Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 19, 1946
Page 4
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^«-»M*.»*«w^. t » r; ^^ Fstrr HOPE STAR, HOyg, ARKANSAS ? I P a ^ ^ <5 i By Chick Young & f-^z^^^™*^ FOR RENT, BY ANV CHANCE? .^ffMay-MiJivi^ USH THORN IS DEAD, TWILIGHT. REMEMBER THAT.' I'LL TELL KEYS TO ADMIT MR. RIN1. A II on. » Th'.. iTm.,'. For Sale Side Glances By Gaibraith MODEST MAIDENS. TraiU-mirk ntililtrol U. 3. I'atjnl 0:!l.-e ; JPR. IMe aY NEA SEBVICg. me. T. M. REO. U. s. PAT. OFF -"When you told me if was for stile, I benight it as fast as I could—this is my llrst look at it. too!" Funny Business By Hershbsrger "Imagine! All these, people picking the same time as we do to go on their vacation!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser I HOPE 1 MAK£ A ) FlRST I'LL SAY GOOD IMPRESSION—(YOU'RE A TERRIFIC TELL. HER I-LL EVEN ^SALESMAN WITH BE VVILLIMS To SWEEP SOUND IDEAS > FLOORS TO GET STARTED / J hrT TMAT'S A GOOD APPROACH-Bur DON'T SPREAD IT OM TOO THICK/ /HER YOU I * COULD TREBLE HER. BUSINESS IN NO TIME IF SHE HIRED rou/ GOOD? SHE'LL FALL FOR. THAT QUCK. AS A WINK / 1916 Br NIA SISVICE. INC. T. M.TiEO. iT COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. IHC. T. M. cq^U. S "Your honor, I'm just making sure I have-to defend him on. only one charge of pickpockelint* duriny Hie trial!'! Popeye ^ tJTALLAPOOSAJ THE TALLAPOOSA IS QUITE - t t Thimble Theater V'',\,'y .*•' ' "*"""""?*~ - ™ 1 *""" — ~™~~^™"«—^—•—^•»—••_« (THAT'S STKANGE/A V I WONDER WHY ALL v ^ffi'S T HE CLICKS ACE "ii GOING THE OTHER Out Our Way ro M s, M s* ^^' ' ' ^""Hr cliPH. J-,!.,..MM, fmi nrs SIM,I, ATt !«,. MuKI.K 1:1..Ills Kt.SMIU.U By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hooplc IN A BIG \ SHOP YOu'RE- SEEM, BUT MOT MUCH CHAWCt. TO BE HEARD-SO YOU'D BETTEK. ANY .CHANCE! Ct X*^K. |?y£Sfe: cv'-e<J i ^ j ; y -'-. THAWKS, 1 HADM'T MISSEP 'EM VET-THANKS' I KMEW RIOHT AWAV THEY WUZ VOLJR SPECS, CUi I SEEM VCU BEMD POWN THERE AM 1 I SPOTTEP 'EM JIB IM TIKE, cuz THEV DUMPEP A LOTTA STUFF THERE AN'I-I— WHAT 5 HE TEYWA DO, GET A PROMOTION) UP TO A FOREMAN) FER. FINDIM' A PAIR. O'SPECS? —I, \ THE OPPOR.TUNJITY T« \ DIDM V T NOU FELLERS Yt&LL ^^^ EGAD/ 8& FCRE.WARMED SEETHHfA 6\&MS, /miA V^^f MM GOOD MAl^/--^ \P-' NO SWlMMlW OR. V/ V^6'RE |^p^=^TNOU /V\OU£S.T US, OMLV vt/WE'RE: \l VOU'LL RUE IT R&CKoNi I'LL RF\ME \( isiTms \ eT/vce }\.-^wt ARE HERE TO RLSM YOU IN ^\ PUDDLE )\ POMD ^z?? BV THS- BV V|t\i6PECTORG>,vi INi^lOLASL ACCIBEOT IVOUR HOMOR. )'{ RIGHT O? - ' V.3U6T /l - HONA& A FOR A FROM A L^ <?i %\ (V: : ^. _-^---' _5" '*&$& ^TLJDV MOOR. LATINS, ~ *^, BOVS- 1 -IT \MONi -> ^N TM\S CA9E = 7-11 O O Q o O C* 20 BY 8 FT. IIOUSK TRAI1,KR fiirriiKlu'cl. built in cnbinols. Now Pjiinl. S ,j 0 ,| tires. On Ilighwny (i7 ni; l.Hicnuioy. Robert I,. Ktklv _ <•'•'» S.-ini McKuniie. " ID-fit THRKK ~n66Ms~,.,., '"r liHhi iKinscUoc'piiiK, Near Sehooloy's store. Phone 38-F-1 I _Mrs. .!._ K. Stihooley. 17-tf HMO FORD' DELUXE "TiinoTf"SP". flan 1034 Ford tudor sedan, 1031 J'ortl •) door sodan. All 3 extrn c oan and in good condition. liar- OKI Payne, j'atmos, Arkansas ,_ _ __ 17-31. i»j>, BABY CHICKS." iF wF~no.\"T "- have Ihoiu we will order theni yon. l-Vt-flers Supply Co 17-1 in COHN, CORN CHOP.S,~\VMKAT" hen scratch, plenty j<rowiru' and InyniK mash. Feeders Supply Co _. 17-1m PRESSURE COOKER! usFio very IIUIc. $13. Mrs. Joe Dildv, Phone 1000. ja.st TWO SMALL" s7\T-^T,K "IToRSKS' . r )0(i South Walker St. Phone . W. C. Genlr.y. Iti-ci. BOYS' n ', "~ -——..., .jjiittjt i I i n f i v L duty. Billy Rc-tlii;, Prescoll, Ark. Phoiii' HI. r )-F-ai. ID-fit BABY CARRIAGE PRACTICALLY new. See at 223 North Walnut. j 10-31 FISH BAIT FOR SALE ON~DOUG- Ins's farm, i!';. miles north of lltipp on SPG higliway. 10-Ot CiOOl) USED ». r ) II.P. V-« MOTORS For I'aekaid ear. Apply Foster's (Iroeer.v. Phone 7-1-). l!)-;u HAU1O PI IONOG RA PH ~COMBI- nation. «ood eondition, Phone T2(i. Mrs. Franl; Malooe. l!)-,'ii R EG IST K R E O PIGS. ~TOP~nR FJ^ quality. ,J. A. Coffee, Poland China Farm or Sutton Livestock, Commission. H)-(H Lost BILI-POt.n CONTAINING SOCIAL .soi.-uiity ciii-cl. driver's lic-on.SL's and ulhcr p;i{jfi's tuul $H!) in t^ish. Finder gilcuso rcLurn to F.lroy WriKlil, Ilupe III. 1 or Cux ^Cussidy's Ftiuiulry. Howard. 17-,'il BRAHMA CALF FROM "FAIR park Knduo Pen. Notify Ton-oil Cornelius. Phone 5. ]8-3l K SQUARE SILVER COM- piict with rose on top. Left at Chas. A. Hiiynes Co. Wednesday rnurniny. Return to Hope Star or to C'orono Morris. 19-Ut so YOUR BUSINESS WITH MR, MELCROhT IS CONFIDSHTIAL, EH? IT'LL HAVE TO BE BETTER THAU THAT TO OPEN / THEM GATES, MR. FLINT, IT'S FLINT.' THE S'tlY THAT $TIU WAS TALKINCi TO LAST NIGHT WHEN I BUMPED HIM OFF. 51ILU PROBABLY BLABBED THE WHOLE. BUSINESS ABOUT _ HELPIN'lASH THORN ^.-,,/,l). KILL PRIESTLY. OUR WOULD-B6 VISITOR SEEMS TO 6E MAKING NO PROGRESS WITH KEVS. HE WEARS A FICWER IN HIS BUI1CMIIOIE. TAKE A 100K, TWIUGHT. ,:' JH&teikJ I'LL HAKTA "V WNFOUNDEP OH, WHAT A RELIEF TO SET / IF THAT PON'T V RUM AROUND COOK! SOMI " MNLiMliW TH1KS 5EEV.S TO VMIMPEE. HOLD I PS f\SWH5T IT* /2&KM fLASKUDHT! MIGHT 8£ KIM TrlAT CHOCX mu4PEP, AMI5H I iEARTtt-' FAME'S TO 3LAME FOK THIS.' AFTER iT'fT ALL HEAR THAT? ioro-e ecuvrs. TV.' COAST GUARI7 r/, /,'. SEEMS /'l-e GOT- MUTIHV! SF-TTLE SVITM YOU, BLACK CYN--/ -4 ROCKETS, FLAMES, FLARE?, PATKOL BOATS AMP OUR SHIP ABLAZE AN' BREAKING UPOSJ TU' KEEP.',,, BOYS, WE \ HENRY, DEAR - WILL YOU TAKE UP GOLF THIS SLIMMER -JUST FOR ME? WELL,! (?5(XOiM THAT TA.-.E3 CA?S C- ILLKtiSfe., ; Tt-' V'S'TO^S I'V SOMNJA, M4V~ TONI3H NOW TH' QUEST.ON 15 WI-A T TO CO .L, HELLO.H HE .' WHAT } HAD DO:M' / TH 1 H=AB£D VOU'N'B'jD/riERE'S THREE NH'-VA.I NO, BUT ~* A. r> i-n^i i r> i r- M_ /..,„.., ...... I ' * __. ' L r™ ' S ilr' * junv *T) v" voRv- "~^r—- - - <—/-""' *< *»WwBt># ^i^W^r,^-»- •"•• feWQv :.r*«&; V\>\\ Ml' ^ ? W«lfr^w GIMME YF-RJ U^^-U^^feilL H05S/ SHE'5 ,-^| WELL, IF YA DOVJ'T WAMTA USE THIS BRIDGE, ITS MY UMBRELLA DOWH (JOWKIA USE / T/-U.K "I-IAT VMY ABOUT WL : LLIE/ \\W -. .'•"n-^r^TV;-. TO FOLLOW rAE V-.. xv._ YOU.RYDER; /"LOOK/ '605WELC5 Ut-iHOOKlN)' HOPt STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS IFIED lie wold' a« word. Offlce Day Before Plication ' Not Taken Over the "* " m< " ' Ono month ' Se word ' "•'"I""* "« lie word, minimum $a.70 ,° rC f ° r Cotltlnuo «8 Insertions Only YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" Real Es^nte for Sale FOUR ROOM HOUSK. GOOD C'ON- dilion, good lot. Apply 8112 North Hn/el, Cash Only. is-Ot 80 ACRK FARM, 1 MILK OUT of corporation on paved highway. H bearing pecan and 3 plum trees. Ihimestead house has 7 rooms and $l2, r > kiJchen cabinet. Has electricity and xf's is available. Large barn and newly repaired < ; >nuiil house Would cost ,1110,000 to duplicate improvements. Will soil for $7.000. See P. J. Holt, 313 North Washington, Phone 1020-W. IG-Gt FOUR ROOM lots on Ada Street. 2 blocks back of Alex Purtle's. See W. W. Bid_^te_- ____________ ______ 1 G-Gt TWO LARGE LOTS, ONE ON corner. House under construction. West 7th Street, Apply 70. r > West Ave. B. n.'jt 44 ACRES, 3 MILES EAST OF Hope. Nice five room homo, fine well ;ind two springs. Butane Hns and lights. $4400. 0 LOTS NEAR FAIRPARK DRIVE 's Plenty GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope FEATURING • GOOD STEAKS Chicken Dinners 2 Private Dining Rooms OPcN FROM 5 P. M. 'Til Midnight • Coyer Charge Saturday Night MILTON EASON, Owner 137 ACRES, 7 MILES NORTH OF Hope, snncly land, nice ii room house. Well and sprint's. $3.(iou. BO ACRES FOUR MILES EAST on No. 4 highway. Five room house, barns and extra good level land. $<l,800. NEW FIVE ROOM HOUSE ON I'osier Avenue. $4,200. CAFE WELL LOCATED, A REAL bargain. Walkout sale SEE RILEY LEWALLEN, PHONE •HO. East 3rd St. lH-;jt Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1948 By King Features Syndicate. 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OUR MOTTO is "SATI§FI^ CUSTOMERS" 314 j. 3rd. _ Byron Hefner Phone 442 New York, July in — Thanks to some young veterans, members of the American Veterans' Committee, Inc., 1 have a copy of the official bulletin, reporting on the recent first nationa! convention in Des Moincs. Two of the three were reluctant to Jet me have it, one of them remarking irrelevantly thai they were not Communists; although he, Himself, might be called a pink. 1 then pointed out. xhat theirs was nol n secret society — or was it? — and thnt il should not be difficult to get a copy ;*rom Ihe nalional headquarters just by asking. I think this sensitiveness is due to Ihe presence of Communists in the organization and the raising of the issue of communism at a meeting of the metropolitan council of the A.V.C. in New York, last May. This bulletin devotes an entire page lo n juvenile boast about the press cpvenigc of the DCS Moincs convention but the bulletin, itself, is more informative than all the current stories that I read in the daily papers. Much of this journalism was propaganda ior the A.V.C.j larded with jibes at the undeniable misconduct of the American Legion at many of its disorderly national conventions between wars. The bulletin contains five photographs ot cnarles Bolte. tho na- lional chairman, four of Gilbert Harrison, the vice-chairman, -ihreo of Franklin D .Roosevelt, jr., two of Henry Wallace and one of Walter Reuther. president of the United Auto Workers of the C.I.O. In this repetition of the pictures of leading personalities in the dominant political faction of the A.V.C. I observe a resemblance to the editorial character of union publications, notably the Pilot, of the Nalional Maritime Union, which often carries half a dozen cuts of .Joe Cm-ran, the president. The tendency here is to aggrandize the pei-sons in power and promote their policies in an official publication technically devoted to the interests of the organization. Mr. Wallace, now . r )8 years old, definitely did not serve in the second world war and his biography makes no mention of any service in the first one. Mr. Reulher, born in lt-u( .obviously could not have served in Ihe first one and did not serve in the second one although he was just 3, r > at a time when many other American men ot the same age dropped everything to join up. Both Wallace and Routher addressed the convention and their remarks, serving their own political interests. ;u-e reported to the extent of half a page. The head on the Reuther story reads, " 'We're with you,' Reulher tells convention delegates.' 'The text contains no reminder that Routher certainly was not with them in camp or at the front during the war or that his union ran up a shocking record of strikes and slowdowns in automobile and airplane plants. Anticipating the resentment of war veterans against this ph^se of the U. A. W.'s performance, Reuther, jn April of this year, proposed a bonus of not morn than $3,500 for veterans without overseas service and, for overseas veterans, a minimum bonus of :J500 and a maximum of $4,500. He also proposed unemployment salaries' for veterans who may bo thrown out of work by union strikes and the Des Moines convention adopted this idea in its platform. That plank calls for $25 a week for 26 weeks "for unemployment of all kinds, including time lost clue to labor disputes.' In Routher's case il will be seen that his union, with its enormous taxing power, would ingratiate itself with war veterans by tapping the public treasury for strike bene- lits, traditionally the responsibility of the striking union, and campaigning for bonuses. The bulletin says the convention rejected a bonus proposal but that, i think, is Now Available Kitchen Sinks Harry W. Shiver Plumbing and Heating Phone 259 Arkansas Approved BUTANE GAS SYSTEMS and APPLIANCES We can guarantee immediate delivery high class Butane Range with each system installed by us. W, S. Chance Company Texarkana, Texas 1729 New Boston Road Phone 231 Dodgers Flag Hopes Dimmed by Cardinals By JACK HAND (Associaled Pi-ess Sporls Writer) Brooklyn's fond dream of a 194G pennant has exploded inlo a grisly nightmare today wilh the Cardinals back in first place and the Dodgers on a six-game losing binge. Seven games ahead on the July •tlh dividing line, the Dodgers have crashed toward their doom on a fatal western jaunt while St. Louis, sate at home, has ealc'ii up the entire lead and forged ahead by a half game. All is not lost for the Gowanus faithful if the Brooks can pull out of the lailsuin before it becomes a habit for the Hod Birds still have two long eastern tours before the curtain, drops. The discouraging factor to the Brooks in the certain fact that St. Louis appears to be leveling off for another of is famous stretch drives. The Phillies, who kept St. Louis out of first place Wednesday, fought hard to bar the door last night but linally succumbed, 5-4. It CARNSVAL By Dick Turner a misleading interpretation of. the resolution. I said the A.V.C. would fight for a bonus if certain conditions arc not met by Congress which obviously cannot be met. These .are effective price control, guaranteed employment for every citizen and veteran and low cost housing for all. Some of these conditions are so ambigious that the A. Y. C. can say that they have not 'been fulfilled, whatever Congress might do. Then, having made a mere gesture of patriotic rejection of the bonus, the group, at next year's convention, may come out lor something like Reulher's bonus plan. Inasmuch as the A. V. C. professes to appeal to the more intelligent veterans • am pu/xlcd lo find so transparent a device set before them as s honest renunciation of Ihe bonus. Nevertheless ihe official summary flatly says the convention "voled againsl" a bonus. The bullelin, as I said, is infor- malivc and Ihis is true in a negative sense, as well, Ihe case of Ken Pettus being an example. "He says it's impossible • for anyone with a voice likr mine to be a wrong number 1" •1? Bmk S. TbStatah J?. New York July 19 -(,?)- Base- 1 Amphibs. has decided to stick to iill tuns who sat through -those his dairy business in Vero Beach i M 1wn '1' mo seasons in the hope Fla., instead of pkaying iootball mo,-,! y SCC a ,, grc >! 1 im P rov o- with the Miami Seahawks. And ment as soon as the fighting was Syracuse's Phil Allen, who signed '° OI ' sl - B « ' g ball isn't know the much better. thought we'd get something and didn't," one smart baseball man " w e thought we'd get yers b;lk but ' gen- "We the insurance business. Baseball isn't more than c^enl better this year and is that \ve don't "if n . 5 , «--Auiiipie. ..«».. luami.B uiuiiK wun a piayer getting a coupe of 'Bama f Ken PcUus, lormerly of Seattle, | who is skimping or loafing. We can on its schedule. . Report ar >w of Chicago, where Jie is a bench him or fire him and nave the inrmis ri,-r,,ii ic n,n „» now 01 Lnicago, wnerejie is a "encn mm or lire him and nave the tennis circuit is tint nationa news editor for the National Broad- somebody to put in his place." . . champion Sarah Cooke? may tun casliim v_o.. ant wri fj nthor rnrl in As an examri P IP nn n(o -in 11-10 „,.„ r'.. „ i_ : ,i_ M. iV J , , cessively sports editor, leature rw,)« . n ji ,— '••"• *..v. nui ivj.tiii\ iviciivi[i iiuvu i;u\en ove Dodgers are all though; they never the management of hcavyweigh CtlCl hllVO :» rnnl mnini- l/ii rt»i« A i TJ „_ -«« • , -r ^'o" v,wu.r^.L ( j iijjvjiio uvitLivl, JL Cit LIU I, \JLI 1- -^ ».i 13 *- i o lor and managing editor of the clici have Tokyo edition Stripes." Tne Associaled Press from Tokyo last March Stars resorted that -*—••• •» ««»_» u itiou j»iu i til t* II1UL General Douglas MacArthur had approved the removal of Kenneth L. Pctlus, of Chicago, irom the post of magazine editor of Stars and Stripes on the ground of .questionable integrity and discretion." It occurs to me that this was pertinent matter which could be omitted irom the bulletin's biographical story only at the risk of good faith between the bulletin and its readers. The A: P. said MacArthur's inspector general had said he found evidence that Pettus had "flavored" his writinas with "communistic thought." Potlus denied that he ever had been a communist. The case caused a great One of the vox populi let- lers elicits a response which provokes but does nol satisfy a legitimate curosity. A veteran objected lo Ihe promotion of financial contributions from "well - heeled liberals" and proposed that the A. V. C. instead "seek active organizing assistance from labor unions." The editors replied that thus far such gifts from "well- heeled, liberals" had made possible the organizing work. However, there is no lisl of these contributors and their gifts which a sincere joiner could check against the common rosier &( well-known communists of Hollywood and New York who would be unlikely to assist any organization that was not, in their opinion, going their Ihe A. V. C frankly announces thai it is trying t. 0 raise "one million dollars 10 get one million members." Thai would bo one dollar a Jiead and cheap, too. But there does seem lo be a practical admission here that, given enough money ond efficient propaganda and organization, a pressure group can round up Ihe American veteran and herd him inlo any poiti- cal corral. REED MOTOR CO. 109 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH ® Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Point Shop ,.Those rumors about Short Me- ->i u , \ Williams leaving West Point are Street " popping again, louder and hotter than u 22 pistol. . .Alabama had 85 footballers Inking off weight jn summer practice and the top 15 men weren't there. . . Big John Tripson, the one-man navy of the . , t.. w • i 11.i . t i £,!_! i n, i i t (j|. 1 I t:U V y \V t?J gll league Al Hoosman. Marvin and Lee are producers of "On Whitman Ave.' They claim Hoosman, if 1 ho hil_ 'ou, will produce "On Queer was the first time the Cards had undisputed, oossession of the Jead since they bowed to the Phils May 21 and dropped down into a tie with Brooklyn. Shoddy defensive play and inability to bunch hits off Bucky Walters sent the Dodgers clown ior the sixth time, 4-2, In Cincinnati. Kirby Higbe was charged with his third setback when the Reds broke out with three runs in the third. The Brooks now have won only one game in nine western starts. Bill Lee hailed the Chicago Cubs' upward march with n six- hit, 9-3 decision for the Boston Braves who shelled five hurlers, including loser Claude Passonu yor 13 safeties. The result left the Bruins four games off the p«ce. Pittsburgh broke Dave Koslos jinx, clowning New York, 7-3 after the rookie southpaw had beaten them four straight times. Preacher Roe, who took over when starter Ed Bahr had to bow out clue lo a 'pain in his side, was the victor with relief help from Johnny Lanning. Joe Gordon's two-run homer in Ihe fourth inning was enough help for Mel Queen in recording his firsl triumph since his discharge irom the army. Queen, a loose- jointed riglunancler with a blazing fast ball, scattered eight St. Louis hits in his 3-1 success. Other encouraging news to Yankee fans was the word that shortstop Phil Rizzuto probably will rejoin his mates tomorrow.' Gil Coan's speed enabled Washington lo trim Detroit, 1-0, in a night game as the rookie outfielder Hashed around the bases ior an inside-the-park home run in the eiphtn inning off Dizzy Trout. Cleveland got to Russ Christopher lor five hits and six runs in a big secotul inning 10 defeat Philadelphia, 7-3. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. Doug /""ITY Carl Bacon Vrfi I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. RIDING HORSES Buggy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Suort HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MQS&S 2',i miles out on Spring Hill road ith lhe , club, 'will gointo Cleaning The Cuff Floyd Burdelte, former Olda homa Aggie who was hired to pu ,-d College of the baskctbal hesitated there just long = .i lo gel a call from Alaba But Howard may benefit by Page Five Benefit Game Tonight at Fnir park the Rotarv Club will try to defeat the Kiwanis •-lub lor the second straight yeai in a benefit Softball game which •forts at 8 o'clock. Both clubs were making boasts about town today and some, members even wont so far as predict .he score. Despite boats, brags 01 ,he scoie it should prove interest mg and promises lots of laughs o players and spectators. • Both sides are really out to win but .he loser won't be greatly con- :-enied and alibis probably will nrculatc the city for weeks after The purpose of the game is to •aise funds to repair and paint the children's wading pool at the parl> Last night in regular league play ..ion Oil defeated Moore's Market fl-12, in a free hitting contest. Ir. het second game Rcphan's defeated Stewart Jewelry 9 to 4. The boxsocres: Moore Stratton, ss Moore, 3b 3 1 L. J. Miller, cf McClendon, c. 2b DeHan, If Russell, Ib Schooley, rf Hale, c R. Miller, p Formby, p By JERRY LISKA Chicago, July 19 — (/pi— Defend ing champion Byron Nelson ap peared headed r or a trimming ir the $10,000 Chicago Victory Na tional Open which started todaj with 55 select professionals and 17 amateurs. Nelson, who needed overnigh: coaxing by his cronies to stay ii the .field for the 72-holo scramble was just another golfer in a 36 hole carnival for pro-amateur, pro lady iind pro-senior titles which ended yesterday. Apparently gelling Nelson's goal the 6,92fl-yard, par 71 course threw Byron for a 1'eebb 74-75—149, seven over standard for Ihe Iwo-day pre liminary skirmishing in which such professionals as Johnny Bulla, Harold (Jugi McSpaden. and leading- money winner Ben Hogan stole the show. Bulla, although he failed to cop in any of the three combination championships, waded through the 3G-hole preliminaries in 137, five under par, lo emerge as Iho lop professional. McSpaden, whose G8 yesterday gave him a 13;! aggregate, shared ihe pro-senior (partner over 50) tille with Arnold MinUloy of Chicago whose 163 gave them a 301. Hogan also closed with a Cft for ;i Ml and teamed with brilliant Louise Suggs of Lilhia Springs, Ga., lor Ihe pro-lady crown with, 301. Miss Suggs added a final 35' NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co, 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM a PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM « RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metnl Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS. » NOW OPEN Enjoy Swimming ot the Pines Swimming Pool 0 1 421 .3 ' 3 2 4-1 2 .422 3 0 1 ..312 .000 !. 3 ' 0 1 30 12 12 Lion Oil Bright 220 Murphy 433 Hammons '. 4 23 Tolleson 322 Cumbie ,....:... .4 2 2 Ross : 4.2 3 Stewart : 331 Leverette 31 1 Brunei- 321 30 19 10 Stewarts Fritz, 2b 400 W. Taylor, Ib 4 0 1 McCorkle, ss '... 400 Tomlin, rf 311 Finwick, R., c 310 Urban, 3b 313 Howard, If : 300 W. VV. Taylor, p .: 3 1 1 J.Miller , cf 201 Rephans Crane Greenberg Schooley ... J! Bell S. Bell Stanford Hazzard, J G. Robertson Hazzard, L Hazzard, L. Jr Butler F. Robertson 29 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 28 9 10 to her remarkable opening 75. Professional Jim Ferrier of Sar Francisco stamped himself a dark horse in the chase for the'2,000 (war bond value) top swag in the open by exploding a course rec ord-matching ~G7 yesterday whicl gave him and Mike Slefancik of Hobart, Ind., the pro-amateur title with a 291. • • Another defected favorite was Frank (MusclesI Stranahan of Toledo, winner of the recent Kansas City Invitational. He outscored Nelson as the pro star's amateur partner wilh a 72-76—148, but still was I six .strokes over the top Rimon- pure, veteran George Dawson of Glen Ellyn, 111. Dawson coupled 70 and 72 for a par-matching 42. * ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Eimore Auto Supply COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Cp. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Soles & Service ;*>' Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following ag candidates subject to lh« aqtion of the Democratic' primary elections this Suramer: Congress, 7th District^ PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON J. W. (BILL) PATTON JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hcmpstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES . CLAUDE H. BUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. 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