Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1946
Page 5
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HOP* STA.R, H OP!, ARKANSAS Saturday- July 2A,J 946' By Chick Young ALL RIGHT, MR. (LINT, YOU CAN GO IN. I INtENO TO 6E MUCH THIS PR'ESUMPll'OUS f° PRIVATE OPERATIVE, HINT, KMOW5. Mi tUi: /."' Jl YOU IF I Nt'f0 YOU /'-, TVViLlGHT. . 'if WITH FLOWER WAITING AN IONGER,KEY5. I Will S LIBRARY A l FINISHED MY ( WORKSHOP DAGWCOD ^-t COME IN AND V-i SEE IT fHERES NOTHING LIKE A BIG DISH OP ICE ON A HOT SUMi AFTERNOON Mm; ^m NATciififuvi ,v<', M'G?E! v;>u rr.ov.vsr 1 \ ME ON YD'Jt WORD Of- liJNCf-'. NOT TO J CCWP HERE AH' N\AkJ: iX'pCEMr- 1 . ^ < TRIED TO WUSt'ER IN OUR PEPS* NOW WKEfiE'P VOUGCTTilfiTM? / HU'S By Gaibrairh '•\Y >^MMv%f \ V. Sft':n~^& >\W 'i \^'l 'X*?fl-<: \ \— '<Y%\i~. V'V'.'-V X> *V ' -*Jtf VW< ~:i^^:*&-^*3h^C^lS WP >J±^^i^_T^.^fefcl feaMalsEStl -aaf/T W/l TVtA't TVt£V AF,t:.' r ^p3^&' A.'\AI\l THF. - 1 ', ntt-lKSUIPK AFIKE LS'?}«39$? U/V\P5.' SHE'S! ...ON MIE KEEF.'v^-l'&lttf/. PULL TH' SAFETY'S ON ^'€^'55! 1HEM BOMB HARPOONS ' SVVAB'SJ rlUUINCr GV THE SHAKkY/ T> HEAP.' GIT TWE HATCH OVER THAT COAMING/ CAM TACKLE A TOUGH JO& LIKE ^ Y S$s> % 'I / COPK. t946 BY HEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT"! OFF. "—and I'm going right down town and get me »it n n -1111 i • i nun j. HI &UIH& ll&lll tia . If the colleges are crowded and 1 cant get in, I can ,„_,, r ... •,. _^ . .„ always make a living— \>\\ hu -A salesman of some scarce. *•*" "* lllt a "WOrcc.Slllt. ? ' lKl butter! ". Freckles arid His Friends By Blosser ?unny Business By Hershberger ; 'ETRE'S Th'5 PROOF/ ^SS'fS^&S*-"-^*.." 1 "' <s ^T"''^r''°* •*— ? ' J - * .'»"i'i'"—--•i''i"i^'ll . , , ANY EXPERIENCE MAKIN&- MAWA— -BUT DOUSHMUTS, YOUMG MAN? J L CAN SELL ' i CM SET A.LON& WITH PEOPLE / j Th r E "^rv.fllTai" '" / A WON)| WAS POPULAR WITH J THEM GOOD REFERENCES , AMD OVER UMOFR TREMENDOUS I DIFFICULTIES — WAS A COF2PORAL/ WOTTA DAY.. HO K'Jf^- H JUST LIKE OU 'liMES AUMOST iA,-TA Z~ RTCKSO P^i^P^-^iwI T : G.:.E£P T',\;C-.-r;T... J5;^' ;Kl fA^|'K-' p V^S"' ;-••;:. ;:a» Zj^r=r,?-Z- \ \^^^^^0^^^:^-^^^i^ = Jl!J^S ;.M [V-M 'Vj?> - ;f&Q '. "Now maybe you'll r/uit bcdiiiH aboul my croquet set- \^f3^(! comes my watch back!" COfffT 1946 BY MgA SERVICE. TNC.'TJ'M. BfO. U. s'. PAT. OFf Thimble Theater SHE isvi'T\ EQUIPPED WITH WIRELESS 22 AHOY W/MPV ARE VA SURE YA WARNED ABOUT TALLAPOO5A?? .(MOV/THAT THE DUCKS HAVE\* ""•-"'- IT ISQiJ/ET UP HERE OW-T MlViO (SO TO PAfttKiT t 10Wv\O'A X on fixei wages year or ing in<i- ever hj y That* ' sent ! the i nei cc my ^^ L ssasS'' ;• •.•>••« •„ ,, •' ' ' mfa xr^r"'^^fp '^Ml:::ii ^^K>: ..r^-^-^i^ Out Our Way ml Hi! 1 /, i,', '•^——-'..L HO,HO/I'D LIKE TC/> SEE YOU CR055 By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoopb llfef - SOME,. PES PUL. X i j ^.,IT--TAKE IT/ XT OUT OF MY HAND.' I'LL GET A NOSE BAG/ I CA.M'T THRU OWE MEAL, BECAUSE VOL) HAFTA SIT THRU TWO OR THREE I'LL --I'LL-- E6AD, OFFICER/ DOW YOU )%$ V^JELL NEVER THIN Of- OTHER. PEEPUL--JIS THEIR.GELFS. M-UMBLE -• / BOM05 MORES 1 ' ? -~- PAW/ \^i DID VOO H\ GET ALL THE PUM\TNE ARREST FOR ^m-m^ DICTUM OP "ULTIMA THULEV AND VOL5 SPECIFICALLY UEPV "FORUM COl\iSCtEMTIAB"./£=*< ABSOLOTeLV.' •HAf2-RDMPH/ ANDV-x^ _ . THAT'S A '' OFFENSE • \\ M % « H Nk vfiS t ^*'~* " t ~2l'j'itt - ^^/m^- • B05WELL LCCr'o AT F.|'1ft K '°^ toeE-r^x / Give THK AV.ARM>""\ ( Ou ' r THRO'JoH \ (, DOSWELL'S C52.7Tii-!vj ) ^-~> \ (i~^("\ F?5SRr ^ f l-^\^ SL Wh* //'-'> ; '-:.•>' ^-—ir~ ray, IITT^WN /'-'•* * ' ..t —~—i / 'Jfatete v^MM-^sap i im^m^^^.r^ w k _.TALL ADDS UP • E PLURlBuS UMDAA" r= /V.VIY MOTHSRS GET GRAY v^ o?k » «,. _ ., ,. rf . 1046 CLASSIFIED • A,, Wan^d^clh^nA^n: ° D ? e N°7 TPl S IC n'° n w«nn m Muvancc • Not Takdn Over the PhoriA HOPB STAR, MOPS, ARKANSAS tj 9r* """ • • • a« word. .»' Thro* tlmti . . 3i/ ae wotd *'* Hm " ' ' ' Se »»'•«, minimum 7S« On. month . lie word, minimum $a. 7 o •THW wnn t" " C '"" Contlnuou « Insertlong Only _THB MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale 8 FT. 1-IOUSK TKAILFT? , luiill in eiibincts. New point, fcnut] HITS. On Highway 07 nl Guernsey. Robert L. Eddy c/o Sam MeKumie. ID-'Ct ir lij/ht housekeeping, Near .jehooley's slurp. Phone 3M-K-1I. •I. K. Schnolcy. 17-tf BABY CmCI^''"lF'wif~DON'T nave Iheni we will order them lor you. Feeders Supply Co . ___ 17-1 n i CORN. CORN" CHOPS, WHE/VI\ Men scratch, plenty growing and ig mash. Feeder;; Supply Co __ _ 17-Ini P R KSS U R R COOK 1C lT USE D very little. $13. M,. S . .J oo Dildy. _ Phone 10!)(i. | B .3t TWO SMALL f>OG South 10.17-J. W. C . Gentry. l ' hnnc 18-lit BOYS' BICYCLK. EXTRA HEAVY duly. Hilly Ketlig, Prescotl. Ark. Phone 8]fi-F-i!l. lo.fit BABY CAKRIAGF, pTfACTlcArilTY new. See at 22,'i North Walnnl. 1U-31 I''1SII BAIT FOR SALE ON DOUG- las's farm, W> miles north of __ on SPG highway. 19-Gt GOOD USED 8!> II.P. V-8~M6TOn For passenger ear. Apply Foster's Grocery, Phone 7-H. 2!Kit Real Estate for Sale FOUR ROOM HOUSE, GOOD CON- tlitlon, good lot, Apply 832 North Hazel, Cash Only. 15.01 80 ACRE FARM, 1 MILE OUT ot corporation on paved highway. 14 bearing pecan and 3 plum trees. Homestead house has 7 rooms and $125 kitchen cabinet. Has eleclricity and gns is available. Large barn imd newly repaired 'flnunl house. Would cost $10,000 to duphcaro improvements. Will soil for $7,000. See P. J. Holt, 313 North Washington, Phone 102G-W. 10-01 FOUR ROOM HOUSE AND TWO lots on Ada Street. 2 blocks back of Alex Purtlc's. See W. W. Biddie. _ iG-lit WE HAVE THREE NICE HOMES and two farms for sale that are worth investigating. See Floyd Porterfielcl. 20-01 REGISTERED PIGS, TOP BRED quality. J. A. Coffee. Poland Chin,-i Farm or Sutlon Livestock Commission. Lost BRAHMA CALK FROM FAIR park Rodeo Pen. Notify Terrell Cornelius. Phone fi. 18-31 LARGE SQUARE SILVER COM- pact with ro.se on top. Loft at Chas. A. Haynes Co. Wednesday morning. Return to Hope Star or lo Corcnc Morris. 19-31 •14 ACRES, U MILES EAST OF Hope. Nice five room homo, fine well and two springs. Butane gas and lights. $4400. G LOTS NEAR FA1RPARK DRIVE $701). 137 ACRES, 7 MILES NORTH OF Hope, sandy land, nice S room house. Well and springs. $3,000. IUO ACRES FOUR MILES. EAST on No. 4 highway. Five room house, barns and extra good level laud. $4,800. NEW FIVE ROOM HOUSE ON Foster Avenue. $4,200. CAFE WELL LOCATED. A REAL , bargain. Walkout sale. SEE HILEY LEWALLEN, PHONE lie. East 3rd St. 18-31 ONE NEW STORE BUILDINc'^4 by 34 It. Almost complete. Your choice of two houses, one five room and one U room. Built in cabinets. Showers. Nice location. Mix trade. Will consider good car. If ink-rested see A. W. Gobi), North Ha/el, old 07 highway. ' 19-31 Matt-res? Renovating Help Wanted HOME ECONOMICS TEACHER for Spring Hill School. Excellent salary. If iiiloresled. call 27-W-22. 'Also High School English teacher and .Commercial teacher wanted. 20-31 WANTED STORE MANAGER for automotive tire Supply Store. Salary and bonus. Also tire salesman. Call 257 or 7SG-W, Magnolia, Ark. 20-31 PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope FEATURING • GOOD STEAKS • Chicken Dinners 2 Private Dining Rooms OFSN FROM 5 P. M. 'Til Midnight » Cover Charge Saturday Night MILTON EASON. Owner FOR THE BEST IN GUARAN- tocd work call Cobb's Malttress Co. at 712 W. 4th. We call for and deliver. Phono 229-J. 21-lm For Sale or Trade GOOD 1940 FORD PICK-UP, good condition. Esso Service Station, Emmet, Ark. IG-fit Wanted to Rent UNFURNISHED HOUSE OR apartment. Call Clarence Weakley at 73 or 708. 16-Gt 4 OR 5 ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment or house. Call Clifford Cox at Moore Bros, or 918-J after 7 p.m. 20-31 Notice WILL TRADE HOUSE RENT FOR carpenter work and painting.'A. M. Rottig, Prescotl, Ark. Phone 815-1-1-21. 19-Gt Wanted to Buy SMALL TWO WHEEL TRAILER, W. P. McRee, Route 1, Box 49, Hope, 4 miles on Springhill Road. 20-31 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. 4, Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBU8LT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texorkona, U. S. A. Painting Your Car is Our Business " Let us give your car one of our super paint jobs. Finest quality paint, any color. No metal work. Visit us for estimate on body or metal work. Work done by experts. Ray Turner William Kennedy HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 Shrine Shine Famed Market Street of San Francisco puts on its best party dress in preparation for the Shrino Victory Convention which opens there July 23. Shown aiding a noble of Islam Temple are Irene Muhrlin, left, and Carol Crandall, as banners and bunting £o up along street. Players May Get Voice in Business By TOMMY DEFINE Chicago, July 19 —(UP) — For the first time in the 70 year history of major league baseball, club owners were ready today to give players a voice in the conduct of the game's business affairs. The precodent-snallering move was made yesterday by a joint committee of the National and American Leagues which voted to consult the players in drafting a new uniform player's contract. Ground-work fpr the move was laid at a secret meeting of club owners in Boston at the time of the All-Star game and was continued in highly secret sessions here. While the formal announcement was carefully phrased to avoid mentioning any reason for the move, it clearly was an action designed to combat the American Baseball Guild and the player raids made by the Mexican League, operated by multi-millionaire Jorge Pasquel. Boston Attorney Robert Murphy, founder of the baseball guild, arid Pasquel have attacked the reserve clause of the present major league contract which binds a player lor his career, but which can" be terminated by the club upon 10 days notice. Pasqucl termed big league players as sort's and said the fabulous contracts no offered wore designed to "liberate them from slavery." Major league club owners long have shied from a court sho'.vdown Zuber Proving Worth for the Boston Club By JACK HAND (Associated Press Sports Writer) Bill Sinker Ball Zuber, a luckless pitcher who couldn't got anybody mil for the Yankees, is proving to be a $7,r>00 bargain i'ind "or i the pennant-bound Boston Red I Sox. Pic;:eil up for the nominal waiver fee when New York cut him loose, the 31-ycar-oldster has earned Ihree straight decisions :'or his benefactors and hasn't been beaten yet. Zuber never will shove Tx Hughson, Micky Harris or Dav Frriss out of the spotlight but ior that right spot on the fourth or fifth day when the doubleheaders pile up he ma" be just what ihe doctor ordered. Even in victory, ubor had to play second iiddle to Ted Williams yesterday when Umpire Red Jones eviclcd 14 White Sox players and coaches after he had warned pitcher Joe Haynes about "dusting" Williams. The Pale Hose resented the charge that Haynes was "throwing at" Thumping Teddy. A yammering room and bench resulted in Jones thumping out Ralph Modgin, Dario Lodigiani, Ed Smith and Bing Miller. When the riding persisted, Jones cleaned out the dugout, shooing 10 more players and leaving only Manap'-i- Ted Lyons, Coach Mule Haas and a skeleton bullpen brigade. Boston's phenomenal Fenway Park record against the western clubs now reads 28 won, 2 lost (both to Bobby Feller). Witli the Yankees and St. Louis Browns unscheduled, the Red Sox upped their lead over second place New York to 11 1-2 games. Hal Newhouser chalked up his 18th victory in an unimpressive performance against -Washington, 10-5, allowing 12 hits. Hunk Greenberg's tremendous triple with'the bases loaded and Birdie Tebbets' two - run double helped the Tigers overcome a 5-0 Washinglon lead and go on to win. Mickey Vernon's four hits in five at bats enabled him to regain the batting lead from Williams. Barrel-Chester Pat Seerey of Cleveland hammered two home runs, his Ifith and 16th, in the Indians' (i-1 romp over the Athletics. Brooklyn came out of its disastrous slump long enough to down Cincinnati. 8-4, and go into a :'irsl place tie with the Cardinals who over the legality of the clause. reserve . Action is expected immediately on formation of the committee which will represent the 480 players now in the major leagues. The joint committee of league officials and club owners expressed hope that preliminary work can bo done "within a few weeks.' ' Baseball Commissioner A. B (Happy l Chandler conferred with the league executives, but did not , G ; rlpoMil"?.,,"".-^""-!" 1 ?:? Q participate in the meeting. 2b Gieenborg, Detroit, 22. ^^1^^^^^^ IfifnS, No£ M &r COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRSNTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply CARNIVAL Page Five By Dick Turner COPR 1146 BY HEA SERVICE INc'rVmrolj "s "Well, I.don't 'specially like his looks myself, Doc but he's «ood lo the children!"" This Curious World By William Ferguson were washed out of their night tilt with the Phillies after three scoreless innings of a pitching duel between Johnny Beazley and Hugh Mulcahy.' Rookie Warren Spahn continued his impressive lefthanded \york, dumping Chicago, .6-1,. to give Boston its third straight western series. Pittsburgh and New York were not scheduled. League Leaders By The Associated Press National League Batting — Hopp, Boston, .383; Walker. Brooklyn, .373. Runs — Musial, St. Louis, 67; Mine, New York, 58. Runs batted in — Slaughter, St. Louis, 72; Walker, Brooklyn, 70. Hits — Musial, St. Louis, 125; Walker. Brooklyn, 113. Doubles — Musial, St. Louis, 2C; Holmes, Boston, 20. Triples — Musial, St. Louis, 10; Walker .Brooklyn, 7. Home runs — Mize, New York, 19; Kiner, Pirates, 16. Stolen bases —Reiser, Brooklyn, 22; Hopp, Boston, and Haas. EATS ALMOST ANYTHING TVIAT APPROACHES THE WATEI2 SURFACE WHERE. HE LIVES: INSECTS, FISH, SNAKES, MICE, FR06S. CRAWFISH, BIRDS, BATS. MUSKRAT5 AND DUCKS. COPR. 1910 0V NEA SERVICE, INC. THE LARSE5TSIN6LE SOURCE OF CASH FARM INCOAVE IS FROM CURIOUS TREE OF SOUTH AMERICA, L.OOKS LIKE- A PINE, BUT /.T/V'/:... AND WEARS IT2 CROWN LIKE AN UMBRELLA. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ANSWER: Milk, with $2,969,301,000 in 19-14. Hogs ranked aecbjJd New York, July 20— W) —Yesterday it was a baseball man bc- muan'ing the fact that returning H=57• nirlf ~~ «t T • nR ; : '.f%u' 1 ' war votornns aren't doing as well Am£ r ' • U1Sl 7 ---' 778 ' as expected. . . Today its a boxing American League I .,<•;„;„„.,,]„ ,,!„,.!„,; ;r ( i,,, T.,,,,, Batting — Vernon, Washington, .3S8; Williams, Boston, .853. Runs —- Williams, Boston, 10; Pesky, Boston, 71. .Runs batted in — Williams, Boston. 87; Doerr. Boston, 78. Hits — Fcrasdino, St. Loues, 112; esky, and Doerr, Boston, 111. Doubles — Vern.on, Washington, 10; Edwards, Cleveland, 8. Homo runs — Williams, Boston, Pitching — Newhouser. Doiroit, 18-IJ, .857; Forriss, Boston, 1-M-.77M. Arkansas Approved SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system stalled by us. in- W. S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Yesterday's Stars B y The Associated Press Dixie Walker, Dodgers — contributed two-run homer, double and single to attack as Brooklyn snapped six-game losing streak with S-4 win over Cincinnati. Warren Spahn, Braves — Rookie southpaw silenced Cubs with six hits, G-l. Bill Zuber, Red Sox — earned third straight decision for Boston wUh four-hit job against Chicago, Pat Seerey, Indians — hammered two home runs, one with bases loaded in 8-1 lomp over Athletics. Hal Newhouser, Tigers — chalked up 18th victory of season by downing Washington, 10-5, although touched for Vi hits. sibility fur selection of the players' committee. It is expected that he would ask each major league manager lo name a player representative. ' aficionado wondering if the Tony Zale-Rocky Graziano middleweight title scrap will i'urnish furthar proof of the same trend. . . Ring expert Nat Fleischer points out that Billy Conn, without benefit of lunneups after leaving the army, made a miserable showing against Joe Louis, "who definitely lias slipped." . . . Red Cochrane stiffened five opponents in tuneups after leaving the navy, but the iirst time he met a tough rival, Rocky Graziano, it was "boom" and Red was all through. . . Zale has chalked up six easy knockouts this year a^fl now he's about to meet his first tough guy — that same Graziano. . . Slipping or not, Fleischer adds, these guys still have to be the headline lighters, because no one first class boxer was developed in the armed forces. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1033 South Main St. Doug /"»|TV Carl Bacon V»«l | f Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 over the air occasionally, Okla homans are moaning that thej have to stand up and bare ihei heads because "those dadburnei New Yorkers stole our song." Dots All, Brothers Dana X. Bible, the Texas tutor who is oreparing lor the last of hi 34 years ol i'ootball coaching, ha racked up 14 titles in 28 season with senior colleges. . . The tele vision station which aired th Louis-Conn fight announces it wl use ;i new "super sensitive" can' era i'or the Zale-Graxiano fracas . . After showing Louis vs. Con it ought to be super sensitive no\\ In bright light, the pupil of th eye of a cat is a vertical slit, bu in dim light it becomes circular. j The only bird known to hav j slit eye pupils is the black skim The first. New York newspapc I was William Bradford's New Yor [Gazette, published in 1725. Kiwanis Club a^t night at Fair Park the Kiwanin Club rovonged last year's iclcal by rolling up n 23' to 9 -core against Rotary Club in a oftball game that fu-nished fttns ilcnty of laughs, and was marred nily by an accident, in which Ted ones sustained a lirohonankle. H was pretty easy going for he Kiwanians this yaar but Iho Rotary boys are not easily' dis- oiiragod and a report is circu- ating over coffee cups today that he loser will be the loam to waiv'n lext year. Naturally :ho Kiwan- ans, elated over their revenge, ountcred with the roma'.ic i.'ist 'it looks like outside aid is gonna te brought in." Despite the accident it was a lot f fun -and brought . in necessary unds with which to repair and aint the Park wadaing pool. The bpxscore: Kiwanis Club A Bitter Pilfer Back in 1912 Oklahoma A and M college borrowed a tune. "In Old New York" from a popular show and used it for the college song. .. Now that the Red Mill is enjoying a rival and the same tune conies SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. RIDING HORSES Buggy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Sport HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES miles out on Spring Hill road NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING FOR—Dependable and Quick « PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS. » NOW OPEN Enjoy Swimming at the Pines Swimming Pool Lawrence, C Bundy, CF Ray, 3B Moore, SS Tollett, P .... Royston, LF Stuart, LF .... Franks, 2B Albrillon. RF . McPherson, IB AB ..5 . 6 4 . 4 . .. 3 .. 2 3 5 5 5 R 2 2 4 4 2 1 2 2 1 2 H 1 ] 2 3 1 0 2 4 0 2 42 23 10 Rotary Club Purvis, IB 1 0 Clifton, IB 3 1 D. McRae. 2B 1 0 Tooley, 2B 4 1 Stewart, SS 3 1 J. Jones, 3B 4 1 Dildy, P 3 1 T. Jones, C 3 0 Coffee, LF 4 1 Wray, CF 3 0 S. McRac, RF .... 3 0 32 G Fights Last Night By The Asociated Press San Francisco — Willie Brown 185, San Francisco, outpointed Ed die Reed, 218, Fresno, 8. Hollywood, Calif. — Fabela Chavez, 132, Los Angeles, outpointec Alfredo Escobar, 129 1-2, Monterey Mexico, 10. By United Press New York (Madison Square Gar den) — Charley (Chuck) Taylor, 144 1-4, Coalport, Pa., outpoi'ntec Tony Pellone, 141 1-2, New York (10). New Orleans — Sonny Home, 160 1-2, Niles, O., outpointed Louis Rousse, 158 1-2, New Orleans (10) New York — Long Beach Sta dium) — Jimmy Callura, 123, Ham illon ,Ont., outoointed Bobby Rich ards, 123 1-2, Spokane, Wash (8) Worcester, Mass. —Charlie Wil hams, 14!i, Trenton, N. J., knocked out Eddie Letourneau, 147, Port land, Me. ,5). Every South American countr except Chile and Ecuador louche Brazil's borders. In 1G9G New York City made its first appropriation (20 pounds for street cleaning. . Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to th« action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTOM J. W. (BILL) PATTO> T . JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. BUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER • ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main For ELECTRIC RV!C Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Retiig Electric Co, 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service- ii town — Bargains . In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hotel at The prudent man carries insurance. The careful man carries MUTUAL insurance. For Mutual insurance is offered to only owners of the better class of property, to people who are interested in preventing loss. As a result, losses have been less frequent, and that economy of Mutual operation makes it possible to return 20 percent savings in the form of dividends to policyholders. See Us and Save 20 percent on Your Insurance Cost! Non-Assessable. . .Legal Reserve. FOSTER-ELLIS Mutual Agency Prompt Settlement of All Claims 108 East Second Phone 221 Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76

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