Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 3, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1946
Page 5
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HOPS STAR, ARKANSAS , July 3, 1046 A STRAMGER NAMED STIIL PHONES 8v Chick Younq Si might have been smart- OKAY, DRIVER, KEEP THE CHANGE AFTER MIDNIGHT TO MEET HIM er at" (hat. Bed was a AT DOCK SQUARE ABOUT TWO MURDERS, |:!|'-r' !jiiiliiJjlillll!IU|ii IJ , .9 F _WWCH HA-3N'T YET HAPPENED. .-. WILL ^cu > OLD THS UP DEAR WHILE I PUSH CVS? TO MRS. WOODLe> 3 O >> \WHJ;N 1 THINK DOCK SQUARE, / OFF K* AW '' DRINKING FOUNTAIN, x w&^m ? >F-t;. vjJr, t:v Mr-, 'ji'^-.'r.'r. iv". I CALL VOlK ATTENTION, \MINpy, TO £N WHO DON'T KNOW ,\BEKM;\TVW SET... NP THE EWINEUT PSYCHIATRIST OPAV TO HEAD THE 10'. LOCO ASVLU,\\- - - THE MOST PROWNENr' M,\H IN TOVW'.MJC OrSELUNGOLP A PHOMV DEED TO TW ABERVWVTHV 15 NOW EXCELLENT? COINS TO KNOW WHO HSfVWS GR.'vUD TO- SO WILL THE /Ult> WITNESS TO THE / FROW US, HE'P PISCOVcC I HIS MISTAKE AND STOP / \ P«N,l\ENT ON THE CHKK. / \ BEFORE S\i COULD / _<s\ &ET IT CA-3HEP! Side Glances By Galbraith ABIIENS SAILORS NEVER HAVE BUT £%JM!\!/CK S.' A COUPi-A'C.C PILLS IN SICK BAV-LL FIX '/M ! LEFTY'S AV,' FAl \ f& -^ j jy i \ t 111» » , $ "We're .s'/.Tf saving sugar and butter haven't been able to buy any for_a/month!" •COPK. l«t BY HEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEcA). S. PAT. OFF. jTsothing esnonsivc! Just something Iq. steam ooeii my luisbaiul's mail I" FreckSes and His Friends By Blosser TMERE SHE IS, KIDS — ALMOST JTHAMkS, A MILLION!, Mp.- FOR. DELIVETRY / «»-__~__r-^ SHARP/ WE COULDN'T HAVE" "•*" = *"" OCWE IT WITHOUT VOUR HELP/ funny Business By Hershberger I MAD A LOT OF FUM.AMD PRETTY NEAT YOU YEPCOMSER.- THE OMLY REWARD I WANT IS TO S^E MRS- KAME'S FACE WHEN YOU TURN THE PLACE OVER. TO HER./ MADE USE- OF EVERY 6O HOME WOW?/ I'D LIKE \CH , COME ON AV/, MV &OSH, f TO TR.V THE) SUP, LET'S SUP.'TWAWTAV ROCKET; / WAKE RIPE OM TH' R.IM& TH' BELL / PUCK LEFT O/ER. IS THIS SPUNTtR. i; GOT IN MY FlMGERJ st— i, / (».y>^s ,- N. /~MVI'.X »v MM » v^. >-\ uvi;.. ./A NJ:G.-IT/ V.'=;M.A V 'ODSSELF A THAT ~\l\ OP IT/ i CXAV / A CI&AB; / \MAUL.' "Thcy're_more pniclic:il_llmn_ pictures!" Thimble Theater NOTHING) TO REPORT \ BOOT'S ftNO RETIRED OKlD ftLL \"i QLHtT \ WO, WIMPV is RSHT, rr ALL is IN THE SHE THINKED SHE COULD FLV// s f ARF JL'ST 8U/LT THE AISFORT ] RHyTHM OF MY WRISTS J/ - AoAIM, MISS OVC/ IT ALL IS IN £ RHYTHM OF TOE WRISTS If , ^ 4" ^V^ A, P ^> M ^r.--i-= <^J' I ^uLss^-^,/ SAPK HA5 BEFi ROBBERS HERc I'LL IN ROW Ou«- Our Way TRAILER? l&fAME 6E& urA? POULTRVe.V-\f^HEH,HEt4- — OH.SEPvhl, POIWPSV Q. WELL,\AJA.L-DO,SUPPOS6 ^/OU BROACH VA!-\ GOT OME \MlAENi ^ TU6 5UB3&CT OF A, SALe TO HEV FiR'iT CONA.E GOT/ Y AWD REPORT BACK/ — VMS ~UOOKS, KlMOA. LIKE A ) DRAFT A FRIEND OiviTl4E FIR& Pl/\N!0 BOY- OW ROLLER. ^ DSPAR.TM.EWT TO SANITIZE IT, E MONCY GOME, SHERIFF/ 3 THERE'S NO OPA RUL& EVICTING BROILERS/ SKATES-*-~POMPEV IS ri 1 rr rviovo To 85PCT iAE MEW SHORTAGE BV THE TOOLS- " '' '-"\ - SHOEHORK' AMP TALCUM 7^^-^^^m^W / " fi~ V $'$!%§] WHEM 1 5£E A H065 LIKE THIS, 1 HAWKER TO B>E &ACK Of* W RANGE. RK5HT, 00£-KTDER HA WE'LL &ACK YOU OU51 BEFORE 1H' VOAC3OH THIS TEMT E HIS PLACE: TOO.. SOOM •_ ,t£ K 2: ^'£££1. 0 .c. Continuous Insertions Only YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sole NICK BK; iJvTrsmi^lirTs'l^w" t-liance, at Houthern Ice I'ianl HAI.1...S ( K OATS FOH SALK. . 7.,c pi-r bale ;,| the barn. .1. K M M n ' y ' u°'T,' Hl - 2 - ''hono ' Jt^'J,, 1 . 11 ',.^ '°' Barberry, ^ AI..1. 1K>USt)IFOuTcionDs" Mi'ST be soltl immcdialelv. Mr- W M 'Jnmhn, Wesl Kith' Street. l-lSj C;i.; WITH COMPI.KT]::"'<- : KT of tools. Apply HO;-,,,, Simth M ,. ' or phono HKJ-J. 'i. (il COWS ni-XHSTKUKD .IKRSKY and heifers. Gerald >«• r.rnmet. AI! BABY BK|) WITH IN riiiM inallrcs!;. floor! ,. 0 ndi- ' H " yt ' t ' S '" ilh ' r ' :! " Su " ih Til 1(0 HOG i'UPs7T ...... IT ROWK rin-fc, Mope. Phono !)-K-:)' _.• ........ :i-:si 10-I1! IIARLKY nAVIUSON'MOTOR- ivt-lt' ,-l. ICxccllt'iit. coiiflitloii. Her,. sonaule price:;, llor.-iec McC;iin '-ott, Ark. x.fil MY MOM I.; FoV"sAT,E'."rAN""m. ; Real Es>"nfe for Sale PHACTICALLY NKW~~1vi"6i7i^N four room house, hardwood llo'i's Adjoinmi; Hrookwood addilio-i Owner leaving town. Will "ell reasonable. C. B, Tyler, a«"iil '« _ _ 2-31 FOSTER-ELLIS NOTICK TO VRTKRANS: MAKE By Westbrook Peglcr Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. HOPE STAR, H 0 F E^A RK A N S A S CARNSVAL °" k ' e Day Before Publication . 5c word, minimum 75e He word, minimum IJ.70 New York, July 2 — If I had , been Ilya Khrenbiiru, of I/vestia, '. '5 By CARL LUNDQUIST Me\v York, July '!— i UP1 —Brook- rclief pitch, rs have mined Hi this sea- the American drug store would | "i' 'bo team's !:i victories minisea- have been honored with a few pa;--] ; "'n anrl lor more ilian .ui" reason ngraphs If not a chapter of its own, i l!l:li seemed lodnv In h^ 'i)i r in my report on America. (answer to ihe learn'-;, "a<;t "jace in 1 should have described a; 11 " 1 Walioual League race ' strange institution where prescipr- ' fl ineans ijrsl ol all : ,;rit Ihe lions are "carefully compounded" ! Dodders have a knack of winniii" i but which nevertheless iceks uf i I'»H ganics in late Minings "i xhow mein and sour salad, gravy! , J| rn'.-an.s al::o ilia! Mauaircr Loo '• Jinrl coffee rind w/iere surly men ! Duroehe>- has the • I'IK.-M u'nc'annv < uiji-i'; TO VKTRTiANS: MAKE llllrl women, in damp and dirty l.uack of gollini' relief pitcher's your application with us for mir- while, dish out this Ic.orl in an at- inlo the jvimo al ihe rij'lil -,ime cf ' ehn;u> of your home in Hope. Four lr i"«Pbere of nerpetnal tension. On i "nv pilot in ih" oiisinei--' ' , percent interesl. UD lo ;>0 year';." 10 ' 1 ' sicl(! ° r I'"-' counter, the mood I Tnc '•'' viel.-.iies and seven do- 1 lo pay under Ol Hill of Rights lfi "''Her, ns tlioiiRh Ihe.v hale their .''eats by Ihe Dodder rescue co.'u 1 : ! We handle entire procedure. " " "nngiy fellow-workers, ivuj.sl of . l'"r •'' IH'i'ecnta'4'e (.f VIM "is bVtt'-i- : mm ui^rMv/r TT/MT,.,., ~ them, apparently, no more pros- i !llan lll( ' overall iJock;er oerceui-i UUl\-l(OOM TlOir*-',!, 1 n\l l.^nr 'TI/-MVT i-m-Mm- 11,.,,^ *u. » , ' ., ' •«,,* .,<• /.'/;M . . ,.- . • ! . ..: . FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FULTON street, DUPLEX A PA irnvir. :<}']•, noon ,. nil,.,- (i p.m. one West M!I-W. .111, c;oon QUALITY , v j shades, :i bv 7 f, ' ' SKKVK'K STATION AND GHO- eci'.y .store, about Sti.OWl stud: See owner a! Cliester Stephens Oro'- eory and Service Station, Rlc- ,. vins. . .j_(j( SEKH OATS, $l.an PKirRl'SHF.T,' .less V/uod, Hlevins. Ark. .'Mil U S F. D OIL .,„. ,, • Phiine 1()2!I-.I '_ 4!Ki South Walker SI. :}.;{( CHINKS!-: CHOW Pm>|>!KS ~F()|: "••lie. 121 Soulh Kullon. Phone Sale or Trade is-in PLYMOUTH".' EASTERN"CAR" New tires, clean. Must be seen I" l)e appreciated. Esso Service Station, Emmal. 2-Gt Noficc FOR GENERAL HAULlNf, AND JoiiK distance niovini;. Call CporHe Carver, Phone 871). Hope, Avk _ 11-1 rn THE PARTY WHO BOR- was in the hospital, please icturn il. Leave it on the from porch al night. No questions asked ulis Kwlyn llubbard, Washing.!!.' 1-Iit For Rent TWO UNFURNISlHOn ~^OOMS lor renl with private eutra-.icc North of brick yard. Mrs. AJ.u-v pov SIX-ROOM HOUSE. NEWLY TA- pi-red, corner Jot, 7!i X l!>() feel lii-l.TjOO. ' FIVIyROOM HOUSE ON SOUTH Main street, «ood condition j;ar- aye, landscaped. X'JuicK sale, ¥!>,- TEN-ROOM HOME WITH THREE apai Imenl!-. ljrini;iiif{ $!)(! !KM . month. j,'r,dd inveslnient, $7.00(1. SIX-ROOM HOUSE, 50 X 7;i LOT. two blocks from business area'. •7»i> ( i)U. DUPLFA; APARTMENT, HARD, - ces, renliiu; for $(i() per month Priced at $. r ).7r)0. Two blocks from business area. EIGHT-ROOM HOUSE. LARGE lot. landscaped, newly papered' Quick sale, $;i,2fiO. TWO H-ROOM HOMES ON WEST pavement. Take Fomlh slreel both for Jfv FOR RENT: THREE ROOMS balli. kitchen privileges, $30 per month. Immediale jjossi.'ssion CJdod ueiKhborhood. SEE CHARLEY BAKER AT OUR olfice for farm propertv. We hav< numeious listiu;^ in both Hemp stead and Nevada counties. FOSTER-ELLIS PHONE 221 2-3 MIUHI, apparently, no more pros- : " lun me over porous than themselves, and on ;he : : .'«'' l)l •'W on lf> \\inr, and :2.'i -i.-i customers' side it is anxiety and j feats. Aurl no other learn in'eitlr-r ' haste. This sight is a strictly'Amer- ! league is close lo Ih" U;ri"ers 'n I lean phenomenon which sh'ould .in-i relief victories. The Cubs a> : v We-: leresl the Russian reader and ''' K| wiiii a I'l and 7 record \vhilc ! should have impressed Ihe reporter I lll(t Hed Se.x in n, c American' not only by the incongruity of this I-t-'ague are third with a .rrirl- .•!' untidy department hard by the '' und '1. The Hed :. : Vix perceniage of prescription counter bul by ihe •''•'••'' "" relief vitlnric.'.s is a shade abundance and waste of food, .such i 'nK'ier llum thai, of the n<.d('ers out as it is. by contract with die scar- l '-"*'"" ••" '--• •' '••' • city in Russia. I should have reported ihal jn the United Stales (he slave';; of -ihe bosses exercise an independence that, by and large, retards progress and the \VOI-K of many others, nenei i-iir-ne'- ftrl When an American workman de- Hie 1'liills i';,r ihi j. - • •-• • • •••<•• vi i. i n, 1 1 \. \ i £.• (_•: ,5, i j LH Ijosioii rescue arlisls areii'i called I on jiearly as often. Tlie Dodder;; applied their sfan- Uard orinula lor victory in beating I IK' "" ' '' vcs . cides to f;<) .lishinK, or jniMtinf' at (he saerilice of a day's pay lie «oes, even though his absence ihat , i'ce iniiinyn. ,;md Ihe Uodi'ei-.: cjincl'ie;! il in (!ie ninth when Jierrin.'-; himseli' singled moved up oo laddie olank.y-.s "sac. was .Brooklvn'.s , j * -----!•-.. i, n . i. i .1 .i i i) i j i, i . 11 r i»M strai^hi. yiulory over ihe I'hils •; ' , " ••"•' ii IJ.TVI iv,v: IIIUL Jii.J\v;u Llll nn !/(lM|( l llAMlKV <•' «*1P (lay may throw out of schedule vhe rifice and .scored ,n ('no i'-'i 'IVM eompletionofanewdwellinyhou.se v,i,ohn .Lava for some comrade. .Known .ir unknown to him. That is freedom a:the quaint Americans understand it and, though it causes ox-pense ai'd cxiispeialion, even the victims ol' these whims would defend io tin- death the rifihl of iheir :ellow-man . . .rM ;i victory, tour having been in relict roles. Cincinnati scored seven unearned runs after Knos ;>laiiKhter . . " •"" . •• v... . v i K.J w -ii KI 11 tl J u'jpf'J (,r!';:tJ v I [ ;i j tu] r •-; I j n CM* in not lo show up or w.irk. This (he third in bea' ii - -'• ,-)s I S should amuse and shock Ihe Rus-' Luuis. 7 to r, The nirlh I r' ,^1 i sum worker and pu/.x.le iiiin, too. t-'ardmal defeat 11 u l' ' ri.'-eorlvn \lin/'i rtt iii't .1 .. rl i , i .. i j t , , . . -••-•• i i i i i i J > I tj Ul\ 1 V 11 seven anil a Mall v.ames :n j-ronl. .l<;liiiuy Vaiidermeer v.as ills- \\in- iier allhouKii lie \vas banished in uie ninth cor :hrowin,w a bail al .Sl-iu/!htoi- in a i:l-iy ai irsl nase. 1 itsbursirs Kiiddenlv revived pilclnni; ' League Leaders National League Bat tin).: — Walker, Brooklyn, .,'572 Musial, St. Louis, and IIop'p, Bos- Ion .:!, r >0. Huns — Musial, St. Louis •!«• Lavarrella. Chicago 'H Runs baited in-Walker, Broklyn, .)-(•: Musial,. St. Louis. SI. Hits-Musial, St. Louis, OG; Walk- ...i.,, ..jimri .mil pu/./.ie nun, 100 who owes a duly to the slate io stay on the job that Russia may be .strong for the war against capitalist imperialism and may be punisned lor delinquency. I I should have written ihat ;il- tnough this capitalistic and im- pcralis,tic nation is the natural enemy and prey of communism nevertheless it permits Communists to practice politics and espionage to the peril ,->f ihe government and the nation. My essays would have dwelt a little on'the paradox whereby ihe constitution and the laws are ' successfully invoked to protect enemies of ihe constitution in their efforts toward its destruction. In my comment on Ihe denial .if he vote to Negroes in Mississippi bad 1 neen Comrade •E.'uvnbui'g I might have pointed out, thoui'h only at the risk of my life on ,n\ return that their political condilio'n is really no worse than that of ih K ! ICU I '1 It t I tit n It .. .. .. — _. I • .1 Ma tires,? '*•" FOH TTiK~BIi:S'l' rN""oTrT^AN"- teed work call Cobb's Malltres." " at 712 W. -Itb. We call for deliver. Phone 22!)-.!. 21-1 m Wonted to Rent TMRKK OK FOUR ROOM tJNFUlT- nished apartment Phone 73. or house ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Rettig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance Sales & Service Legcsl Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BK IT RKSOLVKD BY THE .SENATE AND HOUSE OF KK1>- ••"<"•—- OF THE STATE OI- ARKANSAS, a majority of all the members elected to facii House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, and upon being submitted lo the electors of the State for ao- proyai or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the e ectors voting thereon, at 'such an election, adopt such amendment. I he same shall become a part of lie Constitution of ihe State of Arkansas, to wit: REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS •jnd CRIPPLES Texnrkana Rendering Plant Phone HIW-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3ISH-U 1. That Amendment , SECTION No j oi the Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas be amended to read as follows: The county courts of the Stale in men- respective counties together ces of irl'n in a .'uier ilie Hues Mad gone 57 BY D?c!r Turner r. 1!).1C RY lite. KFRVinF. IHC. T. K. REg. U. S. PAT. Of!-. ' v ^/- , ^ s .,• ;--• \ . - ( V" 7-3 . •' vyafM.1 -bU-.t Page Five Jhe league leadin;; Cobb-Tool-v sol l ball u;am defeated an -all-star squat. 7 to 1 last night at Fail park, in a game which was marred i>y a muddy field. Water sprinkled on Ihe diamond earlier in th? day failed to seep through the hard ground resulting m a mud clogged field which hampered the players considerably. Kegular league play will b" re- suiru'd .Monday niaht. This Friday the local American Legion Junior baseball team goes to Malvern for .a game. .„.. The boxscore: ™ All-Stars "They're st home, n!! rif;ht—Hun's ok! s'luiJ. 'Kjavin.^ iho iniik out ap.d taking liis car dov.-n llic slrccl so \vc'H thmk they're ^oucl" ^ >M without . holding ihe Cub .Ken Ii.ic.ir.ty.e1- ! . ;:ero artist. ' i j'oiii- .nils in a ! -,., — --'*,,;.• l, Jv/HI Jill,") J.J1 i.1 I) lo d triump.'i :u v'hieaijo. .TJ.oortie j Ualpli Jimei- hil lw( ; honi'er.'i and a _ The Braves shaded the Gianls ) to 4, at Hoshm when Pinch Milter Lama Unwell tripled in the ninth anil ;: co i oil \viln Third Baseman l-.il! Higiicy llu-oxv .low in i'irst on i'n:l Mas.! .-. inlioiil uounder. Billy iliM'in;,!! noiiioreu j'ur ih.e Graves. Spud Chandler, .knowing ...e had lo beat the Ited ?/.>x in order ior Lie Yankees in jteop ,ip even a pretense as contenders, Held diem ........... ,.„ .vu,.,^ UK-HI inai oj uie preienso as conlenc ers Meld ,hem R'ssian who has n/) choice of can- nitless /or seven innings 'j, a uvu- hn 1 ^n,,?.^ 1 !! J];!^.,.'^ 1 " 1 ?^ L 1 ! 1 :.,?.. 1 ?.' "—ph l !-,i,, J rc I Uon , e expane that, granted the right io vole, but only for Theodore Bilbo, the 'Mississippi Negro would be ;io better wf than lie and ihc Kussian are today. 1 would have dwelt nn ihe galloping dilapidation of Chicago and io a lesser degree, of Now York, the two greatest cities of the mighty republic of the western wcTrld where the capitalistic system, ;or . paying ,.ai,s, largest ennvd eve o see a nigh! gam,. .,„ ,; ;e .majors al New York. Chai-.alor walked first i ;iu r iniiiugs and . -••- " "i" ui not 11, oj-aic n li j Ul v -* l ' t -'J t,i- . the time beiiw. al least, seems to I with o;.e have a hold on its own 'throat and! Stir score on , W o -.u-nce anil an muckl ,nit. j.lobby DOC.T singled with one out in the eiglith to nun the ,10-nitier. Nick .Ktten doubled iioi-no one Yankco -im .--.'id —, •- ••••«... A (i i ii\u >,. . VU I i,! 1U Ue.oi{,'e .Sli!nv,'e,;:.s scored ihe other ~ THE SAFEST KNOV'N PLACE INSIDE A £. HOUSS IS IN THE Coop, RF Muiphy. 2b S. Ball, lb .. .T. Uoll. CF Hazznrd, C .. Stanford, P Tollcson, 3b Coop, W., Porter. LF J. Ball, LF Cobh-Tooley R. White. SS B. \Vhite, RF Ross, 8b Fountain, lb Forgu::ori. P . Russell. C Rcyonga, 2b . McKee, LF Finlcy, LF Chance, CF AB .. 3 .. 4 ... 2 .. 2 ... 3 .. 3 T ." 2 .. 1 .. 1 H 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 24 1 .. 4 .. 4 .. 4 4 .. 4 .. 2 3 1 2 4 2 1 2 n n o i o i 0 32 7 10 ARE THE ANCESTORS F EVERY VARI ETY OF APPLE • IN EXISTENCE TODAY. ' corn. IMC BV NEA SERVICE, INC. _ T. M. REG. U. S. I'AT. OFF. 1 WHEN A FISH TAKES THE BAIT, THE BAIT TAKES THE WSHj'Sat/s RICHARD L..AVERILL, i'un and George seo.U'd Ihe. other with a -•• Jt " " vv 11 LuiutIL C1IKI ! -»L u 11 \, i;i.^.s .sc (J is unable to replace decay and ! single a Tier i'lnl iir'/uto lr,d ugliness with utility and beauty be-1 tripled "L-/.UIO had eatise taxes and other considera-! thu White Sox won iheir -'b-vt ions forbid the risk of pnvale capi-! Maine of the vear t net" i '.' n tal in new buildings. Pernaps ailim; Hi hils i'o .,-h- ,- h, Tine.. comparison with Slalin.urad here. " <•' " "• > -• ' • • ' ' et '"• By GRAHAM HOVEY }v;:siiingl.on, July 3 — (/P)— Nikolai V. Novikov, new Russian ambassador to this country, promised I today Ihat ihe Soviet Union "wil> i never start a war against the 1 United Slates or anyone else." And by the same token, he said he knew that the people of vhif country do not want to lishl any. one. I Bui while he insisted that oil differences between the two maior .powers can be "ironed out," No- vikov cautioned thai solutions -.'or many world problems will require tir->o and uat.ience. The diplomat's views were made known in his first interview with an American reporter since he presented his ambassadorial letters to President Truman June 3, "There is no oasis wnuicvcr :'or war between the Soviet Union and the United States," declared the stocky, 43 year old Russian. "I know this—that the people of the United States do not want to wage a war against the Soviet Union or any other country. I know I Ihe Soviet Union wifl never start a war against the United States or anyone else. o— Had iFoSntca, Jf.- co , panson with Stalin.erad here. » lo 7. Hank C':reenber K nil .,is 'iiiii °» HaCS * lfBMW!8a, J&«~"-«--««-»*«==J ^tsKr^is^ ~ =• A-t",,,sd,«i * vw,s : s;:™r: ^^&*& &^.s^^,,,-. or, Brooklyn, 01 , , , . Doublcs-Muaial, Si. Loiii- •>•>• ],'„ ' J i lil:idtil l 3llia ' ;lllcl Holnies.'Uu.s- SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHJVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hone, Ark. Doug /^fi'T\/ Carl Bacon WS 8 8 Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for —• House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 lend end of those Jines, Jn a mf. | Heiu irii',^ Rob Lemon ; ;ain -d le^e /or ifMB-47 because ,here a 4 to 1 viclory .or liu- lui-ai.-s ] won't be any freshmen. . . A lot --.f m-m- '",'-;, ! "'',"- vns :i--* Cleveland i..„..;. ; oilier colleuos are in much ihe \V, '"." i" :H ' 1 ' ''""I ilie loser:;. .same situation—flocks of returninf ci,-i,i,l', i,; 1 ''', 1 " 1 """ 1 :it .l j biladi i,ii;i.i Ol's will take up lallho i-c.-im and cu.uDli Header was rauutt am. |lew. il any, first year men can be , i admitted. . . Ptnn Slate n:m an i " ' "out" in assiyninK i'reshmcn-in- tion which, neverliieless j" • "VJM.< , WililinK u> "ther stale insti'.-.ilions to iced muc|-i uf il'i'e "i '-si' -i( ' ,''e fui a • VCi11 '. bul vVe sti " wonder world at the expense- ;1|' MV -.yi-.j what soil oT teams iliey'.'l ha\o ' ( three years from now whei'. the senior class, which usually supplies jiii.st of the experienced :'oot- ball and oilier alhlciic ialeiii, t-uii- j;is1s of a .small number ,if o x 'cen- iKinal stud.jnl:; ...^,. n:.->|ji-i.iivi: counues together in \ 'r "'•"-"" e", '^. woi HI at tuc- exr'-nsc- -if ii -\.-.i with a majority ,,r the justices of 17 1'™ ^ lsc , h - I ^J.';< > ''. Brooklyn, pliysical and polTlieal 'lu-ahh the peace- ol such county, in addi- 'n-i ' ' ' Jiof!l °". "• w.-.:uld Dave io!tl ,nv c-.-'i,.-., < '• ••• lion lo ihc .nmounf of county tax ' n i mwi \ M "~, Hl « l) °. '"ii'iioklyn. II- : home, iii.'uu;..:, ]:-v>-Klia tvil ii'v "allowed to be levied, shall' have I Ij___7 vll ' sl '' Chica»..i, rj-tli.oiKI, i coulradir-i ., y fo-.lish : .'ul' ).- ' , ', ihe power to levy not exceeding \ -~ ! means unlovable' i,,,a,l,'. ''' nlj. it!. 1 , ''i;^pei;y lh of"& 'i^el^ Lego! Notice S ^ ; '^ »?W ^^ {ir'^n.f'^^^lirw^ ~A-6vERTi8lMiNTO>oFims- i-Trn^^I^^:''^-.^.^'^!;'! collccled shall be used in the re- c TP >i l °'? l 7' ARKANSAS — Hi" blv.-k ,...:,r,.| I. ,'.'.",.,,. ,' ] speclive counties for the purpose b • KEET AND ALLEY PAVING eouniry bad redMccd" ,'.e' ''VM-.',' -.' llid^mdl.r^es^i^^sp^lli^ ^^V"'^^ b « rocoivcdl^-Mm ^^i.aV^'s^ri'c,^' ^ counties, and for no other purpose h,' Ai° : "' d °' Pl ' blic An '- 11 '-' ; »''! " 1;i1 - "' and shall be collected in United - $'^ |?" Sils - al l ^ City Halli,,! ir.stead if ,-..,,,!„„ Amor!,-,,, States currency or county warrants ji 'M' ^ sa ;'".,, unl ' 1 1:; ' 1) o'eioek ' busiiiess men •--;-, '"'"'•.,•'•..,'•,,! legally drawn on such road tax fund July lfi i«i}. r f>l! !! ld:l '; cl Ti "iei ou j Ihal thev and the v , : oi ; k.'-' •'•• .',' . ' il a majority of the qualified elec- „ concretr-l,J"('' V Conslruction war because >va. , •' I, s "'.ro''',.' ' u •-- ' •• • .r rf | '" ( ;°nueu! street and alley paviiv jaiul hi..', •>• .'.--in.-, .,.M).:L-, " ' " " uieidental work, al whicii Ult.ne nfv bit' •• , •' - •"•*- *-j l(tl "» II--LI Ult-'L- tors oi such cnunty shall have voted and public road lax al the general elec- lion for State and county officers precedin;; such levy al .such election. Kiled in Iho office of Secretary ----- • • i *-' i i, i i t u | y on the UOIIi day of March, Witness my hand an( ] c^.,] f)f ollice on tins the li. r ilh day of February, l!M(i f- 0. HALT.. Secretary of State May 8, 15, 22. 20. .lime n, 12 10 ->fi :," ly ,rW 7 ; ''?' 3I - Al "' : 7 -'' : ') l''i 2'^'tl) 1M ' :!: "'' ° CL "• and other incidental ."or'- •jV-'i' ! i wanes, i w.iuld -ia\.' time and place the proposals'' '^1 re' U 'e ! |v l"lli •''''-' "•V:' 1 " l: " lii - v :i ' ;;l be pubhcly opened and read •],..! I A .'' Ul|i .'"'", ::;i ' Hrs:;,.,,... ,.,,. Any bid receiveil afterdosinr i',!-,,." •'''" '" '•" '' l "-^"' ( "' •-'<""\\n I K.. ,i ... . "*•> l " '' (. . H C . . i'.. f.i .^: , . •, r ., i . .. . ,in' . bid received al'ler clo.siiii' li.ii will u.i' ri'lurned unnpcMicd Copies ,,f the J'laiis, IHM.. fic- " , IHM.. c- tions and Cuiilract Dc.eiim'.nl'.- a •",. (;! ees , !.' --'. ; ''' l! iuu'll'er \,..r ; s Ihe ei',d". i' Iheir w .; Id. I wurM Ii ive ^'-iJ i ii i „., —-•-... 1.V..I .vlil..llllj;'l][..- ,'l'e 1 .! I • "-. 'i i'.l\v_ rmlll 1(1,.. Me in Ihe office of C'h-.s (j! " • i1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ! -"-. uno.se m:,:. Iliornas. City Knr.ineer. Hope" Ar' : ' ; '''"' s '"'' l;: 'l : ''.'l fascist::, w-r,- kausas, and at the said Ciiy '||',n '"' -''ii.'.'e ,..1 all ,nal ...:.i,icndi,i,:. mid arc open for public, ios.'iectieii' !J '. U " 1 " 1 """ \vbicii -in'HM u,,. |;,;.,A set of sairl documents inav be ub-' S ', : ",'. s " lflli ''- ;iud saved miliio;,:, 1 il 111 Pf f I rriii'i i Ii i^ L 1 111.-1 * , ., .11 11 s i '•'.< i • i n 11 \ •:• • • 'iii.i ,. ' i I a in eel from '''A A'i.'' SS - U|Jon ,AH.S l$l(l.(l(ll. isls R8DING HORSES nu.r.;y lii.in.q — Hay Rides I'.njoy (ins Healthful t^ort HOURS: 2 p.m. until night i Daily except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES 2'-i miles out on Spring Hill road will be rel der. i |, The character and amount of se- Nllu ' ll! '' '-'n •-• ' . .i.ai^ unity to be luriushed bv each bid- 1 "'' '' ! ' lo ivn.jn" A,.,) '.,,„,i,| .1,,. Uer are stated in the above men- i '•-•M-"!...i;:-:l workers ef Amivii--,V-.1. I lioned ducumenls. icon-e a \\ • , ^ i, p,, , No bid may be withdrawn, afl.-r ''".'-'I' waves' i; lV (' .:)' ',,'i-I'M. t n ' v "' | Ihe scheduled elosin H lime f,,-'-1 uu; l:ia! :-•„ ,..„, ','..•,', 'V, , U " .|ee.v,pt ol b,ds, for at least thirly ] j'ml K...I.I .-:.,.... >,,,;, U | a,,,.,,',,-' ',', The Hoard of Public Affairs ,,- !' 'inS'';'.''',','',',"','!' -X "h?'( < „ ' S S' Vv !; -y ftes^""' SXi-j" ,'•'," 'If.. s." :• ;• •; (o the fact t"ha°l me-''" n",,'.'""!' 1 ! ^ "' l ' •'V 1 ^ 1 ''- 1 '- ''''l <Zn- •!'" : ',' 'eu-.:n leioles :-i,.i ;T- Week'n Worst Ga(i 1.. H. Adtlintiliin, director of pub- licily tor minor le-.i^ue iiaseijail. has t.i lake the blame i'or ihis , o::e. . . "A Nashua. .N. H., pouhrv- man «,\ e.s l-.l chicks uj .'acn member of Hie J\fa.shua t:iub of lh:.' New Kiif'Jand Lea;;U'.' wilo h i;s a Jiero'i run. . . Iloj-urdlcss ...f >vn:it ,'iu'. KeMllemcu ul ihe rules cv.imn-iilce liiiiuit t,ay. this is C'.n-.clu:-.i\'e .iruef liiiil a hoi.'ie run can ue a 'I'lnvl' b'lll." : One-Minute Sport Page l''oi-'iicr New Yu.'k A>-semblvma'i •Julin ,1. l.-niula. low a canriidate. •sa\-.-; rie ])!.;.is ,u iiilroiiuce lei'l^la- IMMI ai A!ban.\ '.h liiiinj; --i-iniiside" — in conni-ciion v.'ilh .ij;ht se'ils-- as jne.-mini; •'wilhin IL! ruv, s 'run thl ' ri'-'K.". . . At thai rale. ,ae W.iikin;.; press would have occupied ' iilmo.vt liie emii-e "i in.ijsidi;" al iiu ''eeenl I .oiii.-.-C'r.ii'i affair. . . C'cach Jnrk ,.,dward sa.\s ih,- \Vashinutou J.edsi.ins will in v,.. ,i u . biiiueM bjuibal! team e\ , ,• in represent ! \\ashiiiyloii this year. And Hie had ^•llllle bi • ones. ^\^ it<S 1 • i ^ .4*^4 .< - ' ^ fe i //felCV^^'^^ V;i\ w Pi Nfc GARDENS Half AAi'c East of Mope FEATURING..' ' • o GOOD STEAKS ' ? 2 Pjivai'c Dininj Rooms OPEN FROM 5 P. M. 'Tsi Midnight • Cover Charge Saturday Night MILTON EASON. Owner fxt By The Associated Press Birmingham, winner of 12 of ils last 1<) games, all against the Southern Kssocialion's first division clubs, downed second-place Memphis lasl night, 4-3, to gain an even break in their i'our-game series The barons' hard hitting laftfield- er Tom Neill, with three of ihe winners' seven hits, knocked in three runs. Allowing seven hits, aocky Stone bettered Herman JJi-efs in a tight mound duel to hand the Chicks their second Joss in i the .last 11 games. ! Hew Orleans downed Nashville, : 7-.-), in a slugfest, lo take a three| to-one margin in their series; The I game was a see-saw affair with all ihe scoring in the lirst six innings and trie Pels pushing over a pair of runs in the sixth lo break ;: 5-5 tie. iJicic Callahan was Iho winning pitcher in a relief role. Ailanra. which has won the last 15 games look the opener of a twin bill at Little .Rock, 7-2, on a -'ive- nin .second inning featuring seven ol the Crackers' dozen Mils. : ; mmy Mains earned an even break for. the Travelers by blanking Uie league-leaders, 9-0, on four hits in COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply •Phone 174 216 s. Main 'Hi-. I lie: AlbcrV'Gr'aCe^Ma-.,,,. "S™ '''•'' Approximate quanlilies are as - • ll! ' !llj; lulloWS: ''^Mcail iclK.I't; i-s la 3_lfll)Cj.l. Yds. Excavation for paviiu'' rl '' l ' ci ' ''' ; ''"^nlry HOO Sc|. Yds. excavating anil rc-| :l '.". (i - ''"' L-'^ian Sc|. Yds. concrete street pav - i "' '' !l ' i-'uii'-d .-M a i-.-.'• 11114 Iciiiioi :. l.iV,':,;il ilu-hi Ihe nn - rfo-t « ' J/9J bcj. concrete alley pave' ' . ment. 10C7 Sq. Yds. concrete alley pavin- in Blocks 29 and 30 B Manhole rings and covers ad- July 3-10 USlCd l ° Krudc - us he moved Here and id's -' '•••. :i;',.iin. sum,-lime, i.t ibc Fascist idco- in the ruins JOK.V. .Could that be the blood or I<us- KJuns and Americans on ilic haiuls ol comrade Khrcnburi; a.s he waves i'aiowcll lo u:, 1 .' «=^)-| r^-\ S^-f j^.- ! ^' • ! (^--! If! 1 wff^ttv*" ti&zL Time fro Your Winter CBofh'es Wo Pick Up one) Ddivcr Pi.'f (liorn in Moth Proof Bags Plonly of Parking Space HUGKB. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 Now York theater tonight. . . The Ad - American Girls Baseball U.ji.mie Mas taken to flying because Lake Michigan separates -,he - lW o si-clion.s of the circuit. 11 saves u lot ul milv.'age. Motor Co. 108 East Division St. • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop MECHANICS: Carl Jones and Frank Yarbrough YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For betler work al teller prices-Old beds made new and new beds made loo — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service, ;n lown — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411$. Hotel j»ti Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates .subject to (he aclion of Ihe Democratic primary elections this Sum. iner: Congress, 7th District" PAUL GEKEN BRUCE BENNETT PHEN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT JAMES II. PILKINTON • T . W. (BILL) PATTON JR. Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dist. EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW JAMES P. HULSEY Hcmpstcad County For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS, ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. KURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 " GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON ho nu?hlcap. Mains fanned ten. II vas Ihe Ihird lime Ihis year that he Crackers had been shutout, Bill Metzig, with a grandslam ome run in the first inning, -aced Little Rock's 11-hit altaclc in he nightcap, getting three blows o knock in five runs. Tho Graders won the series, three to one. •uiauanooga climbed over Nash- ille into third place on a 4-3 yic- oi-y over Mobile t.o sweep a series vhich rain cut. to two games. The Iher game of the night's double- cader was rained out. Tonight's schedule: Atlanta at Memphis. Birmingham at Litlie Rock. Nashville at Mobile. Chattanoga at New Orleans. THE MATERNAL INSTINCT Jul - v l ~ f/p >— When Alert h.. Claussun missed his finalo- jfieon he began a search. He was bout ready to give up when he ound the bird sitting on an egg j n is garage. Peering into ihe garage ycsler- n£,i Cla . ussc " W8S surprised to id the female pigeon had loll but laussen s male pigeon, catching ie spiril of the (lung, had laken or place. Under his wing, cheep- i happily, was a balxv chicken. LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience 1 specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. « RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phono 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope,

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