Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1946
Page 5
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V.-» ,4.. Pag* HOP! Sf^AR, MOM, ARKANSAS COME IM AND WASH ' VOU& HAND* FOR SUPPED WE DRV- CLEANED THEM y. name's Vic Flint. I was in the Marines during the war. Now I try to mahe a living as a privaie detective'lnvestigator* is vvhai some people call me. Others call me worse than that. Wiis is Inspector Growl of the city police; He's not exactly crazy about privme detectives, bu 1 we get |ilong. fiibby Lang is a public stenographer, and just as smart as she is ornamental. Side Glances By Galbraith — ASklomf W^ 0 ^"* U£SE = JU« BUST NFW reiEM&TO R t™ BOOW ' MSTERICW AT fu^ , W?K. 1^^ C S!,^ N «^ c/i LW>VSATTEMTO,M Braai I^B^K HM.LV .. ••«&>» JQ . WHILE THE TWIHS Xt ARE SNEAKED 3 OUT UNSEEN.. ,..:d this is the telephoni. which yanHfld me from! my sleep and sent me out in a vain attempt to f~~ ' vervt a murder.. ^ii'lJAcRE'S WHERE Y AND TMft T ,» WHAT HE \ MR.Yv'aW! IF THW Mf&& zf,$$n He — WHV, ira SMD wfts GRirriNG Ji5 AN OIE PAU OF VOUP.S, < 4/SiV 3U5T ^ POI?E /itSTEETHWHUAV./SUSTWHftrAsVLUWDID •afcfW- 1 ' 1 SPIPER! X%>v>>-- n! .t T ^-«r«''^, v ' 0u KN °W WW IM y . s ^•thfit^TtfftsTT^^ 7 ' • f^^^l^fe^'vV^s^'••? :; "'''^^. ; -'¥J r.s,?/'K3.i*'iL_ . ••/r>-w'r:iiri*(2V* f -'-'.-...-•;.'. . «:.:.;-.:«v.i ::.'j ' : Hi Enough word, , ac He word, minimum 5J.70 By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. for Continuous Inacrtlons Only • TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" .• WANT ? f "!>e, now Hilovmaiion Honle One NICK Hic C-h.-inco, PIANO. Piano. you in .il e COPR.1946 BY NEA. SERVICE. INC. T. M7REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. - • - • _ . . ' r "M(ym cluiscd me oul early this in'ornin.u because (lie '"A? there a chef, bakcr.JiCaiti'MS Or_llOStCSS i)f> .— - ' . jlecoralurs are ..there— I grabbed this bandiiiuiu because ' ~ \iuy Jiair prpbablv looks a friyhl !'„' -------- ?unny Business By Hershberger Freckles and His Friends By Blosser _ WHATS ALL THAT llfs Me, MR.. " - ^ • - NOISE'? MS.GQOSEY-- POWM'TMERE? / NUTTY cooic" MUTTY,bO YOU 1 I PEALI2E ITS OME A-M. e FINISHED MAKING^'7 — * •-'" . I I' l»-\f^| \\\^- . WHATONFARTM ITriESIGN BR1NJGS YOU HERE I THOUGHT AT THIS HOUR.? /OFANAMET ' FDR MRS, KANE'S DOUGHNUT SHOPAND I OOULDM'T WAIT TILL I SHOWED IT TO , "This beach hasn't lost a bather since they hired him i'or ^ """•- -" >the job!""" Popeye fNuTTY, THATS TERRIFF.' ) ^ rKS^ N _, , •' jsf^ V%. / THE HOLE-IN ^ Wr ^m :A_SERVICg. INC. T. M. REG. U.J5. fAT. OFF.' "~- y 7-f ^ Thimble Theater r /V\E. FARMER , GAVE ME HIS UAMD fBUILD; Ai * AIRPORT. C6CAR. ft OufOur Woy IN CASE VA DOWT !(<3IVE ME "TIME KNOW IT; V£R STILL )TO GET WABMEP HERE'S TH' STUFF MA SEMT DOWM PER. VOUR PARTy— f VE GODS.' IF HE WAS BRIMC5IMG NOTHIMG BUT A DOLL'S HANDKERCHIEF HERE, HE'D MAMACE TO MAKE IT LOOK AS THOUGH MOTHER. WAS DOIM& KAY LAUNDRY ME.' WHOAP/ GOSH, J* TH' TABLECLOTH 1E CAME UNFOLDED/ DIDN'T PEAG, THOUGH, i 6UESS- WHY HOTHEES GET 6EAY By J. R. Wiljiqms Our Rr, CT rH«nn House Wjfh Major Hoople .' MMWEeAD.BOVS/l'VE BEEN PONDER SHOE. ie> <& IMG VACATION} IDE/^S VOU GET THE TRAILER. MP\30R, AND WE'LL HITCH IT '3 FOR-TRftlriS, . STAKE, i-i ATRWLEFi.POll^T HER OF • V\ RUDDER TO SOME R COURSE/ Y/ \MOOD5 AMD DWELL ? MV BAMKROLU ( ANSD SE& SO THlhi I'M KEPT e i f MOTHS VlS\TIKi& A-W POCKET To ~ LAUGH AT IT/ IT WAS yiOt>LESTICK RIGHT UNDER TU'lBUT.. HhLL EXCEPT TOR sis svew, ME. TU'ITT'3 SHORE PARTY WILL CARRY •< SILENT WEAPONS/ A\Y CREW IN THE LAUNCH 'LL HAVE GL'NS-iJUST IM CA?!"?- AI/ffWT 0£ TRIES COAST H£ 1VSRHEARS.. PA.I5V DUCK UVE HE THE TWO BITS . M^TIQUE \ND PON'T ALL EI&WT, PUNK, }( IT% PI«E HUMPREP FORK OV^K TH' \. OR ELSE' / v'-XJ THFBE'I? lOKAV. OKAV I'LL BS FOUS. HUWPP.EP CEMTC V PEST OF IT OOP K.ANOED PICKLE PUSS TO WIM THE S5OO PURSE ..-Bl'T MOW THE BOVS ARC LEARMIM6 THAT WINNING* A C^OOKEC 1 FI&HT IS OME THIM& AND COU-ECTIM& FOR IT '& SOMETHING- ELSE ' I^TTr. rr^r ~ ' ""V^TO DO, ">. TWt IS UP ft ROD LV= ARE \C-XIM6 U9 RKbrW OJ<: OP HOUSE } COME ON, fOR. tUMS W fOOT DOWNPOUR \ ROD, VMtR.t :/VWIT\/I GOTTA YOU SWEAR ) UPHOLD I' LAWS L HUBBA- HUBBA V THERE, —-M WELLIE/ THESHSR1FF HAVE PKIALLY ARRIVED 1MTHE VILLAGE "WHERE THEY HOPE rOEREVEHT A HAWK ROBBERY"... . TO ' ASKS FOR IT- TriM LADY . SPIELERS CIRCUS 15 TO KNOW'THK „,,,,,, ' '?' ilh .V clescondiints of Jess i(1 'iK tune residen; of (Iccenr.e,.!. Send jun- to Mrs. 11. Domincy, Snycrton, Tcxii's. my elecirie n,,. hospit.,1. V I ' " " n tlu ' r ,', I1 ". lcsli »»s i llubbard, Eshifre for Sale ^FOSTER-ELLIS' NOTICE TO VETERAN,-: MAKE your application with us for pur- cliase of your home in Hopn Four pfTtvnt interest, up ( o 20 vcars o pay under GI Bill of lights, Wo handle entire procedure. SIX-KOOM $4 w' TIOUSR, NKVVLY x lr '° p.\. iron whil" please V^u.rn ''"'it | J( ,rei, at nskwl. Mrs. W!.shini.;..n. For Sale at Southern Ice F. W. Plant. 12-lm I'A TON Tr • '"•«; ';r' s - '" p'-'-r on Wl.alley Service J'.a.sl Divisiiin & Hazel. SlaUon. 2Ii-Ol ni-iCKNTLY ....... UFBUIl T Will transfer (o ynifr lm.no will assume balance and payir.c.nts. Ael. quieUlv, n^r, Ma "W- 210 Main tllo Rock, Arli. 2'j-IU so nAi..i.:s o FONTS' per bale at Ihe arbeny, Hope, 1U. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE ON ROUTI Main slre.et, good condition, I'lir- • W'. landscaped. Quick sale. $!>,- TEN-ROOM HOME WITH THREE apaitments bringing $(){) | month, good investment, $7,000. ^ W ^«^, :W1J ^^ HOPE, ARKANSAS CARNSVAL Bv Dkk Turner Page Ffv& FIVE-noOM corner lot. FHAME 100 X l, r )(). HOUSE. Priced al SIX-ROOM HOUSK, n0.x7. r ) Ivvfi^ bloeUs 'from ijn.sinesr ur ' Walker Appliance J )<! South Walnut, Hope, Ark. .1 K CON- Co. Phono BO I .vd. capacity, first class eondi- lion. Walker-Christie Motor Co U-w.sv.Mo, Ark. Phone 77 or Hope . 2tt-::t ONf-J HOUSIii. '1'Wol.OTslN Blil- lits addition. Charles \Vuellner, _lope, Hi. 4, Box 231. 28-31. RF.COHD 1'LA YKlV IN GOOD eondition. Also encyclopedia '' ', •"';!'/• J ll!it likt ' "i-'w. Phone -W. 31G North Washington. ______ NKW l)OUIH.l!T" KITCH KN with tiltinj.!K. V.G squares, . butt .roofing. Phone 712-J. Al.l, HOUSKHOLlT GOODS" he sold immediately. Mrs _ Tomlin, West 16lh Street. siNK .mninro 20-31 MUST W V 'l-3t LOT, area. • KX APARTMENT, HARD- wood floors, modern convc'iiien- f.-cs, renting lor $fi|) ,„_.,. month. Priced at $(i.ar>0. Two blocks from bu.sinc.ss area. :iGHT-HOOM ITOURR, LAUGH lot. landscaped, newly papered. Quick sale, Ifii.aiJO. NKW IIOUSK AND FIVK ACRES land on paved Highway G7, mile iroin town, S-l.fiOO. FOUR UESIDENT1AI, LOTS ON 'owT 1 ••-• I ^' uvay (i7 jusl wost ijf Mattress Renovating .-- work call Cobb's Mattlress Co at 712 W. 4th. We call for •and deliver. Phone 2:i!)-,r. :>l-lm Los? or Strayed BAY J10RSKr~BLACK ~CLIP"PFP- mane and tail. Back feet shod 4 , year old. Weighs 110(1 Jb 3 . Notify i_j^.^A. jsiilzc-r, Rt. 1, Hope. 21)-:n ___ Wonted to Rent •THREE OR FOUR~RCX)M"u"NFUrT. rushed apartment or house Phono 73. ]. (i { For Rent SLEEPING RO.OMS~FOR RENT Close in. Mrs. Marl; Yoeom ''/!'' ^ Walnut. Phone 40!)-VV. '2!!-';u FRONT BEDROOM ADJOINING ball), working girl preferred _Pliune 737. 001 Pond St. 20-lit ROOM HOUSE, Erj'lCTRICITY telephone, two acres land, garden spot. Mail and school bus route 2 mile..; out on old DeAnn road Call n-F-11 or 911-J. Orville lloel- scher. 29.3; LAWNMOWERS Kenaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I speciali/p in Hepairs and NUMHMOUS OTHER RKSIDTCNT- ial lots in various parts of town. TWO .-.-ROOM HOMES ON WEST l-'omlh street pavement. Take bolh for $5,5(10. FARM PROPKHTY: W1C IIAVI? the Brniiil farm easl of Hope if sale, -lull acres of rich creek bottom laud. Six houses and barns Goods water supply. ;|00 acres of open land. About. 200 acres now in culiivalion. Would make bale of cotton to acre 'in ordinary year. This farm cnn easily be sub-divided into four or five" separate farms. Real opportunity to buy at bargain prices. Four or hve veterans can handle- this on I.-1 loan. We will work il oul fo'- you. ANOTHER GOOD BUY— THE MC- Adams farm on. Springhill road 4Vi. miles southwest of Hope. Newly redecorated five-room house with butane gas and electricity 40.\CO fool barn with 4000-bnlc capacity and dairy sheds. Several outbuildings. Fourteen springs oncl Iwo deep wells. Six acres produced $I.MR.()0 profit on tomato plants last year. Dairy pavin" boiler Hum $300 per month. Buy farm and stock. TIMRERLAKK FARM ON BLE- vins road. Modern five-room house, hardwood floors, electricity, electric water well pump. Iwo largo tenant houses, lan'e barn. Over 300 acres of land Priced for quick sale. NUMEROUS OTHER FARMS, 40 acres and up in Hempstead county. Also several farms in Nevada county. See Charley. Baker al our office for prices and terms. FOSTER-ELLIS. Phone 221. 27-31 ROOMS AND BASEMENT TWO lois. corner place, Double Gar- New York, .Tune 30 — The towdy spectacle- of two justices ol die mi- proine court rolling on the floor in u uinglc of robes may 'be all ;'or the best if it, calls general attention' to sonic actual practises and prejudices of this court which vhc c'iU/.rtn.i otherwise mignl .01 Vip- nvpciate. 'ihe layman who ordinarily pays no atlenlion to its ethics, manners and reasoning and :iever reads its opinion's, 'may be unaware of changes ominous ,.'0 him unless he reads carefully Ihe vex I .if Justice Jackson's denunciation of Jus- lice Black and ihc surrounding evidence of haired and hencelorll: takes the I rouble to plod through much tedious reading. This court in supposed Io bo alooC and impartial. Yet, anyone who lias : followed its decisions in reci'nl years can predict its verdict in nl-!,,,,/>, i.,,-V ,. .. .-• most any case concerning .a uai.ir. t ,n e- 'wii "«-»' ' lcarer ' t con- or an important politician of ihe ' ,7,'. ,,'* suffered Humiliating ilt-unils :>»m .last place ieams Hie Dodgers By CARL LUNDQUIST New Von;, .Inly I • - (UP) —If baseball's July •! tradition menus anything ;he IJMfi World Series vill be between -the Bov.ton Red Sox and Brooklyn Dcdjjrr.s .sine,- bath I'lub.'t v.'ei-t; conain 11 clay of .holding their iirsl place positions on the holiday. The axiom, which doosn'1 al-1 \vtt\t, wui ii. particularly in the Na- iional League, is thai' the \«-:ms leading the pennant races on ihal •|i'd-soasori holiday go on to win the in Ihc p-u',1 ,1(1 years. Hie Fourth ! ol. July leader went ,-> n io win ihe American League ponn.'inl :'() limes, \vhoi-oas ihe National l.ongvo loader came ihrough 10 tiinen. . Both Ihe .Dodgers and Red Sox ! improved their margins yesterday union movement. These -.'oi-eeasts can be based on a series of decisions accompanied by sophisticated opinions, amounting to political harranguos, which nave endowed ths auxiliary of the court's own political party with- rights Ihc U mount to predatory privilege. These opinions, as a '.series, havo condoned conduct by unions' wliieh would be neld criminal if proven against any oilier individual or yroup. In passing ihr.-y have deliberately blessed gross immorally in conflict wiih die ten com- mandmeuls, specifically "Thou shall not steal" and "Thou shall uH bear false witness against they leighbor." V/c have recently seen Congress ill Ip the necessity of repudiating i decision of the court lhat il in- ended to endow a highway robber | wiih Hie status of an employee of lis victim provided the robber neld i union card and io regard his loot s honest wages. ;?ucn, .it course lever was (he intent of Congress I .'.mi it is very dutibiuil mat an nun- ; esl court would recogni/e any right I of Congress so to enact. There have I ,, — •'••*-,-<.j trimmed "die Biavet: at Brooklyn, .', to ] .,;) j .voiing Rex Ban.iiey pitched a lonr- InHor. J.ioanwnile. -die runner-up ^animals dioppcd five .and a half MJin.es ..If. Hie pace by losing twit-tat I'lllsbui-gn, 4 to 3 and i to 0. brookl.yii put across Jiree -'irst -.1111- i"H ''. l11 ''" to clinch its fifth straight win m a huriy. , ,,T. hL ', V hlls !nld Oinnts divicd at 1 hiladolpma a sever,-run ,s])rec by *fw \,,ik in Ihe ninth inning urned a polling battle inio an X io rout in Ihe opener. Johnny Mix.e int a grand slam homer in t!ic bi" inning, flic Phils look ihc fecond game 6 to r, in jy jnninfis asVitch- : . .. er bchoolUyy Rowe hit a -iiorver! •!'' and louched off die winning a-nilv ! with a double. Ivlize also homered in^that gair.e. The Reds and Cubs divided al Cincinnati, Chicago taxing -,he opener (i Io f, as Hi Bithorn oilchec! one-.'iit relief ball lor seven" and a third innings, then singled in ihe winning run in the eignth. In ihc nightcap the Reds pm over two runs in tl ' ' - toiy. Al :-iMVte^c|* . Vi'.C, BY NEA SEOTICF. INC. T. M. Rt "And now llic Nifty Villas Real Eslalo conipr.ny prcccnb its 'iiuui in the alrccl' programl'" Thss Curious World By William Ferguson -Stars vs. Cobb-Too!ey 8:15 Tuesday There will be a softball game a J'air paik Tut-sday night .July 2 at K:15. An all-star team will meet ihc Cobb-Tooley team in a non- league same. 'J'ncrc will be no regular schc, cluled league games Ihis week Probable starting lineups: „ Cobb-Tooley All OLellS J. Ilazx.ard R. Stanford S. Bell Sonny Murphy W. C. Tolle'son W. Cook M. Cook .1. Cell J. Bail C P 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF White Roy White Ross Reycnga McKee F. Chance Finley Ferguson W. Chance ,'hth lor 1 double i nil, i!ii i« My. 1 \va n ;1 io .', vic- '! in one run -'n scored vhc <:-Iiof Pitcher -lie winner. M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. "lit houses. Nice lar"e shade trees, seven blocks oiit Kernel neighborhood. C. G Tyler iigent. NEW MODERN 4 ROOM~"rfrT. tajto , corner place. Splendid value, small down payment C B Tyler. ' ' LONG TERM G. I. LOANS? REGlT- lar First Mortgage Loans, F.H. A. Loans, obtained (|uicklv Small interest rales. C. B. Tvler been two conspicuous cpihio-.is in: v ,Mh i-;^ llagranl violalion of tne ei,<!hin | cther'on commandmenl, in the so-called H "TV carpenters' case, ihc majority opin- Vb,. T?,,:I - , , ion held that a union svas me,x-lv i ion n u '(^th cir " shed , . nidulemg in .,'amiliar union prac"- < . d,.,.' .,, ' -*' thtl " .di'opyed a 9 vo tisc when it adverlsed -ulscly vhal i ivnih. »i a pair ;u :,rec!i-itlin« Annheuser-Busch was unlar to or-I fi' ,',„',', ^^T-' , A ',' cl gani-/.cd Uibor and or-ani/.ed n bov- U on -,m! f ,"\- whleh J ' con coll of this brewer's uc-er. Jf .sucn - :ljl W;i S n(11 ' '"I be familiar union practise, and n is, it is ior an nones! and moral ' court Io deplore, 101 countenance ! Yet, admitting lhal Ihe employei I [,t was not unlair and admitting uiat ' s \ the union, iisoll', nad violated il:; ' M run Culbei- , , own agreement and put itself in the wrong, the court . neld k'or the union. In another, known as ihe cafeteria case, the court again held that it was only familiar union practise, as again it was, io advertise falsely that the owners of a small business were Fascists. This was recogni/ed as part of the give and take of such disputes, although a court sensible of Cnristian morals would have taken occasion xo .say that, familiar practise though such slander .nay be, it is immoral. Regardless of its decisions on the legal questions involved in ihese two cases of falsehood against innocent parties, the court had no need to endorse or condone such conduct. These cases .and the sordid opin- oil' second i>Jjce -. —».«».« -.1..« mi_ owi uin oiJin- *i t,--\ '": .:. • ions holding unions above ihe kick- i c i n H..,',' , ,. ' '' back and racketeering laws are all one b'ui'inV^ 1 "art of a ho ] •• " 1!ll! ' y - part of a whole program of politics in ihe court, 'inc disscmiii] 1 ' opinions have been, altogether" clear, vigorous, patient and digni- iied. However, dissents are but statements of losi causes and iln; defeats of justice and morals have been consistent. In Justice Jackson's slr.rlling attack on Justice Blacli, some what concealed among an angry xcxl stalled Dave (Bii'oi Ferriss an easy I21h victory. J.I11- Vankees Jro'ppcd eij'ht a n.-dt tea rues behind the ,l<ed ow York, losing ilifir suaighl gariie to tne last Athleiics « io :i. LuUicr ..snen':ieid the Yankees to two nils, Doth 01 wmcli came in the second inning, d single by Nick Ellen vollowed by a winy Johnson .homur. The A's made all their runs in the fourth., I ?'V h ! 1Illel ' Dy S:un Chapman. Jiai Mewhousor pitched his third KlHitoul of the year and won his. i-iiii game ,1 io ij mid vhe Ti«orsl also beat the Browns in -d lt . tee-onrl ' game n! Si. Louis. 3 to 2 in U) iiiKs. Foy Cullenbinc siiiRlcd nome he winning run to give Freddy mitc.'nnsGii the victory. No\v-.iusi:i' eiving up only ..'uiir"nii.; opener, sirucK oul Feve-i .shading Jack Kramer 'in duel. Wall Judnich !iit a game B: own homer. White Sox u.;at ihe Indians, o a Rar Smith Inact ' only ,. H. <lu.' sixth when Put ^ccrey and Ltiu iJ'jiidrcau hit .successive homers for Cleveland. The v. line ,.ox came ;rom ueliind vo -,ie |l.o scoiv ol ,he second game m .in J3rowns, second The U to lie vvoiie sox bi-at ihe Inci :i .\at Chicaso. then ."ought o .') lie m ;i game called that few citizens vvould road at all, Pridd\ PROM THE FAMOU.' OFF THE COAST OF . MILLIONJ5 OF TOMS OF ASPHALT- HAVE BEEN TAKEN: YET NO IMPRESSION APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN! AAADi OKI PKE£5URE FROM BELOW ' XCES MEW SUPPLIES' Of PITCH TO THE SURFACE TO FCR/A THE SEEMIN6L.Y INEXHAUSTIBLE. RESERVOIR. THE END is THE OF A LOAF OF D. LISHrHALL., WITH A-UTT1E ?TUDV; CAN SERVE BOTH AS A AND A Yesterday's Stars By TIis . Ciiile.n- Broadway REMOVED FREE Within -If) Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phono 88H-W (Phone CalJocf) If No Answer Phone ,'ii, r )fl-H SEE FRED SUTTON for Concrete Work of All Kinds Phone 113-J Hope, Ark BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. By JACK O'BRIAN New York—There was a ctilc tune a :l'ow years ago called "I -w v-,rk in June." bul the June day which the singers were > iiinii.s.ii,; about must, nave been '••;-" fin. .] un e j n M,, W y orK ; s an in-between part of the year. Liusine.s.s us dipping in Ihe city and rising in ihe suburban town's and beach resorts. The hotels ! have Iheir root's all scrubbed ready i'or the summer irade, and lasl repairs are being made ,o air conditioning unils in ihc night The sidewalk cafes are in 'nil operation, giving midlowu Man- nallan Ihe continental Vl'ivor of I'.uiopean al 1','esco dining and sip- p '. n| r'- , J ,'!|1' '"'I'sls are out in Greenwich Village, their beards combed i'ild m sumo cases even washed Hie. Brevoorl has its sid"wilk capo upon and Village residents am sight-seers like its comfortable oral ion and lall cool drinks, lhat lower F,f||, Ave. section , ,. however, i.s a liille loo lony -'or the 1: '" !1 - --•- -- ' . ... _'I nver beers Oak Bar in Associated Press iKiH'r, Ucd Sox. and Gen ,. • ----- , ^,^, tl j .1 \. t ,v t ^, i ,| u j , i luu v, ot'lKHurs—W-I c 11 nv i •• - t there occurs a really alarming rev- two lu.mcrs u d' -?v •„, , f, -V" clat.. 0 ,i. Jackson says vhal some-I as in,, 1,'cd S'-.,'"„,, ,-d IV' r' luy one in the court aclmdlv proposed . thr o|H-ne- l j i" ,' u' ! S , • -".'.^i' that a decision in a pending i;j| ,r day ri b-i(' I, "; "''«•> ix-nect ease be handed down in aS,un- • ! linve hi s ' , ee' nin'" rl" -C-M-'H "without waiting fur Ihe opinion | four RBI's a" tlu. «••'.-••, ,,^i jind dissent," ,or the improper, po- .Hal Nvw/ioiiser and " ' lllical jnirposc of excrlin,; an jml i- bine, Tii'ers- |Vewli, • ',. enco on negotalio.is beiwcen ihoiMlh game with •,']"•) mine/workers ;ind ihe operators. I against the Brown, in' One justice, not. named by Mr. i Cullenbinc singled in i i ''nil in I ho :;-i JU-,..,.ir I win. .Ralph Kinrr, ins i and Hill ilakei, j,)j i lv.'0-i nn homer ;-1-3 victory ,-ivti Halicr . . New York, July 1 (/P).— Although tcinorrow's streamlined AAU track meet is designed :"or record- breaking, it isn't 'likely dial any important ones will be busted un less Sweden's Lennart Strand doe; , it all by himself. . . Strand re'illj | showed 'em in the last half ,-.il Sai Antonio, and there wasn't ai American runner \vno could come to him, although his .' J ,:M.< J Omelers was about equiva ) a '1:1^ mile. . . i vjaekson, would Iv.ivo used Ihe weight nf the court to tip ihe Vial- ance in favor of a party to ne;;otia- lioii.s \VIID tuippLMiu io fnclul - Professional Interest , Ii' you fee a lot of won his ! hunched around sonic our-isitifr ! P cly knocked cold in an e •,.pener; ' v.'inniim artislic populace. Washington .Square is alive with youngsters, playing on the swings and N. Y. U. .students nulduV nands, boys carrying ihe gals'' ,n-i- ' 5noks - G <-' 1 >i.P close and v.>u -u-ar and i !1 conversation about Aineritran- lUissian relations instead of sweet i talk. If you keep walking aroir-H ihe ' Square neighborUiod j opener; . run in tin' ni;:;ni •-, blanked the C irds Nck Pirates ga\-e th . Ihu Car l in it; Hij'.lilcap Slrincevieh Biles players boy who All Amor ica football conicrence game 'lox Jail, it may be that vho.v aren't [here just bocau.se of .idle curiosity . . . Several clubs nave jnsuranci agents on their rosters. a Is :n the .111; only ;!:• Mi i/.o, Giar.t.s. and School- '$2 Phillies •«• Mi:: boy Howi , firai-idslam won ihe o';cnc'r ';-!:' Flo'ue own game wiih aii ea.-lv and a 10th inning : i,, u bi'e wr.ieh led U, the dedilin... run in the f.-4 Phillies ii-.;hlc:i]j win. ' Mil a CJiants ' iii'st >V'1M Mis ' • • I you're bound to Dump into El nor H. ; ,,, Sl .v,.|| .ynluuim. M hid .siivern! ol ,ho east of Me MisU-r" down thi're Ihe night after theater. At which ic Jules Munshiii took away Doug ^ITV" Carl Bacon \&t 8 I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 Jormal cduo ih might have Jiad. You sketch of yourself ,ur around Mac Don gal I a Central Park South: Monty, sidewalk cafe hall' a cl-jx.i'ii i'oreign and wines. he I'lax.a <s e;i- : R. I "Call I other | com- i any The IVI, >, il , £,., t j ,' Monday Matinee J. Waller Morris, former player, manager and umpire and iiou president of ihe Appalachian Baseball League, recently 'fined nimself :ore peing too lenient ?n :'ining players. "Our league likes io be in everything," he explained. • . . iVlndihv.m .-iiiuare Garden )ias .akon a lea! Vrom Ihe .'oolb'ill bo.IK and has bought ;l movio projector I.;'i 1 lie .R;.H-,;:;ci-s-Rovers 'iocKe.y ( oao.K's to study their loams anil to use (uloiiiig other coaches. RIDING HORSES BurK.y Hides — Hay Rides J'.njoy this Healthful Sport HOURS: 2 p.m. until niglit (Dinly except Sunday) Horses and Saddles for sale PERRY MOSES 2M; miles out on Spring Hill road proceedings can };rt a naif u DUCK Icy. At the St. you hear liin:!ii;ifies The .ie\v cool, i|;!!••!< in favor |,a :il iiislri<'l c.uirl!:. '.lol- Ihe ''ac! ilvn many ol' low are lioosex fit' aji- ><• been more .'ailhlul oiici'pl. In many ea.ses, •i\c 'lad u) ileeHle ns and a;;ainsl :'n- ii«l ,ae public .in- dent and they Deal pick 1 Ihev' COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main and some ol' the new regulars in the new bar seem to have been planted firmly in their J'ashion- able chairs jor years, a condition known as rigor salooni;;. Broadway is like Coney Island. Hot and hot do[;s, orange juice stands, but |ho bi/ in ihe'bih iiij.'ht clubs is slipping, ditto the uie'a- ters,.the Manhallanltc:; \\ho might j bo altending in other seasons nave ' r-miY r- dashed for the beacnes, UK-'V i for ih-i aren't eiioufih visitors to Ke^p -,!ie!'h-ii i)',, big joints lull. Except Saturdays, ' ot course, all through .June, Friday nights are prom nights. :-iiu| me youngsters come .from t'-.q formal promenades in 1|n> .-j;.-ivii..ri hotel dancing rooms: girls in long sim-imcr gowns and the boys ju 'me .aware of ainon.'-! bnth '. l!ie result ol and pi'opafiaii- liviitiials and Lawyers have bee :i growing prejudice jnd;:,'.-: and i,u 'peopl politic:!! at-iM-avation da wiiicli depicts in erou|,s as 1 M''a.sci>:i 'anti-Semitic-' merely because oi-'ijosed lioi'lions .1! ,hc' Alev and Koosevell. '1'ney try 10 i'li'ir judges .viiile oppcisiu^ el. stnsiiiL', ihe adv.ii.l.T'e onji.y bi.'li.-ri- certain biased Cle.-.niiig The Cuff Vv'oiulei v.-h;;t the Veterans Ad- ininiMr:,!.!:)!! will :-••,.v when some IMII who has bi'i-n drawing pay i'or on-lni.'-lob li-aininp ii, baseliail is handed his unconditional release' 1 ,., J-'lJ.; If Tom Scoll, new North i. arolinn basketball coach, brings all the fro.shmen to Ch:ipel VJii] hat he had lined up -for Central I Missouri Slate, die Tarheels will :l>; ' ""*' "I ihe tallest and Moltesl U'anis ol all in a voii'ile ,jf years Each ad'jll inhales a gallon of air per minute, and consumes 30 ounces of oxygen daily. Half Mile East of Hope FEATURfKG o GOOD STEAKS o Cltcken Dirmers 2 Private LSircing Rooms OPEN FROM 5 P. M. Til Midnight • Cover Charge Saturday Night MILTON EASON, Owner lificcl wiih tin a cummunily riglils or i'.o inai ne nas'.i t Ameriean lav, antee the eili; bel'i: e .jiii-ivs drawn I neig!iboi l,(.'oci:i, "i'..;ii| •antagff. The lesull "i.s ! .-iHlanl <jr liiig;m! .'f!o;i- ;".'liiical miniH'ity in ' inuyt compromise Ins iniu court conscious Hie e\'e.i chance that j is i-upppsed .o guar- I en but with die ,idds tht>".leasf " " aUractive Ut ,- Jta i, 0 ,i S . lor the youngsters won't have the sort of money these cynical skv- locks look ior as bribes for (lie best tables. . But the kids are «appy, dressed to the hilt and 11--"ally in love. . . they don't watch Ihu floor show much, anyway inats New York in June. hind them may be ignored by '•'liven wllir.":t bei'il. Hut >'n Is present stale, the citizen should exert iinnsu.li to study il!e;-e documents so as to know how his chances of even iu&iicc )Ki\' t . l-.een diminished by the prejudices ol ,n,Jit apuintees. Time to Pack Away Your Winter Cfothes We Pick Up and Deliver Pul I hem in Moth Proof Bogs Plenty of Parking Space Hatters HUGKB. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 Fred Robertson Manager Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — Those who are worrying it aviation is going to go as dead as it did after World War I will be encouraged to learn that this lime they are interested in seeing lhat it won't. Twenty years after the first world war, aviation still was in its infancy. Airmail contracts had been kicked all over the place, oven to the extent of giving them temporarily to the Army, Civilian transport had sprung up', it's true, but aside i'rorn the :!ew cross-continental lines, none was breading even financially. Our military planes of those clays were as antiquated as a 'wooden shod. Pan American was making a few woild tracks, but nobody else seemed interested. What was the trouble? Aviation was a luxury business. The grass roots shaded their eyes and looked up when planes went over and then went back to -their hoe- ins. Those days are gone forever In the last month, three of the biggest farm organizations in the na- non nave put themselves on record urging the government io see to it that sonie of the taxpayers' money goes into "advancement of aviation." Maybe I don't know my "lobbying," but I'll bet I know it to this extent: Put the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Na- Hcnal Grange and the National Council of Farm Co-operatives behind something and that something will happen in part, at least. The farm bureau federation claims .lust under a mi" u.. • families; the Grange three-quar- toi-s 0 <: a million; the co-op council about 2,500,000 "farm consumers." The figures are Rep. Harold C. Hagen's. .He's a Republican :'rom Crcokston, Minn.. He's also a newspaperman. .1, tor one, won't question his reportorial accuracy Edward A, O'Neal, president "of the American Farm Bureau Federation, says, "The United States larmer has a deep interest in aeronautical research and he wants it continued at a high level, first because he realizes that this country must maintain its leadership in aerial technology :'or security reasons, and second because- he will use air transport increasingly for travel and shipping certain commodities." ELECTRICAL Contracting ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Reffrig Electric Co. 220 E. 3rd Phone 613 Appliance. Sales & Service REED Motoir Co. 108 East Division St. • Complete Repair Shop « Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop MECHANICS: Carl Jones and FranK Yarbrough Call 416 FOR SUPERIOR CLEANING JAMES & MOORE CLEANERS 504 South Walnut YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co, For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service In town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Ha*e! Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following at candidates subject to th« action of the Democratic primary elections this Suminer: Congress, 7th District PAUL GEREN BRUCE BENNETT OREN HARRIS 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT. JAMES H. PILKINTOM J. W. (BILL) PATTO.M JR. Circuit Judge LYLE. BROWN DEXTER BUSH State Senator, 9th Dish EMORY A. THOMPSON DR. F. C. CROW _£AMES P. HULSEY Hempstead County For Sheriff & Collector TILMAN BEARDEN J. W. (SON) JONES CLAUDE H. SUTTON For County Clerk ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD McCORKLE SYVELL A. BURKE For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER Tax Assessor C. COOK GARRETT WILLIS PINK W. TAYLOR For Representative Post 1 GLEN WALKER ^ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff, and Collector OTIS LANGSTON Hope's Base bail Team Wins Over The local hard-ball team defeated 'ehghl at Fair park Sunday after- oou G to 0. Next Sunday the Hone cam will go to DeQueen. « ADMIRAL RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Eimore Auto Supply Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting aivd Repclrs 1023 South Main Phone 382-J COMPLETE LINE OF QFFSCE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Fenturlng ..... • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue »Flsh • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks NOW OPEN 24 HOURS Phone 222 for Private Dining Room Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loo City Limits & Highway C? West For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St Hope, Ark

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