Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on December 7, 1978 · Page 82
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 82

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1978
Page 82
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1 0D DETROIT FREE PRESSTHURSDAY, DEC. 7, 1978 A couple more losses by Lions could make for an easier schedule next year ' By CURT SYLVESTER Free Pr.ti Sporli Writer Never mind those 15teams batting their brains out for the 10 Super Bowl playoff spots. The Lions are in a race of their own. A red-hot, three-team race ... and to the loser belongs the spoils. All the Lions have to do is stand off the challenge of Chicago and Tampa Bay to finish last in the Central Division and they've got what every also-ran craves the easiest schedule the National Football League can put together for the 1979 season. JUST RELAX, think ahead to a nice vacation in the sun, let Minnesota and San Francisco have these last two games . . . and get ready to clean up on San Francisco, Buffalo and Kansas City next season. That's the way it is nowadays in the advanced age of scientific scheduling in the NFL. If you're not the abso-, lute best, it pays to be the absolute worst. As repulsive as the idea must be to Monte Clark, if the Lions should finish in last place, their 1979 schedule would be made up of teams with a composite record of 65-87-2 (according to current NFL standings) and only two of them would be division champs. If they should finish fourth In the division, they will play teams with an 85-81-2 total, including four division champs. "What I would like to do is win the last two games and change the formula," roach Monte Clark said with a laugh, responding to the suggestion that the Lions would be better off finishing 5-11 instead of 7-9. AND, IF THEY manage to finish ahead of both Chicago and Tampa Bay in third place, they will meet teams which are 88-78-2, but only two would be division winners. Those figures could change slightly during the final two weeks of the season, but you get the idea. Fifth place can be awfully inviting . . . except to a head coach. "What I would like to do is win the last two games and change the formula," Clark said with a laugh, responding to the suggestion that the Lions would be better off fin' ishing 5-11 instead of 7-9. Obviously Clark feels that two victories would do more for the Lions' confidence and momentum going into 1979 than two losses would do in terms of an easier schedule. So never fear . . . Clark MSI. U-M dominate All-Big 10 CHICAGO (AP) Flanker Kirk Gibson of Michigan State and linebacker Tom Cousi-neau of Ohio State led the voting for the 1978 All-Big Ten football team announced Wednesday by The Associated Press. Michigan quarterback Rick Leach made the team for the third straight year. There were no unanimous choices but Gibson and Cousi-neau each were named on 21 of the 24 ballots cast by a panel of sports writers and sportscasters covering Big Ten football. Leach, who set a season conference record by accounting for 22 touchdowns passing and rushing, edged Ed Smith of Michigan State for the quarterback spot. Leach received 14 votes while Smith, who led the Big Ten in both passing and total offense, was named on the other 10 ballots. MICHIGAN STATE and Michigan, the Big Ten co-champions, and Ohio State dominated the team with each school landing six spots on the first unit on offense and defense. Purdue, Indiana and Minnesota placed two players each to round out the first team. In addition to Gibson, Michigan State also placed wide receiver Eugene Byrd and tight end Mike Brammer. That trio accounted for 118 pass receptions for nearly 2,000 yards and 16 touchdowns. Russell Davis of Michigan and Minnesota sophomore Marion Barber, the league's leading rusher with a 121-yard average in Big Ten play, were named the running backs. Barber set a Minnesota season record by rushing for 1,210 yards. Mark Heidel of Indiana won the center position in a tight, three-way race. Heidel beat out Michigan's Steve Nauta by one vote and Nauta made the second team. has no intention of throwing the last two games. THE SCHEDULING variables, nevertheless, remain intriguing under the master formula being used for the first time this season. The current scheduling system was devised, according to the league's 1978 Media Information Book, to "provide for both competitive equality a variety of opponents." The general feeling in the league is that is has succeeded, that the new schedule is one of the reasons for so many close races, with only a couple of teams Cincinnati and San Francisco totally out of the picture. According to the NFL master formula, every team plays home-and-home with every other team in its division. That means the Lions play two games against Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago and Tampa Bay next year regardless of where they finish. IF THE SEASON would end today, the last place team in the National Conference Central Division also would play road games against Los Angeles, New Orleans, the New York Giants and Kansas City, with home games against Atlanta, San Francisco, the Giants and Buffalo. The fourth place finisher would have the following teams on Its schedule: New England, the New York Jets, St. Louis and Los Angeles on the road; Miami, Baltimore, Dallas and San Francisco at home. And the third place finisher would meet these teams in 1979: Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Atlanta on the road; New England, the Jets, Washington and New Orleans at home. It might be noted that the third place finisher has only For Hie etiVYearv.. WBRB Scores with U of D Basketball! Uof D vs. OREGON TONIGHT -10:50 P.M. 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