Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on October 8, 1980 · Page 53
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 53

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1980
Page 53
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m-w 1,11,1 f 10 Viqrtryfmwwrrryrir o'v foZovision Carlton is lowest. DETROIT FREE PRESSWEDNESDAY, OCT. 8, 1980 7D WGPR celebrates more than survival Box or Menthol: T e n i c i a Gregory The bookshelf in Tenicla Gregory's office tells a story of its own. In close proximity are a copy of "Roots," a stack of Broadcasting magazines and the Bible. No surprise then that Gregory is the station manager of WGPR-TV (Channel 62), America's first black-owned-and-operated television station, a station known for its heavy reliance on religious programming. In fact, the call letters WGPR stand for "Where God's Presence Radiates," a far cry from the very old days of another owner when WGPR stood for Grosse Pointe Radio. A week ago, WGPR celebrated it's fifth anniversary. It is a birthday more than a few skeptics thought would never arrive. "People don't believe you. You have to build up credibility," Gregory said. "You've got to prove you can do it." What had to be proven was that a group of people with little or no television experience, with black skin and with limited resources could successfully operate a television station. IF WGPR is not yet thriving, it is at least surviving. A notable victory in itself. "We had two key goals," Gregory said, "To provide a training ground for young black talent and to fill needs that weren't being filled by the other local stations, such as covering news stories from a black perspective . . . But you've got to serve everyone. You can't survive just appealing to a black audience." WGPR has tried to broaden its appeal by providing large chunks of Christian programming from evangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart. The station also offers a crazy array of all-night movies occasional classics, occasional R-rated films and all sorts of trashy gems like "I Sailed to Tahiti With an All Girl Crew." Still, WGPR's main television identity is that of a PU'EIiho.. !f Puffy ;yl television station earnestly, sometimes awkwardly, trying to reach out to black Detroit. "Blacks on (network) television are never portrayed as a cross section the way whites are," Gregory said. "Whites have everything from 'Dallas' to 'The Waltons.' But blacks are always wisecracking. It's all right to have your 'Jef fersons' where they have insult humor as the stock in trade, but they should show the other side of black life, too." WGPR thinks it is doing Just that, and it wants to do more. TWO HALF-HOUR newscasts each day focus on a number of subjects, including town meetings at black community centers, the effect of state budget cuts on ADC families and how the Urban League and the PTA are co-operating on a venture in the Detroit public schools. The station is particularly sensitive to black youth. "The Scene," one hour of delightful dancing madness, is produced in the WGPR studios and broadcast at 5 p.m. weekdays. "Teen Profile," a half-hour show produced by and featuring Detroit teenagers, examines social issues. WGPR HAS BEEN ABLE to attract advertising. Sears, K mart and the Big Three automakers have been there from the beginning. Banks and car dealers buy time on the news shows, and soft drink companies are enamored with "The Scene." But money is still a constant concern. Last year, WGPR was granted permission by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast pay-TV, and the station signed an agreement with California-based Universal Subscription Television (US-TV). That agreement would enable Channel 62 to offer movies, sports and entertainment pay service similar to ON-TV (on WXON-TV, Channel 20). But the deal has been put on hold. , Universal is waiting to see how the courts finally decide the piracy issue, the legality or illegality of private Individuals manufacturing and selling decoders to Intercept the signals of pay-TV services such as ON-TV. The revenues WGPR would receive for renting blocks of Its air time to a pay-TV service could be substantial. For now, however, WGPR seems proud to be surviv ing as a true community television station. "We off er a voice," Gregory said. "People know they can call us. And they do. They call us, they write us, they drop in. "People bring their relatives from the South in here who are visiting Detroit. They're so proud to be here and to see the station. They know how much it means." top shows 'Playing' Here are the top 10 shows and their ratings for the week of Sept. 29-Oct. 5. A rating is the percentage of U.S. TV households tuned to the show. Each rating point represents 778,000 households. (R) indicates a rerun. 1-"Plavlnq lor Time" 26.2 6-"Rsl People" 22.S r.HS NBC 2 "Llttl Houe" 26.1 T-"Jw" (B) 219 NBC ABC WTonlnht Show Special" 25.6 8-"The End" (R) 21.8 NBC NBC 4-60 Minutes" 23.9 "Dsllse" (R) 20.3 P.HS CBS . S-"DukM ol Haiiard" (R) 22.9 10-"Thst's Incredible" 19.S CBS ABC Bettelou Peterson's ll yjj Baseball Playoffs Channel 7, 2:30 p.m. k It's a feast for baseball fans. The American League starts the pennant countdown when the New York Yankees play the Royals in Kansas City. Game 2 of the National League playoffs, Houston at Philadelphia, is at 8 p.m. Arthur Miller Channel 56, 8 p.m. Another chance to see Canadian filmmaker Harry Rasky's profile of playwright Arthur Miller. (It was on Channel 9 earlier.) Miller talks about his life, inf luences on his work and the death of his second wife, Marilyn Monroe. Excerpts from Miller films and plays with Lee J. Cobb, George C. Scott, Faye Dunaway and Monroe are included. - fK Playwright Arthur Miller is profiled. Portrait of an Escort Channel 2, 9 p.m. The cast is good even if the story is rather tired noble woman defends honor when driven to a job that threatens her integrity. Susan Anspach is a divorcee who pays the bills by being a paid escort. Tony Bill, Cyd Charisse, Kevin McCarthy, Edie Adams and Gretchen Wyler are featured. 6:00 O Classroom "The Cellular Basis of Unity ana Diversity: cnromo ' somes and Heredity." O TV College Culture, Community & identity: 'No Irish Need Ap-1 ply II." 6:15 An American Mosaic Resistance to Slavery: Three Biographies." 6:30 O Ed Allen Show O Richard Simmons Exercise and cooking hints. O Action News S3 Viewpoint Talk show. Host: Jennifer Holt. 6:45 A.M. Weather 6:50 BD News: Local 7:00 O Captain Kangaroo O Today Show Sex education in schools. O Good Morning, America Actress Catherine Den-euve; former Secretary of the Treasury William Simon; opera star Luciano Pavarotti. CD 700 Club Religious variety program. E) Popeye , K3 d o "Babe Ruth 7:30 SD Casper MacNellLehrer S 8lgn OnNews 8:00 13 Morning Magazine Klkl Anderson, presidential candidate John Anderson's wife; Evelyn Roman, from Sizes Unlimited; Jennifer Harvey, : fitness cooking. Gary Cubberly, Kathy O'Brien co-host. O Today from CD Qllllgan 03 Over Easy "Stroke." RubyKeeler, star of '30s musicals, talks about her recovery from stroke. Q 8 Vegetable Soup 8:30 2D Movie "The House on 92nd Street," '45 (B) Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, William Eythe. FBI in wartime: Hunt and capture of Nazi spy ring stealing atomic secrets. 09 Fllntstone & Friends 03 Vegetable Soup Wlthlt Wildlife program. 9:00 Q Phil Donahue Singer Elton John. Q Hour Magazine Comedian Shecky Greene and wife, Nalani; part two of series on women In prison; makeup advice. O Kelly & Company Columnist Dr. Robert Mendelsohn discusses why he does not believe In modern medicine and how we can improve our health without the aid of a physician; antique authority Ken Wilson explains what gives "something old" a new value. O From Now On Agrlscope 09 I Love Lucy 09 A.M. Weather Inside Out CD Man from Interpol 9:30 0D Family Affair 09 Educational till 10 GD Something Special 9:45 O Friendly Giant 10:00 0 The Jefferson O Taylor Made Jim Anderson, real estate Investor, tells how you can' live rent free during inflationary times. O Ontario Schools 89 700 Club (Repeat of 7 a.m.) 09 Detroit Today Jennifer Harvey of the American Culinary Institute, discusses "Fitness Cooking." 09 Sesame Street (B Morning News 10:30 B Newlywed Game O John Davidson Show Co-host: Larry Wilcox. Guests: Glenn Ford, Phyllis Diller, Black Russian (rock group) , Bart Braverman ("Vega$"), Kitty O'Neil (stunt woman), Don Herbert ("Mr. Wizard") . O Edge of Night O Mr. Dressup 03 Health Field "Radiation Hazards In the . Workplace." (B Believer's Faith 11:00 O Price Is Right O Love Boat Peter Graves, Roz Kelly, Vivian Blaine, Alan Young, Van Johnson, June Allyson, Larry Storch. O Sesame Street SD Romper Room 09 3-2-1 Contact P ffi PTL Club 11:30 SD NewsDick Tracy S3 Andy Griffith Otis slips and falls in jail and is convinced by a lawyer that he should sue the county. 09 Electric Co. 12:00 0 News: Payne And Gallagher O News: HarlanMayk Q Family Feud Q King of Kensington BD Rhoda Rhoda and Joe decide to set aside one day to tackle the generation gap. Therefore, they schedule lunch with his parents and dinner with hers. S3 Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts pay a $10 million tax on their castle In England, turn the place over to the staff and leave for home. 09 Mister Rogers 12:30 8 Search for Tomorrow O The Doctors O Ryan's Hope O Bob McLean SD Mike Douglas Co-host: John Schneider. Guests: George Willlg, Rex Reed, Anthony Hopkins, Jay Johnson. S3 To Tell the Truth S3 Vegetable Soup (Repeat of 8:30 a.m.) 1:00 B Young and Restless Q Days of Our Lives 0 All My Children S3 Movle-BIII Kennedy "Conflict," '45 (B) Humphrey Bogart, Alexis Smith, Sydney Greenstreet. A man who killed his wife because of his love for his sister-in-law plays a cat-and-mouse game with the police to keep them from breaking his alibi. S3 Educational till 2 (B Spirit of Detroit Rev. George Bogle. 1:30 O Ben Wicks SD Gomer Pyle If Gomer dreams about something three times in a row, It seems to come true. He dreams that Sgt. Carter will propose marriage to Bunny. EB Faith for Miracles 2:00 0 As the World Turns O Another World Q One Life to Live 0 Take 30 HD Twilight Zone 89 Bridge with Experts (B Movie "Murder," '30 (B) Herbert Marshall, Norah Hining, Una O'Connor. Juror investigates a touring company to prove convicted actress did not kill actor's wife. Hitchcock mystery. 2:30 O American League Playoffs IspecialI Game one: New York at Kansas City. (To approx. 5:30) O Mary Tyler Moore SD Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Wally are told to clean up the yard before the Irashman comes. However, a ball and bat prove to be their undoing. S3 Dick Cavett Playwright Hugh Leonard. 2:55 S3 News: Makupson 3:00 0 Guiding Light O Texas 0 Movie "Ransom for a Dead Man," 70, Peter Falk, Lee Grant. Self-depreciatory police investigator is pitted against criminals In high places when a female lawyer does away with her spouse. 83 Popeye S3 Bugs Bunny S3 Over Easy (Repeat of 8 a.m.) 3:30 S3 Mighty Mouse S3 Woody Woodpecker S3 Sesame Street 4:00 0 Carol Burnett Guest: Jack Klugman. 0 Good Times S3 Batman S3 Fllntstones (B New Zoo Revue 4:30 0 Rockford Flies A comptroller hires Rock-ford to investigate possible thievery of cashier checks. O All In the Family S3 Ultramen S3 Scooby Doo S3 3-2-1 Contact P CB Vegetable Soup 5:00 O Barney Miller O Carol Burnett Take-off on various TV commercials. 03 Superman A backwoods character ' who resembles Superman j answers an ad in the news-' paper meant for the real ! Superman. I S3 Tom and Jerry S3 Cultureidentity "No Irish Need Apply." . (B The Scene Dance party. 5:30 0 News: Glover And Tlmmons 0 News: FrazlerMayk a News: BondsLewis O Beyond Reason S3 Get Smart The KAOS leader tricks the Chief into sending all CONTROL agents except Max . and Agent 99 to Fort Knox. S3 Brady Bunch Greg appears 1o be sick, but Alice and Carol think that he Is in love. S3 ChangingEarth "The Cellular Basis of Unity and Diversity: Chromosomes & Heredity." nam channels O WJBK-TV S3 WXON-TV O WDIV-TV S3 WKBD-TV O WXYZ-TV S3 WTVS-TV O CBET-TV GB WGPR-TV Complied by Christine Schmuckal ? Symbol for programs closed captioned for the hearing Impaired. 6:00 0 News: Payne And Gallagher O News: CrlmMoore O News: LeGoffBlscoe O Newsday 83 Let's Make a Deal 03 Happy Days Again 09 An American Mosaic GB News: Local 6:30 O CBS News: Cronklte O NBC News: Chancellor S3 You Bet Your Life Game show hosted by Buddy Hackett. 23 Sanford & Son Fred's 65th birthday is anything but happy when his first Social , Security check and Lamont's "night on the town" don't meet his expectations. 09 Dick Cavett (R) Playwright Hugh Leonard. 09 Falcon 7:00 O PM Magazine A visit to the Grand Hotel on Ma-chinac Island for the film "Somewhere In Time"; visit to an exotic animal sanctuary; a computer to help the handicapped; fuel-saving gadgets. O Joker's Wild O ABC News O Mixed Blessings Weather forces the young couple to spend a trying evening with all the in-laws. 83 Suspense Theater "A Lion Amongst Men." A retired Army major broods about his sacrifice of the men in his command and decides kids today are too soft. James Whitmore, Tommy Sands. 20 52. 7:30 Milliken Milliken Milliken Doc in House Suspense 7pm MASH MacNeil Manlnterpol 8:00 8:30 Movie: "More Wild West" Real People 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 CBS Movie: "Portrait of an Escort" Beulah Land (Special) : Part 2 National League Playoffs (Special) : Game 2 (To approx. 11:15 p.m. Nat'l Geo: The Great Ships The Palace A Nice Show Like You Pay TV: "Pete's Dragon," "Nosferatu," "Hero at Large" Movie: "Living It Up" Arthur Miller (Special) Spirit of Detroit Charles Schulz Wilderness News Hollywood Sgs Wallenberg's PTL Club 0DMASH When a sergeant turns up with a Korean girl he's bought, the young medicos spring into action to save her from slavery. 09 Wild WorldAnimals "The Falcon and the Hawk." GD Thle Is the Day Interpreted for the Deaf ':30 OOP News SPECiml Governor William Milliken discusses the Michigan budget. Analysis follows his speech. O Doctor In the House As editor of the hospital magazine, Michael foolishly enlists the aid of the others who have different Ideas on what makes a magazine sell. 03MASH In an epidemic of stealing, Haw-keye becomes the chief suspect, but he elects himself detective to find out what Is really going on. 03 MacNellLehrer GD Man from Interpol l:00 O CBS Movie "More Wild Wild West." (Made-for-TV) (Part 2) Robert Conrad, Ross Martin, Jonathan Winters, Harry Morgan, Victor Buono, Rene Auberjonois, Liz Torres, Jack La-Lanne, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dave Madden, Avery Schreiber. Further adventures of Agents James T. West and Artemus Gordon. O Real People Report on the courageous Canadian Terry Fox, who began a transcontinental "marathon" to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society; visit to a rodeo in New Mexico, where the performers are children; a humorous look at the town of Boring, Ore. O National League Playoffs isptcimi Game 2: Houston at Philadelphia, (Runs to approx. 11:15) O National Geographic "The Great Ships." A trip aboard tho Quoon Elizaboth II, tho groat transatlantic liner. Channel 20s Wednesday evening programming Is available only to pay-TV subscribers. 03 Movie "Living It Up," '54, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, Sheree North. A railroad attendant, who has a yen to see New York, is awarded an all expense paid fling In the Big Apple when his sinus trouble Is diagnosed as radiation poisoning. Comedy. 09 Arthur Miller IspeciuI "On Home Ground." Arthur Miller, one of the most performed play-wiights of our generation, talks about his life and works. (First time on this station.) (B Spirit of Detroit Rev. George Bogle. 9:00 0 CBS Movie "Portrait of an Escort," (Made-for-TV) Susan Anspach, Tony Bill, Cyd Charisse, Kevin McCarthy, Edie Adams, Mary Frann. Todd Susman, Debbie Lytton. A divorced woman tries to make ends meet by working at a job which nightly tests her Integrity and arouses whispers among her neghbors. o m. Work) PremiereBeulah Land Saga of South! PawlonPowerGreedl O Beulah Land IspecmlI Part two. A severe shortage of cash and a warehouse fire threaten Sarah Kendrick's (Lesley Ann Warren) hold on Beulah Land; but it is during one of her philandering husband's (Paul Rudd) long absences that she faces a yieatei personal crisis when she falls In love with a handsome portrait painter (Michael Sarrazin) from the North and is torn between her feelings for him and her responsibilities to the plantation. O The Palace Host: Jack Jones. Guests: Eddie Arnold, Juliet Prowse, Roger & Roger. 03 PTL Club 9:30 Charles M. Schulz SPECHtl To Remember." A look at Charles M. Schulz, the creator of the famous comic strip "Peanuts." Schulz discusses his life experiences and their relationship to his work. 10:00 O A Nice Show Like You S3 News: Local And National 09 News isptcntj Taped coverage of Governor Milll-ken's budget speech Irom early in the evening. 10:15 S3 Wilderness "Okefenokee Swamp." (Joined in progress.) 10:30 S3 Hollywood Squares George Gobel, Joan Rivers, Robert Donner, Wayland & Madame, Lauren Tewes, Paul Lynde. B3 Wattenberg's 1980 I fc a view from the Hollywood "Ta Hills" and "An Interview with Andrew Young." 11:00 0 News: Glover And Tlmmons O News: CrlmFrazler O News: National S3 Prisoner: Cell Block H Meg is having difficulty in controlling her temper in face of Chrissie's taunts, The situation becomes explosive when Meg finds Chrissie alone in her cell. 69 Dad's Army "Boots, Boots, Boots." m Spirit of Detroit 11:15 O News: BondsLewis 11:25 0 News: Local 11:30 O Maude Walter's tax return is being audited and he's worried. O Tonight Show Guest-host: David Steinberg. Guests: Jim Stafford, actress Maggie Roswell. S3 Benny Hill (R) Benny wins at Ihe snooker table until a beautiful lady distracts him; Benny is a waiter in a French hotel where he must deliver dinner to a couple's room. 69 Body in Question "Try a Little Tenderness." Q GB Faith for Miracles 11:45 O ABC News: Koppel Q Movie "Road to Bali," '53, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour. American vaudevillians fleeing from some irate Australian fathers, wind up as deep sea divers, hired by Island potentate to recover treasure. 12:00 0 Late Features "Ironside." Ironside tries to help a policeman's soldier-son find his father before a jailed hoodlum's re-venged-crazed son can find Ihe ex-GI. "The Italian Job." '69, Michael Came, Noel Coward, Raf Vallone, Rossano Brazzi. Using a plan inherited from a friend in jail, a group of small-time thieves plan a major robbery in Turin, by rigging the city's intricate light system to creat a monumental traffic jam. 63 Night Gallery 12:05 O Wed. Features (R) "Love Boat." David Doyle, Cathryn Damon, Jo Ann Pflug,. Brett Somers, Grant Goodeve, Bess Armstrong, Marty Ingels, Sonny Bono, Judy Landers ride a wave of excitement and romance., (R) "Police Woman." Pepper works undercover to expose a massive counterfeiting operation. Roddy McDowall, Robert Goulet. 12:30 O Tomorrow Show Guests: Dr. Claus Martin, distinguished European cell regeneration expert; country rock group. Alabama. 63 Movie "G-Men,'"35 (B) James Cagney, Lloyd Nolan, Margaret Lindsay, Ann Dvorak. A young man, raised and educated by a gang leader, joins the G-Men In trying to track down racketeers. (To 1:52) 63 Captioned ABC News GB Spirit of Detroit Rev. George Bogle. 1:00 63 Wattenberg's 80 1:30 69 Biography "Bnbe Ruth." GB All Night Movies "Passport to Treason," '55 (B) Rod Cameron, Lois Maxwell, Clifford Evans. Private investigator, called to assist a friend on a strange murder case, finds friend stabbed. (To approx. 2:45) "Intrigue," '47 (B) George Raft, June Havoc, Tom Tully. Dishonorably discharged pilot exposes the black market ring in Shanghai. (To approx. 4:15) "Rage of Paris," '38 (B) Danielle Darrieux, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Helen Bro-derlck, Louis Hayward. Ex-actress and a head waiter pool their money to set a French woman up in swanky New York hotel to snare millionaire husband. (To approx. 6:35) 2:00 O Classroom "The Cellular Basis of Unity and Diversity: Laws of Inheritance." 2:45 O Movie "Calling Dr. Gillespie," '42 (B) Lionel Barrymore, Donna Reed, Philip Dorn, Phil Brown. Gillespie's lite is endangered when an insane ex-patient breaks into the hospital to kill him. Caotoiiii have less tar than one pack of. Tar , mg ag mg cirj mg cig . mg cig. Kent 11 0.9 Vantage 100's 12 0.9' Merit 100's 10 0.7 Salem Lights 11 0.8 Carlton Box-Lowest of all brands. Less than 0.01 mg. tar, 0.002 mg. nic. Carlton Menthol Less than 1 mg. tar, 0.1 mg.nic Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Box: Lass than 0.01 mg."iai", 0.002 mg. nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC method. bolt rack I mg. "tar", U.l mg. nicotine; Menthol: less than 1 mg. "tat", 0.1 mg. nicotine av, per cigarette, FTC Report Dec. 79. for Coins 1964 and Before SILVER DOLLARS .. $15 to $10.50 DIMES $1.20 to $1.50 HALF DOLLARS $6 to $7.75 CLAD HALFS $1.50 to $2.50 QUARTERS $3 to $3.50 CANADIAN '67 & Older $$$$ CLASS WEDDING COINS RINGS RINGS ANY and ALL RINGS Anything Made of Gold LEWLIK ANY and ALL ITEMS PLATTERS BRACELETS KNIVES FORKS SPOONS STERLING STERLING STERLING VJo are paying TOP DOLLAR Do yourself a favor! See Us Before you Sell GOLD CHEST COIN SHOP FAIRLANE TOWN CENTER OAKLAND MALL Dearborn Troy 336-6791 589-0620 336-6804 589-0621 Price Fluctuate with Market Wednesday on ADC! JPHMf(WIHF f o .. AM 1 ehumi E:3QPWi i KANSAS CITY YANKEES vs ROYALS MEW YORK i ! n$ 1 1 n ,. n ir ir TniS i FtmiiTl Hi fct"in .i BZZEnn BsOOPM HOUSTON PHILADELPHIA ASTROS vs PHILLIES WSSSC SPORTS I 1 i Scotsdale Women's Medical Center Birth Control OB Clinic Twilight Ga Anesthetic Free Pregnancy Tests Complete Confidential Care Male & Female Sterilization Abortion Assistance From People Who Care Blue Cross Medicaid Master Charge Visa Livonia 476-8558 ggj "TT Detroit 538-0600 f MrflMBlfciAtejinfeM

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