Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 18, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1894
Page 3
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plpgpgl^l^ The Hnmaa Electrical Forces! How They Control the Organs of the Bod/. Tho •loetrtcftl forco of tho human body, as tho norro Quid may bo termed. Is an espo- •3laUy attractive department of science, as It • exerts 10 marked an Influence on tho health of tbe organs of the body. Nerve force Is produced by the brain and conveyed by means of the nerves to tho various organs of the body, tbussupplylng tho latter with the vitality necessnrjf toln- «uro tholr health. Tho pnoumoRostrlc uorve, as shown hero, may bo aala to bo tbbmost Important • of tho entire norvo »ys- tern, &9 it supplies the heart, lungs, stomach, bowels, etc., wltb tbe nerve force necessary to keep them active and healthy. AM will bo scon by tho cut the long nerve descending from the baso of the brain and * terminating In tbo bow- .•els is tho pueumoKfwtrlc, iwhllo tho numerous little branches supply till heart, lunRs aim etom neb with necessary vl tality. When tho Drain becomes In any way disordered by Irritability •or exhaustion, tho nerve, force which It supplies Is lessoned, and the organs ret'olvlnK tlio til" mlnlshctl supply aro con- aeouontly woaKOiunl. Physicians Rcncrally fall to recognize, tho linport.inca of Kiis fact, but treat tlio organ Itself Instead of t tin causa of I lio trouble Tho noted specialist, Franklin Miles, M. U., LL. B., has Riven tlio creator part of Ms Ilfo to tlio study of tills subject, and the i>rlnrtp;i\ discoveries concerning it arc due to his elf ort«. Dr, Miles' liestorativo Nervine. the unrl- valcJ brain and norvo food, is prepared on tlio principle that nil nervous and many other dllllcultles orlttiuato from disorders of tho norvo centers. Its wonderful success In curing these dlsordurs Is testlUod to by tiiousundu In •avory part of tho land, Restorative Norvlno cures sleeplessness, oervous prostration, dizziness, hysteria, BOX- ual debility, St. Vltu3dance, epilepsy, etc. It. Is free from opiates or dangerous drugs. It, I* sold on a positive Kuarnntoo hy all drug- zlsts. orecnt direct by tho Ilr. Mllos Medical Co.. ElUhnrt. Intl., on receipt of price. II per bottle, six bottles for ti, express prepaid. Stop at the VENDOME .320 BROADWA1. MEALS, 25 CENTS. Good Cooking, Fine Service, Excellent Cuisine Short Order Cooking Day and Night. Pasiry and Coffee are Specialties at Our Lunch Counter. The Best Ice Cream Made to Order on Short Notice Come.and See Us. Respectful'y. JOHN W. MARKLEY "Nurse, what's the reason that so few diseases *» are ! treated T Intelligently?" "Because few doctors investigate and discover true remedies themselves! Most of them merely experiment with theories and discoveries which they don't understand. This Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer that I atn giving you is a discovery not down in the books. It is the true *em- cdy for your Nervous Prostration or any and all nervous troubles, such as Sleeplessness, Debility, and so on. It is a remedy applied intelligently by the discoverers themselves," PHICE, »1.00 A BOTTLE Inquire of druggists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents (stamps) for postage. The doctor gives — — free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. All welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Maker* ALBION. MICH. .. MtwYork We offer $500 to Any physician or chemlit who can nbow by armtyslft or otherwise, that Ihli remedy conl»lii» morphine, opium mnpfalilroir. ~Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING APRIL 18. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Porify ihe blood, tone the nerves, and give strength to the weakened organi and body by taking Hood's Sar- sap&rllla now. For rent, good front room, down •tairo, suitable for two, In good location on Market street, five minutes walk from court house.- Inquire X X Journal office. Phy.loians »taie, that many caios supposed to be female disease are In reality a deringement of the nervous •78tem;j qulokly relieved and cured by Dr. Vfheeler'i Nerve Tltallzer. Sold by Ban Either. TEE A. R. C. AEKAIQNED. Tho members of the brotherhoods of engineers, firemen, trainmen, conductors openly allege that the American Railway Union, which has sprung Into existence in the laat eighteen months, Is sailing under false colors. They say Its chief organizers have at every meeting denounced strikes and stated that the new organ Izatlon would settle everything by arbitration, and that Is the whole tenor of tho association's by-laws and constitution. Yet on the flrst road on which it gets control it orders a strike, novor mentioning arbitration. Mem bers of the old organization say Geo. Howard, the prime organizer of the American Railway Union, is a dangerous man, and express the opinion that It is fortunate (or the road and tho conservative employes, and, in fact tho business men of the country, that the American Railway Union has so sooftjihown that it is more ready to order strikes than are tho cool headed men at the head of the brotherhoods. Leading men in the brotherhoods are of tho opinion tbat this action of the American Hallway Union in ordering a strike on tho Great Northern will greatly strengthen the old conservative associations with railway managements and the business men who suller by strikes. A now Iron storage house Is being erected for tho Pan Handle blacksmith shop. August Glosser of the Pan Handle round house will go to Indianapolis today on business. There is an unconfirmed rumor afloat to the effect that tho Monon road will soon reduce wages 10 per cent. Pan Handle fireman Walter Marquis has secured leave of absence until Oct. 1 and until that time will drive race horses. The train orews that were responsible for the wreck at Union City week >afore last hava been suspended for hlrty days by Supt. Walton. Col. J. Hill who a few^iiys ago loft he service of the Va&a&lla company las not railroaded forty-five years for othlng. He has amassed quite a ompotency and can take the world iasy the remaining years of his' life. Engineer Philips ' and flreman Tucker who were Injured in tho Hart- ord City wreoli a few days ago are •eoovering, Mr. Phillips being out of bed but Mr. Tucker still being confined to the house. It will be several lontbs before either of them will be eady for service again. William Graham, heater at the big urnace at the Pan Handle blacksmith hop left the service of the company •eoterday to engage In the grocery business at Gaa City. Mr. Graham s an honest, sober and Industrious Citizen and his friends and ehopmates will be glad to see him prosper in his lew undertaking. East bound shipments from Chicago ast week amounted to 82,938 tons, igainst 91,750 tone for the proceeding week, and 64,844 tons for the corresponding week of last year. The pro- >ortlons carried by the roads are as ollows: Michigan Central, 10.806 one; Wabash, 14,517; Lake Sbore^ i,457; ForJ Wayne, 7,079; Pan Handle 8,806; Baltimore & Ohio, 3,986; irand Trunk, 7.655; Nickel Plate, ',789; Erie, 7,539; Big Four, 1.424. From Roceeater, N. Y., comos tho nformatlon that the .Pennsylvania •allroac) company is going to make a itrong effort to wrest from tho New fork Central Railroad company tho lontract for carrying the Western mall out of New York and that the ormer road is building about twenty iars for the contemplated service. The gossip there which comes fr«m >ersons who are In a position to know something of the plans of the post. idice department say that for some ,imo tho department has been dissatisfied with the service given by the Central road. One cause of complaint said to arlie from tho fact that when the Western mall reaches Chi., lago by the Central it has to be larted across the city to the Union depot, and that to prepare for tho iransfer a large number of clerks are lent from Chicago to meet the mall fifty miles out. Tho monthly report of R. F, Smith, mperlntendent of the Pennsylvania roluntary relief department, (hows jhat in March there were $4,000 dia- jureed in benefits on account of death 'rom natural causes, and $750 on deaths from accidents. In disablement benefits on account of accidents (5,844.25 was disbursed, and on account of sickness, $7,441.69, making the total disbursements of the month (17,525.80, the number of members receiving benefits being 760. In the 'orty-ieven month* the association has been In operation there hat been dls buried In death benefit*, $49,841.80; In aooldent benefits, $272 535 45, m»k Ing a total of $1,037,322 94. During the forty-seven months benefits were paid on deaths from accident for 181 members; on death from natural causes, 488; on accident benefits, 17,686; in sickness benefits, 80,428; In other words, 48,428 employes on the Pennsylvania line west of Pittsburg have received benefits from this voluntary relief association. Tbe Traveling Mc.n'a Ntate Conven tlon. Lafayette Courier: The committees for the T. P. A. conver.tion met last Saturday night and reported eucoees on all sides. Walter Matthews is chairman of the special committee to invite Governor Matthews to be preeent at the State convention here, May 19th. The convention will be a very big affair for Lafayette. Arrangements have been made by which tho arch on Main street, of which tho main columns still remain, will be left standing, and at the time of the con> ventlon will bo mounted with traveling men's trunks and Biimplo cases, the electric light feature restored, with the inscription, "Welcome T. P. A." and be made one of the attractive features as It was at the G. A. R. encampment. The finance committee appointed to raise funds with which to defray the expenses of the entertainment wore out Saturday and met with good success. It is proposed to secure the opera house for tho grand ball, with which the convention will close, having a floor made to bs laid over tho parquet chairs, for dancing. There will be about four hundred members of the order present from different parts of the State, and their Lafayette brethren ure determined to entertain them In a right royal manner. Carrier Blihop Lot Oat. It would begin to appear that Postmaster Hanawalt is bent upon the eventual retirement of the entire lot of old mall carriers. Sunday evening he notified carrier John Bishop tbat his services were no longer required about the post oflSce. He would assign no reason for the dismissal,and Sir. Bishop has referred his oaee to the higher authority. John Bishop was the oldest carrier In service on the force. He was as punctual as clock work and strictly methodical, besides being invariably pleasant and accommodating in the discharge of his duties. Four years and a half of service had glvea him an unusual degree of proficiency and it is difficult to see whereupon any charge of remissness of duty could be based. He will be missed upon the route he las so long carried and the outcome of his appeal will be awaited with interest by those to whom he has BO long carried their mall. _ ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Carpets—Trade Palaoe, Johnston has opened his soda water ountaln. All goods warranted solid leather sold by Pilling & White. Wash goods of every kind just opened at the Trade Palace. Stevenson & KUnsiok offer boys' Congress and lace dress shoes for 95 :ents. Straw hats for children in great variety.—Dewenter, the Hatter and Furnisher. Twenty-five cents lor engineer's jackets, aleo- better makes equally cheap at Otto'a. Our spring wraps must go; capes, 98 cents; children's jackets, 75 cents. —Trade Palace. Summer underwear, all weight, all sizes and all prioos.—Dawenter, the •latter and Furnisher. Don't you need summer underwear? We havo it in Immense variety, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. The Trade Palace Is closing a rushing business on dress goods and trimming silks. Go with the crowd. This week closes some of Otto Kraus' special sales, especially on finest hats for $1.98, and $2 hats 'or f 1. Children's springheel shoes 5 to 8, 'or ,60 cents; ladles patent trimmed Oxford ties for 95 cents,— .Stevenson & Kllnsick. There will be a grand concert given at the A. M. E. Church Wednesday evening, April 18th, for the benefit of the stewards. Everybody cordially invited. Ben & Bill, at 12th street feed store, have just received a oar load of iwo year-old corn, and three oar loads of hay, which they will sell at wholesale and retail. A large number of ladlei secured remarkable bargalni at th.« J, E. Sneli t Co.'s auction sale lait night. The sale will open'at 7 o'clock every light this week. No wonder people don't buy $5 and $6 shoes for $1.48. They are not ools. They know too much about shoes to be humbugged. Those that want good shoei go where they can get them, to PilUnfif & White'i or lome other flrtt.olaii ihoe home. CLEAN UP FOE SPUING. Tbe Board of Heallli I»ne» • Notice to tbe Futile, LOGANSPOKT, April 14, 1894. Oo September 2UJh, 1893, the common council passed iho following or. dinance: An ordinance of tbe city of Logans port, Indiana, rpquiring properly owners to clean and disinfect, ana abandon all privy vaults and cese pooh west of Fifth street and between Eel and Wabash rivers, and conned same with sewers, and provide penal ties. Be It ordained by tho common council of the city of Logansport: Section 1. That the continuation of privy vaults and cess pools in a 1 the territory lying west of Fifth streoi and between "the Eel and Wabasb rivers in said city be and is declared a nuisance In accordance with the above ordinance the board of health notifies all property owners within the abovp described district, that a!l privy vaults and cuss pools are to bo cleaned at once, disinfected and abandoned and suitable connections effected with the sewers lately constructed. By order of tho health board. N. W. CADY, Secretary. J100 Uewnrd, $100. Tlio rpader of thla piiperwlll be plmswl to lenrn tlmt tlmrn Is :it Inast one driMilcil illsc.-H^ tlmt sclwico lias liflcn JI'I.'H to cure In all Its ulnacs and that Is Ciitjirrh, Hull's Onliirrli C'.irc' Is the only positive ciH-«k!inwM to tlm medical fniti'rmty. CutiUTli beliiK il coiistltiitlonnl illse'is". ri'<i'.ilr,-s ;i curmlltntloiiiil uwit.im'tu. Hull's C.-idirrli Cnre Is tiikon Internally, iieilrm illn-ctly on the bio •<! iiiul nnic;i« surfncKS of lire systnin. thereby rti'Slro.liit 1 the foundation of rueillseasi*, anil nivlni: the p;v dent strength by bnllillnK up the constitution 1111.1 assisting nntnrn In Uolni: Its worn. Tli« pro|ir| t » torn have so much r.'ilth In Us curatlvo power> that they on>r One Hnnilreil Dollurs ror liny ms-f tliiitltf.-illstocure. Send for list of testimonials Address, K. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, 0 Misslre Foundations DlMOTered. Chicago citilzens in their desire U excel, have lately accomplished a bij. feat, namely: in discovering by actun measurements that there are eomi lady residents who can wear shout twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating li spring. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" is no ture's own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 6C cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 326 Market street, Logansport, Ind. Facts Worth Kuowlnc. In all diseases of the nasal mucous membrane tho remedy used must be non-irritating. Nothing satisfactory can be accomplished with douches, snuffs, powders or astringents, because they are irritating, do not thoroughly reach tho affected surfaaea and should be abandoned as worse than failures. A mmltltude " of persons who had for years borne all the worry and pain that catarrh can Inflict testify to radical and permanent cures wrought by Ely's Cream Balm. Your druggist has < Vandalla liln» Excnmlonn. On April 23d, 24th and 25th, round trip tickets, Loeransport to Indianapolis, at $2.85, good to return to and including April 27th. On May 1, the usual variety of commutation tickets go on sale to Marmont— Lake Maxlnkuckee, Tickets all now on sale to Chicago via St, Joseph and Lake Michigan. For any. further Information see J. C. EDGBWOKTH, Agent. ton't Tobcco Spit or Smoke. Tour Life Anaf s the truthful. »tftHlln« title of a little book that tells all about No-to-bae, tne wonderful, norm- ess, OUAKANTKKD tobacco habit cur». The cost s trltllnR. and th» man who wants to quit and •iin't runs nopliyttcalor financial r In using 'No-to-back." Sold by Ben Fisher. Book tit store, or by mall free. Address, The Sterltna Bemedy Co., Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind, _ __ _ Tim ItcMuIt of a Trial. CANNKT/TON, Ind. — I have used Simmons' Liver Regulator, manufactured by J. H. Zoillln & Co., Philadelphia, and found that for indigestion and iver complaint it is tho best medicine ever 'jsed. — E, E. Clark. Your druggist sells' it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken dry or made into a tea. Quaker headache capaula give re. lief In ton minutes. La Grippe Vanauished. PUTJl P'Q A C la n SURE 8PECI- rnCLr J t-o FIC to this dreaded disease, as most am resident of Arkansas CHrcitu testify. Santa Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. .-f take great pleasure In recommending your Four-C for coughs and colds. Having given It a trial, I could recommend no better modlclne for m? mends. • Very truly, I,. W. KSNNEDT, Station Baggageman. A Santa Fe Engineer's Story I contracted a bad cold: nan so hoarse I could only speokaboveo whisper; the cough was very distressing; purchased a bottle of Jonr irour-C; It cored almost from the start. I take great pleasure In recommending It to mi friends. »• "I. /X>BN, mj ' Engineer, Santa Fe Bailroad. OTICf PC A C '• «> M nnder a gnat- Y llCrLro t-L. antes to giro perfect •attraction or money always returned \>i BEN FISHER. PART 10 NOW READY. In elegant Cloth or Leather Bindings. The Journal has made arrangements with Lor-.g-wei! & Cummings. the book binders, to bind all the Dream City Portfolios distributed to Jourr-ai subscribers or any others which may have been procured elsewhere. The covers are of tasty and elegant design in Embossed Cloth or Russia Leather and will be bound complete at prices varying from $1.20 to $2.35. Take your portfolios, as soon as complete, to Longwell & Cummings, 5th and Market Sts., who will fill the order at once. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Every person who has taken advantage of our offer of MfVRIB BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO OP STf\OB admits that not only have all our representations in regard to Ite intrlnilo merits been fully justified; not only has every promise been kept, but_t&« work EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATION. The demand for it has amounted to a rush which it has kept us busy to supply, and although we knew that It would be popular, has surpassed our most ganguine hopes to regard* U. « merits the popularity It has gained. It is unique among artistic publteation. treats a popular subject in a popular way, presents poitraits of ALL TKh GREAT LIGHTS OF THE" STAGE In the most attractive manner known to art and each part comprises twenty handsome half-loco photographs. FES- ISHED IN TWO COLORS, these being the latest and best pictures of ewft subject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. ,„„„*. Don't fail to secure the back numbers and secure the forthcoming parw as they arrive. Two parts Issued each week. Part 7 now ready. "IF CHRIST CAME TO CHICAGO" COUPON, This Coupon, together with Fortf-nve i»5tt prSedted at tbe Portfolio .Depart, ment of The Journal, seenres the great booi. "HCnrlrt Cam* to Chicago." CUT THM OUT, APRIL 18,1894. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two otters of different dates, and Ten Cents, Is good for onB part, containing twenty portrait*, of ins Marie Burrough'8 Art Portfolio of Stage CefebrttlM. THE JOUBNAIj. CCTTHMOVT

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