Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 14, 1947 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Page 9
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' -* '" ••,*»rfi S TAR, .HOPE; ARKANSAS ,13.50 _.„ 16.00 -,— tot Continuous .insertions Only ra t -j!2*.-Ads. e*m in Advirace let Taken Over th« Phone For Sale . -. PLANTING SEED Wo'Rowden, D & P L 14. First ar;from breeders. See T. S Cpavitt. g-t . YEAR leeder. RdWden, Stone PL, Coker. ,SeS J.'W. ' ' iB; -JPT. . MEAT -COUNTER', , -condition. Bendrix t :;;.214 South Haizel Sti 10-flt EDGER, PLANER AND r .units. S<& J. ;.H. Ware, •highway, 12 14-31 E' SET, 'UTILITY GABI-i and Candy ^^^W^ A ? TY i iDR ^ ING - •!»<» Itili^l^&'V^ 'Angeles and Fresno, l^liiSWfe^^^ifour, : So,e How.-ml H-31 ;:'OR : ^ -and lights. Two iWHERE : money you ,' regardless-1 f ltye. vPeo^ f romaU pver-the sprtt^,:to boirroy/ frprn u^ wi|thei|r, «?rs/' or Almost:* |f»Vl|ing(tr(ey own. 'VVe .&ften ;(end f rorn ^fiiOO -to i;rtiinUtes. eustorher an heces- ^We are headquar- for CASH. -Gome and '' MkforMr.TomMcLorty S?K •* '•*'•'''.'••'•'. I Hopt iyto GO. , HELP sell -automobile and tfitdk insurance at low cost. Farmers Insurance 'Group, Neil Olson, State agent. Box- 2118, Little 'Rbc'k, A'rk. 14-61 Lost SMALL YELLOW GOLD CAMEO pin. Lost in Hope or at Rose Hill cemetery. Finder please return lo Hope Star and receive rewardi __ _ ;_/'." _ 14-31 Connie Mack Again Coming By, JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sports Writer Hats of! to Mr. Connie Mack, the grand old mari of baseball. , ;' The. 8'4-vear-old eentleman, now 1 i!>\,n l y 1 7 t u' ye ? I V as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics, is' quietly answering his -tiritics by giving i-thc Alhletic. fairs, the best brand of aaseball they have sden in More .nan..a. dozen/years. . iWis: much' -.maligned Mackmen have /wpn; six 'of .their : last eight ?ames ^including a 7-0 contjiiest of- the mighty Bob .Feller and the Cleveland Indians last : nighl. , .:-• ,-.Trny-, A's had to come from' be i.md. twice last night to Win, scor- ng the .deciding' runs in the seventh when Sam Chapman followed. a homer off Feller wilh his own our master \vith: a man on base;' ,The Detroit Tigers retained their one game •• lead over the Boston Jed. Sox.- by- shutting out the Wash-, ngton: Senators' 0-0 before 17:938 f*n nif *il . >»il»r -frmn J« n ., t ,.i. t ______ - 'i Enough •y Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 Jtty King Feature* Syndicate. •Charlie 'Chaplin recently held a ,press conference" in New Yol-k More than 100 reporters attended to ask him questions, mainly about nis politics. The occasion was the opening of a new movie in which nis ads tell us, he appears in the role of a "modern Raris Bluebeard w'ho gaily marries and murders. Up to a point, the story would rn. e . m t° be autobiographical, for L-napiin na^s married four limes and there was another exploit in w ii . he scduccd a stage-struck 2irl, who had been beguiled to his Tiohsion, and got her pregnant. She :nen was railroaded out of town but came back, disturbed his secluded neace and this time, got 30 days in jail. Disclosing her preg- lancy then, she was released and had her baby and the disclosure ensued in court of a personal character which the old public had never suspected in the wistful elf in the low-comedy hat, i shoes. Even by the barny«.v. ,,, u ,ai. code his conduct here was deplorable .for he was not generous nor ev .en liberal to the girl .and their child but stingy and mean. t ^v.- 1 "?, 81 , of , thc cnurc h weddings in : tho United States, .the marriage formula states that matrimony is a sate 'to be enered ino "soberly God , discr cely, as in the sight of In his press conference, Chaplin adverted to a familiar error of his m explanation of his failure in more than 35 years of voluptuous living in the United Slates, to b«- come a citizen of the nation which nad raised him, financially, from the status of a refugee from the economic and social squalor of the abominable slums of his native Wednesday, May 14, 1947- Most Unusual Golf Tourney Is Planned Washington, May 14 — (/T)— It probably will be the most unusual foursome in golf history. For, come Saturday, Bing Crosby, Senator Taft (R-Ohio), Hildo- garde and Baseball Commissioner A. B. Chandler will tee off together. How ment Greenville Gairts Second Place in Cotton Loop The Greenville Bucks moved into second place in the Cotton States League standings last nidht —and only a late rally by Clarksdale kept them from advancing to within a half game ol the league leaders. The Bucks broke their second- place tiw with Greenwood by beating Helena 3-1 while wet grounds kept Greenwood idle at El Dov.ido Clarksdalo mainlainc.d its aamc- ' come such a queer assort-i, a ", d r a ~, half m ai'gin by coming"from of golfers? behind I pboat Hot Springs 11-10 celebrities golf tournament. And so are two supreme court lustice, three cabinet members Bobby Jones, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Walter Hagen, Gene Tunney Carl Hubbell, Jack Dempsey and — if he can make it — Babe Ruth. The plan for this tournament grew out of an idea of Attorney General Tom Clark's. Clark, along with FBI Chief J Edgar Hoover, was worried about the rapid rise in juvenile delinquency. How could it be stopped? The best way, he figured, was to get the kids interested in something else — like sports — before they got interested in crime. The tournament, sponsored by t, pants and L he Washington Post and managed myard moral by s P° rts Editor Bas Ham, will serve lo: 1. Attract nationwide attention to the campaign to get more youngsters interested in sports'. 2. Raise money for kids' sports. It will be a two-day medal play meet, and Ham today announced this lineup for the first clay: Clark, Eisenhower. Supreme Court Justice Reed. Admiral Chester Nimitz, scorer. Secretary of the Navy Forreslal Clark Griffith (owner of the Washington Senators). Gen. Omar Bradley, Spremc Court Justice Douglas. Secretary of the Treasury John Snydcr either will play or keep score. i Gene Tynncv. Jack Dempsey Sports Writer Bob Considine, Foot- four singles. The Red Sox continued tbrir upsurge by Winning their sevemh game in .their last .eight starts, rampling the . Chicago White Sox 9,-0. Ted Williams made two of he Eed Sox' 18 hits, both homers Aided by four home runs, three of them : in .succession in the sixth' nnirig .by, Charlie Keller, Joe ,Di- ^Inggio and Johnny Lihdell, thc >Jew York Yankees opened their home-swing with a 9-1 triumph -ver :the. St. Louis Browns. : Led 'by their first base rookie son^ation, ,Earl' Torgeson, the Bostoh<:Braves. defeated the Chfca- q'^CubS 7i4 to move with'in a hrtU ame"p'f -the-tNationhl Iieague lead-. ng JBruins: Torgfesbfi.Tiarnrrioredsih. iy,e -runs ori-;two double's!, "a single' an'd- his ^eighth 'homer 'of the sea'- pn,•.'•;.'...:',. /. • .' '• • ' ' ' .,The..Si,'Jlipbis Gai-.airials heir home field no- different from ther .. panes "this season as they were blanked by Lefty Dave Ko who', pitched,; the New York Giants .to a 5^0 win with a neat two-hitte'ri With :the aid of five walks in the third inning, the Cincinnati Reds scored 'tour times and went on to defeat the Brooklyn Dodgers 7-5 in a night .game in Cincinnati. The,>sdheduled PHiladelphia-Pitts- burgh, game :fit Forbes field was postponed by/'ra'in. / Legal Notice ., , ,— — vie country and tnat he was paying 100 percent in taxes. As to his whole income tnat, of course, is untrue. Furthermore, during his rising ..yen-.-'s and his greatest prosperity, most of his income came directly frnrn the American public. The taxe-i then were so low that he could keep most of it as he undoubtedly did lor ho is very frugal, as the meafe- prness of his productions and his treatment of the pregnant girl A further fact is that, for several years, Chaplin tried to save money m his income taxes by representations that another man was his partner, -in -business. In the last year of Herbert Hoover's presidency, however, the treasury insisted that this man had returned £L ,. of the monc y to Charlie and Unaplm was compelled to pay a deficiency of $1.174,000. In 1 his belief that the United States is a sort of public fee country club offering hospitality and service to all .comers in return for money, Chaplin is obdurately mistaken. He has not learned that this is a nation of loyal citizens conducted entirely in their own interest, for the specific purpose of promoting their own general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty to themselves and their prosperity. He may be pardoned the error because manv j ---• •"others -have taken literally the eh- -iV , soon as P° ssible the league ij«»l.. . l-f. < . *»tv,l CH1J< U1C l_U !,, n ll U_ r,,. ,T 0 ,-,,-.,,,,1 „,.,! „!, '? _l _ . FOR 6ALE The City of-Hope, Arkansas, will •accspt bids ,up to 2:00 o'clock P M.,:May 31, 1947, on G18 acres of laniT situated northwest. of Hope anij adjoining ,city limits on paved State Highway No. 4. 1100 feet fronts Highway No. 4, 300 feet fronts .Missouri Pacific Railroad; sotne ,'ljardwood timber and two stock- ponds; suitable foV grazing' land or industrial site. Muy 14-21. Ghas. F. Reynerson City Hull ' REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES T«x«rk«na Rendering Pl«nf :-',• J»bon«. <J83-\V, (Phppe Collect) '^HvNof Answer'phone 8158-R alter trailing six innings. The inhing wilh a live-run attack and then pushed across Ihe winning run in the ninth. Wilford CunninRhani pitched steady eight-hit ball against Holona aiirl fiinnod ten E'eaporlers in Greenville's victory. Games tonight: Greenville at Hot Springs. IlclciKi at Greenwood. El Dorado at Clarksd;ilo. lers The Hope Bobcats came through with anolhcr win Tuesday on the local diamond, defenling North Heights- of Tcxarkann 5-4. Thc Cals scored two runs in the first inning and held the lead thioughout, until North Heights tied it up at 4 all .in, their half of thc seventh frame. With the bases loaded in this inning t'np Bobcats twice cut off forced runs at thc plate, and thc threat ended when Hickerson popped to Guntor at second. Morton hit to right 'field lo start Ihe lasl half of Ihe seventh, scoring on Westbrook's single. Gougb pitched a steady game TO--. allowing onlv four hits, while Dope Book on Razorbacks Is Released By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer Football is four months away, but the University of Arkansas has come out with its 1947 "dope book." which, with its 48 pages of current and historical sports ~in- tormaUon, may be the largest of its kind ever circulated by a college athletic publicity department. It's certainly the largest, most complete brochure that ever cams out of Fayettevllle. A "must" collection of data for spoils writers and radio fans, this Razorback bible includes the 1947 Arkansas grid rosier — of 93 nvir a statistical history of football since the sport was inaugurated at the university in 1894; statistical reviews of the Razorbacks and the Southwest Conference race of last year; game-by-gamc review of the Razorbacks' title-winning drive in story form; schedules of all conference members; information about the U. of A.'s all-time greats and Porker ahtlcles killed in World War Two; similar records in basketball and countless sidelights. The Arkansas "dope book" is different from most of its kind but right in line with athletic director — Gird Boss John Barnhill's policy of never crawling out on a limb. It doesn't contain a word about Razorback prosnects. But one shouldn't find it difficult to draw his own conclusions after a glance or two at the roster. Arkansas has representatives in four baseball leagues, but only one of its teams has belter than a seoon.-l division standing. Texarkana is leading the Big State league pennant chase. Lillle Rock of the Southern Association, Fort Smith of the Western Association and Hot Springs El Dorado and Helena of the Cottnn all are occupying By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. j lu k" . ' i-i ii. i \v 111 si ui 1 i v iiJLll ill Is \vni r 1 i i • • t— the Bobcats found Brooks for twelve SOCond <Jivisionberths. if he's recovered sufficiently from his recent illness. . Senator Falbrisht (D-Ark), Rep Arends (R-I11), Senator Lucas (D 111), Rep Smathers (D-Fla). Rep. Rayburn (D-Texns), scorer. Tennis player Fred Perry. Carl Htibbell, Cartoonist Ham Fisher. Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Glcnna Collett Vare. Chick Jilvnn.s. Fred McLeod, race horse ow'ner Harr" Parr 3rd, Del Webb, .co-owner of the New York Yankees. Rep. -Hallech (R-Ind), Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves, band leader -Fred Waring, sports announcer Harry Wismer. 'Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen Gene Sarazen, Bobby Cruickshank. (This- is thrown in for the old fogies who want a little pure golf in their golf tournaments). The Crosby-Taft, Chandler-Hildc- garde foursome will have Arthur Godfrey along as scorer. He was one of the first radio announcers to make a living heckling his sponsors. J Tl 1 T-\ j i --•— — — ^ *,».. nj j-vtuivj J-ILVJ^IIVJ AVJI UVVUtV ,?.'^«P°V, e .. ?"*• >X? lls lcd lhc J°«"ls with thre. All Interested in Softball Asked to Meet Thursday All pcrspns or firms interested in sponsoring a Softball team are asked to attend a meeting Thursday night at 7:30 at ?Iope City Hall Coach Nolan Tollett announced lo- hits. Hope "Bobcats" AB R H Russell, IB 3 i i Kennedy, SB A Wells. RF '4 Morton, C ... 4 Weslbrook, CF . ... 3 Guntciy 2B . . . •> Gouuh, P 3 LaGrone, SS . . . 2 Nix, LF ;. 3 Totals 29 5 12 North Heights 'Bears" ' AB R H Wood, RF 200 Elkins, LF 401 Young, CF 4 o 1 Groom, SS 4 Hickerson, C 4 Atchison, IB 3 Rogers, SB 2 Lambert. 2B i Brooks. P 3 Nix, RF l Total 28 4 4 Cntch nil: After ononnents had scored 155 runs on 133 nils against the Hot Springs Bath-jrs in nine games, thc Hat Springs Sentinel Record concluded that Ihe Cotton States League's "revival" season would be n run-hapDv one . . Howard Roberts, former Little Rock Traveler outfielder, is bnt- ting in the cleanup slot for El Dorado . . . Newest sports attraction at Fort Smith is auto racing. . . . L. T. Lssloy. former Arkcinsns representative in Esauire's all- American boys game, is catching for a Conway independent sandlot nine this vonr . . Jnnpsboro. which has no professional baseball but goes all-out for n semi-pro loop is installing lights at its ball nark . . . Plnns arc bfing completed at Tex- arkansas for the annnil Four states golf^ourney May 30, 31 and June 1. Chicks Splur Just as - tircly unofficial and poetic invHa- lion to the "vvrecthed refuse" of the teeming shores" of other *4U ^ hich "PPoars on the plinth of the Statue of Liberty. His attention, theirs and our own may be profitably invited to the preamble of he constitution wherein we, the people of tlie United States, declare hat this is our own country will be organized and plans made to start play soon. Basebail Standings Southern Association Club New Orleans Mobile Atlanta Chattanooga .... W. L. Pet. 23 7 .767 of i Memphis Lillle Rock .'.. Nashville Birmingham American League Club Delroil Boston Cleveland Washington WHAT IS THE C0RRECTPRICE - -10 PAY FOR A NEW AUTOMOBILE DELIVERED IN HOPE? to.be managed for the benefit her ow'n citizens, exclusively. This is not to suggest that Chaplin has slighed thc United States in his failure to ask for citizenship Nobody confers a favor on us by such a petition. It is we who con- er the favor and often carelessly and to our detriment. If Chaplin were to file a petition now he certainly would be opposed and there are precedents under the "moral turpitude" clause which could be invoked against him. As to his association with persons sympathetic with the Communist front in the United Staos. fur- _ „ lier. objections could be raised. He Boston ....: nrobably is not a Communist in the Brooklyn sense of being a member of the Pittsburgh . nnrtv but ho has b^en guilty of Philadelphia great impudence in this phase of Nl ->w York . his life among us. Cincinnati Chaplin sat out two wars involving his native Britain. In the second one he plainly evinced a certain attitude toward the young sons of the American men and women who had laughed him into riches in their own youth by his conspicuous failure to try to entertain these American boys even in the safety of the camps in the United States. His suggestion, in his press conference, that his two sons of one of his early, short-term marriages, were his personal vicars in the Third Army in Europe is a fair expression of his character. Chaplin's only memorable contribution lo the general war effort was a recording of a salute to the Soviet Armies which closed with the words, "Russia, the future is yours" Some Americans have asked why trip.' 18 12 15 14 . 15 15 12 in 13 18 10 17 11 Ifl .090 .517 .300 .444 .41!) .370 .3G7 W. L. Pet. Philadelphia St. Louis National League Club Chicago Boston St. Louis 13 13 i) n R B 9 31 11 10 10 10 12 7 15 .650 .591 .52!) .471 .500 .500 .455 .318 W. L. Pet. . H 8 .(i3fi . 14 9 12 0 '.' 9 i) . 11 12 . n in ... 10 14 ... (i 14 .GO!) .571 .500 .47!', .474 .417 .30(1 'lo some 10 million Siamese Siam is known as Mucnc Thai meaning "Land of the Free.'' we do not deport him. Although the constitution assures us that this is our own country w<. Fiqhfrs Lost Niqhfr By The Associated Press Milwaukee— Juste Fontaine, 140, Milwaukee, and Doll Raflerty, 138 Milwaukee, drew, 10. Jjos Angeles — Bobby Zander, 180, Los Angeles, outpointed Fitzy Fitzpatrick, 182 1-2, Los Angeles, Bv United Press At Manchester, N. H. — Paul's J on, 133, Reading, Pa., dcci- sioned Bobby English, 132, Boston, Rocky astel- 10. Scranton. Pa. lani, 148, Wilkes Barre, Pa., deci- sioned Billy Donahue, 15G, Philadelphia, (R). Salem, Mass. — Frankie Carson, 125. Newark. N. J.. stooped Jackie Han-is, 127, Maldsn. Mass., (3). New York (pjn'U Arena* — Pat O'Connor, 159 354, County Cork, Ireland, knocked out Lou" Rousse, 157, New Orleans, (4). Willie Odom, 14(i 1-2, New York, knocked out Tony Larocca. 145 1-2, New York. (71. Joe Roddick. 155, Paterson. N. J., outpointed Larry Fon- Umn, ICO 1-2. Brooklyn, (81." have, in our generosity, made laws which confer rights on immigrants Most of them become citizens our mutual benefit. Chaplin is' except ion. but an authority at the Deparment of Justice has reported that ho can be depored only after conviction of a felony. Should he leave the United Slates ' ever, as, for example, to visit the flesh-pots of Mexico, he might lie seriously challenged on the return RIGHT-WROWG Right living cotulsts o( regularity In our dally routine, the correct amount of sleep, exercise and fresh air combined with periodical physical examination by a Medical Doctor. It is certainly wrong to neglect one's health when preventative medicine applied at an opportune time can eliminate many unncessary illnesses. Make an appointment to soe your Doctor without delay, an hour spent wilh him today may sav« you many years ol future discomfort. Ward & Son The Leading Druggist Phone 62 Washington, May 13 — (/P) — Undersecretary OL State Dean Acheson declared today world wide understanding of thc United States — its objectives, its principles, and its hopes — would end '•foolish talk" that it follows policies of reaction and imperialism. An understanding is the aim of the Statt- Department's inernaion- al broadcass, he said, summing up thc parpo.se as: "To cover thc earth wilh truth." Ache.son testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on legislation which would .authorize a 310,000,000-a-yoar information program by the department. During the war, the department sot up a cultural and information division which now makes the broadcasts, including a "Voice of America" program beamed to Russia. It asked Congress for $31,3f!1.220 to continue those activities in ihe 12 months beginning July 1, but the House Apprupnaions Committee voted ap.ains-t giving it any funds. The committee said Congress never had authorized such activities. The measure before the Foreign Atfairs Commtitee v.ould simply authorize such activities. The matter of an appropriation to finance them still would have to go through the Appropriations Committee. While Achcson was testifying. Chairman Tabcr til-NY) of the Appropriations Committee discussed the issue at a news conference. These were his main points: 1. He indicated willingness to approve a $5,000,000 or $0.000.000 program "it it's cleaned up and they get rid of the incompetents." 2. He would nut agvec to including any money for the program in the general Slate Department appropriation bill which came up in Ihe Hu.ise today. Separate legislation such as i:; before the Foreign Affairs Committee will have lu be passed, he said, before he will agree to any appropriation. In additii.ni to supplying $219.128,053 for thc State Department for the fiscal year starting July f, the appropriations bill called up in the House carries $103,396,500 for the Jasticc Deparimenl. $191,0:57,000 or the. Commerce Department and $16,44(j.450 for the federal judiciary. _u.aai ,4 JL Protection Against Army Asked By PETER KALISCHER Tokyo, Ma y!3 — (UP) — Sir William Webb,, president of the international war crimes tribunal trying Japanese leaders, today 'asked Gen. Douglas MacArthur to nrptect the tribunal against "lying misrepresentations" by the U. S. Army newspaper Stars and Stripes. Webb, an Australian, denounced Stars and Stripes — "the wretched publication" — for its trial reporting. He said it belated the ribunal in Japanese eyes. At the opening of today's court session, the president took the newspaper to task particularly for its reporting of Monday's session. He said the story was "so :aill of gross misrepresentations that it must be rewritten to be corrected." "I know that no correction will be made, but I appeal to thc supreme commander to protect this tribunal against the wreched pub- licaiun." ho said. "I am sure my country would not huve agreed to take part in this trial in Tokyo hud it know'n that (he official occupaion newspaper would have been allowed by lying misreprcsenations to belittle the tribunal in the eyes of the Japanese people." The article to which he took par- ticMlar exception reported that the tribunal deemed he defense panel "uncpopraive" in preparing and distributing its opening statement on the Russian phase of thc case. "Thc tribunal did not accuse he defense of being uncooperaive," Webb said. "The term 'uncooperative' was not employed by anybody." The Stars and Stripes account was written by Cpl. Frank Parsons, Clifton Forge, Va. It described Webb's statement in which lie called the attention of the defense to the fact that one tribunal member was apprehensive over possible slurs or insults to various Allied powers that might be contained in the defense statement. Defense Attorney Ben Bruce Blakeney, according to parsons' story, replied to Webb's remarks by saying, "I resent them most bitterly." | Inspection of the court record showed that Webb did not use the I word "uncooperative." Just before! the noon recess he did state that "the defense are refusing to produce a certain document to the tribunal." The document related 10 the Russian phase of the defense case. There was no .immediate comment en Webb's remarks from MacArlhur's office or Stars and Stripes. o DeGasperio Hands in Resignation as Italian Head Rome, May 13—W—Premier Alci DC Gasperi handed his resignation today to provisional President En- rcu De Nicola as Socialists and Christian Democrats charged each other with responsibility for the collaplse of his coalition government. A communique from the Christian Democratic premier' s press office said De Gasperi was resigning because of Socialist attacts on him yesterday. The three party coalition has been torn with dissension over Italy's debt problem. Atlanta, Ga., May 14 — (UP) — Doc Prothro . insisted while his team floundered the first .few weeks of the Southern Association season that if he ever got vlie pitching, the Chicks wonl.l si art winning . and,, brother, the Dot- never diagnosed a toothael.it? any better. • . Last Sunday, the Chicks moved into Chattanooga, after a depressing experience in Atlanta.' Hat on the bottom of the lc:if;,ie .in company .with Nashville,. Their luturu didn't look any too bright as ihey tackled the hieh-fl-ying Lookouts in a four-game road- scries. But today, the Chicks \v'ore in fifth place and the erstwhile second-place Lookouts were in .[onrlh just a notch -above them •— and by only -n 'game and a half-margin at that. Following the Doc's prescription — the Chicks got the pitching and they won four straight over Chattanooga. The belated rounding into form of Homer Spragins, plus victories by three absolute newcomers tn Hie Chick staff accounted :'or the four vital' Victories, topped oft by Ken Polivka's work in sotting down the Lookouts on,, seven hils his! night as Memphis won 1 to 1. He held them scoreless antil ihe ninth. New Orleans' Pelicans boa I back Atlanta's challenge to their holly league lead by dumping the Crack- rs 5 to 2 and evening a -.four-game setlo. Byron Cook won his fifth straight victory at thc Pels rode out a margin achieved bv three runs in the third frame off Dc-wey Adkins. A ninth-inning homer by Atlanta Catcher Mike Ulisncy didn't hurt Cook any. The Mobile Bears, whose blood transfusion line with the parent Brooklyn Dodgers, in the most successful artery since the. Big Inch, kept five games abaft the Pelicans by winning their fourth straight from nose-diving Birmingham. 4 to 2. Roy Whitaker stopped ihe Barons on five blows. Nashville's Vols poked their nose above the cellar over Birmingham New York, May 14 — (ff>)— .Po» sibly Admiral Jonas Ingram, the new All America football conference commissioner, is -ah/ opti- •niisl. I think wo can speed 'Up the avcrngc game as much as 15 to.25 minutes by snappy officiating," the. commissioner said the other day.. . . He'll really have 'lo get some sprinters in there,- because the National .League's Shorty. Ray has spent years studying how'to'play I'ootball games faster and - Sh,pi'ty figures he's' lucky if he -can-snave: A "couple of minutes off the playing Down Went Ginty • «•• Chuck Ginty of Blackstohe,' Mass.. high school, strutik out 23 oatsmen and allowed only tw.o .hits' •igainst St. Mary's of . Milford, Mass.. the other day and managed o lose the ball game, 8-6. . . A sample of what happened to Chuck — in Ihc first inning he fanned rive guys, bat. thc catcher couldn't .'mid the hall and St.-Mfiry's scored .1 run . . . And that ain't all —in lire? games. Ginty gave up ninv lits and fanned 54 and lost two of he three . . . Wouldn't be sur- Di-ised if Chuck decided to chuck it Cleaning The Cuff In? Giants' Clint Hartung . has oocr. having stomach trouble ever since that first pitching triumph. •'Guess I got too dad blamed excited inwardly." says the'-phcnom. By The Associated Press American League St. Louis at New York Chicago at Boston Cleveland at Philadelphia ; Detroit, at Washington (night) National League New York at St. Louis '•• Boston at Chicago Brooklyn at Cincinnati Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. CoJfora States T 3 ' 1 Gicenwood . El Dorado Hot Springs Helena .-.. W L Pet. 12 3 .800 10 4' .714 9 4 .892 • 5 9 .357 4 10 .286 2 13 .133 eight-hit hurling. Tonight, the teams move around with Atlanta playing at Mobile, Little Rock at Chattanooga, Memphis a Nashville and Birmingham at New Orleans. i a barrel-like protuberance midway up the trunk. Baseball Scores Yesterday's Results: American League Boston 19; Chicago fi. New York 9: St. Louis 1. Detroit 8; Washington 0. Philadelphia 7; Cleveland . National League Boston 7; Chicago 4. New York 5; St. Louis 0. Cincinnati 7; Brooklyn 5. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, postponed rain. Southern Association Memphis 4; Chattanooga 1. Nashville 3: Little Rock 2. Mobil c 4; Birmingham 2. New Orleans 5; Atlanta. '2. Texas League Oklahoma City G: Shrevcparf 1. San Anlonio 4; Dallas 0. Tulsa 2; Beaumont 1. Houston 12; Fort Worth 0. FIND For Distress S_ymptq m rdn7 to-HWimf R " ba.fercrs Rejoice — Remarkable Ant-AclJ Rub* Hen .in™ "i. "'P.?. 0 ..'", 1 :., 1 : 011 ?' fr»m hyperacidity, tttii J. P. COX DRUG STORE. — Mail Orders Filled' — The United States hi.-, approximately 4,000,000 sets of twins. CUSTOM BUILT VENETIAN BLINDS FOR HOMES OR OFFICE FIVE DAY SERVICE We Recondition Old Blinds Choice ol' Tape and Cord ManufacUued in Tcxarkann COMPARE OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY Call or Write TRI-STATE BLIND AND AWNING CO. U23 County Avc. Phone -1520-W Texarkana, Ark.-in.sns ATTENTION LADIES Don't let Wash Day you down. Come in and do it or let us do it. U - DO LAUNDRY Phone 511 206 E. Ave. B Doug /""BTY 'Carl Bacon %w*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Inauirrlai Wiring Wirinj Electrical Repairs Phone 784 y^T^ ' \ ' f '•» ' Wednesday, May 14, 1947 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, Hp-p-E, .ARKANSAS . AW, I DO, TOO, UKE YOU, ^ > WHV D0 YOU LIKE LITTLE ME? I LIKE YOUR PRETTV BROVJN EYES AND TME WAY YOUR CURLS BOUNCE . ._ 1 By Chick Young I'LL. CALL YOU BACK IN A LITTLE WHILE, ' GERALDINE SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner *$4>»t SO**" "I u.ougni my cam head was conspicuous, but I've had this toupee three days and nobody has even mentioned it!' FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer "Okay, men—hit your 'AT* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosiei SURE, THATS WHAT WHEM TMEY START A-WAR. AND THEM GET i LICKED/ WMO GOT LICKED? we JUST HAPPF/OED TO LOSE THE.. LAST 5ATT/.E I 'I think I need & vacation, doc—this is how I feel at the officel". POPEYE i -A WASTE OF TTME TUNG-OUp, UPPER. /HILDA FOE.~A PL S?? WW'TWIS 1 ^/Bfze-AUDPur ' .TPUL.TIP/; •; --^/AN/END To THESE CHILDISH ,. RUMORS/ BUT l BETTER 1 OBSERVE THE RULES ; OF WAR AMD AD- ! VAMCe WITM A i WHITE FLAG / J> ~. ' ' /I Thimble Theater * fc & /Pepsi-ColaCompany, Long IslandCity,N. Y., Franchised Bottler: Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of Texarkana THE C8TY OF HOPE will accept bids up to May 31, 1947, on all timber or? City Dumping Grounds located at West 16th Street. QUITE WET, THANK YOU /MIS? SENORITA, (WAVE YOU MET ' OLIVE AMD -< "~ WEEMPV \!\ WEeMpy, 2EE y r BOOL- v FIGHTER.'!!-] OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE CLEVER. WAV OF CU7TIM' TH' CAT'S TOE WAILS- THEY ,Y/AAH--WE PUT A PIE RAM OF MILK IM IT TO C.1T HIM INJ... MOW HE'S USIM' A SHIELD-HE KEEPS HIS FEET IM IT.' ^••»^ VOU JIST SNIP 'EM OFF, HAH? THE WORRY WART With Major Hoopla CSUST ivlSSS tp MRS BRAMNI6AM WOULD CfikcK THA.T ANTIC?OE VASE OM ACE'S SKULL, COULD HAME IT. RESTORED, * 1,000 OM (T AMD BUY A H AUTO/—E6AD/BUT \MWlLB REMAPS A TeETTOTAL6R .THE: DOV& OFTX)MESTIC BLI6S HOVeRS OVEF2. THE MfWBE AC£ MEEDS A CELESRA. . LIK£ TU& FIRST BALLOOM ASCENSl OR THE BLSRMlMS OP- o R ? ME "*• V^U AMD vAe COULD FOR^A A COMfAlTTE • r TO OBSERVE TH&AMlWEfi APPROPRIAT < te Of C&PT. KlDp, MrXV 23,17OI ~ OZARK IKE TROUBLE, BUOZY,. NOTHIN'-BUT TROUBLE/ V!C FLINT THAT AH RESCOO HER PROM WEODIM' ftfc$ l^ £«•«« | / i . i • i w, v i w "w*-ll.t. ' JrCjff^J-jf. "-JJ |/ THAT MAN IN THK$>?F*^%| f ABU- 'FACSIMILE OF A l( WEDDING PARTY Ai:*S^iF |/-WHV DID HAT M EDDIN COPPER," NIFtY? •I'VE BEEN TRYING TO PLACE HIM SINCE I SAW HIM THE OTHER NIGHT. HE ' A COPPER. .COPPER. HE'S A PRIVATE DICK. I DON'T LIKE TME BREED. By Michael O'Malley t Rol RISHT; DARLING. PHONE ME 'ABbUT MlDNISHt. Li DIDN'T. C HER 1HAT F •• lit ttts*' K > * Jl t TELL FLINT HUNG A MURDER RAP ON A FRIEND OF MINE. IT DON'T PAY TO TALK ABOUT THINGS LIKE _.- THAT.yL/ WASH TUBES 'ft KINPfc UNDER. THE ~(, PETTIFER? WE JU'RE'FINISWNS SOUR. JOB ON, SCHEDULE- SICK.OR 'NOT.lj/ VOU'VIERE .-.SOINS-TO^WB-Y fc'NOT&FOR Wfi-fRDW MIS6)OH;.IT1L >EASYSIIPS . OUTTWEWSCHl WWTO VMT [ FORSNEeO.. 'WL1P!,HE'SI 6LW6W»S;» LOOKS LIKE LEW 'WILL "GET -*U f ' : ^ll J$ - • HI, DONALD DUCK SIPADBIE-lPADSirS' SMO1P HENRY aft »k wJlDwi) taMoA. VtSlitljtnKaZii' '*& DUi&ml bt Kliii Fimim Sjnfati By CarltAi CAR STOP WV. Kiln tntva Sin&ili l«, V«I4 ildn wuvU T ^ h*f ALLEY OOP fy VrT. Homl PUS, THIS OF- VOU TO O\)tA4 AND PtftV GVftO '. I THIWK (AN fftM>\> Kt<=> TO MitRR Kit PLftV <=>0 BOOTS BIK COULOKi'X^ NOU V»OW\ Pl« TV(-\t, Vi\V.\- SOU 'f " 'JVV-i ^im , , ' If itaifc^trfi^-S /*' -I'^l A t ' : £-"#j .T M. BiQ IL 8. PAT r ALL BlgHT, LET'S SO IN... AFTER YOU. SISTER; BEHOLD ,THI ENTRANCE. TO HE B/SSH*V/'S TREASURY.' By <*» IF THIS TURNS OUT TO ^E A TRAP, JUST REMEMBER L YOU'RE IN IT.TCy*- '- COW). WKiLE triE OUUAVOS ARE B>El|^S PAtCHEP UP 1^ 6>ROK.ENi 1QE • Y0|4 DE5ERVE PART OF THE REWARD, CLOVOD/ 1 VslAS GIAT5 GET/AY DAUGHTER fPP^

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