Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 20, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 3
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ARETIRED BUSINESSWOMAN. A Page From Her History. The Importnnt experiences of others (ire •Inturcstlii;;. Tbo following Is no exception: "I had boon troubled with heart disease IS years, mtirh of tlmt tlmo very seriously. !• or five yours 1 WIUM trcateil ny OHO pliyslclun continuously. I WIIH I" business, but obliged to retire on iiccoiint of my health. A iiliy- •jiulan tolil my friends th»r. I could not live 11 •ruoutli. My foot utid limbs were budly swol- . o ti len, and I wif Indued In ft serious condition •Bliun u KiMiMomnn cllrculcrt my lUtoiMkm to Dr. Mllos' Nitw Heart Unro, and said ilmt Ijls sister, who Imd been nlllletod v.-ltli lioui't flis- ciiso liatl boon cured by the remedy, lind V.-H* ii'Min Ji slroriK, liuallhy woman. 1 puivh.'isfd ttboulnof Mio HiHirtCuKi, mid In less 111:111 nn liour uftur tulclns the first iloso I could fi-ol tkdiicldud Improvomontlnthoelreiiluiiori •;>r mv blixxl. Wlion I bud tiilten tnivo oosi'S 1 rniilil move my ankle*. somnUiliiK I Imcl not doue for mO!ilhs.iuid my limbs lind been swol- lon so Ion;: Unit they seemed almost putrlliefl. Hfforo I bud tillion one bottle of the Now Uunrt Guru the •nvelllmf hwcl nil Kono down, uud I w:is so uim:h Ijottor tlmt I did my own •work. •» On my roKommoiiclntion six others nro bikini; thli v:iliiiLbli> remedy."— Mrs. aiorpii.ii, aOSl VV. Harrison St., OhlfllKO. III. Dr. Miles' Now HoiirtCuro. » discovery of rin .urainontapucliillnt In lieurt cllsoiise, IssDld by nil di-UKSlsts on ii positive gininimeo.or sent oy tho Dr. Miles lludlciil Co.,Ellihurt, lnd.,on recolpt or price, ?! pur bottle, six bottles for *, expre-w propuld. It Is positively free from all ovintus or da,ui!crous driiys. Stop at the VENDOME :3a> BROADWAY. MEALS, 2J CENTS. Oood Cooking Fine Service, Excellent Cuisine Short Order Cooking Day and Night. Paslry and Coffee are Specialties at Our Luack Counter The Best Ice Cream Made to Order on Short Notice Come and See Us. ReapectfulV. JOHNW.MARKLEY Of all human troubles, Sleeplessness la the most dlstre*sing I 3onger, thirst, malaria and bodily injurj may be borne for a time, and while borne may be over come, but sleeplessness crushes its victims relentlessly-^ it kills as a scourge kills. Just as there is nothing that cnft take the place of sleep to restore energy in the human body, so there is nothing that can take the place of Or. WHEELER'S NERVE VITALIZER hi making sweet, refreshing sleep possible to nervous sufferers. If you lose sleep from any cause whatever, you m ed it. PRICE, $1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druegists for free sample. If not found, writf us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives \ __i~/ r— free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. All We offer $500 lo Any pbyalciun or cbomlst wlio can •howbyaimly»l«or otuerwwe, that thli remedy cont»ln» morphine, optura cocaine, or «uy rnp. welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. AUkern ALBION. MICH. .. NewYort MAUC1I EXHIBITS OK KARNINGg. Return of %roa3 earnings of 129 roads for March are In and compare more unfavorably with last year than did January or February. In March theie roads earned $39,141,981, a decrease this year of $5,877,71-1, or 18 percent. Tho gross earnings were *71 smaller than In March. 1893, The returns are remarkable lor the uniform decronse In all sections of the country, only a dozen roads showing any Increase-, aud In Buch oases very slight Increase. It must be admitted that tho results of the first throe months of 1894 are very dlscouragine and reflect In a 6trlklng manner tho depression in business as well as the demoralization in rates. For the quarter ending March 31 those roads earned $108.871.710, against $124,258,1'-'2 in tho corresponding throe months of IS'JM, a decrease of $15,886,112. In tho faco of such a falling off in earnings there is no reason for aurpriso over tho extensive economies which tho rnilrosil companies are en- forcioe. However, it is believed, the worst is over, and that from this on better results will bo shown. Bail- read officials say that an improve, mont has set in, but that it will of necessity be slow of growth. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. HSMI DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNING, APHIL 20. New millinery at tho Now Fashion Store. Houso for Sale Very Cheap—No. *08 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DoLonf?, No. 402 Market street. Acute aod chronic catarrh; diseases Of the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. Rheumatism racks the system like a thumbscrew. It retreats before tho power of Hood's Sar8»parllla, which purifies tho blood. » For rent, pood front room, down •Ulro, suitable for two, In (food loca tion on Market street, flve minutes walk from oourt house. Inquire X X Journal office. STRIKE DECLAKED OFF. Pendinff a final settlement the strike on tho Great Northern road was do- lnred oft yesterday morning-. Although but little is known regarding tho lerms of settlement it is thought that tho employes have been granted some .mportant concessions and that the settlement will he a compromise in :avor of the employes. If this be true ,t will bo the flrst victory for the American Railway Union, although heretofore their attitude has been de- idodly against strikes. Until the matter is finally settled all hands have been ordered back to work. To Pan Handle conductor Samuel Moore and wife a 12-pound boy. Train 21 on the Pan Handle was an hour and a half late inhere yesterday. ing north the number waa annulled and train No. 19 was run in Chicago n two sections. V. K. Hendricks engineer of the M. of W. of the Michigan division of the Vandalia, has appointed Wm. Katzon- back of ferre Haute his chief clerk. Vlr. Katzenbaoh was formerly travel- ,ng passenpar agent of the E. & T. H. Indianapolis Journal: J. M. Burwick, a passenger conductor on the Pan Handle lines, is a successful Evangelist. On Saturday he addressed tho Y. M. C. A. at Torre Haute, a number of railroad men being present. Ho tells tho story of his own life in a simple but eCfc-ctive way. Terre Hnuto Express: There is every probability that tho train dispatchers of the Logansporl division of tho Vandalla will be removed to Logansport in the near future and that tho tram dispatching will bo done from that point. It was reported yes* terday that the dispatching of trains on the main line of tho Vandalia between here and St. Louis would be done from St. Louis, but this is denied and none but the Logansport dispatch ore will be moved. An olliolal in tho railway mail so.r vice says there is nothing in the rumor that the contract for carrying the mait between Chicago and New York waa to bo given wholly to tho Pennsylvania company. Ho fciiys both iho l j enni)ylvaniii and the Now York Central have aa much mail matter now as they can carry and maku pood time. Tho Pennsylvania now handles noNew England mail matter and possibly some changes will bo made which will increase its service between New England and the Wott Monroe Hill, a former Pan Hbndlo operator died at Des Molnas, Iowa, last Sunday. Ten years ago while employed at Marion he drew $30.000 from the Louisiana lottery and al onco threw up his job and proceeded to paint the town red. Marion was too small for him and he drifted to Chicago and lived In groat style. At this rate his wealth did not last long and in less than a year he was as poor as a church mouse. He was compelled to again work at his pro feaslon which he did in several west em cities uotil last Sunday whan he died, ills said of consumption brough on by his past life. He was burled at Marlon yesterday. The sink hole In the fill across Lilly Lake near Laporte It) causing the Chicago & West Michigan railway no end of troubio and the officials appear to bo at a loss to know what to do. A crib wan built and filled, but Udid no settle evenly and finally it carried «ome two hundred feet of the bridge and track down with It out of sight Small trees, timbers and oar load after oar load of old ties, as well M over three thousand oublo yards of earth Derby or Fedora HATS Pearl with Black Band, Mociio, Tobacco, Black and Brown. $2 Hats for $1. $3 and $3.50 Hats for $1.98 OTTO KRAUS lave been dumped Into the hole with apparently but little effect. Two raSna are employed, one at each end of tho bridge, and tho work is being carried on night and day. The bridge Is Impassable and all traine run around the obstruction over the ,ake Erie & Western road. Engine 174 of thoWabash, is an ill- starred locomotive. When just out of the Rhode Island works where she was built, two years ago, she plunged nto the washout at Kentner creek, 'our milos west of Wabash, and crushed out the lives of flve men riding in the cab. The locomotive was lifted, repaired and put on tho road, only to come Into collision with another engine near Danville in a few week. Tuesday -night as sho was being run on to the turn tablo at the Andrews yard the tablo gave way under tier and turned her dome down into the pit, the hostler, Roger Rial, leing-caught and quite severely injured. The engine was In tho pit all night, and not a locomotive has been taken in or out, of tho roundhouse Decauso of the wreck. The Crank KelcnHRd. John Higgles, who surrendered to ,ho authorities at Muncio, representing that for eight years ho had been hiding from the government, and "ho attempted to butt out his brains after bslng locked up has been released. The Government notified tho Munoie police that Hlggins was not wanted. Mr. Hlggins said that the fear of arrest had preyod so constantly upon his mind that ho foarod be was growing insane, and for that reason ho surrendered himself. Ho will now return to his home which ho has shunned for years. StocklloldorH Meeting. Notice IB hereby given to the stockholders of the Citizens' Natural Gap Company of kogansport, [nd , that there will bo a mooting of paid stockholders, at the Council ^Chamber of aid city, on Monday, the 3(Hh day of April, 180-t, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies In the I3oard of Director?, and such other business as eball come boforo the stockholder. By order of tho Board of Directors. JoriN GBAV. Pros't. C. W. GRAVES, Seo'y. Come to Patterson for hats. Business is reported good at the New Fashion store, A good cape for 98 cents; children's jackets 75 cents.—Trade Palace. Tho best soda water in the city at Buejaha's Bros., as everybody knows. Two expirt trimmers. Miss Qui(f'< of Chloago, and Miss Meehan, of New York City, In the millinery depart ment, at the New Fashion store. Mr. J. T. Cockburn, the energetic and popular Life Insurance Agent o' this city, and who neglects no oppor tunity to push business, legitimately, has secured the assistance of Capt. Wm. H. Horn, late of Washington D. C., an experienced and sucoesefu life insurance solicitor, to asaiat in plaalng life Irjeuranoe In thli and adjoining counties. Mr. Cockburn represents some of the best companies In the United States, and Capt. Horn wll take pleasure in plaolnjr any of our citizens desiring Insurance in the same We commend these gentlemen to th» favorable consideration of the public. Official Call. The Republicans of Cass County, ndiana, and all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to meet in their several townships and wards at the time and place deeignat ed for the purpose of selecting dole> gates to the Republican State conven- ,lon to be held at Indianapolis on April 25. 1894, and to the Republican Congressional convention to be held at aammond, lod., on May 24, 3894. The place'and time fixed for said meetings is as follows: Adams township—Twelve Mile, April 21, at 1 p. m. Bethlehem township—Metea. April 21, .at l.,p. m. Boone township—Royal Center, April il, at 1 p. m. Clay township—Shady Nook school house, April 21 at 1 p. m. Clinton township—Clymers April. JO, at 7 p. m. Doer Creek township — Cen-ter school house, April21, 1 p. m. Harrison township—Lucerne, April 21, 1 p.m. Jackson township—&alvoeton, April 21, 2 p. m. Jeffarson townfihip — Calloway school house, April 21. 1 p. m Miami township—New Waw-rly, April 21, 1 p. m. Noble—Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. I'ipton township—Onward, April 21, L p. IB. Washington township — Centre school house, April 10, 1 p. m. First ward—Engine house, April 21, Second ward—Kink, April 21, S p. Third ward—Council chamber, April 21, 8 p. m. Fourth ward—Rink, April 21, 8 p. "'Fifth ward—Engine house, April 21, 8 p. m, Tho several townships and wards will bo entitled to representatives as follows and the meeting will select tho number ofdolegal.es as follows: Stata Congressional Convention. Convention. 1 1 Adams township Bethlehem " } Baohe " } Jliiy ". •• Clinton —• DeerCreek " - f "Inrrlson " f ..i illuml " oble Tlpton " } Washington " ,} 'Irrtt ward f, V.Y.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.V.Ti' Third " Fourth I; j 5 By order ofthe Central Committee. J. Z. POWKLL, D. W. TOMLTKSOtf, Chairman. Secretary. Acquitted of the Charee of Murder, Word was received from Lafayette yesterday that' Edward Rudesnl, a Mocon engineer, was acquitted of tho charge of murdering Michael Koran of this city, a brakeman employed on the same road. The case went to the j.iry at 11 o'clock yesterday morning and after being out half an hour that body returned a verdict of not guilty, finding that tho deed was committed in self defenso. Tho story of tho killing is too fresh In the ^memories of the people to need repeating. Clinton County Copper Mine. The great weight of the rock which James Kissell, trustee of Madison township, CHnton county, waa hauling off o. e of his fields, attracted his at tention, and this led to an examina tion which developed largo quantities of copper ore. Tae rock was found at tho foot of abluiT, and there is reason for thinking that a vein of paying ore will result from tho investigation which is now being made. The find has arou*ed frrout interest in that neighborhood. ^ $100 UMTlirll, $100. TIII- n-aili-r of nils pujitr will _l)ni)l« ilmt" dlmce' tos £"n ffifflxK'^ ls''tft I rh 1 !' lnPnt'irrJl Hilll Git til I'll vdtftt lf * H'* sSSSSSffESBS CB-doW by druggists. - tlcal Entiitrt Tran»fi»r». List ot transfers of real estate In Cass coanty reported by Frank H. wlpporinan abstrncter ot titles conveyancer and not.iry public, Insimmce and loan airent, titles to real ostnte examined and derive titles perfected. Money to loan at lowest ratal. O.'llce 206 Fourth street direct!} opposite Court House entrance. LoRiuisport, Ind i oo tln Porter" e'vjlot 22 V> 00 ' a In s« 'A s^ I'" ...... V,i Sar'ih MUeS to Martha L. Park lotltf ''''' KlTz'Ba'rdwin iot io K. Thomas to W. l.oit 2100 00 375 00 2MO 00 GCOOO saw oo sm 10 «ftt<* K TU'!KCr WHylltlfl. "• a^u.™,."" ;S»'K~^:::::: «S?S Daughter* of Iltbeckttli. There will be * call meeting of the Daughters of Bebeolcah Friday evening, April 20, ai 7 o'clock sharp, to make arrangements for the 26th. All members are requested to be present. By order of the PRESIDENT. Ladles' wash suits ready-made, at the New Fashion itore. me, than tion, Foolish Woman! You can't spare the time to measure your Pearline ? Well, that helps us, but it's lucky for you that an overdose of Pearline docs no harm. It's only extravagance. Beware of a dose of the imitations. You can get just as good work with enough Pearline as with too much. Use it as it ou^'ht to be used, and don't waste it, and you can't think that it's expensive. To get the best, results from Pearl- use it just as directed. You'll save more of everything with anything else. If your grocer sends you an irmta return it, please. 3SS J-"" :s I>VLE - Ncw York - OLE.iN IT I-OK SntlNG. •JTlie Houril «>f i»«salll» IHRIICB « >'oli<:c i,, lll<N I'ublll. KOCANSTOKT, April U. ISM. On September-Mil), JSiW the common council passed tb« .'oilowiup or. Au ordin;iv.co of the city of Juognns port, Indiiiua, r'-quiriDC property /nero lo tiluiin a.na uislule^i, auu 'luitiou :tll privy vnul'.o titid Cut*.-* n,U wool of Kift.1 street and between ;1 «r.a V\'abuMj rivurs, uud uuniieui mu with seivi-rd. iind provide penal- Be it Di-dained by the common council of the city of Logaosport: Suiiii.'in L 'T'lit. '.li« cont.inuatioD uf p-ivy v.tuitv .iiiii Ciiss pools in a 1 tho ifi-rili)r> ivi'i;: 'v,^i. of Fifth t-troev :inrl bor'vi;on " ih« R-.l »r,d Wafiash riv«»rs in said city 06 and *= deel«ri.-«3 In accordance with the above ordinnnce the; board of health notifies all property owners within the nbove described dUtrlot, that all privy vnulls «r.d c.i;Sf nnol? arc '.O be cleaned at onnp. rii-iin'. nlod ind nbandoned nnd sr.itahle connections effected with the sntvors lairlv constructed. By order of the hefl''-h board. N. \V. CAnir, Secretary. Tlio orlRlnnl Amcricnnn. It is possible, according to recent scientific researches, that the people from whom, in the opinion of some in- vcstinntors. the name o£ America was derived, were originally inhabitants of the I'oh-iiusiiin Islands. Ayes a^o, it Is believed, a nearly complete land con- neetion existed between those islands and Central America, the Pacific ocean being- at thsit time almost, bridyod with a chain of islands. The tribe of Indians afterward known as tin; Ameriques are supposed, from certain remains, to have first taken possession of an island, Momotombito, near the western edpe of Nicaragua, where they left some very interestincr carvings anil otiier toU-ens of their skill Afterward, according to the theory, a subsidence of tho liiml occnrrod which drove them eastward until they came to the fertile slopes of the Ameriq-.ie mountains, where their descendants are still to bo iound. It has been su-Kested that Vespueins got his pseudonym o£ "Arni-ri"o" from the name of this tribo of Indians. H all these things are true, it miffht be pointed out that even poolosrical convulsions have played a part in the Ion- series of events lead- in"- up, as if in obedience to a decree of Providence, to the namitiLr of the new world, not Columbia, but America.— Youth's Companiiin^ _ _ A .Ni>w Mill.-rh.l for Slliniiior I)r.>>.<. Aim-rieun msmufaetnivrs do nor. permit themselves to be outdone by thoso of Hin-ope in any line ot dress -roods, Cr,-poiuat.e is a li-lit, fabric for summer wear, now iirst int.rodueed, anil likely to' become popular the eomini: season. ]! is li-'ht ami shuer, drapes with frraee u ,,d softness and is said to rival the !u,<>st; imported crepes. It is claimed that oaeh piece will bo washed before ivaehin;r tne constiine;- to insure the po-manenee of the colors. The cost will hu about one-halt of that of ;m- porUsd goods.— N. Y. Tribune. —Husband —"You wept in your sleep, witie. What, was tho matter? \Vif< ; — "I dreamt I was pealing onions." — Toronto Moii. __ Quaker hoftdnubt capsule (flvo r<>. lief In ten minutes. Who Siiy» Wlii'nm.-ii Imii ruunot be OlircrtT Jly wile was confined to her bed for ovurtwo months with R severe attack O rliftimatifin. V,'e could pet oothi iii!j- ilvit would alT.ird her any relief, and :i • :i last resort garo Chamber- Iain's Pain Balm a trial To our great surprise sho beean to improve after tnc lirst application aud by using ii regular she was si on able to get up uniJ attend to her housework.—E. H. Johnson, of C. J. Knu'.fOn it Co. Kensington, Minn. SO cent ! oiilcS for BAleby B. F. Keesline. druggist. lltlv* 10 <:ulil'orulii <;,"fully Itndnee* via the I'iMiiiHj IvHiiln I.lnen. Tho Mid winter Fair at San Fran- cifCO and the numerous other attractions in the Wonderland beyond th« Rocky mountains can be enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Passengers can select any ot the several routes from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A Mo- Cullough, ticket ager.t. Logansport, Ind. Maiwlve FonndmlonK HUcim-red. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are eome lady residents who can wear shoe! twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating in spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 60 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, pre- •.cription druggist, 326 Market street, transport, Ind. Factn VTorlli Kuowlnar. In all diseases of the nasal mucoui membrane the remedy used must bo., non-irritating. XoiMng satisfactory can be accomplished with douches, sr.uffs, powders orastringentf. because j they arc irritating, do not thoroughly rench the affected surfaces and should be abandoned as worse than failures. A multitude of persons who bad for years borno all tho worry and pain. that catarrh can inflict testify to radical and permanent cures wrought by Ely's Cream Balm. Your druggist has A MIRACLE. What Phelps' "Four C" Kem- c«Iy l>i«l 1'or Miss Jcunie Basset. Liist Friday, Dec. 19th, my nttemltiis physlclun stilted unless 1 wan bettor by mofnli« Iw could do nothing for my relief. Tlmt "l«:lJl. ' &*• mcnoed taking I'hclP's "I'oiir C" romwly; stop- pud all other medlcliws. The llrst dose stopped mjcouuh; slept ana rwted well: u few more dos?s remove all soreness from my lunss: tho second d«y I WM up; the third day I was -nit on the porch and today WM ui- town purchiislnK holiday Roods MISS .1EXXIE BASSET. Wiishlngton Ave. and Summit St. Croup Cured. One dose of "R>h!p»' CkJURh, Cold and Croup Cure" nave ray child Iiw'imt rolief when attacked with the croup. W K MOORE, of Moore Bros. Grocery, Arkausas Ctty, Kin. I guarantee Phelp.-"F.ur C" tor LA GBDPPB, Asthmi, Bronehltti, Cou«m, Colds, etc, BEN FISHER. i Vnndnlla Hue i To South, Southeast aod Southwest ' will run on various elates from now until Juno 5, 1S9-!, inclusive. One. fare round trip. Gill OQ or atUbMNI^ j ar.v Vandalia line itgent i I information contained in S27 of January 20, 1894. Yfiti<lnt2*i Lin*- Kxcn On April 23d, 2Uh ;ind 25ih, round i.rip ticlc-ts, LoiTttnsportto Indianapolis, at $'-'.,"5, ffood to return to and including April 27lh. On May 1, the usual variety 0 commutation tickets go on tale to Murmont—Lake M-ixinkuckeo. Tickets all now on sale to Chicago via St, Joseph and Lake Michigan. For any further information see J. C. EDGEWORTII, Aerent. Ktcpnbltcan Stii.tn CoiiTCnllon. On account Republican State Convention tho Pennsylvania lines will sell excursion tickets to Indianapolis and return at rate of $2.35- Tickets will be sold April 23, 21 and 25, good going only on date of sale and will be available for returning trip until Apr 1 27,' S894, inclusive. Tli« IteKUlc of K Trial. C ANN ELTON. lod.—I have used Simmons' Liver Regulator, manufactured by J. H. ZellUn & Co., Philadelphia, and found that for indigestion and liver complnint it is the heap medicine I ever used.— E. E. Clark. Your druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made into a tea. Handle Factory Wood for title. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mail orders to Hillock & Pittman, Handle Factory, on Toledo St., or P. J. Kimmer. Nerve force is drawn on by ererf muscular or brain effort Depoglte to meet these drafts are made by Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer. Price f l^ of Ben Fliher.

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