Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 20, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1894
Page 2
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PART 10 NOW READY. THE HAVE YOUR PORTFOLiCS PRO In elegant Cloth or Leather Bindings. The Journal has made arrangements with Longwe!! & Cummings, ihevbook binders, to bind all the Dream City Portfolios distributed to Journal subscribers or any others which may have been procured elsewhere. The covers are of tasty and elegant design in Embossed Cicth or Russia Leather and will be bound complete at prices varying from $1.20 to $2.35. Take your portfolios, as soon as complete, to Longwell & Cummings, 5th and Market Sts,, who will fill the order at once. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Every person who has taken advantage of our offer of MflRIB BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO OP STf\GE> CELEBRITIES admits that not only have all our representations In regard to He intrinsic merits been fully justified; not only has every promise been kept, but the work EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATION. The demand for it has amounted to a rush which it baa kept us busy to supply, and although we knew that it would be popular, has surpassed our most sanguine hopes In regard to it. It merits the popularity it has gained. It is unique among artistic P«W«»tJoD8. treats a popular subject in a popular way, present* poi traits of ALL THi. GREAT LIGHTS OK THE STAGE in tho most attractive manner known to art *nd ench part comprises twoniy handsome half-tone photographs. FINISHED IN TWO COLORS, these being the latest and best pictures of each subject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. Don't fail to secure the back numbers and secure the forthcoming parts as thev arrive. Two parts issued each weck.»H Part 7 now ready. SH! TUT THIS OL'T. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON Thl» Coupon, together wltb Tom-live OTDU, prtwentecl at tn« Portfolio Depart- mtnt of The Journal, tteant tne fieat book. "It Curlit Came to ChlMf o." CUT THIS OUT, CVT THII* OUT. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Tnl« Coupon with two others of different dates, and Ten Cents, la (food for one part, containing twenty portraits, of (he Marie Burrongh's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. No. 3, B^s: No. 3, SB !•; 44 , JIOJiffllMJ'jio: May, September, .CUT TH-1M OUT CHltiA.ni), April 19. Fl.ouil—In mortm-iHO demand and tulrly stetuly. Quotations rur.no t» tollowu: Winter — I'ttlcilis, lS.SOas.UO: Btriilghts. J'iOO ty,i~\>: clours, tlnu&i-W; aaeontis, tl.8UOl.Ol); low fe'ruduH, 3>1.5<J(eol.7'J, Sprint,'—PaU-niH, W.-0 (3,S Si): striilBlim, »--0<Z'~<)": Uulntr.i 1 , Ifl.T.'.a K.IU; lew firaclen. Jl.40isl.OU; HcC! Do h -, J1.3US l!«j; Uyn, SS.405tS.bO. WIIKAT—Moik'i-at^ly :iutlvo and Irreu'u'.ur. "CO'UN—Modi'riudy iii-i.l-.-o nntl firm. S14j:l!H»c; No. - Vi-llcnv, "S'il :wiie, tiMii N" a Yet: ;!»',V<i ;1 ' J .'--i 1 " Jul >'> W'iw* 41lii!. OATS—yul"t »ud steady. No. i; cash, Koi Muy y-'-iy-.i'-'iiu; July, 'Xl^W^WiU; Septum- hrr, '^'.n'f.t'^ 1 ^^- SampltlH In Talr dolnuud uud gieady.' No. !t, :i-J,;!4i-; No. 1 White. U4,"4jJ*o; NII •-' xi&M^e; Mo- - Willie, Mu.wyc. Itvi—Murliet, UiilL No. ^ cusli, 49u, and samiJlc luw. 50351o: May delivery, 50o. UABI.KV—Supply SIm ' 11 ttn " "ood Hurley ilrm. orri'rtnjiii small. Cliolee by sample. Mia Mii; fair to uood. SlSJSSc: rcommon, 4i!®. r iOc, and inw (trade 43((JWC, with snrCeiilncs »15,00i<tl7.tjl) nor ton. MKSM POUR—Tnul'.iiK moderate and prices higher. Quotations ranged at fl.'l UJWifclS.!. 1 ! for C'lsli ropular: $13.0:^^18.15 fur May, and UK. 1(J (JB1S.-B 'or July. LAUD—Market rwthnr qulel nm! blh'her. Quom'.ior.M rsttiKed ar.l7."037-.~',4 for c;i«h; f'.uj I&1.-V4 ror May. anil S7.JSAf.S7V4 for July. Liv* roni.THY—Per pound: Chickens. 7o; Turkeys, fijlOe; Ducltn, ttaiOe; (Jecse, HlOOi* 5.00 per ilui-.nti. HUTTKK—Crcamrry, I lift—o; Dairy, l, r >a^le; Paoklr.!,' Stock, saDo. OILH—WIseotiHln Prime Whlto, 71-ii:-, Wiitnr White, 7'-'ie: Mlohlgan I'rlmB While, 8!ic; Vi'u- tur White, Oo; Indiana Prime White, Sl^e: Water Whltu, Hlie: Hcadllifht, 173 test. »!-4c; t:a«- olhie, 87 cluK-'H. 11 We; 74 dcs's. 9e: Naphtha, 03 LiQl--OKH—Dlstllledfiplrit.t atoiidy on the busid of SI. 15 pur gal. for !!ri;slicil Roods. NBW YORK, April in. WHEAT—No. 2 red dull, but steady. May, O-'-^fflitiUe; July, '05 1 iCifrti,V4e: Decenibe:-, TU-^dfi COUN—Na 1! steady and fairly active. May, 4-l 1 /je; July, 45f4^-lai'ic. OATS—Nil Jl (iul«t, bui steady. May, 37c: July, 35.'J((ii:«ic: irack whllu State, 4oa45o; track ivblte Wostern, 40»14iie. 1'IIOVISIONS — Ileef dull Family, 511.50® 10.00; extra mess, 1:8 00. Pork quiet. Now mesa, JH.25aM.iO; family, SlS.OO&ia.L'S; short clear, S14.00iJH!.OJ. I,urd steady. Frimo wcui^ era steam, «S.£), nominal. TOLEDO, 0., April 18. WHKAT—Lower, active. No. 2 cash and April We; Muy, 58^0; July, Ol'jj, COHN—Steady, No. 'i cash, 40!,4e; May, S9tfo. OATS—Firm. No. 2 mixed, 34o bid; No. 1 white, 3t)c. KYK-Steady. Cash, 60e. CLOVERSEKU—Steady, I'rloiocash fcod April, I&60: October, H86 hid'. Ivlvo £took. CiircAGO, April 19. Hoos-Markei rather active. Prices averaged about 5c higher. Opened ratber stron(7, but cloaed weak. SnlcH ranged at H.753 6.S5 for i'igs; IB.1B®5.40 for light: 16.0698.20 for rough paeklnt;; 15.16Q5.40 for mixed, find 16.2505.4t for Heavy packing and shipping low. CATTLE—Market fairly active. Prices mod- erataly well maintained. Quotations ranged at U 4<xa4 7S for choice to eitra shipping Steers; I8.8(XJH» for good to choice do.; *MOttli.80 for fair to good; 13.0033,30 for common to medium do.; f&KOiano for butchers' Steers; liaxa 3.10 for Stockors; (3.80*3.80 for Feeders; II.90.&3.40 lor CO-S-B: tZVOttX.bQ for Hnlfcrs; {18.000*50 for Hulls; K,70ai75 forTeias Steer*, »nd ULTBaMO for Veal Calves. FACTS BRIEFLY STATED. Tlie Vermont republican state convention will be held at Montpelier on June 20, Case Jirodcrielc was reuominatcd lor confrress by tho First district Kausits republicans. Oeorpc Would has purohiiscd tlio yacht Viffilnnt, winuer of the America's cup, for S'Ji.OOU. A loss of nearly $10 ,000,000 is expect ed in the ffeneral balauue of tbu treasury for the month of April. Senator Palmer lias introduced u. bill to prohibit state banks from issuing anything in the shape of money. Freddie Johnson, of Sioux City, la., was instantly killed while playing- with a shotjjun in a neighbor's granary. J. B. Greenhut was elected president of the whisky trust, whoao net profits last year were reported at l7-.it),044. Mrs. Mary Earning, 05 years old, was killed by falling off a foot bridge while walking in her sleep at Marlboro, 0. 'L. F. Merrill, assessor and collector of El Pasco, Tex., is missing-, and a nhortag-e of »23,000 has been discovered. Mrs, Potter Palmor is engaged in writing a two volume history ou the subject of women's work at the world's fair. In the Washington «tate democratic convention Gen, Compson was defeated for the gubernatorial nomination by \V. R. Calloway. Striking dyers and weaveis in Paterson, N. J., attacked the men who had taken their places and one is said to have been killed. Ira L, Miller was found dead in Payne county, 0. T., with two bullet holes in bis body, and a man numud Hooker was arrested ou suspicion. Louis Dusteigner, president of the National bank of Guthrie, 0. T., which was wrecked ovor n year ago, has been arrested for violation of the United States banking lawn. Agricultural Implement dealers formed a national association in Chicago to defeat obnoxious legislation. Col. A. 1^. Conger was elected president. A, duel may yot prow out of tho Vollard-Breckinridge case. Attorney Charles Stoll has written to Judge Jero Wilson, declining to uccept the letter's apoiogy for calling him a forger and branding Wilson as a coward. Fire originating from a rubbish heap destroyed thirty-four business places, several dwelling-houses, a hotel, Hour- mill, the Episcopal church, the telegraph, telephone and post offices and the steamer Excelsior at lluutsville, OnU The loss is $130,000. FRANCE HAS AN ARBOR DAY. Derive* Iti ld«u and luforumtlon from the United Stulei. WA.BHI.VQTOX, April 19. — Secretary Morton is elated to learn that a movement is on foot to establish ao "Arbor day" in France, Tho movement ht«i been undertaken under the auspices of the Agricultural Society of the Maritime Alp*, which was it- self avowedly an imitation of the American Arbor Day association, and in its early day it sought and secured the cordial cooperation of the division of forestry of the department of agriculture. 3llH CJIllin .M:nii"(;uml. SANTK FE, N. M., April 10.—The United Stales court of private land claims h;rs announced a decision confirming the title of Jtartnlomo Fernanda?,, his heirs and assigns to about 20,000 acres of land in Valencia county, n grant made in 1740 bj r the governor general of Mexico, under the Spanish regime. .lo\vu Fttrun.-rs bivlmUt'U. I)ES MOI.NKS, la., April ]!).—Confidence men have been swindling Iowa farmers by buying their lands, giving a large check in payment and getting the difference in cash. broidered tvayclotns; cheese and decanter cloths, the company napkins and all the pretty table fancies which a, gentlewoman so loves. All the finest pieces of linen may j have the family initial embroidered ! upon it. Ou table cloths, sheds, pillow slips :md towels tho letter should be verv largo anil worked in the center, near the hi Divorced »t tin' Ag« of 103. TACOMA, Wash., April 19.—Mary Ann MeDoolin, aged 102 years, was divorced here from William Mul.loolin. She claimed that MeDoolin deserted her. Now York Tin Factory Iturncd, VOIIK, April is).—Fire entirely destroyed the tin factory at 828 to 333 James street, with a stable adjoining in which were twenty-insist horses. All but three of the animals were saved. Loss, tliii.OUU. Could Not L,lvu "Without. Ills Wife. NEW YOUK, April ID.—(ieorpfo Hoffman, a wealthy butcher, aped G'J years, shot and killed himself in his residence. Griut' over the rccuut death of his wife prompted the act. AUee«d Murderer Kills lllmnclf. POJIKKOY, 0., April 19.—Clayton Staples, on being acotisc.d of having murdered Jlrs. Eli7,itboth Slaughter, his landlady, on tho steps of his house March 81, blew out his brain*. rudtliMilc'H Slayer (Jiiuctit. WiLLUMbroiiT, Pa., April in.—James Masou, said to be the murderer of Engineer Paddock, was arrested here Wednesday niprht by Sheriff Wilheltn and taken to Fayette county. FUR THE LINEN CLOSET. Hint! at to Wlmt I» Needed for m Small Ilouttobold. Dainty napery is more in demand than ever. The new designs in table linen are exquisite. Stars, crescents, ivy leaves, lilies of the valley, rosebuds, triangle", discs, paroquets and polka dots are all displayed. Our grandmothers were wont to collect their linen, outfit before marriage, and every year »aw daintily-hemmed napkins or fring-ed towels, or hemstitched sheets laid away in great chesUJwwitn sprigs of lavender carefully tucked in the folds. The fin de siecla pir' thinks of everything- but that when preparing- for the greatest event of her life. Still, the thrifty, modern housewife replenishes her store annually, and so keep* her stock even and plenteous. March is an excellent month in -which to look over the linen closet, sort out the worn pieces and take an inventory of what is left. The former may be put aside for darning- or for cutting- over for various purposes and the latter replenished. i''or the every day use of a .medlum- si/.ed family of moderate income the following- list of table, toilet and bed linen will be quite sufficient: Throe small tablecloths and throe large ones, one dozen breakfast napkins and one dozen dinner napkins, three or four pretty, inexpensive luncheon cloths, one dozen fruit napkins, one dozen doilies, two dozen fring-ed towels, one half dozen Turkish bath towels, one half dozen washcloths, one dozen coarse linen dish-towels, one dozen checked linen dish towels, one dozen kitchen hand towels one dozen sheets and six pairs pillow-slips. To this list may be added sheets for a servant's sinp-le bed and towels for her use. Then there are the extras: The drawn work sideboard covers, of which it is well to have two; the five o'clock tea-cloths, large, square luncheon s for sina.ll parties; dainty, em- KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort nnd improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life moio, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced m the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and levers and permanently curing Mnstapation. It has riven satisfaction to millions and met witlnthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on tne Juo- neys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drng- gistein'oOc luttl bottles, but it ui manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only, whose name is printed on every package alio the name, Syrup of Fig*, ndtilnf *dl informed, you wiU not accept Kiy'iuiMtituto if of»»o Napkins should have the k-Uer in the corner. All embroidery must lie ironed on the wrong side or it will bo ruined. Worn out table cloths should be cut up in larpfe squares, neatly heinniivl and put uwa.v to pnlUlr ylii.ss am! sil- vi!T with. Worn o.it napkins muhc the. loveliest possible wash-cloths for the face. They are also invaluable for cuts or wounds, and quite useful for darning purposes when the first breaks come in other napery.—N. Y. Herald. PUREUY BUSINESS. Tho F»«liloniibly-l>«W'inil Yoiine Mun Who Wan Sw«'i>lnif Snow Kxpliilim. A cit.y snowsto7-m brings with it many incidents more or less Ininiorous, especially after the ex- eitoment of the bli/.zard is over and people settle down to the sad work of shoveling away lar<re bump-backed glacial formations. . Atone of the busy corners a. yountf nian wns sweeping the snow from the pavement with a lonfr- hamllod push-broom. There was nothing unusual in this fact, as all the streets were in possession of the sweepers and shovclcrs, but the young 711:111 w:ts different. He wore a lon^ ulster of a popular pattern. On his head was ,-L silk hat. His trlnves had yellow cords up the back and his trousers were reefed i" faultless Knfflish fashion. People stopped to look at him. ami some of them tried to have fun with him. "See the dude!" "Why don't you trade that silk dicer?" ••What kind of soup do they prive you?" To alJ these taunts lie paid no heed, but continued his sweeping-. Finally a man asked him how he happened to tfo broke. The younfj man ceased his labors and frave this explanation : "My dear sir, I am not broke. I am sweeping up this snow in order to prove to the two gentlemen there on the corner that our pavement can be cleaned more rapidly and to better advantage than the cobble stone paving-. I am agent .for this pavement. We put some of it here on this corner merely as an experiment. Those pren- tleman are interested In paving, and I wish to show them how easy it was to remove tlio snow. That's all there is to it." And he resumed his sweeping, ignoring the crowd that continued to watch him.—Chicag-o Record. ArmliSlHTfune »r react. During the most peaceful years the world has 3,700,000 soldiers, who arc withdrawn from productive occupations to pose as soldiers. The pay, equipments, food and clothing of these men cost the world's tax payers nearly £8,000,000 a day. -MulhalTs^vsTtiiat thcTiifo of a locomotive is usually IS years and its earnings J300.000. A standard Hearer. In the crusmln Inaugurated nearly naif a con- tury ago against the prolVsslona! ipiorancs ot thu old school of medicine. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters was a standard bearer. Its victories over illsense, when the o!d t roe specllics proved abject failures, proved tkiit the psetido-plillosopby which sanctioned the ndinlnisirailon of violent remedies where the case required "One, which laid down an unalterable rules Wood letting, violent purgation, the use of emetics and the employment of corrosive and cumulative poisons In simple cases of liver and malarial complaint, was In fact the worst or unphlloxophy. contrary alike to the law» of true medicinal science, of byRlene and of common sense. Biliousness, constipation and chills and fever, ns now treated by the Bitters promptly yield where before they obstinately resisted old fa-hloned medication. So do dyspepsia, rheumatism and kidney complalnt-nll surely conquerable by this safe and really philosophic remedy. ^ Ch«mb«rl«In'« Eye »nd Skl» Olntaent IB a certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Granulated Eye LId8, Sore Nip pies, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, TO IIOBSE OWNGB8. For putting » horse in a fine healthy oondltlon try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders, They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidnej disorders and destroy worms, giving aew life to an old overworked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by B. F. KeeslinK, druK(?iBt. ft IK Good. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used theC-better it ie liked. We know of no other remedy that always gives satisfaction. It is tfood when you first catch cold. It Is pood when your cough is seated and your lungs are sore. It is good in any kind of a cough. Wo have sold twenty-five dozen of it and every bottle has given satisfaction.—Stedman & Friedman druggists, Minneeota Lake, Minn 50 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keeslirg, Druggist. m Billon* co»c Prevented Persons who are subject to attacks of bilious colic can almost invariably tell, by their feelings, when, to expect an attack. If Chamberlain's Colic. Chelera and Diarrhoea Remedy la taken as soon a» these symptoms appear, tbey can ward off the disease. Such persons ahould always keep the remedy at hand, ready for immediate u»e when needed. Two or three doies of Ittttthe right time will «ave them much iiuflerlng. F»r «ale by B. i. KeaiUnff, Scrofula Tumors i Gait Rheum, Nervousness, Other Troubles j Complication of Diseases Curod by Hood's Sarsaparilla. • ."C. I. Itood & Co., Lowell, Mass. : j "Dear Sirs: From childhood I hid been ft- p-cat sufferer from .scrofula, having atumor on my left breast and another In my stomach. I was also afflicted with salt rheum. Wo ipent much money lor medical attendance .ind remedies, tut all to no avail. Three years ago I commenced to run down. Tlie trouble with my stomach, would not allow me to cat and even. mlllc distressed me very much, Ky right hind and arm became almost paralyzed, and my stomach difficulty was fast developing into i i Serious Female Troubles. j I became very nervous and was subject to faint- tag spells. Dirk spots appeared before my eyes. Tho doctors failed to help me. In the- iprlng I read about Die wonderful cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla and decided to give It a trial. After taking it a short iime I commenced to feel better, my digestion Improved, and th» Hood's ! ?>Cures burning sensation In my stomach and ceased. Shortly I was able to work about th»house, standing on my feet considerably, lome-' thing I had not done for months before. Foe two summers 1 liave done j I My Own Work Alone. ( t shall continue taking Hood's SarsaparlllA at tt Is my cheapest hired servant. I am ft farmer'*wife our place embracing 120 acres. Vtt think Hood's Vegetable Pills cannot be beaten, anl \v» have great faith In Hood's Sarsaparilla." MM. BBNJ. SUETTERLV, Buchanan, Michigan. • Hood's Plll»cure all Liver Ills, Biliousness,. Jaundice, Indigestion. Sick Headache. 2Sc. • Great Triumph. Instant relief experienced and permanent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world—OttoV Cure for lung and throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lungs with that terrible backing cough when Ben fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, will furnish, you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedy? Its success in simply wonderful, as your druggist will teli. you. Otto's Cure is now sold in every- town and village on this continent. Samples free. Large bottles 00 centg. For Ovor Fifty Ycmr.i Mrs, Winslow's Soothing Syrup ha« boon used for over fifty years by millioutj of mothers for iheir children- while teething-, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the sums. allays all pain, cures vrind colic, »nd is the best remedy for diarrhoea- I» will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggiBta in every part of the world. Twenty-five conta a bottle. Be sure and wk for •Mrs. Winelow'8 Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. GU4 Tiding*The grand specific for the prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costive- nose, general debility, etc., is Bacon's Celery King for the nerves. Tbu great herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, ragulates tho liver and restores the system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free Larjr& packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben> Fisher, 311 Fourth street. "Horal Bnby'» Port Vino. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old- Fort Wine, the very blood of thfr grape. -A grand tonlo for nurtlnr mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It cre'ate* strength; im> proves the appetite; nature'* own. remedy, mucl preferable to drugs;, guaranteed absolutely pure and over fivo years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not fit to use. In»lrt on- having this standard brand, it cort» no more. $1 In quart bottles. Bottled by Royal Wlno Co., Chicago For sale by Johnston Bros. California Fruit Laxative is nature's- own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California frulU and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human gystcm. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it is thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanenV cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from* weak or inactive condition of the kidney*, liver, stomach and bowels. For ssJ* by all druggwtn at 60 cento a rattle. Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, gives frwhn«s» and olewm«ii- to the complexion sad cures oonstlp*- tlon; »6o., 50o. w»d|i Sola by Bt-

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