Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 12, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1946
Page 4
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I 'DID ANYBODY V JUST A MAN,,. . (STOP YOUBErWECN ) THE PHONE-BOOTH, Ukf _ KITCHEN ^ HE WANTED \ Al By Chick Young DON'T KNOWA INSPECTOR. I BROUGHT /"COME 'SPEAK UP .._. DID THE POISON WA| TAI.L. IjE MAD A WAS TWIUGHT STILL TOID ME HE'D BEEN FOLLOWED, 6ROWL BY A MAN WITH A DROOPY EYELID WHO , ._ BOOTH WHAT DID HE PC SOU WAN! IT ON TOAST h OR NOT ? YOU FORGOT ) if TO ASK ME / WHICH SIDE > 1 WANTED IT / FRIED ON THIS BEGINS TO JOUND LIKE A DIME NOVEL, NT. BEGIN HE WANTED ./ ND HERE ? C CHANGE TO MAKE/ ~*^Y MUML-J'jM^X A /" A I I / , . ------ „„„„„ GET INTO THAT CUP/ { THE COFFEE. OF COFFEE? / \ TtfAT'S ALL ONE OR TWO .6<S<SS FOR BREAKFAST POC K/VY ISN'T / IP f,W FRIBNDS COULP IN HIS OFFICE, I SEE W.E THEV'D THINK PUT TH'GlRLSWD Vl'P U03T W WE COULD PbSS SO! WUU'BREWON AND : FORCEME TO DO THE 305,-EH' ' nrim ' - i • DEtofVWDIM& THftT IGOLD-PLWE HIS OOAT-'S TEETH,OR- THRU. LEWAE BOOST VOU/AN'HfVNDUP Side Glances By Galbraith MO REST MAI Tr«Jemark RijWtrfJ I', s. Paltnf Offlte PLANES ARE BU2ZIN' UPSTAIi?S T'S PARTV SKCOL'P BE BACK BY NOSV WeVE COT TO SP2EA? OUT AMP 'TAKE OPPS • — - • Na.V.'._. GOTTA SHOW 'EM... ON LOSING feV\ IN THE FO DIG CASUALTIES—/ A fe VVMEKE TVS PlKATE BOATS ARE. BLEEK TO JEFP.' NO SIGNAL FRO.VN SCORCHV KEELHAUL 1H\T SCORCMV FOR THIS// /FIVE...TEN.., FIFTEEN... 'OH, BOYS... COME HERE.. DONALD \N\NTS T' Pu/W W&& COPR. 1M« BV MEA SERVICt. INC. T. M. REO. 0. S. PAT. OFF MM.rf.hrti try LTAVAuANJ- "This dress is simptywonderfiil—I meet new men I It's outlandish, so many weddings! Don't they know fcappy married life depends-on such a lot of things almost impossible to get these days?" Freckles and Hi* Friends By Blosser * Funny Business By Hershberger IF YOU WANT TO G£T A __ ------- . _ „ So YOU FILL TME HOLE DOUGHNUT INTO SOCIETY. CREAM , CALL, ir v ' HOOP- SCOOP EM Th'E PROPRIETOR. BEING 'A MAM WaL.YOU MAKE IT OF VISIOM. IS TOO "SMART TO MISS THE 1 / SOUND GOOD, COEPOEAL "BOAT-'-SO HE GIVES OUT WITH A BIS- rX—MAVBE YOU'VE" GOT OER GHT? ' SOMETHING; A FINE OH . PEAR, THEV THlN6.'/eOT AWAV WITH ALLEY'S "Sandy's u one-spur rider—says if one side of lhe horse • goes, lhe olher »oes, too!" I \ I//•''•-<', 1% " li [ ' •' > lw TTJTrrm^--—^. ~ff ^ ^ I •' F •>..<•'-A COPR me BY NFA SERVICE.-<>J. V, M RECMJ/S/^AT. OFF.,. 7-/Z J Thimble Theater ,\Y6 ft BOV >. OH, 1 I WOM'i HW* I MUST Bt. P\N ftUW BUT I DON'T „ PP> ™ OUR UTTVE. BOY RODUEV Vo P OTHER ! NOW ITS TIME TO FLY LIKE A WILD GOOSE IN THE. WORLD * A GOOSK HASTA LOOK WHERE ^ IS <3OIN HELLO, ^y/OAKY, I'M Y OAKY, SLY/ Out Our Way Our Boarding House With Major Hoople GOODBV, GOSH, YOUR WHAT'5 EVERYBODY £1 50 SORkYA ABOUT IT THAT 1 DONT KNOW WHETHER J, R, Williams TERRIBLY/ KING WANTS I'M AWFUL '50RRY, SIR OAKY/ IM THE •DROPf PARLANiCE SHE IF 1 MISS UOOPL&.'j^ NOO A-^t- OF _ VOO TOO MUCH A^SS. KEEP 4f CARD Y LOUIS 1 4 -".,1 AS BLUE MARK- A AO &) AS. IF SHE3UST PAID OFF / I, TOO, HAVE BEEM f A MURPERER/ I, TOO, HAVE LEAPED FOR A WEAPON! TO DEFEND . MYSELF AGAINST THESE > MAN-EATEC.S, BUT THAT WAS BEFORE I COULD READ-THEN — I KNOW MOST OF 'EM ARE A BOOM TO MAM AKJ' EAT BUGS AKJ' VERMIM-- BUT I STILL CAW'T LOVE EM. 1 WELL, VOU KNOW THEY'VE GOT A LOT O' TAIL, BUT IT'S OKJLY A RATTLER. THAT WAGS IT--AK1' I DOM'T TRUST CAW TELL YOU- rT BUT HERL : COE5/-..i I'LL 6PEMD A ZOO RIDERS ACCIDENT PROVES THE SHOW WALK OUT MD eHE'LU HAVE TO SELL THE SHOW.' I'VE GOT A PACKER TO BUT HER EQUlPfAEt-n AhJDI'LL GlME ALL Or TOD JOBS ORCU vou'vc HAD YOUR SAT! H££ . T /.•• -A SORROW/ TALK AWHIie. PARLANCE OF TH& 'OVO US OFF THE QUEER GUY? SSIFIED _ _ For Sale NICK BIG LIVE SHINERS F W Chance, at Southern Ice Plant ___ , ____________ __ _ _ ]2-lm MY HOME FOH SALR. CAN~ii , , soon after (i p . m . fm w t <)u J ?>s nc-w. R. R. Rcdmon, K.xpci- menl Station. Phone l-F-2. 8-Ot Oyit ROOM HOUSK AND TWO lots located in Phillips addition. cliivctly iH'hind Alex Purllc's liuiise. See Lclioy Kasturling r n 'BKAUTiFUL CIIQW PUPPIES, 2 months old. 1 nine months old Wailir Warren, Phone 1)50. 9-fii 3!M1 OLDSMUBtLK, 5 Sor sedan. Horsey Hells, 1007 South f'ullon. May be seen after 1-.1TTL1-; GI RLS 7 lMNAT6n JSS anil sunsuilH, si/.es a-4-(i years of •»Ky- l.ittk' boys seersucker sun- smls, age li, 1012 Foxier Avenue. Jvlrs. K. L. Ponder, phone (iS!)-W. YOUNG .1KKSEY ~COW WITH numlh old call', good inilcher VV i-. .lohnson, Blevi.-is Rl. 1. ()-3t .ACRE FARM, GOOD six~ROOM . lionse, beauliful shade trees, good ,.<>ut houset! and barn, 2 miles from court house on Spring Hill highway. Large stock pond, land •jjrows bale and half collon to iit're. Some limber. See owner -this week. W. H. Bryant next '^ lo Mclrose church. 10-31 00 \ \ KA O S11K K P. M AKEsTMTJLEs •ii.inl colls, disc, turning plow, -nut.- buituvM', nurrinv, ^ .snuclles Id milts southeast of Hope on Uudi-aw road. C. K. Criimpton __Kinmel, Ark. ^ H).;n ]93J CII I'JVROLET "TJRUCK.~C!OOD lires, fair condition. Jack Crumpton, Km met. Ark. • HI-,J| For Rent Real Esfnte for Sale 0 ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY PAPER, ed and pnlnled.TJO by 220 fool lol Inquire al 201 South Washington' Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler , Copyrlflht, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. 0-Gl POSSESSION AT .ONCE NEW modern five room house, corner lot, Reasonable price. C B Tyler. Terms. 9.34 NEW TWO ROOM HOUSE WITH bath, furnished, for sale ill a bargain. Lot sise CO x 210. One block off Main on Shover road __ A _}soJour lois. W. A. Dozier. 10-31 S3 ACRES OF LAND LYING along highways 19 and 4 about Vi mile west of Rosslon, Ark. Ideal business location at junction of'two highways. Contains beau- tjfu site or small lake. Some timber, mineral rights. g«s and electricity available. Near good ?, cho( H' a >\ d two churches. See Vera Pliillips, Rosslon, Ark. 10-(it FOSTER-ELLIS DUPLEX APARTMENT ON PAV- t-d Htrecl three blocks from business uroa. 0-room and 4-room upiirlments, two baths. Purt down payment, monthly payments on balance. Quick sale, $5500. NEW FIVE-ROOM HOUS'E JUST completed, hardwood floors, modern throughout, corner lot. FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FOSTER Avenue, newly papered and redecorated interior. DUPLEX APARTMENT, GOOD condition, renting for month, $4,500. $00 per FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FULTON street, $2750. THRKE ROOMS FURNISHED Jur lighl housekeeping. Near Sr-hoolfy's store. Phono 38-F-ll. T - ''•• Schooley. 10-31 TWO ROOM FUHN1SH1C •. mtMi{. No children. 203 ^., al Av ^. C. i(j.; u Wanted OR FOUR ROOM UN- Airnished ouartmcnl or house Phone 1112-W. J. R. Johnson. 8-(it HAY CUT FOR HALF. 50 ACRES 'exa, also grass hay. Dorscy Renovating I'lIK .BEST IN GUARAN- teocl work call Cobb's MallU-ess Co. al 712 W. 4th. Wo call for deliver. Phono 229-J. 21-lm Lost CNR Cun-l(J TIRE, WHEEL AND carrier. Los't July 1st. between '' . . I-'aU'on -and Hope. II. D. Buckner, Ark. Cox, Notice FOR GENERAL HAULING AND long distance moving, Call George Carver, Phone U73. Hope, Ark. 11-1 m Wanted to Buy 'STOVE. GRIDDLE AND WARMS' •: ing closet for hamburger stand '-, Phone HOY. Ill Smith Main St . 10-31 ,POWE R S YmJP~"MTl"L7~E " P : . Martin, Washington, Ark. 10-Gt I:' Doug /^|"T"W Carl Bacon V^l 1 I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 SIX-ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY PA- pered, corner lot, 75x150, $4500. INVESTMENT PROPERTY- Z'l rec ' unH apartment brinaing 3>90 per month, good condition Make us an offer. Must sell. SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE ON EAST . New York, July 1 1— Wars always are followed by disheartening revelations of corruption and gred and the current disclosures of the Carson enterprises, sordid as the facts arc, are .iusl a beginning. Others will ensue rapidly if the Mead committee's investigation of profiteering is pressed conscientiously. There will be scandals in lend-lease and Chinese squeeze, in airplane deals involving relatives and personal and political friends of mighty personalities in the Roosevelt government, in the sale of influence and presure and in the sudden elevation of low-grade jiangers-on lo wealth and social importance in the night life of Wash- inglon and Now York. I have heard some Republicans express puzzlement -at In I conduct of Senator Mead, of New York, a Democrat he, in embarrasing con- gresman Andrew J. May, of Ken- lucky, another Democrat, in the Garsson deals but I think the explanation is plain. Politicians, naturally, would dis- mis soflhand the possibility that Senator Mead may bo animated by honesl motives and look for ulterior purposes with a political explanation. Wilhoul accepting this cynical, attitude toward Mr. Mead. I "till think he is playing sound politics even though he might subject some of his Democratic colleagues lo much worse 1 distres tha^n mere embarrasmenl. The Democrats want to win over i ,,,HI-I (h ,, -—u—•- ••• "•"• •"••= -- Dewey in New York in which ^ ^en^^hiflSe"}^!^ in the fourth and the sacks were loaded when he name back for the next P-m,'", th - e u mh - II was Chandler's Jillh straight victory over Cleve- la "nf ""„ his 13lh of the season. the Red Sox stayed seven and a half games in fronl by beating the Tigers at Boston for the sev- HOM S L A *' HOP E/ A *KANSAS Feller Bested By Chandler; Sox Also Win By CARL LUNDQUIST' New York, July 12 — (UP)—Do- pending on the viewpoint, eilhcr Bobby Feller of the Indians or Spud Chandler of the Yankees, deserved credit today for being very smart. • J Feller got the glory when he Pitched in the All-Slar. game al Boston and was credited with winning it for lhe American League. Chandler begged off in that game, although he had been named as one of lhe three American League moundsmen slated to work and received a litlle criticism for his aclion. Bui for lhe glory he missed, he gained compensation thai counted last night by boating a weary-look- ng Feller, 9 to 1, at New York, handing Bullet Bob his first defeat this year against the Yankees. He had bealen them four times, once on a no-hitter, but Ihis lime he lacked his usual sharpness and was whacked for 11 hits, including Iwo lomers by Aaron Robinson, before he was relieved in the fifth. A crowd of 56,243 saw the game. Chandler, well rested and eager to beal the mosl highly-rated pitcher in baseball, gave up only vive hits and missed a shutout only because lhe Indians pul together a walk, a single and an infield oul for a run in the :"ourlh. Robinson, only Yankee lo get two >rpr> runs in one frame .at Yankee stadium this year, drove in six runs By Dick Turner . . COPR. 1946 BV NEA 3CBVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U B I . • -»--*V*T». JJ.^^ *~lkJHJ \JW Division, newly papered scaped, good condition. land INVESTMENT PROPERTY: TWO 5-room houses on West Fourth street, four blocks from business fo'r a $V°o n I )aveme "<" Take both SMALL HOUSE AND 4.81 ACRES ol land on paved Highway 67 between Hope and Missouri' Pacific, viaduct. Make us an offer. SEVERAL NICE RESIDENTIAL lots in various parts of town. CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY in Shover Village Addition, exclusive Negro district. Few choice lots left. Can be brought on small down payment and monthly terms. FARM PROPERTY: TIMBER. l, e farm on Blevins Highway Modern five-room house, hardwood floors, electricity, good water. Two large tenant houses large barn. Over 300 acres land Priced for quick sale. MODERN FIVE-ROOM HOUSE and three and half acres on Hope-Washington highway three miles from, town. Garage, servant house, water, lights, gas, other improvements. SIX-ROOM HOUSE, TWO BARNS garage, tool house, 70 acres good land, plenty of water, one mile south of Spring Hill. LET MR. CHARLEY BAKER show you our other farm listings in Hempsteud and Nevada counties, ranging from 40 to 1,000 PHONE 221 9-3t case Ihey would head him off in lU'lU, Mead hopes to be Iho man to aeat Dewey and the publicity and the apparent indifference 10 politics indicated by lhe conduct of the Carson case are good political propaganda for him. II will be recalled thai Governor. Dewey, himself, made his reputation as a prosecutor and that Mayor O'Dwyer followed a similar course. So, the victory in New York which Mead and lhe Democralic parly are striving for would be well worth lhe sacrifice of a few individuals. However, there will be no really thorough,public revelation of great, bolh corrupt and legitimate, and of profitable favoritism which can- nol be assailed on legal grounds, until the Republicans gel control-of .Congres and thus of the committees. If lhal should happen this year the show would begin righl av/ay and lea-pot dome would become a case of petty larceny by comparison. The longer lhe Republicans are kept at bay, so speak, the less violent the explosion will be. Men are dying off'who might be witneses or defendants, records are being stored away and, possibly, lost or deslroyed Time always favors lhe guilly in such mailers, as all concerned, including lhe Republicans, well known and a postponement for two years would serve the people whose principal motive in joining the "war effort" was lo get rich even though they wasted labor and materials in going through the motions of production. There are so many cases to be jnvestigaled that again the thought occurs thai there is need- of some new body in the government which might be likened lo a grand jury a nalional grand jury, if you 'like, lo relieve Congres of the exhausting and time-consuming work of running inquiries into crimes and other misconduct. Under present conditions,men whose principal iob is to study and enact legislation are forced to act as private detec- lives, carrying on great correspondence with informants and running down tips, digging into old and obscure files and examining wilneses. Being human, mosl of .hem enjoy Ihis type-of work which s more exciling than the tedious jrain-work o fsludying, say, the e seventh straight time, putting over a economic facts Bretton Woods acres. FOSTER-ELLIS Notice GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope FEATURING t GOOD STEAKS • Chicken Dinners 2 Private Dining Rooms OrcN FROM 5 P. M. 'Til Midnight Cover Charge Saturday Night MILTOi: EASQN, Owner JRAVE YARD WORKING, ROCKY Mound Cemetery. July 18th, dinner on the ground at Dyke Springs Bring tools, Ids keep cemetery decent for our loved ones. Commillpomen: H. Bumpas, Bud Campbell, iiun Baleman, Norman Taylor. 11-61 Services Offered WILL BEGIN SHORTHAND Calf ion n j uy nieht> July 10-31 NAMES Madison, Wis., July ]2 — (/pj— Three Madison business men filed incorporation papers with the secretary of state for "Sure Loss Inc ' lhe incorporalors plan to issue 100 shares of slock which they will hold themselves and deal in real estate. NOTICE Tilt-Roy Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM « REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM t ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Mado Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP DELIVERY, INSTALLING for a 3 to 2 victory -•- and "' - ' ., -, — , — -• "*"-•> «"" VJICM nus- sell hit doubles. Tex Hughson, winning his 10th game, weakened in the ninth and lhe Tigers scored Iwirre lo tie the score The While Sox beal the Senators, 'i in .i, at Washington when Don Kolloway delivered a two-run dou- V 11 , th A° n . th - 'following singles °y L « ke Applmg and Whiley Plait. J^a bmith, with brief relief helo . beat ino Athlolics , was the winner. and and theories of the British oan. But il does compel lhe neg- ecl of other duties which nobody else can perform whereas the na- lonal grand jury probably could lanclle the investigations capably The corruption and the white jraft which awail lhe searchlight n Washington are n.ot by any rieans confined lo lhe war period Probably lhe first indication of ihe ethics and mood of the great re- orm movement, hardly noliced at he liirrt, was lhe selection of ?orbes Morgan, the uncle of Mrs Meaner Roosevelt, by the whiskey nduslry as ils arbiter, meaning, in IIQI-O hnnost language, its lobbyisl •at $100,000 a year. This was en- urely legal and the industry's pay- on to the Democrat H: party i'or the "real boon of repeal. Historians have found thai whtn Abraham Lincoln was in lhe While louse his wife was so extravagant and so careless of propriety thai some of her purchases for the mansion were questionable or do\yn- •ighl illegal. When ihe Hoovers were in residence there was some small gossip to the effect ihat they ived expensively al lhe taxpav- ers expense which was dispelled by later disclosures thai Mr Hoov- • -i,, s ea no tolics in Philadelphia on two hits, scoring all their runs in a 4 to 3 victory on three walks, a double by Mark Christman and a pinch-single by Joe Schultz in the seventh Welson Potter gave up .seven hits to win his sixth game. Phil Mar- cluldon was victim of his own wildness in losing .an otherwise bril- lip"My "itched game. The Giants beat lhc Cards at SI Louis, tor me fifth straight time this year, gelling 14 hils off four pilchcrs for a 13 to 3 victory. Lefty Dave DoRb won his 10th game to become the National League's biggest winner and ending a Cardinal streak of five victories. John Mize sparKed a seven-run inninp with a three-run homer, his 18»h this . Th e Cubs beat Brooklyn, 1 to 0 at Chicago when Phil Cavaretta doubled and Marvin Riikert singled him home in the ninth to break up a scoreless duel of lefl banders in which Johnny Schmilz beal J.oe Hallen. The Dodgers ma , ?T M lly thrce llits off Schmitz and- Hallen gave up but three himself until the fatal ninth. Brooklyn remained five games ahead of the — 31'CIS. • T 1 110 . Re ^ s fi ot off lo a fine start n their fourth place battle with ho Braves, Bucky Walters pitch- iiK an 8 lo 2 triumph in which he chipped m w th a single and a dou- sec Junior, luimor liini— ucl This Curious World By William Ferguson ing :? third 5 iU tW ° rUnS and ««" Lyn (Schoolboy) Rowe held lhe f "rates to three hits, handing them their sixth slraishl Ioss , 4 £ , ™ Philadelphia. Frankie Gusline's homer was the only Pirate tally. «; f , News °me and Johnny Wyrqslok. hit triples for the Phils each scoring. ' Rocks Lose 9 of 10 Games to Chattanooga By The Associated Press thankful^' ° raCkers shoul 60IN6 AT FULL SPEED SPENDS OF HIS TIME ~ COPR. 1946 BY MEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG U. S. PAT OFF. YOU STEP IN YOUR SHOES TO STEP OUT/' Ssi/s .JOAN STPcAUSS CAN FLY, BUT FOLDING ITS WIN6S AND 6ETriN& THEM BACK INTO ITS WIN& CASES IS SUCH A COA\PLICATED TASK, THE INSKI - SELDOA\ TAKES FLI6HT.. - -Iff Buk i FtQwin. Jr. New York, July 12-(/P)—The Na- about Shorty McWill-ams working tional Public Links golt champion- out al Missisippi Slate (some ships, winch starts a week from even predicted that he'd return ~.,* f+*j t T(t 11 1,1 t ,3 |. ( (i u M \T WW1V A1VJ111 Monday al Denver, not only is the argest golf tourney on record but jrobably is the most strictly amateur of all...It drew more than 3,500 entries which were whittled down o 192 through seclional qualifying •ounds, and they all were guys who play because they like he game and who pay for every •ound as they go .A lew have club affiliations, too, of course, like Smiley Quick who tied Bud Ward 'or the low amateur award in the National Open...But they're not •eal golfing celebrities who can :ash in on their reputations, open- ,ly or otherwise...Incidentally, . I they're darn good golfers. In most UL ' sections, the high scores among thankful thai iho drivins Clriii"i sectio " s ' ll ' e lligh scores among nooga Lookouts don't n|?v 1 iltlp i lllose who made the Brade wer(J Rock more often than tliov do up aroul1 d 151-152 and in some sec- The second-nlace Lookoiil« h'ivn • ons lhe Ieadel " s hari to busl 7° played the cellar-dwelline Travel' fo1 ' two rou " ds 1° win. .To the milers ten umes this season -,nri hn«oM 10 "? °. r '?acKers, the aniazing part - ravp ers ten umes this season nnd have!- 101 ]? f 'J ac « cl ' s - the ""^"S P art won nine times. No 9 came at Civil \ ls tllul there can oe • 3 ' SOJ 8' ollel ' s tanooen insi nirri-,1 ..^ ju.. T .. .rr. , thai good. —..w«. ., Ut i/ i-aini.' UL L^Iiai- tiinooga lasl night as lhe Lookouts slaved off a laic Rock rally foi 4-3 decision RIDING HORSES Buggy Rides — Hay Rides Enjoy this Healthful Sport HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES 2V4 miles out on Spring Hill road PIANOS Just Received—A Urge Shipmenr FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you ore interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. .._ _ . Texflrkono's Only IxcJusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texorkano, U. S. A. r-~ *"~ ^t-.ivci^ia LU IWO 'Ills „„. ei- .1 _i . T lor lhe first six frames After the name ofl thc fe ' racl r ' osler ;i "d Lookouts had piled up a ''-0 lead moanud: " the guy goc ' s a11 1llrol| g |1 Lillle Rock tallied once in the P U n dalc , a , nal und th ' J "- winds up seventh and again iu the eighth {" Brooklyn. You'd think he had when they kayoed Callan. Clialia: had eiu)U Sh combat." MOOffi'l 111 51 i f »lT«rl i IT 1-1 T3 ,-..-.1..,' .• .. 11 ;.. .. —— ™— nooga matched the Rocks' tallies in the seventh and eighth innings and Al Jarletl shut off the visitors wUh one run in lhe ninth. The Crackers mainiained their comfortable lead ag Shelby Kinney hurled five-hit ball lo blank Mobile, u-0. Home runs by Armstrong and Buesdieii helned the Memphis Clucks slay on Chattanooga's Phels w -n ^ n , n " U t '° llt l"est of the Nashville Vols. Birmingham snapped a six-game losing streak at home by exploding 15 hits and an H'-3 triumph or had failed to cash his salary checks. But nobody has ever ••known liie cosl to the lax payers liils. of the years the Roosevelts spent in Ihe White House and there is n definite mystery aboul the soend- jng of the cmereeiifv funds placed al Mr. Roosevelt's disposal. One relative gpis ;i $100.000 f . year sincurc, another gels a sheet of paper entitling him to u long, interslute rights of way for a pipe line, worth $100,000. Again a legal operation. And, after the president's dealh came the story of Elliotl's "loans from John Hertford, washed out by Jesse Jones at no cost to Ellioli and with ihe presidein's active cooperation at both ends of 1he deal. Possibly the American people are so cynical by now that the majority will regard such matters as the Garsson deals as smart business. They have had plenty of example from on high. Shorts and .'Shells Afler all thai full in lhe south over New Orleans. John Mi-tt-ki checked the Pels with seven safeties. Tonight's Games: Lillle Ruck at Chattanooga Memphis al Nashville Mobile at Atlanta New Orleans at Birmingham. Yesterday's Stars By The Asoclated Press Johnny Schmitz, — shoutout Brooklyn .Dodgers 1-0 on three Schoolboy Rowe, Phillies — allowed only I hive safeties in hurling hiladelphia t o 4-1 victory over Pittsburgh. Rip Russell, Rod Sox— batted in winning run with a tenth inning doublf in Boston's 3-2 triumph over Detroit. Aaron Uubinson, Yanks — drove in six runs on two homers as New York trounced 'Cleveland, !)-!. Bucky Walters, Reds— batted in Iwo runs and pitched Cincinnali io a seven hit, 8-2 victory over Boston. Don Kolloway, White Sox- doubled in winning runs in Chicago's eleven inning 4-2 conquest of Washington. Dashiell Hammett, detective fiction writer, was a Pinkerlun detective for eight years. • kM*vii |ji *.. \.t i v. bl. ll 11I11L ilt-V.l 1 U III ( I and put State on a par with Alabama), Shorty is back at West Point sweating out summer maneuvers at Camp Buckner...Jos Webb, veteran pitcher who recently returned to the Kitty League with the Union City Greyhounds, is the only "charter member" of xhe circuit. He played with the Jackson generals i'rom 1935, when xhe loop was revived, until it folded because of the war in 1942 and then retired lo farming and semi-pro pitching...The recent All-Star baseball game has brought a record crop of wisecracks, includim; questions as to whether Pants Rowland still wants his Pacific Coast League to be the same kind of "major" us the National. The main diffi- cully, however, seems to have been that the All-Stars were all stars on one team. . BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 269 Hope. Ark. SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of- All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark FOR—Dependable and Quick o PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small • ANDERSON BROS, e REED Motor Co. 108 East Division St. • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop MECHANICS: Carl Jones and Frank Yarbrough in Store for Fans Tonight *•* Softball fans are in for a real treat tonight at Fair park when a strengthened Hefncr-Nash team rll r r th , lhe \Mtfio-lGadfn™ Cobb-Iooley boys in the first game of a doubleheader. . Both teams are reported to be in top shape and are out "to win " Muring for Hefner will be Roy laylor, well-known to local soft- bailers and one of the best to ever appear in Hope. roT,h r T ls ?" wi " ta -° lhc mound for Cobb-iooley assuring fans of a pitcher's battle. The latter is uncle. ioaled this season in league play •and has lost only two games by close decision to out-of-city teams He also has an early season no- hitler to his credit. . Hefner's challagene to the so-far invincible Radio boys is expected lo attract the largest crowd of the season In the second game the Motor ca malCh ° d a * nlns l-Wy Last night's games were wild and wooley with air sides scoring Hope Water & Light 'Co. AB R H Messer, c Mitchell, Ib Messer, Clyde, 2b Huckabee, ss' Riddling, cf Butler, If Phillips, 3b . Martin, ri .... Chance, O. E Stewarts Fritz, 2b W. Taylor, Ib .. H. Fenwick, ss R. Fenwick, c W. W. Taylor, 3b" Holliday. If Reel, If Light, rf Miller, rf Urban, cf Brice, p Wylie McCorkle, ss . Reyenga, 3b .. Dodson, Ib Howard, rf Rogers, p, cf Delaney, 2b .. Franks, If Garrett, c Rogers, p Cobb-Tooley Reyenga, 2b Finley, If Ross, 3b Ferguson, cf . McKee, ss Tooley, Ib ....'. F. Chance, rf . Messer, c W. Chance, p , 5 4 2 52 2 0 2 2 0 1 0 1 39 11 10 4 3 4 4 1 3 1 3 4 . 4- 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1, 1 ' 1 0 30 14 9 2 0 2 0 1 3 1 0 1 27 10 32 13 ' 9 LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and . Sharpening ; M.C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service Page Fiv9 Political Announcements The Star is authorized to 1 announce the following as candidates, subject, to Ihl action or the Democratic primary elections this Sum- Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS ' ——~___^ 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON. J. W. (BILL) PATTOM JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County v -_' ....*. ,!„ For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN , J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTQN ", For- County Cle'rkt ROBERT C. TURNER. For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE, SYVELL A. BURKE v For County Judge ! ', -FREDA.LUCIC ' ', ' FRANK RIDER ' Tax. Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative • Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff, and Collector OTIS LANGSTON' '. •BBMMnBQBgi COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service in town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Ha*el The prudent man carri.es insurance. The careful man carries MUTUAL insurance. For Mutual insurance is offered to only owners of the betlor class of property, lo people who are interested in preventing loss. As a result, losses, have been less frequent, and that economy of Mutual operation makes it possible to return 20 percent savings in the form of dividends to police-holders. See Us and Save 20 percent on Your Insurance Cost! Non-Assessable. . .Legal Reserve. FOSTER-ELLIS Mutual Agency Prompt Settlement of All Claims 108 East Second Phone 221 iji.>-*^ Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in' Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space '$ Hatters HUGH 9. HAUL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76

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