Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 11
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GENERAL SPORTING. MISCELLANEOUS NOTE3 OF CURRENT EVENTS AFIELD. «l!»jr OruojMili Uiiuk from Kurope— Brookljn Stukmi—Jim Ilitrt on Vulgarity on tlie OiumonU — An l'nt«r*«tlnr Sell for Wlioulmcn. 1LICY GRANNAX is back from Eu- 'rope. Ho was a passenger on La jS'ormundic, which arrived the other day. The you us race-track plunger rather lilted it abroad. It was unite fast enough for him as a flier. To keep him away from the United States permanently they will have to ;iet a livelier pace, however. Graniian played hearts all tho way across th<? Atlantic. H« is very fond of the pime. To bo sure the stakes were never higher than a "quarter a heart," but, as "Col." Andy Slieehan says, "a fellow could lose the Bank of 'Ungland at this if hard luck sets against him. Gr.in- nan did not lose, which is singular, for he rarely whin at cards. Tho plunger left the ship as soon as she was docked and would not talk to tho reporters who were waiting: to nslc him whether it was his intention to resume operations on the American turf. When he reached his hotel, however, Graunari met a number of friends and became quite talkative. At the story that he had been asked to leave racing alono after his big coup ot the last Sheepshead Buy meeting tho young speculator laughed outright. He told an acquaintance- that ho had no knowledge that the stewards of that meeting preferred his room to his company. That he won 5100,000 in a short time before his departure Grannan did not deny. He intimated that his winnings might have reached a larger total. The trip was merely a vacation. Ho nnedc-d a rest. So he though!. Tho layers did. too, about (hat time. Grannan would not say positively that he intended to abandon the turf. 7-1 a admits the truth of tho saying to the effect that it is a difficult undertaking to teach an old canine new tricks. So he may be expected to make a bet "now and then." Hurt l» Kl£llt. Manager James A. Hart of tho Chi- j cago Ball club is entitled to tho esteem | of every lady and gentleman in tho j country. The following letter explains ( language.of that.character,tnuy wonld bo ejeted from the playing fleld br an officer. Mr. Brown did aa I requested, andtheCleveland people seemed to fo.el that they had been cut off from a special privilege, which they had heretofore enjoyed, and which was theirs by riKht. Not one extra officer was engaged, and 'I am happy to slate that not one was needed. Mr. Roblaon and his henchmen hnve seen fit to almsn ami villify me for this action, but that is causing -me no loss of sleep, for .1 am perfectly willing to let any patron of baseball in the universe who over Invites a lady to attend a game in his company decide whether I am right or wrong, .lu short, my action was simply to compel common decency. Jlr. Uobi- son, apparently, prefers that bis H .ruly patrons should be treated to the choicest 'billingsgate' that Tobeau and others of his players have at their command." A SNAKE-BITE FIEND. WOMAN WHO CRAVES FOR THF COS'RA'S FANGS. SIIK SAYS THAT Sim «AN NOT 1.IVB WITHOUT ST. Attention Win mi Mmlin»lu*ti<: Viirhtmimn. Col. Archibald Rogers, who was among the sale water yachtsmen attend ins the international yacht race at Toledo Aug. 2-1. 20 and 27, is an enthusiastic, yachtsman and a. member of the New York Yncht club, .lie is a native of Jersey City, but now lives nl Hyde Park. N. Y. J-'or tlie last fifteen years he has taken an active interest in yaching and baa owner! several well-known yachts, among them being Bedouin, Wasp, Tom Boy, Bantam and the steamers Ossabow, Tdlo Hour. Speedwell and Juliet. He is a member of .several salt water yacht clubs and has held the offices of vice commodore and commodore of the Sea- wanhaka Corinthian, rear commoilcro of the New York, and treasurer of the Hudson River Ice Yncht clubs. Tic is also prominent in state military nt'' COL. HOC! BUS. fairs and is an aid-dc-caiup on the staff of (l:e tfOvornor of New York state. Col. Rogers' yachts Bedouin und Wasp each earnril several trophies under his manajjunienr, (.he latter espe- the reason: C j a ]ii-_ Binning first place in the re"I have-not been in the habit of 'ox- : pLUas of t ,, c Npw yor| ._ _ A!ilailtic . ] j; ast . plaining' through the newspapers any I ,.,,.„_ senwnnhaka Corinthian, Lurch- acts of. mine in connection with base- | monti Marine and Field, and Corin- ball affairs, and I do not propose to j Ulian (N _ y } yacht clubs in 1802. The begin at this-late date, but 1 want to Colonel was one of the first New York give a correct account, of a. circnm- j yachtsmen to favor the fin-keel i;ie.i, stance which lias been harped upon by several writers, principally those who are, or have been, 'pap suckers' at President Robison's bowl, and iu each case have the tacts been so twisted, or omitted, that it seems proper that the public should be given the truth. Jt is with regard to orders which 1 issued when the Cleveland team made its first appearance in Chicago this season. Thn Chicago team played in Cleveland on June 18, a;?X;hich time Tebeau, captain of the Clf. • -'"fylrs, used language which could be plaiunheard by ladies seated In the grandstand, which was not only improper but filthy in its vulgarity, and which compelled Umpire M'ncli to exclaim: 'I do not have to stand that stylo of language,' and quit the same. A few days later the Cleveland team played in'Louisville, and their conduct and language there was such that several of the Cleveland players, including Tfibeatt, were arrested and fined by a competent and honest judge after a trial in open court. They came to Chicago directly from Louisville, and as the facts concerning their indulgence in vile language, without regard to (he presence of ladies, had been widnly published in the Chicago newspapers, many of our patrons were uncertain as and for this reason it was hoped he would consent to serve as the chairman of the racing .committee in the Vencedor-Canada match, but his other engagements prevented hie undertaking the duties of the office. Hrookl.TM St*ki»M. Entries for tiic Brooklyn Jockfcy club's stakes for the fall mooting of 18%. spring meeting of 1897 and spring meeting of 1S3S closed Aug. 11. Among the principal staki's for the full meeting. 18%', are the following: The Oriental Handicap of $3.000, the First Special of J2.500, the Woodlawn Handicap of $2.000, the Brookwood Stakes of. $8.000, the Fulton Stakes of $u,000, the Ocean View Handicap of I $2.000, ("he Parlcville Stakes of $2,000, ! the Prospect Stakes of $M,000, the i Seashore Stakes? of $2,000, the "\Vil- low Stakes of $2,000, life Algeria Stakes 01 ?2.000, the Molly Handicap of 52,000, the Billow Stakes of $2,000. the Culver Jlaiidicnp of $2,000, ami the Atlantic Stakes of $2,000. The guaranteed stakes for l.he spring meeting, 1897. arc the Great American Strikes of $12,MO, the Treiriout Stakes of $10,000. the Ex; poctation Stakes of $.",000 ami tho tfiid- ! son Stakes of $".500. The siiaranlecil | stakes for the spring inciting of 1S9S I are as follows: The. Brooklyn Derby of ! 110,000. the Carl ton Stakes of $.1,000 j and the G.T/.elle Strikes of $3,000. A damage suit will soon be commenced at Cincinnati that, will be watched with interest by tho cycling world. Juno 7 A. Kaplun, a merchant tailor, fell from his W cycle while riclJnj? on Colerain avenue, which had just been flooded by tho watering cart, and sustained injuries which laid him on the shelf fen- several weeks The fall , bourboll . j was due diretrti.v to tke slippery ;;nd I " ( . .'^ „ c Or. Fratvi*. llie Colulii'ntrd Toxolo^liil aluliBH it StnrCHui; Ulnoov*ry- KH<'i;i» of til* F»n c « S»ld In lie llftnaliclul nt Curfiklii C'»n«ii. R. KRASER, 1:ha ! wcll-ltnown toxolo- : gist, hae been ex- : pflrimenting for | years with a view j of immunizing peo- i plci and animals ; j'rom snake bites in ! tho same way that ; vaccination is i:sed : to prevent smull i ''""'"" pox or lessen tho j severity of the attack. Dr. Fraser has ( been working for years to find a moth- j od of inoculating men and animals j so that they will secure ihc same im- ; mtmlty from the bite of a serpent that | vacci-n.il.ioji gives from small pox. j While making these experiments he i has injected snake poison into dogs, ; rabbits and horses, and oven into hu- | mans. His experiments have been ])(ir- j tially re win-tied, and he announces that .' he soon hopes to a'chieve a success that will remove the terror from a residence in India. j Snakes kill thousands of persons each ( year, and the death rate among horses i and other domestic animals is large. Efforts to destroy tho snakes have not been successful, and so Dr. Frasor has been looking for an antidote that can be taken beforehand. Dr. Fraser has succeeded in malting horses immune to snake poison by inoculation. The animals beome impregnated with tho stuff administered hy- poiiermieally, and when a, deadly cobra de cnpcllo was allowed to bite them noire of tho usual symptoms were manifested. It was much on the same principle of the discovery of anti-toxin, which will render a horse immune so far as diphtheria is concerned. While conducting his i.'A-pe.'-iiiieiits Dr. Kraser heard ot a woman at Lahore, India, who had been making similar investigations, and bad succeeded so well in her own case that the bite of a cobra with her \v:is somolhiTis to be desired rather than dreaded, lie visited her and learned that l.hc stories which had bee:i told were true. The woman was a. confirmed snakebite "tlend." As often as once a month she bad to be bitten, or else Kho became nervous, could not sleep, had headaches, lost her appetite and suffered in. other ways. At such times she was accustomed to secure a snake and allow It to "bii'.o her purely yg a therapein.li: or ES a morphine-eater swallows his pellet. After submitting lipr arm to the. flings o£ tho hjdcous. hooded serpent, the woman resumed her normal condition, and for three or four wonks did 2101 fool the. need of the iioison. ' j Having learned what, she required, the woman arranged for her needed (supply of poison. As soon .as she felt the need of it the cobra, was secured iind, like Cleopatra, she bared her arm to the bite that has proved fatal in thousands of cases. Tho poison entered her blood and she arose from the couch refreshed and invigorated. Dr. Fraser says that the. snake bite habit can be acquired, and that vhou a person once becomes addicted to it nothing but an adequate supply of poison nt suitable intervals will enable the victim to live in comfort. And Hie effect of the poison on the I most cordially invite the public, and especially the ladies, to call at my place of business and inspect the largest and best line of Kitchen MftAM^^Ku^. Utensils ever shown in the city. Granite ware is a thing of the past compared with STRANSKY STEEL WARE, and the prices are far below that of Granite. A Guarantee of Five Years Given on Each Piece. H, J. CRISMOND, 312 Market Street. Going For A Lake Trip? LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION GO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Bailings between Chic«£O nnJ Mvckliue Isliml lour times every week. Some think it's foolish: some think it's wisej But the smartest of men do advertise. DR. FRASER. jrcTicrnl health of the snake-bite fiend is beneficial. As a. -delight, thn sensa- 1 ions caused by the bitn of a, snake arc described its exceeding (he delirium of. hasheesh, opium, or the thrill caused JAMES A. HART. to whether they should bring their lady relatives or friends to the games i" which the Cleveland* took part or not. We mp.ke it a point to so conduct our grounds that the most fastidious r.rm attend -without Tear or insult or shame, and no player or mom her of the Chicago team ever is permitted to repeat an act that reflocte upon the game ot baseball or the Chicago League Ball club; hence I, being called from -the city, gave orders to Mr. Brown, who M-as in charge in my absence, to. say to the representative ot the Cleveland club Immediately upon his arrival at the grounds, that under no. clrciim- Htancos would any player be permitted to use vulgar or obscene languase that could b« heard by people seated in the grandutand, and to have him notify klf players that if any of tbem did tine dangerous condition oC iho street, oausod by excessive 1 sprinkling. Tu the suit, which will shortly b« filed, the city of Cincinnati and (he sprinkling contractor will be made joint defendants. Persons who witnessed the accident and the doctor who attended Mr. Kaplun will be called upon to testify. Tlie expenses of the suit will not be borne by the L. A. W., as Mr. Kaplnn was not a leapnn mernbor- al the time, though 'he has since lileil 1-is iipplicatlon for membership. It is thought, however, that sill the bicycle clubs of Cincinnati will contribute financial aid toward the prosecution ol the suit. II. will be in the nature ot a test case, bein?, it is believed, the first damage suit ever instituted on account, of excessive street sprinkling, and It will, in all probability, so to the Supreme court for a fmul decision. This proceeding is an outcome of the street-sprinkling reform agitation and is expected to greatly assist that movement. M. G. Helntz, a rising young attorney and chairman of the rights and privileges of the Ohio division, will bav» charge of the case. t is a. species oil intoxication which bus much to comment! it. The effects hist for weeks instead of hours, and if it has any deleterious effects they have not ynt been observed. II! Dr. JTraser's experiments become successful', the bite, ot the cobra, so i'ar from filling-a resident of JndiU with horror, will become one of. the luxuries of life, and an invitation to "sa-.n.jile" one of a, private stock of serpents will occasion no more comment than an. of.- fer to "opfcn. u.nmall bottle." Then the •snake cape will occupy a place on the sideboard, and the victim of alcoholism, accustomed to "snakes*," will conjuro up some- other hideous object to frighten him iu his dreams. .Mlnkv Hxn)»>> Snake*. Water moccasins were formerly numerous in the region close to Taylor, La, In recent years they ha.ye become scarce, while minks have increased in numbers. Old Hunters there say that the mink is the deadly enemy ot the snake and that In a fight the quadruped always comes off victorious.— New York World. Thf new stec! jjU'arnsli!!) "Munlton" Is a (IfiiiiiiiK iiilliu'c. Travels 'iwixli Chicago. Clturlevolx, M»rbor Springs, PcSoskcy. •1ucktn»c Inland, etc. \Vrlto for our ivad.illlt re:i(linc nmuir, free, or ;i?l; your miun'St SIRCIIU i Address -Tus. Jk'rolzlieiui, n. I 1 . A.' LAKli OTICH.AM* LAKE Si;PEKlOIlTBANS.CO. Rush and N. W»'.er St.. Chicago A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The nperlor accommodations given the fnw* number of patrons of the above train durini; tho past. tourfot season, warrants tin; nmuwicomeat of plans f»r next, season of liner service with eqnlpmwit superior to anything yet known in transcontinental traffic.' Look for early re-lnaucnralioo of "SUNSET LIMITED" this Ml. For Home Seekers. The Southern J'acilic Co. 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