher during his term as district atloi ney of Westchesler county. Bov already has matriculated 'at fiinf Sing to start that course. In addition William ,T. McGeoi- and James Parkinr^i, both o Yonkors. and Democratic politic! arts both, are under sentence o from three to six for at templing to shake down con tractors but have appealed. Theii lawyer, asking clemency, saic they wer et victims of Fay, anc Vincent O'Conner, of Mr. Hogan'> staff, who convincted them, agaii with no help from the A. F. of L. agreed that they were, at !east Fay's partners .in crime. This, loc was a New York case and one o the fine technicalities advanced it the appeal argues that even i they were victims of Fay, .imc been tried in Westchesler, no Manhattan. Two other and lesser mcmbei of the Westchester, mob, Fell* Lo/;y.i. (M years old. and Anthonj Petnllo, SS, pleaded guilty in tht Westchester cases. There are two big parent unions involved here, the Internationa Union of Operating Engineers and the International Hodc'arriers Building and Common Laborers Union of North America. Boll have headquarters' in Washington both have been fronts for rackets thuggery and war-time and pro war graft from workers and contractors, and both Vuive enjoyed strong political protection from the New Deal in New York, Chicago New Jersey and Washington Fay is fourth Vice-president ol the operating engineers. Bove is a vice-president of the hodcarrier." and was secretary-treasurer of Local GO in Yonkers. McGeory voars old, was president of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Westchefter county r 35 locals of the A. F of L. Parkinson, age 54, was 'business agent of a locnl of the operating engineers. McGeory bus served as alderman and superintendent ol parks in Yonkevs .ind vice- chairman of the WesLfhcslfr .Democratic county committee. Both hn a"(1 Parkinson were draft board officials 'or a time. Another professional unioneiM- o' the A. F. of L.. an old friend and neighbor of McGno.-y and P-irkin- "on, discussing lh.<>ir CPSO .recpnt- Iv. snid: "God. T don't know what Cols into them. They start as good umon men and seem to go crazy ovor power and money." The graft in these eases name trom contractors, most of whom as I have reported, were iust ,-is corrupt as the gangsters wHo shook them down and from tho '"orkors and the union treasuries I ho crooked contractors got |m<-k "ie shnke-riwon monev by adding it to the bill and passing it n n the cost: to the 1 six-paver and it was common practice .i.-non.,' such ve'-- min to carry on with Fav, as their social and mci-:.) eqinl. as nn doubt ho was. Man" of Hiem Hod on examination s:i that they could not be used ns wHnesse.s in 1| 1C trial. It roifb< ho th'nmht ;ha' vhov were afraid Fav. Bn"o aM the ni.hor crooks would "ull sl'-il-os n-i Hieir big jobs if they loUi the truth. A more likely cnncliision on HIP basis of their nleasant rc- Iritions vvilh the racketeers was thai Ihev we'-i> birds of -i i"cn<her who didn't object to graft as long as they could charge i| 1o Ihe I'mted States Treasury. In HIP Wr-stchest.er cases. Bove and tho snbor:1iniii" defendants j-obbed the iin'on itself. Fav hud i"-eal political tiowor >n Ihe Frank Hague organization in New Jersey and helped make one United State" senator and ono -.Vd- eral indge. He is a brutal, drunken brawleV, always associated with underworld characters who nevertheless, was socially and professionalv acknowledged con- sojcuously in public by William Green long after lie had slugged --- ( - » v. ... i--«vi£;,^ i o VV I I I |JJJIC.'U 1 IIP Chicago Cubs 4-1 for the second .straight time yesterday, but had the S;. Louis Cardinals swept the three-game series with the Giants including yesterday's iwin-bill, lln> Hedbirds and not the Brooks would be occupying ;tjrs! place. Instead, the Giants by dividing Ihe two games, gained iho series Iwo games 1o one to enable the Brooks to build up a game and a half lead over Eddie Dyer's pestiferous challengers. After handsome Howie Pollet the willowy lefthander from New Orleans, had gained his 12th mound victory for vho Cards with a nine-hit 2-1 triumph, the Ojanls threw their southpaw freshman ace Monte Kennedy, against the Birds, and the 21-year-old Worth Carolinian clipped the Cardinals' wings with three hits as the Giant'.won fi-l. In losing, the Cubs saw their third place lead over Cincinnati narrow to three and a half gamn«.- as the Reds eked out'a 1-0''deci- sion over the Boston Braves The clearing of the entire Pittsburgh Pirates bench except '"or the regular lineup by Umpire George Magerkurth highlighted the twin bill between tne Bucs and Philadelphia Phillies. Magerkurth's action came after the Pirates booed a third called strike on Chuck Workman. The Pirates, behind the seven-hit pitching of Johnny Lanning won the opener 2-1, but the Phil? oamo back to Rip Truett Sewell apart !)-2 in the nightcap. In the American League, Bos- David Dubinsky at a national convention of the A. F.' of L. in New Orleans because Dubinsky, • had offered a resolution against racketeers which was personally offensive to Joe. At one time, aftci heat began to scorch him, Fa.\ tried to reach the courts with as' surances of appropriate rewarc but, ibis time, at least, failed. A few years ago, in Syracuse he slugged H. J. Orville Warner, lh< local boss of the operating engi neers, himself a brawler, and kicked Warner's jaw around ontc the back of his neck. Indicted :'oi that, he went loose when Warnei failed to show up as vhe prosecut ing witness and Warner soon re appeared in his old job in Ro Chester and presently acquired ; fishing camp and resort. Thereafter. Warner's subjects were pulled off an urgent war construction job in the first case of "epidemic" hangover which could be dured only by a raise in pay. A few months ago, Warner's wife and a policeman who said he saw the incident charged Warner with deliberatly driving his car at her car and forcing her off the oad. He was convicted of reckless driving, given his option of a ?20 fine or 20 days --ind appealed. William E. Maloney, v.he president of the engineers, a Chicago unioiicer anci and politician, nwns or did own a winlnr house on La _orce Dirve on Miami Beach, a farm near Chicago and a stable of eleven race horses including one lieigh Count horse. Fay also sought a Florida winter place at Sarasota. The operating engineers and the hodcarriers' and common .nborcrs' union usually work in close harmony because their functions in building construction and excavation are simultaneous ind their jurisdiction is con- iguous. On May 20 1931, Arthur M. Hud- doll, then president of the operut- ng engineers, was shot at in a •estaurant in Washington. The bullet struck a pocket notebook over his heart. He was not wounded bin diod 1en days later apparently of shock. On Fob. 24, 1933, Dennis Bruce iietflcr, a rank and file member t Local .-itro. Chicago, was' shot dead near his homo. He had been ending a rebellion ai!ainsl pcrse- •ution in the-local and had gone 10 no treasury with information hnui ihe .income of some oC the Ificials. A treasury agent said hat, Ihe night before ho was kill•d, Xiciilor tolcnhon^d him in panic saving he had been cha«»d in tho struels and Ihreatcirod. He elf a widow and olr-von children. On June 8, 1942. Fav and Kd- Viird T. Shinn, of Newark, his lusincss parlncr and president of -ocal !125. ran a pat!e adverliso- nent prepared li\ -,ho tivasurv Jromoling (he sale? of war bonds. Is centra 1 pie.v was a photograph >l Pn>s'd ( ;nl .Roosevelt oinhracod n a "V" and laurols and it was -- "A message to our pn-si- lent. The record of tho two unions is oi-dul and brutal bcvond exagger- lion but there has been no .sign f reform within and ihe men con- •icted by the initiative of con•-- prosecutors are inourn- d as casualties of ,h o raket alher than repudiated as belrav- 'i's ol laboi CONTRARY OF THEIR EXPLOIT:^ THAT MAN COPR. 1»4C BY W.A. GLKVICt, INC. LEGS APPEAR F|R<TON A TADPJLE ... THE OR THE /V/V£> ROSIN IS NOT A ROBIN, BUT A Page Five T..M. NEC. U. S. I'AT. OF! ANSWER: __ The hind legs. CARNSVAL By Dick Turner __COPR. 104C BY NEA SERVICt. | NC T M Ern^ "You don't liavc (o pray before meals hero, parson—ihe "cw cook is pretty ^ood!" A3 R H 433 1 2 1 2 2 2 4 2 5 2 5 4 4 2 Organization of a soflball 'team from the local city league to plaj in uie stale tournament next week was announced today by PJav- . ground Diicctor Joe Dildy The (cam will be composed of p'lavrrs from all over the league. The gioup will test their skill tonight against a powerful Waterloo Asphalt team at 8 o'clock tonight at Fair park. The Waterloo uoys played here several weeks ago and were defeated by Cobb- J.ooley by a single score. It was close all the way and the game tonight promises to be another tight one. In a free-scoring contest Inst night Lion Oil defeated Wylie's boys 21 to 18 and Cobb-Toi!"v came from behind to decision Refill a ns lO-o. l The boxscorc: Wylie Reyenga, 3b .. McCorklc, ss .... Howard. If Levcrettc, Ib Huddleston, 2b Franks, rf Pod Rogers, cf Garrett, c '. •„ J. Rogers, p . Lion Oil Hammons, 2b Tolleson, 3b Ross, ss Murphy, p Leverctlc. cf Stewart. If Brannan, rf. Cumbie, c Brunei-, Ib Rephans Stanford, p . . Ci-£)<e, ss .. . S. Bell, 2b J. BelJ, 3b Hazzard, c .... Porter, Ib G. Robertson, cf Butler. If Greenberg, rf F. Robertson, rf Cobb-Tooley R. White, ss ... B. White, c Ross, 3b Fountain, Ib Reyenga J _2b Ferguson, p, cf Finley, rf F. Chance, If Ramsey, cf W. Chance, p .. . 4 5 4 40 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 3 41 3 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 18 3 4 3 4 1 2 2 1 1 21 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 14 2 2 3 1 2 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 1 2 1 25 5 28 10 7 By SID FEDER (Pinch-hitting for Hugh Fullerton, Jr.) Now York. July :2(i •—(/T)— The vay New Jersey racing business s booming on the Garden State- Wonmoulh-Atlantie City axis ha:; Mew York track operators biting heir fingernails. . . The word ij hoy'vc definitely decided this is Saratoga's last year unless the spa ron men sing a fancier jive than in the past. . . And with the Jersey parks concentrating on conditions to make it pleasanter for Tw.i Buck Benny and his missus to lose their dough, don't Never -again will people live in a world divided by barriers of mountains or oceans. We are living in a world of united nations with little tune-space. — Sen. Wayne Morse (R) of Oregon. ham to ask National League Boss * ord Frick j!or a comparison of the Giants' payroll with -,he rest of the loop. . . And Ford wired that the Giants' average was the second highest in the lengue With only the Cubs in front. . . In all this talk about an international horse race bringing Airborne from , England and Prince Chevalier! from France, how come nobody mentioned inviting Bemborough the great Australian gee-gee Who only has won 10 straight—the Jast one lugging 151 pounds. Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following ai candidates subject to the action of the Democrat!*! primary elections this Suminer: 8th Judicial Circuir For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON J. W. (BILL) PATTO.V. JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County Fop Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE It SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. JSABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE • -For County Judge ',. ' FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN V/ALKER ARTHUR C. 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With Mickey Vernon having a perfect four for i'our at the plate to wrest the league's individual batting leadership from Williams by one noint, the -Washington Senators tanned Detroit's Tigers H-3 in the rubber game of their ihree- gamc set. Smashin;; out 19 hits, their greatest tola! of the season, Cleveland's Indians outsliigi;od the Philadelphia Athletics 9-8. The Yankees and St. Louis Brawns hud iin off tlav. SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Pass The Horseshoes, Please Midleweighl Champ Tony Zale isn't a superstitious guy ordinarily. . . . But last Friday he broke his i shaving jrnrrorj at his Pompion j Lakes training camp. . . And ihe next day came down with ihe ci ick in tho back that did him out ! of his title clambaKe with liocKy i Graziuno and a naycheck that ' figured to be within whistling distance of one hundred grand. . And now he's watching out for black cats, ladders, and ;;izo 1H • shoes. . . And Joe Cooler of the i Pat'j'.son IN. .1.1 Evening News' wants to know if the postponement! made Mike Jacobs ring up "M Zale" on the cash register. . . Bouninrj Around REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop » Body and Fender Shop • Complete Pairst Shop A sports writer who's been , bunging at what he rails "coolie I wages" the Giants paid tht-ir Mired j hands caused Pre.sy llmace Stone- NOTICE Tilt-Roy Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas .- i " WE * CLEAN PAINT • ADJUSI 1 'EM ' « RE-CORD 'EM » RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of NeW Custoiii- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE. PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING RIDING HORSES Bu^gy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Suort HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses end Saddles for sole PERRY MOSES 2'/ 2 miles out on Spring Hill road NOW OPEN Enjoy Swimming at the Pines Swimming Pool ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Elecfric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service COMPLETE LINE OF OFFZCE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTSNC3 Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark.- COMPLETE RAD5O SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply. Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service, ;n town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Ha*el Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76

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