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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 1
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Yarborough wins M.I.S. 400 race Details on Page 1D state Mostly sunny, warm High 84. Low 59 Details on Page 13D Volume 148. Number 46 ON GUARD FOR 147 YEARS Monday. June 19, 1978 1978.

Oetron Free Press. Ine 6-Day Home Delivery 90" Safety charges worry Chrysler aeflta flnime dial 222-64S4 Action Line solves problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, stands up for your rights. Write Action Line, Box 881, Detroit, Mich. 48231. Or dial 222-6464 between 8:30 a.m.

and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Industry defends subcompact cars U.S. unit, others alarmed at report a second publication, Car and Driver magazine. After having seven "judges" drive Horizons over a 900-foot slalom course, the forthcoming July issue reports: "Horizon power steering simply disconnects your touch with the road.

It happens to be 20 percent quicker than the non-power rack-and-pinion, but this is no compensation for the loss of fuel. "A low-effort Horizon really lets you down at times. Just as you swing in for a quick dash toward the apex.the whoopee-cushion seat melts under your thighs, and the steering spins like a By GREGORY SKWIRA Free Press Business Writer Last week's devastating criticism of the Plymouth Horizon and Dodge Omni as unsafe struck a serious blow to Chrysler Corp. at a particularly crucial time. The company, which lost 1 70 million over the past two quarters, has been counting on the new hot-selling sub-compacts to led it to financial recovery.

But Consumers Union, a nationally respected independent testing organization, has rated the cars "not acceptable," and only time will tell tested and we were amazed when it registered a strong second place in utility, only a single point behind the very organized VW Rabbit." The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (NHTSA), responsible for regulating auto safety, says that before CU's report it had received no complaints Please turn to Page 13A roulette wheel in your hands. You just about have to grab for the windowsill to stay in place, while the car darts off toward the unknown." Car and Driver also give the auto good marks for such features as gas efficiency, a "soft ride," and roominess. Adds the magazine, "This happens to be the first production mini-Plymouth we've analyst of the CU announcement. "That's not the point, the point is, so what?" Until that question is answered which apparently-won't happen any time soon no one can say with certainty if the cars present any type of unusual safety risk. MEANWHILE, Horizon's steering has been criticized by how much the company will be hurt.

CHRYSLER bitterly disputes CU's test methods and its conclusion. And others, including giant General Motors say the type of testing done by CU can't be related to real-world driving conditions. "Their tests may be 100 percent accurate," said one There's i SEMTA bus stop directly in front of the apartment building I own at Thirteen Mile and Harvard Roads in Royal Oak. The problem I'm having with it is that students who wait for the bus there caused some damages in the building last winter, since they used It as a bus shelter. There's room to move the bus stop away from the apartments so I petitioned SEMTA to do so.

Their only answer has been to say that's impossible. Can you plead my case? C.W Berkley What was impossible is no longer. Three days after call to Marvin Meltzer, director of public affairs for SEMTA, Action Line received word that your troubles are over. Bus line for Jane Addams Junior High School in Royal Oak has been rerouted for next fall, with stop in front of your building canceled. First SEMTA spokesman Action Line talked to said "We don't move sites, if we move one we have a domino effect and everyone wants one moved." Another SEMTA spokesman who nixed move pointed out that vandalism was something for police to handle, not bus line.

But after our call to Meltzer, somebody's attitude changed. Rerouting wasn't made just because of your complaint, though, according to Meltzer, who said line wasn't economically feasible anymore. Id Land on't Pledge to Yie Israe ALUWS mTBO flouoer children i i si Right after I planted flowers in a window box at my husband's office, a wild duck built a nest there and laid eight eggs in it. Since the box is four feet off the ground we're worried about the ducklings falling out after they hatch. Wouldn't it be best if we moved the nest to a nearby pond? R.H., West Bloomfield No, just sit back and enjoy flower box tenants a while longer.

Larry Robinson, wildlife specialist at Department of Natural Resources Pontiac District office, said mother knows best when it comes to nesting site. Robinson said leave her alone for three to four weeks it'll take eggs to hatch. In southeastern Michigan, "the ducks have written Cabinet action hedges position sought by U.S. From UPI and AP JERUSALEM Prime Minister Mena-chem Begin Sunday won his cabinet's endorsement for a compromise under which Israel agreed to negotiate the future of occupied Arab lands five years after the establishment of peace in the Middle East. The compromise went a step beyond Israel's previously stated willingness to review the situation, but it fell short of Washington's demand for a commitment to a permanent settlement.

It was bitterly opposed by Defense Minister Ezer Weizman, who wanted a pledge to make a decision after the five-year period. The vaguely worded cabinet statement appeared to leave open the possibility that Begin's limited self-rule plan for the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip could continue indefinitely. THE STATEMENT said Israel agrees that after five years "the nature of the future relations between the parties will be considered and agreed upon at the suggestion of any of the parties." Washington had sought a commitment from Jerusalem that Israel would discuss "the permanent status" of the territories after the five-year transition period spelled out in Please turn to Page 4A 2 iJL'K 'Lr'S AVE iHSKi. 11 3 air MHiiii.i i annf. AP Photo A diver aids the search for bodies after a tornado capsized the showboat Whippoorwill Tornado arose 'all of a sudden9 Fidel likes Carter for 2d term all the rules for nesting," Robinson said, adding that it isn't unusual for them to pick busy area.

He sited example of one duck that returns to Oakland County every year to build nest under canopy of local restaurant, and she's raised successful brood every year. As for your concern about ducklings tumbling from nest, Robinson said four-foot fall is nothing for them because they're so light and fluffy. Mom will lead them to pond same day they hatch. Ever since I bought an Admiral refrigerator at Highland Appliance in Livonia over a year ago, it has given me nothing but trouble. Besides the inconvenience of missing quite a few days of work waiting for repairmen, I've also lost a good deal of food to spoilage.

I asked Highland for a new refrigerator but they said I'd have to pay any price difference because more than a year has gone by since the purchase. This makes me mad because the refrigerator proved itself defective right away. Can you check into this? B.K., Inkster Cool off. Faulty fridge was picked up Saturday, and you agreed to accept refund of $385 in lieu of replacement ice box. Spokesman for Highland Appliance told Action Line that since floor sample refrigerator you bought is no longer manufactured, store wouldn't allow even-up exchange for newer, more-costly unit.

Instead, he offered full refund of purchase price plus three-year service contract you took out. Highland will also be sending you food loss claim forms to send to Admiral, and rep said store will support loss with extensive repair history on unit. Instead of renting formal wear for his senior prom, I talked my son into buying a suit at Webster Men's Wear at Fashion Square Mall In Saginaw. He bought a gray vested suit for $115 in March, but had to take it back three times to make them get the alterations right. The night of the prom, as he got In his car and sat down, the crotch of the pants split in several directions.

Needless to say, he spent an embarrassing night wearing old clothes to the dance and we want our money back. But the store manager will only give us credit for other merchandise. Can you change his mind? E.M., New Lothrop We didn't have to. Action Line called real store manager, bypassing assistant manager you spoke to, and 1 1 5 plus tax was refunded this week when you returned suit with air conditioned pants. Webster Men's Wear manager Kim Kushto apologized for problems with outfit and said as far as refusing you refund, "It must've been a case of someone overdoing his job a bit." 10 are killed, 5 missing in lake tragedy office.

He said the tornado was not sighted on radar. Among the victims was Judy Patterson, 25, of Topeka, who was eight months pregnant. AUTHORITIES SUNDAY began pumping water from the boat. The vessel was leaning out into the lake from the shoreline, it boards twisted into splinters. Smashed chairs lay tumbled against the railing, and card tables on the upper deck hung upside down from the awning.

Most of the passengers had been on the second deck of the diesel-powered replica of an old-fashjoned river boat. Witnesses said most were thrown into the water when the boat flipped over. Rogers said he tried to get to a cabinet containing life preservers, but the boat capsized first. None of the passengers was wearing a life preserver when the boat overturned. Many of the rescued passengers were saved by several private boat owners who hurried to the scene.

From AP and UPI POMONA, Kan. They were cruising on Lake Pomona in the showboat Whippoorwill, looking forward to dinner and a performance of the 1930s musical spoof "Dames at Sea." Suddenly, a tornado struck, capsizing the boat and pitching most of the 46 passengers and 13 crew members overboard. At least 10 persons were killed. Five were still missing Sunday and feared dead. Fourteen were injured.

"Everybody was in the water scrambling," said passenger Richard Jepson. It was pandemonium, chaos, "a mess." At least six persons were trapped inside the capsized vessel. Their bodies were found as rescue workers worked to right the boat shortly before midnight Saturday. The bodies of three other persons were recovered later. ALL OF A SUDDEN you could see the spout up in the sky, and the next thing you know, the boat was over," Jepson said of the tornado.

The 100-foot-long showboat was 100 yards offshore when the tornado hit at 8 p.m. Saturday. Boat owner Bruce Rogers was standing on the upper deck near the pilot house when he saw a heavy thunderstorm heading down the lake. He said he ordered the pilot to head back to the craft's dock under full power, but it was too late. "It was the longest, slimmest thing," said Charles J.

Herschell, who was on shore. "It just kept bobbing up and down." The area was under a severe thunderstorm watch when the tornado struck. The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning after authorities reported the boat had been struck, said Ron Crandall of the Topeka Castro slams Brzezlnski: "It seems to me he plays with war." FTC studies regulations for funerals Neivly licensed mechanic can barely find the engine The question For the fifth straight year, the Michigan House voted to extend an $800,000 subsidy to the Pontiac Silverdome. Are you in favor Of the subsidy? sound off WASHINGTON -(AP)-Fidel Castro says he would like to see President Carter reelected because he "is the only president in the last 20 years to have made some positive gestures toward us." But, while praising Carter as an "honest man," Castro again denounced as lies U.S. accusations about Cuban involvement in tthe invasion of Zaire.

HE SAID Carter has been deceived by his advisers about Cuban activities in Africa. And he denounced national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. "To begin with, I believe he is irresponsible, adventur-istic and he is a liar," Castro said. Then he added: "These four things. He is a man with a lot of prejudice in my opinion.

He is a man who does not master international problems. He ignores the realities of today's world and it seems to me he plays with war." The Cuban leader made his remarks during an interview conducted in Cuba with Barbara Walters and broadcast Sunday on the ABC News television program "Issues and Answers." CASTRO SAID he does not doubt "Carter's seriousness, his personal honesty and his intellectual capacity." But he said that while he. has a "good opinion of Carter," the president suffers from lack of experience in foreign affairs and reliance on faulty advice from Brzezinski. "There are other much more wise, responsible and prudent realistic tendencies represented in my opinion by (Secretary of State Cyrus) Vance, (UN Ambassador Ap-drew) Young" and others, Castro said. ARE A UTILE LOU iwirv- a n-rnr ni.i inside tcday ANN LANDERS 3B BILLY GRAHAM 14D BRIDGE 11D BUSINESS NEWS 1Q.1 IB CLASSIFIED 3-18C COMICS 11-13P CROSSWORD PUZZLE IIP DEATH NOTICES 3C EDITORIALS 14A ENTERTAINMENT 8-9B FEATURE PAGE 17A HOROSCOPE IIP MOVIE GUIDE 12-13P NAMES FACES 14P OBITUARIES 3C OPINION ISA SPORTS 1-IOP TELEVISION 2C WOMEN'S PAGES 1-4B SATURDAY 682 IIgw you voted NO, 82.9 percent.

COMMENTS: "I think it's ridiculous that we have to subsidize a multimillionaire's the Lions pay their own way" "We had no opportunity to vote whether to have it built in the first place" "I can't see why anyone should be taxed to run someone else's business" "That just shows you what a bunch of fools our legislators are" "If you had asked the public a long time ago, we wouldn't be dishing out all this money" "I don't like football." YES, 17.1 percent. COMMENTS: "The Silverdome creates a lot of jobs" "It sure helps the business in Pontiac" "If anything, they ought to increase it" all for the one would complain if they would just put a decent team on the field." Trcncmrw's question A Michigan pharmacist has stopped selling cigarets, saying it's hypocritical for a drugstore to fill perscriptions to cure diseases caused by smoking and then turn around and sell smokes. Do you think all drugstores should ban cigaret sales? To vote YES To vote NO Call 981 -3211 Call 961 -4422 By WILLIAM J. MITCHELL Free Press Washington Staff WASHINGTON The Federal Trade Commission, assuming a growing role in monitoring the way Americans do business, will receive staff recommendations Monday for regulating the final transaction the funeral. The staff is urging the commission to require funeral directors to provide customers with price lists and other information, and to prohibit sales tactics the staff says have "exploited the purchasers' bereaved condition." "Many funeral directors have tended to say (to customers), 'Look, you can treat the body like garbage or you can have a decent funeral which do you said Please turn to Page 13A By GENE WEINGARTEN Free Press Lansing Staff Yesterday, I hardly knew anything about what an auto mechanic does.

Toddy, I am one. Michigan has certified me to repair car engines your car engine on the strength of a multiple-choice licensing exam I took last April. I passed with a 59 percent score 50 is enough to make the cut even though I know next to nothing about how cars work or what makes them break down. THE EXAM I took has been used to license more than 6,000 engine repair mechanics since January 1977. It is one of eight auto repair tests of approximately equal complexity that the state administers under a two-year-old mechanics licensing law.

The law is designed, in theory at least, to weed out incompetents. State officials who run the testing program say they are convinced their exams are tough enough to be doing the job. My score Please turn to Page 4A.

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