Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1947 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 29, 1947
Page 7
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HOfrE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, December 29, 1947 i rfl « *• i ' ' I j- * . * ' *//%"V ) ,',('•'•••"!»•' ' I and lersonal JV* •'•'-, t . ^ ._ i :ft*t**flfl 9 A. M, Q^K! 4 P. M Calendar will Monday., evening , _ .j uhtil 7 ten-thirty Jhftrpetir. officers arid dl* H»""0&Kyler, effrK*. Mr, MiV and ey^Mr: and- Mrs 1 , Miss S&y\ " •*• tecd oti Friday,,December 28 at the h6me of the officiating minister, Revel-end Doyle ingrarn at 10 o'clock, • Following the ceremony the couples left for Houston to make their homes. -They will be at home at 4104 Sayefis 'St. Luncheon for Thursday! of .the t( United y nn- , December 31. . , , ,..iWJ and Auxiliary will .._ a New* Yeats Watch Party at I^V.FjW./'Hall beginning at 6 'enr^esia^y night. All.merri- p urged to, attend. ,.„-..-,,,., Family. Reunion kfMurfrecsboro Christhia* **-*- --*• -* the Anthony family a r family reunion at,the t home and .Mrs. J.'W,, Anthony m _e«boro^on , Christmas Day. t those attending* the-, reunion Ifftriily dinner wcro: Mr. and ( ,<3rayden Anthony and family, 'dhd Mrs. -W, 'W, White, Mr\ 'rs, Wilford White'and Bill of fetope; Mr, end-Mi's. Boy and daughter, Marvlin of Coming ond Gofna Mr. and, Mrfl.'C.»H-Bush have had as a holiday auest their don, Cfcl. .Roland C. BusE Lt. 'arid Mrs. tdrfy Kihg find daugh'ter, Patty J«l Arkadelphia on December'26 fon Honolulu, H»I. to make their hdme, Mrs, King Will be remembered as the former Miss Mary Sue Vick of Arkadelphfa who has been a frequent visitor in Hope. She '4s a sister of Mrs. Sid Me- Math. -j Tfc. James McDowell of Egltn Field, Florida spent the week end with-his parents; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell here. Mr. and Mrs. A,' M.McDowell and son of Ft.-, Worth, Texas were the holiday guests of Mr, and Mrs. J, S.' McDowell and Mrs. Mary Collins. 'Mr, and' Mrs. J, T, Hembree and daughters, Sup' and Joy have rdutrned to theh'.home in Little lock after a • Holiday/ visit with Tot Springs! Mr.' and Mrs. IJorace -""—— aftd daughters, Alfc0 Ann Ira Kay of Nashville i Mr,' is,Mrs. Clarence Anthony of .jMrecsbbro; Mr. artd Mrs Bobby Stroll and sons, Tony arid Dick pf'Murftofesboro. , JO'du'ble Wedding ytfepember Twenty-sixth < .r and Mrs. Cecil Smith of this __„ 'announce the marriage of .their daughter, Lorenc to John Robert "tarper, son of Mr, and Mrs. 1 Bill terper of Houston, Texa's and Mrs, .tilth Taylor announces the mar- Sage of her daughter, Dorothy to ktbrey E. Perry of Houston, Texas ; S,pn of the late Mr. Ernest Perry ijOf Blevins. «HThe double Wedding was solemn^ MISERIES OF . Instantly .7,,."2 ways at dhcel And ; it keeps Up this special enetrafclni Sfdrtn with GUHSI FISTS! . .FMIEI OIVWC Mrs. Mattie Herribrc*o here. Mrs. W v A! Price has returned rom a months visit With relatives n Shrevep&rt,' Louisiana. _-^— , —,—^ * 4 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Greene arid little grandson, Travis McCoy 3rd. of Little Rock arrived Sunday lor a visit with Mrs. Johnnie Me Cabe and Mr. and Mrs. Syd McMath. Slrtfler Recovers LiHIe Girl That Drowned in Pool A.w nl rre»v LOS Angeles, Dec. 27 — (fP\— -,tn Singer Allan Jones dived fully cl&thed into his swimming pool yesterday and brought up, the body of 3-year-old Susan Slep'dttiari, a neighbor's child, but resuscitation attempts failed and three hours "ater" the girl was pronounced dead. Susan was the daughter of Archi- ect and Mrs. Stephen A. Stepani- m, who live on the estate adjoining Jones'. Jones and his wife, singer Irene Hervey, said they saw the. body of the girl in eight feet of water in their pool after Susan's brother, Stephen Jr., came to their door and asked if they had seen " 's sister. Physidians estimated the girl had been ih the water 15 minutes before she was removed. Weothei Cdntiilued Prom Page from the medical team that arty messages were getting through. Col. Harry N, Burkhaler, com; manding officer of the Nome air base, said rescue operations would be resumed today as quickly • as weather conditions permit. Winds ranging from 25 to 40 miles an hour, temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero, and a heavy ground fog were reported in the region of the crashed plane. Burkhalter said it was hoped hat the Wind would blow away the og to permit a Norsernan plane, arrying a dog team and sled, to ake off for the lake by 9 a. m. 8y>eet Home "the Sweet Home Club met at the 1 home of Mrs. W. R. Wilson for the annual Christmas Party with seven members present and five visitors. Two new members Were added tp the roll. Mrs. Hollis Carmoh and Mrs. Zack Stone. Song,' "Silent Night" was. sung, and the house was decorated with Christmas trimmings and each one; exchangcd~gifts.. The Club voted, starting January, for each, member., to make a birthday, donation if; her. birthday is in that'month, to raise money ending strip on the lake for a C- 7, the dog team will head for the wrecked B-29 and bring back survivors. Burkhalter said it would re- oulre two or three hours to clear he strip for a wheel-landing, but jxpressed hope that evacuation of he 'men could be completed to Nome before the early midwinter Arctic darknss closes in tonight. A private pilot, Frank Whaley, for the' Jfeasure. Refreshments were served by hostess \on decorated plates with sahdwlcshes, cookies, hot cocoa and coffee. The club adjourned wishing each a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to meet again on January 10, 1948 at the home of Mrs. Vi. H. Montgomery. The Demonstration will revamping old window shddes. Ed Jack McCabe left Sunday io return to his home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma after a holiday visit with his mother, Mrs, Johnnie McCabe and other relatives here and in Little Rock. ' Pfc. John W, Bagley of Keesler Field, Mississippi has arrived for a furlough visit with relatives and friends here. He will report back to duty on January 4. Professor and Mrs. Maurice Vick and sons of L S.tT, Baton .Rouge are visiting Dr, and Mrs. G. E. Cannon here and Reverend, and^ Mrs. S. C. Vi<ik in Arkadelphia. Mrs. Syd McMath and-sbn, Sidney will retyrn toduy from 'a visit with Mrs. McMath's parents,, Reverend and Mrs. S. C, Vfck In Arkadelphia. Miss Sue Martmdale ' left Sunday for Baton'RoUge, Louisiana after spenditrg the holidays with her parents, M?. arid Mrs.'.R/H. Mar- tlridale, and other relatives. i ~* *" i v j ? 1 Hospital Not^ .. j | Julia Chester ' • , Admitted: Mrfi. S. A. WbStbrtibk, Hope.' Mrs! H.' C. Murphy, Hope. , Mrs. S.'K, Kdlski. Ciceto, Illinbis. DdVsey Collins, Hope. ' Discharged: Dorsey Collins, Hope. i Mrs., A-, t L' Haf gis, Hope, i Catherine Ray J Stcdman, Hope. , Mrs. Odelr Biddle and daughter, Mary; liUHe,; ft. 1, Patrttos, Joiephihe . ' ,/ < ; . Mr- and Mrs, G. O. 'Williams of Lewlsville, "announce., the arrival of a daughter, on pecerhber 28. , Mr.' and Mrs. Sorrier Stone of McCaskill, Ark, t Announce the 'arrival, of a son on December 29. Admitted:^ Mrs. G. O, Williams, Lewlsvllls. Cecil Smith, Rt, 3, Hope, Mrs. Homer Stone, McCaskill. Everett Lamb, Hope. Discharged; Mrs. Garland Kidd and little son, 'Hope, Branch ' Admitted: Mis. K. Spencer, Rt. 2, Rosston Daily Bread Continued From Page One tirrie New York's left-wing American Labor Party was heard from, it wasn't for Mr. Wallace cither. So that leaves Mr. Wallace with the Progressive Citizens of America and, apparently, the Communist Party in his camp. Period. With such a lineup, the third- party hopeful might have trouble fihancing his campaign. But perhaps a way will be found. A logical source of money would be some of the heavy contributors to the Republican campaign chest. Their aid might permit Mr. Wai lace to split the vote for President And, if his Communist supporters echoed his endorsement of "pro gressive" Democratic candidates for Congress, the kiss of death w,ould be on those aspirants, j It seems to us that the Republicans vould be suckers not to help Mr. carry out his announced " 3 p. m. EST). While crew members clear a said after flying vreckage that low the over B-29 the had crashed into a low hill and that he front end appeared to have )urned. The fuselage was broken 'n two, he said, with the tail sur- 'aces bent back over one of Wings the To Appeal Continued From Page One so thrrr> would be no gap between 't and the relief program. To meet this schedule as nearly as possible, the administration is sxpected to ask that any authoriza- ;ion legislation permit the Reconstruction Finance Corporaion to advance funds until actual appropriations bills can be passed. Some Democratic leaders think that Congress will give its approval to the Marshall plan authorization early in April but others say Public Officials Continued From Page One Hon's farm policies. The department said it had investigated McDonald's -operations and that he had told them the operations were those of his father. McDonald was listed as having held 10,000 bushels long on September 17 and to have sold that quantity on September 20. The two lists of raders previously made public included only one person who was identified by the department as a public official. He is Edwin W. Pauley, assistant to the sectary of the army. Pauley had told a congressional committee of his operations. He said he went into the market while a private citizen and has taken steps to dispose of his holdings since accepting his government post. Most of the federal employes on today's • list have jobs outside of Washington. The Agriculture Department em- ployes include J. Lee Zimmerman, a soil surveyor, of Lexington, N.C. He was reported to have 'bought 1,000 bushels of wheat on September 19. Another was Donald J. Smith, (arm labor supervisor, of St. Paul, Minn. He was listed as having bought 5,000 bushels on September 19. The third department employee was Ralph J. Baker, an employee at Lincoln, Neb. He was listed as having bought 10.000 bushels of wheat on September 19 and to have sold 5,000 bushels on the following day. The department said a former it may take longer. a month or more DOROTHY DIX Selfish Mother DEAR DOROTHY DIX: A few weeks ago rhy husband passed away. He was always so good to me and he bought me a nice home and furnished it with modern furniture. But after he died I found out that he still owed most of the money on it. As I want to keep everything I have an awfully big deot on me.- 1 am 51, not able to work. Two of my children are married and have all they can do to take care of their own families. But my youngest daughter is still with me and 1 want her to stay with me and work and pay off the debt, but she wants to get married. She has a good job and it is her duty to stay with me and pay for my home. I tell her she. has to give up the boy she is engaged to. She wants to live with me when she and the boy are married, but he won't do it. Says she must go with him to a place of their own if it is only one room. I wouldn't let him come to my house, anyway. ing to need some security for our old age. I become angry over this, but his father always says: "Now is no time to jump on the boy. How can we handle this situation sensibly? . DISGUSTED MOTHER ANSWER: There is no way you. can possibly deal with the situatio^ unless you can get your husband to put the savings in your name cause evidently She wants to take me to a doc-1 backbone to deny his son anything, tor, but I don't want to get well.! As matters stand, the boy will al •emark that "poison is a woman's yeapdn" makes me wonder about jiz. My effeminate collaborator would be likely to use poison if he varited; to kill someone. Next day '. get to the studio early, intending ,o .search Liz'.desk for a clue. But I find nothing—except blotting on his blotter which might indicate a letter beginning "Dearest Avis." This hints at far more intimacy sctween Liz and the dead star than [ had suspected. My mind seizes i n 1 m i eip 1 0*g Hi ALTO TODAY - TUISDAY '2:29 FEATURE* 4:33 - 6:47 9:51 m l^f- » .1 . .- M >i . i, .i. ~n .< l< f ' As an indication of how the wind is blowing, Chairman Taft (Ohio) of the Senate grepublican Policy Committee told reporters over the weekend that ho doesn't think Congress can complete work on its legislative program in time to adjourn for the presidential nominating conventions. The GOP convention is set for June 21 in Philadelphia and the Democrats are due to meet in the same city July 12. Senator White of Maine, the Republican floor leader, said he expects' "lengthy discussion" of the Marshall plan, adding that debate may have "a great deal of acid in it." Senator Langer (R-ND) declared he wil fight the Marshall plan "or ahy similar to it in any way, shape oi- manner" until various needy groups in this country are cared for. ; "I can see no reason to givd money to foreign government^ when you dh not knoy.-. from one- week to another who will be in control of them,'"Langer told a news? THE STORY: Leiphan's casual, dame who works with me. Just .t. XIII trust me, sweetheart, and bring Art out to Donn's place this evening—about 8 o'clock. We're going to have a confab there. Your own, Liz." <• I burned a little bit over his uncomplimentary reference to me. And remembered that the bitterest quarrels we had had when writing the script had been when he was trying to pad the part of the wife. For Avis' sake, of course. I saw that clearly now. I saw too that instead of incriminating Liz in any I way, this note seemed to clear I started to tear that part _of the | him of any possible motive for killing Avis. I think it was then I gave up. I had the feeling for the first time that-I was hopelessly trapped. I was suddenly aware that Bob Leiphan. had gotten out of his chair and had come around his desk to stand beside me. He touched one of my hands lightly. "Don't look like that," he said. I suppose it was the unexpected gentleness of his voice that did it. I started to cry and couldn't stop. The tears gushed from my eyes and ran down my cheeks and into the corner of my mouth warm and salty and bitter. I tried to find a handkerchief in my purse without any success. "Hero—:" Bob Leiphan said. I took the square white handkerchief he pushed into my hand and started mopping. Leiphan said, "Sit down in that chair and put on some lipstick. You'll feel better." I rummaged through my purse again and couldn't find my Un- stick either, and remembered spilling everything out of my purse when I was getting the blotter from Leydon's desk. I must have mis- sod the lipstick when I picked up thf> other things. It was probably still there in the office at the studio. employee, Herbert Franzen, at one time a farm credit examiner, was on the list. He was reported to have held 10,000 bushels on the long side of the market on September 17, to have bought and sold 10.000 on September 18, to have uought 5,000 on September 1 9 and to have' sold 5.000 on September 20. Zack D. Cravey, state comptroller. Atlanta, Ga., held 10,000 long Sept. 17, bought 5,000 Sept. 20. The department said Franzen resigned from the department in June 1944, or more than two years before transactions reported today. All of those listed today were relatively small operators. None ran in the list of so-called "big" traders — that is those holding or trading 200,000 bushels or more. (Previous lists made public by the department \vei~e: First, 711' names of so-called "big" traders | who were in various markets on October 31, 194G. and October 31, 947. Second,' a list of 1,240 names if big and small traders who were ictive in wheat futures on the Chi:ago Board of Trade on April 30, 946.) Another list of government em- 3loyes-may be released later if a peciar inquiry brings additional lames of public workers to light. Rep. August Andresen (R-Minn) chairman of the special House committee investigating comrnod- ty trading-by government officials, ,old reporters he wants to study he -list before commenting on it. "I want to look the list over closely to see what names Mr. Anderson has included," he said. 'We will go ahead with our own nvestigation in the field anyway. [ am sure the new list does not lave all we want." Andersen said every day's mail s bringing in tips on government officials and emploves who -have Deen dealing in commodities. "We are getting letters from all dnds o£ people," he said. "Much of it is from government employes themselves. People vyho know what has been going on in their offices and now have a chance to talk about it." Andersen said his committee also has received "a lot of information" about an investigation he said he had heard the Commodity Exchange Authority recently made in Chicago. the gift came "from the hearts of my fellow citizens in the United States" :The American steamship Kxiria arrived here yesterday with 1,251 tons of gift food. "In sending you this food," the envoy said, "the American people nre clearly telling you that they arc confident that .the Italian pa- licnce and will to labor wil make Italy once again the fruitful and productive land it has been recognized to be for 2,000 years.." Emphasizing that the food would be distributed on the basis of need •'without regard to political creed or religious faith," and that children would be favored, the ambassador hailed the relationship tween the two peoples who, What can I do, Miss Dix, to make her see that she must give his boy up and stay with her poor old mother? Please write in the paper that she must not leave me. A POOR. WORRIED MOTHER Mother Wrong ANSWER: On the contrary, I strongly ' advise your daughter to marry her sweetheart and go to live with him in her own house and not to be weak and foolish nough to let her selfish mother sacrifice her to her desire to livo a fine house beyond her means. We idealize mothers and picture them as self-abnegating saints who always put their children's welfare before their own. Pro I mothers are unselfish, be .ho said, had renewed "their traditional friendship and understanding." Italian officials participated with Dunn in the ceremonies. Unloading began as soon as the Exiria docked. The gift food will be distributed among orphanages, old people's homes, institutions for the blind and mentally .defective, and the war wounded. Shipments will leave by train Wednesday for Rome, Florence, B Udine and Gorizia. alot.ter out so that I could show it to' Bob Leiphan and at least convince him that here was an angle which would bear investigating, and then I thought better of it and decided to take the whole blotter. A piece'torn out.of it,would certainly arous Liz' suspicion if ho were guilty, while if the Whole blotter was missing he might think simply that .the janitor had removed it and forgotten to put in a clean one. I pulled the blotter of the cardboard frame that held it and started 1 to roll it up and in my haste I pushed over my opened purse off the desk and it fell to the floor with a clatter and its contents spilled all over the place. I got down on my hands and knees and gathered my belongings and stuffed them back into the purse. Rather hurriedly. I didn't want to be cau- eht there by Liz Leydon with the blotter from his desk in my possession. I went out to the parking lot and got my car and headed downtown for police headauarters, still carrying what I hoped was the incriminating blotter. Bob Leiphan was in his office. He looked surprised when I came barging in. None too coherently I began to explain my call: "I've been dolnp a little detecting on my own, and I think I've found a possible dun; . . on this blotter. It was on Lisbon Leyden's desk in |our office. It seems that he and Avis were pretty intimate. He may even have been madly and hooe- lessly in love with her. At least • r 0- WITHDREW FOR BREAKFAST The battle of Manila was started t five a.m., but shortly there- Tfler, the American squadron withdrew to men to In 1803 an English scientist discovered that oak bark contains are plenty of theVn thing -but slave-drivers who sit down on the do-nothing stool, as soon as their children, and especially their girls, arc old enough to take out their working papers and who thereafter-make their Mamies and Sallys turn over every cent . they make to them. I hope your daughter has spunk enough to refuse to let a son 21 years old who is married ways be coming to Papa for money and Papa will always be giving that President Floys Continued. From Page Ono trol of inflation." - Centering his fire on the bill's provisions for voluntary agreements in industry,business and agriculture to share scarce materials without incurring the risk of anti-trust prosecution, the chief cx- ective declared: "It is far too late in the fight against inflation to place our reliance upon voluntary action." "This bill will not reduce the I high cost of living, and it will not keep prices from going even higher," the president said. Taft Assails Truman Kansas City. Dec. 29—(/P)—Senator Robert A. Taft, an aspirant for the Republican presidential nomination, said today President Truman is "playing all the politics he can with high prices." The Ohio Senator, at a breakfast held for him and Mrs. Taft here by the Jackson County Republican comrru'ttee, was referring to the president's statement last night on the Republican anti-inflation which he said he was going *•-. sign although it was "pitifully when a man ''Dearest. starts off a letter, Dramatically I unrolled the blotter and laid it flat on Leiphan's desk and whipped out my compact mirror and held it so that he could read the writing in the corner of the blotter. He read what was written theve and then his eyes kinked up funny as he looked at me. "Sorry," he said. "We already know all about that. We found the letter in her dressing room at the studio. Leydon wrote it to her the afternoon before she was murder- Leiphan went back and sat at his desk. "If it will make you feel nnv better," he said, "I'm nnt co- ing to arrest you. . . .now." His gray eyes met mine directly and surprisingly he flushed a little. "I'm hoping that I won't have to arrest you. But—you are in a bad snot. There's plenty of circumstantial evidence against you. In addition to everything else, there is this." He brought a small white familiar-looking packet out of his coat pocket and laid it on the desk before him. "I just got it back from the chemist this morning. .. it was found in your house. The chemist is not prepared to swear that it is the same poison that killed Avis Vaughn and Art Cleves but it is the same type of poison. One ed. "What—what was in, it?" My coice lagged. "You won't like this," he warned. He went to a wall safe and ca- 'a moment. Of course, I could have me back with a sheet of writing explained to him how I happened of the alkaloids—atropin sulfate. Pretty deadly stuff. Miss Don, to have lying around." The room was absolutely still for paper to his hand. He handed it to me. I read: "Dearest Avis: Don't Wffiy.. darling, about this after..Wi* M:*WyfWnjt.»» fine for , you, in spite everythi of this Screwy wi'iteV to have the poispn, but it would have sounded pretty lame at this late .date. If only I had had the sense to tell him everything when I had tMd him about iQsear. (To. B'e Continued) adequate." Taft said Truman's comments on the anti-inflation measure, sponsored :iy Taft and Rep. Wol- crtt (R-Mich), represented the administration's efforts to shift the responsibility to the Republicans. "Present prices are due to the policies of the government for the last 15 years," Taft told the county Republican committee. "The inflation has been produced by the soenaing policy of the administration, and by more demand than Upply. "The inflation has been brought about by the lavish use of money and the tremendous government deficits." Even greater governmental spending, he said, is being planned. "The president now is preparing a $40.000,000.000 budget for next year," he added, saying that the proposed budget represented sharp increase above the $39,000.000,000 budget which Republicans lopped off $3,000.000000. Taft is to make a speech at a political meeting here tonight following a full day political sessions with Republican leaders here. o Ambassador Stresses Food Distributed to Only Needy Naples, Italv, Dec. 29 — (IP)— U.S. Ambassador James C. Dunn, in an address welcoming the first "Friendship Train" shipment of food from America, said today that HOPE STAIU HOPE/ ARKANSAS Monday, December 29, 1947 By Chick Young OZARK IKE I JUST ) HAD A J DILL < PICKLE ) NOW, IF I CAN THIS NUMBER UNTIL I GET TO THE TELEPHONE BEARDED M*BAtT PACK TH' PIGSKINJ 1o him, evnn though he knows ' it may leave you Also, your hus'oand by giving the boy the money weakens his character. Only by refusing to help hint out of his pinch can he be taughi** -n v * •••ii •• "^ \immfM*.*m. '»i*Dy Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES CARNIVAL By Galbraith 23 years old. I was engaged to HONEY. IT* JO*T boy whom I loved very dearly, but IT SURE GOf^FStAU WE ^^WMEM W« 6Et^ Out thl 010, SOMYA, TCOOLD OF USED T HIM HOME ANO 1 to JVAITING OUTSIDE\ A LITTIE OF HIS \HE STARTS TALMN6 .HE time A16IERS \EVCEJSANTI-fREE2E.\ ABOUT DIAMONDS, PORYOUTOKXJR HE'SBEEKADEAO j WUUW DRINKS INTO THIS/ WEIGHT SINCE WE / IDB1K56ED Ml SUV WILIIE. 1 PULLED HIM OUT OF THE who died just before our marriage. Now I have been going with for only a short time. He has ask- Probably most ed me In marry him nnd I like him my dead lover and compare the two very much, but when I think about my dead lover and compare thetwo I can't bring myself to say "yes." Am I wrong in clinging to a deac'C) who (more because I am lonesome, which doesn't seem the fai LONESOME ANSWER: That, of course, is up to you. But don't forget that while there, is no love so romantic as first love, there is DEAR DOROTHY DIX: We have based on companionship that may not have as many thrills, but there small baby. He has the is a lot of happiness in it. «Also, re habit of getting himself into finan- WASH TUBBS member that we idealize the dead „ then gets his fa- and ascribe to them charms TO EXPLNNf k)QW. LWO virtues that they never had. him into digging into our savings n HERE', roe 60T TO && THE PHONE' BLMESDID SOU SEE l« THE WM)T-ftt>5 THW UPSET SOU 50 ? (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) anything and the boy never makes any effort to repay. As wo are getting old and are go- FINE FOR: BURNS MINOR GUTS CHAFE SCRATCHES SCRAPES Creomulslon relieves promptly cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you, are to have your money back. FOR EXTR& QUALITY .PURITY IN PETROLEUM JELLY This well-known name, Moroline, guarantees highest quality. Relied on by millions. 5UDDENIS 3UtffiS UP WJD RUSHES TO THE BOOTH, COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. "I-brought him along to turn loose when the bloodhounds'/ get too close!'V "Well, if Dinkey Jones's mother is almost ready to let him smoke, just tell him your parents almost gave you per" ' ~ for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis converts animal hides to leather. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Biosser By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS YOU MEAKJ YOU WANT TO STEP ) FlELD'oFHOWUH.' J OUT IN THE ALLEY? ——- / CLEAANCE , , ALL SALES FINAL DONALD DUCK CLOSE OUT CLOSE OUT LADIES FALL VLL WOOL — 3 Ib. BOTTLES A Bargain LOSE OUT — CHILDREN'S THE DUEL,/ , CHILDREN'S RAYON P CLOSE OUT Only a Few MEN'S White Dress CLOSE OUT CHILDREN'S VALUE — BOY'S COTTON 'in > >u t n .ill Cdf ». m? BY NtA t«VICt, INC. T. M. R€0. U. t. PAT. Off. Cop IM' Woil I « )hn U OnllfrU"! T fc"» ft' 1 " "He's home from college for the hoidays and doesn't want the car!" 0 INCH HEAVY RAYON ALLEY OOP Your Chance Thimble Theater I'M COnH OVER THERE AN'...V/HY. VOU CLOSE OUT — LADIES WOOL HE ALVVAVS WORRIES) .'£- CLOSE OUT LADIES GALOSHES Reduced to Sell NOW CLOSE OUT LADIES ALL WOOL SEE OUR TABLE OF ODDS and ENDS EMNANTS OOOL& LITTLE SCHEME TO PEP UP THE INTEREST OF HER. BOY FRIEND HAVING THE DESIRED EFFECT... BUT HER MEANS TO THAT END HAVE SOT OUT OF H^ND. REDUCED AT PENNEY'S CLOSE OUT 3 ONLY Men's Rayon SUITS CLOSE OUT CLOSE OUT LADIES FALL ELASTIC Copr. 1947, Kin/! Falutct Sjndialc. Inc WotlJ (ighlf tis CLOSE OUT — CHILDREN'S OUT OUR WAY DRESSES By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 5AV, soi ! iNe 6OT A BID To A SCHOOLTEACHERS' ARTY, AND I DOt^T TO GO ALOK^E .' I F <30M.e PROF CORNERS MB TO , /HOWl "DID YOU STUMBLE IrtTO SUCH A PITFALL ?~~ 1 WAS EXPECTlMG ASSIST ME AS TOASTMASTER AT TH6 0\MLS CLUB IT'S ALMOST A SACRED DOTY TUM -L HE'S HOPIM' TO HIT V «• SUMP'M THAT'LL PUT /) * SOME PUSH IM HIS r^ \, DRIVES-HE * ^Z"^ AIM'T GITTIM I NEVER SAW A "DOG TRY CLOSE OUT Sport Coats 55 REDUCED 2 Only Men's LEATHER JACKETS WITH OME FOOT STUCK I V AKJY PLACE OUT LIKE / I OM TH' SLICK BOY'S 6 TO 16 BLUE REDUCED MADERIA I'LL GET T(4£ FlCST ACHE INE RF»T3 JEANS FORE -- WHUTiS TH' MATTER Pillow Case S 3. BOY'S 6 TO 16 DRESS KfcU KYUfcK CLOSE OUT — 2 ONLY FUR FELT — DRESS CLOSE OUT RAYON SPORT SHIRTS for MEN MEN'S BROADCLOTH CLOSE OUT LADIES SUEDE PAJAMAS

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