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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 32

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 32
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llH- Apnl Gulbrailh Backs Tax On Oil and Bin: Cars WASHINGTON (AP) Economist John Kenneth Galbraith advocated a stiff tax on petroleum products and his automobiles. He said he believes there is support for such a move among members of the Carter administration. Galbraith, a Harvard professor with a lon record of government service, testified Monday before a Senate I -oreign Relations subcommittee. He said it is necessary "to reduce the role of oil as a factor in world trade and therewith in international finance," and that this country's contribution should be leadership in conservation and substitution. "I would endorse a very sharp increase in taxation on petroleum products and on large automobiles using gasoline," Galbraith said. He added that the proceeds should be used to subsidize energy-efficient travel and transportation. "It is my impression that there is support for this idea among administration economists," he said. "1 suspect they are holding back only because of the inevitable outburst of objection." He did not suggest any specific tax nor name any administration officials who might be pushing the idea, Carter's chief energy adviser, James Schlesinger, said in n televised interview Sunday that both ideas were under consideration for inclusion in the energy policy Carter has promised to have ready by April 20. TRIAL BALLOON PROPOSALS for a stiff tax on larger cars were attacked last week by General Motors Chairman Thomas Murphy. He said such a tax could damage the U.S. economy by boosting sales of foreign cars and perhaps driving car buyers from the market. Chrylser Chairman John J. Riccardo declined comment Monday, saying that not enough is knewn aTvwt the president's program to make a meaningful statement. American Motors Chairman Roy Chapin Jr., commenting on the morality of big cars last week, blasted them as "energy gluttons" and called for a "war against waste, against the habit of conspicuous consumption." Cancer Battlers Use Lethal Drug And Vitamin A Prom UP!, Chieaqo Sun-Times And Chicago Tribunt SARASOTA, 11a. Scientists are embarking on two pathfinding sets of experiments to eradicate or prevent dreaded forms of cancer. The disclosures, which came Monday at an American Cancer Society seminar for science writers here, give rare insight into the progress being made .in fighting malignancies via chemotherapy. The first te-chniquue involves giving lethal closes of a powerful anti-cancer drug to hopeless cancer victims. The patients are saved from death by timely administration of an antidote. The drug apparently causes mass destruction of cancerous cells only and is particularly useful for patients near death. Hie second consists of giving synthetic Vitamin A pills three times daily to patients with a'high risk of developing bladder tumors. It is strictly preventative. THE LETHAL dosage experiment involves a chemical called methotrexate. The potent chemical destroys cells, but since cancer cells are more active than normal cells, it kills the malignant cells first. The trick is to give the antidote, which is called the cit-rovorum factor, at just the right moment, before methotrexate starts killing healthy cells. If the antidote is not given at the right time, the patient will develop serious effect. If the antidote is given, loo late, Islands Vote To Secede From Moss. By United Press International Residents in the Martha's Vineyard island town of Chil-mark and voters on the .t Elizabeth Islands off the Vineyard, drawing from the Revolutionary zeal of their ancestors, voted Friday to secede from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Chilmark vote was 112-.11 and the balloting in the Elizabeths went 6;i-2. The rebellious vote on a non-binding referendum came after plans were unveiled to strip the Vineyard and a number of other tiny island communities of their representatives in the stale Legislature. Island officials proposed secession after a legislative districting proposal was disclosed. The plan was drawn up after voters throughout the slate approved a reduction in the number of Massachusetts House scats. Under the redistricting plan, the islands would be combined in a legislative district with Cape Cod. TTie islands now have a representative in the stale House and many islanders wtnt it to slay that way. nr mnir i ri r. prrss Galbraith the "patient dies in great mis-cry." However, new methods for monitoring methotrexate levels in the blood, new antidotes and passing the blood through charcoal filters to remove the last traces of the poison are making the therapy available at many medical centers. THE FIRST major success with methotrexate occurred several years ago with osteosarcoma, a deadly bone cancer that previously failed to respond to any cither treatment. Now, (0 lo 65 percent of the osteosarcoma patients are disease-free for periods up to 18 months after methotrexate therapy, said Dr. George P. Canellos, head of medicine at t h e Sidney Farber Cancer Center in Boston. Many medical experts believe that a patient is cured of osteosarcoma if he is free of the malignancy for 18 months or more, Dr. Canellos said. Dr. Isaac Djerassi, of Darby, Pa., who pioneered the mclhntrexaie-antidotc treatment, said that of .140 far-advanced cancer patients, 84 percent experienced some type of response after therapy ranging from complete disappearance of their cancers to a shrinkage of the tumors. "The new rescue procedures are changing the outlook for tumors requiring very high and otherwise dangerous doses of methotrexate," he said. Of four patients with hopeless ovarian cancers, three now arc alive and disease-free after the methotrexate therapy, Djerassi said. THE EXPERIMENT with a form of Vitamin A will be conducted in 10 cancer centers across the nation, subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Michael B. Sporn of the National Cancer Institute said it could offer new hope to people such as heavy smokers, asbestos workers and uranium miners, in whom the long bladder cancer development process already may have started. The synthetic vitamin appears to be able to prevent cells from multiplying and wreaking the havoc of a bladder tumor. pr. Sporn emphasized that Vitamin A itself is not a potent cancer fighter. In fact, overdoses can cause liver problems. The vitamin is simply the best known of a large class of natural and synthetic chemicals called retinoids that have proven useful in the war against cancer. The substance will be administered to people who have had a small bladder cancer removed or are likely cancer targets because of smoking habits or occupation. The test group will then be compared with people in the same category who have received a dummy preparation. If the lest group shows a decreased rate of bladder tumors, the treatment may be attempted on cancers of the lung, breast, prostate, colon and other organs. Dr. Sporn emphasized that it is a preventive technique only. Police Ask House to Toughen Child Pornography Penalties LANSING (UPI) - Policemen, some of them describing highly organized networks dealing in child pornography, asked a House committee Monday to toughen its proposed penalties for the producers of such materials. Policemen from Detroit and the Muskegon area grimly displayed confiscated pictures depicting young children involved in sex acts. They were joined by state troopers and Lansing detectives in calling for jail terms above the contemplated one to four years. "The mari gets one year, and the child gels a lifetime of horror," Detroit Lt. Isaiah McKinnon told a special subcommittee of the House Social Services and Youth Committee. The panel is conducting hearings on legislation proposed by Rep. Larry E. Sex Case Suspect Gels Bail BY JACK KRESNAK . Fret Press Staff Writer A 53-year-o!d Detroit man was free on bond Monday after he was charged by police with the rapes of three boys, aged 9, 11 and 12. F rank Klena, of Wilfred Street, stood mute at his arraignment Sunday before Recorder's Court Judge Dalton Roberson on three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Officer Michael Ziolkowski of the sex crimes unit said he received information last Friday that Klena has been involved with young boys in his east side neighborhood. After canvassing the area, Ziolkowski said he found three boys who admitted that Klena had cajoled them into sex acts by buying them things on shopping trips and by giving them small amounts of money or candy. Ziolkowski said all of the boys' parents knew Klena was friendly with llieir children but did not think his relationship with them was sexual. The officer said the boys were allowed to spend the night with Klena, and that parents of the nine-year-old, who live in Grand Rapids, let him visit Klena for the weekend. "These sexual offenders don't go out and snatch children off the streets," Ziolkowski said. "They gain thir confidence. It's more like subtle coercion than physical force. You can't blame the kids at all." Ziolkowski said. Slorm Kills 600 NEW DELHI - (UPI) -Nearly ROD persons have died in the cyclone that lashed the southeastern districts of Bangladesh last week, India's national news agency, Sama-char, reported Monday from Dacca, capital of Bangladesh. More than 8,000 persons were injured. Urologist Services for Howard O'Brien Gray, MD, will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Stinson Funeral Home, 1540 W. Grand Blvd. Dr. Gray, 58, died Sunday al Harper Hospital after a long illness. He was the first black physician in Michigan to be certified by the American Board of Urology. He was former chief of staff at Southwest Detroit Hospital and was on the staffs of Harper-Grace, Hutzel and Detroit Memorial hospitals. Dr. Gray is survived by his mother, Mrs. Alice M. Gray, an aunt and uncle. The family suggests that contributions be made to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. Frank M. Johnson Jr., Company Fouiulor Services for Frank M. Johnson Jr., co-founder of the Stellar Engineering Co. of War-re n, will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Vasu-Lynch Funeral Home, 4,175 N . Woodward, Royal Oak. Mr. Johnson, 59, of B i r- Shirley Graham Du Bois, the widow of black leader W. E Du Bois. Her husband, one of the founders of the NAACP, died in 1963 in Ghana, where they were then living. Mrs. Du Bois died March 27 in Peking of cancer the New China News Agency announced Monday. She was eulogized by Chinese government und Com- Burkhalter, D-Lapeer, that would impose new penalties on the producers of child pornography and on parents who encourage their children to participate in it. Muskegon area policemen played a tape recorded interview with a man whom they refused to identify who was eventually convicted of criminal sexual conduct and who was suspected of having taken pornographic pictures of hundreds of children since the Ifl.Kls. Burkhalter's legislation, they said, .would have made it much easier to shut, down the apparent porno mill. Prosecutions now must be brought under criminal sexual conduct statutes, which do not lake into account those persons filming illicit sex acts. McKINNON SAID that so-called AP Photo (.ruf'fiti rxmrt Tracv snrav-paints his name on a subway car' Subway N.Y. Just NEW YORK (AP) For $25 and no questions asked, an artist named Tracy will spray your favorite graffiti message on the side of a New York subway car. All this is illegal, of course, and for that reason Tracy, a 19-yearold night student, prefers anonymity. But he does admit doing two or three paint jobs a day, at the same time the Metropolitan Transit Authority is spending thousands of dollars to scrape the graffiti off. LATER THIS month, the MTA will introduce its newest response to the artists who turn most of the city's subway cars into rolling rainbows: It will begin using a washer that coats the cars with a solvent and scrubs the sides with rotating brushes. MTA officials figure the cars will need the treatment three times a year. Tracy, also known from his signature Tracy-Ifi8, said he wasn't perturbed. He said the MTA, which spent $4 million about four years ago in a massive scrub-up, will lose the next battle, just as It did the last one, "because there's too many of us." Howard Gray Dies mingham, died Monday at Harper Hospital after a long illness. Mr. Johnson attended Michigan Slate University, served in World War II and was a member of the Ferndale Elks and Oakland Hills Country Club. Surviving are his w i f e, Janet; two daughters, Mrs. Janet Crane and Mrs. Patricia Moore; two sons, Peter and Frank III, one sister and two grandchildren. Sister TIhtcsc, Si. Mary Librarian Funeral services for Sister Therese Keating, 1HM, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in St. Mary Motherhouse Chapel, 610 W. Elm, Monroe. Sister Therese, 69, librarian at St. Mary Academy, Monroe, died Monday in St. Mary Motherhouse Infirmary. muist Party officials for promoting friendship be-' tween China and the people of the Third World and the United States. Gen. Jose Gomez Huerta, 76, Mexican Army chief of staff from 1958 to 1964 and a veteran of 45 battles In thi Mexican Revolution, which ended in 1920. Died in Mexico City. Graffiti for Hire; Keeps Scrubbing He was interviewed as he put the finishing touches on a made-to order graffiti job on a car stopped on an elevated section of the subway line. The site, where dozens of trains rest, included cars adorned with multi-color greetings like "To Mom," "Byron" and "P. Body." TRACY SAID a client receives a photo of his graffiti as a receipt for the $25 payments. Mailboxes and buildings in the neighborhood also are plastered with"Tracy-168" and other signatures. "The 168 is for One Hundred Sixty-Eighth Street," he explained. He added that when he isn't on a job or writing his own name, he's spraying walls with the name of his girlfriend, Barbara. What does Tracy think of the artists-vs.-the subway war? "I think they (the MTA) should legalize graffiti," he said. "Then it wouldn't be so popular. It's just like smoking pot. Everybody does it because it's against the law." Her brother, the Rev. Cyril Keating of Algonac, will officiate at the concelebrated mass. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Monroe. Sister Therese entered the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on Dec. 8, 1925, and made her vows Aug. 15, 1928. She was librarian at St. Mary Academy from 1962 to November 1976. when she became ill. She taught or was librarian at other Detroit archdiocesan schools from 1927 to 1960, when she was assigned to the 11IM High School in Westchester, 111. She is survived by two sisters, Miss Helen Keating of St. Clair Shores and Mrs. Olive Baumgartner of Houghton Lake. Visits may be made from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday at St. Mary Motherhouse. William MacDonald, Machine Operator Services f o r William A. MacDonald, 91, a resident of the Detroit area since 1923, will be at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday al St. Columban Church, 1775 Melton, Birmingham. Mr. MacDonald died Saturday at St. Joseph Hospital in Mt. Clemens. He was a machine .operator for 20 years for F'ederla Mogul, retiring in 1953 at the age of 68. Mr. MacDonald was a mem- bcr of the Holy Name Society at Queen of Peace Church in Harper woods. He is survived bv t w n "chicken pimp s" in Detroit solicit youngsters to take part in the manufacture of pornography. Children can earn up to $75 a day by complying, he said. Sgt. Darrell H. Pope, head of the sex-motivated crimes division of the State Police, called for heavier penalties and also asked the committee to ban possession of pornographic materials involving children. Pope said he had extensive conversations with a porno dealer in another state two years ago and was told that about 21) stores in Michigan sell such materials. He said his investigations showed that, in 41 percent of all sex crimes, the offender viewed pornographic materials "prior to or during the act." at 58 daughters, Hilda I. Cameron and Sarah M. Rollins; four sons, Donald, Stanley, Lawrence and Howard; 18 grandchildren and II great-grandchildren. Eelna L I'rakf, Kc tired Teacher Funeral services for Edna L. Brake, 83, retired Detroit teacher, will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday at St. Gerard Catholic Church, 4433 W. Willow, Lansing. Mrs. Brake, longtime member of the Michigan Education Association and a native De-troiter, died Saturday at Provincial House in Lansing. She is survived by two sons, Robert and Richard, a brother, a sister and eight grandchildren. Condolences may be sent to the family in care of Jessen Funeral Home, 3232 W. Saginaw, Lansing. Burial will be in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Lansing. Mary E. Sullivan Of Royal Oak Services for Mary E. Sullivan, 82, a Royal Oak resident for 32 years, will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Thomas More Church, 4580 N. Adams, Troy. Mrs. Sullivan died Saturday at the Sunday Nursing Home in Holly. She was a past member of the Seton Guild of the Sarah Fisher Home and of the Huntington Woods Women's Club. .Surviving are one son, Daniel J. Sullivan Jr.; four grandchildren and three greatgrandchildren. Burial will be at Holy Sepul-chrt Cemetery. Funeral Directors IRA KAUFMAN CHAPEL lJ?5 W 9 V.ii 569-0020 I ROME A. DeSANTIS rw Hoover VA. 2-5036 751-3131 Ross B. Northrop & Son Since T10 22401 GRAND RIVER Redford-Delroit 531-0537 1901 NORTHVILLE RD. Northville 348-1233 F R E E P R E S S w A N T A D S G E T R E S u L T S f P H O N E 2 2 2 6 8 0 0 Wm. R. Hamilton Co. Detroit 3975 CassAve. 831-2712 Birmingham 820 E MaoieAve. 444-6000 Mi. Clemens 22 Crocker Bl-'(1 1-463-0577 Cemetery Lots 6 1 LOT Available While Chanel Cemetery, best offer 365-7489. 6 LOTS in While Memorial Cemetery in Troy, Mi. 7750 Lansing, Ave Jackson, Ml. 49201 Mr. Fred Harrington PARKVIEW Memorial, 2 lols, 1250 pa or J400 both 665-0235 Legal Notices 11 FREUD, Markus, Slavin, Toohey and Gaigan, Attys, Suite 325, Somerset Place, 2401 W. Big Beaver, Troy, Ml 48084. Notice of Public Sale. Notice is hereby given bv the undersigned that on Mondav, April 11, 1977 at 2:00 p.m. at the premises of General George's Custard Stand al 16709 Middlebelt Rd Livonia, Ml 48152, the following goods will be sold at public auction, for cash (oavadle only in United Slates dollars or by certified or cashiers check), to the highest bidder; 1 - Garbage disposal ( insinkerator) 2 - Twin slush machine-model 8341. 3 - Taylor Twin soft serve machine-model 8-777. 4.Tavlor shake machine-model B-410-12. 5.- Electro freeze Twin soft serve machine model 30S with remote pumps. 6 -Beverage air storage cooler Model MS-68-W. 71- Hemco Lacv-Fudge & Butterscotch warmer model 2-10. 8 - Hemco Lacy 3 compartment dip top. 9 - Scottsman Ice machine model AF-1. 10.- t'T walk-in cooler. 11- 3 compartment stainless steel sink. 12.- 40gallon hot water healer. 13.- Janitorial sink. 14 - Neon sign. 15.- Vanity with sink 16 - Cone dispenser. 17.-Reach in freezer. Inspection of the foregoing goods may be made at the aforsaid premises of General George's Cus-lard Stand al 16709 Middlebelt Rd., Livonia, Ml 48152, between 10:00a. m.-4:00p rn. on Saturday & Sunday, April 9 & 10, 1977 and from 12:00 noon April II, 1977. This sale is held lo enforce the rights of Ihe undersigned uncV a Security Agreement, Promissory Note and Bill of Sale, all dated June 30, 1976 between the undersigned as secured party and Robert Ruiz and Frankie Ruiz, his wife, jointly and severallv as debtor. The undersigned reserves the right to bid. Dated March 28, 1977. George C Turek 18330 Fairway Drive Detroit, Ml 48221 Telephone: 345-7731 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by Ihe undersigned that on Friday, April 8, 1977, commencing at approximately 10:30 A.M. at 14666 Telegraph, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, each of the following vehicles will be offered for public sale for cash to the highest bidder. Inspection thereof may be made al 14666 Telegraph, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, the place of storage on the day of the public sale. Year-Model Serial No. 74CHEV 1X27H4W170912 74CHEV CCVI44I174634 76CHEV. IV15B6U160127 '77CHEV. IN47U7J142446 '75 CHE V. 1D37D54161793 '75PONT. 2H37R5P114662 '72 CAD. 6D49R2Q106329 These vehicles are offered for public sale bv General Motors Acceptance Corporation located at 20600 Eureka, Taylor, Michigan 48180. All sales are subieel lo the approval of Ihe seller. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the. undersigned that on Thursday, April 7, 1977, commencing at 10:00 a.m., at 1580 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Michigan, each of the following vehicles will be offered tor public sale for cash to the highest bidder. Inspection thereof may be made at 1580 E. Grand Blvd , Detroit, Michigan, the place of storage on the day of the public sale Year-Model Serial No 73CHEV. CKYI83F107908 73 Airstream Trailer I27D3J2503 '71 Dodge WH23GIA189594 '75CHEV, IM27G5C250675 '74 CHE V, IL47H4J233953 '76GMC TCL166F524688 '74 CHEV. 1L47H4J274779 '71 PONT. 23371P146551 '76 CHEV. CKL186F132933 '72 CHEV. IM47H21 189580 These vehicle are offered for public sale bv General Motors Accept-, ance Corporation located at 16653 E. Warren, Detroit, Michigan 48224. All sales are subieel to the approval of the seller. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN bv the undersigned that on Thursday, Aoril 7, 1977, commencing at 10:00 AM at 4050 Doris, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, each ot the following vehicles will be offered for public sale for cash to the highest bidder. Inspection thereof may be made at 4050 Doris, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, the Place of storage on the day of the public sale. Year-Make Serial No. '75 PONT. 2K57W5P208233 '73 CHEV. 1H57H31608851 72 PONT. 2L57M2P391554 '77 CHEV, IB08E7Y124151 '73PLYM. PL41C3F1760B7 '73 CAD. 6D47R3Q278570 '74 CAD. 6D47R4Q217155 '72 PONT 2L69R2P402477 These vehicles are offered for public sale by General Motors Acceptance Corporation located at 23777 Greenfield Road, Southfield, Ml 48075. All sales are subieel to Ihe approval of the seller, Year-Make Serial No. '71 CAD 6834710151996 '76 PONT. 2G37M6G1 12755 73 FORD 3Y87A1 10948 These vehicles are offered lor public sale by General Molors Acceptance Corporation located at 29350 Southfield Road, Soulhlield, Ml 48075. All sales are subieel lo thee approval of the seller. General Announcements 16 EARN up lo S50 of Sarah Coventry iewelry and a free cocktail ring for having parly. For details call 366-5475. "Walch the Crabs" Racing al The Bar, Wed nights 9 pm. 1078 7 Mi at Wdwrd. 366-0060 Personals 17 AD for Sailis under Classification No. 250 FREE! To Personnel Directors Rate Guide lor Help Wanted Ads All Newspapers. (313) 961-6785 MOSES "CONSULTANT" 341-3299 10-6 daily. Appl. only.. 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