Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on April 9, 1964 · Page 46
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 46

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1964
Page 46
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2-D Thursday, April 9, '64 DETROIT FREE PRESS JOE FALLS Lolich a Lollapaluza 3 V. K s -iiW LAKELAND Little thing are always happening to Mickey Lolich. Things like motorcycles falling- on him . . . things like shattering his cheek bone . . . things like breaking an umpire's arm. Little things. Annoying things. Sometimes strange things." Like the time he was practicing his blooper ball out In the Pacific Coast League m 1962. He threw it to Jimmy Piersall and Piersall took it for a strike. Now that was a very strange thing to do. Piersall glared at Lolich. But Lolich shrugged and threw it again. This time Piersall caught the ball. He looked at it and then threw the ball up into the grandstand. "O.K., that'll be enough of that," said Lolich's manager, who was playing third base. "No more blooper balls." LOLICH shrugged again. He threw one to the next batter. The batter hit a line drive down the third-base line and it hit the manager on the toe. That was the last time Lolich threw his blooper ball. He's quite a boy. The Mick. He's the best looking young pitcher on the Tigers and the worst looking hitter. He makes Hank Aguirre look like Hank Greenberg. Lolich batted .056 last season. "I wish I could pitch io batters like me every day," he said during a break in Wednesday's workout. He'd be a candidate for immediate enshrinement in Coopers-town. He might make it anyway. THE MICK struck out 11 batters over in Cocoa Tuesday night and sure enough, the first thing Wednesday morning, there was Hal Mid-dlesworth, the publicity man Red Wings, Hawks Play One for All Continued from First Sport when the money is r i the line and they're not the only ones. ALEX DELVECCHIO, often criticized by the fans for lackadaisical play in the regular season, has been outstanding. Del-vecchio, who rarely body checks, has been throwing his 190 pounds around effectively. Norm Ullman has been the leading star for the Wings with two hat tricks. The most underrated player In the league, he is two points shy of the semifinal total point record and two goals from the goal record. "I don't think there's a better forechecker in the game than Ullman," said Hawk goalie Glenn Hall, who yielded five of the 28-year-old center's goals. "If vou give him one break, he'll kill you." . THE BATTLE of the superstars also has gone to Detroit. Gordie Howe, 36, playing about five minutes less a game than Bobby Hull, has outscored the 25-year-old Hawk star, 4-1. Another strong point for the i Wings has been the play of the Andre Pronovost-Pit Martin-Bruce MacGregor line and spare Paul Henderson. Prono-vost, the surprise of the playoffs, has four goals. Now the Wings, old pros and youngsters, have to do it one more time. You can see it right from the opening faceoff, 8:30 p.m. Detroit time, on Channel 9. And, if you're a real aficionado, the Toronto-Montreal final will be on radio stations CKKW and CBE. Home Ice Gives Edge To Montreal MONTREAL (CPU All of a sudden the best - of - seven Stanley Cup series between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs is a sudden-death affair. For the first six games the two Canadian teams took turns; in this series and if the Wings This is how the Red Wings' Stanley Cup battle b seen through the eyes of Jack Adams, their former coach and general manager. His comments and opinions are a Free Press exclusive: The Wings can do it. They can beat the Black Hawks. But they'll really have to fly to do it. : In their favor is the fact that they finally broke the Chicago defenses wide open here Tuesday night to prove that they can score a lot of goals. , That psychological factor will help the Wings; pep 'em up. But at the same time the lopsided 7-2 score can work against them in their Thursday show down on Chicago ice. If the Wings had barely beaten them here in a close hard-fought game, coach Billy Reay of the Hawks wouldn't have had much to holler about to get them ready for the sev enth battle. But as it stands, he is en titled to blast every Chicago player. And every Hawk knows that he has a blast coming. 1 THEY'LL BE OUT to make up for the way they looked. Their pride was hurt. They actually are a lot better than they showed. The Wings know it and so do the Hawks. There's another angle working Thursday night, too. I know from experience In hockey that when a team goes wild and scores a flock of goals one night, it usually has a lot of problems getting the puck In the net the next time it takes the ice. The Wings are in the record book for beating: Toronto in a high-scoring game back in 1936 We scored nine times on the second game of (the Stanley Cup finals against the Leafs and murdered 'em, 9-4. WE WERE sizzling, couldn't miss. The next game we couldn't find the net with radar. We missed it when it was wide open. We hit the posts a half-dozen times; couldn't buy a goal at any price. But if Terry Sawchuk can come up with another game like the ones he has played so far winning. If the pattern continues, the Canadiens will win Thursday night's game at the Forum and advance to the finals for the 20th time. At least the oddsmakers think the Canadiens should do it. They've made them 7-5 choices to win the seventh and final game of the semifinals. i TWO MAJOR factors bolster the Montreal cause. The Canadiens are back on friendly home ice and their captain and ailing Jean Beliveau will be back. The only Montreal casualty in Tuesday night's 3-0 loss to the Leafs was center Ralph Backstrom, who suffered a double charleyhorse, due chiefly to a solid bodycheck by Allan Stanley. can keep the Hawks off balance while checking them before they can get up steam, they'll win. Even if the Hawks are a cinch to be favored on their home ice over in Chicago before their own fans. WOLVERINE IHARHESS -RACING ) "" " i.ij,r.ii..w K-R-A-J-E-N-K-E HARD TO SPELL . EASY TO GET TO . . 1 Kr)mk . CM. Idf. 12 Mlmtn frfi Most Points In City f Ufiyettt Town Cefce Hall KRAJENKE MICHIGAN'S LARGEST BUICK DEALER 12801 Jos. Campau 3 blacks south of Davison RED WING SCORING GP G A TP PIM Norm Ullman Gordie How Andre Pronovost Parker MacDonald Bruce MacGregor Alex Delvecchio Paul Henderson Larry Jeffrey Floyd Smith Bill Gadsby Eddie Joval Pit Martin Marcel Pronovost Doug Berkley Al Lanslois Alex Faulkner Irv Spencer John Misiuk 12 Stan Mikita Pierre Pilot Bobby Hull Murray Balfour Ab McDonald Kenny Wharram) Red Hay Eric Nesterenko Ron Murphy Al MacNeil Wayne Hillman John McKenzia Req Fleming Chico Matcl Elmer Vasko Phil Esposito Autry Erickson Doug Robinson CHICAGO SCORING CP G A 3 TP PIM 8 GP games played. G goals. A assists TP total points, PIM penalties in minutes. Hot Greece ATHENS (UPD Greece eliminated Great Britain from the Olympic soccer tournament Wednesday with a 1-0 victory in ' the second leg of their qualifying match. I of the Tigers, helping Lolich fill out a questionnaire that all ball players get from the Hall of Fame. "'I wondered when they'd get around to me," said Lolich. Lolich does everything righthanded except pitch and think. He pitches lefthanded and thinks "upside down." "Sometime a," he said, "when I lean too far to the left of the mound I find myself thinking sideways." Lolich eats righthanded, writes righthanded and even bats righthanded. WHEN HE WAS a small boy in Portland, Ore., he drove his tricycle off the sidewalk into the side of a parked motorcycle. The motorcycle fell on him and broke his left collarbone. The doctor told his parents to have him use his left arm in order to strengthen his left shoulder, and that's how this southpaw was born. With Denver, he took a line drive to the face and suffered a shattered cheek bone. Lolich has had two big ambitions in life besides playing ball. He'd like to be a test driver for one of the big car companies In Detroit and has wanted to be a mailman. He reported late one spring because he was taking a mailman's test out in Portland-Many people have questioned The Mick's casual attitude. He says, "I just don't show my emotions. My folks told me that if I get mad, I make other people mad, and nothing is accomplished. So I keep things inside of me." OH, HE GOT angry once but just once. It was in a game in Hawaii two years ago. He threw two strikes to Stan Palys, the former Tiger outfielder, and then split the plate for what he thought was a third strike. "But the umpire called it a ball and I began storming about it. He told me if I made one more sound, he'd run me out of the game." That got to The Mick. He rared back and threw one as hard as he could. Palys swung at it and missed. 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