Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on March 26, 1977 · Page 1
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 1

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, March 26, 1977
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MILD Mostly sunny High 50-53 Low 35-39 Map and Details on Page 15-C METRO Stock Tumble , In Slow Session See Page 12, Section A t 15c 6-Day Home Delivery 90c ON GUARD FOR 145 YEARS 1977. Detroit Free Press, Inc. Vol. 146 No. 326 Saturday, March 26, 1977 U.S. Arms Plan May Shock Moscow Action Line solves problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, stands up for your rights. Write Action Line, Box 881, Detroit, Mich. 48231. Or dial 222-6464 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In January we found an apartment we wanted at Rosevilla Apartments in Roseville. We gave the manager a $300 deposit. A week before we were going to move in, the manager called to say the rent would be more than originally quoted, so we asked for our deposit back. She only gave us $275 back, saying $25 was kept for a "filing fee." We saw nothing about this fee in the application we signed. Are we getting ripped off? Y.H., Warren. Not any longer. Because $25 was filed back in your pocket after Action Line's call. Representative for Rosevilla Apartments defended filing fee, saying this has been policy since last October. When Action Line called attorney at Wayne County's Landlord-Tenant Clinic he said unless fee was. stated in rental agreement, il couldn't be charged. , Apparently fee wasn't penned in since Rosevilla returned money shortly after our call. Attorney said you would've been entitled to full refund in this case anyway since landlord upped rent. He said that changed conditions of agreement giving you right to reject offer and reclaiming any money given as deposit. Attorney said other renters should be aware that no landlord can withhold fees above and beyond the security deposit, unless specifically stated in rental agreement. mm GAS STLL ment as practical, large-scale energy alternative, folks who have constructed stills on farms say they've been able to produce enough fuel to handle cooking chores at home. Some U.S. cities have experimented with methane recovery from garbage dumps. Fuel has been successfully tapped for heating homes, but process doesn't appear to be economically feasible on large scale. Others wanting methane info should send $13 to "The Mother Earth News," P.O. Box 70, Hendersonville, N.C, 28739. Action While living in Europe last year, my wife and I were able to obtain American Express credit cards without a hitch. Upon our return to the U.S. we were told to destroy the cards and that new ones would be issued from their Phoenix office. I received mine, but my wife never got hers despite several letters asking for it. The cards are due to expire in June. Don't you think we should get some money back? A.S., Flushing. Sure do. So does American Express after Action Line's call. Additional $10 paid for wife's charge card is being returned. Spokesman apologized for inconvenience, said information on wife was inadvertantly dropped from file when you moved back to U.S. Some mix-up with addresses compounded confusion, but rep said refund check would go out promptly. Action I work at the Center for Human Development In Mt. Pleasant. We'd like to decorate the walls in some of the cottages and have decided large cartoon character decals would be best. I don't really know where to get them. I'm sure the handicapped children here at the center would be pleased if you help. Can you? H.H., Mt. Pleasant. , Welcome Mickey Mouse, Goofy and whole Disney gang. Call to Walt Disney World in Florida led Action l ine to licensed Disney merchant, Priss Prints, in Cincinnati. Firm is sending you catalog which lists decals of 12 Disney characters. They come in different sizes, with Goofy the largest, 33 inches by 63 inches, and range in cost between $2 and $7. Same characters are available in Detroit-area stores, including Kiddie-Land's six metro-area branches, Baby World 'N Teens in Clawson and in Hudson's stores which have furniture departments. ' " 1 HOW YOU VOTED YES, 85.7 percent. COMMENTS: "Why prolong the unbearable agony?" . . . "It's their life, not the doctor's" . . . "It sure saves a lot of heartache for the other people involved" . . . "We should follow California's example and institute the 'living will "... "Why should my life savings go to a hospital instead of my wife?" . . . "Why put off the inevitable?" NO, 14.3 percent. COMMENTS: "If God wants me to suffer before I die I consider it a privilege" . . . "No one is terminally ill until they die" . . . "The person could be so sick that they don't know what they are saying" . . . "I've seen too many people recover from 'terminally ill' situations" ... . "God gave life and only God has the right to take it." TOMORROW'S QUESTION President Carter said this week that if Vietnam acts in good faith to account for Americans missing in Indochina, he believes the U.S. should normalize relations with the country. Do you favor the president's suggestion? To vote YES Call 961-3211 I'm interested in building a still -for making methane gas, not moonshine. Since I live on a farm, I have an abundance of plant and animal waste to use. I don't have any idea where to get blueprints for a still. Do you? E.H., Grand Rapids. Everything you want to know about methane making is on way. Package of materials on methane conversion, including plans to build variety of stills, is compliments of "The Mother Earth News" in Hendersonville, N.C. Idea of making methane from plant and animal waste has been around since 1900 when it was tried in India. Although not considered by U.S. govern Line Line THE QUESTION The latest Harris Survey shows that a majority of Americans believe terminally ill people have the right to tell their doctors to let them die. Do you support the patient's right to die? To vote NO Call 961-4422 by james McCartney Free Press Washington Staff WASHINGTON - State Department official's disclosed details Friday of a five-point "comprehensive" arms control plan President Carter intends to present to the Russians. The plan includes, for the first time, restraints on the development of the controversial U.S. cruise missile and other major weapons systems on both sides. The president has apparently directed Secretary of State Cyrus Vance to present the plan to the Soviets as a "take it or leave it" package. It is an approach virtually guaran- Ex-Leader Of Congo Executed By Junta From AP and DPI BRAZZAVILLE, Congo Republic Ex-President Al-phonse Massamba-Debat vas executed Friday for plotting the March 18 assassination of President Marien Ngouabi. The execution fueled speculation that the stage is being set for a tribal bloodbath in the Congo. The government radio, between broadcasts of the Internationale, said the only way to deal with counter-revolutionaries "is to cut off their heads." It w a s not known whether this method actually was used on Massamba-Debat. ANNOUNCEMENT of the execution was made by the ruling military committee, led by Maj. Sassou Nguesso, and also including 10 other members of the Mboschi and other northern Congo tribes. The military tribunal also passed a death sentence in absentia against former Army C a p t. Barthelemy Kikadidi and an unnamed accomplice for being among the four men who shot Ngouabi March 18 in an abortive coup bid. Two of the four were killed on the spot. Kikadidi and the other man are still at large despite a week-long manhunt. The announcement by the military committee which took power in the former French Congo after Ngouabi's assassination made no mention of sentences passed on the killers of Emile Cardinal Biayenda, who was murdered Wednesday. The Junta said Thursday that three members of Ngouabi's family had killed Cardinal Biayenda, the archbishop of Brazzaville and at 50 the youngest black prince of the Roman Catholic Church, and that the killers would receive the "same punishment" as Ngouabi's assassins. Massamba-Debat, Kikadidi and Cardinal Biayenda were members of the southern Lari tribe. Ngouabi was a member of the northern Koyou tribe, which belongs to the Mboschi tribal family. Veteran observers said they fear the latest execution and the killings of the cardinal and Ngouabi are part of the same violent spiral that left hundreds of northerners and southerners dead in intertribal bloodshed in 1959, on the eve of the Congo's independence from France. The observers said revenge against Laris probably will escalate now since the Mboschis hold the reins of power. The Congo is the western neighbor of Zaire, formerly the Belgian Congo. Massamba-Debat served as president from 1963 until being Please turn to Page 3A, Col. 4 Mich. Woman Tells Ideas On Energy to Carter Staff WASHINGTON - (AP) - A housewife from Michigan and 18 other private citizens Friday gave federal officials their views of how to deal with the energy crisis. The Michigan woman, Elizabeth Howell of Pinckney, said the biggest problem the government has in devising an energy policy is one of trust. "I don't think the people can be depended on to conserve energy," she said. "They believe the whole thing is a put-up job to increase prices." At the invitation of the White House, Mrs. Howell and the 18 others spent more than three hours exchanging opinions and suggestions with government officials responsible omeone Pro Of 4 A hockey teammate says thy King. He is wearing miMi ' ' MMflmii Mm Don't Drink 'Fonz ' Counsels IplBliliHili! :,:ik..;-::iv. AP Photo Henry Winkler talks to the Senate subcommittee by phone from California after TV statement. "People . . . believe the whole thing is a put-up job to increase prices for drawing up President Carter's planned April 20 energy message to Congress. Near the end, Carter's' energy chief, James R. Schlesin-' ger, joined the meeting. He said that no matter what is included in the Carter energy plan, many persons will feel they are being asked to suffer too many hardships. "One man's reassurance is American Cruise teed to throw the Russians into consternation. If accepted, however, the plan would fundamentally change the character of the seven-year-old strategic arms negotiations. Arms control talks would be launched on a new path which could eventually sharply reduce the number of missiles, bombers and nuclear warheads on each side an achievement that so far has eluded arms control negotiations. In effect, the president plans to use the promise of curbs on the cruise missile as bait Children, Police his last goodby to Timo- a team jacket the same SENATE TESTIMONY -Elizabeth Howell another man's Schlesinger. threat," said SCHLESINGER also told the group that the administration was opposed to the development of plutoniunt fuel sys-t e m s for nuclear power reactors but would go along with construction of more conventional uranium reactors. Please turn to Page 9A, Col. 1 Missile Is the Bait to encourage the Russians to nuclear arms reductions. Key advisers accompanying Vance on the eight-day trip to the Soviet Union and Western Europe starting Friday night conceded that the secretary may face stern Soviet questioning about the human rights issue, which Carter has stressed in recent weeks. However, Carter told a group of media executives before Vance departed that "a good spirit" surrounds the mission. Carter tectmg Free Press Photo by IRA ROSENBERG kind worn by Timothy when he was last seen alive and when his body was found Tuesday night. From UPI and AP WASHINGTON Speaking from California by closed-circuit television with teeny hoppers squealing in the background, "the Fonz" told senators Friday that he does not drink ar.d neither should the youngsters who idolize him. He said one highball knocked him for a loop at his senior prom. "I don't drink alcohol," he said. "I don't like it in my body. I used to chug water. "Think of yourself as a garden. Think of yourself in terms of what it is you want to do. Think of yourself in respect." Henry Winkler, the actor who portrays the supercool, good-hearted young 1950s hood on television's "Happy Days," testifed by taped TV presentation and live microphone to a Senate hearing on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse among the young. The oak-paneled n earing room of the Senate's subcommittee on alcohol and, drug abuse looked more like a high school auditorium as the videotaped Winkler spoke from Santa Rosa, Calif., where he is making a film. ON THE SCREENS, the youngsters jammed into the . hearing room saw not Fonzie's slicked-down hair, black leather jacket - and white T-shirt, but a man with long, casually styled hair, a brown cotton jacket,, a checkered shirt and cable-knit sweater. They heard him say: "You must be in possession of your- seli in order to realize your dreams. "It makes me very sad when I think of young people destroying their consciousness before they develop it." With young girls shrieking in the background and cars roaring past the set, Winkler said: "I've wanted this for a long time my career and I could not have had it if I was not in control of myself. "Teenagers should just know that they themselves Please turn to Page 8A, Col. 5 53. Ann Landers Billy Graham Bridge Business News Classified Comics Crossword Puzzle Death Notices Editorials 15A 16C I3C 12- I4A 8-12C 13- 15C 13C 8C 6A accept overall Mallett to Direct City Bus System, Make $90,000 CONRAD "... I money." I. MALLETT: will keep the Entertainment 6-7C Horoscope 13C Modern Living 1-6B Movie Guide 14-15C Names and Faces 16C Obituaries HA Sports 1-8C Stock Markets 12-14A Television 7B said the Soviets have placed "no pre-conditions" on the trip. His program will be presented to top Soviet leaders Monday by Vance, who will meet with Russian officials through Wednesday. Officials insisted that alls signs indicate the Russians are still ready to talk seriously about arms control. The five-point "comprehensive" arms control package, according to the officials, would include: Restraints on development of the cruise missile, a low-flying pilotless aircraft which Please turn to Page 1IA, Col. 5 Slayer Insist Tim King's Funeral Watched Jifore pictures on Back Page BY JANE BRIGGS-BUNTING Free Press Staff Writer Police hunting the killer of Timothy King and three other south Oakland County children said Friday that they believe he is known and is being protected by someone. They pleaded with the protector to step forward and reveal the killer's identity. "No individual could have kept four children for varying lengths of time without someone knowing some relative, some friend," said Birmingham Police Chief Jerry Tobin. "He must go through periods when he's not normal and his loved ones are reluctant to report it," Tobin said. "But we've lost four lives because of their reluctance." Tobin said the protector might be "an attorney, a doctor, a wife, a mother." A FUNERAL mass was said Friday for the 11 -year -old Birmingham boy whose body Please turn to Page 11 A, Col. 1 New police sketch of suspect shows a different hair styling. BY WILLIAM J. MITCHELL City-County Bureau Chief Wayne County Commissioner Conrad L. Mallett was appointed by Mayor Young Friday as acting director of D e t r o i t's Department of Transportation. Mallett, who was paid more than $45,000 earlier this year in exchange for his resignation from Wayne County Community College, said Friday he will keep his $16,190-a-year, part-time county post while working full-time for the city at $40,500 a year. With the settlement from WCCC, the county board pay and the city salary for the remaining nine months of 1977, Mallett stands to be paid more than $90,000 this year. THIS APPARENTLY gives Mallett the highest income ' from public funds of any OliU cial in the state. His income from the three sources far exceeds the highest single salary for a public employe , in Michigan, the $71,429 a year paid University of Michigan President Robben Flem-' ing. Money paid to Mallett by Please turn to Page 11A, Col. 1 A'

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