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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 11

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, August 6, 1946
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i U.S. Appeals Patent Ruling WASHINGTON (JP) The Justice Department filed an appeal from a judgment awarding certain patents and other property once owned by I. G. Farbenindus-trie of Germany to Standard Oil Co. The department said the patents and properties involved had been seized by the Alien Property Custodian as enemy property and "are estimated to have a value of many millions of dollars." The department said its position was that I. G. "always remained the real owner of this property" and that "any contractual rights of Standard were unenforceable since they were based upon unlawful cartel agreements between Standard and I. G." .lAHUFACTURERS di'ttrlnr high tjpo dWtrlhatlon of thrlr warn in Western Mirhlcan contact on. We have live suerialtr sale organization, fine display room downtown, and warehouse. Prefer metal apeelaltiea. V. O. Box 111. Grand Kapidj. Michigan. Business Property For Sale Hot Spot Location or will KENT to suitable tenants In whole or divided parts. Two-story building with basement and elevator, 120 ft. MICHIGAN, CORNER 30th Former department store location. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY For Information Call RA. 2563 FOR SALE PUNCH PRESSES 10- to 100-ton capacity, all with motors and equipment. 2 to 3 years eld, all in A-l condition. Attractively priced. Immediate delivery. WATFRBl RY . FARREIX 60-ton. double crank, back-jrpared. 5" stroke. 14" shut height,- 24"x45" bed. 5 h.p. motor. Cu440 o!t, 60 cycle. 3 phae. HRRfl'TE fiO-ton double cranls, bai li Krarpil. 5" stroke. 14" shut height. U4"x43" bed. 5 H.P. motor. 220440 volt. 60 cycle. 3 phase. BLISS flO-ton capacity. 8" stroke. 4" adjustable. 11 Vi" ahut heiffht. 18"x 18" bed. 7 H P. motor. 220440 volt. 60 cycle. 3 phase. BLISS ,'lfi-ton capacity, 2'i" stroke, adaptable ram. IS" shut heieht, 14" xl4" bed. 2 H.P. motor. 220440 to It. 60 cycle, 3 phase. TRYOCT PRESSES 90-ton capacity. 24".50" bed. 7,j" stroke. IB" shut hetffht. 10 H P. motor. 220440 rolt. 60 cycle. 3 phase. Many other pressea In stock. For conv plete information, see na or pbon. Detroit Machinery Corp. 032S E. Forest Plaia 3141 Manufacturers National Bank Bought - Sold - Quoted Shader-Winckler Co. ESTABLISHED 1921 Member Detroit Stock Exchange 1966 Penobscot Bldg. GROWING VALUES BEHIND BANK STOCKS The present trend toward higher interest rates together with prospects for marked expansion in commercial loans point to increased bank earnings over the months ahead. Every diversified investment account, in our judgment, should include bank stocks. To aid investors, we have prepared a comparative analysis of leading banks in New York and other cities. Send for Circular DP-5 4 IIORNBLOWER & WEEKS 2166 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 26, Mich. Since IS 88 Financial Service Adapted to Your Requirements Members Principal Exchanges Offices: New York: Boston: Chicago: Cleveland: Philadelphia; Detroit; Portland. Me.; Providence; Baltimore; Bangor. This advertisement appears as a matter of record only and is under no circumstances to be construed as an offering of these securities for sale, or as a solicitation of an offer to buy any of such securities. The offering is made only by the Prospectus. The Cruttenden &: Co. Financial Shorts C. A. Whisler, secretary-treasurer of the Wayne County Federal Savings & Loan Association, announced the removal of the firm's offices from the Lafayette Building to the northeast corner of the Free Press Building. The firm, which has a branch at 35150 Michigan, Wayne, was organized in 1934 with assets of J.8,100. Today its resources total approximately $3,000,000. Facilities to handle money orders and travelers checks will be installed in the near future, Whisler said. . CHICAGO The Investment Bankers Association of America announced that Edward Hopkln-son, Jr., senior partner of the Philadelphia investment banking firm of Drexel and Co., has been nominated as the next president of the IBA. Nomination is con- ' sidered tantamount to election. Edwin J. Anderson, president of Goebel Brewing Co., reports net profit for the first six months of 1946 of $326,105, compared with $297,607 in the corresponding period of 1945. Net income before taxes was $527,305, compared with $497,607 in 1945. WASHINGTON The Census Bureau reported that dollar sales of merchant wholesalers during the first half of this year were more than double the prewar 1939 level and set a new high for a six months period. Sales in June were 20 per cent above a year ago but off five per cent from the previous month. WASHINGTON Americans bought $753,985,000 of Savings Bonds in July, more than in any month since January, the Treasury revealed. Total sales of E's, F's and G's exceeded redemptions during the month by $252,804,000. GM Dividend General Motors Corp. declared a dividend of 50 cents a share on common stock, payable Sept. 10 to stock of record Aug. 15. In the first quarter of this year 75 cents was paid and in the second quarter 50 cents was dis bursed. In 1944 and 1945 four payments of 75 cents were made for a total of $3 in each year. "DOIV THEORY inUESTIHG" A Dow Theory stock market letter written by an expert for those investors interested in the long term outlook for security prices. Send $5 for a two-month trial Durant and Company 1703 National Bank Building Detroit 26, Michigan CA 7680 59,505 Shares Trane Company Common Stock (Par Value $2.00 pr Share) Price $33.00 per Share Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained only from such as are registered dealers in securities in this Watling, WALL STREET Auto Stocks Lead Mart iiiBackslide BY VICTOR EUBANK NEW YORK (JP) A smattering of stocks continued to make a little headway in Monday's market but the list as a whole, led by the motors, turned in a loss after eight successive rising sessions. Bullish contingents derived some comfort from the lightness of liquidation. The ticket tape moved SrMMARY New lork Stocks Lower: motors lead alow decline: sales 7(10.000 shares Bond Irregular; demand light: sales $2,721,000. . . Cotton Higher: mill buying. Chlraeo Torn Sharply lower on moisture reports. Oat Peolined with corn. Hne Slow, steady to 2j cents hither: ton $24.50. Catile Motly steady to 2o cents lower: ton $27.25. sluggishly from the start. Extreme declines, running to two or more points, were reduced here and there at the close. GENERAL MOTORS was heavy throughout and ended off IVi at 566.75, which was above the low. Allied Chemical and du Pont, on sales of 200 shares each, yielded 2 points and 2'z at $194 and $214.50, respectively. Chrysler was down 2 at $119. Virginia-Carolina Chemical preferred was up 2 at $97 on 400 shares in the wake of an increased payments on arrears and a good business statement. Hiram Walker added 1 at $145.75, also on 400 shares. Casualties included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, U. S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, American Telephone, Amrican Can, Philip Morris, Texas Co., American Home Products, Pennsylvania Railroad (at a new 1946 low), N. Y. Central, Baltimore & Ohio and Anaconda. Ahead were International Harvester. North American, American Water Works, Owens-Illinois, Great Northern, Public Service of N. J. and International Nickel. Ear ni ii us Period Rate Record P'ble 3.P5 Dow Oiem & . Sub. yr 6.14S.97B 8.73S.7A1 Gen. Bak mo 1.074. 034 887. 2o9 Jiew Eng Pow. Axs'n o mo 3.134.000 2.330.000 St. Jose Lead & . . Subs 6 mo 2.793.0fil 2.845.384 .47 1.22 1.41 Vig-Caro Ch. yrl.700.000 Oao.oil I'KDERAL RESERVE REPORT Condition of weekly reporting member banks in Detroit: principal assets and liabilities as at the close of bmsines July dl. in millions ol dollars: Inc. or Dec. Sinee Julv 31 July 24 Auk. 1 ASSETS 1946 1948 1945 Loans and investments total Loans total Commercial, ind., and agricultural loans Loans to brokers and dealers for purchasing or carrying: U. S Government obligations Other securities Other loans lor purchasing or carrying: V. S. Government obligations Other securities Real estate loans Loans to banks Other loans Treasury bills Treasury certificate of indebtedness Treasury notes IT. S Bonds 2.nn 12 177 349 10 43 134 3 16 1 1 3 5 8 6 33 15 5 .... 1 109 1 27 fi-i "i" 22 48 35 23 330 13 1SK lf4 2 12X S2 1 49 97 "Y 24 2S1 9 12 32 .... 2 87 9 11 ie 1 1.121 1R P! fc37 1 97 186 131 145 11 2 5 . 2 a 20 64 11 .... 3 116 1 14 Obligations (ruaranteed try L. s. Government Other securities Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank Cah in vault Balance with domestic banks Other assets net LIABILITIES Demand deposits adjusted Time deposits U. S. Government deposits Imerbank deposits: Domestic banks Foreisn banks Borrowings Other liabilities CAPITAL ACCTS. Debiis to demand deposit accounts, except interbank and T'. P. Government acc'ts durinc week 501 PAINT SUPPLIES SAVANNAH. Ga. (API Turpentine. f3S: offerings, sales, receipts and shipments, none: stocks. 619. Rosin: Offennes and sales, none: receipts. 38: shipments, 553: stocks. 9.696. Quote: B, 6 00: D. 6.07; E. 6.60: F. 6.70: G. 6 75: H and I. 6.76: K. 6 80; M. 6 82; N, 6.98; WG. 7.08: WW and X. 7.15. JACKSONVILLE. Fla. (AP) Turpentine. Monday: Receipts, none, shipments, none: stocks .16. Rosin: Receipts. 42; shipments, none; stocks. 964. OKDtK MONDAi- ifcT IT tKlUAVl Refrigerator & Appliance Truck Handes All Stetl n - Trucks citta extra fill Mh doss and IS" JlJ,OJ eb gtrao : nib- lu ber tires: 600 Ih. tap.; height 47"; 5x2" wheels; 1" tubs gteel frame: roller (wirings: easy rolluiK. For medium size appliances and refrigerators and for all general ourposea. Not Gadded. Shipped same day order received. Keturn express collect -fc UV. U1KII1, IUT1UI Ml IUU. Sik 1 10 davs. Order from rlH"tt5 LU.. Deot. K-liJ. Blnominstsn. III. Clin this. of the undersigned State. Lerchen 8c Co. if New York Bond r.R OOVERVMENT BOX1W 4 Dollar and Thlrt-wonU Sales In Sl.OOO Close GenRAr4s69 Gdn h2 s65 GtNortSs2010 GMA04s75 Do 3 srS9 HudC.5sH2A H4Mrso7 Do ine557 ICr455 Dn4S 66 ICt SL563A Do 4i-.sti3 lntGN6s52 Do lstO-53 Do 5s56B Treas 2 Ks69-64Dec 1 103.31 CORPORATION BONDS BHles in $1.04X1 rios loo 157 044 lo.'is. 104 K 105 4 lo9 114 102 i AmFP52030 Am i ftT3! 10 3 A Do ' 7S Do 2 i sSt) AmToh:i.ti-J Do :!)! ACI.lst45' Do 4 Uil B&01stm48 Do M3A lK frC Do 2OH0D Do 9oF Do cv60 Do 4s48 B40Pl.EAWV4sol B&OSW50 B&OTC4s5! Beth!-i, s70 BoiMe4 s70 Do 4 -HO BufR4P57st BCR4N5.'H CanP4sperD Celan3-t5 CcnGosoltC Do cn"s45 CRRSJ5:-7 C&03 si)tlD Do 3-sHtiE CB&W4 w s77 24 l 4 4 19 12 H.J W 92 83 V. 82 US 105H 100 103 103 103 U H5 P!l 'i 84 t4 46 W 114 105 . 24 75 43 105 U 106 117 Kins., 9S4 3 50 ; 77 V. 94 75 : lnlHEs44 lntPap5?47 IntT&T4 t-.h53 KCSou4s75 LVNT4s5rt LehV44s2003 8 rt 6 11 17 11 3 13 Do 4s2003 LIslr4s49 Lortllarc;Ts63 L4N2 's20ti: MaCen4 UsOO 3i-K-T5li2A Do al507 Do Ist4s90 MoP5Us4f Do 5s77F Do 5s78G Do 5sS0 Do 5s81I Do r4s75 Mor4E41-s5., NalDai2 s70 NatStl3s65 NF.T&T5s53 NOTM5s54 NVCr5s201.1 Do 4 Us2013A Do n4s8 NYHK3-.s97 NYNHH(!s4S Do 4 Usi7 Do 4s5 Do 4s."7 NorfS5s2014 N"orP41-.s2l47 Do 497 Do 3s2047 PG&E3s74 Pen(Air3i.. s60 PenP&L3s75 PenRR:r4 s65 Do 3 Vi s52 PereM3sS0 PhilRv4s37 Rds:3 s95 21 31 6 3 I 10 101 Do .t s5 Do 2 s70 CGW4 Us-(i3R (. Inlil,iiic4 . s2003 :iti Io inc4sK.'i . 1 CMSPPiik4 -k019 4 Io Cv4 s'fl44 rut f&NV4 sf!9 tKIH4'so. Do 4 V stiO Do r4s34 CinG&E2 , s75 CCCSL4 Hs77 t4 34 -. 00 li5 ! .) U 33 40 5 9 3 26 1 3 7 7 15 28 3 vn rs: Do 4 .s77 TolS4 4sfi) DeliH4sb3,&W4S043 DiR.G4s.-iO D41iGW5soo Do 5s5;a Do 5s78 FirestTR3stil 107 H 1$ . 0 2 i 101 H4 i 73 i 10 U 1(1 1 68 104 Livestock BY I'SDA Features of Monday's livestock trade at the Detroit stockyards waa a heavy influx of Western cattle and stroiia- Dric-es for hoes, vealers and lambs. Too hos affain crowded into new price rround at S24.50. Vealers brout-ht $19 00: while odd head of cattle reached 525.00 and a few strictly choice lambs $21.00. However, common to near rood grass fat cattle predominated at prices under SIR SO. CATTLE: Salable receipts 3.000. Grass fat cattle poured into the local yards over the week end. but local trucked-m receipts were about like a week earlier. Steers and yearliwrs sold at mostly steady prices. Canner to Common beef cows drew broadest demand at weak to 25c lower prices, but beef cows ruled weak to oOc lower when uales could be made. Bulls owned steady and eased off as much as 5uo on later rounds. Lack of councry outlet affords little opportunity for a check of stoeker and feeder prices. Two head of Choice f50 lb. yearlinc steers brought with 3 head of 1.190 lb. steers at 923.0O. while the best load lot stopped at S22.0O. paid for a short load of low choice 784 lb. Angus yearling-steers and heifers mixed. Load lots of medium to rood 900-1.100 lb. steers made $19 25-S20.50. but rank and lile of the steer and yearling crop was common .and medium at S13.00-S18.50. load alter load of medium steers and yearlings gomK at $16.00-$18.00. Light, trashy natives sold as low as SH OO. Common and medium native beef cows made S10.50-$12.o0. a few medium and trood western cow t $13 00 upwards. Caanners and cutters bulked at S8.O0-59.75. Sausage bulls sold mostly at 11.00-S15.OO. best early S15.;0. CA.LVES: Salable receipts . o0. A . ealers L. ,1 a,,H HonnnHahlA outlet St strong- to 50c higher pmccs. Good and choice hulked at S18.00-Sin.0O tnnJlB nn Common and medium made S13 OO-S 17. 0O and culls S9.00-S1 1 .00. Heavy ealves sold about steady, duik common 512 00-S1 6 50. with a few rood and choice around 300 lb. Kinas ai sk.uu-Sl . u HOGS aianie mTiui" i-.".. were renerally aoc nigner man Thursday, but the market was less arrres-sive than a week aco. Mot borrows and gilts ,160-2.i0 ins. mane high. Lightweights were aiscounteo "r the first time m momns. "'";r" 160 lbs. st $22.00-24 00. Bulk 250-300 lb. hoes made $"4 25: 300-3oO in. 350-400 lbs. over oo io- Sows shared the day's advance, bulk rood and choice st S21.75-S22.25. aecordintr to w-eiirhts. Rough sows sold downward to S''0 00. c a.w SHKr-f: saiioie twtiim. x... . meager crop ol snrinir lamos uin but shorn s"uenter pir vduir., " ." nndrtone. Most rood and cnoice -onn lnmbs. averaging no mor. i- -good rrade. bulked at "M oo-':.t". wm-. bucks sorted out at n -': lot of strictly choice snr-orers reached 1 oo. common aiw rrl,',.r" """V ,r turned unevenly t 13""-' ' J"" Culls ranred down to Slo t"', uwi s.u choice shorn siaurnter n"''L: " oo-ss oo. oniv s v'w Iur" "v Ti handvweirht. at $s"o t;ommon a.m medium rrades nrmwnv w.v-.u.. CHICAGO (API Salable HopS;. Mon- throughout: g-enerally steady to VenJs day. 7.000. total ll.ouu: slow iraue lutrher than ( ruiay i weiKhis including- sows: most upturn on barrows and gilts over 2TO pounds and on sows; top li on Bparmsij: i'" and choice 170-2WI liounus -t oo-- 24(10; Kood and cnoice i-i'i-i"' good and choice 270-300 . pounus .voo- M.O0-2.150; hulk goou anu couiit r." 25-2 50' choice lightweights ...o. just heavy 22.00; complete clearance: ship-ver- took 1.000. Enn Salable cattle. io.i""i. w ble caives. 1.000. total 1.300: lea steers and yearlings lnciuuinr yeariuiK ueii.-io steady to 25 cents lower; mostly steady: top steers 27. 25- strictly finished kinds scarce: bulk steers 18.50-25.00: most heifers 17.50-83.00: top heifers 24 00: bulk beef cows and heavy lat Duns weax nui canneTS and cutters both classes firm: vealers barely steady at 18 50; stock cattle little more aetive at 13OO-15.50 t ,i.,i,i cheei. : soo. toial 6.O0O: furlv a.tive at decline: top 22.00 for sprio? lambs generally 50 cents lower: around two Houme to siiiop-r im t-ju , bus-'her: bulk good and r' oic:' 21.2.-'J1 .0: j lni-!: discounted 1 OO: live iIccks medium to choice but niotlv rood rrade Missouri sprinst lambs 20.30 etraicht . slaughter ewes weak to 50 cents lower: few rood and choice 7.00: three decks 105 lb. common to choice westerns 6.7 5 straight. BrFFALO. X. Y. (AP) Hoss. 500. Mondav; market fairly active -and hifrher; I top $25.00. hifhest ever recorded in Buf-, falo: best sows to 21 50: most ow 19.50- 20.50. CATTLE 800; dry fed fully eteady; top steers 23.00: choice white-face heifers 22 00: few heifers about 800 lhe. 20.00: quite a few fed yearluisrs 50.00-21.00: best end gra.-s catile 18.00-18 50: medium quality, medium flesh arassers 1 4.50-1 5.50: plain g-rassers. little flesh 12 50-13 oO: quite a few thin steers and heifers down to 10.50. Cows and bulls steady: few faney beef cows 14.50; better fat cows 12.00-13.00; medium fat cows 10.50-11.50; cutters 950-10.50: weiuhty canners 8.50-9 50- lisht thin canners 6.50-7 50: few fat dairy heifers to 15.25: quite a few 12 25-14.25; medium heifers 10 50-11.50: few fancy bulls to 15.00 and better: heavvweiBhts 13.75-14 75: medmmweiKhts 12.75-13.75; lightweights 10.75-11.75: few thin down to 8.75. CALVES 200: market active and steady; good choice calves 20 00: medium 18. 00-19. oo: culla 14.00-16.00: little light 8.00-10.00. . . SHEEP 200; old sheen 1 00 lower; rood 7.50-8.50: culls 4 00-500: canners 3.00-4.00; top lambs 20.00: culls 14.00-15.00. DETROIT CASH GRAIN Wheat No. 1, 2 07 f.o.b. 2e-eent rate in New York. New Michigan malting barley. 1.58-1.66: barley needles Market too unsteady to In Troy.fl.Y. More Record Newspapers Were Read During April, May, June and July Than In Any Previous 4 Months Period With a 95.3 coverage of the City Zone (121,003 consumer-buyers) these newspapers are your best advertising buy the whole year round. Transactions Pales In Sl.OOO Ksles In Close 86 102 T4 90 i 106 i 102 i 88. 72 34 K 103 i 94 10 2 k 99 33 79 71U 100 U 101 A 103 V. 104 63 X4 56 S 51 V. 106 Sl.OOO Close RioGW4s49 8 8Hi StL5F5s5(iB 37 54 Do4V.s78 22 43 Do450A 44 51 SeaAlc6s45 5 74 Doinc4V. 61 79V4 Sil-Am7s41 15 100 SBT4T2s5 2 1044 SoPac4 1481 6 109 Vi Do4Aso9 11 1064 Do4UsOr77 11 106 v Do2isf 15. 90 M, SouRve4s56 13 108 Vi SWBelI2i s85 4 105 StandOilNJ2 ss71 22 994 TexCoro3s5 1 108 V, TAPS'-.sHo 23 104 T4 ThAve5s60 12 70 V, CnPaclst4s47 5 1024 Do 2 s76 31 104 tnivP3s59 2 103 v; WSh4s2361 8 85 WMd4s52 3 108 WPar4V.s2014 - 4 109 WetVn5s60 3 105 4 W hStl3 4 s70 10 106 4 WisCen449 15 82 XH4sSD36 10 35 1 4 6 5 13 39 3S 5 7 15 3 6 10 1 8 2 4 35 4 11 17 3 11 5 13 3 10 15 7 6 10 12 15 15 21 10 3 3 If 2 17 3 lO 13 9 25 5 20 13 23 5 12 lO 19 12 12 7 2 105 U lOOi 87 94 101 u 96 33 i 93 3k 93 93 4 45 72 103U 1054 fit 91 89 V FOREIGN BONDS Sales In Sl.OOO Close 100 loo 1O0I4 1091-. 10Oi 111 72 4 100 1104 20 K, 20 t!8 59 31 V, 113 V. 101 H 134 101 101 104 1(5 26 V. 25 .4 101 A 82!4 Arc4s72Feb Do 4s72Ao Do 4 iAe48 Australia5s55 Do 4 V. s56 BeliumOs55 BrazO V. H27-57 BuenA4 'AsAn' Canada.'! ' s6i 6 tlul'hsniiad Do OsKi httla Colomb3s70 Copenh5s53 CostaR7s51 Cltha4 V, S77 Denmk4 Vs(i2 GrkWsSSotpcl, NSWales5s57 101 V. 64 i 61 i 55 36 Vi 55 106 54 113 1084 114 1054 123 4 1064 104 '4 Do 5s58 Norwav4 xi s65 Do 4s63 Peni7so9 Do IsttisRO Oueensld6s47 8aoPSt7s40 3 1 10 30 Ur ai 4 s79 14 184 Total Bond sales Monday. 101 u S2.721.00O. Naval Ordnance Is Offering Jobs Applications for permanent posi tions at the Naval Ordnance plant, Center Line, now are being accepted, it was announced. Positions open include box-mak ers, buffers and finishers, foundry chippers, letterers and grainers and packers. Applications must be filed with the Board of U. S Civil Service Examiners at the plant. Dividends Period Rate Record P'ble Extra HarshawChem .25 '8 31 9-14 Arrears- Virg- Caro Chem 6 pf 5.00 8 15 8-26 Rettnlar Amer (newt B 1-M .25 9-4 9-14 Amer Fge 4 Socket .12i 8-22 8-31 Coca Cola Co .75 9-12 10-1 Harshaw Chem .25 -31 9-14 Ludlow Mfg. ic Sales' Q 1.50 9-6 9-16 Peoples Gas L&C 1.00 9-20 10-15 Real Silk Hos Mills Q .15 8 26 9-15 Wright Harg: Mns Q .05 8-22 10-1 Produce Markets Federal-State Market News Service. The fnllowinr nrices ner dozen were naid f.o.b. Detroit by first receivers for case lots ol government graded eggs from grading stations Monday: Whites U. S. Grade A A, large. 50. U. S. Grade A. Jumbo. 51: extra large. 49 H; large. 4(-50; medium, 43-44; small. 33. U. S. Grade B. large, 43-44. Browns U. S. Grade AA, large, SO;. U. S. Grade A. extra large. 48 v, : large. 47-48. U. S. Grade B. large, 39. V. S. Grade C. large. 36-37: medium. 31. Market firm on grade A large, and barely steady on balance. Chicago Potatoes CHICAGO (AP Potatoes. Monday: Arrivals 237, on track 214. total United States shipments Friday 1,020, Saturday 932. and Sunday 38. Supplies moderate: for western Long Whites and Russet Bur-banks demand moderate, market slightly stronger; for other varieties all sections, demand slow,- market slightly weaker; Washington Lonr Whites $3. 50-3.75: Idaho Long Whites $3.50-3.70. Bliss Triumphs $2.05-2.85. Russet Burbanks S3. 75. Colorado Bliss Triumphs 52.65-2.75. Cobblers $2 50-2 60. Nebraska Red Warbus $2.50-3.00. Oregon Bliss Triumphs $2.90 tall United States No. 1 quality). Chlraeo Poultry CHICAGO (API Live poultry Monday unsettled: receipts 14 trueks, two car: f ob. prices: Fowl 28. leehorn fowl 26. roasters, friers and broilers 28-31. old roosters 21. F.o.h. wholesale market: Ducklinrs 22. heavy young- ducks 17. light farm ducks 13. Chlraeo Butter and Eires CHICAGO (API Butter: Firm: AA Monday: .75. Egt C 89 63.5-66 Steadv: larcre No. 1 and 2 extras. 38-42: larire No. 3 and 4 extras, 33.5-38 5; medium extras. 31.5-33: standards. 32-35: current receipts. 31-33: dirties. 27-20.5: checks, 26-29. TREASURY REPORT WASHINGTON (API The position of the Treasury. Aug. 1: Reeeiots. 7t;.K.s.-583.31: expenditures. S03.172.907.18: bal- 1 anee. $1 0.780. 22O.20H. 54 : customs receipts tor month. l .621 .U 1 .41 : reeeipis. fiscal year. July 1, $2,006,461,408.: expenditures, expenditures. $1 .130. 28.948. 90- total debt. $207,505,212,521.50: decrease under previous dav. $1,098,037,560.34; goid assets, $20,206,588,701.12. quote. ' VISIBLE GRAIN CHICAGO (AP) Visible supply of wheat increased 7.317,000 bushels to 68.-94e.000 bushels this week, the Board of Trade reported Monday. Corn increased 280.000 to 11.095.000 bushels. Oats increased 2.468.000 to 6.435.000. Rve increased 35.000 to 190.OOO. Barley increased 236.000 to 3.278.000.. TREND OF STAPLE PRICES NEW YORK The Associated Press weighted wholesale prices index of 35 commodities Monday advanced to 145.38: previous day 145.15. week ago 143.54, month ago 133.56. year ago 109.11. 1946 1945 1944 1943 High 149 47 112.81 108.73 107.54 Low 112.02 107.90 106.03 103.43 (1926 Average Equals 100.) Lee Higginson Corporation Smith, Barney & Co. Eastman, Dillon & Co. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Stone & Webster Securities Corporation City Obituaries WILLIAM BAIRD LOWE Services were held Monday for Mr. Lowe, 75, who died Saturday in Henry Ford Hospital after more than 50 years as a leading figure in Detroit newspaper circles. Services were held at his home, 1818 I r o quois. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. A native De-troiter, Mr. Lowe started his career with the old Detroit Journal in 1892. When the Journal was acquired by E. D. Stair i n 1901, M r. V i '- 1 L o w e became t- business m a n- Mr-WBe aerer. and from 1915 to 1917 was vice president and creneral manaeer. In 1917, Mr. Lowe became ad vertising counselor for The Free Press, and from 1924 to 1940, when Stair sold the paper to Knight Newspapers, Inc., he was managing director. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Ger trude Merrell Lowe, and a daughter, Mrs.- William J. Chesbrough. ARTHUR J. SCHAMEHORN Services will be, held for Mr. Schamehorn at 2 p. m. Wednesday at me rresoy- i.m.. ,.ijswinv4.. terian Church I Milford, Mich. Mr. Schamehorn, 58, of 4400 Paddock R d . , Milford, died Monday at nis desk in the Gen eral Motors Bldg. A director of the corpora-t i o n's proving grounds from 1928 to 1940, M r . Schamehorn was assist Schamehorn ant administrative engineer for the General Motors Technical Center at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife, the former Elizabeth Barrows; one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Grant of California, and one grandson, Stephen. ALEXANDER WILLIAM REAL Services for Mr. Beal will be held at 1 p. m. Wednesday at William R. Hamilton Co., 3975 Cass, under auspices of Detroit Com-mandery No. 1, Knights Templar. Mr. Beal was born Feb. 3, 1864, in the old Uen. Cass house on W. Larned. He died Monday at his home, 17536 Muirland. Mr. Beal was exec utor and manager of the William Beal Estate. For many years he was an employee of Stanley B. Smith & Co., wholesale coal air. Beal dealers, of which he was manager and partner until his retirement. A sister, Mrs. Mary Beal Ste- All-Out Buyers' Strike Called for Saturday Detroit's, first all-out buyers' strike, called by the Citizens Defense Committee for next Saturday, will receive the support of a broader, newly-organized group called the Michigan Consumers Council. An estimated 750,000 people are represented by the Council, according to Sam Sage, of the Wayne County CIO Council. It comprises 46 organizations, including six separate consumers groups, several women's clubs, the Detroit Council of Churches, and other civic, fraternal, church and labor groups. TEMPORARY OFFICERS and an executive board were named at a recent meeting. They are James Hare, of the American Federation of Teachers, chairman; Sirs. Frances Mueller, of the Consumers League, executive secretary; Mrs. Betty Myer, of the Metropolitan Co-operative, recording secretary, and Frank Blake, TJAW, treasurer. In protest of price increases, the Michigan Consumers Council will ask purchasers to refrain from buying on Saturday. 1 timr- j y. $.,. s- t. This announcement is neither an oi?er to sell, nor a solicitation of offers to buy, any of these shares. The offering is made only by the Prospectus. 119,690 Shares Associated Spring Corporation Common Stock (Par Value $10 Per Share) Price $30 Copies of the Prospectus may be obtained from such of the undersigned as are registered dealers in securities in this State. phenson, of Duluth, and a brother. Frank E, of Detroit, survive. JOHX B. MIXTOX Services for Mr. Minton, restaurant operator and retired railroad man, will be held at 3 p. m. Wednesday at the Wm. Sullivan and Son Funeral Home, 705 W. First, Royal Oak. Mr. Minton, 52, died Sunday at his home, 1001 E. Fifth, Royal Oak, after a five-month illness. A veteran of World War I, he served from the end of the war until 1944 as freight and passenger agent for the Grand Trunk Railroad at Birmingham. For the last two years he operated the Twin Gables restaurant in Detroit. ARTHUR L. TYLER Services for Mr. Tyler, 64, of 14041 St. Mary's, will be held at 2 p. m. Tuesday at Moran & Duff Funeral Chapel, 8340 Grand River. He was associated for 34 years with the Michigan Bell Telephone Co. He was a member of the Wolverine chapter, Telephone Pio neers of America. Survivors include his wife, Lela; two sons. Donald K. and Wilson: daughter, Dorothy, and three grandsons. Deaths Elsewhere Patrick L. Reagan, 54, college- football-game official, in Steelton, Pa. . . . Dr. Francisco Gerardo Yanes, 62, former Venezuela diplomat and inventor of a new photo engraving process, in New York. . . . Wesley Ogden, Sr.. 60, retired vice president of the Pullman Co. and a grandson of Henry Barker, one of the company's founders, in Oakland, Calif. . . . Lieut. Morgan L. Brett, Jr., 25, of San Francisco andi Washington, a veteran of the Pacific, in Naples. Plant Police Get Pay Raise at Continental Hourly pay rates of 50 Continental Motor Co. plant-protection workers have been increased 12 cents to $1.45, it was announced by Irving Griffeth, president of UAW (CIO) Local 114. Griffeth said a new contract with the company also provided for a union shop and dues checkoff, and increased vacation and sick-leave provisions. COMPANY OFFICIALS could not be reached for comment. Continental production workers, members of UAW (CIO) Local 280, recently refused to allow the company to increase its output of clutches for the Ford Motor Co. The action was taken, according to union officials, in support of striking UAW workers at the Long Manufacturing Co. Continental and Long supply Ford clutches. TRAVELERS' CHECKS For Your Vacation Cash can get lost or stolen times hard to cash in out your vacation funds in the form of American Express Travelers' Checks. They are easy to cash anywhere throughout the world but can be cashed only by you. Travelers' Checks are available at all our convenient banking offices fust 75c per hundred dollars. 5 tm 5 5 W hi 'i.i . o y -v THE PETROIT BANK COMMERCIAL and SAVINGS BANKING Main Office: GRISWOLD at STATE Member F. D. U C Convenient Offices Throughout the City 32 per share DETROIT FREE PRESS Tuesday, August 6. 1946 " WHAT TO DO In This Upset Market? Will You Invest $i 1 . . . now to know what to do about your stocks in this market? The advlra may easily be worth hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars to you. Clip A Dollar To This Ad- sign your name and address and we will send you the next three issues of THE OUTLOOK, stating definitely what to do in these uncertain times clean-cut advice. Money-Back Guarantee If after you have read the 3 OUTLOOKS you are not satis Tied with the advice, return the issues and we will gladly refund your dollar. Oiler opts to bw readers only STANDARD & POOR'S CORPORATION 34S Hudson Straat, New York 14, N. Y. For Sale ALUiYiHlUTt WELDIHG ROD 28,773 Pounds 316" x 2" 4" Welding Wire Coated and Bare 142 Alloy Write, wire or phone for lowest prices Sonken-Galamha Corp. VICTOR 9243 LO 24 2nd and Riverview KANSAS CITY 18, KANS. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CURRENT RATE DETROIT FEDERAL SAYINGS & LOAN ASSN. 1ST FLOOR BARLCM TOWKK 69 CADILLAC SQLABE . . . and checks are - of - the - way places. some- Carry -5T August 5, 194S August 6, 1946.

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