Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 19, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1894
Page 5
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STYLISH HATS. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A GOOD SELECTION COMENOW WHEN OUR STOCK (S FULL. SEE OUR NEW MOCHO STIFF. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. iM Ipf *'itf OBSERVEI The announcement of Tucker &Young 1 THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. A Their New Spring Goods are ready for in- Zj spection. Special attention is called to g their $20.00 suits made to order. 0 ^7 IUWIO1**-*«JTJ - ~ *J^ PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY TICKlil 1 . Mayor, M. M. GOFSDO.N. Tressurer, KJJORGE P. iiCHARFF. Clerk, CHARLES BCIIRHESTER, Water Works Trustee, ED. CLARY. Councllmen. 1st ffOTd-JIlLO GIBSON M Wfircl-C. L. DILL.EY, 3U TViilll-JOHN A. MURPHY, •!th Ward-CHARLES T. BELL, urn Ward-C. S. GREBN, . DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK. Alter fourteen jesrs of nclentlllc study of Nose, Lnn«, Liver, and »li Diseases of a Chronic Nature I adopted my present form ot treatment, and huve co nducted n successful practice in the above cl«is of ciidos. I cotdlallj Invite you ot >oor Wends, If aflllcted wltti any Chronic Disease, to consult me nnd my method of treatment ami Its remits. Office hours: 10 to 12 a. m.: a to 4. 7 to 8 p.m. Residence ntolllee. All culls inomptlj attended. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 19 Daniol E. Porter and Bertha Barnes are licensed to wed. Mrs. H. C. Eastwood of Fort Wayne IB the gueat of Mrs. J, W. Henderson. The Trade Palace was crowded all day yesterday taking advantage of the many bargains In dross goods. See them. The Burgman Cyclo Company id preparing to establish amounted mes- dengor service for the clly and vicinity within five mlloe. Wilson, Humphrey & Co. can bind your World's Fair Portfolios In a h»ndsome cover, either emboseod, morocco or cloth with gold title. Meidimea D. P. Putnam, Wm. McDonald, Rodney Strain, Chas. Horning, M. M. (Jordan and I. N. Crawford, aae at Crown Point attend- inf a meeting of tbe Home and foreign Mlnionary Society of tbe Lo- ganiport Preabytery. Wood* 1» a Keprobuto. S. S. Woods, tho husband of tho woman whose pitiful story, taken from tho Wabush Plain Dealer, was published in yesterday morning's Journal, proves to bo a poriphtotln insurance ngont who hns field out in Lofiansport einco last February boarding at a boarding houeo on North etroot. His wife was with him until last Thursday when sho lort him. Those who had an opportunity to observe tho two declare that Woods treated his wife shamefully and tho poor woman waa probably compelled in self defense to adopt tho course i described In tho story from Wabash, printed yesterday morning. A card received here Tuesday evening by a friend whom Mrs. Woods had gained during tho unpleasant period of her existence hero, and dated at Lima, 0., gives tht) unfortunate woman's story: "I suppose you are anxious to know whore I am and how I am getting along. Well I walked to Peru, stayed over night and took train in tho morning. Was put off at Wabash. Saw the Trustee. He refuted to do anything for me and I took the next train and got off at Huntington. Took next train on Erie road and wae put off at Dacatur. Then I came to this place. Will you write to me at Jamestown, N. Y., as soon as you get this?" A mixed Identity. The body of the unknown man who was found dead along tho Pennsylvania track east of Anoka Tuesday, Is Btlll lying at Woll's morgue, unidentified. The Iniurance receipt made out in the name of H. J. Durham, av Chicago, was the only paper on his person which might give any clue to his Identity. Two other clues were learned yesterday, however. Ono was upon tho authority of an old gentleman from Onward who looked at tho body yesterday and declared his belief that the man was Albert Heggly who formerly lived at Onward. Another possible clue was that of a party who had divided his lunch with a man whom he thinks was the deceased, tbo day before and who says that tbo party wbo helped him eat hie lunch said thathla name waa Rldgely and that his home was in White county. Coroner Busjahn will attempt to unravol tho mysteries surrounding this very much mixed Identity. Handle JTaetorr Wood for »•!«. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mail orders to Hillock & Plttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Klmmer. Fifty pieces printed China eilka only, only 26 cents per yard at tho Golden Rule, A SHOT AT MONOPOLY, THE RETIRING COUNCIL TAKES A FINAL SHOT AT MONOPOLY. Tin BlfOtrlc Light aionopolr IV Dealt Wlth-Tlio Council Ar- runccM to Coiikldcr a pro|>o»lllon \Vliorobr Iho City Will Get l(» Street LlglilNUt *SO 1'cr Your Unload of $1100 anrt lu Three Yoar» Will Own nSelf-SupporlliifJ Plant Which Will Kavo Itbc Tax Payer* SUO.OOO Per Your and the Private Ci>iiMi«"erM fiO P«r Cent of Their Prcxeiit Vont for lucaiidciiceiil The common council of tho city of Logunsport met in regular session last evening Mayor Read presidium and all members proaett save Mr. Bl&ssing- him of the Filth. Tho Claims Committee submitted the following list of claims which waa allowed: Strnet pay roll Mice, pay roll M. Mnrtln. reiinlrliiK nutters M.MIchnels, swvcr pipe. \v. I,. Fernnlil. lumber Slevens Hros., lumber YoutiK, snnilrltw "4li!t 75 •-'I 14 ]. r > SI) •2 HO 44 Oil f. , 1 ,l '> -•' l,llil>. I uuut;, .-MIIUII iTn. ....-> •••- - • Isvis Ilansw, siir.itiiry work ' ;!! aiviwr Brus. sundries st de.|jt » u> HolDi-iiLer* Uhl. sum! st ilopt Jl c £ ,J. T, MeNary, street crossings «['| y ,lolin II. Lux, same ,,•", -•' John II. I.ox broken storm '*• '" W. T, Fnrrull iissti; engineer ,Tas. K. hr.vor. M. I>. vnccliiiitliiK tramps. l ongwoll it CiiniinliiKS, stationary ClirU Kiikort, repairs st (If lit II. J. Wolf, alley crossing II. Hnrtiminsundst dept Henry Tuckor. suiul lire rlupl Ceo. Win. Hoirmitii, tolncrains aid exuress llnuu-iit Sumo, feed l!redf|it ,:; .siiin<>. tretela street ilept : ••• -' «» Hunry 1'olt, removing bodies Iroin old cemetery •• ° An ordinance regulating tbe plant. Ing and maintaining of the polos of the Western Union Telegraph Company in the city, wa9 submitted and laid ovor under the rules. Tho Fire Committee reported the purchase of 1,000 foot of rubber hoso at 75 cents per foot, which report was concurred in. The Firo Committee was instructed to locate a firo alarm box at the cor nor of Ohio and Indiana streets. The report of the special blectric light committee upon tho matter of the establishment of a new electric light plant to be owned and operated by tho city was submitted, and it was resolved that iho discussion and consideration of tho samobo taken up at an adjourned meeting of tho council next Friday evening-. The concerns bidding were, tho Wostinghouso company of Pittsburg Tho Western Electric Company of Chicago and tho Standard Electric company of Chicago. All other electric companies had notice. The General Electric company ot Chicago, also had notice but as this company owns iho Fort Wayne company, which furnishes tho present light, it was not anxious to put in a now plant. Tho bid of the Standard Company was the lowest as shown by tho following report: KEroni. To the Honorable Mayor and Members of the Council: GENTLEMEN:—Your special olfectric Hghtcommittee which has had the matter lu hand relative to the expediency of the city having her own electric light plant would respectfully report that owing to the clty'a debt being above the statute limitation we could not purchase directly the machinery for said plant for the reason that we have not tho money on hand sufficient to pay in cash for such a plant and tho law prohibits us to make any contract which would be evidenced by note or bonded obligation. Therefore the proposition and specifications that wo submitted to your honorable body for ratification some weeks ago, which contained in them specified payment could not be legally adopted and if adopted no manufacturer would furnish machinery under them as they could net collect under the law the promised payments made therein. Therefore your committee did not push the matter under the former plans and specifications, hence tho delay in making a report to your honorable body. Your committee, not willing to give up tho principle which It started out to accomplish, it being one in whloh tho oity would get rid of paying $100 per year for each lamp for lightning 1 . They formulated another plan which In its estimation la fair and equitable and should be sanctioned by every taxpayer in Logansport as a good legitimate transaction whereby we violate no law for the reason that we do not make any indebtedness. The following is tho plan that we herewith submit to you, this evening with specifications to adopt. The city in tho event of putting in this electric light plant will uso all the surplus water the pump house dcu't want; therefore the race to tbo Forest mih will be abandoned and filled up which will plve in addition to said race, Dy ground on each side of It, a large plat of valuable building lots which can be gold and the money used in the ereo. tlon Of the building for the plat. We have an offer now to trade these lots for «uoh purpose, therefore we will not incur any debt in putting up the building. Jor the reaBon tbat if we «hould not have enough money to build Bald plant we can iell tfte old Fcre8t mill and uie that money for »aid purpose. Therefore you can gee that your committee ba» made OTTO KRAUS LAST YEAS, $1500 NOW $7.50. MAN'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS LAST YEAR, $15.00 NOW $7.50. Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. All Wool Fabrics, Correct Siyles and AI Sizes We are determined that free wool will not catch us Happing. This Is Men's Cloitiimj Opportunity. Orders by mail, with cash in advance only, carefully 1'illed. Open Saturday evenings until 10 o'clock. None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. OTTO KRAUS "OF COURSE.' arrangements thia fur without going in dobt by which tbo city will cave tho building and water power ready to receive tho electrical machinery atd all the steam and water power to run it sufficiently. Therefore your committee has made the following propo> sition to three leading electrical manufacturing companies; that sho would enter into a contract with any first class company for tho machinery ncc- eseary, consisting of engine and boilers to produco -150 horso power, already set up in building- and dynamos to produce current enough for 150 to 180 arc lamps to light streets, and incacdoFcent dynamos to produce 2,500, 16 candle power. Lamps allsot up and In good running order for which said city would give a franchise or lease to any company furnishing snid, machinery for fivo years tho right to use the building and water power, and contract for lighting the streets for the sum of $80 per lamp each year, providing said Electrical Manufacturing Co. would furnish tho city the fore- poing machinery at tho sum of $35,850. Tr> Iw mid fop ns follows when the plant Is put In and running necoKlliiK 10 con- contr.'ict ....$10X00 Tile talitnce of Sffi.850 to b« pnlil In inonili- Iy iMsliiilmentsnUhe rato of $1,000 ffi month for tho llrnt jcur ,,fa, SeeomlypMrntsiimn r:itP ,'rV, Biilance of tlin time 1'Jii niontti 'rWJ ica for lot No. 920 in Ml. Hope cemetery. A remitting order was granted lo Jaa. A. Carter for SLUG for taxes erroneously assessed. The contract ard bond of Stevens & Bcctwarcis for the pumping machinery at the pump house waa submitted by the water works board acd approved by the council and ordered spread on record. It was announced that Anthony Gruaenmeyer election inspector of tho third precinct 0' tbo second ward had resigned. Tho recommendation of the city engineer for the construction o( a sewer on Twenty-fourth street from North street to High for the purpose of carrying off storm water, was referred to the street committee and enginetr to report at the next regular meeting. Tho engineer's report upon the improvement of Oitowa street was received and referred to tho street committee. Adjourned until Friday evening. MORE HIGHWAY ROBBERY. Total iimount $35,S30 Wnoreoy the city will pay but the $10,000 already provided by levy made last fall, the meet of which ia now on hand, the building which explanation hiw been already made for iho cost of its erection, the balance of $25,800 to be paid for in lighting at tho rate of $80 per year instead of $100, which the city ia paying now, and liable to continue to pay if this proposition which .is offered to the city tonight is not accepted. Your committee would further say la justice to tho parties that have accepted this proposition that they are the best bidders by $7,000, lower than any of tho other manufacturers that had figured on furnishing machinery in the same quantities and on the plin of payments i above enumerated. You will there-1 foro see that at the rate of $80 per year for 150 lamps, which is littlo enough to light tho city properly, the payments made to this contracting party will pay out in 25<t months all their demands against the city for said machinery whereby tho city will bave her own plant paid for and turned ovor to her by said contracting party under contract so understood. Ynur committee will further explain that we have caerfully estimated tho csst of operating said plant and wo find that the 2,500 incandescent lamps at half the price the present company is charging will meet all tho expenses made In operating it. This matter in all tho details being oare. carefully examined by your committee we earnestly request the solid vote of this council In adopting the method of procuring an electric light plant which proposition may never come ngain when tho city can pay $25,350 of the actual cost of such a plant in lighting. The failure of adopttng lc ' 8 P' an wi " compel the city to pay more money for the same time to the present company and not get half the service and in the end have no plant and no money to buy one. ' WILLIAM DOLAN. M. C. WADE, P. P. BEAM, J. C. HADLE*, S. B. DOVER, Electric Light Committee. A deed WM ordered to Henry Ben- AMkcd For The election commissioners consisting of DeWitt C. Justice, Albert Swadoner, City Clerk, and D. D. Fickle, have called for bids on election supples. The supplies ueeded and the specifications are as follows: THE ELECTION" SUl'l'LIKS. The Election Commitsioters will receive bids up to Thursday, April 23, 1894, for the printing of 7,000 tickets and furnishing necessary supplies for the city election, to bo held May 1, 1894. Samples of paper for ticket to bo submitted with bid. Bids to be filed with the City Clerk. ALJJKRT SWADENEK. City Clerk. DKWITT C. JUSTICE. D. D. FICKLE. SUPl'I.lES. 1C8 stamps for voters, 54 pads. 54 bottles pad ink, 30 bottles writing lluld, 1 grosa pon&, 54 pen holders, 300 blotters, 300 affidavits for caal- lengo, 300 affidavits for voter, 200 affidavits for election officers, 100 certificates for officers elected, 100 tally sheet?, 76 paper bags for tickets, 18 balls of twine and needles, IS sticks sealing wax, 200 instructions to votci a. I believe in popular prices, therefore, I sell $3.50 hats for $1.98, and !?2 hats for $1.— Otto Kraun. A 1'au llnudlo full liov Male tlie Victim ol Foot Pudw-Kd Aiibclr Held up Cor Ovor?^5. Foot ones and highway robbers are again at ihcir work. Yesterday morning between two and three> o'clock Ed Anhicr, a Pan Handle caller, was up at Hamilton Heights to call a trainman. While walking- along- unsurpcctiLg anything wrong- ho '.ras assaulted by three men wbo jumped out from a secluded spot and held him up. They rapidly went through him, securing $25.85 which he had drawn tho evening 1 before from the pay car. Ed did not recognize the men, but thinks that they wore laying for soma one else, as, in his estimation a call boy would ordinarily bo exempt from the designs of foot pads. Tho police were at once notified but nothing has developed that would lead to the apprehension of tlio gang, who are not unlikely tbo earao fellows who held up Tony Zolt a few nights ago. The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating tho old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get tho true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale By all leading drug- grists. Yesterday the damage suit of Julius Donke, of Lafayette, against the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago (Monon) Railway company, was filed in tho circuit court here on a change of venue from Carroll county whence it had been taken on a change from Tlppecanoe county. CUT THIS 01T. APRIL 11). 18!>4. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. Three of these coupons and t^n cents secures tlie current number of the Mem- otliil War Book. If presented at the Portfolio Department of The Journal. ccr THIS OUT. •^ NOW THIS IS A FACT f CARL W. KELLER the Mer- f chant Tailor, leads them all in the f Spring Trade. LOOK AT BIS PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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