Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on December 4, 1958 · Page 29
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 29

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 29
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SOT LAST 4 DAVSI SPEXCER TRACT THE IAS? K. . a f g w-t 'ii'W. hurry: last 6 days: I y TICKETS NOW ON SALi FOR NEW YEAR'S EVE with RHONDA FLEMING DAN O HERLIHT ErlCM ZIMIALIST JVLS Barrv Sullivan Ptar Grentmu in, "WOLF LARSEN" SPENCER TRACY PlUTIfS AND NOStl I 4: 1 nun winsisg noiv EXTRAI HISTORY-MAKING SPECTACLE! "CORONATION of tha POPE" TECHNICOLOR MATUHETTE HURRY! LAST 5 DAYS! KIM c Kfrasil J i -w,s f.i ,f(rtltiMu.l tl TONIGHT AT 8:30 140 RACLEV AVE, WO. 2-7135 new! r:V7:TuV1 o smct ronror IIODir SUtt'llOM KOH MMII STAR GA7ANG 6Alhan' Mav Filmed Be Product! DORIS RICHARD DAY WIDMARK fYiwi.fjn!rMi. P Is TODAY AT I M THE NIW Tickets On Salt How m lot Offict Opta Onir ID i i. Ii 9 1 a MAll ORDERS MUD MOMPTIT 4T SEE IT oocLiaairjB Ritnti j' tin WO I 3711 HELD p-tex 3f0 tAUIINb WLtA! WiT A "RD OT PIUS "NO SUN IN VENICE" "Coedld Toworda Seal" By HELEN BOWER free Preet Movlt Crttle Once again I'm obliged to lead off with a reference to television, because of one performance I truly regret having missed "The Little Moon of Alban," starring Julie Harris and Christopher Plummer. Now Miss Harris, here as the lovely, luminous star of "The Warm Peninsula" at the Shubert Theater, says there's a possibility that "The Little Moon of Alban" will be made into a motion picture, filmed in Ireland. have a "MY FAIR LADY OF FILMDOM! N. Y. Timt LAST S Eiilnlrt M R Stinlnf y Trans Lux Krimf I a... m at. - WlHf BIG THURSDAY BARGAIN DAY! STARTS TODAY! Doert Open 8:45 a.m. wmam UST DAY! WALT DISNEY'S "WETBACK HOUND" fOEBIDIlM nn tl pi .Warner BROS SHOW DOO CHAMPS" AIo Visit Panama! Ik GOOD 4 Dining CT SlGGfSTONS iZZM;";"ffiZZZ;& AMERICAN RISTAU1ANT rMZZ2T2ZMZ:i or Murines it 4 7521. emnti tnrt mtt tats (at. $ C4 l,4n PRKRIHG SCHWEIZER'SE "You know they new studio here," she said. In a brief conversation back tape Monday evening. The enthusiasm In her smile and voice suggested that she wih be most happy to return to Ireland for another picture, though a long tour In this current play Is in prospect. By coincidence last week's Variety published a trade review from London of "Sally's Irish Rogue," filmed earlier this year at the new Ardmore studios near Dublin, starring Miss Harris, Tim Seely end the Abbey Players. THE SCREENPLAY was written from George Shields' stage play, "The New Gossoon." Granting that the play's title might not convey much to the average movie-goer, I can't help wincing over the sound of the picture's title and Its obviously punning similarity to "Abie's Irish Rose.' The London reviewer calls the movie a pleasant, authentically Irish Joke, directed with "breezy blarney" and guaranteed to create "plenty of iiappy - go - lucky yocks." (The American for that last is yoks or yuks!) Seely is the rogue In question and, reports the reviewer, "Julie Harris was Imported from the U. S. to play the role of the forthright young woman who -brings him to heel. Both of these young people fit excellently Into the Irish scene. SO LET'S have some en terprising Detroit exhibitor book "Sally's Irish Rogue" before too long, for another look at Detroit's Julie Harris In another delightful characterization. . Meanwhile, back at the Shubert bark stage, I went on to say "HI!" to handiome, dark -eyed Peter Baldwin, one of the professional alumni of "Teacher's ret." Peter had the role of the Phi Beta Kappa in "Teach er's Pet," who was treated so cavalierly by the city editor because the latter wasn't sold on formal education for newspapermen. We're to have luncheon together one of these days, after which there will be more to report. We'll give a cheer for veteran film editor Alma Macro-rie. She's Just won one of the American Cinema Editors' awards for her editing of "Teacher's Pet" (Love that movie!). Other awards went to the editors of "The Bridge on the River Kwal," "White Wilderness" and "Gigi" (the latter still showing at the Trans-Lux Krim). READERS will note that there are no new movies opening for review this week. This Is a good sign. It means that all the pictures In the first run theaters are attracting patronage that keeps the bonofflce receipts up to and over the "control figure." This contrasts with the weeks when pictures have come and gone like busses out of a Greyhound station. "Movies are better than ever." : .. b j I - . CTIIC, EVEN In mourning for her late fihutterbng husband, Is Rosalind Russell as "Auntie Mame." The half-mast effect of her gown Is rather more covered up when she makes her entrance in the picture than In this studio pose. The movie will be the new year laugh sensation at the Michigan Theater. Show Times QUINTET IS SUPERB Chamber Music First Is Marked Success BY J. DORSEY CAT-LAG II AX Err I'm Trill Chamber music, as played by a group of the top-ranking musicians of Detroit, marked the initial meeting of the Chamber Music Society of Detroit Wednesday night at the Art Institute. Obituaries MRS. MINNIE MAIER BUCKEYE A resident of Bir mingham for 37 years, Mrs Buckeye, 91, of 15525 Bucking ham, died Tuesday in the Mal colm-Palmer Nursing Home, 30301 Thirteen Mile, Farming- ton Township. Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Vene G. Perry, Miss Es ther H. Buckeye, Mrs. Russell B. Dawson and Mrs. Clifford Smith: a son, Garland M seven grandchildren and one great grandson. Services will be at 3 p.m. Thursday In the Bell Chapel of the William R. Hamilton Co., 820 E. Maple, Birmingham Burial will be in Joliet, 111. DR. ALLAN R. WOLFE Services for Dr. Wolfe, 44, an osteopath, will be at 1:30 p.m Thursday from the Ira Kauf man Chapel, 9419 Dexter. Bur ial will be in Clover Hill Park Cemetery. Dr. Wolfe, of 5400 W. Outer Drive, died Monday at Ziege Hospital. He had offices for 21 years at 4132 Schaefer, Dear bora. He is survived by his wife, Anne; two sons, Barry and My ron, and a daughter, Linda. MRS. TVA E. GOULD Serv ices for Mrs. Gould, 79, of 23450 Margareta, will be at 3 p.m. Friday from the Hamilton-Hoffman Funeral Home, 20740 Grand River. Burial will be in Grand Lawn Cemetery. She died Tuesday in Northwest Grace Hospital. She is survived by two sons, George and Robert M. Brun- dage, and five grandchildren. DETROIT FREE PRESS Thursday, Dec. 4, 1U58 4 I Death Notieas f mormoc r uuerai Taking part were Gordon Staples and Morris Hochberg. violins; Albert Luconl, clarinet. Nathan Gordon, viola, and Paul solo viola, In which Markle-wlcz played the added cello. JOHN E. SPARLCfG Services for Mr. Sparling, 52, director of personnel research and communications for the Detroit Edison Co., will be at 1 p.m. Friday from the Schmalzriedt Sons Funeral Home, 16625 Grand River. Burial will be in Grand Lawn Cemetery. Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Mr. Sparling, of 17667 Patton, died Monday in Ford Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Muriel; a son, John; a daughter, Deborah, and two sisters. of music of large dimensions Th T"nnl of 1 SI. 3 58. 8:0 a s iz A I Green's 15301 EAST JEFFERSON at l.acon.d.ld. VAUrr 2-41 II LUNCHEON 11-3; DINNER 5-12; Supper 12 2 AM BOESKY'S flnwt la Knliw rtirla Iwwtt. Caaalttt twltt. tflnaar. laachaaif. Cxk'all Utnat alt rto4ilt4. ftar tkeatar laacki. 6900 12t at Maitm. II 2-4 J75. BRASS RAIL.sSr taachMM aa4 Olancn Artla ajiiuM DUO Iraai 6-S 30 Artla StltM rill ir.aj 9-2 BUNGALOW Dyna Inn RESTAURANT 22117 Michigan, Bwarbem. LO M23. Ap-provad bf Duncan Hinai. FuM-Courta Sunday Dinnar, JI.S. Turliay, duck, chickan. Privata banquo rm. Daily lunchaon. 14J45 Lhrarnalt lr Caa4Hlaa4 Wl J-7676 . . fMkt" lataaa tn Waaaarlal ft lincaeai 11-3. Olaaar 5-10. liagar 10 s- U 1 4. a. 1909 I. Jefferson at Van Dyki EMltEUS Eddy SHEPHERD'S Sfm Jlawa..a'i D lunar 12.23. ttartla tt J. CWta Sandays FRISCO'S tacos GINO'S FALCON 2207 Can tt Calrmtla (Dnatawa) Ian traai 11 4 U 2 AS luNCMEOKS OlMNEtS IIOUIII Patalar arkaa. laaaaat Paallltlaa. Wl 2-6268 1243S Fart 1U Vyaa. AV 2-2660 ka tancolcn 11300 Taltaraak KE S-S01 aa Dvk, at latar Srrn t 1-232) 04NCIM MISNTLr 19901 aa Dvk, at lata- Orlr, Dining Delightfully Different ad' AaiV Faraiarlv FIASE'I 144) fumrn tt. Flna Faat lia jl JL S IlrlUuF S M'aai, Prteaa lincliHa Olanw, Caektatl laa l . . . ... i n w o Joey's Stables 1800 W Jaffanon DINNERS LUN( Idaal to, Partia and lanquata ApprOVld wi a i i ... . 1 SlkTil Tl 4-1110 fc-l LAST S DATS TONIGHT t:30 MAT. SAT. 2 P.M. A GREAT MUSICAL N. T. Tlmaa HAASII MtT SMISKAL" r- Rl tat arltlaal -k. WY.4I IllEl 4 B. . Itaw PrWutlaa PHONt QBOEHS ACCEPTED TICKETS ALSI (Alt IWITIWI AT AHUIEIT TNEATRt apm- II 44 am. 10 la pin. BRO DW AT CAPITOL "Th mW- 12 47 a 31 CIS. 8 hit 1143 nm 2 !7 ft o9 am. "Thr Brain rira"r 1 1 27 a in 211 4:65 7.;iB. 10 23 Dm.. 1 07 3 49 a m. CORONET "Mam-alla Plaall": 7 10 ri'i n m. "So Sun to Toole'1: S 30 t m mx "Marm Ora": It S3 8:51 7:02 1013 p m "Frontier Oun": 11:19 am. 2:34. 5:45. S 69 O m. M4I)lOV -TTi OM Man and ti Soa"; 11 49 m.. 1:43. 3:65. 6:07. :10. 10.31 Dm. MICHIO 4.N "Tha tt Humkh": 15:10. 3 44. 7)3 10 3 o m "fltm-mnk In Tucaon": 11 m.. 2:25. 6:60 8 10 D m. MT'SIC nI.t "South Baas A9ran-lura": 8:30 D. m. r.I.MS -Horn Pfor V'k-- 11 34. 4 ?9. S 24 O, m . 12:12 4 a m "Wolf I,arn r 1 1 07 a m . 3:')'! R7. 10 45 o m . t 83 a m. STtniO -M!!. rUrln T'aai"' 7. 10 P. m. "Th Liaht Arro.a th 8trtl": 8 :4i o. m. St RF "Maro'ir-lla Plral!"; 7 A . ' v c .. . I. 1.' t ,-4 1 .... ui. ..v nun u 8 3n d m TCI.Kr.Wn tw. n4S ah on aut iat trnm bam U II do TRANPl-I.CX KRIM "OIl"t 1:40 3:4i) S 4 7 no t 6 na IMTKD ARTISTS "South Pacific": :.)() r. m, "M1U. Strtn Taaa"? 7. 10 p. m. "Xha Lutjl Acroaa tha Stret'': 8 4 d. ra. Olefsky and Thaddeus Markie-( brought into fine focus by the wkz, cellos. I talents of the performers. If , , . I one should seek for a reason to i maintain a Symphony Orches tra In strength, it lies in events THE FROG RAM was a tax ing one, consisting of three of the more weighty works from the chamber music literature. Brahms' Quintet in B minor for string quartet and clarinet, opened the concert. The quintet is a lengthy one, with interest which is sustained only through the most excellent playing. In this regard, the music was extremely fortunate. The work take on the superficial appearance of a work for clarinet solo with strings, because of the outstanding color and timbre of the reed Instrument. DR. ERNEST C. RISEBOR-OUGH Dr. Riseborough. a lrwtrrtlfr Tivllfl fni- almnof OA Here again was an Instance ! Ar. A Wfl. 63. Surviving are his wife, Edna; his mother, Mrs. William Rise-borough, and a brother and sister in Blenheim. Services will be at 11 a. m. ! Friday in the William R. Harrul- such an this, for without the major body, there could be no ton Chapel, S975 Cass. Burial inamocr iviuaic aocieiy woruiy . wllt be in Chatham. Ont of the name. 412 -Million Teacher Hike Is Urged Detroit public school teachers want and deserve more money at least 4',i million dollars a vear says the Detroit Educa- Luconl. in his performance ticm Association. 41 ..1 1 ; iViAi artist par excellence, keepmgl.j & commiue 8et up School Superintendent Samuel M. Brownell.. the DEA re- the instrument well within the bounds of the quintet as a The quartet gave a account of the string whole, superb music. The Ravel duo-sonata for 153 W. lafayttti WO 2-7733 TONIGHT: 8:30 LA9T 10 OAYt MATINFE: SAT. 2 tM. tUHOAY AT 7.JO A HIT TAYLOI. TIMES Julie Harris to tlie warm peninsula ox ernes cpt 9 )0-9 p. m. I PHONE IIDERS ACCEPTED I violin and cello, was an exciting work which I do not recall having heard in Detroit in many years. quested Increases of from $500 for beginners to $2,900 for vet eran teachers with doctors' de grees. THE REQUEST follows that of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, in which an immediate boost was urged strength In this to offset higher pay scales of suDurDan scnoois in tne area. THERE is work which is at variance with the transparency one is apt to associate with Ravel's music. The plucked strings of the second movement have the impact of percussion instruments, with a long and beautiful melodic line to set them off. Olefsky and Staples were the The federation also requested an ultimate oal for teachers of from a $6,000 minimum to a $12,000 maximum. Brownell said he had no comment on the DEA proposal, except that it will be considered in annual budget sessions FRANK 8. McKIXNON Services for Mr. McKinnon, 59, Detroit attorney, will be at 9:30 a.m. in the Verheyden. Funeral Home, 16300 Mack, and at 10 In St. Paul Church, 157 Lake Shore Road, Grosse Pointe Farms. Mr. McKinnon, of 326 McMillan, Grosse Pointe Farms, died Tuesday in his home. He was treaa-urer of the Democratic Club of Grosse Pointe; past president of the Lawyers' Society, and a member of the Michigan and Detroit Bar associations and the University of Detroit Alumni Association. He is survived by his wife. Virginia; daughter, Jean, and five sisters and one brother. McKinnon Their travel of the 7our ,sUrttng nCxt "' movements was one of the most impressive performances of the 1 A,mi T7MI ; via Ulllt IU AJ11U Sat, Joey's Stables Kixrirs 1 Joey's Stables Reserve Now! GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE. CELEBRATION KffAVflY'Q COCKTAIL Caaiaa. UN 1 582. TM 1V1LAV V J I O IfllllJfiB la'N Dlaaw faaiaaa Sa Ea4. Caanaal hum. cast. Pari FrM.4Ml Saaaya LOUNGE STEAK HOUSE k ADRIENNE ROOM Plyataatli at Ttltaraah. KE 2-3930. Entartilaatnt llfhtly. Isnqitt Una aatanaiMjtianl ap ta 200 Cniti. PAUL'S vmmmmmmmmaMQVHTt Detroit &wmrmrnmmzmm ! ikllloictc MASONIC AUDITORIUM STARTS TOMORROW NIGHT AT 8:20 , BALLET HIJSSG FRI. Eva.: Sylphida; Ballat Imparlal; laau Danuba SAT. Mai. Swan taka; Nutcrackar; laau Danuba. SAT. Eva.; Gitalla; Sombrarot; Gait Pariiianna; SUN Mat.; Coppalia (3 Acti); Swan Laka; Gait Pariiianna. Matt. 1.45. 2.20. 2 75, 1 10 Evai. I AS. 2.20. 2 75. 1.30, I IS Tickati bow e aola at Grlnnall'a and Moienle Ttmpla season. The concert ended with Schubert's Quintet for pairs of cellos and violins and a irvrv Famous tor 5tak Ion ad Chickan Mountaia trout . , . Cocktail and Snacka l Firaiida Lounq 4IUI Plymouth load GLan. aw M10C thl Mllli Ml 4-1400 Maraaa Ftatarlaa tht avam avtalna Omm In Caacaman. Claw4 laMayt. J" -.1 . Wa4ar4 at W I ant laka 14., Ham AAAjaUy aVAiAl KiaaOit Ut Cvaim alia lm Bala . Friday ant Itar4ay ta Tha Caact R0SEM0N0 HILLS INN Stephenson Club Oanclna lahih taoar4 ttaaln Trla ili." Olnaif Ca:tall limn, alt 6-)?3 302)0 Inkitar M. 12 4 1) Ml. la it S. Narttwaitara CESARE MASONIC AUDITORIUM WED., DEC. 10 8:20 W A H H 1 11 17 D tyre Ttaor af tha Matropoltan Oparo end La Seolo, Milan tl.10, S1.4S. $2.20, $2.7$, S3. 30 at GRINNELLS and MASONIC TEMPLE 24930 StrtlMnita Hlahwty at 10 ttlla. Chaka Prlaw gtnki Sea Faat. ItaMaa 01a. aara. laaaaat aaaaaiaiatatlaaa. II 2-9196 WESTWOOD INN Al Lloyd rojoniit Iqhtly On Michigan Ava Mil Watt ot Talagraph Road. LO 1-2010 Famout tor Food. Dancing and Entartainmant. Opan Sunday 6A0 IIVEI AT 7 Milt I0A0 PHBnE KE 1-1)70 liachaan 11 JO ta 2 JO t tally Clawt laataya. Prnata laoai Arallatla. Flavt Pita Iraaalit MASONIC AUDITORIUM RESTAURANT & 5,-4S P' F"t- Wlnavr CI J-80S4 1 riBniu IflflU F,""M T,H- ' ""ty. Priea ant ELE0W HUUM $me: Stm Shawl Nlihtry. till) ynr Itw Vcar'i Ea Rncnatlaira $4.50 tar tartan, inclidu Sttak Dlaaar tmmmmmmm&m chop house wmmmmmwmmm CHOP HOUSE 11420 Jot Crnpa. TW 1523 liiKCHtOII 0iat5 "Gant u tht aatt la taat ant Irfitt lata tht rait." Eatertalaaitat Mlahtly Dantlnt fharitay aat Frltay. 3O20 CtAtO IIVEI Fraa farklnt TE )-07O0 Prl.itt lanaaat laoM hanlna tht Warit'a Flaett $ttki. Cha aat taa Faat for oiart that 28 ytara. All taat aa4 la tar awa atllara. Tha hint tt t uaall maarant that yaa attatt anS In Ptrli ttw Tart ar $aa Fraaatiea. OUSlC IT IIU1AK. 2)4 WEST LAMED HOUSE French mmmmmmmmmmmsi WINE CELLARS tmsmzsmmigmmm. greek wmmmmmmmmmmim 56? Waaraa Art. Wl 1 )044 Claud Than. Aathrntla trtct Ctaalna t Athtni Chtta latortrt triata. luttllal Prlyatt Dlalat lata 'tW&.yrsw'-'S.T?r ITALIAN w:wwwwwwwwwff t?1t itnaj I t 9.474 fatt P4KltJ8 Fanaaa ITf K-a-la ylCf ht'i aathana Diaaan CaektalH aataat. Party aat laalar'a Aaaamantttiani CI rut law HUCK'S INN tmsmmmmmsmmmm Canada wmmmmmmmmmmm i u WHITE'S GEHSEY'S jfXl 1 HOUS! PONTCHARTRAIN Grecian Gardens Vincenzo's LARCO'S DIRECT FROM MOSCOW SEATS NOW! BEMOT3ZIKA Al CrlaaallH aat Baiaala T..,l. RUSSIAN DANCE COMPANY , Mai Ptoori $3.30-$4.40-$5.50 ' lalcanyi $2.20-53 30-$4. 40 DEC. II, It, 20 1:20 P.M. DEC. 202:20 P.M. ill Irftn ta Hawtla Atfllorltm. 500 Itaitla. Eatl. UH-rnu4. ttaaiaid Eattlata TWO DAYS ONLY! Friday and Saturday Prtinflna ' "Tha 3-D Gh-I" DOTTIE "Dimples" DEAN with ir Ths Lloyd Brothers, Art and Eddie k Marilyn Fays Laura Christina Jorci Di Fei lob Ridley Plirt Othara No Movaa Continaoaa a Sfoaa Frl. I ta S p.m., 7:30 ta Midnight Sat. 7 ta 5 p.m.. 7:30 to 1:45 a.m. LATE SHOW SATURDAY The Wayne County Board of Institutions Wednesday voted to end overtime for 700 workers at Wayne County General Hospital Jan. 1 to avoid heavy layoffs. Supreme Court Tht Sunrr-mt Court WtdnnadiT de- clfli thn fnllowlnr rase: ATflrma: Graham V. Thorman: Portcll V. Fel'tman: Worlrr V. Wo-Carty Trotf V. Xnnvt: Flaloie V Oallaher: Cutlitf V. Denemore- Mrr-r v. iranklln Hntel Co- Franklin V Franklin: London V. Citr ot Detroit: Pfatf V. Ormaw County Roat Com-mimnneri: Bomri V.Bond Kirateaoel-Ball V. Sworrmv ! Ryrsl. Brin V. Spruanee; A(na Insurance Co.. Detroit, and Toledo Shorelint RR Co.: feiir V. Dealon: Both V. Bond (aooond cuae)- l- Thn ca' ot Nr-w York Ontrn! RR , Co. ya. City of Detroit were affirmed ; by eoual divl.ion. Thia mncludea the ' oniniona Tor thia conferenr. IET11Q1T SYJIMPIWIVY PAUL PARAY. conductor MICHAEL RABIN, violinist TONIGHT at 8:30 Ford Auditorium ROSSINI, Ov. William Tell; GLAZOUNOV. Violin Cenc.t SIBELIUS. Symphony No. 2 Ticket!; Symphaey loi-OMict, WO 2-441$. Ford Aadltoriam ar GrlaneH't DETROIT SYMPHONY Valter Paolo conducting AMAHL and tha NIGHT VISITORS . TV CAST. CHORUS. DANCERS SATURDAY, DECEMBER S II A.M. and 2 P.M. Ford Auditorium TlektH: $2, S1.2S, 75 Symphony Roi-Otflct, Ford Auditorium. WO 2-441 S ar Grlnnell't 752) netirhcli I' I SK99 Parklaa It lav Itallaa Sertiaitlx ttraki Ctoat ant St Faot CoelHII-EXCEALEMT F4CILTlt$ FOR PARTIES AND fANQUETS tmmzmmmmmmmmm sea food mmimmm ftl ARM auon a.. 267S E. GRAND LV0 ULMIii ,nUr " S.r,,ng Clami. LOSSTERS. Sttaka and mmmmmm. TR 28a OTSIEtS on tha halt shall and triad Mutie bv Mutat GIUNGAN'S Shrimp House 151 Seathflall 14. Clawt Haottyt. Faaita. tar FrtM Frltl $hrtt. BU a-1700 I -r. 'S1J 'W ' . 5rr J Popular Olrl mf mm yPJlIEXaTING Gil r II 't.V'?"!.'iTfT! -.ii ' '"-.' V"."' CHRIS L SCHAFER Mr Schafer, 58, of 12658 Hartwell, organizer and first commander of Grand River Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, died Tuesday in Northwest General Hospital. Surviving are his wife, Nina; six brothers and one sister. Services will be at 1 p. m. Saturday in the Fred Wood Funeral Home, 8450 Plymouth. Burial will be in Grand Lawn Cemetery. MRS. JULIA BELLAART The wife of John C. Bellaart, manager of the Recess Club. Mrs. Bellaart died Tuesday in Ford Hospital. She was 48 and lived at 4338 Arden Place, Royal Oak. Besides her husband, she is survived by a brother, John Horvath, and a sister, Mrs. Mary Ellis, Jr. Services will be at 11 a.m, Saturday, at the John K. Orllch Funeral Home, 17950 Woodward. Burial will be in White Chapel Cemetery. NOTICE THE 1 958 COUNTY TAX ROLLS AND WARRANTS HAVE BEEN DEPOSITED IN THE OFFICE OF HAROLD E. STOLL. WAYNE COUNTY TREASURER, BY THE BOARD OF ASSESSORS FOR THE CITY OF DETROIT County Taxes on Personal and Real Properties located in the City of Detroit are due December I, 1958, and payable without penalty on or before January 15, 1959. 4 collection fee will be added January 16, 1959 Avoid" standing in line. Mail check or money order with entire bill. Official receipt will be returned. HAROLD E. STOLL Wayne County Treasurer 208 City-County Building Detroit 26. Michigan Office Hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 Monday thru Friday. Closed Saturdays. P.M. 11 Hurt on Bus AURORA, Ore. CD A Greyhound bus veered off a highway and ran into a power pole. Eleven persons were injured. Daath Notices I ADDY Knnininda C . ar 83. wifa of the late Jaraea W.: molher of Mra. Kaiherine K!r-rey. Jamea. Nathan. Donald and Mra. Kay Hodaonn. Funeral at the Verhevden Funeral Home. 16.IOO Mack at Outer Dr.. Thuraday at 2. BASKIX Sarah, of 4063 Waverly. Dee. 8rJ: dear mother of Harry. Benjamin. William. Mra. Jack Goreluk: ten arandr-hildren: four great-grandchildren. Services held Wednesday Hebrew Memorial Chanel. 2995 Joy Rd. Intel ment Hebrew Memorial Park. Family at home of Mra. Gorelick. 18444 Stratford. BARRY Norbert L.. Dee. 1. of 5219 Gatei-bead- husband of Helen (nee Zimmerman I: brother of William and Mra. Ina Gore. Funeral from the Verheyden Funeral Home 16300 Mack at Outer Urive. Thursday at 9. and to St. Philomena Church at 9:30. Rotary Wedneadav evening at 8. BAYERHANNES See Schierlinier notice. BELLAART Julia. Dec. 2. of 4338 Arden Place. Koyal Oak. beloved wife of John C. Bellaart: Bister of Frank Horvath. Mra. Peter (Mary) EUoa Jr.. aunt ef Pamela. Denise Ellea. Funeral from John K Orlich Funeral Home, 17850 Woodward Ave. Saturday morninr at 11:00. Entombment White Chapel Memorial Cemetery. BEVEKLDGE Loutna D3. 2. of 1211 Calvert; wife of the late Tboroaa: tflovad molher of Mra. Norman IMaryi Hurray. Mra. Fre-Jenrk I Nell) 'ra and G-oree: eraixlmother of Robert eltr of Mr. Robert Rae. Ahre and Charlee Hand. Funeral e'-rvifei at the Haley Funeral Home. ir,0(s H imllioo at Punian. i'nii 1:30 B m. BERING Peter. De'. 2nd. of 1M99 GarfieM. beloved hnabarid of Barbara: dear fsibey of lia. Marie fiavlord, rnk and Matthew: brother 61 Mr. Katie Otili'igr. Thoma. Anthony John and Nwrhoiaa Bering: gli-o aijrvived bv nix ffrandf-hil'irBii. my.ts u o cjor-k a ndv from ihe Van Vaikenbur tloiue. ZZZhQ Grand River w. J.ah--ir Rd. and 9 at Christ the King Chun-lt. Roaary 8 o'clock Thursday evening. BONNER Agnea, Dec. 2. Ee-loved mothor of" Jeaunie and Tlioman: atater of Mra. Robert Mir and Mra. Alice Coniinf" five grainii hiioren aurvive. Funeral' ervi:e from hapl of Hammond" at Haa. Funeral Home, 24."01 6-Mile, krkiay. ai:15 a on. 10 am." at lmmatuiate Heart ot Mar Church. BURKE John T.. tieloved hutband of Gertrude: dear father of Mra. All'- Lmdakow: grandfather of Mra. Charl. fitorn-r and Litida: treat . rrari'tf ather of Butrt Stonier- dear brother of Mra. Kate Gardner tl f oiumbna. Ohio. Funeral from Thow P La hey Funeral Home. h.'JIrt Dexv tr, Friday m'initrg at 9 olrK:k St Boniface hur-o at 9:20. In-.. trment Mt. Olivtt. . . BUCKEYE ' Minnie M . Dee 2. 1958. of 15525 J.urkiiigham. Birmlneham. mother of Mra Vene fi. Perry. Mra. Ttua-il B luwon; Mrt Clifford mtth. Mia Ether and Garland M. Bu'-k-' eye; a:.o survived bv .even rrand-rhildren aid one reat rrand.on ' Funeral aer-vte at Bell Chanel of the Wm R. Hamilton Co . E.' Man Ave., R:rmlnvham T'-irMiajr at 3 p m. Interment Td. BRUNDAGE Iva E . owner wl founder of Tva K. Rrundage tt Bona. Bee Gould notice. , CAMPBELL Maxwel'on Dee e 3 958- beloved hu.t.and of F.llel M Camnbell; father of Ro'iert arid W'tliam Johnson. Fuiral ser'K-e at A!fr-d E rrobv Mortuary 12'fiO Hamilton at Glendale. Friday. Dec. 5. at 1L am. . CARNEY Josenh E are 65. tn St. Lo'ita Mo.- 1 tMnaod of Catherine: father of SiMT Joinb Maureen. Marv-knotl- Stler Katbleen. ?ietera of hari-v Mra Virinnia '-m-th of Titrminrham. M". J' an Earley r,f Davton. OHo Mra. KatM'en Har-r:nrton of ?alm. Maas. Jamet Camer 8 J. and J. Patrirk Carney P J Reo'iiem h:ri ma Jn St.-Roe a Church. St. Lout. Mo .' Wortnetdav 10 a m. Prav-r at th Wm. Va.a Funeral Home yn. WrKKlta-ard. bet- 13 14 M le Rd . Thardav 1 Dm. Interment Eoly Seoullire Cemetery. OIARBENEAU Willarn Leo Srvt"ea 9:15 ra. Thursday at the R G 4 G R Har-na Faoeral Home. 16251 Harper. CUSHTNG Dr. Rus!l O. Dee. 1. of 4S Lo'-hmoor Blvd.. Groe Pte. Wds . boloved hn-band of Mary (nee Rvan I : dear father of Fredrik R hi other of Jirn-e L.. and ore fer and x brother. tV'-eaeerl. Funeral from the Vanlwetfhe Funeral Chanel lf7r E Warren at Br'K.hire Thursday. 8:45 am. and am. fur Ladv tar of tha V Church. Roaary Wetloeaday. 8 j m CUST Helen H.. T-?. 3. 1958. at The Tnomp.on Home, aunt of Mra K. R. MvGuffey Ftini-ral service at i iiat l of the Wm. R Hamilton Co . Hn'b Caaa Ave.. Fr.daj al 10.30 am. DONALDSON Marias D. 3315 W!caet. Deaf born: beloved wife of Robert Don-' tidson Jr. dear dauahter of Mr and Mrs. Dayton Corn of Cuvahort" Fall.. Ohio: aster of Mra Edmer Garman. Funeral Thiirday. 8-o'clfM-k from Howe Petertwm Yl n-ral Rome, 22518 Michigan Ave-Dearborn. m ERB Samuel. Dear husbanrj rt Gna Mae: father of V'enia haird oi. Flint. Hn.vd. Mabel Ji arns. Clyla, of Long B-arh. Cal.. K-nnth an! George: a!o 15 grand. I,ildr'n an3 15 great-trandchiidren. Funeral f-rvWa Friday at 1 p m. from th Leonard A Turowtitj FuneraT Home. 19100 Joy Eoad. FELSNER Albert F. age 59. of 3S229 GroeaZ! 1'k Hwv.. Mt. C!emns: belove4. liUhband of Florence. Hnrch Fei-, ner: dear father of Harlan W irrandfatner of Garv and Irad'ev; dear brother of Harrv Felsner Service at Alfred W. Eprint Funeral Home. 3.'i Gratiot Ave.- Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment Forest Lawn. FOLLOWS Arthur. Dec. 3rd. 195S. of 44Tj! Imrn.v Dr.. Birmingham. Huhand of ( B Follows- ls!hr of Pfi Arthur G. Follows: brother of Er.c lollowt. of Mt. 01emns. At Bell'' Chanel of the vvm R, H million Co.. f20 E. Manle Ave. Birminr' ham. T.rno of teniae later. GOULD 2 Iva E. (formerly Its E. Ernnflagel suddenly. Dec. 2. of 23450 Jlar-rareta. Beloved wife of the la;e Valter T. : dear mother of Gorr" W. Brundage and Robert M. Brun- dare f,f Denver. Colo.: dear sistef of Vemer M vera of Bronson. Mich f alo five grandchildren survive. Funral aervi.-es from Hamilton-Hoffman Funoral Home. 20740 Grand River. Friday. 3 pm. Interment Grand Lawn Cemetery. . HALL - Mrs. Marv M., Dee. 2nd, at Tr1-lantl: beioved mother of Mrt Jmea f. Warner, of l'psilanti- dear rister of M.-s. A. S. McMister of t anrouver. B C. and Wilbur R. Mmkler of Rou-es Pomte. N V Funeral aervlcea Friday. 3 p.rt). at Truesdale Funeral Home ia Kalamazoo. Burial Mountain Home t emetery. Kalamazoo. In state at the Geer Funeral Home in Tdsi-lanti through WeSnesday evening. ILARRISON Ro.amond Dec. 3. wife of the late William, beloved mother of Levi Harrison. Mra. Mane Hinaon. Mrs. Ethl He.sine. Mrs. Irene Button iUiam Harrison Jr. and Mm Helen 'Herzfield: alo survived by thirten grandchildren and seven great-rraniVhtldren. Services Saturday. 1 p ro. at west chanel of the Rosa B. Northrop & Son Funeral Home. 22401 Grand River tRedlord). HERMAN . Oscar. Dec. 2. Suddenly. 15104 Grandvilie. Beloved husband of Vera: dear father of Mrs. Bettv Tufta, Mrs. Phyllis Innes. Earl and Alvin Waeler and M"ra. Dons Peterson: dear son of Mra Sophie Herman: brother of Mrs. Lena Schaf-fT. Josei'h. B-n. Al and Robert Herman. Friends mav call at the east chapel of Ross B Northrop & Son Funeral Home 22401 Grand River until 10 P ra. Friday. Servicea Saturday 11 am. at Roval Oak Missionary Church. 411 E. 11 Mile Rd. R O. JOHNSON Victor A., Nov. SO. 1958. 88 years. Lakeland. Florida. Formerly of Detroit. Husband of Sadie A.; father of Victor E. and Carl Johnson; three grandchildren. At Howe Peterson Funeral Home. 22.T48 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, after noon Thursday. Funeral Friday. 2 o'clock. Burial Evergreen Cemetery. KENNEDY Dorothy, beloved wifa of Wilfred, dear mother of Dennis, daughter of Mrs. Ann Oss. aister of Mrt. Beatrice Blackburn. Mrs. Mildred Christy. Harold. Edwin, and Daniej Vollmrr. Funeral Saturday 8:4a am. from A. H. Peters Funeral, Home, 1-2057 Gratiot and 9:3(1 a m. at St. Juda Church, Rosary Friday 8 p.m. KLETT . Helen L.. Dec. 2. of 9200 Stoepe!. dear widow of Frank R.: dear mother ot Winuifred Ann; sister of Gussie Levy. Lottie Ford of N .C, and Herbert Leslie. Funnral Friday, 2 p.m., at chapel of Hammond & Haas Funeral Home, H4501 Fenkell. D.A.V. Aiij memorial aervicet Thursday, 7:30 p.m. SHILLMAN Mollie, Dee. 3. of 8205 Tyler. Dear molher ot Morris and Rudolph; two grandchildren. Servicea Thursday 2 p.m. Hebrew Memorial Chapel, 2995 Joy Road. Interment Hebrew Memorial Park. Family at home of Home 6 hill man. 17685 AppoUno. rfJ'ttJa.a.awaKaj.t Vwt-e.

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