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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 11

Detroit, Michigan
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Page 11 THE DETROIT DAILY PRESS Wednesday, August 5, 1964 WHAT KATHRYN WAISTS Bitten by Acting Bug Superb Acting Marks 'Iguana getting my start on the stage in 'Sunday in New Bing was working on his TV show. Right now he's with the children." appearing in high school and college plays, she went to Hollywood and auditioned for the ingenue lead in "Forever Female." She didn't get it but she did get a small ceptional. Near the end the dialog tends to beg down in a few cliches, but for the most part, director Huston keeps the unity tight and clear. The moral? Love eventually leads to self-realization and salvation. Although the film is dominated by Burton, Grayson Hall has a chance to receive an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress.

Cyril Delevanti, as the dying poet, is also an accomplished character actor. The play may have been just another run-of-the-mill Tennessee Williams, but the picture is sure to be one of the year's best. "One of my great thrills was returning to the University of Texas to play Eliza Doolittle in 'Pygmalion. Oh, how I'd love to do that part of Broadway. I can't ever do 'My Fair the musical version of the play, because I can't sing well enough.

It distresses Bing when I sing," she said. Another of her ambitions is to play the young queen in Shaw's "Caesar and Cleopatra." Judging from her record, she probably will, too. INTRIGUED Charlotte GoodaU (Sue Lyon) pursues Shannon, a defrocked minister played by Richard Burton, in "The Night of the Iguana," opening today at the Trans-Lux Krim. A GREAT SUCCESS? 5 I mm SlirK 'Wild Surf Is Beached By Weak Acting, Plot Air-Conditioned TONIGHT at 8:30 MAT. TODAY 2 P.M.

2sroJJ(ostel JTcfcHcr on the Roof Boxoffice Opens 9 A.M. Special I before ft NOW YOU CAN SEE THE ORIGINAL UNCUT YERSION! HUB. ftsttlftngtttl Worn. Hra Thors. 7 JO, 9:30 Friday 8:00, 10:00 Saturday 6:00.

8 KM). 10:00 Sunday 5:30,7:30, 9:30 Reduced Admission Sat. Sun. up to 6 PM. there at UrOm WE 3-00711 PLAY HIGHLY 60RE VIDAL'S BEST MAN' rmr uidcidct few The ELVERS PETER ELKE SELLERS SOMMER with a bewildered, dumbstruck look that makes one feel they might be "lost" in real life.

LONE TniNKER Of the three, only Brown displays a smattering of sensitivity tf the role. Although all are supposed to be thinkers, only he seems to actually be Of the scantily-clad girls, and there are plenty of them, Barbara Eden reveals some ability. She is almost believable as the girl who despises convention. The film has some surprisingly fine cinematography. One finds an interesting camera technique in the wide open shots of surfers riding huge waves into the beach.

The surfing shots also serve another purpose. The fill in a lot of time between dialog. "Wild Surf was made witti one type of audience in mind. It will fill that audience's need. rMaMiiPPS.

Sun. 12-16 Tpon Prices. Adults $1 5 6 m- (Except Sunday and Holidays) XI By BILL. WALD Staff Writer Playwright Tennessee Williams has proved more than once that he is capable of creating fully developed neurotic characters who can easily be transferred to film. Anthony Veiller and John Huston's screen adaption of "illiams' "The Night of the Iguana," which opens today at the Krim Theatre, is a total success.

The story focuses on Shannon (Richard Burton), a defrocked minister, periodically bothered by emotional upsets. He leads a group of school teachers on a trip through Mexico and is persistently tempted by an under-aged tart (Sue When he is caught with her in his room, the lesbian-inclined tour leader (Grayson Hall), takes the opportunity to harass him the re" of the way to a rundown seacoast hotel in Mismaloya owned by Shannon's old friend, Maxine (Ava Gardner). GROLT THERAPY Shannon forces the schoolteachers to stop at the resort because he is looking for a refuge. The refuge soon turns into group therapy whet Han-na (Deborah Kerr) and her 88-year-old grandfather how up at the resort. This is Burton's meatiest role since his excellent film portrayal of Jimmy Porter in "Look Back in Anger." Every line in his face works to create a total characterization.

He utilizes all of his Shakespearean vocal talents. Shannon constantly tries to atone for man's inhumanity to God and all the cruelties inflicted on God's creatures. END OF ROPE There are enough symbols to satisfy any amateur psychiatrist. Everyone in the film is literally and figuratively at the end of his rope. Shannon cannot lower himself any further, Maxine must stop throwing her life away on lust, Hanna realizes she has lost most of her life by taking care of her grandfather and the old mai? has just enough time to finish his last poem.

At one point Shannon is tied to a hammock because he had tried to swim to China. Once released he cuts loose the Iguana, which Maxine was fattening for a delicacy. "Iguana" contains its best filmic qualities at the beginning where the camera work by Gabriel Figueroa is ex I -n part in the film. Then came a succession of roles in such movies as "Rear Window," "Living It Up," Arrowhead, "Casanova's Big Night," "Unchained" and several others. MOVIE ACTRESS She wanted to become a movie actress and she did.

Then, between pictures, she wanted to become a newspaper reporter and she did as a Hollywood correspondent for some 20 Texas papers. Then she met Bing Crosby and, in 1957, they were married. In her spare time between rearing three children, Harry, 6, Mary Francis, 4, and Nathaniel, 2, she decided to be come a nurse. And she did, In California she's Kathryn Crosby, R. N.

"But I wanted to have the thrill of acting before a live audience," she said, "and Bing, bless him, was under standing enough to encourage me. We try to work at the same time and relax at the same time. With The Children "Last summer when I was to U.S. for autographs and, sometimes, tore the clothes off their backs as souvenirs. A hotel manager at Pes-cara, one fthe towns along the route, was heard to remark that if there were a "Catangiro" in every city there could be a revolution in Italy and no one would be aware of it.

Gianni Morandi, a popular baby-faced teen-aged "shout-er" won the "Giro" with 711 points for "In Ginocchio Date" (On My Knees to You). V. MICHIOAfT DETROIT 1 AUG 28-SEPT 7J "yes 3 ftlS. CEJ525 v.s Witt Fret Palialf Rot I STUDIO films, Columbia pictures has come up with "Ride the Wild Surf," which opens today at the Grand Circus. The picture will undoubtedly be a great success but not because it's good.

It tells the story of three young "men" who make a pilgrimage to Hawaii to spend their winter vacations in surfing competition. LOST GENERATION The buddies, Jody (Fabian), Steamer (Tab Hunter) and Chase (Peter Brown) have something in common surfing and women. They are all supposedly of the "lost generation." Each becomes involved with a girl; j-abian with bhelley Fabares, Hunter with Susan Hart and Brown with Barbara Eden. Each has a problem. Jody, a surf bum, has a persecution complex right out of Freud.

Everyone is phony," he savs. Consequently, he trusts no one. Steamer falls for a young Hawaiian girl, but almost trips on her mother, who hates surfers. You guessed it her husband, who was a surfer, left her. PROBLEMATICAL LOGIC It seems that Chase's great problem is that he thinks much too logically for Miss Eden.

Everyone's problems in crease with the coming of the "ultimate" surf competitions, where the surfers have to prove they're not chicken. Thus the film is supposed to build to a huge suspenseful climax. But this is where It stops. For both this writer and the film were left aground snd helpless when the tide rolled out. Taken as a group, the three young men display about as much acting talent as a pack of zombies at midnight.

They float through the film "A RAZZLE DAZZLE VERSION OP 'Cantagiro' Comes BY HARVEY TAYLOR What Kathryn wants, Kathryn usually gets. Right now Kathryn Crosby, Bing's slim, brown-eyed and brown-haired wife, wants to become established as a stage actress. She's furthering this resolve by appearing as the star of "Sabrina Fair," Samuel Taylor's comedy which is running through Sunday evening at Northland Playhouse. "I'm scared to death, frankly," she confided at a news conference in her suite at the Park-Shelton. "This is my first appearance on the stage in Detroit and I don't know whether there'll be anyone in the theater to see me." VISITED DETROIT She visited Detroit back in 1952 when she was Kathryn Grant on a publicity tour in support of the movie "Arrowhead," in which she appeared opposite Jack Palance.

But this is her stage debut here. Born Kathryn Grandstaff 30 years ago in Houston, she grew up in West Columbia, and from early childhood wanted to become a movie star. After winning innumerable Texas beauty contests and ed a jury to vote for their favorites. The singer with the highest total number of votes at the end of the tour was declared the winner. Convertibles, limousines and trailers, were cheered on by shouting fans as they drove from town to town.

Popular singing stars like tiny, red-haired Rita Pavone, dynamic Adriano Celentano, "King of the Shouters," and Peppino Di Capri, who were making non-competitive guest appearances, were mobbed by shrieking fans who stopped traffic, kissed them, yelled SIZE K3G3i7 Choice Seats Available Today thru Friday at 2:00 amd 8 30 p.m. MUSIC HALL 360 MADISON WO 1-37SS I Star Aug. 10 VAUGHN MONROE R0BERTS0NADAMSLEI6HT0N IN 6ERMANTRACYS0TKERN I04M. 6:00 im 2000 920 U( THE BROADWAY ENTERTAIHIHOr THE ClfT lKt lit IKtt fAKMnb! I BTUDiaB SNfllET rf. Vmm: S40 SiMiy: 530.

730. Actress Turner Lives Rich Role By AL HOLTZ Aniofnt Kditor In an attempt to capitalize on the teenage rage over "beach" and "surf" BARBARA EDEN in "Ride the Wild Surf" "Acapulco's fishing grounds are one of the great areas of the world for that sport." (Lana has landed several Marlin around the Florida Keys on past fishing jaunts.) "But the pity of being in Mexico, a land I dearly love, is that because of the pressure of the picture, and getting ill twice with paratyphoid during its filmng, I was unable to see and do more thngs from the tourist point of view," Lana says. INTENDS VACATION "I intend to stay and have a little vacation in Mexico upon completion of the movie," Lana says. "Maybe I'll be able to enjoy that leisure I'm supposed to have in the picture." In spite of two illnesses and the physical action required by the film, Lana loves the background and story of "Love has Many Faces." "There's an aura of excitement, romance, intrigue and of violent actions and reactions on the part of the characters," Lana concludes "that's why I feel that we have a successful motion picture which includes, of course, the beauty of Acapulco and its lush tropical setting." TONIGHT at 1:30 5 Day Only KATHRYN CROSBY "Mrs. Ding" in Sabrina Fair with JOHN LtTPTON of XV' "Brnke Arrow" AfB COXDITIOXTO Free Parkins Phono RMrv- tie: IU-33J0 iil 1 Oakland Festival Features Ehrling (In Cclor) Studio NORTH Woodward at 9 Mile 1-5168 BARGAIN DAY TODAY! ALL-DAY PREVIEW FIDE THE WILD SURF Plus "McHale's Navy mm ROME (Reuters) Ameri- cans will have a chance this autumn to see a novel song competion from Italy.

The "Cantagiro" (songtour) will open at Carnegie Hall in New York Oct. 3 with 10 young Italian juke box favorites. it will move on to other cities, including Boston, Providence and Newark. "We thought America would be interested in seeing this unusual form of entertainment," the spokesman for the organizers said. ItalyV third "Cantagiro" ended July 11 with a winner chosen by local juries at cities along the route of the two-week tour.

At each city, 26 ticket stubs were drawn and the ticket-holders in the audience form- dow Brook Music Festival, critic Harold C. iew one Schonberg wrote, "The setting is handsome. The pavilion is in a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by trees. "At the opening concert (July 2'l) everything seemed to be on. the festival's side.

The weather was perfect, a full moon rose shortly after the concert started, and the acoustics of the new building were unusually good." Extra seats have been added to the pavilion and tickets will be available at Oakland University for all remaining performances. LIVE" TOPLESS SWIM SUIT GIRLS Tickws on 8al at Boxoffice. By At All Sears Stores and Auto Club Branches. I msDAr art llE UlOJ tta Grt4 itwnf ChW i LAST HAYS Bergman at his most BnuCDrilll A SEXUAL FRANKNESS THAT BLAZES vnill III a i--.

INGMAR BERGMATTS THE See TWO Features: rr shelley Fabares -tab Hunter -Barbara Eden s'iswiHart-jamesMitchum THE STARFIGHTERS" TECHNICOLOR Now Showing 6o eo a Hear "Ride, Ride, Ride VA- The Surf sung CfV1' fSI tyJan and Dean iJt. i l-'FvT the spectacular If' ff J. v) iJ 't i "wild waters" of nwt' mwnniar ferl HAWAII! MEXICO CITY "Some pictures are rougher than others and to my mind this was one of the rough ones," contends Lana Turner about her present starring role in "Jerry Bresler's "Love Has Many Faces." Lana plays the part of a wealthy lady of leisure, whose whims provide her with any extra-curricular recreation she desires. As such, ehe owns a beautiful mansion overlooking Acapulco Bay, a 65-foot luxury power cruiser, a small sailboat, a email shore boat and a plush cabana in front of one of Acapulco's top beach hotels. RIVIERA MANSIONS And to top this, she owns mansions on the French Riviera, Rome, Paris, Madrid and a plush Park Avenue apartment in New York.

She is married to a former beach boy (Cliff Robertson), whose conscience bothers him because he is wed to so much money. But the two are madly in love with each other in a turbulent, ebullient sort of way. "For a woman who is supposed to take things easy because of her wealthy status, I certainly get involved in a lot of physical action," Lana says. "I really should've taken a few weeks training for the many things I do." LONG SWIM To cite a few: Lana swims two miles offshore, plays volleyball, goes sailing, climbs to a graveside up a steep hill on high heels (she almost fell several times), rides a horse (which tumbles her her double that is) and finally gets gored by a mad bull. "About the only thing I didn't get to do in this picture was to take a fishing trip," Lana explains, smiling.

Sixten Ehrling will serve, a Vvv. HOiof conductor for the Detroit Symphony's concerts at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, Friday and Saturday in the Howard C. Baldwin Memo rial Pavilion of Oakland University. Ehrling will conduct from the keyboard Hindemith's "Four Temprements" at all three performances.

His program tomorrow and Friday will include Berlioz Overture to "Benvenuto Cellini" and Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Saturday's program will include Rossini's Overture to "Semiramide" and Rimsky-Korsakov's "Sheherazade." Concerning the new Mea- NOW! THE THREE SUNS World-Fammd Itterrfliig Tro PLUS STAR CAST OF JO OPENING AUG. 14 MILTON BERLE AND HIS HILARIOUS REVUE 1 ONE BY ONE THE CHAMPS SCARE OUT, kaa. aaaaia -Ba. GET CREAMED OR QUIT.

THEN WHOEVER'S LEFT GOES OUT FOR ONE LAST RIDE 'Fabian peter Brown ALL ALONE ON THE WAVE, AND THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU CHAMP!" -A Surfer flEE tiKim a ii i i it i a a aaa. i MiMaaaaaaaaaMalllll fl III llirillll.

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