Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 10, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1946
Page 5
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HOM StAt, ARKANSAS jy^^fiy'Ji'tl^J.!.^.'• By Chick Young MAN 15 DEAD7S OWNER HERE.)/ THE POllCE ARE BEING WHAT'S THE \ CALLED. DON'T LET ON EXCITEMENT? J THAT ANYTHIN&'S WRONG, ' letANY- YOU'VE BEEN UP TO SOMETHING OR YOU WOULDN'T Bt 50 ANXIOUS TO SNEAK .i^l^iuauuiiiiuuu^ip 1 /"^ iX.i \\A-M^i(Scmifc. i,— IL I'LL TAKE >OU ITS NOT REALLY TWO? IT'S JUST ONE AN A HALF I WOULD BE SUPPOSE -M COWN'ANJDSEE r rvw n r> \\.ODiiM Vj ic: **& niT--jeroc I'M WONDERING WHETHER I COULD STAMP T\VO BUMSTEADS IN THE SAME OFFICE Ffep I'D LIKE SKT, A JOB DURING £ SCHOOL I COULD WORK I V IF Mf? DITHERS AT VCSUR *s <^_ WILL HIRE THM SNOOPW6 / TSK.TSK! WEBBE WE CAN SCOUNDREL IS I SM.fVKE HltoSV GETTING OUT NO, BUT LOOK! WE CAN SET E'lERVTWNG'S CLICKING ON SC ! NOW TO SEE DOC KM ftNO LINE UP MOTHER WITNESS THRU THIS WINDER ONTO STILL THERE, foR.V TH' &A«CK WW. to'GES.OWON NEXT ROOF.. .THEN PROB'LV ...l'D LIKE TO CHOKE HIM! POWM SOtAE OTHER WAV! Side Glances MODEST >B \IIH;>S By Galbraith LOST STRAYED WE CAU&HT 'EM NAPPING--. -NOT TWO PlANES WARMING UP ANP THE EVEN A GUARP/eCA'CX-THc CROW3AR/ PEETEES ARE STANDIN& BY CAPTAIN WE'LL. GIVE 'EM TIME TO CART ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO JAIL FULL. STOr/ WEtL IPLE HERE WHILE TWITT^cTS ASHORE ANP AWAY.' SCORCHY'S MESSAGE WAS CUT THOUGH-.HOPE HE'S O.K.'; MW-LET, Nft.TURM.LV'Z NOW, LET'S SEE... VOU WANT BOOTS? NOPE... I GOT SI* VEAH, AND SOME O' OF THOSE WITH THE SET! THOSE FANCV PA.MTS! "I've decided to start_ci Biireau^of Missing Persons." COPR. 19« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF "George, you darling! You didn't tell me. there was a .rlnn/vn *r\ni rrKf 1 s * * dance tonight I ?unny Business By Hershberger QJ!!<j_Hg; Friends B Blosser tVteAKXXVK OU TO f££t- AT HOME IW SHADYSIPE-/ A U. RIGHT, SMART- R4K4TS.' - SURE UKB TO— VOUR. IF VOU'LU LET ME . > W-IV-WIFF YOU DONT HAVE TO STAMP , BRING- W WIFE" AUOMC3- / THERE AMD LOOK. SO SMIK3 M'HOUSE , MY EVE! 5UMPIKJ CAMS NEAI3 KNOCKED A ? TMRIUS, CHILLS AN MERRIMENT.. C'MON, FOLKS STEP RIGHT UP AM' JOIN TH' FON-.TH'FUNNIEST . THING ON TH'MIDWAY' TH' HOISE OF TEN THOUSAND LAFFS PER PETE'S SAKE WHAT'S 6OIM' OM HERE? I'mjising a square cTystnl—I've been going around in circles lately!" Thimble Theater STOP BEIN SUCHA C30OSK.'? LET V IM THINK WHERE'S THE SWIMMING POOL??-* PONT FLV TKPTC CHftt^Ct, (\ <59t.C^V ON TOD AX BOX, ^0 POPEVE, WHY CAN'T I FLY LIRE OLIVE?? \.OOVC5=. iUST V-VKt BOOK'S >. THEY SWIMS ?? JEEPER5/ SHE BROUGHT US RIGHT/ R4CV TCi TU' rf/— «; ^~ LISTEW/1 HORSE-COMIKI6 THIS WAV/ Out Our Way By J.R.Williams Boarding House With Major Hoople WHICH WAY DIO THE ROBBERS GO, 5IR OAKY? fCU'RE A GEWIUS, STIFFY, THE WAV YOU HANDLE THAT BIG HERD.' IT IS? WELL,THEM I COULD MEVERHAVE ROASTED WITH 'EM, FROZE WITH 'EM, NEARLY DROWNED NEAR. KILLED BV 'EM TORE TO PIECES IN BEUSH- UH - - 'ESAD/ THIS IS ODD -*~J&( We REPAIR. COSTS AR& ^ TO iv\w<6 ^ HIT VOEST *7^.88, WHICU EXCEEDS J\ WlGSBURG^f BEFVLEVILLE TKE *5O PURCHftS^ «3A IKkTrAREe/r -<^-XHEP»RA PRICE OF TUE TRftlLSR Kg DAVS IF ^ UrXKETKERE : 6V A THIRD/ -—TMAT •<$ l^OBODV \\ 1=. SO FULUOF LEAVES ME SMOULDER-A'( GETS HIS fc QUITE AM EICPEMSe, t\ BEARD <V*/ OSiES ARE UNLESS AW FELLOVA4 /?\ CAO6BT THET'S ONE WAV TO MAKE OL' STIFFY WILP, ]£> PER MIME O'CLOCK DUDES TO SAV THET FIFTV O' HARD WORK IS A GIFT.' ANYTHIW i STEES WITH/ KNOCKED ME COLP/ DIDKIT LEAVE AMY FOOT-PRINTS' IS LISTEMIK& fOU 5EE.Un\fTHEONE1riAT FELL OFF REO RYPERfe HORSE? SAOPLE, /j I SHORE DID,SO^.' HE 'HI(^FALOF50UR-PL155~) RlNGI-VXSfER &05WELU O15APPE^RE.P NOW ME KNOW WHO -f DIRTY WORK WENT THATAVJAf- CATCVA THPCT LAST REMARK THE KOA.O TO GEMILJS , CLASSIFIED '*/ , '" Advanoe Before Not T « ke " the Phon« . 5e word, minimum 7It lie *orrf, mlnlmim $l.7» . MORE Bre f ° r Contlnu0 «* Insertions Only YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" for Sale -!„.-. Nr.cE nia LIVE SHINERS. F w Whurifi', at Southern Ice Real Estate for Sale . . Plant. 12-1m , I ARLKY DAVIDSON MOTOR- cycle 74. Excellent condition. Rea- sonoblp prices. Horace McCain ' __ prenc °ll. Ark. ' 1\ r \J trV,T.*i-. ^^T. 1 4VI y HOMK FOR SALE soon after (! p.m. BOO'VVeKt 7th i _?L . 1 T. 1 - Plumi ' '' ly - w ' 3-2w STATION AND GRO- cery store, about $0,000 slock, See owner at Chester Stephens Gro- wry and Service Station, Blp •:Kn OATS, Jess Wood, $1.20 rMs Blevins, Ark. :t-(H Wll KKL CIIAIR7DlsLUXK,"sAME as new. H. U. Reclmon. K.xper mieiU Station. Phone l-F-2. tl-fit, Mt'CROY R KFRIGKRATOR ..... FOR store or flower shop. Used A _jjood buy. Call U45-W. 8-Mt ONI-: FORCE PUMP COMPLETJii with 100 ft. ]i/, pipe, sucker rod and working barrel. See L. C £linl.uii. Phone 20-,1-U. 8-,'H ' ji'OUK ROOM HOUSE AND" TWO lots located -in Phillips addition directly behind Alex Purllc's house, See LcRoy Easlerling after r> p.m. . .).( it BKAUT1FUL CHOW I'UPPIKS ~2 months old. 1 nine months old. Wade Warren, Phono 3fi(i. 0-Cl 1941 OLDSMOB1LK. n PASSKN- Ser sediin. Dorsey Belts, 1007 South Fulton. May be seen after UTTLK GIHI.S' PWAFORES and sunsnits. si/os 2-4-li years of •aj.'.i 1 . Little bovs seersucker sun- Riiils, age 2. 11)12 FfjslL>r Avenue. Mrs. R. L. Ponder, phone (1H9-W n-:u YOU NO .1 PIRSK Y ~COW WITH month old calf, flood milcher W C. Johnson, Blevins Rl. 1. !)..')i 40'ACRE FARM, GOOD SIX ROOM house, beautiful shade trees, good ,out houses and bain, 2 miles **. from court house on Spring Hill .highway. Lai go stock pond, land grows halo and half cotton to lucre, Some timber. See owner 'this week. W. H. Bryant next .door to Melrose church. 10-,'it (ifl MEAD SHEEP. MARES. MULES 2 paint colts, disc, turning plow, middle burster, harrow, 2 saddles 10 miles southeast of Hope on .Bodcaw road. C. E. Crumpton. Kmmet, Ark. 10-31 IfKU CHEVROLET TRUCK, GOOD ; ( tiics, lair condition. Jack Crumpl' ilon, Emmet, Ark. \(}-(ll For Rent TjIREK ROOMS FURNISHED for light housekeeping. Near kSfluioU-y'q sion.-. Phone 38-F-ll. JMrs. ,1. E. Schoolcy. ltl-3t 2 VoOM APARTMENT^OR RENT : }iorth of Hope Brick Yard. L. C Gtodwin. g.3{ -;rvvo ROOM FURNISHF.D" APART' : m-enj. No children. 203 7''.;isl Ave. C. Jo-iu Wanted TIJKEK OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnishecl .auurlniciu or house jMionc H^'-W. J. R. Johnson. t!-0t Maffrress Renovating OR TIIK U'od work Co. nt 712 and deliver BKST IN OUARAN- cull Cobb's Mntttrc-ss W. 4th. We call for . Phone 229-J. 21-lm Lost ONE fit)C)-lfi TIRE, WHEEL AND Barrier. Lust July 1st. between Falcon -and Hope. H. D. Cox Buokner, Ark. 8-Gt Notice long distance moving, Call G-eoi-Re Carver, Phone (173. Hope, Ark. 11-lm ;• Wanted to Buy GRIDDLE AND "wARlvf- ing closet for hamburger siund Phoiie 1107. Ill South Main SI , io-:u 0 ROOM HOUSE, NEWLY PAPER- ed and,pointed.-go by 220 foot lot. Inquire at 201 South Washington. ' C-Ot 2 NEW !> ROOM HOMES. 1MMED- jale possession and priced right. More than 2!) farms, some well located. Priced to sell. Riley Lewallen. 8-31 POSSESSION AT ONCE. NKW house, cor- price C B ' ' modern five room nor lot. Reasonable Tyler. Terms. NKW TWO ROOM HOUSE WITH bath, furnished, for sale «t a bargain. Lot s'a.c GO x 210. One block off Main on Shover road. Also four lots. W. A. Dov.ler. 10-31 !>3 ACRES OF LAND LYING along highways 1!) and 4 about '/j mile west of Rosston, Ark. Ideal business location at junction of two highways. Contains beautiful site for small lake. Some timber, mineral rights, gas and electricity available. Near good school, and two churches. See _ Vt-rti Phillips, Rosston, Ark. 10-(it FOSTER^ELLJS" DUPLEX APARTMENT ON PAV- ed street three blocks from business urea, (i-room and 4-room apartments, two baths. Part down payment, monthly payments on balance. Quick sale, $, r )500. NEW FIVE-ROOM HOUSE ' JUST completed, hardwood floors, modern throughout, corner lot. FOUR-ROOM'HOUSE ON FOSTER Avenue, newly papered and redecorated interior. DUPLEX APARTMENT, GOOD condition, rentini' for $60 uer month, $4,500. FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FULTON street, $27. r )(J. SIX-ROOM HOUSE; NEWLY PA- pered, corner lot, VSxlfiO, $4!>00. INVESTMENT PROPERTY: Three-imk apartment; bringing $90 per month, good condition. Make us an offer. Must sell. SEVEN-ROOM HOUSE ON EAST Division, newly papered, landscaped, good condition. INVESTMENT PROPERTY: TWO 5-room houses on West Fourth street, four blocks from business area. On pavement. Take both for $5500. SMALL HOUSE AND 4.81 ACRES ol land on paved Highway 67 between Hope and Missouri Pacific viaduct. Make us an offer. SEVERAL NICE lots in various RESIDENTIAL parts of town. CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY in Shovur Village Addition, exclusive Negro district. Few choice lots left. Can be brought on small down payment and monthly terms. FARM PROPERTY: TIMBER. lake farm on Blevins Highway. Modern five-room house, hardwood floors, electricity, good water. Two large tenant houses, large barn. Over 300 acres land Priced for quick sale. MODERN FIVE-ROOM HOUSE and three and half acres on Hope-Washington highway three miles from town. Garage, servant house, water, lights, gas, other improvements. SIX-ROOM HOUSE, TWO BARNS garage, tool house, 70 acres good land, plenty of water, one mile south of Spring Hill. LET MR. CHARLEY BAKER show you our other farm listings Jn Hempslead and Nevada counties, ranging from 40 to 1,000 acres. FOSTER-ELLIS PHONE ->->l 0-3 1 Taken Up Cobb-Tooley Meets Camden Here Tonight -Tonight at Fair park the Cobb- Tooley Radio team will tangle with Palmer's Grocery of Caindon in what should prove to be Ihe best game of the week. The teams square off at 8 o'clock. Palmer's, the best In Camden boasts a .349 team, batting average and has Won 14 games this season with only 3 losses. Last night at the Park, Rephans defeated Lion Oil 9 to 3 and Moore's smothered Stewarts 20 to 3 in regular league play. Friday night offers two games originally scheduled for Monday night pairing Hefner-Mash against Cobb-Tooley id Whiz Kids against Wylie. The boxscore: Rephans G. Robertson, Crane, ss Porter, Ib .. J. Bell, 3b Haz&ard, c R. Stanford Bell, i'f L. Hav.zard, 2b i P If F, Robertson, cf Lion Bright, p '... Tolleson, 3b ... Hammons, Ih Murphy, ss ... Stewart, cf . Leverelt, If Cumbie, c .... Bruner, rf ... Ross, 2b Moore • . • Whitehead, rf Stratum, ss C. McClendon, c B. McClendon, 2b J. Mooi'e, 3b L. Miller, 2b R. Miller, cf . B. Schoolev, If Russell, Ib Thomas, If Williams, p AB .. 3 , 4 .. 4 4 ..'. 4 ... 2 . 3 ... 1 ... 4 H 0 1 1 3 1 0 1 0 1 9 0 25 3 3 4 5 G . 3 G 3 2 3 5 3 . 4 Ib ss Stewarts Fritts, 2b W. Taylor, H. Fenwick, Tomlin, rf R. Fenwick, i Light, cf Urban, 3'b ..' J. Miller, If W. Taylor, p 44 2G 18 4 ,3 4 4 3 2 . 3 2 3 Four Brothers Arrested for Dodging Draft Chicago, July n —(UPi --Four husky brothers were in federal custody today after confessing ihat they had hidden in a tiny .attic room on their parents' farm i'or lour years to evade the draft. The brothers, ranging in age from 23 to 40 years, surrendered to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents after learning that a nationwide search was being 'organized for them. George R. McSain, Chicago FBI director, identified the men as the Gabriel brothers, Albert, 40; Frank, 38; Henry, 20, and Ernest, 23. He termed it one of the "most aggravted cases of draft evasion of the war." FBI Agent Edward W. Halloran, who had been engaged in a ga'me of hide-and-seek with the four brothers for the past 24 months, said they had escaped detention by barricading themselves in a tiny corner room of their parents' home at Ontarioville, about 15 miles northwest of here. He said they had left their room only on moonless nights who" they sometimes exercised by running up and clown a cow path on a lonely part of the farm. Halloran, recalling his prolonged search for the elusive brothers, said they never showed themselves although a close watch was kept on the farm house. On each of his many trips to the Gabriel farm he said, the parent's gave no indications of their sons' -whereabouts. After the boys gave themselves up yesterd'ay, the narenls a.d»n!Ued they had spent their enti'rp savings of $1,500 to feed and clothe their sons during their confinement. Aft KANSAS CARNSVAL Page Fivd Bv Dick Turner iiCO.PBT 1»4f BY IIEA SERVICE, IHC.T.M. REO. U. S.TAT. PIT. 28 3 BLACK JERSEY, WHITE STREAK in belly, short horn, year old. Jess McFaddin, Oakland addi- llon ' R-3t Services Offered WILL BEGIN ^ if , M ,°, n ? ay Call 101 1-J. Outlook for Dodgers Not too Bright By RALPH RODEN Associated Press Sports Writer The journeys of the league-leading Brooklyn Dodgers into the western sections of the Nationa League haven't met with much success so far this season. The outlook for Leo Durocher's bums is even darker today as the Brooks head for a third western invasion which opens at Cmcago tomorrow when both major leagues resume play. Boasting a five-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals, the Brooks who have won only nine of 20 games in their previous trips to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Chicago and St. Louis, will have a tougher task this time if . their brillant shortstop, Pee Wee Reese, remains out of action. Reese, who suffered a chippd vertebra in his neck in Boston Sunday, may be sidelined anywhere Irom three days to the balance of the season. Also, the uncertain physical status of Pete Reiser, one of the Dodgers' star outfielders who is troubled with a shoulder separation may cause Manager Durocher many a headache before his club returns to Ebbets Field on July 23 On their home grounds, the Dodgers have copped 29 out of 38 contests while on the road they have managed to take only 19 of 30 Following their three-game series I with the Cubs, the Brooks move o SI. Louis. The Cards, winners of their last live games, open with the New York Giants under the arcs tomorrow while the Cincinnati Reds play host, also under the i g ht £u'M°- the i Bost °» Braves and the Phillies clash with the Pirates in Pittsburgh. I" the American League, the SHORTHAND July IRih. ]0 . 3l POWER Martin, SYRUP MILL. Washington, Ark. . P. 10-GI RIDING HORSES Bupg.v Hides — Hay Ridos Knjoy (his Healthful Sport 'HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale j I PERRY MOSES 2'i miles out on Spring Hill road Doug /""ITY Carl Bacon V*l I f Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — House Industrial j Wiring Wiring ! ;: Electrical Repair* Phone 784 Ir's Plenty COOL PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope »f I-SN YOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE FINGERS to relievo dry-soulp itching. You need the real help of Morolino Hair Tonic. It aids natural oils; helps to remove damlrull flukes MOROLINE HAIR TONIC FEATURING « GOOD STEAKS • Chicken Dinners 2 Private Dining Rooms OP2N FROM 5 P. M. 'Til Midnight • Cover Chgrge Saturday Night MlLTQh; EASON. Owner , NOTICE Tilt-Roy Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM * REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM * RE-TAPE 'EM M ?,f lu ! ac . t i lrers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE. PICK-UP DELIVERY, INSTALLING Travelers Have Slight Chance to Leave Cellar By BURNS BENNETT Atlnntn. Ga'., July 10 — (UP) — The Little Rock Travelers coulc dream todny of climbing out of the Southern Association cellar aftei taking two close ball games :>om the Nashville Vols hist night am pulling to within a half-game o the seventh place Birmingham Barons. The Travelers took the firs game 2 to 1 and' then copped the nightcap 5 to 4. Russ Messerly re cp.ived credit for the i'irst game win and Al Hazel was the winnei in the second game but Wos Flow ors had to come to the rescue o both before the games were over At Atlanta, the New Orleans Pelicans made it throe out nf foui from the Atlanta Crackers by talc ing the final game of the series G to 3. Bill Ayei's, gunning :'or his 16th victory, was pounded for five runs in the first inning and a 1 though he settled down after tha frame, the Crackers never go back in the game. At Birmingham, the Mobile Bears..continued io move forwnrc by whipping the Birmingham Batons 4 to 2. Paul Minner scattered nine hits while the Bears got bu seven off Dick Midkiff and Wallj Gaddis but.made them count At Chattanooga, the Memphis Chicks again took over seconc olare with the lookouts dropping to third by scoring a 7 to 3 win behind the effective hurling of Byron Cook. New series begin throughout the league today with Mobile at Atlanta; New Orleans at Birmingham; Little Rock at'Chattanooga and Memphis at Nashville, Zaharids, Grant Likely Winners of Golf Match By BEN FUNK Denver, July 10 —•(#)— Pat Grant, a plump Woman's Army Corps captain from Oklahoma's wide- open spaces, and the Rocky Mountain par-busier, Babe Zaharias of Denver, looked ..today like the gals who would meet Saturday vor .the t'nins-Mississlppi golf championship. Captain Grant, who hails ."rom Gushing, Okla., and Fort Lewis, Wash., sailed across the Denver county club's front nine in the first round of match play yesterday in 32 stokes, two better than the record held for 10 years by Patty Berg of Minneapolis. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York—(Croke Park)—Steve Belloise, IliO, New York, knocked out Willis Scott, 153, Augusta, Ga., in 2:19 of first. Newark, N. J. --Freddie Archer, 140, Newark, won decision over Jorge Morelia, 141, Mexico City tlO.) Norwalk, Conn.—Dickie Fuller, 102 1-2, Norwalk, stopped Tony Gillo, 1K7, Ne Haven, Conn., on technical K. O. in second. By United Press Youngstown, O.,—Johnny Flynn, 211, Rochester, N. Y., outpointed Willie Barrow, 1(13, Detroit 10). "Honest, I didn't mean to wake him! Please-just step to the phone and say you've cauffhl a burglar in your house!" This Curious Wortd By William Ferguson Boston Red Sox, who load the New York Yankees by suven-aiul- ine-half games, will begin an 11- day stay at Fenway Park, where •hey have captured 31 contests, tied one and lost six. The Detroit Tigers will be "guests" of the Sox .omoiTow. The Cleveland Indians will tangle w ' l .'j l ' 1e Yankees in ,-.i .light game, while (he Chicago While Sox battle he Senators after dark in Wash- ngton and the St. Louis Browns scuftle with the Athletics in Phila- PIANOS c A d ~ A Lor 9 e "P«"ent FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" t Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. B Texorkqno'* Only Exclusive Piano Co." Buchanan Avenue Texorkona, U. S. A. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT INSECT WOULD DESTROY THE CROPS OF'THE WORLD LESS THAN 1 IN TH' BLUE RID6E MOUN-TINS OFVIR-6IW-YUH- WHERE'S Humiliation Is Heaped on National Loop By LEO H, PETERSEN United Press Sports Editor Boston, July 10 —rUPl—Hmilia- lion hung heavily today upon .the once-proud National League Never before in the 13-year his- y ,? f tne A11 - slQ r game, nor in the 45 years that the World Series has been played, has one of the major leagues so completely domi. nated the other. When the American league routed the National, 12 to 0, yesterday jefore 34,906 fans at Fenway Park t was the most one-sided shutout in the 244 World Series and the 13 All-Star contests that have been played in the history of relations between the two major circuits Only once before, .in the 1930 World Series when the New York Yankees drubbed the New York jiants 18 to 4 in the second game has there ever been a bigger margin in inter-league relations. And what made .yesterday's hree.-hit blanking of the Nationals all the more embarrassing was vhe fact that in the final innings victory was conceded. Pitcher Truett (Rip) Sewel] of Pittsburgh, who has developed a freak delivery; which he Calls the "blooper ball,", used it consistently against the' American Leaguers in the eighth' inning and they .tagged him for, ToUr solid hits, including Ted Williams' second home run of the game. . . • • • Sewell's nitch, which arches 9.0 or more feet into the air' before descending upon the batter at home plate, is one which he used on the rarest of occasions as .a change of pace delivery which fooled bat-' ters expecting i'ast balls or curves But terrific Ted, the king pin 01 the Red Sox sluggers,. KHCW wnai to expect since Sewell was throwing it almost exclusively. He stepped into the ball and dropped it into the outstretched hands of the bleacherites, who had confidently expected him to put it there. IN THE APPALACHIANS ' 1 FOUR MOUNTAIN RANGES ARE NAMED FOR COZ.O>er... ' GREEN, WHITE, BLUE RID6E, AND BLACK. COPR. 1S4G BY NEA SERVICE. INC. 7-9 ANSWER.: Wisconsin. SPORTS ROUNDUP -If luk i FeUartta. J».. New York, July 10—(/P)—The uni- versityof Detroit Physics Department set up special timing devices during spring iootball practice to lelp Coach Charles Baor figure out a way to stop "T" formation plays. The only thing they proved was that the plays were i'uster :han the defenses. Next thing will t>e to me'asure the strength of Jerseys grabbed in "cloth blocks." It was Brooklyn's Dixie Wa'tker who suggested turning over some ol the ill-star game proceeds to Uie families of the Spokane players who were killed in that bus crash. A former high school baseball player, Joe Curcio, the Newark welterweight, has a no-hitter in his record as a pitcher. That puts him even with Billy Conn. He Had To Do It. Craig Wood, who iu.su t been shooting such good golf lately, was playing with Byron Nelson in the recent Columbus, O., open tournament when Byron offered him that sunshade cap that has become a Nelson trademark. Wood put it on and promptly fired ;i 68, nis best score in a long time. From ;iow on -raig says he'll continue io wear .he Nelson cap and Byron can gel limself another if tie wants it.' One-Minute Sports Page Word from Boston is ilia I the najors voted to open ihoir ball parks to football "at Hie individual liscretion of the owners." The American League still was agin 1 t, despite the advent of the :'oot- >all Yankees. Look out ior Iowa in Jig nine football next j'all. George Terlep, ex-Notre Dame and Great ..akes wiarlcrbr.ck, has uirned up here with a lot of other good ath- etes. Flyweight champ Jackie \iterson trained at night for to- light's title tussle with Joe Curran "to keep out of the public eye.' That's where a lot of fighters should stay. Babe Ruth, aftei switching to lighter golf clubs, recently shot 14 consecutive rounds between 73 and 77. Eleven of them were 7G's. Big Joe Repko and Mike Holovak, pals since they were kids in Lansford, Pa., and'teammates at Boston college, will be playing on opposite sides for the i'irst time in the all-star football game in Chicago, Aug. 23. Repko will be an all-star tackle and Holovak is Los Angeles Rams fullback. o PETROLEUM POTENTIALITIES Ultimate petroleum reserves o the United States exceed 058,000, 000,000 barrels, according to esli males. This figure would insure more than 700 years' supply a the present and .anticipated rales of consumption. SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Small o ANDERSON BROS. • Time to Pock Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bogs Plenty of Parking Space 'S Hatters HUGH i. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 INSURANCE at A Saving The prudent man carries insurance. The careful man carries MUTUAL insurance. For Mutual insurance is offered to only owners of the better class of property, to people Who are interested in preventing loss. As a result, losses have been less frequent, and that economy of Mutual operation makes it . possible to return 20 percent savings in the form of dividends to policyholders. See Us and Save 20. percent on Your Insurance Cost! Non-Assessable, . .Legal Reserve. FOSTER-ELLIS Mutual Agency Prompt Settlement of All Claims 108_E_ast Second Phone 221 BUYING Hope Watermelons ANY QUANTITIES LOADING TRUCKS Curtis Cannon Phone 66 3rd & Main ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 6131 Appliance Sales & Service REED Motor Co, 108 East Division St. • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Point Shop MECHANICS: Carl Jones and Frank Yarbrough YOUR CREDIT JS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service- in town — §arg*!ni In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Ha*el Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following at candidates subject to t,h« action of the Dernocrstte primary elections this Summer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES H. PILKINTON J. W. (BILL) PATTOK JR. PAT ROBINSON Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW _ JAMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. BUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SWELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON -M: REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope. Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phono 174 216 S. Main LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phon* 413 Night Phono 1015-J We Specialize In MOTOR REWINDING WARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third $t Hope,

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