Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 21, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1894
Page 2
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'^P^f^; 1 :,?•*. X^-3;^ ^r^'i^r;/*.-, • •'.'^; •'£ I J'^.; ; .\'-•?.*",. 3 - ••.- • •• • ,Y-*#'^^^.^^ , • • : .'' .."•• • -'_•.'"• • ' • '•••. i^i^,!^,,,^^ ~^^i^^^^f^mmf^nnRHHHn*nnHUnB^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^ PART 10 NOW READY, 11 • _• •._•_ ^'_ .V.':':..-:* : Jw:vv..V.'-, "fcCtfJS* In elegant Cloth or Leather Bindings. The Journal has made arrangements with Longweii & Cummings, the book binders, to bind all the Dream City Portfolios distributed to Journal subscribers or any others which may have been procured elsewhere. The covers are of tasty and elegant design in Embossed Cloth or Russia Leather and will be bound complete at prices varying from $1.20 to $2.35. Take your portfolios, as soon as complete, to Longweii & Cummings, 5th and Market Sts,, who will fill the order at once. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL 'W**^ ^Jff ij Every person who has taken advantage of our offer of BURROUGHS f\RT PORTFOLIO OP STf\OE> CELEBRITIES admits that not only have all our representations in regard to its intrinsic merits been fully ju8liQed; not only haB every promise been kept, but the »mh EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATION. The demand for it has amounted to a rush which It has kept us buey to eupply, and although we knew that It would be popular, has surpassed our most sanguine hopes in regard to H. It Merits thepopularltv it has gained. It is unique amocg art Utic pub Heat ions treats a popular subject In a popular way. presents poitraits ol ALL IHE GREAT LIGHTS OU" THE STAGE in the most attractive manner known to STnd each part comprises Uemy handsome half-tone photographs FII,- (SHED IN TWO COLORS, these being the latest and beat pictures of each subject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. Don't (ail to secure the back numbers and secure the forthcoming parts as thev arrive. T*o parts Issued each week. Part 7 now ready. CUT THIS OUT. C0T THIS OUT. APBI1. a MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. took. If presented at tne o JttepMtwnt of The JoumaLt OUT TH]8 OUT. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tbls Coupon wltb twootbera or different dates, »n8 Ten Cents, Is good for one pan, containing Went; porttttlu, of the Marie Bnrrongh'g Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. .CVT.TRM OUT IT'S ALL FIXED. Russian Czarowitz and Princess Alix of Hesse to Wed. Emperor William Snidto Be the Match- maker—Qurnn Victoria Highly Pleased with the News. MdliE TtOVAT, T.OVKKS. -i. April '-(). — The bclrotlml is annoumvi! of the ewtruwitx (fir-and Puke Nicholas) to TVincoxs Alix Victoria liolonn Louise T.witrinn of Hesse. A feu- <lnys 113-0 it, w:\s reported tmit tin; uxiiroxvitu intriiHpd rosifrnin? his succession to the l.lirono in favor of his yonncer brother, Oniml Oukp. Michael. Thn bcliof was thnt this action was contemplated on iicconnt of t.lin opposition of Uio owir to tli" e/arnwit/.'s iiiniTi:i£0 with TYinro-w Alix. It IVILS :i.lso stated at the limn that the c7.n.vou'Hz would never marry. Ttiit all tlin ohstncles to tho happiness of t,hc .vounff coup""' si>nm to have been removed, and the announefmcnt of their betrothal at Uiis time before the dispersal of the many royal personages who had usseinbled for the wodtlinprof Tliiirsday affords opportunity for the inistomary eonfrrat -nlations. Emperor William of Germany was the first to communicate 1 the news of the brtrothal to Queen Victoria, who expressed herself as bi'inpr highly pleased. A Koynl ]M"utc'hrriiilc«r. Emperor William is believed to have been mainly instrumental in brinpriuf? about the betrothal, from the fact that he bad the news before Queen Victoria or the duke and duchess of Snxe-Co- bnrg--notha, and the evident rielicrht of his imperial majesty is cited as evidence of the importance which he attaches to the alliance. The llnppy Couple. jTho c/urowitz was 'JOrn May S, 18C8 (May IB Rusuiuimtvle), at Si. Petersburg, 'rbecon. dltlon of his boullli Dim been the sub;ect of cruve apprehension on t!io ptirt oi Mb parents und their loyal s'jojeots, and it was on thin uocount Hint bo act out upon a lour or tho world in 18UI, which CULQO near enalng Irngloul- ly in Jupun, who:i he was attackud by 11 cruzy Japanese pollconmn and would probably have boonlilllod but for tho •timely intervention of his cousin, tho crown prince of Greece. Princess Alix of Husno was born at Darmstadt Juno 0, 1872, and In the younnent el the four alstern of Grand Duke Ernest Louiu of Hesse who was married Thursday to PrtnoBHS Victoria of Saxc-Coburg-Gotha. The eldeit sister, Princess Victoria, Is the wife of Prince LoulH of Buttenburr, and the second sister Princess Ellzaboth, Is the wife of Grand Duke Sorgius of Russia, brotlicr of;ihe ozar. The third sister, Princess Irene,'Is married to Princo Henry of Prussia, brother of Emperor William.] _. Memorial to Jenny tlntl. LONDON, April 20.—Princess Christina of ScbleswiK-Holstein (Princess Helena, second daughter of Queen Victoria,} unveiled a table, in Westminister Abbey to the memory of Jenny Liud, who died November 2, 1887, ween (17 years of uffe. The tablet was unveiled in the presence of Princess Victoria, Prince Christian and others. The ceremony was prefaced by a short service of fine music. The Jenny Lind tablet is next to Thackeray's. 'i'o JCcpiml tho Old l,mv, WASUI.NGTO.V, April 20.—ficprcscuUi- tivi; Urobvcuor (0.) has intnxluued a bill to repeal the old law direotinff the sorifeant-iit-iirros to "dock" Uio salaries of absent membcr.-i. Mr. Grosvenor nays lliiit the law never c:u> be uniorucd. and it is better to repeal it than violate it Dentil trom n Live Wlrn. PiijLAiiEi.i'HfA, April -JO.—Amos Waters, aged 40 years, and John Eiek- ards, aged -18 years, linemen for the Hull Telephone company, were killed by coming in contact) with im electric-light wire. William Pilie and Wil- huiu Hanaruch were seriously iojured. Stolen Uooclii Koeovureil. PI.AINKIEI.D, N. J., April 20.-A valise found in New York Thursday night, and which contained some $50,000 in bonds of the Newcastle Northern railroad, was stolen from Gen. Negloy's residence here last March by Michael Coleman, a coachman. Cotton Blllli to Clou". MANCHESTER, N. H., April 30.-The Amoskeaff corporation announces that mills 3 and 4 will shut down May 5 indefinitely, owing to a lack of orders. Twenty-five hundred looms, involving the work of 2,000 operatives, will be affected. A Bauk llobbcd. HU.NTINGTON, Ind., April 'JO.—The only bank at Monterey, a town on tho Erie road west of this city, was burglarized Thursday nifrht. The robbers blew open the safe and carried away several thousand dollars.! Heavy Low ol Life Feared. VIENNA, April 20.—Tho fire in Neu- Sandechas burned out and virtually the whole town is in ruins. Many persons are missing and are supposed to be dead. Hundreds of families are Bleeping in'the fields. Will Iluu AKKluit JJreeklnrlUlte. LEXINGTON, Ky.. April 80.-It is reliably stated that Judge Quincy Ward, of Bourbon, has decided to announce himself as a candidate for congress in the Ashland district, lie is considered a strong candidate. THE" MARKETS. Grain, ProvUlom. Etc. CHICAGO, April 20. FLOUR-There was a moderate loeul call, but there was not much doing in the way of shipments. Quotationn range »s follows: vvin- ler-Paienw. »«.80aaOO: Btralghtu, KM «>>.7S] clears, n«>om>; neoonfls, W.80OLW, low grades, tl.60ttl.70. Sprinn-P»tents, 1130 OS.M; straights, te80»J.W; B»k«rs', 1.T4O z!lO; low grades, II.40Q1.90; L WH^i-sZ^u easier. May, WJiO»»«o; July, 61«O«lMo. COIIM—Modorawly active «nd little e»iler. No * 190! No. > Yellow, J9Hc; No, 1. WH«, »nd Na 3 Yellow, i9!<o : M.y, »B»H°i J^r, SSvOtOo; Sepujmber, 40»«41o. . OiM—Htronuer »nd hlrrher. Na I <»» n - •**»•• Manydiscrr~~ arise from ,,„, , ; —blood irn>r. ><t and, W thus, go H> i he root ^ of m;iny maladies. O /• ^ c^, ccnis n box. ^J^ Mny, KI'ifflKJji:; July, i;u';ist'-"U 1 /ici si!iiti>m- bi'i 1 . ^.^in 1 ^^''' 1 ^. S;ui:ples in full- (leni.inil iLnJ stiiai'.y. Nn. 3, :;-a:we; No. :! \viillo. aiJi'dMci Ko. ^', S3ii:.:r 4 c; No. - Wlutc, iisa^i'iic, RYI;— Slow lr;i(lo. No. ~ cu!ili, We, ;ind SLimp'.i! luts, SOffiOli;; May delivery. 50c. BAHLEY— Seiirueanusteiidy. Choice by sum- plo, M<i58c; fulr to t;ood, SljJaSc; common, «4J 50c, and low ernde iSSJWo, with Hcrccnincs I lO.yOfii 17.50 per ton. MKW FOKK — Tnidlnft notlvo and jirtcns lower. Quotutioiis rnifecd ulSW.42i4aii70 fur C(wh regulur: Kliti^tol-TO for Miy. and M'.'.iio a)liO-"/5 for July. l^Aiii) — -Marliot rnibcr <nilot and lower, Quotation!! ranged ai. ST.BJli&T.KM foruasb; »7. OJ4J7.ro for Way, ;i:id !".ir«((i7.!;r|,i for July. LIVE 1'oui/rnv— Per poinul: ChleliuiiH. "c; TurKoys, 7'ulUc; DucKn, U&lOa; i:ccsc, i,'1.0J;J 5.0i) pur do/.er.. nuri-Kn— Creamery, lilStflc;; Dairy, l. r >3'-0c: Packing Svouk, SQOc. OII.K— Wisconsin Primo White, "i-io: Water Wliiti 1 . r',;c: Michigan Prime White, S^c:i Wn- t«r Wliltc, Be: lndlu:iu I'rimc White, K' 4 e: Waler Wliito, 8?ie; lluaidllKtit, 175 ti'st, Sue: Gasoline, S7 dee's, ll'/ic: 7< dcg's, Ou; Naphtba, 03 deB'M, «'-aO. UQUOUS— Distilled splrl '.5 steady on the bnsla of Jl. IS ]>er fial. for fliiishod K'oods. NEW YOIIK, April ca WHKAT— No. C red dull, with :i slinhi rally nt i.oon. Jluy, 0" ll-ioail-^ic; July, IH I3-i8u> 63c; Deecuibur. TU l .ia.70?.;e. COHN— .N'o. a fairly active and steady. •HHSiWi''.: Ju'.y. *iVie. OA'rs— ^To. - dull bnt tuoady. May, :i7'4c: July, aC!,iit363-lCc: track white Slate, •103<5c; track ivbllo Western, 40a«io. PKOVISIONS — Hoof dull. Family, 811.50(3 13.00; extra mess, 88.00. Pork easier. New mess, 4H.SoItM.50: family, S15.00fi,l. r ).5i): KUort cloar, JM.003lt3.OU Lard weaker. Friine weiilr ern stoam, t8. to, noralual. May, TOI.KIIO, 0., April I'D. WtlBAT—Quiet, steady. No. 3 cash. 58^o; Mny, 5H:io; July, 01 ^c. COHN—Steady. No. - cash, 40«c; May, MSic. O ATO _Dull. No. 2 mixed, 'He, bid; No. t white, 3l!c. RYE—Quint. Cash, 60c. CI.OVKKSEED—Firm. Prime cash, !6iC5; April, 16.00; Octobor, M.S5 bid. Live Stock. CHICAGO, April 30. HOGS—Market moderately active, but feeling rather easy. Prices lOo lower. Sales ranged at Rl!*a5.16 for Pigs; }6.00ffl5.:!5 for light: 14.95 ®5.10 for rough packing; 16.06O6.30 for mixed, utid !6.1.')itf5.37!4 for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market fairly active and prices fairly well maintained. Quotations ranged at 14.40&4 7ft for choice to extra shipping Stoera: 13.stX».).3U for (,'ood to choice do.: l&40i»3.80 for fair to R-ood; 13.0033.30 for common to medium do.; s;i'JOO3.40 for butchers' Stcors: iii.tuffi 3.10 for ytockors: !a.30^3.83 for Feeders; tl.'JOij3.40 for Cows: fi!,t>Ojfc3.S>0 for Heifers; »2.0«Qir)Ofor Bulls; M,70;a'.i."a for Texan Stcors, and fS,75ii& 50 for Veal Calves. jEiiloe lirt-pn 1JIH Sent. WASHINGTON, April '20.—The house committee on elections hus decided the contested election case of Thrasher vs. En'oe from tho Eighth Tennessee district, in favor of Mr. Enloe, the sitting- member. , r«rl*lied "« lll ° Guillotine. PAIUS, April 20.—Augusts Larcau was jruillotined at Dijon Thursday for the murder of his mother, Ins wife and his mistress. A Slight Mlnundenilnnillni;. "All," she murmured, as she placed her fair heart against his manly ijosom, "how wonderful a piece of nrechunisin is that which nestles here. It beats and all is love. Its promptings lead us to kindness, its very beat makes the one we iove happier. Were it not. for its beinfr in the human breast, love, could never be!" "I i.g-uess you're riffht," he said. "You're leaning- against my pocketbook ["—Boston Traveller. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy hfo more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of_ a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers aTpermancutly curing constopatton. It hu given satisfaction to millions and met wWhe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- Sev iliver and Bowels without weak- enfngK aU It is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Svrup of Figs is for sale by all drng- liito iS 60c HiW bottles, but it is man- ffiured by the California Fig Syrup hU name is printedon every accept «jy substitute « o S«(tre«tloni for Bortomen. Buyers pick out ycur best horses and Icavo only tho poorest It is folly to keep them, for, if geldings, they never improve, and if mares there is no profit in breeding them. Every farmer is Liable to h:i.vc two or more for which ho cannot find n, sale. It is common for farmer;-; near Chicago to clnl) together and raiike up a load of these horses for market, {retting: market, prices, lowest freight and commission rates, :iml rid the farms of poor sloclt They don't send :i man with every horse, bnt, select one with pood judgment and send him down with the bunch to sell as he deems best. For three hundred miles an ordinary stock car is good enough and from eighteen to twenty horses can be carried in each ear. If there is less than a load, tic securely. Scalier liay on Ihe floor oC the car, and look ui, them ori.-of.nlly every lime tho train stops. AUcntion will keep the animals comfortable and they will be in better bhaco to sell on arrival.^ The Lund ol Ilium. The lady was extremely indignant when slu- came into tlie bird stove with a parrot in a csigi!. ••Here," she s:i:d, nngrily, "I want, yon to take this vili: bird back." "What's tho matter with it?" asked the dealer. "It, swears." "I ]>i-g your pardon," hi.-said, politely, "Ir.n. you innsl be mistaken.'' "Knt i know belter," she insisted. "Don't. 1 know swearing when I hear if. 1 " "1 hope not, madam." "That's Jill right." she retorted, "I've got a husband." "lint I nssnre yon the bird does not swear." "And I say it does. H ends nearly every word with damn, ami 1 won't have it." Tlie dealer's face brightened. "Js that all'. 1 " he. asked. "Isn't that enough'.'" "Surely, madam,"he explained, "you forget I told yon the bird was raised in Llolla-nd."—Detroit^Free jVcs*. The youngest editor in the world is Lady Mnrjorie, the thirteen-year-old daughter of Lord and Lady Aberdeen. Lady Marjorie lives in Canada and has a, lovely suite of rooms in the government house at Ottawa. When Lord Aberdeen was appointed governor general of Canada Lady Marjorio grieved deeply, because she felt she must give up the editorship of her little paper on her removal to America, but she was sonsolecl by being told that she. might continue editing her paper just the same here as in England. Lady Marjorio is in delicate health, and her anxious mother fears that the ambitious essays and poems and editorials attempted by her little daughter are not very good for a child's brain.—N. Y. Ledger. —An American, dressed in broad cheeked clothing to look like an Englishman, is very much like a board house painted in squares to simulate brown stone. —Puck. —English railroads are the most costly to build, Swedish railroads are the cheapest, the difference being as SPVCU to onc^ Frozen—Tliflti on Fire! Like the application of Ice t3 the small of pur back, iBthPsonsailon prod iced by the clilllthiit precedes tlie fcwr or inalurln. Then comes tlie roll-tins stiise. when cvry ve'a tlitobs mid Is sforehinBiisK with liquid "re. Then you well nlKb rtlssolvH In rahjHiKtlni; pewlrailon that leaves you as limp as a wet cllrh raR. These nltern.uli-p torments are not remediable perninn- ently with Quinine, which IF, moreover a most diniiiKlns cumulative poison, Hosteller's Stomach Bitwrs drives out the foe and repels its fi-rther attacks. It Is the leading medicinal safeguard against malaria nil over the contlnoiits of North and South America, Guatemala, the Istli- jnus ot .Panama, Mexico ami Aistralla. It regulates the liver, stomiich, bowflu and kidneys, enriches tho blood, and promotes appetite sleep and digestion. It Is not only a medicine, tint an effective cordial welcome to the most delicate palate. Rheumatic tendency i» counteracted by It. __-__ ChunlierUlii'f £y« and Skin Ointment Is a certain cure for Chronic Son ,Eyes. Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip plea, Plleu, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents pe- box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, TO HOBSK OWNEB8. For putting a horse in n fine healthy oondltion try Dr. Cady's CondUior Powders. They tone up the system. ltd digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kldnej disorders and destroy worms, givlnf aew life to an old overworked-horse 25 cents per package. For sale bj B, F. Keesling, druggist. California Fruit Laxative is nature'i own true remedy. It combines th« medicinal virtues of California frutti and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human system Although harmless to the most dell oate constitution it is thorough »ne effective, and will afford a peimanem cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the kidneys liver, stomach and bowels. For »M« by all druggists at 60 cento Billon* Colic PrerenteU Persons who are subject to attack* of bilious colic can almoit Invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expect an attack. If Chamberlain's Collo, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is taken as soon as these symptoms appear, they can ward off the dlsea»e. Such persons should always keep the remedy at hand, ready for Immediate u«e when needed. Two or three doses of It at the right time will save them much iuflering. F»r sale by B. F. , drugget Saved Her Life Surgical Operations and Best Medical Treatment Failed An Almost Miraculous Curo bjf Hood's Sarsaparllla. Chicago, Illinois. "C. I. ITnnd & Co., Lowell, Mn?s.: "JJCKiiinhiB in )-V.ir«ary,'«!, I was very sick tor two months. Slowly I p"t lielli-r l>ut was confined to my bed. A physician s:dd I had «• Pelvic Abscess in N!y Side. After an operation I d[il not; iniprnvc, llio ah* sccss continuing to dlscharKi! even more Ireeiy than before, in two months time three, operations were pe.rformcil and tubes tnscrvcd to carry oft tho impurities, but all in vain. Finally it was decided that my life depended upon another operation and that I must bo removed to tho hospital. About three weeks previous to tills I had noticed ar. advertisement in the.; Dally Newsol !i<siSB when, Hood's SnrsamrIlia h.-id cured a hov somewhat similarly afllicted in -• • - •• :i;id J ilwliledto nive il :t trial, dccidcil lilxin fur me In j»v to the I'bspiuii arrived 1 had been taking llood'n Sar- saparUla about two weeks. I Was Getting Better ,icd the abscess had already began to discharge less freely. I 'e.lt stron;;or and had a. terrible appetite. Previous to this I had given up to die. •\Vhen 1 h.id tiAen the second bottle I was abls to sit up and accordingly I was not taken to tho hospital and the final operation was deferred. Now I have Liken six bottles and the absces* h-iscntirejv healed. I am well and do every- wlierc My friends think it is a miracle to have me restored to them a-ain so healthy and even younger i:i looks than before my sickness. I Feel Better Than Ever I did In jny Hfc and weigh over 130 pounds, tb* heaviest In my life. I do a big day's work and am gaining in strenRth every day. My mother worried and worked herself almost sick In car- iiBforuie. She lias since taken Hood's Sarsa- pallla and it has done her much cood. W» praise Hood's Sarsaparilla to everj-body, for I Know it Saved My Life. •• I am 27 years old, aud a stranger to look at me now would not think I ever had a dav'l ifc*. «"' -*B" A'o^r^s^riSrW^f " continue to take th« medl- otterandroyse connue Hood's 8 s>Cures cln« regularly and we earnestly recommen* Hood's Sarsaparllla." MRX. "o'-^.'mSSE H8 West KlRhtcenih Street, Cliicago, lliluOW. Corroborates the Ab ve. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Dear Sirs- — I am a dnis clerk andhav»foul EishtccnUi Street, CliicaRQ. firent Trininpl). Insta.nt relief uxpcricuceii and per. ma.-.).:riT. ouru by tho most speedy and (11-i.M.it'st ri'iurdy in t'ne world—Otto's t.V.n- Tor luLjj and throat disoaeas. \V:..y v;iii ,\ yu contiuus to irritate your :hro:.t ;>ncl liinjjs with that terrible hai'.kirE oougi whtn Bon lisher. 311 Four,, ? lrcot, sole agent, will furnish you a free simple bottle of this guarantee re mi (1: ? Us success in simply wonderful, as your druggist will tell von'. Otto's Cure is now sold la every luwn «nd village on this continent. Sumplcs free. Large bottles 60 cents. fc-r Over Flfti" Yearn ilrs. Winslow'B Soothing Syrup hat hoen used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect SUCCOBB. It soothes the child, softens the gumi. allays all pain, cures wind colic, ana Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. 1» will relieve the poor little i?ufroiw immediately. Sold by druggifts in every part of the world. Twenty-fir* cents a bottle. Be §uro and ask for •Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup" ftntf take no other kind. Glad TldlBK*. Tho grand specific for the prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costive. D6B8, general debility, etc., is Bacon'f Celery King for the nerves. Thl» great herbal tonic stimulates the dK gesttve organs, ragulates the liver and> restores the system to vigorous health, and energies. Samples free. Larffe' 1 ' packages 50 cents. Sold only by BAB Fisher, 311 Fourth street "Royal Kubr> Port Wine. If you are reduced in vitality Of strength by illness or any other cauwt, we recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, the very blood of th« grape. A grand tonlo for nurilnf mothers, and those reduced by w«t« ing disease. It create* strength; Improves the appetite; nature's OWD remedy, muol preferable to drugt; guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wino ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Iwiit on having this standard brand, i* corti no more. $1 In luart bottles. Bot- tied by Royal Wino Co., Chicago For sale by Johnston Bros. Karl'a Clorer Boot, the new blood purifier, fives freihneM »d olewrn** to the complexion »nd cures constipation; 860.. 60o. and »* SoM Of B- F.Keeillng \

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