Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 20, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 5
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STYLISH HATS IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A GOOD MOCHO STIFF. DEWENTER THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. '. OWE AND SEE US NOW. .'—\ You must have % ult.S a Spring S Come to us:, we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. g PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY TICKEI. Mayor, M. M. GORDON, Treasurer, GEORGE P. SCHARVT. Clerk, CHARLES BUHBMESTEB. Waterworks Trustee, KD. CLARY. Councilman, 1st Wiird-MILO GIBSON M WurcI-C. L. D1LLEY, 'M Ward- JOHN A, MURPHY, 4th Ward-CHABLES T. BELL, Waril-C. S. GBEIN. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK- Alter fourteen years of scientific study of Nose i nnz Liver and all Diseases of n Chronic Nature consult me and mi method ot treatment nn d 1 ts + tended. POWDER- PUREST MS BEST. POUNDS, 20$. HALVES,! DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 20. The popular and new hat store is Patterson, tho Haberdasher. Have your kid glovosJUted to yqui Eaod'aTtho'S'ew'FashJon store. To Wm. Beatty and wife, of tho West Side, Wednesday night, adaugh< ter. Grand reduction in spring capes and jackets today and tomorrow,—Trade Palace. An enjoyable dance was given at the hospital at Long Cliff Wednesday night. Busjahn's soda water ia locally cele brated. From the magnificent new iountain it IB all the bettor this year. A very enjoyable reception was given by the W. C. T. U. ladies las evening at tho home of Mrs. Shads 1215 Hleh street In honor ol Mr. and Mrs. Hill. There will be a called meeting o the Market street chapter Epworth League tonight at 7:30o'clock to make arrangements to attend the funeral of sister Emma KIng.-E. V. McAllister, Free. Mrs. Catherine Haley, wife of Law» rence J. Haley, of Noble township, died at 9 o'clock yesterday morning of puerperal fever, aged 30 years. The funeral will bo held from St, Vincent de Paul Church Saturday mernlng at 9 o'clock. Quite a number of citizens have ox pressed an Intention of attending the State convention and if the number will be large enough a special train will be run Tuesday next. The day before the convention Is always tho most exciting. Those who desire to remain over can do so. Those intending to go down Tuesday should leave word at tho Journal office. Upon o hearing of the case of Scott Scott taken to the circuit cour' upon an appeal from tho commission era court, tho court ordered that a license to soil liquor bo granted to the plaintiffs. Scott & Scott are liquor dealers at Galveston. Thoy could not get license in tho commissioner'* court. They appealed to the eircul court end won. Yesterday morning there appeared In the city a lad of tea years who gave hia name a» Barney McCoy and who declared that he wan looking for his brother Thomas, whom he though' was working some place in this ooun ty. The lad drifted down to St Joseph'* hospital and hU Btory being learned there by the Sisters the latter decided to take care of him until some word oould be heard from the brother for whom he WM welting. IT IS ALBERT RIDGELY. Tbo Unknown Who Was Found l>e«<l ontlie Itnllrokd Tnondoj I'rovrn to be a Will IB Comity mini. Coroner Busjahn continued his in- •ostl(, r ation of tho mystery Burround- np tbo identity of tho man who was ound ou tho railroad east of Anoka I'uosday afternoon, until bo has bo- come convinced that tho body is that of Albert Rld^oiy whoso home was a ow miles northwest of Iduvillo. A young woman who Is employed ae n domestic in a household In the city anc 1 who lived for two years with tbo Ridgelv's positively identified tbo body •Qsterday morning as that of Albert V'df-ely whom she knew well. This igroes with tho story told to C. M. Gottshall who was ditching along the •oad that day and who divided his ^uach with Kidgely who told him that bis name was Albert litdgoly, that bis homo was in White county: that he bud bo'en recently divorced and that bo wus looking for work. How the man pot tho insurance •ccoipt of H. J. Durham Is a mystery. '.n response lo Coroner Buejahn's query the North American Accident Insurance Association of Chicago who had issued the policy, tho receipt for which wtia found on tho dead man'ri jody, Bunt a representative horu to .nvostlgAte tho matter. At first tho company's roprcsentativo thought It was thomiin described in the appHca- ,ion for tho policy, which applica- ,ion ho brought with him. Uo telo- gruphed to Chicago inquiring con- cortiing Durham's whereabouts and a reply was received at 3 o'clock yester- dny morning stating that Dunham was fouud safe and sound asleep at his home In one of Chicago's suburbs. The agent of the insurance company could only account for the possession of the receipt by Ridgoly upon the supposition that the latter had purloined it. Word was sent to tho Ridgelys In White county yesterday and they are expected to arrive this morning to take charge of the rnmains which are still at Woll'B morgue. YOUK NAME Hi PRINT. Item* of a Personal Character Oou- •erniiiK Logaucporten and Their Friend* Mrs. S. L. Jack is reported quite 111. Pat McGreevy of Cleveland IB In the city. O. M. Miller of Huntington is in tho city. Geo. Barron Is home from Athens, Ohio. Mr. E. N. Talbott has returned to Chicago. Mrs. Mary E. Campion is visiting at Fort Wayne. Theo. Parvln departed yesterday for Atlanta, Ga. Mrs, T. H. Simpson has returned from a visit at St. Louis. James McGourty and family if Huntington are hero having come to attend the funeral of Arthur McTaggart. Mr. AlMartlo, of Washington township is home after a season of teaching school in the sauthsrn part of the State. ^ JIMHILLER VS. JIM BIGGER. It If Net a Hill Boad Bnt it Maybe HHJor-I«UNotaBll Kood Bntlt may be BtKKer. The action in court of Killer vs. Algger, a suit to change a road in Deer Creek township, which has occupied the attention of the court and jury for the past two days was given to the jury last evening and a verdict is expected this morning. There were BO many witnesses Bubpcened In this case that the court was compelled to limit the witnesses to twenty-five on aside. Waiblncton Township Primary. E. March chairman, John Martin secretary. F/&nk Justice and John Crockett wore named for state delegates and Justice was made delegate and Crockett alternate. George Graham, Harry Baughman, Will Hilton and John Puterbaugh wore placed before the primary for delegates to the congressional convention. The ballot resulted Graham 54, Baughman 47, Hilton 28 and Puterbaugh 37- Graham and Baughman, Landls delegates, elected. Stockholder* Medina. Notice is hereby given to the stockholders of tho Citizens Natural Gas Company, of Logansport, lad., that there will be a meeting of said stockholders at the council chamber of said city on Monday the 30th day of April, 1894, at 8 p. m. for the purpose of selecting directors to fill vacancies in the board of directors, and such other buBlnesi ae shall oome before the otookbolders. By order oJ the board of directors. JOHN GRAY, Prei. C. W. GRAVES, See. OTTO KRAUS. MIH'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS LAST YE.V, $1500 NOW $7.50. IAST YEAR, $1 5.0C-J NOW $7.50. (>n K A !i>7.5U Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. Sizes All Wool Fabrics. Correct Styles and All s We are determined that- free wool will not cafcli us sapping. This Is Men's Clothing Opportunity. Orders by mail, with cash in advance only, carefully filled. Open Saturday evenings until 10 o'clock. None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. OTTO KRAU "OF COURSE." VOOKHEES IXD1GSAST. A Special to the Indianapolis New* J>clinen tine Attitude of the Senator. A Washington special to the Indi« anapolis News Bays that the political differences becwecn Senator Voorhees and the putative organ of the Democracy are rapidly approaching a crisis. Senator Voorheos has already stated to one or two o(,hls personal friends here that he had It io his power to secure the recall from Paris of Consul-General Morss, editor of the Sentinel. At least one of Senator Voor- heee' Indiana friends advised him not to take this step. Senator Voorhees says that Mr. Morss .. would never have been nominated had it oot been for his strong intercessions with the President in his behalf. The Senator says the criticisms made by the Sentinel because of the Domination of Mr. Gray as Minister to Mexico did not please Mr. Cleveland, and the latter was in no mood to conciliate Mr. Morss until the Senator persuaded him that it was in the interest of a united and harmonious Indiana Democracy lo recognize both factions. ••I could have called him home tomorrow if i but said tho word." declared the Senator, referring to the editor of the Sentinel, in a conversation today. The Indiana Senator regards the warfare that IB being made on him by some of his own party paperi in Indiana as part of a conspiracy to defeat him for renomin- ation. He is not prepared to aay in , whose particular interest thia fight ie i being- waged, but, ho seemed convinced that there is an Ethiopian in the wood pile. One of tho Indiana Representatives says that the senior Senator from Indiana ia haunted by a ! sort of senatorial "bogle man." This Representative asserts that the Senator is thoroughly frightened about bis chances for renomination, and suspects that every Democrat of any prominence in the State has designs on his toga. In a fit of anger at his newspaper critic recently Senator Voorhees declared thct he did not intend to pay another cent to that newspaper for printing his speeches. This created considerable astonishment in the minds of the gentlemen who heard tho remark, and they pressed tho Senator for an explanation and learned that ho had been having some differences with the newspaper over an account growing out of the printing of his speeches, or for tho purchase of copies of papers containing- tho same or some expense incident to the publication of one of the Senator's speeches. It would create considerable excitement araonfr the Indiana Democrats if Senator Voorhees should attempt to put his threat into execution and have the consul-general at Paris recalled. It is a serious question whether he can accomplish that result. However reluctant the President m»v have been to make the nomination, he might now hesitate to become a party W the factional quarrel In the Indiana Democracy. Dr. Charles Crampton and Levl Gonzsles, of Delphi, were in the city yesterday. Will Shako tho l)rv Rouen The Kansas Agitator says: Mrs. Helen M. Gougar has made arrangements whereby she and Mrs. Mary E. Lease will hold a number of meetings together in Indiana in April, Mre. Gougar representing tho prohibition party and Mrs. Lease representing the people's party. This is the grandest combination of ability, force and honesty of purpose ever formed in this country—or anywhere else, and these two noble women will shake the dry bones in old Hoosierdom. The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating 1 the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use tho pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To got the true remedy see that it is manufactured by tho California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale By all loading drug- grists. _ Addrecs Next Monday. The postponed uddrees of Dr. W. R. Cisna of Chicago on "The Effects of Alcohol on Life" will be given next Sunday at 3 o'clock in tho R. R. Y. M. C. A. The doctor is an interesting speaker and will treat the subject in a very practical.way. AN OLD WELSH CUSTOM. A Betrothal Ceremony Practiced AmoDff Theme Qnncr l*«oplo. A curious Welsh \\-cddinfr custom survives among 1 the peasantry of that country—that of the "bidding." When a young 1 man and a woman become betrothed, a circular, known as a "bidding letter" is printed and distributed at market and outside tlio churches on Sunday, that all may know of the event There is a regular form for this letter, which runs as follows: "As we intend to enter the matrimonial state, we are encouraged by our friends to make a bidding on the occasion at the young man's father's house" —here follow the address and date of the entertainment—"when and where the favor of your good and agreeable company is most humbly solicited, and whatever -donation you may be pleased to bestow- on us will be thankfully received, warmly acknowledged, and cheerfully repaid whenever called for on a similar occasion by your obedient servants, John Brown, Jane Smith." When the day arrives the co suiting of the sifts is an important feature of the occasion. These are usually in money, and vary from a shjllinir tp a half sovereign. A "bid- dirig ulork"' is ilnly ii^pomveii. win* carefully enters in ;i book every iteire, with the donor's name of caclvniui th«» gifts arc religiously repaid in <?xnc* degree when :i similar occasion arrives, to the givers. Which, after nil, is only making- a» business arrangement of what, in the> present wedding-gift scheme of society- is tacitly recognized—the obligation to return value received.—N. V. Times. , Spring: Mllllnory. Both modistes and milliners hav» combined in great earnest for ribboo trimmings for the decoration of their L gowns and millinery for the spring-1 season. They make use of watered an<S plain satin ribbons. Persian effects on grounds of bTack, dark green, phlox: red and amber; of velvet ribbons \vithl satin or linen back, etc. The ribbon* on dresses are applied in row» on thai) round yoke, on the sleeves to theri elbow, and on the skirt yoke, to whiofa! are sewed the accordion plaitings. Othcr gowns show ribbons covering^ the seams of the gored skirt. Bending- in» large rosettes of the hem.—N. Y. Potit. Dl»po»e<l Of. <' A section foreman at Fond du Laot,' Wis,, has gained notoriety. Scclioti foremen have instructions to dispose of all stock killed along the line by the cars, Eecently a cow was killed, and the superintendent wired tho for«* man: "Cow killed at -. What di»> position?" The foreman scratched his head and wrote tho answer:. "Cow killed had kind disposition."— Elmira Telegram. —HoJKJk— "Tho sparrow is a courageous bird." Tomdik—" nense! Any restaurant keeper make him quail."—Life. . Philosophy"Docs a man begin to break np before be breaks down, or to break dowci before he breaks up?" "Well, 1 really cannot tell. I saw ii» the papers this morning- where a man; iras arrested for breaking in." ; "And 1 saw in the papers this morning where a man was sent to the smallpox hospital for breaking- out." "I would seem to me then, that th oappiest man is the one who is already; broke."—N. Y. Press. very caa CUT TIHS OUT. ! APRIL 20.180*. i MEMORIAL WAR BOOK I COUPON. i I • Tl>re« or tbnse coupons and U>n cents i ! xrcutw the current number of the Mem- , : orliilWnr Book. If prpwntwi at the ; Portfolio Departmeut ot The Journal. j I ' CDT THIS OUT. For Roe Spring Suits | in endless Variety, which for Fit, Dura- ^j bility, Style, Workmanship and Trim- ^ mings are positively unexcelled, call on W CARL W. KELLER. www* 311 Market Street.

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