Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 13, 1947 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 13, 1947
Page 8
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No experience necessary, good incorhe start"; immediately, investment necessary Write Mr Kearney, P. O. Box "55, Shrovcport, La.. 13.31 Real Estate for Sale PRICE SLASHED $750 FOR THIS slxHo0m hou/.e at 810 South . Elm Street, lot 75 by 150, must move at saciifice, $3750 MICE^ SIX-ROOM BRICK HOUSE on South Elm, three blocks from town, three bedrooms, screened back porch, garage, concrete .driveway, lot 100 by 150. WHETHER YOU RENT, OR Iher you buy, you pjy fdr Hbuse, you" now occupy! 15 ACRES FRONTING ON HOPE- Patmos , rt)ad one-fourth mile south of city sold in- 5-acre limits, strips. Can be 280 ACRES SOUTH OF PROVING Giound, $12,50 per acre. 80 ACRES. 4-ROOM HOUSE 175 bearing pecan trees, fine pasture On gravel highway two miles west of Hope, $4500. FOSTER-ELLIS no T. Re ?L EstQ tc & Insurance 08 East Second Phone 221 _... 7-31 "i» an inn. Fair Enough C&pyrlflht, 1947 ai to tel1 you some more about the internal politics of the teamsters' Union, which has 900,000 subjects and spread-eagles thp United States riLir"** /a/'neyesterday that Dave Peck, of Seattle, seemed to have he inside position in a scramble for the presidency in this year's big convention until suddenly he ^«-S r f dit . f , or endln « the terrible general strike in Oakland, Calif 2 l 5. ecer "ber, when old Dan To- Din, the piesident, had already sent a wire from his headquarters in Indianapolis, calling it off Beck was photographed at the telephone; shouting his orders to the local boss unioneeis in Oakland and the cll ' s lele ' a Bobcat Baseball Team Defeats Saratoga "\7-7f *« ThcJH /. ope I 1 ' 8 " School baseball team defeated Saratoga High team by a score of 17 to 2, Monday afternoon on the local diamond The Bobcats touched Dildy and »* r l g u8 n T f( J? thirteen hits, while Mitchell LaGrone and Buddy Sutton held the visitors to seven scattered safeties Russell and Wells connected for three hits each and Kennedy and Morton two each to lead the Hope hitters. The Bobcats will complete their schedule this week, playing North Heights of Texarkana here Tues* d ?y 0aAftcrn ?°", ?t the High School at 3:20, and Waldo at Waldo Thurs' day afternoon back u want ads and se obits in the papers Tobin had been Persuaded; to hold up the release of us wire and the riext thing he mew a broadcaster was tellm the world that Beck had orderc 1 °, < to I* 16 anarchy and he- teamsters back to work. was fit to be tied sent Dan BUILDING, FOR miles south - on Lewls- highway. See, Bqb Nichols of this .location. 8-3t 3, "FURNISHED OR UNFtJRNISH- Barrooms, water and-lights Two ^ Rosslon, Arlc. Mrs .1 . , 13-3t Services Offered WILL) INSTALL OR REPAIR Jypttr water nnd milking systems 'l*Ji J. Copeland, Phone 31-W-ll rj JHt^ 2, Hope, Ark. 9.31 Carl Jones' 'CTRIC CO. HOUM # /? i Influprrlal Wirinf Electrical Repairs hone 784 Baseball Scores Yesterday's Results National League Brooklyn 0; Boston 3 Only game scheduled American League Boston : 4; New York 3 Philadelphia 5, Washington (11 innings-night). Only games scheduled Southern- Association New Oileans C, Atlanta 3 Little Rock 1C, Nashville 0 Mobile 4- Birmingham 3 Memphis 0, Chattanooga 0 Texas League Dallas 0, San Antonio 0 Oklahoma City (i, Shieveport 5 Houston 7, Fort Woith 0 , Mr . Tobm is old and not too well 0 G c ?" ld c ,a si 'y Pa^s a big pen- for himself, step down and let ni h f ve , . the J0b But sm ce that Oa . k 'and thing, the old man has ££} ^' S b ? cktu P and another of the old guard of giants in Washington was telling me a little while ago that, whatever else happens, you can bet your sweet life that if Beck . should now tiy to move up m the Amencan Federation of Labor he will think the loof had fallen in on him Those old boys nght and wrangle but they slick together against the young tuiks and upstarts, and Beck just , brash and made a false move got I doubt that Dan will let him become president of the teamsters now because Tobm knows that the Travelfcrs Come From Behind to Win in Tenth By The Associated Prfess New Orleans got back on vllt winning tiail as the Southern Association s nace setter last night wilh rv.,;l tmim P h over the Atlanta Crackers in a game which saw Charlie Trippi's hitmg streak snapped at 10 games Memphis made it three straight over Chattanooga, 6-0, and Mobile duplicated that feat with a 4-3 decision- over Biimmgham, lUrgely on the etratic play of the Barons In rim Ol £ cl . Same on the schedule, Little Rock fought an uphill battle to down Nashville. 10-6, with four iuns in the top of the tenth Atlanta conquci 01 of the Pels in a twin bill Sunday in Which Tnp- bat played a leading part, got °. a 3-1 lead but the Pels w pis l ° , . but the Pels wlnt ahead m he sixth, during which Manager Fred Walters hit a home iun with a man on Pete Modica! ,thcre is 'Beck in II office a fierce enmity between the noithwest .and some )vaj household in the-main in ndiana'polis If Bock got Beaumont wea'ther: at Tulsa postponed, Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No 6GG5 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark Crawford Milus , Plaintiff i VS Charlcne-Milus Defendant he Wendanl, Charlene Milus is thi a gP ear - ln this court thirty days and' answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Crawford Milus Witness my hand and the seal of said couit this 20 day of April 1947 C. E. WEAVER, Clerk °y Omera Evans, D C ' Atry< for the lob a lot of Tobin's people would be looking for woik, because llm change would be pietty much !u n change of administration, in the national government. Beck has his own political following and the natronnge or ]ob,s is what a president of a big union uses to keep his organisation intact nJ< v, vrot ? < Mr ,_ T , obln about this and ho wrnte-haclc: "I want to assure you that I am not at all disturbed or. alarmed" about Beck's aspirations "I have been 40 years m this position, which I accepted tor one year in the beginning and no one has ever been a candidate against me for this office ' '.In Seattle Beck is king Business men fawn on him and the public politicians obey him like tiunkeys. He can regulate competl- Will Steel, Att'y A'd Litem. (o&ALi) April 29, May 6, 13, 20 REMOVED FREE Within 40'Miles DEAD HORSfcS, COWS and CRIPPLES Tex«rk*na Rendering Plant Bhohe 883-W (Phone CoUect) It No Answer Phone likes, boycott interstate- com strike," and so forth Want to be ashamed WARNING ^-< WARTIWE TiRES ARE NOT SAFE FOR HOT SUMMER DRIVING OOWT JAM A CHANCE SKfci §'• pay top prices for the unused mileage in your old tires • • .TRADE THEM IN NOW equip your car with extra safe, longer wearing, high mileage THOROBREDSfy tion however he products even , in merce whenever he irkes"and""b"e- stow or withhold priceless favors at his royal pleasure, all according to law under the enactments and policies of the New Deal and the union constitution You should have read some of the slaver in the Seattle Star and the Times, when Dave Beck beat Mr .-,Tobin's time in calling off the Oakland anarchy The Star said Beck s action "demonstrates a high degree of labor statesmanship and the Times said "echoing over the nation today (asterisks) is announcement from Seattle that Dave Beck, once a stoiy petiel of pldcn-day labor strife, has made the first move that will result in breaking Oakla.nd's general " ~ J " " until you _ -- foi them ihey gave no indication that the old man had called off the strike. The fact meant nothing to them that this whole violent insurrection against popular government began when the Oakland' police gave protection to some war veterans who were delivering merchandise by truck and were threatened oy, union goons on a secondary picket line, at piemiseb wheio the teamsters union had- abolu'stely no grievance. These outfits have grown too big for solidarity and harmony Jobs, the livelihood of families, die at slake in their rivalries, and fellows who have been in .the same for 20' or 30 years naturally dread political tui novels which \\ill dump them at an age when they can't hope to start ovei. It was .the same in the White House and the departments under Roosevelt. They are human. One fine patriot bent old man Tobin's ear during the war with a proposal that they suspend the monthly publication, the International Teamser, which has been the old fellow's oi'gan of personal propaganda for years and ~., „--:-=— n ' s John Teaean and Zeb Eaton held the Mobile Bears .o foiii hits and one earned run jut the Beats took advantage (£ against n/foCF ^ ^^ Homer Spragiris blanked the Lookoutslast night on eight hits to run Chattanooga's scoieless-mmng ? °?. k V 0 V 5 Luis Alom a started fo .r, l "e Lookouts and was charged with the loss. After Nashville knotted the count finPol f in ' the " nlnth > Litle- Rock allied for foui runs m he tenth \°A ^u' Respite being outhit, 16 to 4 The lead had changed hands live times prior to that today's games: Birmingham at Mobile Atlanta at New Orleans Memphis at Chattanooga Little Rock at Nashville 9nn t rf ; achl Tg an altitude o 25,000 feet, climbers on Moun Everest must lie down for 10 mm utes after every six steps ' yeais The object was to- sav nnt e ni °M he goc ) d old war effort But also, the mailing hst of the In ternational Teamster was the old bov . s . only sure roster of the rani and file membership. Without it he would have lost his contact because he then would have had to nlo<als ' of them con u' n trolled by his secret rivals or one mies, for membership lists and you know what they would have h^l" 'i™ , Page f out of old Phone books Rosters from the grave- yaids And, even deeper, theie was the Durpose of getting rid of Lester Hunt, the editor, an old newspaperman fiom Seattle, who hates Becks tripes and vice veisa Dan didn't fall for it I want to tell you one thing more. Last win- tei I suggested that Beck might peisuade old Dan to retire on i pension and let him be president. Beck let out a horrible yell in his own Piovmcial papci, the Washington Teamster. You would have thought I had accused him of squalling behind bushes in the park fiirls, and offering candy to litlle the way he carried on. All 1 NEW TUBES' Buy tht amgxlng n«w Thorobred, I ,' • • —^ -.*, kui««v;t^ Ull, t\il said was he wanted to be president, purely a laudable ambition and Ihe only trouble was lhal H came loo soon after Ihe-: Oakland thing and tipped his mitt. But the funniest thing was that this paper blew up Dave Beck the way Mussolini's papers used to rave over; the bum of bums (Asterisks) "There is not- even a liace of the ingiate in Beck," it said ' He Would not know how to double-cioss "' Once given, __ „.„.»*;,, Guess what name is YnsT oil"t'lie masthead of this oigan of the fiee A'mencan worker? It is "Dave Beck, president." You wouldn't think they would lave the gall, would yoj? Or that :he free, American worker could be that dumb. His word is good it is never broken. umi \ Held air many t'fmtv lengtrlhon ordinary rvbbtrtwbjf v Luck's 700 Service Station | $, reet Phon*700 NOW AVAILABLE A LIMITED QUANTITY rf STEEL FLAT RIM SINKS 16 x 24 x 6 5.95 Blue Denim Bib Overalls Ansizes 2.98 pair ORDER OFFICE 212 Mbin Street Telephone 1080 Readjustment of Freight Rates Praised . Little Rock, May 12 —{/P)— The freight rate adjustments upheld today by the U S Supreme Court will mean immediate industrial <->\- pansron in the south and the southwest, Jack Murray, manager at the traffic division of the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, declared, Advised of the high court's rul-i ing, he commented: ''That sure soands good ahd is what we've been fighting for these last five years " Murray served as chairman of a iteenng committee representing j'ight states in the campaign ;6i lower freight rates in the south and .outhwest and an increase in those if the north. He pointed out that the readjusted rates would' provide- greater op» portunities for manufaclming and processing of the south's raw ma- lenals. Frank Cantrell, manager of the Arkansas economic council-state chamber' of commerce, said the rate changes ."will undoubtedly ease the slUiation as regards the south."' "This is a step in the right direction," Cantrell asserted "Indus- tiies locate hcie primalily because of resources, climate, labor and Jow taxes, and while the late changes may not directly mflu, ence an industiy to come here, they certaihly are one more factor in fa'voi'f of ,it;" Hendrix Lackey, director of tho Alkansas Resouices and Development Commission-, commented "I am highly gratified to learn of the supieme court's decision It is a:de-finite'and-first step in putting, us on an equal basis-with the north and east While the effect does not reach far enough and m,uch more work will - be necessary, it will be helpful m our pio- gram of industrial development " o PrediGtsSplit in Post Of f ice Deportment By DOUGLAS B. CORNELL Washington, May. 13 — (fly — Speaker Martin (R-Mass) said today a pending House investigation may lead to a divorce between the postmaster- general and '• the Democratic national Committee. "There ought to be- one," Martin told a reporter The Hotisp schedule this week calls for action on a resolution di- ojinmg" the- post offico and Civil Service Committee to investigate maters n its field The commit- Tuesday, May 13, 1947 Mississippi Entries Top- Arkansans .By The Associated Press. iu ~ r( ;; s more - daylight between the Cotton States League's first and second divisions today as the three Mississippi qntnes continue to press their advantage over Arkansas rivals Tne three Mississippi teams — Uarksdale, Greenwood and'Gheen- ville — turned back Arkansas' second tier teams last night , *v, £ e 1 , c , larksdale Planters won [their llth game of the season, clowning Hot Springs, 8'to 2' Sar- raille, Planter pitcher, let ths Bathers down with two hits. Good pitching also was evidenced at Greenville where the Bucks whitewashed Helena, 8 to 0, behind the firebalhng Bob Schult?, nisi down from Memphis Schultz save up three hits and fanned 13 Greenwood threw 12 runs into ohe inning, the sixth, lo overwhel/u El Doiado, 20 to 5 Moore allwed only five hits as his Greenwood mates were collecting 15. Glarksdale maintains a one and Qtierhalf game lead over Greenwood and Greenville, tied for sec- ohd. Games 'tonight: Hot Spungs at Claiksdale Gicenwood at El Doiado Helena at- Greenville. Welfare Group Told to Give Up Children Little Rock, May 12 — UP)— The Arkanas Supieme Court today 01- dcied the state welfare department to suieinder immediately four children to their father,- diem Tran- SPOBTSR —By Hugh 8. Fullerton, Jr. New York, May. 14 7 —(IP) — You can look for- quite- a tussle when the boys step out for the national collegiate' mile championship at Salt Lake City in June . . . Penn States Gerry Karver turned in a 4111.6 mile last Saturday and just did beat Jack Dianetti of Michigan State. That's the fastest college mile in vears, but Nebraska's num of near Bauxite: The 'court ruled "records" of the tee would be required to report its findings to the present Cbrrgress and submit any "recommendations welfare depaitment could not be accepted in juvenile and circuit court hearings as evidence unless otherwise supported by sworn statements'.. The Saline juvenile court which was upheld by Saline circuit court ad ordered that the four children — all boys — nine, seven, five and one- years of age, be taken from Trannum.and placed in the-custody "*" " ° f "'- welfare department The welfare department' submit:ed its- "records" consisting of memoranda as to conversations- by welfare workers with various persons nor witness at the hear- ng and other data which, it con- ended, showed that Trannum was not maintaining a "stable home" or the- children. He and his wife' v.ere separated. '' Tne . general assembly, has not authorised courts in proceedings tjf Uils kind to receive in evidence documents such as that designated b j witnesses x x x as the 'record' pi the welfare department x x All this was 'hearsay' and should not have been admitted m evidence Certainly the custody of a man's children ought not to. be taken Bobby Ginn can come close to 4111; Coach Clyde Littlefield of Texas figures- little Jerry ' Thompson can hit that mark, and Bob Rehburg. of hind Illinois isn't far be- SUpport-for the-Sports The Shreveport Sports of the him when he returned from army Afler Lade was dis- Ihe Sox decided' against duty charged, . .... _.„ paying the balance, so the Sports turned around nnd sold him to the Cubs for $25,000. to be paid if he remained with Chicago after April pnid. Lade stayed and the Cubs Texas League made a neat profit oh Pitcher Doyle Lade ... In 1942 the Chicago White Sox agreed to buy him for $15,000. paying $2,500 . - —- , down and the-rest, if they-"wanted ! Brown would bo insulted if they were called anything less than assistants. One-Minute Sports Page Don't be too surprised if Charlie Gabriel, Army's "sleeper 1 - halfback from Catawba College, Uirns up as a "T" formation quarterback ^ next fall . . . Manager Chris Dim- f g> dec insists that Georgia Abrams doesnt have any "sparring partners" in camp while he's training for Fridays tussle wilh Ray Robinson. Gjys like Bee Bee Washington, Billy Walker and Randy Walker-;. Muffin- Continue to Pace Ratters New York, May 13 —(/P)— Out- tieldeis Pat Mullin of Detroit and Fied (Dixie). Walker of Brooklyn contmued'to pace the major league batsmen as the campaign reached the-end of the first month of competition. Waker the 36-year-old veteran who seems- to improve with age tell off a bit-from his above 400 mailc last week to .397, but Mul- Iin who is- just returning to pre- wai foim following, four years in the army, has boosted his altitudinous figure to a gaudy .441". In 17 games of which he has hit safely in 16, Mullin as collected 26 hits out of-59 times at bat. o-— litical party office "Running, a billion-dollar busi .less ought to be a full-time job And the government ought not to finance political', trips around the country, under, the 'guise of officia stands, whether the postmaster general is a Democrat or Republi can. Republicans, too, he said have had some postmastei genei- ajs;who were high. in GOP political councils But in the last few years, the Demociats have made something of a practice of installing theii national chairman as postmaster general — such men as James A. Parley, Frank Walker and now Sobert ' E. Hannogan. Former Na ional Chairman. Edw'ard J. Flyrin was an exception. The proposed investigation isnt aimed only al that situation. "We. want to see if- we can't get rnprc economy and efficiency in a department thai has been running Ihe -...— UMV i..j v «.ij a cv.wiiiiiiciiudiiuna «,„„,.' t 1 V. — *~ •-'*- (.nivcn for legislation" it considers desir-- ^J^L I 0 ™."I™ on unsworn state"I wouldri't be surprised;" Martin said: '.'if. the. committee recommended that the postmaster general be forbidden to hold a high po- made out of, court, x x x 'When this so-called 'record' 1s- eliminated from consideration, as it must be, there is practically no evidence indicatin gthat the father ol these children is unfit to care for 01 rear them " $300,000000 a yeai m red," Martin said. The ' department: figures that in he: year ending next June 30, its expenses' will be $207,379,250 more han it takes in. It has suggested that Congress boost mail rates and pbslal fees to •nake up $173,735,000 of he- predicted/loss. Cotion Carnival in Full Swing, at. 1 Memphis Memphis, Tenn., .May 13 .... Cotton carnival revelers take over his gaily bedecked city tonight and et in motion a round' of parties arades and general high jinks asting five days The-official signal for-fun and rolic comes with the appeal ance of'King-Hugo Dixbn and- pretty, brunette: queen Betty Crcump on the royal barge shortly before 8 p. m. The barge, a fantasy of lights, will move up the Mississippi iivei behind a dozen naval fighter planes and a fleet of. decorated, pleasure boats andi will dock at the foot of Monroe street. With bands blaring accompaniment-and fireworks filling the sky, coronation ceremonies will be held on. the riverfront. From there cotton's king and queen, their court and visiting royalty will move to Main Street to lead the royal parade. Gov Jim McCord a i rived yesterday to join in the festivities, •o- The court affirmed a Pulask chancery order which permitted the Catholic diocese of Arkansas to close an alleyway in Little Rock} for the purpose of constructing an industrial building Jacob Cernauskas had challenged the diocese's right to close the alleyway on the contention that he used it as an entrance to his property adjacent lo lh° church'.s lots. The' court delivered only five opinions today — two of which re•versed lower courts and- one of which modified a lower court- decree Fiqhts Last Niqhf By The Associated Press Philadelphia — Bob Montgomery 140, outpointed George La Rover 1-2, both Philadelphia, non-title Cotton States Standings (10.), Cleveland — Chuck Hunter, 100 Cleveland, knocked out Artie Le- vnie 163 Biooklyn <9> n K M n o & T S , CltY ~ Jimmy Hatcho, 14 41-2 Lak o City, S C outpoint ed Levi Southall 142 1-2, Kansa< Clt\ (10) Boston — Jack fSoider) Armstrong, 132 1-2. Boston, outpointed r "l' e l^ U1Sti ' 138 ' West Wanvick Now Yrk (St. Nicholas Arena) —- Omelio Agrambnte, 182 1-2 Cuba, knocked out Billy Grant, 173,' Orange, N. .T ; (10). NT— DOC Willnms jh, N J stopped Paul Allman 159 Houston Tex (3) Piovidence R I — Duilio (The reat> Soat;nolo, ]R5 3-4 italv outpointed Johnny Hayes, 186 3.4' Rnxburv. Mass. (10). New Haven, Conn. — Julie Ko- ean, 1.35. New. Haven, drew with Harold Stme, 134, Newark N J Holvoke Mass — Chailie Noel, i, Brooklyn, outpointed- Jerry Angelo. 136. Province R I (10) Omaha Neb — Ben Mnntabana, 49 1-2, Birmingham, Ala., out- pointed Vince Foster 147, Omaha (o) Pennsylvania Pol ice. Sea rc h for Slayer Norristown, Pa,, May 12—(UP) —A special squad-of 20 state oo- licemeir combed Montgomery county today- in -search of a blond curly-haired-youth wanted for the Kidnapping, raping and slaying of five-year-old Carol TJhompson. Police said someone thoroughly familiar with .'the territory enticed the little,-, blue-eyed i girl into his automobile, and,less than an hour Jater dumped her battered and ravished body into a cistern in a secluded section of Norristown Carol and: her six-year-old broth- e *' William, were.- playing in front of their home- at nearby upper Owynedd township Saturday evening when a youth- driving a "big black automobile" drove up and Jsked the little-girl if she wanted to-go'for a ride.- She accepted,-, leaving her brother who ran to his.parents, Mr: and Mrs. William Thompson, and reported what happened. The parents immediately notified police An hour later, 13-year-old Marvin Brooks found the child's body and tattered bits of her clothing floating in-the rain-filled well, seven miles from her home. Dr. John C. Simpson, coroner's physician, said, the child was killed by a blow across the right temple with a blunt instrument. The cords of hei cotton playsuit were knotted tightly about her neck before she was raped, he said. Literary Dept. Early this spring Vernon (Catfish) Smith, currently coaching the South Carolina U. baseball team, bought several copies of Jack- Coombs book on baseball and Save them lo his players to read. The Gamecocks promptly went out and.whipped Coombs' Duke team, 9-4 But Duke came few weeks later- and beat back South Carolina Iwice — proving, apparently, that Jack didn't tell everything In that book. A man spends 23 years of his lifetime in bed, if he lives to the 'age of 70. I'* Borrow ail the money you 'want from us, regardless of WHERE you live. People come from all over the country to'borrow from us on their cars, or almost anything they own. We often lend from $50.00 to $5,000.00 in ten minutes. We never keep a customer vvaiting longer than necessary. We are headquarters for CASH. Come and get it! Ask for Mr. Tom McLarty at the AUTO CO. Phone 299 Baseball Standings Team Clarksdgle Greenville El Dorado Greenwood Rl Doiado Hot Springs Helena W .11 9 5 9 5 4 Pet .786 .692 .357 .692 .357 .307 3 12 .200 Baseball By the- Associated Press New York at St. Louis. Boston at Chicago. Brooklyn at Cincinnati (night). Philadelphia at Pitts burgh (night): American Leanue St. Louis at New 1 York. Chicago at Boston. Cleveland at Philadelphia night). Detroit at Washington (night). Club New Orleans Mobile Atlanta Chattanooga Little Rock Memphis Birmingham Nashville American League Club Detroit Boston Cleveland Chicago Washington New York Philadelphia St. Loiu's National Club Chicago Brooklyn Boston Pittsburgh Philadelphia Mew York Cincinnati St. Louis League W. L. Pet. 22 7 .759 17 12 .586 15 13 .536 15 14 .517 13 17 .433 11 15 .423 11 18 .379 9 17 .346 W. L. Pet. 12 7 .632 12 9 .571 9 7 .563 11 10 .524 8 8 .500 9 10 .474 9 12 .429 7 14 .333 Pet. .667 .600 .591 .500 .478 444 .391 .316 Rheem Aftsc Automatic le No Down Payments HARRY >isig Fixtures 36 Monthly Payments PLUMBING — HEATING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES — G. E. WATER COOLERS W. 14 .12 13 7 8 9 9 11 12 8 10 9 14 6 13 TO DISCUSS ENCAMPMENT t Litl u e Rock, May 12—(/P)—Plans lor the Aug. 3-17 encampment of me Arkansas National Guard at Camp Robinson will, be discussed by a team of officers from Fourth Army headquarters here May 20, Brig. Gen. H; L. McAlister, state adjutant general, announced today, GQRRECT TO PAY FOU A Tuesday, May 13, 1947 t^~- •w^. f) ^> KO.P.E-. STAR, HO M., , A R : K A, ^ S A S By Chick Young OZARK IKE VOU'RE NOT CONTEMPLATIMG A DIVORCE, ARE YOU VHO USED THfe CETCHUP AND f- HEN DIDN'T UT THE CAP BACK WOLL, WOULO'JA UOOK AT W.HUT;IT i ''"." is ^'«SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner By Michoel Q'Molky * Ralph Lo 'S was just climbing into the car be} CDs guessed W* i WONDER WHO vic, vou. SPEAK IN SUCH;: AMUSING , RIDDLES A, side a bridesmaid when I heard it. right about P lace hi ' smirking pan COULD BEEN ME. HE SEEMS TO KNOW 1 DON'T IIVE ON THIS sioE OF THE TRACKS, WASH TUJSBS ' tyLeiii^Twii AND CHIEF'GETS: VIOLENT W \NP JUST 8gt;aK& ; HIS PLANS AKB UPSET! SO •IF;WET^'EBEEN^ WASTING I-CAtiG6T\ TIME FOB HIM . BN TWXT LEN! REMEIAKR FIRST FEW / lALte OWW IN ^ ' IV^A, WHISPER.! . ONHEALTHS FOB DONALD DUCK By Walt Diinty COPR. 1847 BY NEA Sf BVICEl INC. T. M. HEP. U. S. PAT . OFF. COPR. 184? BV NEA BEB ' " J tf H k P^ .names are cute, don't you? • his little "But these are not visitors! They are problems His Majesty plans tp take up with the council!" FRECKLES AND HIS * FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer _ . -.. ROMEOS DOM'Tvou^i-AMY V JOKE'/ SHAHM-7~.WHY.THE WHOLE TOWN'S LAU6HIMG FREE ; LOLLIPOP WITH EACH HAIRCUT APEN'T STILL. MAD '' . HAVe A MAN- WEEK..,ARg: THEY ? t ' : (CM.OW BUT ' WOULDN'f i.r BE A HATING WEEK? "They're expecting weekend guests again! POPEYE ALLEY OOP 1947 BY NEA SEBVICE. INC. T>, REG, u. S . PAT. S^SHANV'S UNDEft His BED...BUT WITH ALL THAT EXCITEMENT^ V ToOT 7T MUST "•N THE HARBOS.HE'S.fcOT V A WHOPPINS LIKELY TO BE IN HIS . QUARTER?.' HEY/ WHAT' KINO- OF A DSAL x*EP!?5!SIi3f VOU TBVIN' T'PULl* Gie.TK.Bi. /iL/nL =, ,-T?vi HEY,' WHAT KINO- OF A DSAL S*K YOU TRYIN' YPULC, SISTER^ />OH THRCB A.1M'T MOTUIM' * / V-TAi Thimble Theater THERE AIN'T NQTHIN UISIRE.P/J-.HI5 BED.' 'DID I EVER)-, FIGHT A BULL ?? ^£.Wi tl "' 1M Ed 9 ar MortJ« Oo OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla f DOM'T HURRY HIM- TH' CLOSER HE EATS IT POWN.TH LOKIGER 'FORE IT NEE PS CUTTIM 1 .' HM/ FOR SALE; 6EOAH I SOUR LITERARY Y^-WHENi Y0D SAY IN A-l COMDlTlOM-r- A TASTES ARE /["I MIGHT BOY IT*, i „ „ .,„, i^PAWDlMG <f& DOM'T G\\1E M& PRIVATE OV^ER —- \^> \MlTHVOOR. M THAT WliNSGev/ TlGEfi _ . SO X THOUGHT /^ gROKE X FORGET VOU READ ff[ WKET1-IER. TH & THE- VA MtCKEL HAS AN) ADS OFFER,- M INSDIAM O^ IT . . OK AhO fOR. LOST WE'LL TELL TOAP 'BOUT THIS LOT-/ THEY'RE GOIM' TO SOD THEIR I LAWK] AKJ'THIS V WILL SAVE TH 1 I FIRST MOWIM'/ WORD/ OF M.V MftMlFOLD ACTIVITIES SOEELV NEEDS A I'LL CUPtrilS TC, M«V BUY it/ iS,'?''. '•-/• - f" RED RYDER i CLOSED.' TflEl/tOU S£50.1T» 1 VJlLL AKE OUD BORM THIRTV \EARS TOO SCOW - ' /. ..a, sS?^

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