Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 25, 1946
Page 2
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Page Two Whole Question of Control of Atom Blocked by Russia Opposes Everything By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Fcreign Affairs Analyst -The toll *xteht of the damage done by-'thfe under-water atomic bomb in Bikini lagoon nasn't yet been determined because death- dealing radio-activity still hangs about, but there's plenty to confirm that we have to do with a giant of awful might. Howard BJakeslee. Associated ?r£o ss A Science ,_ Wi "iter aboard the uss Appalachian at the scene, f/»ysjL..tJw{.. this latest bomb was ' pr W£Wy -'he most powerful man- ma 5fef>«e. ever loosed —perhaps eveiUstftonger than the bomb xhat r . a2 **~™ost of Nagasaki last An- gnSRyJ"Ift any event, we .know -that (?) __„_ Hope Star Slnr of Hopo 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory-Treasurer at the Star bulidina 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope. Ark. HOPE STAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS Alex. H Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hostler, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier -- -.-. . problem of the And yet even as the ex— .'detonating the under , nf T3n*,«i *...**.. i a ' Bikini, over here in jNew York the highly explosive question -of atomic co'ntrol was bedrg^used for a football at the conference' -of the U. N. Atomic Energy Commission. One shudders at the thought. The proposal of the United States for global supervision of atomic e P£I£ 3r ; once ' more was "P -"or consideration. This is the whollv altruistic offer of Uncle Sam ^ destroy his; store of atomic bombs and .snare his atomic secrets -'or powerful use if the world will set up 'adequate safeguard to measure—this, terrible weapon never agaM-can be used as an instru- m^7t'-of- WBI- *- Wfm u reca11 ' this involves of the veto power by the nations on all matters .ing; to atomic development .Qi3d.es for, the creation of an , - . - '»^"i.. *v t.- ."vuiiw iruit cnrerco as se atomic energy is the greatest force p °st Office a: ton fwnjch puny man ever has sue- Act of March 3, ceede-d in putting his halter. It is ~ capable of unlimited destruction 01 cai M?,g, rnade' to work wonders. TShfrv-irnettiod of developing and £?£2*L?J*^ 'new-found might it, Entered as second class matter at the .,. n«.: x Roce Arkansas, under the (AP)—Weons Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise As;ociatton. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Advance): By city carrier per week 15c Hempsread, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayetfe counties, S3.50 rer yaar elsewhere S6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dij- ' nr 5^ e ?, . credirea to " of not otherwts'e -reai.ed in this paper and also tne local lews published herein. Arkansas l Advertising Dollies. Inc.; Representative — Memphis Term . . rm . auilamg, Chicago, 400 Norn Mich iqan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Aye.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 VS. Granc falvd.; Oklanoma City, 314 Torminjl Bldo ^ Orleans. 722 Union St violators, and endowing the international atomic development uu- ihonty with the right of investigation in any country. This m-oposal was put before the U. N. Atomic Energy Commission on Jun 14. One June 19 Anir»i \ Gromyko, Soviet delegate to the U. N. and representative to the .. „ „,, Atomic -Energy Commission, re- of control plan which would put the Nations set-up. On July 12 the United States presented a i'urther memorandum amplifying and explaining its proposal. Yesterday Gromyko exploded his own atomic bomb by •. 1 l"'.!v rejecting the American ' proposals once more. (h'"V iu rs o SUmce it might appea-- that the Soviet suspects Uncle Sam ot hiding trickery under the clonk ot benefaction. However, lluil suspicion would be .so utterly absured that we must leak further 'or an explanation of the Soviet altitude. Af^r all. Uncle Sam has ihe whole bag ot atomic tricks in his hands already -and so why—if h c wore up to mischief -- would be the of- lenng to give away the greatest power man ever has possessed? . I no Moscow plan, proposing ' to Keep the wnule control within the bnited Nations machinery clings lo.-iaciouKly to that veto power Observers note that under this arrangement the U. N. control couldn t institute an investigation within the borders of any nation possessing the veto power. In I short. Russia apparently isn't willing to lessen her overeignty to the extent of granting the atomic V, 0 "; 1 ™ 1 2£"Sy 1"} C , bhl " ket '-!sht of U _,.° ~ -• — -w.im.iv.1. ll^ill, \Jl mon. bhe demands Ihe privilege investigation within the Soviet Union. She demands the privilege ol .vetoing investigation. So the question of atomic control is about back where h started. Old Arkansas Continued from Page One LST which had been beached on the shore of Bikini island were washed several hundred yards out into the lagoon and an LCM on the beach appeared awash. I heir fate, and the tale of other snips in ;he target fleet which almost certainly also were damaged depended on how joon salvage crews would be able to re-enter the lagoon. i Blandy tried desperately to save tne Saratoga. He sent two tugs in with orders to beach her, but they had to turn back. The grand "Old Lady" who had survived two tor- pedomgs during the war. rolled over and sank in n cloud of steam seven hours and 33 minutes after the undo r w a I e r Shockwave crushed her slarboard side The 29.000 ton Arkansas—oldesl battleship in ihe navy—apparently went down within a matter of min- •Q -I 0 "'" f i nd T a "y real values in Summer merchandise af •• ^ 1^ ^ ^\ M c "^i V*AU/ f\ ft fcL ** _^_ f . _ i's listed below. New Fall merchandise arriving^aiSy" Close Out Ladies HATS "'» ^ Close Out Ladies iSummer PURSES Close Out LADIES APRONS 'C Close Out Eyelet Embroidery Close Ouf Boys Close Out Ladies Bummer BLOUSES Close Ou! Boys Close Out Men's ta. Close Out Close Out Men's SUMMER CAPS 25c R Close Out Curtain Material Yard Wide The Friendly Store ules. She- and Ihe "Sara 1 ' wore about aOO yards .from the bomb when it went off—closest ot any of the 87 target vessels. Kither vaporized or blasted to bits were a concrete oil barge a LST and the LSM 00 from which the lethal weapon was suspended about 25 feet below the surface of the lagoon. Precisely at the predetermined moment "Helen 1 ' was detonated by radio impulse from the scientific ship U.S.S. Cumberlimd Sound A peach colored geyser of water and white steam erupted i'rom vhe center of the lagoon, roaring 0,000 feet into the cloud-specked sky in a few minutes. It hung there almost motionless for some 20 seconds. Then, Uke a thousand cloudbursts rolled into one, it plunged downward, dropping 1,000,000 Ions of grey-green water nnd bits of wreckage of the LSM CiO upon Ihe anchored target fleet with terrific impact. A giant cloud of radioactive spray, log and spume spread slowly ov-;r the lagoon. The cloud .was still visible a I sunset, drifting slowly to the north. Yellow drone patrol boats, controlled by radio from ships and planes, were sent unmanned into the lagoon three hours after the blasl to pick up samples of radioactive water and air. An unidentified destroyer ventured to within i-iulf a m'ile of Ihe target center several hours after the explosion, but was seen to suddenly reverse her course and speed oul lo sea again. Her geiger counters apparently had indicated Ihc radioactivity was slill too deadly. The job of boarding parlies and ' salvage crew was made more hazardous by Ihe t'acl thai the Baker bomb subjected most of the ships to showers of radioactive rain. It upset the predictions of scion- lisls in several respects: 1. It produced a ihinner and less spire-like water spout -than anti- crpated. ~ii. II produced a stronger air blasl, indicating that a smaller proportion of energy was retained in the water than scientists had expected. 3. It sank fewer ship immediate- iy. Unofficial guesses were that possibly as many as n dozen ships .vould go down under the initial :'orce of the explosion. But from the flag bridge M his 'lagship -the USS Mt. McKinley, Adm. Blandy broadcast a message n few hours after ihe blasl stating that it had been a complete success. Not a man of the 40,000 who •participated in Ihe operation was injured. Blandy said. Almost overshadowing the awesome sight of the bursting bomb was the sinking of ihe venerable old Saratoga. The 39,000 ton carrier built on a super batlle crusier had exlra-or- dinarily good compartmentaUan. She had survived two lorpedoings and one Kamikaze attack. But the A bomb was too much for ner. United Press Correspondent Frank H. Bartholomew reported frorti the Appalachian thai she began to sink by the stern at 3:40 p. m. the aft edge of her flight deck went under water and oil bubbled up amidships. "Suddenly her bow rose high in the air and the large figure "3" painted on her flight deck c"rne in view. Cascades of aerated water bubbled beneath her bow. Hei stern setlled to the bottom of ihe agoon, the tip of her mast extended at an angle." Bartholomew said. "Then she quietly died. Down under went the bow. The mast straightened out and the great "Sara" was in her grave." "Test Baker" began unwinding at dawn. Baker day broke bright and clear. Only a few whisps of clouds? loated lazily across the blue dome ibove us. "Blandy's luck," said a roung ieutenant . ,The target vessels in the dis- ance bobbed like boats on a rip- Jled bomb. Aboard the LSM 60, n ugly little boat, 203 feet long nd 34 feet wide with a "bomb- ay" cut in her forward deck, Ihe omb placemenl crew worked wiflly lo lower the "big boy" and nake ihe final adjustments on eck equipment. Someone noticed full bunting nd three undershirts still Hying n the targel transport Gasconade. \. tug rushed lo Ihe ship to invesli- ate and took off an officer and two enlisted men. It was 5:43 a. m only two hours and 52 minutes be fore the blast. The LSM tiO weaponeers, ac companied by Rear Admiral W.S , Parsons sped out of the lagoon a G a. m.. The only life left aboar ship was the -animals placed ther to xest the radioactivity. The chosen "trigger-man," Di Marshall Holloway, and a staff o atomic scientisls including Roge Warner and Herbert J. Hull, Massachusetts Institute of Tech nology radar expert, had slep aboard the landing ship, above ihc bomb. Silently, at anchor, rode the tai get ileet. In Ihc bullseye was Ihe LSM CO Ihe gallanl old Saratoga and the Arkansas. On the surface off ihe Saratoga's slarboard was the sub marine Skate; under the water to the Arkansas' stern was the sub marine Pilolfish. Clockwise around them, starling with the ship nearest the Sara was the carrier Independence, the cruiser Pensacola, the iranspon Fallen, destroyer Myrant, destroy er Hughes, yard oiler 160, cruisei Salt Lake City, battleship Nov. York, und olher transports anc .smaller craft. Farther out rode ihe battleship Pennsylvania, Ihe German cruisei Prinz Eugen; the Japanese battleship Nagalo an unnamed destroyer, and the battleship Nevada. ' Dr. Holloway pressed a button at 8:35. Shock waves, travelling at an estimated 5,000 I e e t a second jarred the .observer ships before the tremendous roar split the air. An awesome column of water an estimated 2,136 feet across a its base, rose out of the lagoon obscuring the target ships. The peach-colored bulge looked like an inverted derby hat. From a B-29 above the target Ll. Commander William Wood reported that the spray and steam shot above his nlane at 7,000 1'eet and rested lazily in the air at around 3 000 fceU A great cloud hid the fleet from above. Then the dome of 1,000,000 tons of water, more than the combined weight of the guinea pig .'leet crashed down. The heavens seerri to have split. Debris from the shattered ships was carried into the f, y ,A y l , he - waterspout, then tumbled back jnto the sea. Heavy, oversized waves rolled outward in a circular motion from the center of the explosion. Market Report ^ POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. (Inly ^5 — (/'I')— Live poultry: chickens firm; -,'owl steady; receipts :'.! trucks, 1 car; FOB wholesale market: Ducklings 23; heavy young ducks 18; ligtit farm ducks 14; others unchanged. Butter: firmer; receipts 5HH/I92; U3 score AA 67.75; 92 A 'jfi 75- ')0 B 65.25; 89 C 03.5; ciirs: ;IO 1? 05 1-1; a >)C G4 1-2. ggs: unsettled; receipts 12,124; prices unchanged. ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National stockyards. III.. July 2!>—</V>—Hogs. 3.500; weights lli'O Ibs up 25 to 50 lower than Wednesday's average; mostly 25 off- lighter weights nnd sows mostly steady, with sows very uneven*' gone) and choice I GO-MOO Ibs 22 2550; majority 22.25. lop 22.50; medium to choice 100-150 Ibs - 19.',)020.0(1; most sows :>0.50-21.00' few medium sows 20.25 and below Cattle, 3,000; calves, 2.500; opening trade moderately active and fully steady on all classes; litlle done on ulcers: medium and good heifers and mixed voarlings IS.fiOlfl.00: good cows around 15.00-50- common and medium beef cows 10.50-14.50; canners and cutters largely 8.00-10.00: good sausago bulls downward i'rom 14.50; choice vealeis 25 higher at 18.25; medium and good mil. 00-17.00; -lominal range slaughter heifers 10.00-22.50; stacker and feeder steers 10 0016.50. Sheep, 2,500; spring lambs steady lo slrong; spots 25 to , r ,o higher; owes steady: bulk good and choice native spring Jambs 10 all interests 10.00-20.00; top very sparingly to snippers :>0.5(); medium and good 15.50-1S.50; cull and common throwouts 12.00-50; food and choice ewes ..1.00. NEW YORK S°TOCI<S~~ New Yonn uly 25 —- (/Pi led by selected steels, rails" and -specials, negotiate da more or less creeping rally in today's nun-Kef. -ine ticker tape .'retiuently idled alter a moderately active .jpenhi" home "thin" issues accumulated several points on a few sales, dams, on the whole, ran lo •' points or so and these wc-.-c re" cluced in numerous cases at ine close. Scattered losers developed HI Ihe final hour. U. S. dleel. up lie greater part of ihe sc-ssi-u backed into ,he minus ranus' along with Goodrich, International Haiyester, Allied Chemical, U H Rubber, Montgomery Ward and American Telephone. Transfers shares'" vi c"iity of l.OOO.OOO TttcTvnnees inchTded"~Belhlcnam Youngslown Sheet, Republic r-Heef •'-. '• S- !IXC ' .iJotigius Aircracl, Klec- tnc Power & Light,- Sanla ' Fe, w. Y. Central, Southern P-cilie Northern Pacific, Ballimov 01 o, Chesapeake &Ohio, Kenne- colt, American Water Worus International Silver, Hiram Walker Umo^CarbKie, J. C. Penney and Carrier bonds hardened. NEW YORK~COTTON" Dec high 3H.50 3!MOA off 100 low 33.40 — Ins! peels of pcrsonnlity. — Methodist Bishop Schuyler Gnrth of Madison, Wis.. low .'i2.iifl — last 32.0-1 — last 30.,'! 3— hist 100 Admiral Blandy said Iheso waves were seven lo 10 feet high when they smashed against the coral beaches of deserted Bikini island, i three and a half miles away. Palm trees on the shore were splintered. | Aboard the command ship, correspondents strained to identify the ships still afloat when the mist cleared. "There's the Sara," some one yelled. But the gallanl old carrier had bul a few hours left lo live. Hours later, tesl ships moved cautiously into the Ingoon 10 measure Ihe radioactivity of the water and xiir but were forced back. The lagoon was covered by u green scummish coat indicating lhal a huge hole had been gouged out of the coral bottom of Hie sea Probers Co 11 Continued from Page One 'spoke as a "warm personal friend" 01 the elder Garsson. "Thai, of course, is my interest in the matter," the chairman of the House Military Affairs Committee wrote. Eisenhower replied April 22 that he was referring May's letter to the "proper authorities." The War Department earlier reported that the letters were handled "in the routine manner" .and thai Ihey did nol influence in the disposition of the.,case. Capt. Garsson, the department saia, was court martialed April 2, 11H.>, on a charge of wilfully disobeying orders. He was found guilly, bul the court recommended clemency. Eisenhower eventually accepled such a recommendation and suspended sentence. Garsson was relieved from active duty on Jan. 22, 19>1(). Tne charges against Garsson were based on his refusal lo carry oul orders lo occupy an area which he lelt was "tactically unsound." Other officers testified in his de- lense thai his judgment was cor- recl. In his first letter, May asked Eisenhower to "look into the charges x x x and see lhal a proper and i'air consideration is given to this soldier." At the outsel he commented thai the matter was of auL-n a naiiiro Inal "probably 1 should nol even call it to your al- tention." In ine second letter, ho ox- sressed hope lhal when the Allied supreme commander had "all Ihe tacts you can make u final report completely exonerating him of any wrongs or lack of proper military discipline and obedience to his commanding officer." "I am confident," May said that when all the facts are disclosed you will foci more like com- rneriumg nim than censuring him " May added the information in this letter that young Garsson also was "a warm personal friend" in whom he had been "personally interested for a number ,-jf years " He said he had kept in' touch with Capl. Garsson during his mili- lury career and knew him as a courageous, patriotic young man facnator l''eiguson (R-Mich) said loday he wants May to tell Ihe investigating group "the whole Cumberland Lumber Company story " May is scheduled to appear before the Senate group tomorrow in delayed response to a subpoena Ferguson added to newsmen that he hopes the Kentuckian's lesli- mony will biing oul "all his dealings with the Garssons and these companies." The Cumberland Lumber Company was one of the firms in a midwe-stern munitions combine organized by Henry M. and Murray 'tarss-on which the Senate commii- 2e has been invcsligating for weeks. There has been testimony that ^o ft - l ' mbel ' lanci company received MB, 000 in .advances for lumber which it did not deliver 504 So. Walnut St. Phone 416 Superior Dry Cleaning Insured Storage Call & Delivery Fay James Lyle Moore of *•; i i > "'y-Pe'-misjiblc. Jimit o $5 a bale for the second successive day under pressure of heVvy laudation. Uncertainly created by prospect of restoration of h" price control program and the ' an cx » je «ed government on cotton crop conditions were unsettling factors. < - oncmions . I- or a short time after -Jie ,HV>M receded. There was a large it cumulation of selling orders aw it" ng execution but mills were sn a u Mny high :i:> 7;! .— .')'.!.liHA off 100 •Ily high H2. in — |o\v ,'!1!.,MA off 100 Oct high HO.OO — low :io.:i:tA off 100 Middling spol 'M.OfiN Off N-nominal; A-asked. GRAIN AND PROVISION 3 t hicago July :«r, -_(/i'i— A good uemaiid for cash oats by eastern interests supported an upturn of around 2 cents in iiilures of vhal gram loday. Cash dealers reported they had sold nearly 200,000 bushels to easlern Olivers, who were asking "or quick shipment. Corn failed to follow Ihe ouls upturn. .Rains in dry areas of iho mid-west, considered 'avoidable "or crop devclopemenl, discouraged buying. One grain house received wires .iioni representatives in Illinois cities which said overni«ht rains "Ivad just about made ',he coin crop." Cash corn was -1 cents higher and in active demand in ;he •«f?°m "li 1 . 1 ', 141 ' 1 No ' ~ .velU.w sold a I W.IO. Bid Tor 10 v day shipment irom the country were advanced !i cents. C'orn Finished unchanged to I--I kiwer. .January $1.4!) 1-4, oats were 7., TI "'.K'"-'''. August 73 •'•' 1-!'. and December Barley sold at 1.1!fi 1-2, down f> cents ' from yesterday's asking price. NEW ORLEAN SCOTTON New Orleans, tily 21 --(/I 1 )—Colon Injures plunged ihe limit of 1UO points here today and closed weak, $5 a bale lower Dec high 3,'i.oo .-.|,, w 33.28A off 100 :!.^(l — close ' low : "- 7;i ~~ Closc A-asked. .Spot cotton closed steady bale lower. Sales 150. Low cll '"8 at!;()s ; middling 3H.HO. i:! ' 70; rcccipts ' il!) £5 a fnicl- Good stocks When a couple marry, not two people but eight people stand be- ore the altar. There is the intellectual personn, the social temperament, the physical being mcl the spiritual creature in each party to the marriage. Kach must maintain harmony with the other in all KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H *!P 15 Miles of Kidney Tube. Flush Out Poisonous Waste irypiilmyoimp*cossof nelds In yourblootl. your 15 mllus of kMncy tubes mny be over! worked. Thesctliiy flUci-annd tubes arcwo?kl Ing- d,,y ,,m| night to help Nnturc rid your Bj-Hteia of OXCMB ncldp nnd poisonous wnste. 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July 10 , ""• VM.IIII K,.||e,..v.. : 1,!,, r;,.,,,,,, „,- '"' k >''' tv " '"'•' ill" fol.l. ; : 0,y •• "4" I''HM Mi.:iH,,l;.,, (••„!,',.,.:, '.,' •',"" - V 'i" "'"'" i: "'" ; "'I''. '.'>"! al I'M- ehmeli ,11 V , 'rl'ie ' sl: .'l'l"' fl l>'^\<"^ f.nnin.l 1,1 i ,-:: ''"'-lay rv:l,i,,;: I,,, ., h;,v,i,i- 'n,e i"'' ^ '"'' V''" 11 '' l: ' !il : ' ' 1! ' 1! enliic !.ioii;i arc ur. eil '(,, aid-nil • v '''' |ir> !lslun '' some .silly, :id( The Doctor £* ^t^/ft t eg* * joys. Mrs. A r If si. Trout iVIi-s. Arli-sl T : ,".il d' I; tnviird .Scnonli-y wilh Mi'--- ".|,,'li; Splllers as ri.'.i-ociiih- ho:.|e III tliroui'.houl Ihe lu.me. s'ix- of In,.- evcn- Qy JACK O'BRIAN I-.ew York Bi.i.uiway is chr- u-|. d by unti-:-;;. ,11 u'boul .Hllial <l'.:.'iiiiiies. as an la.-.'ilry, shallow stri-c <;H!/t-,!.s like- _-, ou only for what you ' >M-I do lor UK in. anil as a Oil. 1 >iulk "! a small town, swollen ih'nuigli Mime misci-.eitiauon .-, a t-v, -mt- litili persons. I n.we 1 found it, aftor .'-time By Or. WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN Writi.jn for MEA Service '..'iuUivii wh:i enter school next e::i-nl-l lad l.ir Hie In si tiini' fhoi.lld be Mill ! e:;a,n!iic(l in Hie nfliccs of the fnni- .. , --, -. • li'.-,-; il;> pl'.v ;ieian and tli- larnily den- iinhltcly ,avor. jlisi HUM sumii.er. If the 'family I his all, nt! you >ini;l'l ni;!!',;'>r. | rhy«;ic,ii.'i anil dentist an.' not avail- '' i',v t.|iii'i's (lov.-n Iji-lnw in.' I r.blr. i .^animations '-lioiild be ar- iilers ;ind I '.vnndere.-l o-,u:c . u,.i ••• I r.-ni!'.r\l (-iseV.'iM're. if m:ijbf Manhattan and iis mid-I 'li<e Nati-inal C'on.;;i'i;ss of Part-!i i.l'j i-nt:: and 'IVai:hc:s I'or'over 20 years Hufson Family Holds Reunion on July 21 i • i • •••.-- i 1 i i -, .11 11L M 11, >,iiii 111 ij I U(| n| 11 f^ Then I v.'iii; sent with bri',1; : sucee::-. A .special mcdicnl record and .superior bnishoil to me (.".. s, I I'm m h; provided, to eontain the customs t.lliccr tin the pi eini:-;•••-:., jjasl nieilieal history, physical ox- I got all set for some more- of-' iinrnalion resulls, and recommen- posilionist taelies and i.vt n urac-Utalions for each child. (iiit.ti lie.dih in growing children whit-li ''.ii-pt nd : ii|)ini the development of I such h.'altliy h.-.bilii ns ;,dec;uate \Ve!l, this little v'tt.ftnms ijuy, i r!(-< p. ie-i. exercise, and diet, -and name ,•>!' (iriflin. i-piilm rd -r.y -'ai'li ' Ujiiiii i!u- n-orrcclinn of physical in human luilue, Tvlaiiliatlan div'r- (!'. M-el-;. Coiilh:iinus health snper- icin. by more than nakini; ,ip ...u- vi:;i-ni of thildren in school it; cs- all liie na.stinc'ss of i vi.'ryone i-li,.: seni'al if satisfactory progress is I'-'l t nfuuiitored .lial ..lay. -le -.va.-i to be made. l.'leas.iiil, carried on a i-onversat-I Habits air formed in the early ion while wailing for a '.v.irr-h nua:-' years, and if j^oocl adjustments are man to !'incl rny ":;tinl', told me iliat irade in the l-nver grades the child he'd ueen a pri/ 1 .' "iw'r.'.cr •!'! -ears may t-.-.p-.-i lenre no difficulty later, l.uliiie and th.il tiu'd ei'lebra'.ed ins 1 Gnocl f.xaminaiioi Nfieded 40lh vveddini; .:ininvei ::.-uy a , -,v ' Ti:e physical examin;:tion of the days back, and c'jmpli.-leiy -.v-MI : |"i <• -rt-iii-.ul i-liild shoi.'ld include me over wl'.cn J;e aoi.'ii'iu^'d ni'-a.-.iii L menl of height and vveigiil, proudly: "And wn went .<: .he -analysis of |:oslure. determination A rennien of the Unison family of Nashville route one was held •Inly 21 will) :!!! members present al Hie -home of Mr. and Mrs. J. I'. Muliion. The fr,llowiii!i v.-ei'c present: Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Unison and family, Barnie Unison and children Mr. and Mr;-, llarrell Unison and family of Mope. Mr. and Mrs. Coylee Hulson and family of McCa's- Isill. Mr. and Mrs. ,loe Abornalhy and family of Pine P.liiff, Mr. and Mrs. .luff Hntson of Tokio. Mr. and Mrs. Sam (iiimmon of Doyle. Mr. and Mrs. 1C. I). Pier-'' aiul family of Uoylc. Howard Tobbett of Hope, and Pvt. Jack llutson of the armed forces. jii.-l like the couple Siiih-.i; in .tint, u Unj:-o!!;:h dental examination, of us. And you Know, t.iey \-.'t i •'. ! a;ui ;i t:ti!n;>re'ncnsiv:.- search lor ihe :.;i|i|!ii:)-i about 17." " diseases or oilier defects. |>"U'S. bill ir,ti ; :lly the cold, dil'li-] The suljstcu'enl red iape se.'inrd Tile hix'.h-ycar molar is coming • HI :i-,l'i:ui.s-',e t-i ui'Uii''.- 1 .; aboul ; to lake a Jew .<;<.• c:>nds -nsti-ad of thri>u:;h a', ihis lime, and it, needs Ihe lengthy period it itclualiy c,.v-1 special protection, for all the i-red. and I v.;-.lked a::t •)!' Ju-j other teeth ol the permanent set place on air. juM b--".iu:;e (/i-.t-i cle\-elop aruiind it. iiy of ail i'le piri'plc 1 I'd e:i- ' li.".lnes should be immunized counlere.d in 0111: :tlU:riioo:i had n;',aii,':i si'iailpox. diptheria, and I'll stick iiruund Maiihj.ttiin a ' of life. Kepeai inoculations against w;iile more. iMaybe '.'«.• I aiiotnci Hf.y like him. I"' I'-lt tin- j:l'l, .-::>!],!•,- tj.. :t -;.; is( . Ju , •*' d tu .sin;) at ,MI cxlr:: ilinu-. In the (il-ll;.;.;i',ic .yncii- i ,il,- nn-a.,- i c-.in .-i.id sii'ialipox ti'ici diothcria are rec- ; o:.:nic-nfU",l by most physicians be- 'Id]-'.- tiie eh;kl stalls .-;ehot:l. In the liilh and I7lh cenl.iries. ' Emotional Preparation coffee cost nearly Slid a p.i;ird. i A iin.-.'-choo! child should be j started on the road toward ! The horned toad really i.- a ' ] syciv.ingieal v.'eanir.g from his ! li/ard. ! iii).-:;e and n'dliicr before school 1 Sweet Home Church Revival fro Stasi Sunday, July 28 Sweet Home Methodist. Church revival starts Sunday, July 28 and will continue n week with Ihc Rev. Robert Core, paslor, delivering 2 tenuous daily at 10:-I5 a.m. and 8 p.m. The church is located on Highway 24. 5 miles east of Blc- vins. The public is invited. HOLIDAY COP Hollywood. July '.'4 —i/l'i— Z»\- niiin . Friedman. New York City police detective, isn't altogether cnioying his vacation in Hollywood. The detective told police two men slugged jiim with a K\----, look $200 in cash and n $170 wrist, watch. He required treatment for a lacerated jaw. Add nitrogen to your soil with legumes instead of buying it jn a sack. DOROTHY DIX Why Husbands Roam \Vhat sets husbands to roaming' 1 ' Nobody kno\ys for sure, though millions of wives would give thc-'ir eye teeth to find out. It ir. just any woman's guess of why liic'lad who never could get enough of her st.eieiy before marriage, and whom Papa had to praclicully pitch out the door when he came 'to call on her, gets led up on her company! alter marriage and leaves her to j spend her evenings by her lonesome. Maybe it is because they are born with the nomadic instinct and their feet, are always itching lo tread new paths. Maybe it is because few o.f thorn are ever thoroughly house-broken and they revert to Ihc wild at the slightes'l. provocation. Maybe it i;:, because the p a s t u r c next door looks greener than their own back yards. Maybe they roam because Nature intended them to discover far countries, and make new inventions and do the things thai never have been done, and so she filled Ihem with the spirit of adventure and sent them oul lo look for Ihe end of the rainbow. Wife to Blame, Too By R. Louise Emst-y ioi a culler. ,-ni \-< t'i- ,ioh' '•)••• \--is i iislfd Alt!-, lit-i- i.O'i disn. ...... . THK STOIiY: Cecily's weddin- -, n .| U-cl' s "ver at last. Hilt never v. ill 1 ' '"''«° l H>e cruel thing i did t,, lier " Copyrinnl, 19-16, NhA SERVICE. INC. :',o!d'.-n child with a perfect pro- l -d•' itii -in;-, til body that prophesied Imrn 'or til tin.- ultimate flowering lhal beauty she brought to the -' '•• ..'-". w. ..u- ..-.1.1.1 \v;js ,. l> ii , * n I'l'll I-J'-HULy MIC UlOUyill LO lllK ••'•-•".irnn: ;il the | ; -,',,|,. ( | ..,:;.;; which H " w can ' «-' x I' ; li"n to Comma and : .lt:.-.r totlav. 1 loved lier with a wmrled r-v ;h,: .I, •,.„•, \ ,,,,a.-Jc-d a ra " )e1 ' 1 ln; " I'l"-- my <i:n::;iner p ; ,.,si,;n tii.it' even Delia's own —or i-n;,-.-:ii.wn l.us -ml , he o - ; v -er ;,el : '! ul . '' !ly ,, l \ LISI - i; " 11rf " h:li ' ( ' '"-^-n 'I'h,,, r.c's-- -did nol exceed. Cscilv '•'I ;••'' i' I h.-i,! asM-d .10,! ,,) per- c , hl ' :ll \ d ;i1 thioi::;h l.ie .-.-.-ars i'.r.io me was the verv essence ol life. li.iin ..tnne :vi-,-::,,;;s eh,.-,. .-. ',,'n <-.i-cily s sakeV And that sue was-. 1 1 . „,.. ,-e,,. ,v.'eet be'-inmi.'i of evry- . J . i i . ....... ,,,,,,.,(, , | •> I ... I 1 ... -I T i. . I 1 .. 1 . . , . •-' -^ . -' n.,luicil mill a tii;|.-i :• ,,, c.l;in'.;e MiSle.'Ki III' !l.i\-j|-;, lo ili-..io in Ih ' When I u,,t to the ware'iouse, a worm it? Delia'.' Delia In: , . . . . •• - . 1!l< - ; ui:nv, llial was joyous and pure. lor what I've done t,, (': ( ;l; s |i|e. ' ..",, her hve for Dela! biu to go back to the l>e:;mMin;'.. ; --v,.,,, oiigiit to net married." slitnilU try tlil.'i r:ini'_'iir. mitlt-l;-..- to I'l-llf-.-t' ],:tin :,;ul lln-t'.. H,-I-\ cu.s, rrniiliy ;t-(-lln",s. of Ktlt-h ilay:; --\i-ln-n Cecily M r.-'.olher. is a ; ]jeli;; advised. She did not ^.ruiine one A long time a;-;t, s!iu ; li|;e r-, 0 way Cecily's little hands tnoii-h, Myrtle ^ Hal.- :,m v. as i v .-ci,t ,,,,, U) ' nu . v,-!,;.,, \ C ame near s-lighung her aiic> lor years .-he has | UM . she ct.iilnv.-d to be with me tried to <>e; even. ;,llho..:gli Mr:;, when.-xcr 1 W:K; with the babv. nalston probably never ;.;a->e IJella : N> , ;hl;i ,. ,,.-,., cver said bllt wt , a second ho,i,- ; nt. She was det,-r- j hull- lelt the tenseness. I knew mined that uccily should outcome u ,al Deila v.as afraid of me. |eveiyone else and .spent a tortun-.-! wasm.l o::c U. encure a eh,,: to I'l-iniilc I'liiK-iloiiitl iui.ai.lily j pleluly sellless in her (ievotion I k_ tii:-:Lurb:,'.ir.-:i. u,,nii truniu! \ Thorne. her invalid husband. . on oane.iu;. music, and riding l:-s- ' sihuit.ui Ion- without making an snns tor her. Hul she- was i.-i-.m- ,,!!,,,-; , u ehan^c it lo suit 110^011'. TV fii'fjS*')-' (t '--'.- .Ji" fci; l .; l * . KfJtfi & CO^rtJUKO ! It always amaze: 1 me that I. too. LAWNMQWS-as Kepain-d and Mharpt-ned. 30 Yea:-s Experience 1 speciali/.." in liepairs anc! Sharpoiiing M. C. BRUCE | Phone 1107-J So. Main St. { She had numerous business c'.eal- "uv. in Ihe city and through one n . , -1 them- she met Robert, a young , I always timaze:' rno mat I. too. collesjo pi,lessor who impressed | had my denmte p-...-,- , ; , Delia'.-- h,-r as beinn the solution to her heart. 1 was hc-r Inend. but be- j prt.blein. She invited him to din- cautu 1 never allowed h-.'r to pos- I ner and of course I was there. I ses,; me as she did 1 .luriie a;:d ; ;h nk v. o loved each other from lie cat, I was on a carlon-lr.-.ii- | , a -,- i;,, :1 li--.. K .'..-) ll[ ;p. tlic-grocery-store basis i --...-opt on j Mobcrt's < itship was another one occasion just bo-unv (V cily j faclt.r in my recovery. In June was born. On llial ojcasiun niy, t | K . docti/r told me thal'l was well hie aepenued i.n mor,..y. l>-.'lla ! enoimh lo undertake marriage, but supphect luinr'it-Is of c.-..llars -.,:t!,-) u . v ,r,inc-d me to wail several out my asking her. and ,,ve : a'^eais br-foi e having a child. M!iod ol monlMs. 11 I h.ul d'e,! • i nUendcd nol selling Ihe \ved|i-he would never have had a cent dint; date until I had paid all my MAGNOUA 30 CF 5TATSON Open 5.-1 i-ioi III . . -.. . .111.^ i.iii^ uniiii l iiiti.1 ijdiu till lll> l - ; '' l ,'. k '.'"' l!l ' Mn lll;a - s!u ' | --'--'A' i ; - ! iiKiviitednt ss tt) Delia, but just I lho :; ;'"' l! .- il1 I rcpa'd her .-ver.- j alter m> last talk witii the doctor "C:ini|jlcto service r-.-.r your car" pi'iiny uoesn t oeliact at all from ; I u-tcived word lhal my great•Ine marvel of her Kcnem.Mly. l^.ur.'s estate which had "been in learned Inroi^h tna: e\nt-i-lenc-e . litiualuii' for year:; was finally lhal was impoitar.l in Dell:', al- ' -.-ttled. I'here was a check whicii liiouyh the baby made ;. d ; ;k-r- ] j;:,\ e :r.- enoiiKM to i cpay Delia once in our rciatior-jhm. i ;illc | Kl ju allow n , L . ., nuH t esl u - ous . 3rd it Lnural Howorfl Phone ^0 Owner •ous- mt to lake the i 1 had never kno'.v:) a hahv l,e- seau jfrne Cecily i'lul since thai ' I in ..- | ' Delia did not \v;,,,, >„ ,„„,- t,,,- •J have never see.- one ;,s utterly ' mone, . She could see some ad, fiu-nantin;^ p.; vlie. .AHh.u.i'h Holla \anla-..- in having me under obli- ^ smuue and dark. CAc.ly v .,,, a . T.it't n to I't-i. 1 .saw that, loo, and insis;ed on b."ing independent of linancially. prominin o 9AKIN6S LOOK 9fTfS% f ° Til!; loon C:AH:IUM in ihc new Kc; )-.ennits more in. 1 m a r r i a ,n e. Three ii'Mi: 1 ,!]-; alter our honeymoon Robe:l -A a- tilie:'.':' the chair in social iVM-arrn .o the University. This n-ci.!.-i..ii.)ii ot his ability came ;•-e.'i -; before \ve had even dared hnne ii.r it. I ruj--:.i".i to Delia's to lei! her the- iioti s- anything made an ex- i-".se It) ,;et inaidi! that house where C:tt-:ly was. 1 was bewildered i v, hen Delia wa.s not pleased at -my iiiioimalion. Kt.berl's increase 1 ih hi,lar> would not put us on | .'i.'- thin:; like a financial par with i i--'- " !1 'i i kni'V,' thai she was nol j.' : 'loi-.-: t ,1 lhal .-,(•(,.-o. "i'-o gl.'d." .--he said stilflv. lhal the momi-nt de- n,;.i:tle,l rumolhin;; decent of her, "because w,.- have tu move. Thorne is >• or:-.;'. '! he docltir says 1 have t" i.ii-e him in a milder climate. ' !l P'.illiiii: tin- house up lor sale : I.-,••; : tio.s. I've always liked the !'''-•-' o; uising Cc-cily in a smaller t iuu'e to worry about you." i.ilacc. You"re ,--.o well settled'now, f v.on't hu\-e In worry about you." Not ha\e to woriy about me! 'j'hoini- wa... woise. My heart beat haul thul 1 hail slienfjth only a whisner. "Where are you '-.' - - * i ,u ? ' IViy apiMru'iit v.-eaknt-KS see:ned i> 11. assure her. Koine of the n.'.luii'.l vibrancy relurned to her 9 l • •/ . • .- , ,- . . , t.... LI i .. i \ i ui i: , i: \ I e, HI I letl It) IK-1 f a: u ilislnhiilioii. ol the line, r/iY/iv io;;remeiH-i •,ou-e. "(If eou'rse I don't really . (hrournijtic the baUini: nowiier .'1'iiis nromon-^ in..j-,. l:,:uw vel- -" a c <! o c the bakin[; powder. Tin's proounes nu-.ro 0 uniiuiiu iifiicn— gives bakings ihe light, hinoinii o u-xiurc and inviting rich appc-.iruncc everyone enjoys. '.* SG7TGQ TASTE! « i 7 i;otj i At.i:ii'M in KC prevents the "overpowering" * of ;ho rich n.uural ilavor of otiier in^rediems in }.)ui h.iUiiifjs. There's no bicicrness or "bod.i Titiic" \\iien \ ou i.-.e die new KC. WU, 70&? 9 KC' n-.alci-s ..\eryihio;; you bake with it a valuable o ]-o;n>'. A?.( li.'M th::n the lY,.--,!, milk tiscii in :i li.ikin;;, • dt-j-.L-iHli,i;4 i>,i I!,L- ic-L-i|i'j. 'J'-ius KC joins milk ;ib j ' JhiL huurci: 01. i'.:i:> \it.il food vluniL'iic. \\- yet- 1 t-an^hi her wrist and my fin."''!.- left letl nii.rk.s on her 'flesli. ' n>'Ma yo;i'l! not du this to me!' ^'ol^|i i.t.t leave here until 1 know L>..:vliy \--iuie sou're Jioin.!.;!" Slu- l-.esii -itetl a moment, and 'hi n i-ulle;.! awav !,-om me, laus-i!- i" '- - 1 I'Uli 1 "What's Ihe mal'ter v> 111 .M.I.'.' (.)!' course 1 intend lell- i ; i ; \ , • 1 1 ! " 1.'- in r! \\-;-, s htiir.i- when I came 1 *••'•••' ''''i iMi> ihe .--pailment half ..i! lioin l.itrr. 'M.,\is'" ii,-. dropped his bonk, ' ! • '" ••' "What h.-f, happened'.'" ' '•> '' have In iiH.\e." 1 choked 1 •'•' ' - 1 -'i Hie niMdle of the room '-': i-all-,,n . '.v:l,i diffiiulty. "neila's ;, \\ ith Cecily] 1 have lo 1 '':'• ".i my ne\v position — " Htilj.'rl re.- -iiit-ed. J mined away from him wildlv. "i Mipp<-s L . there aie other jobs— " "Noi like this one." . 1 was Iremblini!. "I won't stand in your \-,-ay. You stay and lake 'MI- cii.ur. I'm going whereover Delia goes. (To Be Continued) starts. Emotionally immature children may be so dependent upon their mothers lhal leaving home lo yo lo school is a major tragedy in their lives, a deplorable situation which many mothers only make worse. Children who have been allowed to develop normally and to play with other youngsters welcome school as an opportunity for greater association with others ;ln d as a grand adventure in living. Pie-school children should be taught logular health habits this summer, so that when school starts in the fall they will have no difficulty in gettinf! up in the morning, in eating well-balanced meals, and in keeping their things in order. Question: I suffered a brain injury as a result of being knocked out in a boxing bout. Since then whenever I drink, I seem to go •ci a/.y. What is the reason for this''i Ans-wer: You may suffer from I pathological intoxication. If so al-' cohol has so harmful an effect ' upon your brain that you should nol drink it at all. Maybe husbands roam because it is their nalure to, but there are various contributory causes 'hat make it unsafe for any wife lo befool herself into thinking that .-.-he has her catch so securely hobbled thai he doesn't even have an impulse to break away, and thai she simply couldn't lose him if she tried. And, curiously enough, the lliing lhal sets more husbands to roaming than anything else is Ihe first baby. It is a rare thing for a marriage to go on the rocks until Junior makes his advent It is when a marriage hits the cradle that trouble begins, and if the true corespondent in many .a divorce case were named, it wouldn't be a handsome wolf. II would be a little red-faced creature that looked like a cross between a cream cheese and a boiled lobster. Nor is this hard lo undersland. Up to Ihe lime the first baby is born the young wife has worshipped at the shrine of her husband. He has been a little tin god whom she has spent her time appeasing, for whom she had made herself beautiful and entertaining, but the baby's birth rang down the curtain on the honeymoon and lifted it on the nursery. Thereafter the husband never existed as a man for his wife He was just a cash register to punch lor the baby's needs. He didn'l even have a name any more He was just Papa. Mama was aclu- than heart, she handed a lip to wives on how tu keep their husband:; eating oul of their hands Jt was bv keeping angc-l's food in tnc-m. No man ever hastens his fnolslejis homeward of an evening il he knows his wife is going In set him duwn lo a meu! that would give an ostrich stomach ulcers. What makes him feel llial there is no place like home and no woman like hit: wile is the Ihoughl til (he succulent dishes she is going to put before him. Thai makes Ihe lie that bint's, for beauty may fade and wit grow dull, but, thank God. our appetites slay with us. And a still further reason, and I a potent one.- why husbands leave j home is lo escape their wives' j nagging. The wife who puts honey on her tongue instead of gull, who tells her husband how handsome and wonderful lie is and makes herself an entertaining companion keeps her husband bound to her with hoops of steel. Considering that husbands, at their worst, are useful gadgets to have around Ihe house and, at their best, they are woman's most precious possession, isn't if strange lhal more wives don't make an cf- fort to keep Ihem? (Bell Syndicate. Inc.) Flier Guilty of Assault With Weapon Boslon, July 24 — <ff>i— Lieul. Thomas Farrell was convic'od by a Suffolk superior court jury today on three counts of assa'ult with cigarelles and a razor blade on Miss Helen Stavrou, 18-year-old typist. He was acquitted of charges of indecent assault and committing unnatural acls. The all-male jury reached its verdict after less than an hour's deliberation. The specific guilty verdicts were assault and battery with a lighted cigarette, assault and ballery with a razor blade, and assault -;6 cripple, maim and disfigure. The stale immediately moved i'or sentence. Farrell, veteran of 35 air mis- go ally relieved when he would cut of nights and leave her to do her babyworshipping, anc? she forgo! lhal while she was hold' ing Junior's hand, some olher woman was holding Papa's Another thing that starts bus- ur_ bands to roaming is hunger. Whenshe " teslified Farrell Nature gave men more slomachquanlilies of liquor State Produced 41 Millions ih Minerals in '45 Page Three *- AdjiTis, historian, Liltlc Bock,. July 24 — (/P)— Arkansas produced $41,4.11,536 worth of minerals in 1945. the price being based on yalue of the raw product ;il Ihn point of .severance, Stale Geologist Harold Foxhall reported today. Twenty-three minerals were included in the report, and Foxhall estimated the stale obtained about one million dollars in severance I taxes. I The report, whicii will be published by the Bureau of Research al Fayetteville, showed that petroleum and its allied raw product accounted for $29.995,847 of Ih total. There were 28,567,474 barrel of petroleum produced. Coal was second with a produc lion 1.680,035 short tons, valued a $7,888,764. Eauxile was third wit 1.UUU.4I1) Ions valued al $5.002,098 Olher large productions wer 261,406 short tons of barite valuei at $1.793.248; 1,713.107 tons of gra\ el with 1,156,347 value and 711,00 barrels of cement valued at $1 316,270. The smallest production was i limestone and nine ore. sions in outward the Pacific, emotion as showd no Ihe verdict was announced. He had previously appealed confident of acciuittal. " Miss Stavrou was not in the courtroom. The young former airfield iypist had accused Fan-ell of branding his initials on her breasts with a lighted cigarette during a 17-hour orgy in a Boston hotel room wncn consumed Want new Pep m& Vim? imnl','^,'i n in,, ?' , co "l' lcs . "7 weak, worn-nut. ,-.-,. IHMJMCU HOMJy iM'Cfl'ISG IJO(|V hi(*k*? Iriill (•'/ r- ii.ur IroIV vou"'ton in,!^ , . ""'" ™™*- Cm.t"!n vltumlu lij. Low cost! lutroductory sizIToBljIair! At all drug stores everywhere—ir Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drugs. LOOK.!! WHO'S COMING TO GARDENS Hope, Arkansas Thursday, July 25 Hugh Berry end his Southern Aires Direct from Club Beverly in Texarkana. The favorite orchestra of Arkansas, Louisiana & Texas. DANCING 9 'til 2 Admission $T-.25 per person NEW FALL ARRIVALS AT TALBOT'S Smart Fall oolens All the New Fall Colors All 54 Inches Wide We have a large selection of the smartest, prettiest woolens that you have ever seen, and when you see them we know that you will agree with us. Now is the time to start making your new fall dresses, coats and suits. Just the woolens for your selection from this large stock. All virgin wool and part svool fabrics. 1 .95 to 4-95 Yard • PLAIDS * STRIPES CHECKS SOLIDS DIAGONALS We have a complete stock of ljullons and Patterns. 'We Outfit the Family IALTO LAST TIMES THURSDAY Friday @ Saturday « LAST TIMES THURSDAY "Col Effisngham's Friday ® Saturday' UG TS 2 ittfe:»,»Sll fc?- ; .?s ; s« PLUS ® Chapter 2 'Scarlet Horseman 14 3 B§G DAYS 3 - loirshig Sunday ., f s fr

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