Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on January 22, 1977 · Page 1
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1977
Page 1
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STATE Stocks End Down Week With a Modest Rally See Page 5, Section B MILD Partly Cloudy High 21-25 Low 10-15 Map and Details on Page 13C ON GUARD FOR 145 YEARS 1977, Detroit Free Press, Inc. I5c 6-Day Home Delivery 90c Vol. 146 No. 263 Saturday, January 22, 1977 Ions Viet Draft ('"' ;..-. - - , Q(5x ' Carter Pare Evaders Action Line solves' problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, stands up for your rights. Write Action Line, Box 881, Detroit, Mich. 48231. Or dial 222-6464 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. ! My husband was having problems with his nerves last year j and thought it would be a good idea to get away from home for awhile. In November he rented an apartment at Willowbrook j Apartments in Davison. About three days after he moved in, he had a breakdown aitd wound up in the hospital. I went to Willowbrook anl told the manager my husband wouldn't need the apartment. Even though my husband had a monthly lease, the manager said he couldn't have his security deposit back. This seems totally upfair. Can you get my husband's $180 back? O.H , Davison i I Take $155, which was refunded after Action Line called Willowbrook Apartments. H.C. Rose Jr., resident manager at Willowbrook, denied ever telling you that security deposit 1 couldn't be refunded. He said he did tell you the carpet squares in the .apartment had been soiled during husband's short stay and once he figured cleaning costs, rebate would come. Since more than month passed since husband's departure, Action Line told Rose delay seemed to lend credence to your fears of not getting money. Within month of call, you got check for $155, $25 less than deposit. If I don't get help fast I'm going to have my own home library of books and magazines I didn't order. For every one I return. I get two more in the next day's mail. This may be someone's idea of a practical joke, but I don't think it's funny, and neither does the mailman who has to carry them around. How can I put an end to this? W.P. Taylor. Well you've started in the right place. Action Line contacted Natural Science Book Club and Outdoor Life Book Club, who both agreed to cease shipments after being made aware of apparent order hoax. Mailman's the one who'd probably most like to get hand's on prankster since he has to haul everything back. Magazine Action Line of Publishers Clearing House advises that as fast as unwanted packages and mags arrive.'to write "refused" on them and stick back in mailbox. Deliveries win start awmanng i as goods start showing up at publishers. Direct Mail Marketing Association also agreed to help handle your situation after ' hearing plight. Organization will help you get taken off any mailing lists you're on. A letter to their headquarters at 6 East ! 43d Street, New York, N.Y. 10017 gets you computer check sheet at no charge. I'm an epileptic and have to go to Henry Ford Hospital's outpatient neurology clinic for periodic check-ups, tests and medication. Since last summer I've been trying to get my bills paid by the National Benefit Fund, the health insurance I carry through my job as a medical technologist. I'm getting heavy pressure from the bill collectors at Henry Ford Hospital and nothing but excuses from my insurance company. My tab is up over $30. Can you find out what's going on? M.C., Detroit. H Checks totaling $337.50 are coming. Action Line call to National Benefit Fund in New York put things in order, got bill i collectors off your door step. Spokesman for NBF said delay was due to fact Henry Ford Hospital hadn't sent itemized hilling to insurance firm. NBF said they had made at least two I requests for such listings. Action Line call to Detroit hospital got itemized bill on way to New York, checks went out few days later Last September I got a set of sparking devices that replace spark plugs from International Igniter Corp. in New York. I t!l.nj iLla nwCnMWknMAA OA VMUlh thnt AnntAtlA . I CaII I ITtl 1 1 fl P"f .-meii uicir jjci iui iiiaui.c gu muni iiiai i utuuvu iu aii iguiivu aiong with other sales I make. The problem is that the 52 sets they sent me are the size that fit only compact cars, rather than the assortment I requested. My phone calls and letters to the company have gone unanswered. For $522 I should get what I ordered. Can you arrange an exchange? B.R., Okemos. I You've got it. Call from Action Line lit spark under International Igniter Corp. and swap's been arranged. Spokes-i man for firm in New Hyde Park, N Y. blamed mix-up on miswritten order, asked that you send sets back C.O.D. via ; United Parcel Service. Company also agreed to pick up tab for i reshipping order. You can get fired up selling technique in gear before 52 sets of assorted size ignition devices arrive this week. PfT' "5 Ti SI ' " ' t THE QUESTION Former President Gerald R. Ford's 30-month stay in office has ended. Do you think he did a good job? HOW YOU VOTED ', YES, 74.4 percent COMMENTS: "President Ford was handed a troubled nation, and I think he did a fine job" . . .. "He did more of what he promised than any president I can think of" . . . "Ford did better than anyone could have hoped for" "He left the country in better shape than he got it" ... "I think he did a beautiful job for the little time he was in office" . . . "Michigan can be proud of Jerry Ford." NO, 25.6 percent. COMMENTS: "He goofed right away when he pardoned Nixon" . . . "Ford didn't do much of anything" . . . "He was an honest president, but I wouldn't say he did a good job" . . . "Iwouldn'trankhimwiththeall-time greats." TOMORROW'S. QUESTION The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has said that until Michigan voters show they are willing to pay for more prisons, he will block any further mandatory jail sentence legislation. Are you willing to pay a tax increase for more prisons if it assures that criminals will go to jail? To vote YES Call 961-3211 To vote NO Call 961-4422 WASHINGTON - (AP) - President Carter on his first day in office kept a campaign promise by granting full, complete and unconditional pardon Friday to all Vietnam-era draft evaders who were not involved in any violent acts. Draft evaders who are overseas and who Carter proposes early resumption of strategic arms limitation talks. Page SB. A funny and folksy first day at the White House. Back Page. Veteran Groups Outraged qualify can now return home without fear of prosecution, Carter's press secretary, Jody Powell, said. The pardon was sharply criticized by veterans groups and some members of Congress who said it would make future military mobilization more difficult. Some groups criticized Carter for not going far enough. T. Cooper Holt, executive director of the VFW's Washington office, said: "This is prob ably one of the saddest days in the history of our country, even surpassing the Watergate days. President Carter will have to accept the responsibility of arming our military in case of another confrontation with a foreign power." The new president acted less than a week after outgoing President Ford decided not to grant any new pardons. Carter did not grant pardons to military deserters. But he ordered an immediate Pentagon study of their cases looking toward possible improvements of less-than-honorable discharges. Powell said there are "no good estimates" of how many draft evaders might be affected by the pardon but it probably is "well up to the hundreds of thousands." This would include persons who failed to register but who have not come to official attention. There are about 12,000 known draft evaders who were identified during Ford's clemency Please turn to Page 5A, Col. 1 Sti OAKLAND VICTIM Missin o brill Is 3 mSl ' 1 I h ' Jit ' -r I 'P M 'n'm)ft''tiriffliiMnliMiiMiriiMnilftif iWtrM ound Dead. Body Spotted In Snowbank The body of missing Kirstine Mihelich of Berkley was found Friday buried in a snowbank alongside a dead-end street in Franklin Village. The 10-year-old Oakland Conty fifth-grader had been missing since Jan. 2 when she disappeared on her way home from a store near her home. There was no immediate indication of the cause of death, and police said the body was frozen so badly that doctors could not perform an autopsy until Saturday. Police said there were no marks of violence on either the face or hands. Free Press Photo by ALAN KAMUDA The body of Kristine Mi'iielich is removed from snowbank in Franklin Village DID IT FOR LOVER, SHE SAYS Woman Embezzles $760,000 BY HELEN FOGEL Fre Press Staff Writer Her soft voice choked with sobs, a 36-year-old Birmingham divorcee pleaded guilty Friday to a federal charge that she embezzled more than $760,000 from the Michigan National Bank Metro West in Livonia. Mildred Charla Wattleworth told U.S. District Judge Charles W. Joiner that she stole the money to help her lover get started in his own restaurant business. "I've worked for the bank ever since I was 16," said Mrs. Wattleworth, who was an assistant vice-president in charge of mortgage loans at the time of her arrest in November. "I knew he couldn't get a loan. He didn't have any collateral or anything." ALTHOUGH SHE was charged only with setting up one phony loan account in October 1975, through which she had embezzled nearly $764,000 by November 1976, government sources say that Mrs. Wattleworth had set up "at least four or five other accounts" as well. "Actually $1.2 million is closer to what she embezzled over the years she worked there," the source said. She went to work for the bank after her high school graduation in 1957. Besides the $100,000 interest-free loan she gave her friend to open a Fairlane Center restaurant, Mrs. Wattleworth bought him other gifts, government sources said. Among these were: A $200,000 Bloomfield Hills home for which she paid cash. A $65,000 boat, also a cash purchase. Property on Torch Lake northeast of Traverse City valued at $137,000. There's a balance of some $50,000 owing ,on the property. ,. A Rolls Royce and a Mercedes Benz. Antiques for which she paid $21,000. According to a government source, Mrs. Wattleworth told Please turn to Page 11A, Col. 3 State Police Lt. Robert Robertson said positive identification had been made. THE SITE where the body was found, off Bruce Lane, near Telegraph between Twelve and Thirteen Mile, is about a mile from where the nude body of 16-year-old Cynthia Cadieux of Roseville was found on Franklin Road on Jan. 16, 1976. Miss Cadieux died of a skull fracture and had been sexually molested. Kristine was the fifth youngster to die in a series of unsolved crimes that began or ended in Oakland County in the last year. Police vsaid there was no immediate evidence to tie Kristine's death with the other' four. MAIL CARRIER Jerry Wozny, 35, of Walled Lake, discovered the body Friday as he drove his mail van down Frw Press Alan Kamuda MAIL carrier Jerry Wozny, who discovered the body. Tennessee Flu Cases Confirmed The first confirmed outbreak of any type of flu in the United States this winter has been reported among Van-derbilt University students in Nashville, Tenn., the national Center for Disease Control in Atlanta said Friday. In the Detroit area, Tyrone Elementary School in Harper Woods remained closed Friday with 130 students sick with an unidentified respiratory infection. Superintendent George Bab-ich said absenteeism due to the illness at two other Harper Woods schools was running slightly above average Friday. A Detroit school board spokesman said there was no significant increase in absenteeism at Detroit schools Friday. The Wayne County Health Department was still conducting tests to identify the virus, described by Dr. Jane Pol-kowski as "a mild to moderate disease." She said Tyrone Elementary was the only school in Wayne County where the illness has Please turn to Page 2A, Col. 2 Fla. Fruit Shipments Cut Off AP Photo It may be beautiful to the eye, but this ice jungle was pure nightmare to the operators of a nursery in Zephyrhills, Fla., near Tampa. The nurserymen left the sprinklers on overnight, hoping a thin coating of ice would protect their plants, but Florida's record-setting cold wave lived up to its reputation and left a thick layer of killer ice. ' By United Press International The Florida Citrus Commission slapped a shipping embargo on fresh citrus Friday and one of the hardest freezes of the century further decimated tender vegetables in the "Salad Bowl" of the South. The harsh winter pulled its punches in the Midwest, Ohio Valley, East and most of the South. But the cumulative effect of earlier blows kept industry, agriculture, business and schools in distress in much of the eastern half of the nation. NATURAL GAS and power shortages eased in some communities but intensified in others. They triggered layoffs of more than 120,000 workers and slowed or stopped the wheels of education. Minnesota Gov. Rudy Per-pich ordered state offices to go on a four-day, 10-hour-a-day week starting next Friday and asked the University of Minnesota and state colleges to cut energy consumption by 20 to 25 percent. One cheering note was the absence of any major storms across the 48 contiguous states. The cold wave that Please turn to Page 7A, Col. 1 Kristine Mihelich secluded Bruce Lane do deliver mail to he five houses at the end of the street. Wozny said he spotted what first appeared to be a bundle of clothes or a blanket about six feet off the road. He stopped to investigate. "I saw a hand," Wozny said. "It scared the hell out of me." He said the girl was lying in a ditch on her back, fully clothed with her knees drawn up. The body was covered by snow except for the exposed hand and the tops of the knees. A trail of footprints led from the road to the ditch and back. Wozny immediately drove to the nearby Franklin Village Police Department where he notified Chief Frank Wilson. Wilson and the mailman returned to the scene, and Wilson brushed snow from the face and body. The clothing, a navy-blue parka and gray jeans, was the same outfit Kristine was wearing when she disappeared. The physical description matched that of the 4-foot-8, 80-pound missing girl who wore her brown hair shoulder length. Wilson immediately radioed for help, and some two dozen officers from four other area communities, as well as state troopers and Oakland County sheriff's officers responded. WOZNY, who has been driving the same mail route for eight years, said he was off his job Monday but didn't see anything suspicious Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. He said the body would be difficult to see from the road unless a motorist was in a vehicle with a high seat, such as his mail van. "Her face was covered with snow and so was the rest of Please turn to Page 4A, Col. 3 lyr ' HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiitfiMniiiaaiiwiii Ann Landers I3A Bridge 11C Business News 5-7B Classified 7-10C Comics 11-13C Crossword Puzzle 11C Death Notices 7C Editorials 6A Entertainment 10-11 A Horoscope 11C Modern Living 1-4B Movie Guide 12-13C Obituaries 7C Sports 1-6C Stock Markets 5-7B Television 12A

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