Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 24, 1963 · Page 29
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 29

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1963
Page 29
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DETROIT FREE PRESS Wednesday, April 24, '63 -Any .V.'.'V.KV LANDS IN JAIL AFTER BAR BRAWL Bruiser Loses 'Tag Match9, with 8 Police 1 k p fe 1 J, ' nn wwiWWiiWWW l mu, v? Dick the Bruiser's I I Boy, Did Bruiser I Goof or Did He? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to predict what disciplinary action will be slapped on Richard Afflis, 250 pounds of educated grunts, who becomes known as Dick the Bruiser on work nights. But he could be in hot water. "The guy violated a whole page of our unwritten rulea book," claims Omar (Muscles) McGillicuddy, who rassles under the sobriquet of John Doe. Mllscles ticked off The Bruiser's latest faults: 1 In the early morning hours of April 23, he did on his own free will enter the premises of the Lindell A.C. and demand a rehearsal with one Alex (Killer) Karras as preparation for their match at Olympia Stadium on Saturday night, April 27. ("We NEVER rehearse in public places," Muscles insists. "It is our No. 1 rule that we practice in private . . . usually in the basement of the promoter's house.") 2 When Killer Karras refused to rehearse, The Bruiser grabbed Jimmy (Bench-Sitter) Butsicaris, one of the Killer's partners. Since the Saturday match is not a tag-team affair, this also is a positive violation of the Amalgamated Rasslers' Association code. ("It is unfair to practice drop-kicks or airplane spins with your opponent's partner," Muscles said bluntly.) 3 Then when the cops came, The Bruiser wrestled eight of them at once ... (Muscles shuddered at the memory. "He really hit the violation jackpot with this one. They could charge him with a double penalty. "In the first place, Shorty (Mile-High) Evergreen, the West Coast midget, has applied for a. patent' on that aet. He has been working on it for years. It is his grand finale . . . eight cops at once. The Bruiser obviously lifted it from Shorty's repertoire. "Just as grievous is the fact that The Bruiser went through his entire routine without making any attempt to sell tickets or even pass the hat. We definitely frown on this free stuff, you know.") 'Those Poor Mistreated Rasslers!' MRS. GERTRUDE (HATPIN) SCHWARTZ, who proudly claims she has nicked 37 villains in the last 17 months, was asked her opinions. "The Bruiser is a bum," she insisted. "He is trying to intimidate that nice little boy, Alex, by invading the privacy of his bar at one o'clock in the morning. He even broke up a pool game. It's terrible. "Just wait until Saturday night. Ill give him a jab he'll remember." And does Mrs. Hatpin think that maybe this whole thing might've been a publicity stunt to help sell out the place Saturday? "Are you crazy?" she indignantly cried. "That's the way with you newspaper bums . . . you're always taking digs at rasslers. They're not phonies. You are. I oughta give you a jab right now . . ." Already. Looks Ahead to Rematch PROMOTER JOHNNY DOYLE TOOK the whole thing in hand-rubbing stride. "This looms as the match of the century," he exulted. "It is obvious that my boys are really up for this one. I can hardly wait for the rematch." Dojle did seem a little troubled about one aspect of the unrehearsed rehearsal at the Lindell involving The Bruiser, The Killer, The Bench-Sitter, The Cuestick & Friends. "They tell me that one of the things that was wrecked was the television set," Doyle stated sadly; "I can't for the life of me see why they did that. After all, they should know by now what television means to all of us. "How could they bite the hand that feeds us? That wasn't so smart." Free Press Photo by RAY GLONKA bruises are showing v BY GEORGE PUSCAS Dick the Bruiser, that scoundrel of the wrestling world, the villain hated by all the little old ladies, tended his bruises and wounds Tuesday. Bruiser made a mistake. He carried his meanness maybe it isn't an act ? into Jimmy Butsicaris celebrated Lindell Bar Monday night. And when he emerged, it was with eight policemen hanging on, the Bruiser subdued and manacled at his wrists and ankles. Tigers Regan Gets No Support Unearned Runs Win for KC, 3-1 BY JOE FALLS Free Press Staff Writer KANSAS CIT Y The Tigers swung their rubber bats again Tuesday . . . and this time they also fielded with strainers instead of gloves. Result: Their fifth loss in sax games and a spot deep in the second division as they come home for a three-week stay. The boys concluded their trip with their most inept performance of the young season. They made only five hits and com mitted three errors and gave the Kansas City A's a 3-1 victory. All of Kaycee's runs were unearned, the result of miscues by Bubba Phillips and Dick Mc- Auliffe. NORM CASH hit his third home run but that was the sum total of Detroit offense on this chilly afternoon. Phil Regan actually pitched a 1-0 shutout, but don't look for it in the record books. Instead of winning his second game, the errors by Phillips and McAuliffe cost him his second defeat. Ed Rakow and Jose Tartabull were the big men for the A's. Rakow went the distance and struck out nine batters in winning his second game against one loss. Tartabull got two hits, stole two bases and made two dandy catches in centerfield. But this was mostly a day when the Tigers couldn't do anything right. CASH GOT them off reasonably well with a drive up on the rightfield embankment in the second inning. But after that, the Tigers got nothing more potent than singles off Rakow and there were only four of those. Regan, himself, got one. Phillips, playing centerfield for the injured Billy Bruton, dropped a fly ball In the fourth Inning and that opened the way for the A's to score twice and take the lead for keeps. With one out, Tartabull singled to center and stole second. Jerry Lumpe hit a high fly to center and it looked like a routine chance. But Bubba flubbed it and Tartabull beat the relay to the Turn to Page 4D, Column 6 DETROIT ASRH KANSAS CITY AB R H Phillies, c Kostro,3b Kaline.rf Colavito.lf Cash, lb Triandos.e Freehan,c o e Tartabull, cf Lumpe,2b Jimenez, If DelGreco.lf Charles, 3b Cimoli,rf Brvan,e Rakow.p McAuliffe.Jb 3 Fernandezes i Regan,? 2 aHerzog 1 Anderson, p 0 Totals 32 1 5 Totals 31 1 5 aGrounded out for Regan In 8th. DETROIT 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 Kansas City 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 x 3 E Phillips, MacAulrffe, Fernandez. PO-A Detroit 24-10, Kansas City 27-8. LOB Detroit 4, Kansas City 8. HR Cash, SB Tartabull 2. S Rakow. RBI Cash, Tartabull, Charles. Regan (Ul-2) 7 5 3 S 3 Anderson 1 0 0 0 0 2 RaKow (W,Z-1J S 1 1 9 U Runse, Stewart, Salerno, Honochick. T-2.08. A-211. Why Tigers Arc Hurtin' KANSAS CITY What's wrong with the Tigers? This: Bubba Phillips Billy Bruton Al Kaline Rocky Colavito Norm Cash Dick McAuliffe Gus Triandos Chico Fernandez .211 .235 .302 .288 .195 J73 .268 .171 .Boo k5 I - Wj,vC' W J 9 s, i AP Photo LOOSE TALK SINKS SHIPS, they used to say, and loose fielding loses ball games. Just ask the Tigers. Three errors Tuesday gave Kansas City a 3-1 victory. Jose Tartabull (15) scored one of the A's runs when Bubba Phillips dropped a fly ball in the fourth inning. Catcher Freehan takes belated throw. Three Nats Bow To Hits By Fregosi Blooper Ties Score, Homer Settles It, 5-4 WASHINGTON (LTD Jim Fregosi got a thre-foot single and a 340-foot home run Tuesday that pulled the Los Angeles Angeles to a 10-inning, 5-4 victory over the Washington Senators. Fregosi's homer off Jim Coates in the 10th was the game-winning blow. But his freak single in the ninth enabled the Angels to tie the game. It was a high pop that blew from foul territory and landed only a yard from the plate. Ed Sadowskl forced Fregosi but Bob Rodgers singled and Albie Pearson walked to fill the bases. Washington reliever Ron Kline then wild pitched the tying run across. In the early stages of the game, the hot hitting of Chuck Hinton had carried Washington to a 4-3 lead. Hinton had a double, triple and homer for the day. In his last four games, he has clicked off 10 hits in 17 times at bat including two dou bles, three triples and two home runs. LOS ANGELES AB R H Pearson,cf 4 0 1 Morar,2b 4 0 0 3 0 1 WASHINGTON AB R H Cottier,2b Osborne, 3b Lock,rf Schmidt.e eBreeding Torres,30 S Wa9ner,rf-lf 5 Hunt.lf 3 cR. Sadowskl 1 G. Thomas, rf 1 5 Kerzer,c 1 Brinkman,ss 3 Rudolph, p 2 bPhillips 1 Kline, p 0 fLeppert 1 9 Brown 0 Coates, p 0 E.Sadowski,c 4 Sprinq.p hSatriano Morgan, p Belinsky,p aKoppe Navarro, p Fowler.p dRodgers.c Totals 40 S Totals 38 4 10 aSmgled for Belinsky in 7th; bDoubled for Rudolph in 7th; cGrounded out for Hunt in 8th; dSingled for Fowler in th; eRan for Schmidt in th; fGrounded out for Kline in 9th; gRan for Leppert in th; hFlied out for Spring in 10th. Los Angeles 000 001 201 15 Washington 000 102 100 04 E Cottier. POA Los Angeles 30-8, Washington 30-8. LOB Los Angeles 9, Washington . 2B-Fregosi, Hinton. 3B-Whitoe. HR Hinton, Wagner, E. Sadowski, Fregosi. SB Minoso, Lock. S Piersall. RBI-Pearson, Wagner, Fregosi, E. Sadowskl, Hinton, Lock, Phillips. IP H R ER BB SO Belinsky 4 3 3 15 Navarro 0 11110 Fowler 2 O0O11 Spring (W,l-0) 1 2 0 0 0 0 Morgan 1 1001 Rudolph 7 S 3 3 2 2 Kline 2 3 112 3 Coates (LJJ-1) 1 1110 1 Navarro pitched to 2 batters hi 7th. HBP Bv Morgan (Minoso). WP Kline. U Dimuro, Hurley, Flaherty, Drummond. T-2:52. A-1,578. HR W Bruiser, cut five stitches worth under the left eye, spent the night in the pokey. And woe, that's not all. He faces a jury trial in Recorder's Court next Monday on a charge of assault. One of the policemen suffered a fractured wrist. It was, apparently, no mere publicity stunt. The Bruiser wrestles Alex Karras at Olympia Saturday night, and he' had come to the lindell, at Cass and Bagley, to say a few words to Karras. Karras, the all-pro Lion tackle suspended by the Na- - Foot Single, in for MANUFACTURER'S CLEARANCE Welcome savings on discontinued 1962 "Middlecoff" Signature woods, irons 3-pc. woods: C C 1 4-pc. woods: SCO 8-pc. set of SOff 1, 2V2. 3V'2 JL I, 2V2. 3V2, AV2 UU irons: 2-9 5J Get those clubs you've wanted at far less than you'd usually pay. Signature woods have Strata-Bloc laminated heads in rich bronze finish. Irons have chrome-plated head with sand-blasted face and straight-line scoring. Both with head-speed shafts, leather reminder grips in brown, tan calfskin. Sets are matched and registered for weight, balance and feel. Get yours today in Hudson's Sporting Goods, Downtown, 2nd; also Northland, 1st, and Eastland, 3rd. Spalding Kro-Flite, Airflite paint-imperfect golf balls, doz. 8.88 HUDSON'S One LA tional Football League last week, is becoming a part-owner of the Lindell. In the meantime, he works there as a bartender. Anyway, enter The Bruiser. Karras is seated with friends in a booth. Butsicaris, who is maybe 5-6, 150 pounds, is tending bar. According to police, The Bruiser (nee Richard Afflis) directed abusive language at Butsicaris and Karras. Butsicaris refused to serve him. Bruiser continued his insults, police said, and Karras A9 o Broglio Tivo-Hits Colts, 15-0 Cardinals Rap Out 17 Safeties in Romp HOUSTON (jpi Ernie Broglio pitched a masterful, two-hit shutout, the Cardinals pounded four Houston pitchers for 17 hits and St. Louis blasted the Houston Colts, 15-0, here Tuesday before 2,551 businessmen's special fans at a noonday game. Turn to Tage 2D, Column 2 ST. LOUIS AB HOUSTON AB R H R H 0 1 Flood,ef Groat,ss aMaxvill,ss White, lb Burke,rf Altman,rf Boyer,3b Musial.lf Carmel,lf-lb Sawatski,c McCarver,e Javier, 2b Gagiiano,2b BrO9li0,p 4 2 Spang ler.lf Temple, 2b Zachary.p Staub,rf Davis,cf Runnels, lb Bateman.c Asprmnte,3b LIIIIS.SS Golden, o Kemmerer,p taramai.p bFazio,2b Totals 43 IS 17 Totals 2 0 2 aRan and scored for Groat in 6th. bFlied out for Cardinal In 4th. St. Louis 10 1 S 0 2 0 2 4-15 Houston 000 000 00 00 E Boyer, Lillis 2, Davis, Bateman. PO-A St. Louis 27-8, Houston 27-12 DP Temple, Lillis and Runnels; Javier, Groat ana wnire. lob St. louis 10, Houston 5 2B Groat. Lillis. 3B Altman. Mr. Carver. SB Flood 2. S Broglio 2. SF Aiiman. kbi Flood, Groat, White 1, Altman 2, Boyer 4, Carmel. IP 1 Vt 3 R ER BB SO Broglio (W,2-0) Golden L,0-1) Kemmerer Cardinal Zachary 0 0 3 2 WP Broglio, Golden. U Foreman, Goran, Landes, Sudol. T 2:40. A 2,551. m i ill 41 . fyi I started to get up. Butsicaris urged Karras to lea,ve to avoid becoming involved in an incident. Butsicaris then told an uncle, Charles Kelly, to call police. "Then he grabbed me by the shirt front and swung on me," Butsicaris said. "I ducked and he swung again. This time he caught me on the chin with an elbow." KARRAS RETURNED to the bar, and with several customers moved to break up the fight. And then, two First Precinct patrolmen, James P. Carolan and his partner, Andrew F. Meholic, came in and tried to seize the Bruiser. Bruiser, whose wild mat antics have made him wrestling's biggest attraction in Detroit, threw both patrolmen across the room. Meholic suffered a fractured wrist and Carolan a torn ligament in the right elbow. Two more patrolmen arrived and were unable to subdue The Bruiser. Two more came. Then two more, making eight in all. Finally, they put Bruiser on the floor, handcuffed his Turn to Page 2D, Column 1 Jimmv Butsicaris f - if - ' erf ' lank "'J II

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