Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on November 17, 1980 · Page 46
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 46

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, November 17, 1980
Page 46
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4E DETROIT FREE PRESSMONDAY, NOV. 17, 1980 Experts define psyches of men who become prostitute killers MURDERS, from Page 1E The killer regains control of the situation, in his own mind, when he murdsrs. The brutality, Including the multiple sexual assaults included in the murder, are his calling card, said Dr. Bruce Danto, a Detroit psychiatrist who has assisted police 'previously in cases such as the Oakland County child killer and is considered an expert on psychopaths. "He's pretty upset and uses a prostitute as a means of dealing with kind of rage he may or may not have eroticized," Danto said. "He is saying, 'I know who you are' when he sexually assaults her. 'You are a whore.' It's a putdown of sexual desire. It is also a re-enactment of a primal scene," Danto said, when the mother may have dated men, and in the child's mind, "gone with any old man." WHEN THE VICTIM is tortured and assaulted, her body is injured in a way Danto calls hosti-llzed. Injuries to breasts or genitals show "he is both eroticized and hostile and those two states of mind are the components necessary to make her a target." Part of the rage for prostitutes results, Danto feels, because "the prostitute is an exploiter. She,, gives something with no feeling. She's a Hertz rent-a-body." That echoes back to the "refrigerator mother" who also may not have been able to give the boy a feeling of being loved, who he may have felt exploited him with remarks like "you have to go empty the garbage before you get a kiss," Danto said. That brutality crops up again and again, with prostitutes' bodies left nude and sexually assaulted like those of Eoria Dick or Regina Foshee or Julie Brown in 1975, or dismembered like those of Monica Johnson and Cheryle Brown in 1977. To psychotic killers, the prostitute is not, strictly speaking, a sex object. She's a symbol that sex is dirty to the killer, Danto said. And the sexual assaults are not I L: f f X, jrl :r at -' Free Press Photo by IRA ROSENBERG Dr. Bruce Danto, a Detroit psychiatrist, is considered to be an expert on psychopaths. He feels that part of the killer's rage toward prostitutes results because "the prostitute is an exploiter. She gives something with no feeling. She's a Hertz rent-a-body." acts of sexual passion but aggressive violence. "Rape is not primarily a sexual act," Reiser said. "It's an act of violence and rage, and the penis is used as a weapon." The symbolic victim is the mother, who appears as the madonnawhore figure, representing both the good side of love and tenderness and the bad side of sexuality to the child. "The whore is the evil kind of female, one whom he can be violent towards," Reiser said. IN THE BACKGROUND of the killer, too, "you find brutality they were beaten or physically or emotionally abused," said Dr. Joyce Brothers, the psychologist and nationally syndicated columnist, whose column appears in the Free Press. "It's so terrible to hate your mother," Brothers said from New York. "If your mother is doing that to you, you can't express it directly to mother. It must be you. You are hostage to such a person (as a child). She feeds you, takes care of you. That begins the cycle of guilt, repression and rage that builds and builds." When the killer acts, he's in a kind of fog, Brothers added. "If you stopped him in the act, he would be surprised at what he was doing. It's not really hypnosis; it's simply that he's not aware of what he's doing. We don't understand it exactly. It rosy be that another part of the brain takes over." The killer is compulsive, however, she said. After the crime, he may find relief but is likely to kill again. "It's much like an infection that drains and then builds again " Brothers said. "Frequently, they do something to get themselves caught. They feel they've been The killer regains controf of the situation, in his own mind, when he murders, says Dr, Bruce Danto. bad and they must be punished The compulsive killing of pros titutes seems to be "a disease of younger men," she said. "P bly, they burn out. There may be some old men (who have killed several prostitutes) out there, we just don t know. What the prostitute says to a man is, "I will let you pretend you're a man for money," Danto said, adding that it harkens back to the mother who withheld affec tion. THE PROSTITUTE IS BlSO a likely victim because she is someone people don't seem to care about. She in turn isolates her victims by committing sex acts in isolated places and is not likely to be rescued, Danto said. The Hillside Strangler case, like that of Ted Bundy, the boy' next-door law student who was convicted of murdering two Flor Ida State University women and a 12-year-old girl in 1979, or even Detroit's "Bigfoot" prostitute killer in 1975, who was never caught, reflect not so much soci ety's attitude toward prostitutes or women In general but instead about men and the rising frustra tion of being a man, Danto be lieves. "What s happened to our American male?" Danto asked. "The answer and prevention to prostitute slayings is in the question, 'What makes up a man?' In entertainment and in sports, we are really saying, 'Violence pays.' "You cannot expect to lower violence by emphasizing its value in society. We don t have to look very fax for the answer, when as a society we say sex, love and digni ty don't mean much. We have very little in society that says, 'Let s pay respect to life.' Survival skills for women A new program will be held at the Women's Survival Center of Oakland County for housewives who have not worked outside the home in the last ten years or whose traditional sources of income are about to be discontinued. The free five-week program for displaced homemakers begins Nov. 24 and will meet four days a week with classes in financial management, assertiveness training and stress and health information. Other classes will help participants determine the job skills they already have, the training they might need and the fields with good employment prospects. The second part of the program in January will use the survival center as a job-search headquarters. Program participants will share encouragement and receive advice from counselors while setting up job interviews. The program is open to women who: Have not worked in the labor force for the last 10 years and have been working in the home providing unpaid services to family members. Have been dependent on the income of another family member or on public assistance. Have lost or are about to lose their traditional income for reason of divorce or death of spouse or because ADC dependent children are turning 18. Are unemployed or underemployed and experiencing difficulty in finding outside employment. The center is in All Saints Episcopal Church at 171 W. Pike in Pontiac. For more information, call Liz Saylor at 335-2691, weekdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Exercise helps in treatment of diabetes 4 shades of sheer tinted lip gloss that brush on with a dazzling shi Compact is fitted lip brush and mirror P3 5-:7"- withS7 EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE $1.48 By ROBERT CONN Knighl-Rldder Newspapers Doctors are paying increasing attention to the importance of weight loss and exercise for diabetic adults. Though diet and exercise are beginning to sound like the physician's pat answer to many medical problems, doctors are beginning to use terms like reversible diabetes to refer to overweight adult-onset diabetics. It's reversible because of weight loss and exercise. The illness in these people differs markedly from the insulin-dependent form of diabetes most often developing in childhood and for which daily doses of insulin are a pattern. Doctors call this juvenile diabetes. NOW DOCTORS are looking hard at the overweight adult diabetic as a good example of a life-style that could be changed, cutting health care costs. The savings are possible, said Haunz, senior diabetologist at the Grand Forks (N.D.) Clinic and emeritus professor of medicine at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. He described cases where, after weight loss, diabetes disappeared. Haunz said he had treated dozens of patients who lost weight and went off insulin or pills that reduce blood sugar. Once the weight is down, how do you keep it down? By balancing diet with energy requirements, Haunz said. Part of that energy requirement is a measure of the amount of exercise. Exercise produces increased tolerance to glucose (and it is excessive blood sugar that is at the heart of the insulin problem), he said. It also produces other changes tending to minimize the diabetes. Coming or going? Remember, wrierever you're moving long distance or cross town a WELCOME WAGON call simplifies the business of getting settled. Your Hostess will greet you at the new address wth a basket Of useful gifts and community Information to save your family time and money. Check the Yellow Pages when you arrive. 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