Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1946
Page 4
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HOP! STAR, HOPt, Al KANSAS , July 8, 194 WAS 20 YEARS AGo.'XTi'M CERTAIN" Bv Chick Young waiter brought Still his ham burger and coffee. Death lurked in tnat coffee cup. AND THORN HAS HIRED A MAN CAUEO TWILISHT, A 'KI'i.ER WITH A { .LASH THORN GOT $200,000 (THE WAITER < ill i i ii^ i if r^ i i 1 1 /-\i i r\f* r rwti i /VfSii-ski'r f p r < •!|jj '(SOUVE GOT VOUf? DROOPINO EYELID, 10 ;<.I)B wu otfl f IN UNCUT DIAMONDS FR'OM/-''DIDN'T SEE PRIESTLY. 1 HAD TO HIDE. jT WHAT 1 SLIPPED THORN TOOK MY BAbv' Q IN THE COFFEE CUP' DAUGHTER AS A HOSTAGE^ AS HE PASSED ME. REMEMBER, I WASN'T BORN YESTERDAY-I CAN READ YOUR FACE LIKE AN OPEN BOOK. 1 WHEN YOUVE ( MARRIED AS LONG V- AS 1 HAVE, ( YOU'LL BE ABLE x — i TO DEFY . NERVE .TELLING C ME A STORY f LIKE THAT— iJUSTASTHOUoH v I'D BELIEVE SUCH NONSENSE.' MAN NAMED THORN KILLED PRIESTLY, B HELPED HIM. PRIESfLY HAO RA20R AND HE FOUGHT HARD. THAT'S HOW I FINGER C?AGWOOD, COME HERS . THIS MINUTE/ YES; LAW THORN IS !.u fAT NOW ON THE SWF'.ftSt RACKET IN THIS COUNTRY.' BUT I'll STOP THAT. YOU SEE, HIS NAME IS NO LONGER LASH^--, THAT IT-- /t GRAVITY. .aaffiS'.. TOO 8 should have Known it was not going to be as.easy as it looked. YOU SAY \ Y6P. I NOTICED 'EN\ TWO MEM VEVEIN 1 YOU MIGHTY CLOST, WERE PEERING WAC AMP TALKIN ACCORPIN'TO RUMOR, WcKEE INDUSTRIES MfRAiNIUW ON SOWE LGCM FELLER'S LftNO. THESE BIRP5' FlflURE YOU'RE M<=KEE. OUT HERE IN PISGUISE TO 6UV IT CHEPiP. SO THEY AIW TO TBAILVOU, LEARN WHICH ! HE THOUGHT SO A BIG INDUSTRUL ryPHOON, NA. AROUND THE CORNER M ME,' WR.WAPOY? By Galbraith Side Glances / ™~ NOSEY 30RKI(A f OUTFIT. THEV ^ tAW<e IT COST V/WE PLENTY ^- '. COPB. KM BX_NEA_8FR STOW if/...' HOW CAM SPOT ANVTHINd IN THIS FOGA' ..HUH! MOW I GOTJA HUMT THAT] SMITH SWAB ALL- OVER THE PECK/ COPR. 194« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. 'Remind me sometime, Miss Jones, to get you a chair." "1 bought this up-tu-lhe-inimite book on juvenile <ic- Jinquency:—it..worries.me IIONV stubborn nntl luinl-boileil ~" ^he is deinaiuHn^ bis bottle!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser Punny Business By Hershberger GOSH, ITS SWELL OF you no HELP US, . CORPORAL/ SKIP THF RANK—JUST, CAUL ME BUCK! FIRST we SHOVE BOARD IM" AND USE THE WINDOW SIU. A9 A FULCRUM; y~- BEAR _.. . DOWN OUR HIUPA! I COMBINED WEIGHT TO OFFSET TH6 HEAVY LAW OF MATHEMATICS ON THE'OTHER ENP' GRANNY WANTS TO GIVE YOU A DOSE OF SULPHUR AND MOLASSES -HENRY/ AS' . HILDA HAD PAINTED i HERSELF ; IMTO A : CORNIER, ALONG ONE WILLIAM : ©.WHEAT, WAR VETEgAN- AMD, PRESTO/ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED) T-- MO CASUALTIES / . .-v p—H — rr-i He's, ] WHAT APE you TRV- TE.V ING- TO DO, PAINTV YOURSELF -INTO CORMEp.? HAVIMG COLtECTEP W^n=o!T^B/f']jJK- 1 ' 1 ' r^'""•"^J I ^\ KAVOIN6 A CXRNWAL FI&HTEI2, „ PJfWHlUl > 7 PERFECT? ^i'--~I OOP ANP HIS-FEIEMPS' DO THE ' fK^liuAj^ •Y TH6V ' RE WALKIN'jjrfi MIDWAY, GO/N& THROUGH THE COM • »Hilf^SIBwrJ f .-'A RIGHT IMTO X —^-^ CESSIONS LIKE A FLORIDA HURRICANE! I 111 oilffly^^ ous - VAHAI ^ ^•••^••rHo^Iu^WTT^ A FIVE !N f GOSH, ITS HOV MANV?)P The work of my new hired hand—claims he can raise smoked hams, on the hoof!" COPR. 1346 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. Thimble Theater WOULD YOU TV\ ^.C.C SJx-s WISH THEV ONE OP V EM TO SEE THEV <SO SOUT' IMA AUTUMN AN' SPRING WHATCHA MEAN BY EATIN' BIRDSEED. AN' TRVNA^ ' ROBINS l.'tMS BY-NEA, SERVICE. INC. T^M^v%'' (•/:."•?-'?"&- • < -.P''/ YOU'RE ^g52Z??lg^^3ia IM Q/ir,c:LMDF/ Out Our Way By J. R. Williams Hnu<* WifK Mnior Hoople IN D«U 3H«rt.' . TAKE./\ DEEP/! RPFATU ,—Sv I'P LOVE TO HEAR. TH>M", BUT CAM'T ^ S »T>J YHE HOUSE 1 THF MOSQUITOES ARE AWFUL.' WHAT MOSQUITOES? IT'S TOO STUFFY IMSIDE--WELL, LIKE I SAID, THE NATIVE GIRLS OM THE ISLAND SO DUMB YE GODS—THESE- WALRUS-SKIMNED OUTDOOR. MEM.' WHEN UWCLE ART CAME FROM ALASKA WE HAD TO SIT OM THE POR.CH IM PECEMBER..' , HOOPLEW COP SAYS, „ HEMNSERV, Voo SEE THIS ACCIDENT? 1 SAVS TO TH 1 COR VuP, 8OT L00« HERE, I <SF*/S,1 WHOSE F/XOLT IT VJA.S. BliT 1 FEEL IF T- WAS AT FAULT AK> V MOO WAS VO\TMESS LIKE TO SEE BOTH SIDES, PUT (WSEL? INiTHE OTrtEK. ^ F£LLA % S PLACe/ LOOK, MR. SHUTTLE WORTH /WHY DON'T sou POT YOURSELF IN SOUR DID THE AAP»3OR THE TRAILER. WAS A GIFT \M& WANT TILL. TE-r^ c. /VN \s m inrv v rji QUICK-' M\ 1'nixn •^••IVA &06WF, All COMES BACK TO H\M CLASSIFIED ARKANSAS on. " Before Hmoi , . "THE . SOe On* month the Phon. jlnlm.m 71* lie word, mlnlmu. f ° r Con » nu0 "" insertions Only YOU TEL L' THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale : I.IVR SH1NRRS. F. W at Southern Ico Plant , l_2-_l rn CAHACE WlTlfcOMPl.KTIO SET o t(iol..;. Apply 805VL- South Mail at- or phone 199-J. -- For Sale or Trade 2-0 RKOISTERED JERSEY COW. j^^_^^^ ''BIRD DOG PUPS. J. B ROVVIO Hoiile Throo. Mope. Plmne 0 1942 I ARLEY DAVIDSON MOTOR <:.vcle 74. Lxcellcnl conclition. Itcn sonnble prices. Horace McCain ^Prt'scolt, Ark. 3.0 MY HOMFFoll"sTL¥TcAN~Bi seen aft..)- G p.m. 800 West 411 ^Street. I'hone 149-W. 3-2\v SERVICE sTATl"oi>F"'AND"~"GI eery store, about $0,000 slock. Set owner al Cht-stpi- Stt-phons Gro eery and Service Station, Rle ,__^ nl » : 3-6: SEED OATS. $1.20 PER~DUSlTEL _ Jo «s_>VViotl, nievins. Ark. 3-fii GOO D Q UAijTY^^lTFFn' oTE window shades. 3 by 7 feet. Plmnr -J^ 9 .'' 1 ' 4l ^ Soilll > \Valker St. 3-3 CHINESE CHOW PUPPIES ~FOF sale'121 South Fulton. Phone TABLE . TOP OIL R A No'E ns new. Phone Mrs. Sam Stone 880-U.. 20U East 15th Street. 6-3 2 NEW r. ROOM HOMEsTlMMED Kile possession and priced right More than 25 farms, sonic WG! locali'd. Priced to sell. R>l,>< Lt'wallen. 3.3 WHEEL CHAIR, DELUXE. SAMF n;; new. K, H. Hoilnioii. Expi-r _irnenl' Station. Phono l-F-2. H-C; McCROY REFRIGERATOR FOU .store or flower shop. Usod A _j-ood buy. Call 84S-W. 8-,'U ONE-FOURTH PUMP COMPLETE with 100 ft. 11/4 pipe, sucker roc and working barrel. See L C Hinton. Phone 2U-.I-II (j.'j For kent THREE ROOMS FURNISHED for light housekeeping. Ncai Schnoli'y's store. Phone 08-F- Mr.s. J. E. Schooloy. G-3t 2 ROOM APARTMENT FOR RENT north of Hope Brick Yard. L. C Godwin. g.;j Wanted (.ji) , _ TURKIC OR FOUR ROOM UN lurmshed apartment or house Hhone UI2-W. J. K. Johnson. U-tit RIDING HORSES Rides — Hay Rides this Healthful Sport HOURS: 2 p.m. until night (Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES 2'/ 2 miles out on Spring Hill road ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phono 8t!,'i-\V (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 315B-R SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark 1840 CHEVROLET, ] V& TON truck. Practically ncv tires, motor 1 ye,-ir old. Heed Motor Co. ._ 0-,-it Moftres? Renovating FOR THE 'BEST IN GUARAN- teed work call Cobb's Malttrcss Co. at 712 W. 4th. We call for and deliver. Phono 229-.I. 2l'-lm Lost TWO PERSIAN CATS, ONE GREY one brown between Hope and Prescott. $5.00 Reward each. Contact Fox Tire Shop, phone 540 0-31 ONE 000-l(i TIRE, WHEEL AND carrier. Falcon Buckher, Ark. Lost July. 1st. bctwerii and Hope. It. D. Cox, 8-Ot Wanted to Rent El!; OR FOUR ROOM UNFUR- nishfd apartment or house, •Phone 73-. . • . I-.QI 3 OR 4 ROOM HOUSE WITHIN 2 •miles of town, phone. 399. 6-31 Notice 'TOR GENERAL HAULING AND long distance moving, Call George Carver, Phone -873. Hope, Ark. 11-Jm Real Estate for Sale G ROOM HOUSE. NEWLY PAPER- ed and painted. OR by 100 foot lol. liH|i,iic> at 201 Soulh Washington. Taken Up BLACK JERSEY. WHITE STREAK in belly, short horn, year old. Jess McFaddin, Oakland addition. ,8.,-jt Yesterday's Stars By The Asoclated Pres Tod Williams. Hed Sox—cracked four hits in six official trips to the nlnte, scored six runs, drove in three more and received five walks as the Sox beat the Senators twice, 1-1 and 9-4. Hal Newhouser, Tigers—pitched his ICth triumph, his 10th in a row over the Browns and his fourth shutout, with a 3-0 win. Bob Feler Indians, and Ed Lopat, White Sox—Feller fanned six in winning his 15th game :)-2 tp raise h i s total to 15; Lopal blanked the tribe with two singles in winning the nightcap, 5-0. Cha'-lie Keller. Yankoes. an'd Bob Savage, Athletics—Keller hit his Kith home run and drove hi four runs as Ihe Yanks won the opener 7-3: Savage oulpitclhed warrant, as commissioner of deeds in -the five boroughs of New York "" "•"•endorsement Of Samuel Dl incil, who --- a man of character now with.._--_. . ... UM . Mfav . ^nvjjti^iijtu• „ ----.o •••<> two convictions for Spud, Chandler to register his first fraud in. bankruptcy rackets The vrctory of the season 4-1. revocation of Richard's sales- Fair Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Now re New York, July 7.—The > tork state liquor authority has invoked the wine salesman's permit of Richard Pross, a business agent of the Wine, Liquor and Distillery Workers ' Union, w h o has des- Hope, DeQueen Tie 11 in 15 Inning Game Behind the 3 hit hurling of R While the Mope Baseball team battled a stroiiR DpQueen aggregation to 1-1 tie in 15 innings at De Queen yesterday cribed nimself further Sanger, struck out in court DeQueen southpaw, 18 local batters In procedings as a delegate for the Upholsterers' Local GUI and the Retail Bakery Clerks' Local 111. These are a few of the locals controlled by his brother, Ben Pross, the bankruptcy crook, except that the national or parent union of the upholsterers' local lifted its charter recently In an attempt to drive out both of-the Prosses and crooks associated with them in union rackets. About the same time, Mr. Wai- lender, the New York City police commisioner, cancelled the pistol permit of Herbert Pross, another brother, also known as Herman and Hyman, because he had a record of three -arrests. So although he was not convicted the score to date is one charter, one salesman's permit -and "one' pistol license can celled. I believe they are about to lose a unit of their-union of wholesale drug employees if not the union itself,. because these hither to docile subjects, emboldened by Hie expose in print, are beginning to stomp and snort defiance and may go over to the C.I O Well, you may say, this is pretty cheap stuff to be cluttering up so much good white paper but stick around and you will be amused, at least, and your mind may be improved by a better understanding of the benefits--confered on iharl poor, faceles slob, the common man, and -the business community of .the U.S.A. by Senator Robert F. Wagner, through his labor relations thing. This Richard Pros .who lost the wine salesman's license, which can ' • •; ."/,•" , of niore value than you might think in the hands of such a man, also is known by their first names On the permit Just revoked he called himself Richard and • in he application he said (A) thai he Had never been known by anv other name and B) that he never had applied for a permit before He seems both to be too smart' because any dummy should know hat in time the liquor authority investigators would catch up In this case, when the recent heat wave started in print, it turned h a t Richard himself had .'....._.. *.v,. iu *>j\, tii MM tici a ill "*u» lowing ..only 5 hits. But the Mope boys played errorless ball. First baseman Ramsey handled 20 chai ces without error and JimmJe Mi ler showed up well in the otitfielc Next Sunday the locals play hos to Texarkana at Fair Park at 2:3 p.m. Boxscore: Hope Ross, ss Ramsey, Ib .... B. While, c, cf S. Bell, 2b .. R. While, p ... J. Bell, ;ib Reeves, cf Finley, If Miller, rf CARNIVAL Bv Dick Turner AB 0 (i 5 (i 0 G (1 4 5 2b DeQueen ' A. Mitchell, Baker, 3b Phillips, c ...:.... Brizendalc, If .. B. Mitchell, Jb .. Sanger, p Blankenship, cf Crews, ss ; Wimpie, rf 50 1 '47 1 plied time for a using - ——^ t *t»-n, tiiut Ins I*GQ! name was Reuben but that he was known also as Robert and Richard, i? i) V 1 deveJ °Ped that he had ap- nnprt rr,.- n-permit in 1940, that Ihc name of Robert 'and furthermore had .And who do you think notaried H?, 1 - a oh me , n v! S in r, that application? !l s ^ ie .^'. oll \ er ' ?en, the boss of a building holds a e , , B • of . unio " s Broad way, who p,rr P f ,, the , City certified thai he was vi-ctory of the season 4-1. revocation of Richard's sales- Mickey Witek, Giants—hit a two-l" 1 ?"' 8 . Permit was based on these run homer to enable Dave Koslo i , m ? nts and on a conviction to bent thu Phillioc 9.1 ;,-, «,« „„„„ as a book-rnakpr to beat the Phillies 2-1 in the opener. The Giants also won the nightcap 10-2. Bama Rowell, Brave's and Pee Wee Reese, Dodgers—Row e 1 1 singled in the winning run in the ninth as the Braves won 3-2- Reese drove in one run with a double and scored another as the Dodt;ers won the nightcap 4-2 Eddie Lukon, Reds—drove i n ive runs with a pair of homers as the ,Reds defeated the Cubs C-2 ^.loe Garagiola and Howie ollel, -ards—Garagiolu singled with the bases full in the ninth to drive in winning run in Curds' -1-3 opening- iarne victory; Pollet yielded three ins as Ciirds_ took second game, BUYING Hope Watermelons ANY QUANTITIES LOADING TRUCKS Curtis Cannon Phone 66 3rd & Main Ingoing over (lie creditors listed by Reuben Robert, Richard Pros n his bankruptcy petition in 1944, an investigator discovered two " n ^ s ,J. h » l .. CBU 1 h ; "is interest!' Galtrof, , f v«hn "' • Lowly Rocks Drop Pair to Volunteers By The Associated Press The Nashville Vols mixed time ly blows, including four home runs with Little Rock errors to gain double victory over the Travelers H to ii and G to 3, and take ; stronger grip on fourth place ii the Southern Asociation yester day. League-leading Atlanta took th< C It's Plenty C0 9 L ^ BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope. Ark. Doug /^ITTV Carl Bacon v*| I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 PINE GARDENS Half Mile East of Hope FEATURING_ . .The Jobs were complex and stupid enough to be the doing of Ben fros, himself, who has worked mn'nv er al boi " g i 1 dunlb CJ -° o mri y i 'T" l v °'' c at honest ^m d 'n - h ,'? ba » k ''«Ptcy i'akes. ior Miiall pickings. In one case, Gal- trol forged notes against a liquor company for $000 and sold them to a linance company for 50. In the other, he gave his check for $2 000 hi/ J KJl ! or dealer in ^eturn for tins man s notes for $2,000 which he discounted with the Tame f" nance company. His own check the bounced. This deal involved some non-existent French brandy which Oaltrof was going to procure j'or he dealer at u lime when French brandy was very scarce. The court let him loose on pro- bauon on his payment of 150 to the victims and his promise to pay $10 a week were recovered. In March, 1943 lie some payments and 'was collp i e o1 ' dai>s tor vio- missed —"-"t,*-'»- *v"v*ni(5 CTiitiiuci tuun nil. first game of a doubleheader wit! New Orleans, C to (5, but lost th nightcap 8 to 7. The ChnUanooe: Lookouts divided a twin bill wit the Memphis Chicks. The Look outs won the eleven-inninp opener 2 to 1, but second place Memphi look uio sundowner. 0 to 1. In the circuit's other fray, tht Mobile Bears handed the Binning ham Barons a double setback, 10-,' and 3-1, in their series opener By taking their first game with New Orleans, the Crackers made certain that Atlanta would be hos "t the all-star game July 24. B< league agreement the team lead ing on July 15 meets the all-stars — and the Crackers present leac can't be overcome bv the second place Chicks by mid-July. The first game triumuh als gave Bill Ayers his fifteenth victory of the campaign. Nashville's Pete Thomassie hi his fifth home run and Jim Shiling Jus fourth in the opener, while Heinz Becker exploded his fourth and Ted Pawelek his eighth in the finale. Four Pebble errors gave the Vols six unearned runs in the opener and two in the second game which was Vito Tamulis' seventh derision. , Chattanooga's split with Memphis left the LooKouls in third place a half-game behind the Chicks. Hurl--— .*u.,.,wi, e r Lurry Brunke was routed in the have loaned Reu- sixth and Hillis Layne's homerun "• " ' " ' was the only Lookout score 'n the nightcap. In the opener, Homer Spraggins, who taok over for Memphis in the ninth, walked the winning run across and wns charged with the loss. .At Birmingham, nine-run rally in tne eighth gave the Bears the opener as Joe Smolkq, Mobile starter, steadied after giving up three runs in the first frame. Shortstop George Spears' two doubles featured in the eighth ining raly which started on Herman Schulte's error after two Mobile, outs. Another two-bag- ger by Spears which drove in two runs, iced the nightcap in the third Tonight's Games: New Orleans at Atlanta Mobile at Birmingham Memphis at Chattanooga Little Rock at Nashville. Schedule for Henderson Announced Arkadelphia, July 8 — (A 1 )—Nino football games, to be played out of the slate, have been scheduled by Coach Duke Wells for his Henderson State Teachers College Ruddies thus lull. A lighting system has been installed at Haygood Field and probably all home games will be played at night except (he Thanksgiving Day encounter with Ouachita. The schedule follows: Sept. 20 — Oklahoma City versily at Oklahoma City Sept 28 — Open. Oct. 5 — Arkansas A. and M t , He then found that early 2 mal ? nnmed Maurice had applied for u wine salesman's permit and had been turned dovjn past p reforma His record slwwed a conviction later reversed, on a charge of grand larceny in Queens county and indictments charging second degree grand larceny in New York ' ™lH' ,' we « con- solidaled and reduced to second degree grand larceny when he went to trial and suddenly offered to plead guilty to the lesser charge g until their loses Uni- Monticello. • GOOD STEAKS • Chicken Pinners 2 Private Dining Rooms OPsN FROM 5 P. M. 'Til Midnight • Cover Charge Saturday Night MILTOr! EASON, Owner -- ol his probation. The payments then were reduced to $6 a week. In June, 1945 .the payments were raised back to $10 a week ao here is ii man who couldn't pay more than 10 a week u> his victims in March, 1943, listed as a creditor for $3,900 on a loan when Reuben, Robert, Richard Pross took bankruptcy in May, 1944. And last January, when Galtrof asked lor a salesman's permit, he gave as his occupation "union delegate" and his address as 1860 Broadwav where the Pros gang hangs out. It may be unnecesary but perhaps it would be just as well to point out that the position of "union delegate in the liquor trade is beset with tempting opportunities vo make a lot of money fast, scarcity and the black market beinu ••actors in the situation. Did Galtrof actualy lend Pros 3,900 or was B >" United Pres it the price of his union job? Pans—Marcel Cerdan, 157 1-8 Another creditor in the Robert f. ranee, outpointed Holman Wil- Reuben, Richard Pros bankruptcy liulr >s, 159 9-1G, Detroit (10) was one Thoeodore Levy, who was ', Malnaoe, Sweden — Joe Nilson, said to have him $2,300 . And heavyweight, Sweden, knocked out now it turns out that one Theo- •' onl Rt'Hr)inm,,M >,., :..\.. dore, or Ted. Ley also is a dele- ft, 16 °«, th< ; Wine - Liquor and Distillery Workers' Union, also at 1800 ,. in Broadway, and holds a wine sales- tlme man's permit. The home addreses given by at -ello. Oct. 12 —Hendrix at Comvay. Oct. 18 — Arkansas State Teachers here. Oct. 25 — East Central Oklahoma leathers al Ida, Okla. , N .°v. 2 — College of the Ozarks at Clarksville. Nov. 9 — Arkansas Jonesboro. Nov. 10 Nov. 23 Nov. 28 State at —Arkansas Tech, here. — Open. — Ouachita, here. -o- Fights Last Night .„...,. uuvucaca BJVeil By and Levy in their applications for salesmen's permits were the same as those of the two —.y , . The moon is always full at the lino nf jt s e c ljp se _ creditors of Reuben Pros of the same names in bankruptcy peti- "And •wheii.I told your delivery man that we didn't have »!! our buttons, he suggested %ve go see a good psychiatrist!" This Curious World By William Ferguson MILLIONS- OF PEOPLE HAVE LIVED FOR CENTURIES ON .SOIL THAT CAME FROM THE SREAT • MOUNTAINS OF TIBET- OPB. )946 BV NCA SERVICE. INC. Cobb-Tooley, Hefner Meet Tonight marks the openinc of second half play in Hope's Softball team wilh the Cobb-Tooley nine out in front with 7 wins against no losses.- , In the first game of a double header tonight Cobb-Tooley will lake on an improved Hcfner-Nas'f team and the Whiz Kids meet Wyl'e in the second contesl. First half standings: W Cobb-Tooley 7 Rephans H-efner-Nash Lion Oil Moore Mkt. Whiz Kids SDewarls . Wylie .' .. 6 ,. 5 4 .. 3 .. 2 . 2 :. 0 L 0 1 3 3 4 ONE, /: TEMPERATURE. CAN BE ESTIMATED BY JOU k iriN6 THE NUMBER OF TVWE.S A CRICKET CHIRPS PER MINUTE. V\ BALL PLAYER CAN STRIKEOUT" WITHOUT STR(l<INe,''%!f • MRS. GORDON HILL., SPORTS ROUNDUP New York. July 3—(/P)—Attention :ord fans: Twenty four years ago oday Branch Rickey put a rookie named Eddie Dyer in as a pinch- •unner for Heinle Mueller of the ardinals against Brooklyn....Four days later, Dyer made 'his first National League hit, a pinch double, against the Phillies, and on July 29, 1922, Eddie made his illching debut. relieving Lou North. . this July Dyer still is a •oolue manager in the National -.eague and his Cards really are eeling the pinch...on the pcsimis- ic'side, it might be worth noting jmong the anniversaries ihat Eulie didn't win his first pitching 'ictory until Sept. 9, 1923. HIGHER EDUCATION Each year South Bend grid fans ollow the Notre Dame football eum via special trains to one of he big out-of-town games...next all they wiii go to New Orleans n Nov. 23 to see the Irish play 'iflane...on the painted cards advertising the trip, Director Pete iedden has it spelled "Toulanc." Monday Matinee Speaking of Notre Dame, the rish haven't got 'em all this year, latt Bolger, , 1942 Notre Dame lonogram winner, is due to play nd for Cornell, and Bill Huber, nother good end, is at Illinois... John Fa unco Jikely won't get too ar in the pro tennis champion- liips at Forest Hills, but hu still l be envied by most of his ivals. Faunae's pupils include ,ana turnor ami Marlene Dierich...Miami golf clubs are .spund- ig some -100,000 this summer IT iuk L FiflntM. Jf.. renovating and ressurecting courses for the winter trade. Memphis Golfer First Chomp of Colonial Club Memphis, Term., July 8 — (/P) — A 25-year-old Memphis golfer, Cary Middlecoff, is the first champion of the Colonial country club invitation tournament. Middlocoff beat Chicago's veteran Chick Evans 3 and 2 yesterday in a finals match that sported golfdam's great Bobby Jones as referee. The 57-ytwr-old Evans, a consistent title winner of earlier years, never had the advantage on Middlecoff. Pet. 1000 857 625 571 428 28G 286 000 o • — American Loop Has Edge in All-StarGame By JOE ,' REICHLEfl Associate^ Press 'Sports Writer National Ceague partisans, fuly aware that their favorites will enter .omorow s all r sta;r.. contest in Bos- .on against the American League's best on.the iS horl : end -of jthe worst mis-malch in. the clasps 13-year history, must. have • experienced that sinking sensation today. If any National Leaguer nursed a hope that the. junior . circuit's oitchmg twins, Cleveland's Bobby Feller and Detroit's :Hal Newhouser, would not be; "right' 'for Ihe dream 1 game," that must be dispelled by now. •.-.". Feller, already named by Amer.-an League all-star manaepr Steve O'NeiU as his starting pitcher,. began poorly yesterday, allowing tw.o runs in the first frame, but picked up as he went along and whipped the Chicago White Sox 3-2 for his 15th victory of the season. The Sox, behind Eddie LopaVc two- nit twirling, copped the nightcap Newhouser, expected to hurl the middle three frames for the Harridge clan, turned in a brilliant five-hit performance in blanking the St. Louis Browns 3-0. It'was the 10th straight .time the willowy lefthander had tamed the Brownies, and -his- 16th triumph of the season — tops .for. all hurlers Spud Chandler, the choice lo Iwirl the final three frames for the American Leaguers, did-"not fare as well. He yielded five hits an'd A^ e .- runs in s 'x innings to the Athletics as the New York Yankes and Philadelphia 'divided 'the doubleheader. The Yanks won' the first 7-3 but, the A's won the second 4-1.. . Joe DiMaggio pulled a cartilage in his-left lee sliding into second and was carried from the 'field Although his injury is not serious! he will not be able to play in the all-star contest, according to New York's travelling secretary Bill MacPhail. . • The Boston Red Sox increased their first-place lead over the runner-up". Yankees to seven and a na 1| games by taking the measure of Washington's Senators twice, l-i 1 and 9-4. As might be expected, thumping Theodore Williams,, who looms as the key man inv the American's lineup, led with four nits in six official trips to the plate The loyal - hearted National Leaguers can point with pride at Ihe splendid pitching performance turned in by the St. Louis Cardinals How.ie Polelt. The youthful southpaw yielded only three hits as he shut out the Pittsburgh Pirates C-0 m the nightcap, Allhough ' Charlie. Grimm, manager of Ihe National League all- stars, has not indicated whom he will entrust with the starting assignment,. .Pollel's performance may earn'him the honor The Cards also won the opener 4-3 to gam a full game on the i'ronl-run- mng, Brooklyn Dodgers, who now lead by five games ,as a result of their split with the Boston Braves A ninth inning two-run rally gave the hubmen a 3-2 victory in the opener but the Broks came back to win the nightcap 4-2 League Leaders By The Associated Press National League Batting—Walker, Brooklyn, .368; Hopp, Boston, .363. Runs — Musial, St. Louis, 57; Mize. New York, SO. .Runs batted in — Walker, Brooklyn, 64; Slaughter, St. Louis, 62. Hits — Musial, St. Louis, 105; Walker, Brooklyn, 99. Doubles — Musial, St. Louis, 24; Holmes .Boston, 19. Triples — Musial. St. Louis, and Walker, Brooklyn, 7. Home runs — Mixe, Now York, 17 iKiner, Pittsburgh, 15. Stolen bases —Reiser, Brooklyn, 19; Has, Cincinanati, 12. Pitching — Kush, Chicago, C-l- .1)57; Higbe, Dodgers, 8-2-.ilOO. American League Hutting — Vernon, Washington, .364; DiMaggio, Boston, .349. Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following ai candidates subject to fh«- action of the Democratic primary elections this Sum*" inef: Congress/ 7th District , PAUL OEREK BRUCE BENNETT ' OREN HARRIS 1 8th Judicial Circuit '' For Prosecuting Attorney , CHARLES W. HACKETT ' JAMES H. PILKINTON, J. w. (BILL) PATTON'/JR. PAT ROBINSON " ""• Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW . -JAMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County " For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN ^ . J. W. (SON), JONES .' CLAUDE H:/SUTTON v , For 'County Clerk , ROBERT C. TURNER' For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD .McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ' ' ' ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For .Representative 1 -^' ..':'.•' POSt 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. •Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON *<• ft-' Women Call Police for Information on 'Casanova'^"- '• ' •• ' n,w' ars o n nny Mize and Walker Cooper, the New York Giants downed the Philadelphia Phillies twice to wrest sixth place from their opponents. Mize drove out two hits and Cooper three as the uiants clubbed out a 10-2 second game win after Mickey Wier 2-l tW °" rUn homer won the open- In a single encounter, Cincin)» defeated the Chicago Cubs 6-2 with Rookie Outfielder Eddie Lukon clouting two homers to drive Jpn'.^n'Th"' John 9 y Vander Mee '' went all the way for his fifth vic- u Los. Angeles, Julf ;5-( Women have .been calling ;po lice headquarters here- to tin-. quire about "dream man" Sonny Wisecarver, 16, wholes- caped from a juvenile deten r tion home, officers said today. ' Wisecarber, committed to the home after he eloped witli two married women, .brake away Tuesday night and was believed headed for his home here. •• • ..-...,.»-,....•,..«. . Police said the callers inquired if Sonny were still at large, . then commented: "I just wanted to know." COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main LAWNMOWERS ., Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and, Sharpening ' . . M. C. BRUCE . Phone 1107-J So. Main St Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH i, HAH, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 The miles. moon's diameter is 2,100 REED Motor Co. 108 East Division St • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop MECHANICS: Carl Jones and Frank Yarbrough YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. Fo . r better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service in town — Bargain* in Secondhand Furniture AU». WORK GUARANTeee Phone 15? 411S.Ha*el ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph" " Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply COMPLETE LINE OF ' OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co, Phone 241 Hope, Ark, For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-4 We Specialize In ^ Electric Service E. Third 8t Hepe, Arfc

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