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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 15
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 15

Detroit, Michigan
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r' 1 DETROIT FREE PRESSMONDAY. AUG. ti. 187t 50 FOR A BETTER All ROUND DEAL! 1 1 Si I 1 1 J0f' Tiger EarVs arm? How about those within 30 days or pwrchas you can buy a comparable tira or wheal for las money -fC including sarvica and accessaries than at Arrow Discount Tire Wheel Centers, simply j( show proof and wt will refund the differ-' DISCOUNT TIRE WHEEL CENTER ence. 2 Dodgers fight over news story From Page 1D directly in front of Sutton's locker when Garvey came over to speak to the Dodger righthander. They conversed in low tones for two minutes and seemed to be getting the matter settled when suddenly Sutton leaped at Garvey and flung him against a row of lockers along the opposite wall. THE TWO players went down heavily and were claw-ing at one another, trying ineffectively to get in punches. Immediately, a number of the other Dodger players, including Smith, Rick Monday, Davey Lopes and Bill Russell, tried to pry them apart. It took more than two minutes before they were able to get the combatants apart, after which Dodger coach Preston Gomez and general manager Al Campanis, who had witnessed the entire affair, led Garvey into the trainer's room. Sutton walked off to the other end of the clubhouse. Both players had many scratches on their faces. Garvey appeared groggy after the episode. "I don't feel like talking NEW WHITEWALLS NEW WHITEWALLS J20.95 19.50 133.95 135.95 ,24.50 few 37.95 126.50 127.50 BR78-13 ER78-14 FR78-14 GR78-14 HR78-14 FR78-15 GR78-15 HR78-15 JR78-15 LR78-15 J37.95 A78-13 E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 H78-14 G78-15 H78-15 J78-15 178-15 NEW WHITEWALLS A78-13 $17.90 C78-13 $10.90 C78-14 $20.90 E78-14 $21.90 F78-14 $22.90 G78-14 $23.90 H78-14 $25.90 560-15 $21.90 600-15 $22.90 G78-15 $23.90 H78-15 $25.90 L78-15 $29.90 137.95 127.50 139.95 35 home runs? From Page 1D was pitching. I guess they told him to throw me nothing but astballs, so he must have thrown me eight or nine fastballs, all in 8 row. I was fouling 'em back, fouling 'em back, and then all of a sudden he threw me a curveball and I hit the home run. I thought Earl Weaver was gonna kill himself." That Aug. 30 game was one of Wilson's big ones in 1 968, the First" game of a crucial series with the second-place Birds. Wilson not only smacked the home run, he pitched a four-hitter to increase the Tigers' lead over Weaver's men to seven games. "Jt was no fluke, that win over Baltimore. Wilson was an absolute Oriole killer throughout his career. He was 4-1 against the O's in 1968, moving his career slate to 20-6 against them. Earl Wilson's big game: The ex-Marine had an even more critical victory earlier, one that stopped the Tigers' longest losing streak of the season. Many of his former teammates have mentioned that Aug. 26 game as the turning point of the season J' After we lost four In a row in New York," recalls Wilson, "wjb went over to Milwaukee to play Chicago." (The White Sox were playing some of their games at County Stadium that year, as Milwaukee had no team of its own). "I pitched and shut 'em out and I think I drove in two of the three runs." win increased the Tigers lead to 5la games and gave them some breathing room until they could meet the Birds a few days later at Tiger Stadium. When Wilson beat Phoebus and the Tigers took two of the three games from Baltimore, the heat was off. Jiarl Wilson remembers: "The way Gates Brown used to pitich-hit was unbelievable. You knew if it got down to wipning the ball game, a man on second or third. Gates was gonna get a base hit. It just seemed like it was automatic. You didn't see too many times where he failed. Obviously, he must have failed sometimes, but I can't remember em He probably was as instrumental in us winning that thing as anybody on the ball club." Present occupation: Earl Wilson owns In-Par Corp. of Troy, which represents manufacturers of replacement parts for lift trucks in sales to the automotive industry. Kemp, Lou, Jason all nursing hurts 120.50 ai.95 a3.95 VISA BFG SIIVERTOWN $8 EXTRA HIGH SPEED BALANCING AVAILABLE about it much, but I'm tired of people saying things about my family," said Garvey. Sutton said he had no wish to discuss what precipitated tSBkwamkmkmkmmmm the brawl, "Not now, any way." 142.90 Campanis telephoned Dodger president Peter O'Malley in Los Angeles 44.90 146.90 shortly after the altercation. 140.90 50.90 MM 230-15 $67.90 235-15 $77.90 ER78-14 $52.90 FR78-14 $54.90 HR78-14 $50.90 GR78-15 $62.90 HR78-15 $62.90 JR78-15 $64.90 GR70-15 $64.90 HR70-15 $66.90 DODGER manager Tommy Lasorda, who had stepped out of the clubhouse a moment before Sutton and Garvey tore into one another, 50.90 175-13 175-14 185-14 195-14 205-14 215-14 185-15 195-15 205-15 215-15 225-15 151.90 BR60-13 $50.60 GR50-15 $67.50 ER60-14 $57.60 LR50-15 $00.50 FR60-14 $60.60 BR70-13 $51.70 GR60-14 $63.60 ER70-14 $62.70 FR60-15 $62.60 FR70-14 $65.70 GR60-15 $64.60 GR70-14 $60.70 HR60-15 $67.60 GR70-15 $72.70 LR60-15 $77.60 HR70-15 $74.70 BR50-13 $54.50 LR70-15 $02.70 GR50-14 $66.50 OR MACH $8 USS i Mis) li said, "You hate to see it hap 153.90 pen it was a spontaneous thing. They are two separate 55.90 personalities, they got it out of their systems and now it's all 57.90 over. 159.90 RADIAL BLACKWALLS SUPERCAT LETTERED NEWBLACKWALLS mm 700R15 8 $56.90 127.95 750R16 8 $67.90 29.95 4 4 6 6 10- 15 11- 15 11- 15 12- 15 From Page 1D a two-game series against the Twins in Minnesota. rWhitaker suffered a bad bruise when he was struck on the. right elbow by a pitch from Milwaukee reliever Bob McClure in the seventh inning Saturday. JThe swelling increased noticably during the night, so Whitaker was sent to a nearby hospital for precautionary x-rays Sunday. However, the x-rays were negative and Houk thinks the rookie second baseman may be ready to return to action in "a day or two." 800R16.5 8 $74.98 31.95 875R16.5 8 $00.90 $49.90 $49.90 $59.90 $69.90 $69.90 9.90 $14.90 34.95 950R16.5 8 $92.90 140.95 155-12 145-13 155-13 165-13 175-13 164- 14 185-14 155-15 165- 15 18570-13 30.95 10R16.5 8 $96.90 6 400480-8 500570-8 600690-9 147.95 1000R20 199.90 36.95 $16.90 140.95 400480-12 $14.90 142.95 THOMPSON, WHO was struck near the base of his right thumb by a line drive off the bat of teammate Milt May 450530-12 $16.90 SPLIT RIM MOUNT CHARGE last Sunday, had returned to the lineup for a couple of games before the pain and swelling in his thumb forced the Tigers' first baseman back out of the lineup Saturday. We're looking for the best Diamond Salespeople in town You must have experience. We don't ant just anybody. We want people who are capable of top level earnings. People who can sell quality diamonds. "Right now, it really hurts," said Thompson. "This is the worst possible place for it to be. If it was my leg I could L60-15 $44.95 L78-15 $44.95 10-15 BLK $54.95 10- 15 RWL $59.95 11- 15 $59.95 10R15 $89.95 12R15 $89.95 B70-13 $20.70 E70-14 $32.70 F70-14 $33.70 G70-14 $34.70 G70-14 $35.70 H70-14 $30.70 B60-13 $31.60 SUPERCAT OR MACH $3 LESS ER60-14 $49.60 FR60-14 $52.60 GR60-14 $55.60 FR60-15 $54.60 GR60-15 $56.60 HR60-15 $59.60 LR60-15 $59.60 SUPERCAT-BLACKBELT. MACH E60-14 $35.60 F60-14 $36.60 G60-14 $37.60 L60-14 $41.60 F60-15 $37.60 G60-15 $30.60 L60-15 $43.60 SUPERCAT OR MACH $3 LESS at least run at half-speed. But you can't swing a bat at half We offer fine fringe benefits, but more importantly, we offer the right person the opportunity to grow and become part of our enormously successful organization. If you have the talent it takes, call speed. Mickey Stanley replaced Thompson at first base Sunday, John Wockenfuss filled in for Kemp in leftfield, and Steve Dillard took Whftaker's for an appointment today. One hour of your time could change your life. Call New York Diamond Cutting Company 355-2300 or write New York Diamond Cutting Company 3000 Town place at second base. mmi mm mmm TAGGING THE TIGERS The Tigers had an extra passenger on their flight from Center, Southfield, MI 48076 K. Milwaukee to Minneapolis Sunday evening a three foot-long stuffed tiger that John Hiller won this weekend at the Wisconsin State Fair. The Tigers' lefthanded re 80 lief ace won several stuffed JUl Li Lr'UL' Li animals by throwing base balls, among other things. But he gave the others away to kids he encountered on the midway. "There was no way I could llitlti carry them all home," Hiller confessed with an impish grin 1 13 39 '42 Milwaukee manager George Bamberger predicted that the Tigers and Brewers will be battling for first place in the American League East in another year or two. Like so many others, Bam bereer wonders where the Ti gers would be if Mark Fidrych HURHTl 11MITTP QUANTITIES! EACH TIRE PIUS F.E.T. ti TC tio ocf WHKL PIUS IUGS, CAPS, lABOK. HIGH SPIED BALANCING AVAItABLE. had been healthy all year or where his Brewers would be if their young ace, Moose mmm nrnrnt i Haas, hadn't gotten hurt in April. know your secret I A hairpiece by any other name is still a cower-up. It doesn't matter if you fuse it on, implant it, inject it, glue it on or even tie it on. It still an artificial cover-up, you're still bald and it shows. No matter which' cover-up method you use the artificial hair eventually falls out arid you have to keep going back to have new hair added. This is costly and time consuming. The only way you can end your baldness permanently is to get back your own growing hair. And the only way to do that is with a hair transplant. The Thomas clinics have perfected the hair transplant to a simple, effective office procedure that can be done in a short time and at a reasonable cost, and most important it's permanent. Consult with your Doctor, then come to The Thomas for a permanent head of hair you can be proud to call your own. Open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.-Sat 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wl ami ae DETROIT: First Nat. Bldi. (Suit 1639) AjlUnMW 660 Woodward TEL. 962-4953 Est. 1917 40Cluua S0UTHFIE10: Northland Tower West (Suite 707) 15565 Northland Tel. 569-0435 Lou Whitaker appears to enjoy a slight lead In his race ALLIED Tiro I Wheel 21533 Ecorse W.ofPelhan Oiilr S-1Sm. 11-2 with Milwaukee second base' EASTSIDE Tire I Wheel 23(00 Van Dyke I. of 9 Mile iJiljS-lSw. 11-2 759-6655 SOUTKGATE Tire I Wheel 12554 Fort Street N. of lorthline Oairf S-ISm. 11-2 285-5900 ARROW Tire I Wheel 28818 Ford Rd. E. of Middlebelt DiilMSa. 11-2 427-4744 MELVINDALE Tirol Wheel 19741 Oil-Toledo at Outer Drive 381-1454 LIVONIA Tire I Wheel 31S00 Plymouth Rd. W. of Merrioiai OiiliS-lSN. 11-2 261-0911 EASTLAND Tire I Wheel 17111 E. Mile W. of Kelly 777-8660 METRO Tire I Wheel 14441 W. Warren W. of Schaefer Bailf 9-ISm. It-X 581-5166 ACTION Tire I Wheel 3516 Oil Toledo H. of Coddari 388-3330 WESTLAND Tire Wheel 1SS0 S. Wayne Rd. at Palmer liillMSa. 11-2 722-3144 2 man Paul Molitor for Rookie of the Year honors. Whitaker is batting .300 with two horn ers and 41 RBIs and has com 291-8444 1: 1 mitted a dozen errors. Molitor is hitting .287 with six homers and 39 RBIs and and has mSde 20 errors

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