Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 22, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1946
Page 5
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n Is I I I it kKW^.I«!ISiW*«ii£*^^ Page Four HOPE STAR, OPt> A ft K A N S A I Bv Chifck Young fiftfclcroft started out by being sarcastic, but I soon changed that. / THIS CRIMf l<i PAST IMS ..J THWARTING STAGE. A WAN NAMED StlUWAS MURDERtD. HP HAP A NEVYSPAPFR CUPPING HIS POCKET--A PICTURE OF YOUR DAUGHTER. ,> x A NEWSPAPER PICTURE OF MARCIA? MARCIA HAS HAD IICR PICTURE IN THE PAPER MANY / BUT THIS, TIMES. / MR. MELCROFT, A DOLLA5? A BOX-THAT! ROBBERY -NOTHING DOING.'. BLAChTBEPRlES X °H BO^v THATS FIFTY CENTS //' ONE HALF WHAT BOX ^t-s^THE OTHER MAN WANTED ->• I'LL. SOME LIK£ •. TO THINK.' i THEY'RE GETTING T A YOU'RE AN "INVESTIGATOR," ACCORDING TO YOUR CARD. WHAT CRIME WOUID -BE THWARTING TODAY, -9 •" FLINT? (fr BLACKBERRIES A DOLLAR - A BOX IS THE FIRST TIME, , I IMAGINE. THAT IT » HAS BCSM-FOUND OH THE BODY OP A MURDERED MAN. S. v/. *^' ] NOW TAKE Ef^SY, IS PER WOUR OWN pRorec TlON! IS riEND \ BUT I CM4 ££X,PLWN, AN' JUST WOT K'JNNJIN' OFFICER.! WHEN I \ WOULD )' B£= HE'S POKE ONE DftUWV THING f>,FTER NJOTHES / ^OU S\C9 THM EVER SINCE HF.'.<; BC-£SI / m?GRNvXU s (PiPPiN'S! 1'fA PERHAPS THE Wt\ OUT ! ^/\ OKW SftNEPERSON V IN THIS HOUSE 1 . ^- —* OOlfj- WITH P, AX W TH\S ANYOHESNftS THERE TINNEO 1 NIOrtT, f.MP fAR.WhOOY (NSKEP WE TO VIOUD H\S AX, 50- Side Glances Galbraith M O D E § T M AID E K& f^m^i MR.1SH HAS J.WJEU \IEREP M.CKEE INTO HORRIBLE THAT EXPLOPIM& HARPOON <= HA!HA'A! THAT PIP IT.' PON'T SINK 'ER^.WE'LL BACKWATER "&LACK CVN" S PESEKTEP, SCOKCHY A LIV/NC- TOKCHi , AS THE JOIN BATTLE WITH THE U.S. COAST —( NO BUSINESS, OOAIRIDWA DON,\Lr> DUCK'S , ~* I • ««P /^v. . _ = ,t'-'•--. . PON*>LD CUCK/S PE LUSE. FGUITS CO'PR. ttn BY NEA SERVICE.~iHC. T."MrffEG~D-. S. PAT. OF? "You plainly heard the doctor tell me not to cat before going to bed!" "I hate to quit tlie job, Mr. Jones, Ijut with all the veterans looking for work, I'm giving up my newspaper career and going back to baby-sitting!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser ?unny Business By Hershberger E rriAT MPS. I^ANF . lMATs OKAV, \ Bur MOW CAM MEASA PARTNER/ y BUCK--AND \ W£ isivr^ HEP A LOT. KIDS ./ j—^SHE DOESNT To ~i™ ^AND WE'LL BE- CASUAL ABOUT \r-. PRETEND I MAD AM AFTER -THOUGHT/ YOU WAMT ) Wfi'Rff TO TAKE ^E PuTT/N'S QM ^/ A SHOW-- BUTWHERE? 7 SORT OF AM AMATEUR IT'S iV,02NfNGALKEAbv.rN e LOOKIN'f IVk-LL, AHViVA'./, !T IVA'ri >'O.<AS',VOiJ / Vv~ Y'E- JU±T SHARP, DOC,. / AN OP=O?TJN|T^ TO DO / CAN COUNT I A3OUT Su.N TllOSh' W=VV I SOME THINKING,..ON A t CN .VE .' \ OUT OP CJ.'iW^, /NTH' V SZlZiOU'Z PSOB_i;-V\ "MAT \ IVHA T '5 O •/SOnAL " V1USTA ( YOU GOOD.') •—--^-—— ^S OKAY,OKAY/ DON'T IVOMV.UG.' MCA' STAv PUT, BREAK DOWN TH' DOOR... JUST COA\e "f DiD VOJ * KA'/= TO r - •:.''£ =T ) (5AC< AL..VV12 TALK.' ' ^ -"C-ieorgc is (H{«siii« his-o\virco:il- lie doesn't like John L. Lewis!" ^^^'^mm -Y.T.IUA- ., ^^flnnhrtt Thimble Theater HtV\-O,|| FiVj-VJWVJl I fjOW VC.U '] Cf,M ftt-Vi L__. V!V\0 MS BPiTrV! OrV.<->tt«. HOvO VOU'Vt SCftRt ^E OU OF !AV NAWFUL STORMJ/ Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople ruLeeAo/DO YOU CrUSEL, MACK ?ft TAKE J( <50FTI&5 CALL THIS IF BUSTSR'S € AW ik HARDSHIP/ ' TIRED OF LEVELIM' THIG THINJG.' YOU KMOWTH' } w '%'• WATEE. HAS TO DRIP ALL '(SOUND--WHY 'T YOU MORE WITH IT? ~:/ WELL, I'M Tl REP OF HAVIMG TO SMEAK IK1 ANJCP OUT OF THE THIMG--I CAME *=> « v FROM A FAMILY «/. l\ \ THAT HAP AM ICE BOX, NOT UMBRELLA BLEW OUT OF HIS HAWD AMD GOT 51UCK IM THE HfLMEI OF THE HIGHWAYMAV?.. AS RDGG.ED AS <?{ OKiTWt I EXPEOlTlONi OUR. NeSTERD/WS, 4\ VAftUP A ONL 1 ^ MOURI5rlMEK)T FOR HOLES IrVENA L\ MEDIUM 1 A STEW AAF\DE: OF AMDPLAV dmfifWs? J\ SHSEPSKlhi f QUOITS/ r'*^.^/ { MITTENS/ f \ •.— ;.'?£jgi>'>?;y ' ' 3AVA.AMD £TOVELIDS ARE ON . FIRS/ Et) BY BOSVJE'-L'S ESCAPE TrlROUGH Tr.E BIG TOP VENTILATOR riO'.E,REO FOLLOWS K'i VJH=se ^. f HE. 'lOOK i &O5WELL 1 V AvKiD GOT _= -"" '~~~-~~ " ClASS/FICD On. .I'!* 8 : 1 ' A ,^?.? h '" ^rV^^T^SSlh. Phon. STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS a $ " e f ° r Contln "°us Insertions Only TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" (I P'.nl good "/o FT. HOUSE buill m cabineNe „„ ,. (iKhwav TI r,I!. R r „ J»i liK y . - ! >hl>nc Schnoloy. No;ir - r '' ;n - 17-(f V Wl i wHI or ' lci1 Feeder:! Supply Co 17-1 in V ____ _ ____ _ CORN. CORN CHOI'S, Wn'rOAT Men serjilL'h. plenty Krowinj,' ;uici ;• InyniK mush. I-'cuilc-rs Supply Co ' ' 1'7-lm ' J: V V ,?, J . SMALL 1047 I*" w' r W , u , lk T SL _ i_'^'j "• p - Ocntry. 1>h " ni1 18-Ut _ Ph BABY new. Billy HeLti,,;, 1'rescutt, Ark - ' See ;it W North Wnlniit. 19-31 FISH BAIT FOR SALMON IJOUG- as s farm, yu miles ni) rth of _Hope on SPG highway. )fl-(it GOOD USK1J 8. r i II.I 1 . V-li MOTOR . car. Apply I.\, s - l''or passenger ter's Grocery. R KGISTEUtli PIGS, ^'OP~l:iKFD ^ualily. J. A. Coffee, Polanc China Farm or Sutton Livestock Commission. Reol Esfofre for Sale FOUR ROOM HOUSliTcooiTcON. dition, good 1..1, Apply 832 North Hazel, Cash Only. i,r,.o t ACRE FARM, 1 MILE OUT if corporation on paved high" '-' bearing pecan und 3 wo>. plum trees. Homestead untl house i • t •",•."" nnn ^\f. t t Kiiciien cabinet Has electricity and -as is available. Large ' newly repaired <rn Would cosl $10,000 improvements. Will 000. See P. J, HoU, „„, 1Norm ^Washington, Phone 102G-W. 1G-01 FOUR ROOM IIOUSE~AND r TWO and house. to duplicate .- s.'ll for $7,•[., Holt. ,'iKi North die. A , -' cs Jnc Alex Purtle's. See W. W. Bid 1C-GI VE HAVE THREE NICE HOMES and two farms for sale (hat are worth investigating. See Floyd Poiterfield. 20-61 )NE NEW STOmi~BuTLDING~24 oy ,i4 it. Almost complete. Your choice of two houses, one five room and one 0 room. Built in cabinets. 'Showers. Nice location Mix trade. Will consider <>ood M"\, ' llUl ' <c sted see A. W. Cobb North Hazel, old 67 highway' 19-31 120 ACRES, SANDY LOAM LAND. CHEAP, 1937 CHEVROLET dan. good rubber two b »'>rlh of Alex Purlle on Street. C. L. Barnes. SE- Ad; __ _ _ 22-31 li)41 FORD TON ANDHALli truck. Motor overhauled 10 Odd miles. In A-l condition. Can' be seen at Frank Walters Gara Raymond Ross. •>•>-$[ J" r.hlJ CORN AND TOMATOES r... .1. Smith, 2 miles out on Lewisville highway. ^a Lost BRAHMA CALF FROM FAIR park Rodi-o Pen. Notify Terrell Cornelius. Phone fi. 18-31 LA RG E SQUARliTsiLVER COM- pact with rose on lop. Left at C'has. A. llaynes Co. Wednesday morning. Return lo Hope Star or In Corene Morris. ig.;j( For Rent NICE FRONT BICDROOM WITH private entranee |.u working couple or woman. Phone 12!). 22-P>t It's Plenty PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope FEATURING • GOOD STEAKS • Chicken Dinners 2 Private Dining Rooms well water. Spring branch', •'if) acres timber land. 2 /icres young orchard, potato dry house 1'ine for livestock, poultry, truck- and growing. See or write H A Smith, Rt. 3. PrescoU, Ark. 22-11 GROCERY STORE, GOOD HOUSE and 3 acres ol land. $3,000. E J Smith. Lowisvillu highway. 22-31 Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1948 By King Features Syndicate. Ihc performances ..if Franklin D. Roosevelt New York, July 21 •— The con- trnsl between the professions nncl the Into has been in ;i .series of revelations, the most drnmatic being his active participation in the bilking of .lohn Hartford and David G. Bnird who had loaned $200.000 to his son, Kl- liotl, and the unsuccessful attempt to bilk Charles llarwood of $2!i 000 by representing that his col- liiteral WHS worth only 2 cents on the dollar, tl has been shown iiir- Uier tlijit the president, who hiid damned holding companies, used 1 hreo holding companies iind the reconstruction finance corporation in an elaborale scheme lo provide that an estate adjoining his own at Hyde Park should not full into the hands of "undesirable 1 neighbors. As to generosity by employers toward employees, Presiden Roosevelt left an emphatic record in speeches and documents which invited an assumption among his followers that lie, himself, was extraordinarily liberal. His will bequeathing only $100 each to his personal employees out of a mil lionnire's estate, suggested incon sistency, the more striking i view of the great value of the philatelic treasures which he left most of which were a profitable .1110 questionable by-product of the presidential office. Moreover, it is a fact that in his M\ home neighborhood of Hyde Pa-'k. Mr. Roosevelt was viol 'uiv aninously of even generally re iaed as a liberal employer. Historians undoubtedly wil e.gn evidence ol contradictions ji .he character of Mr. Roosevelt however shrilly his followers today may object to the introduction nto the contemporary record oJ material which otherwise mighl Williams, Musial Considered Most Valuable By CARL LUNDQUIST New York, uly 22 — (UP) — Baseball's most valuable player awards won't be handed out until Ions after the World Series, but led Williams of the Red Sox and .Sinn Musial of the Cardinals were doing a I they could today to make the final announcement a mere •"nr- mality. A J.-jt could happen but probably won't lo alter their positions in the stretch weeks of the pennant campaigns, but their work to dale .-.tamps them as heavy -"avor- ites to yain the award. ^: !!i ^' cl ;^.. w: ' s , a .Weal day :or J This Curious World By William Ferguson F!v» . both . as they led their teams Mattress Renovating FOR THE BEST IN GUARAN toed work call Cobb's Matures Co at 712 W. 4th. We call fo •and deliver. 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In 103G, when AFL Landon, Kansas, opposed Mr. Roosevelt of , . s the Republican nominee, the Republican national committee prepared a broadcast 'in which Dr J. M. Cronk, of .Hyde Park ,-j country doctor who had then been m general practice there i'or :i« years, was to have been the star witness. Dr. Cronk had regarded Roosevelt as a selfish and snobbish boy and, in that broadcast, which was not delivered, but the original script of which still exists, he was prepared to say: "Mr. Roose. e- velt is not known here, among his neighbors, as a good neighbor. there is plenty ol reason. We know the way he treats the people who have worked for him. Mr. .Roosevelt does not have the reputation ol a good employer. "We in Hyde Park know that Mr. Roosevelt calls himself the friend of labor. 1 don't want to S9iind cynical, but we don't judge him by what he says when 'he is talking for votes but by what we know of him right here. Wo hear a lot about social security these clays. Let me tell you about an old a "- " very old man here in Hyde i ir Hls name is M ya" Husted. Mr. Husled is in his ii9th year. He worked on the Roosevelt estate :"or 23 years. For the last five years „ _. _„. i4it, 4 Cl .3 U Xl\ no has not worked at all "Seven years ago, when Mr. IT i »7 •-«•»» M i .t £5 \j , \y 11 U11 1VL I Husted was in his 82nd year, and after 21 years of service for the -Koosevelts,. his pay was cul to one dollar a day and the old man had to walk more than two miles each clay, to and from work, and then lo put m a clay's work to the best 9'.."is .ability. For t\ V o yours he faithfully plodded back and forth rain or shine, to earn his daily dol- "Ono rainy night, five years ago on his way homo "rom work, Mr! Husted lell and sustained an injury. He never returned to work' He requested a small pension from he Roosevelt family to help sustain him ..i his last years. He did not get it, although it is the cus- .(Jiii ol Ihc big estate owners up .no river to pension their old and iaithlul employees." Among the documents attached xi the radio script is an affidavit by Doctor Cronk on Oct. i), 1930, and Jearing the signature of a notary public in which he swore that My•on Husted had made these slale- nienls to him. Doctor Cronk oxam- ncd this old affidavit -—-...., i«v,^ n,u uitrii IUUJI1S 10 i double triumphs. Thumpui' Theo-i (lore, getting seven successive hit.s i m Boston's 0 to 0 and 7 to -1 vic-i lories over the Brov/ns, boosted his ' balling average 12 points to .3Gf), taking over the American League lead again. Slammin' Sinn made live hits in eight times up to pace the Cardinals lo 2 lo 1 and H lo -I victories, over the Braves at St Louis. In Boston's opening victory, Williams .hit two singles and a double Suing out only in his first time up! to give Dave Ferriss key hilling support in achieving his fifth shutout and his 15th win against :"our losses .He really opened up in Lhe second game, hitting, a homer, iri- ago and acknowledged its contents and his signature. "Here is another case,' 'Doctor Cronk s script continued. "Ezra I lain, too, worked on the Roosevelt estate for many years. Here JS what he says: 'J was employed TIDAL. WAVE OF LAST APRIL RACED ACROSS THE PACIFIC OCEAN ATA SPEED OF v To SiruPRI6Hr IS TO SIT DOWN RI<&hT 5 ".%ir ANNE N. SCHELL, NORTH AMERICA.' &E SPECIMENS WILL. TIP THE SCALES AT A\ORE THAN SIXTY POUNDS. COI'R. 19« BY HEA SERVICE. IIJC T. M. HEC. U. 8. PAT. OFF. New York, uly 22 — (ff) -6? Bonfc i FrilartM. Jr. reason wh baseball is not so (Shag) in continuous service as coach" man. On June 1st, 193G, I was discharged without cause after having been given two weeks' notice rc f m », both Franklin D. Roosevuii and Mrs. James Roosevelt I received written recommendations upon discharge. The reason stated in then- letters was that they were going to cut down the number of horses to one, Actually, they still have six horses and'l was told verbally that I was being Jet go to cut down expenses because they were going to get soldiers to do the work. Two soldiers are now working on the place in uniform, caring lor the horses. Since my discharge J have had no employment 1 " A photostat of a letter in Frank{'". , D - Roosevelt's handwriting on White House stationery and signed by him says Ezra Plain was "reliable, honest and a good worker " and adds, "I am glad to recommend him. ' A photostat of another letter in another handwriting, signed "S. , Roosevelt," Mrs. have ....... ._,. J.tUI James Roosevelt), ou , a i , 1;1VL , found him honest and sober and 10 understands well Hie care of horses." Doclor Cronk says he, personally, knew the two sergeants of the army who wore detailed to the Roosevelt estale lo care for the horses after the dismissal of Ezra Plain and that the soldiers "were <ind of boastful fellows because :hey worked for Roosevelt. I used to see them around.' 'He was unable to give their names. ^ In closing, the script said Doctor -ronk had hesitated to take part n the radio interview but finally decided U was his duty lo help other people to know Mr. Boose- veil as his neighbors knew him. OJlicr affidavits in Hie accom- ple, double and single. He now is major league leader in homers with 27. runs batted in with 90, and runs .scored with 9-1. He leads the American in hits with 118. Dom iJiMaggio also hit a Boston homeland Walt Judnieh delivered one jor St .Louis. Musial's first game home run with i\ man on base gave Howie Pollet the two runs he needed for a four hit victory, his llth of the year. The slender young swatter irom Do'nora, Pa., who won the player award with the 1943 Cards, raised his average six poin'. s to ..'!fi9, second in the National. He now leads the majors in hits with KiO, a-ncl the Nationals in doubles with 27, triples with 10, and runs scored with 71. He is third in runs batted in with 37. Another Cardinal lefty, Harry Brecheen, won the second game, scattering 10 hits while Musial with three led a 12-hit .Red Bird attack on six Boston . lingers. Erv Dusak hit a run Cardinal homer. three. Brooklyn stayed exactly even with the Cards in the ::irst place deadlock by topping the Pirates, 3 to 0 and 6 to 5 at Pittsburgh. Vic Lombard! became the first Dodger pitcher to win 10 games pitching his .first big league shutout, and holding the Bucs to three hits. The third place Cubs dropped live games benmd by splitting with the Phils at Chicago. Hank Borowy, going the distance for the second time in 15 starts, pitched a 3 to 0 eight-hit shutout, but the Phils woil the second game, 4 to 2 behind Ken Raffensberger's cool pitching. Rookie Del Ennis hit a two run homer to give him the victory after delivering four singles in the first game. panying sheaf said Roosevelt paid Ir > th e first game. >t.'>.5 lor a nine-hour day ior labor -Rookie Lwell Blackwoll pitched ers as against the local rate of A ls thild s 111110 ". 1 . beating the •10 cents an hour or S3'0 for -in Glants 5 to 0 at Cincinnati on i'ive 3-hour day. • v . uu sjng]cs Tlle Q-^nls then ended a Twenty four hours after he was S r° ven Same losing streak, Giant ntei viewed at his office in "Hyde ? ohr } l !>' 9- eu ^'^"'"S a 2 to 1 ark, Doctor Cronk expressed apprehension thai his grandson, re- Shaughncssy, I n t e r n a t ional League boss .(who thinks it isn't) is that most of the players don't know how to hit a curve ball. . . Of course, he might add that lots of pitchers don't know how to throw them. Either. . . Shag's point is: '•They swing at a curve just like any other pitch and the only time they connect is when one fails to break. In the old days we used to fololw the ball and we could hit curves just as well as fast bals." No Score Marion Pugh, former Texas Aggie speedster who'll perform for the Miami Scahawks this fall, claims credit for the "fastest broken field run ever made." . . When he was an army lank destroyer capital in Germany. Pugh was ambushed by 20 Nazis and one of them jabbed a bayonet into his hand. . . "1 shot the guy who cut me and outran the rest," Pugh .says. Cleaning The Cuff Joe Louis is going into the publicity business in partner-ship with Billy Rowe, Joe can get plenty of good ideas by reading his own clippings. . . Tulane U will'play its home basketball games next winter in the' coliseum in downtown Now Orleans. A field house on the campus is contemplated in the not-too-distanl future. . . On his last eastern lour, Satchel Paige pitched 16 innings in four major league parks Yankee Stadium, Shibe Park, Griffith Stadium and Polo Grounds eleven were scoreless. He'll be back in the stadium Aug. 1. 0 1000 500 333 333 333 000 000 Monday Night Tonight at Fair park Lion Oi will pl;ty Stewart's in the firs Kame of a doubleheodcr. The sec ond contest biitiKs together Ecu nans and Hofner-Nasli. Since the opening of the second half ton games have been played of the 30 games schedule with post ponemcnt of only two games due 10 rain. Rophan's in winning three games leads the second half sche dule. Cobh-Tooley, winner of the first null play with 7 losses against no cleloals. has only played two games in the second, winning both. Second-half standings: r, , ' W L Pet. Rophans 3 0 10.10 9°^ b ' r( i? lc y 2 o 1000 Helner-Nash Hope Light ' Moore Mkt Lion Oil Stewarts .. Whi/. Kids .'.'.'.'. Wylie Today's Games By The Associated Press National League Brooklyn 3-6: Pittsburgh 0-5. St. Louis 2-8, Boston 1-4. Cincinnati 5-1; New York 0-2 Chicago a-2; Philadelphia 0-4. American League Boston 5-7;. St. Louis 0-4. New York 3-3: Chicago :J-9. .Washington 2-7: Cleveland l-!5. Philadelphia 4-7; Detroit 3-ll. Southern Assoiation Birmingham .3-4: Atlanta 1-3. Nashville 10 ;Chattanooga 5 (2nd game postponed, rain) Memphis 8-1; Little Rock 6-6 (2nd game called after 5th, darkness). New Orleans 5-11; Mobile 1-G. Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Ted Williams and Dave Ferriss Red Sox — Williams added 11 points to his batting average, hit- '.ing lor cvcle in second game, 7-4, adge after Ferriss blanked Browns ,vith five hits, 5-0, for 15lh victory. Stan Spencc, Washington— Dou- oled home winning runs in 2-1 opener, beat Cleveland in second, 7-5, with seventh inning single off Bbbby Feller. Floyd Sevens, Yankees, and Joe uthcl, White Sox — Bevens held Sox to seven hits and hit two-run lomer to clinch own 3-2 decision- vuhel walloped two home runs in Chicago's 0-3 second game tri- imph. Stan Musial • and Erv Dusak -ardmals — Musial hit round tripper with man on to give Howie Pollet 2- Inod over Boston; Dusak's three-run homer assured tsirds ot clean sweep, 8-4. Vic Lombard! and Carl Furillo Dodgers— Lombard! white-washed Pirates, 3-0; Furillo' s inside-the- park four master gave Brooklyn 0-5 finale..- . . ,_, .'Hank Bor'owy, Cubs, and Delen- ms, Phillies — Borowy went route ni''-i fll 'st time since May 5 to stop • ,•'? ?.'?' Efnnis ' who hacl *our of eignt hits off Borowy, won second game, 4-2, with third inning homer. The Standings SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION on, re- cenlly discharged from the army employed as a guard at Roosel veil s grave, .and a son-in-law, em- Jloyed on a semipublic project in he neighborhood, might become ijictims of political reprisals, even hough Roosevelt is ead. He said he warned a represcnta- ive ot the Republicaw" National -oinmittee in 1936 that the New Jeal would make it impossible to buy radio time for the interview ronk exam- ,"•', ';'V JU urllt? 'or tne interview a few days! A i lcl thls ' hc s ' aic l. was the reasr .—_—L-lwhy it never was broadcast. late FIRST-AID FOR , SCALP-SCRATCHERS If dry uralp itches rub on n few drops of Moroline Hair Tonic. Hcl.os remove loose, unsightly dandruff flukes. MOROLINE HAIR TONIC ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply " •- "—'^.i ., uo ui uiinuual. A Republican worker assigned lo that job at the lime recollects however, thai the Republican National Committee got cold feet tried to gel the Jeffersonian Democrats to take the responsibility and finally killed it off themselves Arkansas Approved SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system stalled by us. in- W. S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. Doug pi TV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 for his first victory aflei start due to arm trouble. The Yankees lost ground in vhcir virtually hopeless task of chasing the Red Sox and now trail by 11 !-:> games after dividing with Chicago. They topped the While Sox, 3 to '.I for their sixth straight victory as Floyd Bevens pitched seven' hit ball and won his giime with a two run homer. Then 1he roof fell in and the White Sox put on an eighl- rtin second inning rally to win the nightcap, .8 to 3, ending a six game losing streak. Stan Spence led the Senators to _.... .. 2 to 1 and 7 lo !i victories over Detroit the Indians at Washington. Washington Die Athletics, beaten 10 straight i Cleveland times by Detroit, put over three! Sl.Louis runs in the ninth to win, 4 lo a I Chicago Atlanta Memphis Chattanooga Nashville New Orleans Mobile Birmingham Little Rock NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn St. Louis Chicago Cincinnati Boston New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh W. G3 5G 52 51 51 5(j 41 37 L. Pet, 38 .624 47 .544 45 .530 46 .526 , r >0 .505 52 .46!) .414 53 53 47 41 42 37 35 34 AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston 05 New York afler Hank Greenberg's two , ,„, homer had given the Tigers the lead in their half. Alton Benton wild-pitched home one of ihe runs, then Huts Derry drove in the clincher with a scratch single. The Tigers retaliated wilh an 11 to 7 second game victory, getting off to a fast start in the first inning on Jim Outlaw's three-run double SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark Philadelphia 4!) 44 41 34 25 34 34 38 43 46 49 47 51 25 36 37 42 47 50 53 60 .378 .60!) .60!) .553 .488 .477 .430 .427 .400 .722 .596 .570 .512 .466 .-132 .Ml For ELECTRIC Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER * Heating Hope. Ark. Plumbing Phone 259 RIDING HORSES Buggy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Soort HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES ZVt miles out on 3prlng HIM road NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana, Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS. « NOW OPEN Enjoy Swimming at the Pines Swimming Pool ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales 8t Service Political' Announcements The Star'is authorized to announce the following at candidates subject to th« action of the Democrat!*! primary elections this Sum. mer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON J.-W. (BILL) PATTO> T JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hempsread County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES. CLAUDE H. BUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C, TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAJ3 ;MCCORKLE SYVELL A: BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor c. COOK ;.; GARRETT WILLIS PINK W,. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER t „ ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 „ . TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County— » For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at ,bettw prices—Old beds made new- and new beds made too —• We Call for and Deliver ' Anywhere One day service.- in town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hotel a! ASavi The prudent man carries, insurance. The careful man carries MUTUAL insurance. For Mutual insurance is offered to only owners of the bettor class of property, to people who are interested in preventing loss;' As a result, losses have been less frequent, and that economy' of Mutual operation makes it possible to return 20 percent savings in the form of dividends to polic.vholders. '.,,;,' See Us and Save 20 percent on Your Insurance Cost! . Non-Assessable. . .Legal Reserve. FOSTER-ELLIS Mutual Agency Prompt Settlement of All Claims 108 East Second Phone 221 Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters H UGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76

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